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Fort Wayne Daily Sentinel Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1875, Page 5

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Fort Wayne Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - June 17, 1875, Fort Wayne, Indiana By Telegraph cd Buffer Bill cite Tibia cd Ekra i at by Stem to May the City overflowing with thou Sands visitors. Beach continuing his address in the Beecher trial. Bunker Halil. A Moa filled to it Ltd allow lab Walt a test Toni. Cubic too Jane 17.�?a ipe Cju the times says that a Day Long yesterday Boston was alive with visiting military Rural sight seers and the great throng which seems to Spring from Earth every occasion a show nature. The streets have resounded with the music bands and the rattle Drums. Every few moments the strains martial music brought thousands Heads to the windows overs looking All the Down town streets As some the local military corps have passed in route to the depots to receive guests from abroad returned escorting the strangers. The Bouses Are fairly aflame with Bright Bunting and the com Mou wears a gala dress unknown save Foi ruths july for Many years. The enthusiasm seems to have reached its Climax and to have left no margin for greater ebullition the Morrow. The arrivals the Charleston s. C., and Norfolk va., military companies have been made the occasion a most Hearty and kindly Welcome showing a full reconciliation in spirit toward our late opponents in the civil War and the desire to live henceforth in peace and brotherhood. Their March through the business part the City and up state Street was one con Quot. To sued ovation cheers the clapping hands and waving handkerchiefs attest ing the warmth and heartiness the Welcome. Boston june 17.�?few the 300,000 inhabitants Boston the 100,000 strangers who were quartered in the City last night needed the Clanger the Bells the Thunder the salutes Cannon to arouse them at Sunrise to Day. The whole town was astir at Early Dawn and heavily Laden trains from the suburbs had already began to Cross the causeways the North and South the City. The Landing place the British troops the redoubt Breed s Hill where the stands the line rail fences and the redoubt Bunker Hill where the attempt was made to rally the retreating Continentals Are All inscribed and Are marked out distinctly. The Pavillion in which judge Devons is to speak covers a great part the grass plat near the Monument and Booths and pavilions All kinds so encumber the neighbourhood that the place is hardly recognizable. _ the Railroad War. The directors the Kiml Aee ept the termin Settle Mentz Phil Ardelphia june 16.�?it is understood that the agreement Between the Pennsylvania and the Baltimore and Ohio roads is for a period ten years the companies to agree upon moderate rates Between All competing Points which will be maintained by both. The contract can Only be terminated by Resolution the respective boards. A special committee a to be appointed by each Board to whom shall be referred All matters difference if any that May arise relative to the practical working the agree nent and with Power to adjust All complaints Between the two companies. The Pennsyl Vania company opens its lines Between Philadelphia and new York to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad the same terms they give other connect aug roads at Philadelphia. This agreement it is believed will be a permanent character. It is understood that the details the agrees ment will not be published. Foreign. For the upper and lower Misouri valleys and the lakes Low. Prev Gore South East to Northeast winds warmer partly Cloady weather and occasional rain. The Rivers will generally remain stationary fall. Tix Iton Babeo herbs ask a a tip a a Mia new York Jane 17.