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Fort Wayne Evening Post Newspaper Archives Dec 14 1895, Page 10

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Fort Wayne Evening Post (Newspaper) - December 14, 1895, Fort Wayne, Indiana F a a i v is imm will not decline or m gen. Harrison s exact position on the nomination. Beabes be hade to a file in that 8e�m a my Kuhis sentiments tolerably Clear does not want to be Tarn to the White Loose but the Honor of a nomination never was declined the shop wife Hurder trial myster Lons burial or a babe. Indianapolis dec. 14.�?there is a Good Deal of Ouri deity among politicians to know How general Harrison stands with reference to the presidential nomination. Perhaps the following from Cincinnati will help allay the curiosity the commercial Gazette s new York special says Quot general Harrison will not do clone the presidential nomination this much i was told by him yet he is Noi a candidate and does not want the this statement was made to the Gojii Morcall Gazette by a gentleman who is widely known a reliable Man who had a Long Utnik with the sex president while on one of Liis recent visits to new York. There can to no doubt whatever of the truthfulness of this statement and the Gazette correspondent vouches for every word uttered. Would be unhappy in the White House. Quot general Harrison told me Quot continued the gentleman Quot that in the first place he could not add to his record As an executive officer of his country and he feared that should to attempt a second term he might destroy the Good record he has already made. I feel said Gro neral Harrison that i made a Good record that the country was never so prosperous or the people to Happy As during the four years i occupied the White House and should i enter upon another term i Sli Ould All the time apprehend a condition which would make me during the remainder of my life regret my action. Besides i should be unhappy from the first Day i entered the executive mansion. There Are Happy and very unhappy recollections about that House. When i left it i said to myself that i never wanted to see it again. I was a sad and unhappy Man that Day. An Honor never declined. Quot that is Why i do not revisit Washington. Should i go there i would in the order of things and to follow cu8tom,have to Call on or. Cleveland and i never want to Cros the threshold again. But any Man should remember that there is an Honor about the presidential nomination which has never yet been declined. I believe a presidential nomination has never been declined and probably one never will to cast aside by any Man Quot in other portions of the conversation general Harrison said in various forms of language that he did not want a renomination but he always added that the nomination had never yet been refused and therefore it should not to tendered to any Man whom the party did not want to serve and want very ranch. State makes a Pool Case. Shoup Likely to be acquitted of the murder of his wife. Monticello Quot dec. 14�?in the Case of the state is. George Shoup in which the defendant was indicted by the grand jury of White county for the murder of his wife on sept. ¿9, the state has rested the Case and relies for conviction principally upon two Scalp wounds upon the Back of the head which the Coroner of Cass county or. Downey and or. Hetherington testified were the cause of death they having made no other examination than the external surface of the Skull which was in Nowise fractured. The defense began introducing Testi Mony with the evidence of drs. Trowbridge Clark Hangoro and Palmer. The testimony of these men has almost totally annihilated the expert testimony of the state by showing that such superficial examinations Are not sufficient upon which to base an expert opinion of the cause of death. The defense claims that it will show that the wounds upon the Back of the head were the result of Falls by the deceased while in fits of epilepsy. Babied a babe at night. Fitzory some boys Tell of a Man and woman near Brazil. Y Brazil dec. 14.