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Fort Wayne Daily Sentinel Newspaper Archives Jan 28 1881, Page 4

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Fort Wayne Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - January 28, 1881, Fort Wayne, IndianaIs -jt3 0 5 a p Tion organized by of Tiv a u d in elocution Silig Iii speaking exercises of last evening proved jo1 the audience certainly have been tinier for a fcb. And every one who Ciok part in the exercises showed Trist they. Ambition to succeed would therefore improve their talents. The exercises were Tjien de. Wifi the Well trained choir of voices. After a grayer miss Fannie audience with a very Fine piece or. Issei Ireri hand of wan Well Dis i and Well we Nivea. 3 00 s do 3 00 3 o o 00 John Fry Thomas Magner we. Scott pm. Hathaway assessor. John Ligget a b Todd election1 t Leroy Sprague election exp. 2 c w Allen election expense. 4 60 0 w Allen rent for room. 6 00 John Shaffer Madison to. 2 00 Wade Smith Madison to. 2 00 t b Stone Road expense. 1 00 Samuel Dailey Road expense. 1 00 Jacub , Road expense. 1 00 Bird nine Young Ladish Lecou 10 and 16 years of to a Penrin Tortol Smith Russel Ente Talu Nikont Nix Thonny evening. For fur her information apply to a Ergec. Richard acrid Eniy or Forenoon. Wanted a luring the Winter. Call on . La vim Way no. 6i East Colliu Blu Street. 1 05 e10r the Housen at 1 0 l Law Yenc and no. Ilij Wayn Karrau. B Rob Are Vury Dok Laljie no Tui iritis ii Corner of Hanover and . To dive. About that 8th of Fanna a pocket Book in foil Ivor no wll Moody in it. The Owji or can have to e by paying Lor till Stiefel of new York visited the Stiefeld Here last monday night. Charles Kino has entered suit against t. K. Clark and Jesse Patton for the recovery of a horse which the Constable levied on. The Case comes up before Squire Zollinger. Cold is antagonistic to health in during coughs and other dangerous bronchial diseases which quickly yield to the 600thinr yet positive influence of or. Bull s cough syrup Price 25c a Boyne. Justice Pratt commit led . Knight to Jar. In default of Hail for Mealing a the Aveline House. He will be Bew to answer several other charges when he gets through with Tho first one. Moran s stenographic class is Mill increasing. Lessons Are Given at commercial College to one class to night at and another at 2 p. M. Saturday. Persons interested Are invited to visit classes at there hours. Or. 0. C. Adams the gentlemanly press operator of the Western Union Telegraph company and mibs Nettie Herrington were married some time during the holidays and the matter has just leaked out. The Telegraph and newspaper boys Are wishing or. Adams All the Joys imaginable. Or. J. M. Mcquiddy of Indiana Polis instructed the Niemiera of har Mony Lodge in the new. Work last evening. A very Largo number of Odd Fellows were present and a new member was initiated. He will give instructions to tote Encampment to night and leave for Indianapolis in the morning. The Mieves Katie and Hattie Mil Ler entertain i a. A number of their friends at their residence no. Brandris Strisik last evening. Taf pulling and jokes helped to make t 1865. Peter Beugnot paupers. 14 00 John w Gruber election of. J o Beardsley swing Vio a. N Smith Road expense. Samuel Evelynd election sex. 2 10 25 2 i o 1 00 1 00 j 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 6 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 s 00 ammo Fox Road expense. 1 00 r h Hull Road expense. 1 00 Geo h Ashley Road expense. 1 00 Simon Waters read 2 00 David Henry 2 00 Charles Pfeifer Road expense. 1 00 j Driesbach Road exp use. 1 00 p w Jackson expense. L d George Road expense. S Beaver Road expanse.-. I and Keller Road expense. 0 e Briant Roath b Road expense. Levi Bill election excuse. Adam Fidler rond expense. Edward Lee roid. Expense. John Calahan Road expense Dan l Dunkirk Road expense. Ammo Fox Road expense. Lucius n. Lake paupers. 1866. B a Hamilton Road sex Jieny. D if skiing Road John Nohse Road expense. Sophia Madden Isaac Road expense. 1 00 1 00 2 00 2 00 2 00 ,-------r._ 200 Dan l Umstead read expense 1 00 c Shaffer paupers. 3 00 John doling Road expenses. 2 00 Conrad Viberg Road expenses. 1 00 h Wiebke paupers. 14 00 Conrad Trier Road expenses. 