�?mr. Beach to Day continued his argument for the pros cation in the Tilton Beecher Case i whore an immense throng. He referred to the letter Beecher to Moulton in which he spoke . Storrs address before that judicial body. What was Beecher s motive for Denon Sciug this gentleman ? he was a Friend Beecher s Twenty five years standing a Brilliant writer a Man to whom the people came in their troubles for sympathy and a Christian Clergyman most eminent in his pro session. the night the 30th december 1870, Beecher Learned that Tilton had induced his wife to make a charge against him Beecher charge disgraceful to the Law god and Solety and yet Beecher comes to Tilton and hears with him the highest admiration the woman and teaching her that she was Noble and magnanimous and this Man amp High priest the lord bound to rebuke sin and resent the false and atrocious charge. Beecher to this Man to his own bosom and eulogized him in his paper the Christian Union. How Long would the Christian minister be reverenced if this Man the pastor the greatest Church in the world was allowed to take to his breast this liar and conspirator ? according to the theory the defense when the Golden age was established Beecher contributed $5,000 towards spreading corruption throughout the world. The jury might be deluded by the dignity the defendant and they might think he was needful to the cause god to be fearless to be judged but not thus would be the judgment him who judges the thoughts the heart. Counsel then spoke Beecher s Public cares As a minister orator writer and statesman and the jury were asked to believe that this Man was so simple he could not defend his own character from the attacks Tilton Moulton and mrs. Moulton. All state that he was charged with adultery and words and actions a admitted the arge. This Man had sinned at the altar and had desecrated his priestly Robes. Referring to the advice . Beecher to mrs. Tilton in regard to a separation counsel said Quot Why if the wife desired separation and a enry Ward Beecher advised it through 1871, 1872, 1873 and 1874, did this wife remain True her allegiance Quot . Beecher saw such disquietude in the House Tilton that his gentle disposition was suffering torments and he was the ragged Edge remorse and despair that from december 1870, to the sitting the investigating committee Beecher had been acting in concert with Tilton and Moulton to suppress All whisperings this scan dal. What did they think Beecher s letter in 73 to Moulton speaking the stultifying by which he was saved ? Why was Beecher silent so Long if he was conscious his innocence ? if innocent and he had spoken the dishonoured fugitive from her Home mrs. Tilton would have been there purified and redeemed from All reproach and stain upon her character. What harm would an invest ration have done these things told by Beecher were True ? the Juary must reconcile themselves to these things. No matter if Henry Ward Beecher stood in the Way Justice must not swerve one Jot Tittle out her path and the Laws Justice must be fearlessly executed. Beecher s recommendation a policy silence and his persistence in that course were wholly inconsistent with his plea innocence. Beecher practice deceit and was an accomplice in a system lies. The jury were to consider whether these things were consistent with the character an innocent individual. The business at. This season owing to the a hang fkr i it he in tic the Fie to for t . I a a i financial and commercial. Mew ton Jone 17, hew to rec by to scrap Oom atm. Money Pix debt. Mfr Lomus gov Emmetta anti vol and better prices. State Bonds Colet stocks Active it lower. Western Maimi Steifle. Adana Al Jpn Wells file a do exp Teefy. And Orioen Elpren. It United state expi��., Nav York Central. A Rie pref ered Michigan enl and. Panama Union Flo. Lake Shore. Ibl Nob Central. Pitts Baralt. Kotb Neatem preferred. Cleveland and sock Island . Preferred. Wal Mph. Preferred. Fort Way. Ohio and Lula appt a Antio and Adfle Telegraph. Indiana Central. Cubic am Borling Tob and Quincy. Hado bal and St. Joe. Sinking fund a a. Lis. 22 Mew by Telegraph Wmk Mark a. Kew Tou june 17. Piil Ticali. Planck. Educational Bill passed. Paris june 17.