�?two boys of Van Buren township came to this City and told the Coroner a strange Story. They said they were Coon Hunting in a lonely Wood in that township when they saw a lantern lighted buggy coming up an a frequented Road leading into the Woods. They said they hid and saw a Man and woman alight from the buggy and dig a grave and Bury a coffin supposed to contain the body of a child. They filled up the grave and scattered dead leaves Over it. The boys were frightened and ran. The Coroner went to the spot and found the grave but it had been disturbed and the contents removed. The widow made investigations Frankfort dec. 14.�?amos Slotter a Frankfort furniture dealer inserted an advertisement in a matrimonial Pap r asking for a correspondent with a View to marriage. Mrs. Sarah a. Phillips a widow of Lima o., answered and an engagement was the result. Later mrs. Cell lips arrived in Frankfort and the wedding was to Hare Ken place at once but the widow after making a quiet investigation changed her mind and in spite of the persuasions of or. Slotter left for Home. Slotter had already invested 12 in a marriage License. _ Quot play a kill Lebanon dec. 14.�?while two Small children of Ellis Price wore playing with a pistol at their Home one of them a girl Yeun old pointed tie weapon at her younger brother flaying Quot now play like i kill As she said thu she pulled the trigger and the pistol was discharged and her Little brother fell mortally wounded with a Bullet in his brain. Opera company stranded. Indianapolis dec. 14.�?a special to the news haute says the Digby Bell opera company with forty five people is stranded Here. A Benefit was Given but not sufficient funds were raised to got the company out of town. Another blow at no Hoison s Law. And kit on dec. 14.�?judge Ellison of the circuit court has made a very important ruling in Nicholson Bill litigation affecting the entire state. Duck Bonner was under arrest for allowing ethers than Jim self or family to enter his Saloon after 11 o clock at night. Judge Ellison bases his decision upon the wolfing and construction of the Law and finds that a Saloon keeper to be subject to a Fine must violate not Only one but every Section of the Law. This practically sets aside the Nicholson bul. Father and son at loggerheads. Shelby Villa dec. 14.�?last july Henry Young a Farmer quarrelled with his father James c. Young and claimed,.that the latter threatened is life. He full surety of peace proceedings against a father but did not appear in court Agust him. Later the father brought sit against his son for damages in the Suni of $5,000 for malicious prosecution. Folds will Endeavor to keep the suit from coming to trial. Gov. Matthews daughter us. Indianapolis dec. 14.�?there is distress in governor Matthews family Over the illness of his daughter who is in school at Coates College Terre haute. Mrs. Matthews left for Terre haute to be with her daughter. This was upon receipt of the news that the Young lady was suffering from pneumonia. Reports now indicate that she is some better. Sat upon by Beed. But the rash Man had not been in Congress Long. Squires had a Busy Day. Jeffersonville dec. 14.�?a. J. Bart Lett and Dollie Perkins John Duncan and Hannah Smith Bloomfield William Brown and Elsie Whitcombe Nelson county John Cochran an Bettie Sharpe William Whitney and Effie Hall Louisville James Hilliard and Laura Cunningham Oldham county comprise the list of elopement to Titis City thursday. Sequel of a student marriage. Greencastle Doc. 14.�?in the Stanton divorce trial judge Mcgregor rendered his decision awarding the divorce to the plaintiff mrs. Bertha darn Ali Stanton and Alimony in the sum of $100. She sued for i5,00 a. The parties were students in Depauw University the plaintiff having been graduated in 1892. They lived together less than two years. The charge is murder now. Brazil dec. 14.�?Coroner Gifford was summoned to Howes lilo to hold an inquest Over the body of William Cahill who died of injuries received in the Saloon fight there saturday night. Two other men were also badly Hurt and Are lying in a dangerous condition. All the persons involved in the fight will be arrested on a charge of murder. Will neither Combine nor slash Fri cos. Anderson dec. 14, Doxey of the american plate Glass company announces that 1100,000 will i e expended on the Alexandria factory in adding a polishing department and More steam Power. President Doxey says that the american i company will go into no Trust and that it will not Sianii prices. Victim of the old fashioned fireplace. Martinsville dec. 14.