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Fort Wayne Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - April 2, 1874, Fort Wayne, IndianaJ dry no. 1 Columbia St vol. Xiv it Ostrov of the hour. Fort Wayne thursday april 2 1874 to. just received Large invoice i g pits trial 1 it Sotor to Sahel we an lure something is going to Hap Peu As i notice our dailies Are agreed far once As they should Ever be when any thing is up for the general Good. That in a it should be. We Are pleased to see hem join hands and make common cause Rhen a matter of Auch fast importance to jut Progress a being canvassed As the project of organizing a Industrial expo Litiola in our midst is on the slate for our decision on Friday evening the 3d lost fellow Titi Lens this is no untied prefect we have the capital Talent and Energy in oar Midat we have the territory and the Railroad facilities we have everything in Aii Industrial Point of View to make ouch an institution a of Mcclas. And now that we have placed our haxd3 to tee flow. Let us not turn Back but manfully face the front and Victory is ours. Kemem Bei we Are not infringing of the rights o others. We have a Good paying territory All around is which the City should Endeavor 10 Foster and attract to Warta her by this method of she Render More than an equivalent in return to Al those who visit her As there has been no Means devised by which a person Nan see so much that is really beneficial for go Small an outlay As an attendance on a Wel organized exposition. It May be objected that our City is too Small for such an institution a Cincinnati Louisville Chicago and Indianapolis Are Large towns. We Grant our City a Small compared with them but not so Small a to be lost sight of. We have a goodly population now run an exposition five of the late Arctic expedition asking for pension. Refined. In presenting the petition or. Sherman said he knew of no Case which appealed to the sympathy of Cong Rem As much As this. Captain Hall died in the service of its country leaving his wife and children the petition is endorsed by prof. Henry Gen. Sherman and other prominent per As. Ill apis. time Chicago april Baptist Eccles. Wit ical Council which Baa been engaged for some two months past in the trial of Rev. Florence Mccarthy of Union Park Church on Tian and by Zloba Tif in shall very Low prices get Laid examine them. Geo. Dewald co. No. 1 Columbia Street fort Wayne ind. Years and thousand forty Thoi and o predict that instead of thirty As now we shall have and ran in it ten years will have sixty thousand _ charge of unc Bria conduct preferred by the deacons of his Church Coli clouded its labors at Midnight last night the majority of the Council agreeing upon a report withdrawing from the accused the hand of mini Izerial Fellowship but not advising the Church to expel him from its membership. The respectable minority of the Connel disagreed with this conclusion and will probably make their views of the Case Public. New York. Cd Ming of the Ekit Moffei. New Kiriti april Stock and Gold exchanges will be closed to Morrow. Suspended. Johnh. Elliott Cotton merchant has suspended. Pennsylvania. So trouble apprehended. Suft Uehana april trains passenger and freight Are now moving regularly and to further trouble is anticipated. Work has been resumed in the chops. Heavy Frost. From the if at this late Day the sea be command a to give up its treasure As Well As its dead what wealth of Coin and Plata sunk into Ita Slimy Depths through Al the Ages of naval warfare and Shipwreck would stand revealed 1 the wealth of Ormus and of ind ingot from Peru dollars from Mexico nuggets from California All. The various Treasury of Gold Aud precious stones now rusting in the shattered hulks of shipwrecked vessels that from proudly sailing upon the surface of the sea went shivering Down into the us fathomed car Ems would raise a Mammoth Monument celebrating at the same time Mart s rapidity and Hia helplessness. But there Are peo ple in this world who do not care to await Auch divine summons to the sea pre Ferring to search its recesses for some o Iba Golden store which they know a lying with. Those that Are poor and wicked Cai make the meshes drunk for a Peony. I to the lord some remedy Zoum be l of this evil 1" bits Hess Gauss. E. At Onick Toline Block Berry Street so Rieman real estate and collection ag0nl Thyl bestow refer Cancea . Island collect lab office Erry Street at clone Block. Feb mtg t Al a e. Bittinger has Ferneti partnership with butt laser. In the of Eliw off Casl business attorney. Etc., Etc promptly at population. These Are allow we desire to state facts As nearly As Poasi Bleul this cannot be done without adding to the wealth of the whole it cannot be done without adding to Tho Pride of All who dwell within her limits. By enhancing the value of property