�?the Assembly has passed the education Bill by a majority 54. An amendment was made providing that the decrees be awarded by a Board examiners consisting equally state and free professors this is regarded As a Victory for the Ultra Montanes As the free professors Are clerical. Comments the lok Dok times. Lion Fox june 17.�?the times says that the French University education Bill As amended makes changes immense importance. It gives the deathblow to a system educational despotism under which a seen a and often sceptical body has hitherto shaped the higher teaching the Young men who filled the professions and Oie the Laws the count. Washington. Tia ims a a Hukvari Inma list a a. Wash Kutok june 17.�?j. New who succeeds Gen. Spinner As treasurer the United states the first Only is expected Here the 26th inst., when arrangements will be made for an Aetna count All the Money band. It is believed that ten fifteen experienced counters can perform the work in one week. Amen Cav potatoes in bad odor. Portugal has prohibited the introduction into that country and adjacent islands potatoes from the United Stalm. Pitts bub cd ail a a ii rim if fat. Pitts rash pa., june 16.---p�� pm eni it is hardly defy that to Allen Rooke my Tike place to Row As promo align who has been in training at lift Feriv stack is in Fine con edition and Teetai offy Max Ken for the fight. He is expect Lafe birth Battle Ponti be w in diam if moskva Napper it the traae appointed he will enter to Riim the stakes. So car Neitha a a a Bis in Nib have if to ill App Mthm. Obio Beni Cratie state Coli Tentoa. Coltom bars 0., june 17.�?the demo cratic state convention assembled at the opera House at 11 a. M. To Day. All the counties were fully represented by Dele Gates and there were a Large number visitors. J. L. Vance member Congress from the eleventh District was made temporary chairman and made a speech considerable length full Hope and advice for Earnest work. While he was speaking a severe rain and Hail storm came blew a portion the slate roof off the building and after appointing committees a recess was taken till 2 p. M. A conference pleading democrats representing More Money men and Hardi Money men was held this morning and a Compromise Resolution agreed upon which senator Thurman tells his friends he can subscribe to. This Resolution is in substance one currency and equal taxation for All alike. A Texas. I Sissy wimp Toyaba Jim it Fain storm Pasma Pimm alms lot Bufi ism Aai Ebeo Abts a we talk Merae Orleans june 17.�?the Galveston news san Antonio special says that five robbers Leaf Springs sunday proceeded to Comfort and took two horses and passed through Kerrville about noon monday taking two More horses. Capt. Schreine Kerrville assembled a few men his former minute company and gave Ehase. They came no with the thieves about forty Miles above Kerrville and demanded a surrender. The robbers replied by firing at the minutemen and then took to the Bush foot leaving their horses. Schreiner s men also fired wounding one the robbers and killing one horse. They captured All the horses. The wounded Man is said to be mortally Hurt. The officials express Confidence that the balance the robbers will be can get. _ fibbs. Jimmiee , 17.--the Tirrel Brothers Btry if Florence Omeida Connie a need. Lost $60,000 inspired. Cotton declining at it a for middling Uplands flour unchanged and in limited demand receipts 13,000 Murrels a ales 10000 barrels prices unchanged. Wheat from 1 to 2 cent lower receipts 80,900 Bubels sales 20,000 Boa hels at Al 11@1 16 for no 2 Chicago 1 16117 for to 2 Milwaukee $1 201 2s for no 1 Spring is 82@ 1 88 for Winter red Western 1 88@140 for Amber and $135 91 41 for White do. Bre nominal. Com one cent lower receipts 118,000 both Els sales 48,000 bushels at 8s@84c for Steamer Western mixed 85@87c for bail do Barler nominal. Oats lower and Dull Recei 96,000 bushels sales 31,000 bos Bels at 70c for mixed Western 69@7.