�?mrs. Sallie Morman of Morgantown was building a fire in an old fashioned fireplace when her clothing ignited. She ran into the Yard where her daughter attempted to extinguish it and was herself badly burned. The Mother died in a few hours. Girl stabbed fatally in Church. Evansville dec. 14.�?george Rubright a weak minded Young Man last night while in Church suddenly attacked miss Carrie Daum and stabbed her fatally. Rubright was arrested. Abbreviated telegrams. The democratic National committee will meet at Washington Jan. 16 next for the purpose of choosing a place and time for the convention of 1s96. Obituary at Cincinnati sex representative h. S. Bundy 78 at grand rapids mich., colonel Van. E. Young 73 at Galena ills., Charles Fleck James Burkette. Postal inspector Irwin of san Francisco is Hunting up evidence against Thomas is co., Rialto building and a amp to Olson amp co., Omaha building Chicago on charges of using the mails in a Confidence game Market scheme. Three highwaymen with handkerchiefs for masks held up George c. Campt eur and his Nephew William Hanley in Campbell s Coal office at Chicago. They secured $50 and a watch from Campbell. Pearl Barton a Wilkes Barre girl who had been asleep since nov. 28, died thursday without Awakening. The markets. New York financial. New York Dea isl Money on Call waa easy it 2 per cent. Prime mercantile paper per cent. Sterling Exchange steady with actual business in Bankers Bilu at for do. Maud and 48? g>487 >4 for sixty Days posted rates 488@489 and 489>i�4lk commercial Bills m i. Silver certificates no sales bar Silver 66. Mexican dollars 5 ii tii. United states government Bonds steady new 48 reg., 121 do. Coupons. 121 5 s reg., 115 coupons. 115 4 8 rug., ill coupons 112 28 Reg Pae Wilc of 8 of 96, 09. Chicago Grain and produce. Chiba to. Dec. La the following were the quotations on the Board of Trade today wheat december opened 57 a 57%3 january opened b7%o, close 57%c May. Opened Oli a closed 6jj4c. Corny december opened 25%c, closed 25c january opened 25jc, closed 25 May opened closed 28o. Oatas de Cember nominal closed february opened 179ic, closed it a May opened Luo closed 19. Pork a december nominal closed 17.80 january opened $8.40, closed 18.42 May opened $3.80, closed lard a december nominal closed january opened closed 95.23. Produce butter extra Creamery 20o per in. Extra Dairy 21 $22c packing Stock 11 i2c. Egg a fresh Stock. 20>io per dozen. Dressed poultry Spring chickens per la old hens roosters 4j �5o turkeys 6@9>c ducks ski Lac geese 0 cp9c. Potatoes burb Anlu per by. Sweat potatoes Simois $3.0j�a75 per bbl. Applean fair to Choice 91.26 ips.50 per bbl. Honey Whit Clover 1 la sections fancy is Lutio per la. Broken comb Lolly extracted pc. Ora ii berries gape cod $2 50.2.75 per Box. Chicago Uve Stock. Chicano Deo. 18. Live Stock prices at the Union Stock Yards today ranged As receipts for the Day 25,0 a sales ranged at �2.4i $d.55 sign. It i .43.93.55 Light 8.iijc<i i.40 rough packing. 8.4j�s.60 mixed and heavy packing and shipping Lota. Cattle but mated receipts for the Dav 6,9u0 quotations ranged at 1.8j@3.8a Rohrl Mas Beeve a 4.vo@ 1.75 Choice to extra shipping steers ld85 a i.3jgo>d to ohaicedo., $li40 �.05 fair to Good �u.i5 j.40 common to Mudi-nm.tdo., butchers steers 92.20ijut.i i stuckers $2.b5$3.55 feeders ll.60@3.40 cows heifers .1.75 $i.5j bulls $2.00�3.8j steers and veal calves. Sheep a Busti nisted receipts for the Day of i sales ranged at $1.75 i.2< Wester s. �,-�1.75x60 native and .60 9 4.40 lambs. Dunholt task of making up the committees perplexing problems Best sides of men and the worst More pegs Plum holes. Washington dec. 14. A special a making up the committees of the House is a difficult task. It grows More difficult every year As the country gains in size and the political and personal Competition becomes Keener. Speaker Beed has had a Bard time of it. He has. Had so Many More pegs than holes to put them in that he has been compelled to sit up nights wrestling with the problem. During the period that he has been engaged in this task it has been interesting to watch the actions of the men most interested. The ordeal has served to bring out the Best and the worst of human nature. One congressman made an open attempt to Bluff the speaker by informing him that unless he the congressman received the committee place which he wanted the Delegate from his District to next year s National convention would be opposed