within we also add to of the surroundings and As the City increases in size so does she stamp an extended value farther and farther and cause the country around her to pros per in the same proportion. Remember we shall be fifth in the list of Western towns. Cincinnati will hold her fifth exposition this coming fall Louisville her third Indianapolis and Chicago each their second to we Are not so far behind or late in tha Day. Fellow citizens we Oak do it if we will it. There Are two plans to go upon either of which will be successful ii carried out. One is to form a joint Stock association and Issue Stock to a certain extent the other a to guarantee a cer Tain amount to be paid a required or of which a loan could be effected and the loan paid out of the receipts for admission. In the event of a joint Stock association the surplus receipts would be it dividend. Where this method has been pursued been very Are Safe in saying Twenty per cent every year. This is less than can be shown to be the truth. The More attractive such an institution is made the better it will pay for in that Case every visitor will give a Good report on his return Home end thereby be the Means of his neighbors going. It would be Safe to Start on a building erected to Cost ready for residue for decoration of grounds a. A Liberal system of Adver Tising should be pursued and the fixed and steady aim of the institution should do to procure the Best of everything for exhibition. On Aitkens have diffidence about put song their abilities in a commercial View. We never see statistics published of what we have done As a whole As we see other cities do. They keep them before the world other to there in unproductive id in Ness. An american association under tha manage ment of col. Gowen is now Seu Diug its divers Down under the dark Waves of the Spanish Harbor of Vigo to grasp at the Sands More than pact lean that lie at the 1702 Spain sent to her Golden Memphis april Frost last night and some ice. It is feared the fruit crop is damaged. Weather Erport. Washington. April probabilities for the lower Lake Region ire Light rain or Snow during the Day and evening winds varying to northwesterly to night with Clearing weather and falling tempera Ture. For the upper Lake Region Minne Sota Iowa and Missouri northwesterly winds Low and falling temperature and Clearing weather. The lower Ohio and Cumberland Rivers will Rise somewhat. Queer this6s. See ret Bow they at Triona by Valona pie. Most people Saya the Cornitt Magazine have tried their hand atthe so called secret writing which is effected by various vege table juices and brought to Light by fire or the use of Sal ammoniac and Ida Bottom. Ii storehouse the South american Cauti nent Twenty three galleons which were to Bear to her depleted Treasury the riches of the new world. As the High seas were run with dutch and English privateers who were the very devils at scenting out a Rich Argosy and transferring it to their own free Bottoms Spain sent her Fleet of War vessels with the galleons and induced France then her ally to furnish a Convoy of Twenty three men of War. Out of Southern ports sailed this princely Fleet Laden with fifty millions Worth of Gold. Avoiding Tho saucy pirates the magnificent naval array and its precious Convoy made Vigo in safety. The Gold Laden ships were brought into the lower Bay but though the narrow approach to this Haven was lined with fora Tho an Glo dutch Fleet which had nosed Tho Rich feast a vulture scents Carrion pushed through the Channel and pounced upon the galleons. Finding the de spoiler upon i such Energy and Success that but ships fell into the hands of the allies. Of the fifty millions seven were successfully landed six were captured the balance thirty eight millions sinking in the sea there to remain through nil these changing years. In 1825, an englishman having received permission from Tho Spanish got eminent made a futile attempt to wrest some of these millions from the grasp of old Ocean. Again in 1859 another Eug in locating two of the galleons compelled for want of capital to abandon Alt attempts to raise them. Then colonel Owen fresh from Hia labors in raising the Rue longtime has elapsed and the remedy As not yet been found cock eyed and of Arrott a thru. I Chicago later Octal. One of the most ridiculous Ever enacted in Congress was that which took place Between Garrelt Davia and Butler in the Senate one Day during the forty second Congress. The senator and rep re putative bad been thundering at each other for some weeks in a manner a trifle More serious than the customary pick Wick Ian style Ana one Day while Davis was miking a speech in which there was no allusion to Butler the latter gentleman happened into the Senate and after walk ing about a few minutes sat Down close by or. Davis desk. You All know How but Ler in