% for White do fori Hytt at $19 5019 60 for new mess. Cut meats at for Day salted shool de scud Hea Vrat 13 16- 6�13 for steam. by $1 80. Petroleum crude refined Toledo by Telegraph Markes. Truox. O., june 17. Flour quiet. Wheat lower and in fair demand jio2 White Wabash $1 28 no 1 White a Ichisi is 27 extra do nominal at $1 28 Amber my coif spot is 35 seller july and augost is 26, no 2 red at 124h com steady High mixed Al 74 Low mixed at 73c yellow 76c no Grade at 71 damaged at 60c. Oats quiet no 2,61c White 65, and Michigan 61 Lake freight More Active to Buffalo Corn and wheat Harkes. By Telegraph a thymian june 17. Flour Shade firmer. Wheat steady and unchanged. Corn Dull at 72�74c. Oats Dull and unchanged. Cotton Dull at 14c. Whisky at is 15. Pork at s18 75 bid. Lard nominal steam offered at 12?c with no buyers. Bulk meats Lowe shoulders sold at 8c Clear no 10c bid 11 asked. Bacon Duff and unchanged. Hogs Dou and Tery few Selling at $6 66@700. a. Pm Ciao june 17.�?Market retire and lower sales .50 barrels at is 17,and 100 barrels at is 16, closing at is 16. New York june 17.�?unchanged at Al 20. Peoria june 17.�?highwlnes, nothing doing held firm at is 17. Crack inmate june 17.�?whisky firm at $116. A la wanker mar met. By Telegraph Milward wbk june 17. Wheat firm at 99 for no 2 99 for seller july 99c for seller auras. Receipts 127,000 bushels shipments 43,000 Dubbels. Pro knee and general flair lets. Butter fresh Roll is Gil in inferior and Baker 10@12c. Egg at lie. Seeds Cloter $6 00 flax 160 1 60 Tmothy $2 amps 00 hungarian 76c@l 00 Millet Al 009110 Orchard grass s2 so Kenta Eky Blue grass is 25@1 50 potatoes 50a60c. Feathers live geese 40a50c ducks 25c chickens 5a6c. Sheep pelts dry 25e amp a 00 Green $150aa 00 hearings 30@40c. Wool a fleece washed 85a38c tub washed 38a42c unwashed 26as0e. Beans pure White $1 goal 25 prime Navy $1 Sou 00. Taunow and lard beef allow 7 4c lard 14al5c. Beeswax 28a26c. I>re88ed hogs nominal. Rags 2c. 8. Bash a co., 49 and 53 Columbia Street. Fort Wayne a rain Market. Wheat no 1 new White is 28al so no 1 red 1 20al 28 no 2 red. Is Loal 15 no 3 red is 02a 05. Oats no 1 White 60e mixed 58e Black 55c. Come ear 66c shelled 70c. Bye�?75a80c. A. H. Haj a by Kachn Robt. J. H. Bass. Fres t. J. I. White Sec y. B. J. I Bibb. Treasurer. stable hed 1853.1 incorporated 1873. Obj Titan 00,000. Bass foundry and machine works Mann Starer steam engines boilers fined tubular All Sixes saw Ai grist 111 Hac Lwy Mill furnishing goods. Bole agents for Padaon s celebrated steam governors and Stilwell a Pierce s i ent Heater Ltd Lime extractor. Cilby is sols a Mem Tom Loa Aatlo Cylia Ien. And Kli it a Railroad and car castin6s, Boulli order. Elt Aam railings to. Made to m a to general machinery . hand to a mesh drafts and and a Ope intend putting no Oor Buh. Special Atten to is called to oar line Wood working Kaclik fiery Matt fit the commission Bava at last Sueo added in it Ting that institution 00 a self App it Iii basis. The i Leroy attle loan Ranee company Hiram the state await roof from Iowa and Bava a Envis Fyte Nytar a flow Bont $6,000,000 text cum a my my a i Moo Abom it a have hand and Are Pic spam to fair att Ai us Tinea Ujj kit per inti a a Putni Tifft a. I. Hayden Lai lie the fellow Las Traag the xon Aon also Tiati ill Annata la cml a 0�4,. The Vire men a Fand w sait Bax onto. A Anaeta to com ,��.��. The muh i air Atn to ��?