1 00 a value Kimun Ivia Oisin to. I Vij. Hibrain Dougherty Madison in 2 00. James Bell Madison to. 2 of Mich l. Baker Monroe to. 2 00 Fred Jiheed Lake to. 2 00 Peter alter election sex. 2 00 Leroy Sprague election sex. 10 00 Fred of Slot election 200 m w Huxford trustee. 2 00 Leroy Sprague trustee y 80 Christ Backer election sex. 2 00 City of fort Wayne removing Snow from sidewalk. 5 50 w Hollopeter ejection sex. 2 00 disc told treating prior err 00 j t Hutson Road sex. 1 00 Hiram Porter election sex. 00 Thomas Hood paupers. 10 00 Mccull sch Richey water 5 00 m f Harbour 75 of Gerke 10 00 Taylor . C Neal Simeon Waters election sex. John we h Harter election Leroy Sprague election sex. We Gokcen election sex. John m Taylor election a quart Btte pro diced much aug some Iii Aud misses Banks arid messes. Swaim and How of repent training and a Dod Gem the Tittle Ida fit ii Iwho of possesses a which u ses Witham Nch while she is rely Graceful inner Movera Enta on she Drew tears from the eyes of the ladies Imp Hin she to faithfully the Little Harn i Holman liver i Day 8 kidney pad f Lagg s pad Only lung path Mordh Orpys dig store 6s Calhonn .st., . Having a Large Stock of Only lung pad will Mil them u Tull dirt by no Tice at 81 50. Usini Price pm. Main Hurst s drug store m Calhonn st., Ait. Or tonsils in Fremont o. Mrs. Or. Stone by convalescing. We. Combs is in Mun Cie. Judge Brackenridge liar gone to Chicago. A is . The City on a visit. A i was in Anglia Ian Tweedi. James Kankakee it tiie City. J. D. Nutting has to Chicago and will return w. A sit up but not Able vie in the City suiting his crofter a de. Go Igor anal wife left. For chicag i last even ing. Will Murton Lxi. Of the auditor s office Gaea. To Indian i Polis thi8 even 1 Maurlr for Frierly of this City but now of Milwaukee is Here on in tie City to at of sirs which j m Young election sex f a Roy election sex Martin Road sex 187-1 ,4 us 3 00 i of 2 64 2 so 2 so 2 06 2 72 5 00 registry. 6 00 l Dougall Board of registry 4 00 a Firis. Swank Ronal 1 00 to Road expenses. 1 00 burl., election expend a. 1 50 a , election 1 50 Grainy co paupers. S 75 Dille paupers. 1 Oil print Nir 4 25 Isis Amith Road 1 00 we Miller Road expenses. Loi Fua Kii and Braunb paupers 1 00 d w Geek log roil expenses 100 we Milfor raid expenses. 1 00 a m Orbison . 2 of n Fitch Road a pc uses. 1 00 Peter Load 1 of Jas Harpor co hat for 1 60 h n Ward Spittoon 20 Jas Mccoo Iola Road sex 2 50 Jas Lillie Rico time and 5 10 r s Kuodey paupers 15 00 d Tyler Road sex 2 00 a Reid id attending com court a. Go 0 p Bior Gau 5 00 Chas Bour Neuhau paupers 2 00 h w Road sex 2 50 Jas for pauper 1 h w Loveland rns sex 2 of Jas Ash Road sex 2 50 Herman Kratus paupers 2 00 Feo Webster Road sex. 2 50 Frank co paupers 3 a Todd paupers 15 75 j Nickoly Road of 2 so Trent Ihu son 3 50 John Knapenberger. Trust or 3 go Leroy Sprague trustee 280 w a Kelsey trustee 2 04 b Trentman son Pau Iwers 71 7s 1875 f a Roy Road sex 2 60 Daniel Klutz paupers -1 00 Presco t Bro paupers 1 00, Buster co paupers 11 24 Dennis Keity witness 75 the instrumental duet by bees Jackson and Furguson was loud Lap .the.yopng. Ladies cer Iii Only part spa Gorrit or. A e. Mommert delivered a Good oration but twas spoken in a Monotone. There1 were plenty of Points in the piece in1 win of. He could have brought the Iii the was a Little. And not strike he make his Mark when next called ii pub to take in. I Angola the family of Rev w. P. Gratigny j 50 j s Goshorn us Ilion exp trs Oli fir grouse roid expense a Rudisill Road we Kocs Road we a Milor Nield to Pethes. Of sae Dresba Cli Foster Road exit sen Al her Kin Road opt lists. Meyer Tami co., pipers . Notice anal prov grape the Superb Quality and Butir purity of Speer s port grape wine of now Jersey and the Success tha Pya Iciano have had by use a induced Thorn to write about it am eased him reds of others u prescribe it in their practice an the Tat and most reliable wine to i had.1 it is hold in great favor for communion purposes and said to us n cure for . For Solo by Bros. J2ww Hovirs pass . One o the Young men sat Down in a Divi warm tally just As lie commenced t sing baby effect to shut Olf his wind. We spent about an hour yesterday afternoon in Tho Olio Mosul and retail o Mowre. Pro met by is. A company no. 33 and 35 Kant Columbia. Ii walking into the Storn o o docs not need to be told inn is com of live and energetic very Walls of Tho building toll the Tain. They have four an full of foods As they can Woll be packed and Are making arrangements m Ither glory Pitilon top to give them More room. Hicso Are Tom tint lire Atnel energetic cities. B h Tower old Clio e so Lii ii election expel Fiir. We Hamilton Cle ctn a Spenso Cor if of action expense. Koevi Jill Road expense. Sam Evel awl Road map Mic. Halbert Vicki Tyson Road exp o a m court . 