Hia gait and de All Over. Davis was a Little wiry Adgey Man. Well Butler sat Down threw his head Back and cocked one Eye on Garrett Davis and the other on the opposite aide of Tho room. Some of the senators on the front Row thought he was looking at them and nodded recognition but Davis thought to was looking at him and grew restless. The speech went on speeches always and Butler sat there without both ways at once and Davis grew nervous. He could t look up without meeting this evil at Lasi he grew furious. He in Tho Middle of his speech. I Leman mean to insult me i his time the rest of the sen ils Iona of laughter. Hats a t8 hats no. 62. Hats i a Jib. Small Fly e Soontas. runt a dwell lag Fco tue of about Flie Man. Hum pos8ale. Acres of i a tillable Limber Bull in pea Ltd township my i stiff soft and soft stiff hats. Spring styles Spring styles Caps. Gents furnishing goods. Singer my Pike. Look for Panther in the window. Calhoun Street. 10 Echt. For a Sci tillable tout Najj Vrell Ruff cubed 1j2 weal Caln it tet. Jams to finest i in the Market at Tery ret Jaikle it gum c. L Hill s a tule mor Meta Grants. D he Gentl by t Daniel Ryan attorney at Law and Juit Scoof the Tention Kitten to collections and All business in trolled to his care. Deeds mortgages and other Knesset like a Hanter Reefie prompt at ten ton. Office on court Street oter co Lorick t Bell s Law office. Bittinger attorney. To lift and Justice of the c. ?0rt Wajc of pro Scharf and Booi wll Ste. We. Casson has Law and collection office in no. 2 fijo Enta Block Street fort Wayne and will in Lesa in juice of onions of solution of galls Aud of Copperas is Well known. From the t me of Ovid who advises a Young lady in tils Art of love As if Forsooth Young ladies required instruction at least on that subject to deceive All prying eyes by a letter written with raw milk till the pres ent Day recipes have been prescribed of various values to this end. One of the most curious is that which recommends a Ink to be used made under certain conditions with the ichor of glow Worms. The writing says the author May be Well read in Light of Moon or Star. Thijs a ure recipe. It was by the use of such Trange terms As me Milua Cala rap Hoca , and others which tithe Mia used when treating on this Branch of his subject that he introduced his Book to the flames and yet the said uncouth terms were but distortions of the latin expressions for Alum milk camphor and onions. A certain surgeon wishing to disclose a matter of great importance to a brother of his Craft sent him a live bulldog to be the spaniards set o work burning and Cut their ships. They pursued Ork of necessary destruction with Al topped r Moestl he Cru. Half if them could have Aworo Sutler was liking at them. There was Davia in a towering Pasa iou. And Butler perfectly impassive apparently rather perplexed to now what All this commo Tion was about. Finally it threatened to become serious and then Wilson of Massachusetts went Over and eat Down Between Davis and Butler and began talking to the latter and finally got Hin Butler always protested idea giving offence. I _ full non to oif Inin Arooji. St. Nicholas furniture at auction dining room Nob. 89. 91 and 93 Calhoun Street. Coho ending on tuesday March 31st, 1874 the entire Stock of a. J. Emerick to he sold without Reserve at 51 East main Street. Stapleford Dawson auctioneers. Ginn Al a Bain afterwards. Len t in driving e rival besdeb8. Of Sebastopol entered Pon the scene. He formed an English company to undertake the deep sea mining for certain treasure but while he was get Ting ready Tho Spanish government transferred his Concession to a French com unt of the prussian War headway and Gowen h Pany. On a lies made now purchased their Good will and t feared it to an american association. The members Are now anxiously waiting a dive and a dividend. Lied to rots loj. Sketch of a French bad Leal. M. Ledru Rollin was Orrin makes him about sixty nine be of age r. h. Bloomhuff attorney at a few notary Public and Keal estate agent office Over Eckert a meat shop. Calhoun St Tilte court House. Will attend to collections amb real aug of houses. Paying Tares a. Architect. Rie orge Toenail to 160 West main Street fort Wayne. Ind. _ Hail Eadington House port . First class Trety in Coo Neeton hotel. Free Bua a Neist physician. Or. Daniel Kieb. Will prac tace Mcdole Lacaua Hii Rhory in Huntertown surrounding country. Arc . Arc we waiting for is to kindly do it for us if we wait any longer but set our selves manfully to the task of helping on selves. Let us Low our own horse. Let us gather on Good things together in to re appropriate edifice first telling the world we Are going to do it. 2d. Continue telling it and then when we Are ready invite them All to come Aud see and we Ohall live and Prosper As a City incr aaa wonderfully in magnitude and All through the combined efforts of on own people calling in first visitors and ther Enato Meru by their Liberal policy. Of course All that is suggested cannot be accomplished without. Much labor however we do not look upon it As any thing More than an Ordinary undertaking if placed in the right hands to manage. Let a look Well to our selections of per sons who Are workers to carry out our views. Remember that Friday evening is the time set for All to assemble at the court House and put the institution of fun non trial exposition fairly before the world. L. Congressional. April 2. 