to the nomination of or. Reed for the presidency. It is scarcely necessary to Eay that to was quickly sat Down upon by the big speaker. Went the wrong Way. This rash Man was a new member and had come up to Washington with the idea that that was the Way politics is carried on. He Learned a lesson of which to evidently stood very much in need. By this time he knows that an open rank offensive bid of that sort could not to tolerated by any self respecting Man. If on the other hand he had induced has senator or some other influential person to go to the speaker and intimate that so and so naming the congressman seemed to be a rising Man in his state and that he already had his District Safe in his pocket for congressman and everything else and that perhaps he would make a Good Man for such and such committee that would have been Good politics and possibly might have produced the desired results. Another congressman and one of Long experience in the House set out deliberately to intimidate the speaker. He contrived to serve notice that unless his claims wore recognized he would Bevery Likely to make trouble on the floor at opportune moments. Or. Reed was not much frightened at this Covert Tigreat. He has had experience with such gentlemen in the past. But having sincere respect for the ability and usefulness of the member in question he has been Broad enough not to take umbrage at the course pursued by that gentleman and it is understood the intimidator will be properly taken care of. Those Are samples of the sorts of cases the speaker has had to Deal with. Members Aro of Romely eager to get assignments to Good committees. Tho Large number of new men in Tho House without previous experience has tended to add to tie difficulty of the speaker s task. Senators and prominent men of the party not in Public life have been brought in to use their influence with the speaker. Letters and telegrams by the hundreds have poured in from the friends of aspirants. Throughout the whole Campaign a quiet almost furtive Effort has been made on Tho part of the ambitious gentlemen to play upon the possible events of next year but Only in a few instances has this been offensively done. It is said by or. Reed s intimate friends that he has rigidly excluded from consideration All such suggestions and intimations. He has made no promises and will make none. A difficult Choice. Some of the most perplexing problems with which Tho speaker has had to Deal Are those growing out of rights of seniority. An instance and perhaps Tho most puzzling one of All. Is found in Tho chairmanship of the committee on appropriations for which general Henderson of Iowa and or. Cannon of Illinois were rival candidates. They Aro both Strong men and either it was All along Cua ceded would make an admirable chairman of the great committee which parcels out Uncle Sam s 1350,000,000 a year. On considerations of personal Merit it was difficult to choose Between them. When their claims of precedence were considered the conundrum became still More Cloudy. In the last Congress before this general Henderson s name appeared at the top of the list of Republican . According to one interpretation of Tho tradition this gave him a Prima Facie right to Tho chairmanship. To is Tho senior Republican so far As the record shows. But or. Cannon s friends came instantly Forward and pointed out that As a matter of fact he was the senior Republican and not general Henderson that to served 16 in in order to work himself up to chairmanship of that committee that he became Clairman in the fifty first Congress and that general Henderson was a member under him that Henderson has never been at the Lead of Tho committee is Cannon has been and that in fact Henderson did not enter the House of representatives till Cannon had become a Veteran in the service with ton years experience behind Hon. The friends of or. Cannon argued that to did not lose his position won through patient and extended toil Fly one Accident. They said it was unjust to deprive a Man of All the fruits of his Long career simply because disaster overtook his party in one election. They declare that there was no reasonable Rule by which or. Cannon could be held responsible for his defeat for re election in 1890, a year in which half the rep Billoan members of the House were compelled to bite the dust. With such Strong arguments on