1 j j Nudson a. Alvin Hail Road expanse. J Lii lords Road Thomas Hood i b rail Paup Tira. Lili Uby n.a-1 expense. John Sclavo ele tinn Al Baylor election exp Liisu. Vin a la Milton of Lection exp o j870. Hoagland Wilson Muhler paupers. Fall wraith Road expense. Avard Road a Spenso. Lilo Lav Ronco Road Ohn Mclive Road to a punt. Wilton Itu Hlor goods for jail. Flux liar Lund rond exp fld. Jacoh Caroy Road expense. Cob Caroy Road exp Tiaiso. J 00 2 00 00 1 00 1 00 i 00 a of .1 00 1 of 4 00 2 00 2 00 2 2 64 l 8 1 Oil 1 00 1 00 i of 2 00 1 00 2 00 7 40 1 1id 7 15 1 00 j 1 50 2 64 .11.00 1 00 1.00 1 00 1 00 1 00 5 80 i 00 2 00 2 00 part. Misses Kate Stronen Iella Lin Collu and ii Mahiri and messes. Ash Craft and Mccrider re Dereathe Well to mortgage the in a charming manner and deserve g Reat credit for their share of Tho amusement. Miss Kate Stemet a essay upon Courtesy was Well written read and showed that the Young lady had Given the subject deep thought and attention. A Cottingham Ami Mcclellan s training Aud considerable musical. Talent and the Young ladies received some Well merited Praise the next feature seeing the in h. Swaim As Lillie Oor Opton As the j Aylworth on Street 11 West Washington Duzen of Ithie Atlan tic a Pacific Telegraph company is in tha City to Day on business for his company. V j Warner Cincinnati . Chas l. Geo. , new York. I House or. Inilda mrs. A. Brig is Chicago Jolil 0. Darr a. Davenport blk smrt lad w. H. Jolts of Neil Yeti a w. T. Cutchell j. B. Tangeman Cincinnati foot f a he Elk Blue. Yea Torday afternoon Jacob. Foel procured two horses and Sleigh from or. A. J. And took his family out Sleigh Riding. After tiring of Riding or. Foellinger took the Home and leaving mrs. F. In the Sleigh went in to see How things were progressing there. Scarcely had reached the started up and of. Drove off. The horses turned Street and the lady not being Able to either hold or guide Thorn they dashed Down that through fare at a Lively rate of Speed f. Was thrown out but was not injured. A Sleigh containing a col ored Man and Dyche Wai crossing the canal Bridge at a walk when a gentleman noticed the run away team coming at full Speed Aid warned the occupants of their danger but they made no Effort to get out of the Way. The pole and ii Eck Dyke of the runaway team struck the Aleigh ahead and tha horses made a frantic leap to Clear the Aleigh and almost needed. was not dangerously bruised and the negro received a few cuts on his one of or. Reed s Harses valued at was so badly injured that he was killed. I. Foellinger has agreed to pay for the horse. This makes a very dear Sleigh ride All around. Marriage a Leenus have been granted during the past Twenty four hours to the following couples Nicholas Krider and Mary Christ Man Thomas h. Fleming and Mary f. Otto Henry p. Fry and Voekler. Flour Down u5c scr Undrel. Beat White flour . Best Rye flour fruit House. Over Howe Scales sold. Borderi Selleck co., agents Chi Cago id. Eod Ash Catt As to 35 Hackett is in the lecture Busi Ness. To was i july responsible for cough s visit to fort Wayne. The Success of the , from a financial standpoint a assured from the fact that six Hundred and fifty two seats were taken inside of two and the rink was Well chronicle. You Are mistaken brother Arnold. Tho interest we took in the lecture was merely to assist the lecture association of this place in to curing a Good crowd. A prominent gentleman in Cerr Gordo county Iowa writes us tha he finds kidney wort to be the hrs remedy he Ever knew for a Complick lion of diseases. It is the Suie wifi action which it has on the liver kid nays and bowels which fives it Suc l curative Power and it is the Jihnu bands of cures which