8cnate. The Senate Bill to Amend the to re Edbur the House with waa on Rao Ted to whom he bad previously administered a Bolus containing the letter he wished kept secret. So his Friend wan guided by that dumb dead dissected beast in the Wise men were guided by a Star. Another applied a Sis. To a sore leg n Stead of or under the Bandage. The sewing of the letter in a shoe is recommended by rolling thin leaves of Metal containing the secret into earrings at present. He is in personal appearance a perfect Bourbon. The legitimate a Send Antof Louis Xvi did not resemble him half As much As m. Ledru who is the grandson of the famous Nicholas Philllps Ludru who was a great favorite at the court of Louis Xiv under the familiar a discovery of a special to the Chicago enter Ocean dated Elgin ills., March 30, says that the Lea san Village of Algonquin Mchenry Oughty twelve Miles from Elgin on the Chicago and Northwestern railway Ian an excitement of its own almost too great for 1 Ita limited dimensions. Some Nen while excavating a Large Spring on saturday afternoon preparatory to its use n a cheese factory found the skeletons of Ive men and a boy probably about 6 years of age. Seemingly the bodies had been Truat into the Spring and worked under the soft soil which encompassed it and Hui d lain there for Many years. Cattle in trampling around for crushed ind broken very Many of the Bones but enough were secured to indicate the size and number of the bodies. The people p there Are alive with excitement and All Aorta of conjectures Are afloat. Thirty years ago a band of count ers made that Section a rendezvous and it is a legend that a portion of the gang betrayed their Fellows and disposed it buried and some Biuk that these Skele tons thus discovered represent the tragic scenes of those Days. Others think that in some of the numerous rows that took p Between railway labourers More were Iri de than snal and this place was chosen As b receptacle for the victims. Invest Gat Ous Are being prosecuted and soon definite information can be Ith of last forty eight Village communities in the District of Moho new adopted stringent Kern Latina in regard to taverns or drinking saloons. By there enactments it was made an offence to buy or sell liquor on credit or in Exchange for other articles or to loiter in a drink us Saloon. To the District of Pensa am two Hundred villages have resolved that he was a sleight of who amused the name of hand performer court a Fiig the last of the court jesters mentioned n history. The King was pleased with him and Comus amused the Royal a for near half a Century. When he re the King gave Tim a House and a Small Yal family he retired and were murdered supposed were no inns or Drinkin de on any soil ing saloons shall be erect belonging to the peasants. Ibo fab Coal. Smith a in Pic Iron Coke and Coal. In of High Lac Awamia Yough a. U Blacksmith and Cannel Coal Rost Wank inh. Con. Schenck prop r. Open draw file Day Aid malt. Beer ale. Wines liquors and cigars at the Bab. Brothers Beer Saloon Jaloza keepers have been prosecuted Aud sentenced to undergo punishment. J the Anderson Herald nominates col. M. S. Robinson of that place for con torn Ltd Delk i financial and commercial sew tarts Stock Market. By tree Raj a new Yoke april 2. Money loaned at Pei cent Gold la ski. Govt Rmenti Strong Bleada. State Bonds Dull. Stocks cute am bettor. No. In a kinds and entirely new and neat a Jequon of not idly a Flo bail Bury a Lake Superior and All other Ikon for cae wheels Ana foundry Parpo Aen flip pal at . Office Ltd John . May be left a to. H7, Columbia fast Wayne to rank Casso s billiard Parlours no. 67 enat main St. Fort Wayne. Ind. entirely n give to the Public startling disclosure. N reference to Thiis or. Manner s orthodoxy. Chicago Tribune the Daya of or. Sumner in europ piece of ground at t Wontenay Aux roses. This properly was inherited by m. Ledru Rollin and it is there he resides when not another directs the Ritten it author communication to Brown bladder bladder to be afterwards placed in a flask and filled with wine. Letters May also be written on the inside of the Sheath of sword n a Bullet in an egg or rolled tip in a hollow stick which alls to mind the Story of that unfaithful