�m4 the by Yal cd Aitto i Tii capital my Stem office with 8. T. Hanna next door to Post a Cen. Mob Bdrm Isaac i in a insurance and real estate agent i it Ead inv Nen a Aai Flie Nav Range companies. Jul Gore Proma and Intel it Fol attention to All has Lenaa get Matt a to Hia a a. Office in new Odd Loii maps dam 20 fist Bebby 8tiieex. W. S. Bock. Th08. Buck amp Cordrey. a for North sri a Tuita Kutil life ins. Co. Local agents wanted. Office �z2\4 East main Street fort Wayne ind Henry w. Aken. Sperai agent jan8 5 port Wayne Bureau Ofloy legions p. L. Potter amp co., office to. 12 1-2 East main Street fort Wayne ind All kinds collections settlements account and compromises solicited. No charge Ansu Oess Ful attempts to collect claims. Persons who Are disposed to disc card their obligations Are reported monthly to the association and business men Are thus informed to whom it is unsafe to give credit. Collections made Iii every county in the United states. Consultation at the office by letter free charge. We guarantee prompt and faithful attention to Alltus iness entrusted to us. John 8tahl, att y and counsellor. Janis optical. Kyj Ney cannot by Yit Fob sight 18 priceless. But the do amp mod Speg Tacobs we amp pbb8brts it. In ton value Eye gut amt it tie perfect let enema. Orond from minute Crystal pebbles melted together and derive their name Quot Diamond Quot to count their hardness and brilliancy. They will last Many years without change and Are warranted Perlor to All others in use. by j. E. Spence a a co Opu. Evans new York. Caution none be our Trade Mark. For Sale by rest Onalle agent throughout the Union. Mayer amp Craffe jewellers and optician Are sole agents for Ftp Wayne,ind., from whom ther can Only be Botand so. No Polippo employed Seld swim none genuine unless stamped a Ltd Xoai. To printers bookbinders and 8tationebs. By an act the general Assembly the state Indiana Ai erred March is 1876, entitled Quot an act to provide for the Public printing and binding Quot the governor the Secretary state and the auditor state Are made a Board commissioners Public printing binding and stationery who Are required to properly advertise for and award contracts for doing the printing binding and furnishing the stationery for the use the Public officers and institutions the state for two years from the 1st Day july 1875. In compliance with said Law the Board commissioner will receive sealed proposals for doing said work and furnishing said stationery until 10 clock thursday july 1, 1875, when the bids will be opened and the contracts awarded according to Law. Be work will be do folded into three Clae aes As follows the first class shall comprise the Laws journals reports off Ioen state and Public institutions and All Book and pamphlet work to be done Book pamphlet paper. The second class shall comprise All record books lag laxative Bills commit Fiona letter Heads arcu Lars Blanks and other work usually executed writing Papor. The third class shall comprise the folding stitch ing covering and binding and All work belonging to the binding Wainess. The font Raptor will be Seq cared Togo Vagabond with dec orly for the fut Fol Perfo Faanee All work which May be awarded to him. Speed Amoas and full per Ticolato in regard to the work can be Oma teed at the Oom the a dietary stale and the contract most be to do the work a Erdinc to . Tho Board reserves the right to Ndu May Bezared. Sealed proposal it ii be add esd tin the secret Arr state. John b. Keff 8ecretar7 or8ule,Nbd�x-oafle8mrsk lur7 the Mosid. Jim Ais new Straw hats Jughes a f slate roofers sin a St Pyke Dri iring gloves. Go 4in> 8sx the hew 8tti.e Patent Sheet and cuff. Singer amp Vici hattm8. Am . Mboi it no is Muth Cox pro is Atje. M114 it Tellma flt. A in re in Yak Imi. A . Boll Dwa. And Otho want a be Boot eff a re la Tonomo that we Are Llrath clan a Trihy la �07 pm Eow atry Icea Beverii efter and. All work wan rent Gatty Walt a by a a wine Ting. Mommy mulch by goods. Headquarters for bargains at one Price millinery store Laje is suits parasols hats and bonnets. The pred. Lob in in slate roofer and Alebin ail kinds slate. No. 3 5 bad Road St near Fittan nigh depot poet Wayne ii. Oman vital work done to order pm aptly attended to. Becerea All orders Feroce any Cost mtg a in the. City deadly latest styles and Superior goods at Low prices. J. Pier Calhoun Street. For family use bottled Cream ale Beer and cider orders left at West main Street will receive prompt attention. 