it is perform ing gives it its great celebrity liquid vary concentrated or dry both act h. Joi Irna and courier. J21dlw Etcil Nellu i Cit Roe. Several Largo failures in new York in the Coffee Trade has broken the Market no much so that All codes Are reduced 3c per Pound. Best Golden Rio to. Best governia it Jive Uoc. Bert Ito Stal Kie 18fruit Houck King is , mis Jannie Banky As showed considerable dramatic Taler la the piece mounted and the character swell and provoked considerable mirth. Come lil Jiei by Odin. Was Woll rendered by a Quartetti Aad Theu or. Asbury delivered the valedictory oration of or. Dunlay is an a in grow Raul speaker and will some Day quake Oraw rial world. For. A ii Gruber who was Sion deserves Groat credit for Trio careful manner in. Which he labor to w Ife Topi society what it is. Tho term at noon yesterday and rep rms j met hard to Pace this College on a firm paying basis acid has it in we the Iii this tory of the College that it has Jeen a paying institution and or. Yocum certainly deserves All the Praia that can be bestowed upon him. For thus the new York Lias the Follo Wizig to say about miss Kate Claxton who appears Here on Tho 2nd of last evening was made somewhat club to by of Mies Claxton in Tho play of. The Snow is said Ali have Iwori re when for her by or Ouei Cali it from taken from Thorf Bonfili it is thus with Many plays which to Day occupy Bur stage. They Are orig dually written then and their authors names stripped of they Are forthe. Tes Arti Stic Pur of pcs of the enl Lish and i american san Vancl re appear in forms far Dif but in pretty Little of Jonii miss Acter n which she of in Cali Eracli of an by thus gradually Widen it Porto by she will roles dior being charged 0 one Charcut vent on 3s.er last evening was very Liat and delicacy who a Are among the inst pleasing of Appan Hages and upon which she., High in depending m6st for is ices the Alene with in on of those pieces of mechanical a Fec which Are not without interest Ahl yet which ii list of the first Collie Gulf a Joel dam or Avail Chinise of. There a much to be admired i free Ferrel manacles play hic with tier Almos worryingly a or Edward Arnott made an acceptable m 1.j j i Soi Smith or. Unwell and his excellent com appear Ai the grand monday tied will be greeted is an a full or rom Bull. At a fancy dress Ball in recently a lady was seen very Low necked Dreas. While floating around and waving an abundance of Green Gauze she was politely asked by a gentleman what Sho Persona Ted. The sea at Low tide then the lady blushed and the gentleman the three Jolly dogs will sell you the cheapest and Best Silver plated Ware and China Glass and crockery at Ward s cheap crockery store no. 8 West Columbia Street sign of the big Iron dogs. Opera House. I. U. A. h. S. Monday Jan y 31. King Gomont of tic renowned comedian v and diameter actor. Folks the press teeing with Praise of. merits of Tjit Cluj in furnishing one place in the City where strangers can and to educated. That thu next term May prove As pros idiot our us the one just closed w the wish of All and May they have Many i Nic night to added. Another cd Teri ailment will he Jive for i Day night Inyo led. Tho the Roso is Astlin Crinion red but Lioi flick Chin in Tho in liar or tin brightness shed by Tho Sec t lip Saiid Lelh Allied Flik Honse was the audience wifi Large Ovir it Only miicli1 Gratis Trevi with file hew comely with which Amiger Abbey Mcwood. forms interesting against admirable Charn term tons Relie veil and which or rec s to afford him reason Abl Oppler Tunitis of. Few Ting out Bis filiph Toire. This with keeping this in a continuous Rar of Laughr a acid. From and and Well Worth j la flt ill i. They ii Jive i Ihli color la ii famous Clu Fracter of Tom. Dilloway in . Rowh knew american comedy in Ppd Ted by ills own comp any of in Tortor. Or lists As it Flor Metal at Aliher n i Cru new York. Four to a. of crowded Tod i Atno Snastin in Al Nicra. He calved Sim 5cre pm 1 of Aulner Ami 50 Aud 73 let b order your feed Telephone 05 East Columbia kit out. in Block. All Bonlon Dro Hipply Utton decl to. Tlok Koht Washk House. Pottlow Nicit Lei vorhof Tho Stoi la Alo Lof Crami Alo. He oct him Knoll Hal Alo f

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