depository who hid the Trust Money in this manner and when called before the judge for breach of Trust by the depositor asking the plaintiff to hold his stick while he kissed the Bible with fervent Devotion sword he had re turned the Money and it was at that very time in tha Ploney an plaintiff s another h h. Bos Stieb notary pub. Lic real Este Anil general Insun co Archt Hallum a Bant fort it Talog did Gei i and Gas a Ittig. Promote the development of sources of the United states return Tion of or. Sargent referred to the com Mittee on mines and mining. The House having also returned Tho Senate Bill in relation to the Louisville of Portland canal with method explained at Large by a Learned dutchman which consisted in Erst writing to letter character and in loading it in a Hazl cent cannot for other reasons than want of apace be More than alluded to Here. Among a Hundred other devices suggested by affect Ion or by fear letters were lid Denin women s Ziair which now we suppose he represented by their Chig but we canno refrain from adding More method which has been proposed Cret transmission of bound. Let a Lis words slowly in n Long hollow Cane hermetically sealed at the farthest end or. The occur in the a moved that the Senate n and ask for a Mclachlan plumbing steam Gas fitting aha dealer in All Kyndi of 143 Calhoun Street. As ass wore ibo and Lead pipes. Ift and Force to tips of All kinds i Sheet Lead Bath tubs. Wash stands rubber . Conference with the committee. Or. Is argot objected to a Bill of such importance buium entrusted to a Confer ence committee. The amendment should be considered by Tho Senate. Or. Thurman presented resolutions of the Cincinnati chamber of Commerce in favor of the government Lalong immedi ate Possession of the canal and urging that Wheeler s amendment to the Bill or. Sherman said Tho nature of the amendment was to obtain the consent of Ibe Kentucky legislature upon the matter where consent Hod already been a that legislature did not meet again a two years if the amendment a adopted the monopoly would be continued two co girl in service at v red a pretty Litu and Obj k no made her a handsome marriage present. At a very Early age Ledru Pollin s re semblance to the bourbons attracted attention but at College he was vulgarly known As Boa Opi Wii which i s resume May be liberally translated by e term applied to Arthur Orton in the tin borne Case. Since he became Rich be has beco became Rich be has become an epicure if not exactly a sybarite and is very fond of the Good things of life seeking Quality rather than Quantity. One of his greatest err own is a forced abstention from Tho use of Coffee owing to palpitations of the heart. Naturally the Possession of wealth lies made i spent finding out places and men of great example. He accepted the approved opinion of time and the judgment of others and never was a Good original critic. I remember that or. Trimbull once complained of Sumner for saying that he knew Vinnie Ream s statue of Lincoln was abominable and yet had never taken the pains to go to see it. Still this was his Way. He accepted the reasonable verdict of authority and his convictions were Gen eral though he was not Good to pick any thing to pieces. The nation has a of Broad systematic minds and a of smart analytic men. We laugh of the didactic Man Days and pretty kid fingered Bulwer in one of his novels sneers at the opinionated Joh habits. He has aristocratic the very his to Manly habit of Soor rounding him self with a number of sleek and Well be i domestics. To him the people have be come the Cavaille. When a Radical one Day wrote to him beginning my dear he cried with disdain master 1 1 do not want tie a own such valets Jihnson forgetting that few of that i i tic s judgments Are not still ominous Leyden jars to the literary Little folks. Out if the propensity to Analyse every thing n nature and society comes the on Neas of the ago and the very purity of he Virgin s Cheek is satisfactorily proved sed of so much nicotine As to complexion and habits of if it forces me to for a number Thia. Then let him auf Denly end into which he b. Ill continue in the tube until it has Tad Seal the itched. The voice red atthe of years he has never pronounced the name of Tho people without a gesture of disdain. Yet at this moment the peo ple have once More become very dear to vent when the Seal end which was first sealed the words will me out distinctly and in order but if the Al at the other end be removed their inverted series will create confusion. This Happy Conception which seems to have been proposed in All Good Faith by its an Thor reminds a or the famous one of bottled sentences and May be compared with Joseph s Grunt to which he gave vent in the execution of his Trade and which preserved it is said other equally valuable a celebrated Church in