39 �unl7d6ip j. M. Foellinger been and Lia toes. H it Sqq 0� a s a = ,0 pm 11 so s Hen 0 i a to p i a a s3 a a it a h 5 a a a b cd a be b q a 06 h it h q Beal estate Fob Sale. Now is the time to build a House and save rent lots six 6 years time. I6j per Gonten into Vest. Koci so payment until second year to those who win build houses Calhoun Street. A i Star a a fit so a we a try Quot a s -83 1 1 83 81 80 79 78 71 76 75 74 73 n 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 45 45 jew i to 6� to to 50 a a 50 50 "50 n i \ 70 1 69 68 67 66 65 64 63 62 61 60 47 48 49 50 51 53 53 m 66 56 57 Victoria Avenue curio it strut 31 83 32 31 to 29 28 27 26 25 34 9 11 2 3 4 5 a % 7 8 9 10 11 plat to bib South Calhoun Street addition. A a 0� Wither a a a Rwjr tvs Piqua Avenue. Agents. Special and extraordinary offer lots in Henry Williams South Calhoun Street addition. To those who wish to build Bellis with Only six 6 per cent interest m cheap and now is the time to build your year per cheaper than before the Bard times came two years ago and in two to three years time Vou will save in rent Money the Cost a comfor Uble House and payments can then be made the lot. These terms will hold Good for the present building Easan until september next and Are offered Only to those intending to build. The prices Are also further reduced $60 to $100 per lot lower than last year. Calhoun Street is the main Central thoroughfare the City and houses built Here Are equally convenient both East and West to All the Railroad shops and other factories and with this advantage location most always be in demand for rent Sale. Prices lots Are $300, $360, $400, $425, $450, $475, $500, full size 50x 160 to the hard times will soon be Over when prices will be higher and time payments As heretofore 1, 2 and 3 years instead six Yean As now offered. Calhoun Street is Gravelled up to this addition and a sidewalk Good for five years Pine with Oak stringers is already Laid in front every lot. No sidewalk assessments for live years. The lots Are High and dry Southern slope affording perfect drainage. For further particulars to see the property Quot Call Fisher amp tons Berry St kit Nab 0017st Bouse casbia0b8. 118 West main Street. Stanley Bieber co., Carriage 118 West main Street Coal Aeo Leoe. A ass a Smith dealers in re a cent Jact a. Sealed fit Mommi us Oon Boa ltmaflu4tlmofyertwavii% the a my . The m Day los Errit amp Yff a wry a awl a runs Tom a my is amp a 6n Bettilue vhf a itt by i Motif to us ski Ali Une i mme my foot we Tab ind. Q�occb8s0bs to th08. �tbvbn8. W. A , my a non pig Iron Coal and Coke. Lehigh Lackawanna Toughio Beny Blacksmith and Cannel Coal. All kinds be stantly kept band for div do urzt . Sir Tiv a Umani Lake snarl and a other Grade pig in for oar wheels and i Mary by poles Imp Dat Trio Lovert Maike irate. Oleo with Jolma is. Order mar beef Law a 117 ,fortwa7se, Ltd. To Gulf. Pish s m f a Tift Matt Lri hew advertisements. Wanted lumber one Mil. Lion feet Poplar Box boards 13, u and 15 .14 feet Long Dell ered at Lochey vide 13 and South Bend ind bb08., sooth Bend ind. S end for Price list. b. Lkw78. Worswick amp Lewis cos Relanie brass Aili pipe m Cor. Man Iii and C�kt�r-aui., Dara Laimi. were Emiree pm it Theca Madi morn Rorn Tomia for steam water Gas and Oil. Ceron steam and Eureka hand Pomps. All Kididi steam and . It24wly White Star Iho. Hal Lins to . Reduced rate 110 e. A amp ado at. Amur Stark. A Annalt Paum mum is Gertzm a Alliry a. My vibe 24bvasiel.nilai. Co. Stakley Bieber Imam la Piam a a #0& to a Conti Sale Contemp Eteaua Jln Egar work fori Nti ton.xa1iix7 a jan9.1w account Iasoni was Imam a Flam d. . Rieman Beal s. Re _ _ Rry Street Aveline blk dem g and collection Tapeni. Tim Mot Toi when request. Lav Aai a err a