both sides is it any wonder that the speaker found it a hard nut to crack perhaps the hardest in All the committee Job ways that Are dark. Committee ambition has brought out the Best As Well As the worst sides of men. I know inane men who have tried to pull Down prominent members of their own state delegations who were hoping to be appointed to important chairmanships. They did this by aside remarks by tale hearing by malicious hints and their purpose of course was to improve their own chances by keeping the big plums from falling to their state. In distribution of chairmanships an Effort is always made to Reno Golze All the states and As equitably As possible hence when a big chairmanship goes to a Given state the Chance of Tho other members of the delegation getting what they want is lessened by just so much expended capital. Other members have shown the most generous spirit. They have called on Tho speaker and urged him to give their state the big chairmanship no matter if it did interfere with their individual prospects. Still others have stood by their friends regardless of their own interests. W4t, we . Mrs. Harry Henderson. The sad death of a Well known woman a other deaths. My. Charlotte Henderson wife of or. Harry c. Henderson died at the residence no. 149 Barr Street this afternoon at 2 o clock. Death was due to a complication of diseases from which the deceased has been a patient sufferer for a number of months. She was the daughter of mrs. May Gable of 40 Madison Street and has lived in this City for Many years. Two daughters and one son Are left to mourn her loss. They Are mrs. F. K. Niece of Lima Mrs. F. H. Page Ler of Pontiac 111., and Harry Henderson of this City. The deceased was 45 years old. The funeral arrangements have not yet been made. Koehler. Johnm. Koehler aged 22 years passed away at his Home on South Lafayette Street last evening. Death was due to typhoid fever. The funeral will be held monday afternoon. Belcin. Mrs. Caroline Belchin wife of Frank Belchin died at the residence 54 East main Street of peritonitis this morning. The deceased was 30 years old. Funeral announcements later. Benz. The funeral of mrs. Eur Beth Benz will be held privately from the residence 78 Dawson Street tomorrow afternoon. Millek. The funeral of the Little son of or. And mrs. H. I. Miller was held at the residence 275 East Jefferson Street this afternoon. Taylor. A m. Taylor aged 2j, died at the residence of his parents on South Calhoun Street at 10 30 o clock last night. Deah was caused by typhoid fever. The deceased was the son of John a. Taylor the Welli known Brick manufacturer. The funeral arrangements have not yet been made. Councilman m Donald. The reason for his Abs acc from the last Council meeting. Since the last meeting of the Council the Post has taken particular pains to find Gui Why or. E. H. Mcdonald was absent. In seems that by the unexpected failure of a firm in Albion in was necessary for or. Mcdonald to make a Quick trip to that town to secure not Only himself but also numerous other fort Wayne creditors. Before he left or. Mcdonald endeavoured to make arrangements for the postponement of the vote on the pole ordinance but As is seen was unsuccessful. It was impossible to return to the City by rail that night and this occasioned the of the councilman. The Many friends of or. Mcdonald will be pleased to learn that his absence was through no desire to avoid the Issue but purely fur business reasons that did not admit of delay. The Post is pleased to make the statement and it comes entirely unsolicited from or. Mcdonald. Lary announces a Victory. Tell the federation of labor that the have won. New \ dec. 14.�?the federation of labor convention was put in first rate humor when f. P. Lary president of the Voiiso sinits Union stated to Tho Dele a ito.4 that the strike had been won and that Tho strikers had been allowed what they had demanded. A Resolution against carrying United states mails on Street cars was reported unfavourably and a motion to non concur was carried and Tho adopted. It was held that in the event of a strike Tho men would be subject to arrest for obstructing the mails. Thu on Tho eight hour Liias Tion Niide a report. It was to Tho effect that a general movement in favor of the eight hour work Day was deemed unwise but that the executive Coniti Pittee should select one or