Madrid. The sneer of Ibe septic. From the Indianapolis people. Was there anything significant i fact that on last sunday night the Bath of the lord r Ere Aronld which while it destroyed h. Vast Amo try should leave unscathed Ames a. Yourell 3 Ryphe most successful bu8i x Ness men of the country if Yon us them tha secret of Success to but composed of to much nicotine As t show the complexion and habits 0 he Man who kissed ber. I never bean Charles Sumner Tell a Loose Imp Story. He is charges that i. Know of. He took the rec 3rd of president Grant s message and Tho list of Hia appointments and put together took character. He con St acted , instead of picking him to pieces. Herein lies the vigor portraiture that it makes instead of t makes. I think that to this synthetic Force is to be ascribed much of or. Summer a achievement. To made men of both the master and the slave. New in rect. Tok april 2. Cotton Dull at it for middling Upland. Flour Bow Jand in moderate inquiry j a of bushels tales of 36.000 brine atrial b3 no 2 h s6 for no 2 Milwaukee. Rye quiet. Corn tales of Tuhela at soa57c for mixed afloat. And heavy mouldings window Sash doors blinds Etc custom work promptly executed. Shop North Side of canal Wocke fort Indiana. W Western the quiet Oate quiet b bushels at Seagoe for mixed bushels propert and re in Crystal among and sacred relics in Ian to this Bill which was of such of or. practical Man or Minir Yenn enter once. To an prepared to do Good work in in plumbing at com and fill no years longer. Or. Thur the objection import Wincq to the Commerce and Mississippi Valley. At Tho suggestion of or. Merrill of ver Mont Tho Bill was Laid Over. Or. Cragin presented a memorial of the survivors of the Polaris expedition setting Forth the privations which they had suffered on the ice during a period of 196 Days and that they Are still suffering physically and Pecunia Rily that they were promised Huu some rewards by capt. Hall when they shipped and that the German government gave the. Members of its expedition each. They ask such re Lief is May be proper in the premises and that Esqui Maux Hannah and Joe by included m any measure for Relief. Referred. Or. Sherman presented a tet Tiou of mrs. Mercy Hall widow of Captain Hall the Sentinel m an Orean. Speaking of Tho necessity of a demo cratic paper in Indianapolis the Cincin Nati enquirer says the sent ind is a very Pood newspaper but it has made a mistake in breaking Loose from party affiliations of All kinds there is no necessity for an intensely in dependent newspaper in Indianapolis the sent ind ought to advocate demo cratic principles. It could do this with out chaining itself to the wheels of Tho party. The Day of abject organism has Pisa de away and Independent journals with fixed principles have stepped into popular favor. The Sentinel ought to Tafur the enquirer Tot a Model. Restaurant that was probably left As Ich exposed to the destroying element As the buildings which were consumed if the argument a advanced that the Vind was not favourable for the Burang of Louis Lang s restaurant the re sly might to made How easily could the Eller of the universe have changed the wind had lie been disposed to have destroyed this Well conducted Saloon. An other thing. What a splendid Opportunity the ladies would have had on last sunday Light to have tested the Efficacy of the prayer gauge. It was the hour of prayer. People were assembling at the various churches just As the fire Bells rang out the alarm. Instead of praying earnestly and with Faith that their prayers would Ina erod that the flames which some of the churches be stayed by Tho All powerful hand of Providence they cowardly forsook their churches and. Depended upon the feeble efforts of Man to extinguish the fire. Ii prayer will convert. Saloon keeper and cause him to quit his Busini e should think it might be powerful enough if prop Erly directed to stay the flames of even an Ordinary fire. The ladies should have tried the Efficacy of prayer by All Means before they deserted the churches and de Pended upon Tho Holly water works and the fire department Ges Ebai Mckott col. Baird and on Hunter the present incumbent Are spoken of for Congress in Tho eighth District. The Dean Crau of Evan Avillo will meet in mass con yen lion on the 26th to nominate City office Rel. Nearly two Hundred years Ngo in n Sermon preached in Boston tie Totev. In crease Mather deplored the introduction and use of rum. It is n common thing that in latter years a kind of Strong drink called my has been common with is which the poorer sort of people in town and country can Mako themselves drunk a Del Between from the pall Mill Gazette an extraordinary Case waa brought be fore the Lindsey Lincolnshire Magis trates on Macli is. Two Gerald Maurice Brown and George Henry sea grave pupils at a boarding school