treat. Ill estate smut Aniel Ryan. Attorney at .4->>vu>djuatieeof top Mia to Milit i i Tion Giten to collection and this care. Deeds. Mort Nam a a a Uke off cd court Street Orer Cote Dot tar it s h. Bloomhuff attorney. A Law office Orer Adf Del. Street opposite court House sections claims rent ii taxes Etc. Aad Roal a Lato my. Sri meat a up a Nso mom. We to mme u col. Hosani Flag Avema a a a. I Eorge Trenam. Jolt Hitech. . No a in is. American House Between Washington and a a Wert o., t. J. Saltsgaver proprietor. Go a am. I. Livery aubly in Coa main Jeff Kroa St., pie room for trat Eling men Keetion with the House. A a pud Headington Hotts land ind. First Daas Uver la with the hotel. Free Bua. Port h. H. Bossler notary pub Lic real estate and general inso Faaoo a i general Buslon societies �0. Fire de it Haem. A Lert Hook a ladder com a Pany no. 1 meets the first Woda Osdon a each month. L b Buck waiter flt a a Bias a h Carter Secretary. To Oak Oie Lead Lam. The Home the friendless organized in u�7, 1s7s, and inca Tod at to Corner East Wayne Street and Walton Avaras. White s addition is now open for Tho Nom Fagi any and All fallen and friendless Vaoa we away wish to become inmates. Applicant amp Mahood to made at the Home. Prayer meeting Are bold at the Home wednesday after boobs at s Elook by order the managers. % i if fits Fyt Liim. Humboldt Lodge no. A meets every tuesday Otealia at 1 Over the Post office. I m Bosen Tkal y p w a h w notdhur8t,, Mamble. Wayne Lodge no. 26, f. And a. A. Meets every tuesday Oto Biag at i masonic Hall. Stated common Matlob Taw Jay before the full the Moon. Sol i it Bayle a a. W a j 8 Gregg 8r with it Hnaz Dyer a George w Wilson treas pm Fotter comi Scariah Tyler. Wayne Council no. 4, r. A 8, meets in stated common Lealoa Tho second wednesday each month at 7 Elock 1� m. Joseph a Ste Wagon Tig a Ferd f Secretary. Catlin Lle a bumpy. To Wolke 8 Block opposite x the Mayer Bouse. Open thursday from 8 to 4 and from 7 to 9 clock p. M. Orer 4,000 Engual German French and latin Tolnes. Pm Dato Magneton. Librarian. Decatur Council no. 4 meets it Ball every thursday Eton if Orer e. H. Nill s drug store no. 80 Calhoun a treat. G�0f0 j. A swed councillor Isaac w. Baker Vale Ooola Jill c. M. Byan recording Secretary Gbar. E. Davis financial Secretary Franklin Fry to it a Asador. Odd a Iowa. Wayne Lodge no. 14, meets every monday evening. J w Ordor Mark n q Joseph Eisner y f w a Adaryll s w t Mckean is p j Wise Traas. Summit Encampment no. 16 meets the first and third fridays a Eli month. J Bookwalter c a c dark h p t w Baffin so pm Raff j a Wmk Llen a p j Wise t. Harmony Lodge no. 19 meets every thursday r h Harrison y a w Grund p 8 w s Iuen treas. Beak Oil pkg Myara. B i p b Fob Sale. oppor Twity. For Sale. Pur one the finest local loan for Ever ered in the City fort Wamo. With All the water facility no miso sri fit Taay Buyne the above property for Capaiu for All desired information apply to j. Q. Whit head West water Street Samuel e. So Claib office Over Hamilton Baak thu mtg splendid lots Only two Square Fra House and will be sold Mcneai Ryphe Best Prairie lands in Iowa and Nebraska for Sale by Tho burling a amp Hiss Nii Eil s. atm a tank a we. One million acres in Lowa Aad Vonthon vol bpm a. The finest country in Tho world to Combine firm Long sad a took wac. Pio ducts will for land and improve Mats Loag before the principal becomes duo. Large else goals for Cash. Mucor Drc Lars that Wui Deal vibe Tow Thi ads and the Tenas Salo apply to a dark a Ika Landa. lands and the ten a Salo Anab to a land cummis8i0nsb, a la., for Iowa land w lao Ola Bok a Ehi Mehan Dawt David 0. Node. Fort Tayao. Lai. N excellent oppo Btu Hitt 150 splendid lots Eor Sale e6m0iuim�t�nui Finett leeati0ii Iii tiie cum Apfl Beck s new addition to the City it. Tayao thaa Alola offi a Fiji Jill it a Ood tamamm. ii i i % a a a so ,. By a

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