More of Tho Best conditioned organizations to begin the contest for an eight hour Day. The report wis approved. F. H. Diehl Secretary of the committee on precedents made a report and it was voted to consider it in sections. That portion dealing with contracts made with employers was discussed at length. The prevailing sentiment was that such contracts Shoul. Be observed to the letter no matter Bluit the consequences might be. The subject came to a vote and it was decided to Lay Trio matter on the table. The to tie federation to Send a Elo Isatu i to the int National socialist Gong. to be held in let of Sidon in August next created a storm of oratory. Many Ali Anglit Tho Feii nation should not Sacii a body and others l a moved there could to no in being represented at Tho convention. Delegate Pomeroy Saiid Tho Sochiu Lisica wore not out for Compromise but simply defeat. Tho Trade unionists would never recognize Tho socialists. Pomeroy was still talking when the hour for adjournment arrived and Tho matter will come up for discussion today. Lie >1 Durdei etl a a Tiari Ihal. Cakon cite. Colo. Do 14.�?abe Taylor was hanged at 7 40 last evening at the Penitentiary for the murder of City marshal Emerson of Alamosa about two years ago while the latter was trying to arrest him for theft. President is storm bound. Norfolk a. Dec. news can be had of president Cleveland. The Telegraph wires Are Down Between Here and Hatteras and no vessels have arrived from the Carolina sounds owing to the heavy gales death of father a a a a. Atchison kan., Deo. 14.�?father leak who had been a methodist minister seventy years died Here yesterday afternoon aged 9i3. He was the father of Rev. T. J. , a prominent Chicago preacher. Best 25c meal in the City 21 meal ticket $4.00. Aldine restaurant. A Cardinal dead. Rome dec 14, Paul Melch ers died this morning. South Side news. I he South Side Pedro club will be entertained this evening by or. And mrs. T. O. Warner at their Home 486 South Harrison Street. Or. F. I. Brown has purchased a Fine residence property in South Wayne on Fairfield Avenue and improvements will be begun immediately. There was a Quot neighbourhood gathering Quot at the Home of mrs. G. E. Bursley yesterday afternoon to meet mrs. Poor who is the guest of mrs. S. B. Bond. The Reservoir Lake was scraped yesterday and the ice was put in excellent condition for the skaters. The City authorities Are contemplating erecting an electric Light on the Island. The j. F. F. Club was entertained at progressive Pedro on thursday evening by miss Jennie Wright at her Home on Lavina Street. The first prizes were won by miss Wright and or. Browand the consolations by miss Patton and or. Majors. Those who participated in the games were misses Bessie bar ringer Josie Curtin Emma and Mary Arnold Nellie Patton messes. Christ Browand will Saber will Gehring John majors and Alfred Noll. Money we have one sum of s500. Two of $1,000 each and also a fund from which we can loan any sum. Interest 6 to 7 per cent. Everett amp Doud Over old Nat. Bank Corner Calhoun and Berry its. Wall paper. The latest designs the lowest prices. South Side Wall paper store 362 s. Calhoun st. Industrial Park addition lots on Hanna Force John and Gay streets. Of City water main and Alley sewers natural Gas electric lights Brick pavements. I just lots in the City for the Money. Do not fail to see these lots before purchasing it will pay you to look at our new Holiday line of gents neckwear suspenders gloves ladies s gentlemen umbrellas purses h do chefs it to it i Scarf pins cuff buttons towels Ltd. Before purchasing elsewhere. Open every g. amp Schlenk and repairing. Horse shoeing a specially prices reasonable. We want your patronage.363 South Calhoun Graf groceries and dry goods 335 and 337 Lafayette Street. Lowest prices on the South Side. Goods promptly delivered to All parts of the City. Telephone 336. 7tl Bros. Are now showing a Complete line of heating and Cook stoves for natural Gas Coal or Wood. Prices much lower than the downtown stores. We Are sole agents for the celebrated Kernan furnaces. Inspect our line before Pur chasing.8 property always steadily advancing it value. A few Choice 30 feet lots South of Taber st. West Side Calhou expected some Day to become business property at double present prices. Ii Ali Iky

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