in Lin join quarrelled about a trivial matter ind Brown by Way of settling the difficulty Hent engrave a formal Challenge to fight a Duel. Seagrave duly accepted it and about 2 o clock at which time the Boya Are allowed to go ont for a walk the due lists and their seconds started for secluded spot. Here Brown s dec and a boy named Dawson loaded the pistol. For Brown and a youth named Green did a like office for sea grave. Both pistols were loaded with powder and Ball. Dawson measured the placed a Peg in the ground for the antagonists to stand against. Dawson then counted Tiree and drop Ped a handkerchief. He counted slowly and the boys took direct aim at each other firing the instant the handkerchief fell. Seagrave immediately cried out i m and then Lay Down. It was found that his pistol had burst. The Sec ends searched for the wound and found it to be in the leg. They bound up the wound and with the Aid of Brown assisted Tho Hoy borne. The pistols used on the occasion were bought on their route at a toy shop sixpence each being the Price Given. One of Iho witnesses All of whom were scholars described the combatants As. Being on apparently Friendly terms while going to the place of the fight and said that no ill temper was displayed when on the ground. The magistrates remanded the prisoner Brown and the two seconds until saturday pending the doctor s report of the state of uses a for White. Pork firm at 816 75 for new Mesa. Cd meats firm. Beef Quat lard firm at said 3-16 for atom and Loc for Kettle. Whisky at 98c. Sugar steady Petroleum crude at Mcand Leoneda Mic. _ to Udo Marke by Telegraph flour Dalu wheat Dull and be Ower j o White ally Blynn to is Amber Michigan on the co Law 81 49 seller june 81 53 no 1 r of april 1. -5 Teller new advertisemeht8. To contractors. Meeting the 14th Day of april 1874, treet from Thoutle Olula Street to a Pontic Street to Grade and gravel callous Street from cd lab Enue to a Point opposite lot 9, Rura Ett i 011 n action 11, town 30, Range 12, Cas ton Ett i 011 the boo Street. Water Street from Harrison Street to Street Plum Street from Street North to the by River Bridge North Cass Street of tooth North set the Smarr. River where it inter. Meta said to Firat beet and f Street from Tow at set to the track of Trio Wayne Jackson and Saginaw Railroad. To Grade and grave Watne Street from Bur Adan George Street from fart Tell iradian Dalank the ride wok. On the Nort of t from Falette in some parti of Russia Strong tem Perance ni07et06nti.i now on foot. In of slim from Belenon ire it to on Oili Side of icon a Shonn to will Recei Tod the of Flea Leinor where plans and spec Lei can Mibu and information concerning the work out tinted. The contractor will Law require lies e15ter parlob8 fall inuit opposite Fartini supplied Voth Josten confection and cake on abort notice. Parties served at Carlors or where North Oydems a. Not Der adverb Tising. Be be Seth Frisina. Be Boohoo goal let the Public know it showy windows and Street attract Asser by but to in Amber of cd Stoimen Randelf Asli front Ijean a Small proportion to the stun Ched by a prominent Adye Hite her if to can be re newspaper that into the hands la Salneu men loot for the built of beet my Duma the m Otnel machinery Etc. To Wayne machine works j. Manuras Tyror of steam engines fined or tubular All Sai and grist m Maciej Ini Mill furnishing goods. Solti Junta for 3ufood e celebrated steam governors and Etil Weil Fleice-1 Patent Heater and Lime Ert Rajtora car wheels Railroad and car castings. C Coin in nit. Ornt i ac., mad. To order engines general machinery promptly repaired. Ill Ali lured in the evening with the news of theodar Al Home and abroad Fresn from the press it la sought Tor by the Labouring Man atthe Only time la Bodar when Tho majority of the people find to read. Tha Piiper Tomalue of an jourx4l that is sought for looked at is ton Job riots to req Olra bakery. Boa boat bakery go to a. s by Midway bakery no 142 Broadway fort Wayne. For f1mk French and american candies. Comp tool Mill Reghu no p our Mills. Special nya on Hana 1o turn d anger intend a null ton ii called to Wood working machinery. in part of Wlsh i Tro prayed Spote Azle Zandlo Lathi fellow Ftp Sute Cut text cd dlr saws at augrr71-dly o w. Wilkinson attorney at Law office no. 84 Bast Berry Start. With judge special Glen to collecting. A to him will recede c3a.ls.es. Wengreen Gaeds first lass confectioner tit e. Stevens. In Clehon to Thomai of carriages Spring wagons buggies platform and three apr inc exp Rcw 11 and 13 Clay St. East end of a Fain foot Watne 1sd. T d a la Black of c 0., 555 and 557 Broadway new Yolk their immense Stock Grove Wake diamonds jew lbt Tod and hoops during the summer All goods vill lie sold without be. 8eevk, at or Kat Rio action too Tose

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