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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1870, Page 4

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - October 22, 1870, Fort Wayne, IndianaThe fort Wayne daily Gazette. Daily Odette. Foet a Aye saturday october Cox Oral ii tory. Within the last oar or years lie growth of fort n spite of what the census takers say tas been remarkable. It has been asserted that it has net been very Bat one can hardly Are doing look at of our pave meals a Berry-si., car new build Ings our everywhere without recognising the fact tba1 thera Lias Heen great growth the City. And yet it has not advanced so rapidly in the fro years As it will the next Taro. Us a Torii a of Sosa. The grand Indiana Road is a Roady fall of business and there is baldly a prominent Mer chant in the City who does no derive More or less custom from it. The same my be said of the Muncie and the is maw roads. Our jobbers Are Hen fitted probably More than any other class. Fort Wayne is rapidly be coming a distributing print for a very Large Section of country. The wholesale Trade which some years Back waa almost wholly confined to the Large cities is now dividing itself More among the smaller places. Freights from York to fort Wayne Are As Chemi As where the distance being the same goods i and the jobbing business of this oily is sure to come up. It seems that our City a ill become an important distributing Point for lumber. It will divert a Large share of Toledo s present Trade. Loo dug at the situation Oue could hardly come to any other conclusion. If we can introduce Means of the grand rapids the use of Gyp sum a this Section of the country an other great advantage will accrue to our Farmers. Allen county farming is not much to brag of now a Days. We want fertilizers and not we can get Piaster at expense. Taking ail things into cot Isid cration our future is certainly promising especially As the people s ticket has been in a great measure victorious at which assertion Ive beg the old liners not to get Why then can not equally advantageously. Cried lord lord we la pfc thee we Are not As other Mea extortion ers however Issue of the paper an ample apology tras made to the elect that tie editor was mixed we so posse Kat meant he had been Tak ing mixed drinks and that if he could Only be forgiven for this offence face would never attempt to quote scripture the apology and conditions were accepted. The census Bureau Here hating now a its employ upwards of three Hundred clerks is divided into seven divisions Viz division of mortality agriculture and miscellaneous statistics manufacture results correspondence and three population divisions. The Bureau is now thoroughly organized and in fall Force every clerk is assigned to duty and made to feel the importance of attending to it especially in this Case Sinca its Superio. Pendent in a printed circular sent to the clerks assures them that after a few months the Force will have to be ally reduced and discharges Mill Invar i ably be made from those clerks whose i work indicates the least efficiency. Smok ing or use of intoxicating liquors daring j office hours is strictly prohibited in this office. A very foolish Mode of defrauding the Jovern meet has been practice by Assis Tant Marsha Cole of pit Sylvania county Virginia in taking the census. Or. Cole duplicated and in Cue or two in stances Triplicate whole lists of names in the enumeration of the people there by increasing the population of his sub division and consequently his compensation. The fraud was immediately Dis covered by the census Bureau on the arrival of the report. By order of the in error department a warrant has been for Cole s arrest i am assured by general Walker thai his is the first Case of fraud of any kind in the Bureau yet discovered and that generally the reports thus far received rom the marshals indicate that the enumerators Are efficient and take great care of prepare Correct reports. Since Tho death of general Robert e. Iee the question Lias been asked As to whether the Arlington estate which was supposed to belong formerly to general Jee and which Many has supposed the government has occupied by virtue of one station would riot now revert to the general s heirs. It is no ascertained property was never owned by 3enerall.ee. And that the Only right the government now has to the property is a simple tenure of a tax title the to dry goods. Root 3sew 2.sto coat Best Sis Cord j. Is is a ctr the Al St thread put of for the american is ret whip is six Cord in Ali Froia to. S to no. 100 icel Unitive. Tuhn asking goods ims Mori in of i All and Winter Cress goods in a great variety of styles at from miss to is Yard. Satin ithe Lehigh University i South Bethlehem. An Industrial Pele Teelie institution j Fot jaded by Box. Asa 1 Ikek. I the course is of four years in the ii ail 1 second two in one of the Ioli Agics inc meal schools 3. Of izeral civil Kynsi Nesrina mining and the is rems Kable for it pure sir such water health and Beauty of scenery. His but j s 4 hours by rail from new York and Iron j Philadelphia. The Fine Bui Liling act arrangements for instruction conic end Toj parents and apply students admitted at any to Cash suyellsos1 clothing seats Asli furnishing goods co. Opes to Day i Paisley i shawls b. W. Rambo watchmaker and optician i sews music age5i3. Corner o Cash Oak Aad Berry 7-22 e. Snider 500 Sun Mats facets Merino. E Lyons Irish to heal French Merilos in Choice Bright Scotet a fancy and Soltz to lord also z Fie ent assortment of Kich Buck Silis Coin Jaen Cias at a per our 52, and s2.50 Silks till Leibald am a Iun or thy the attention of close immense i 33 xxx Flint Glass of lar1p Chi Vineys it Antl of Lviv better to Tonii a so j or take no other Sec i lift our inuit of Dithridge Pittsburg Fly a. For list. Receipt of ten conts. The v furnish information Worth five Dollar. A l b 1 i Providence it l tile democratic majority in this state taking col. Vote As an indeed is making a loss to. The kept Blinn party since Grant s vote of Here is tie who is responsible for it nest time we can turn the Tak ing the stale ticket of 1sg8, the Goures Are not so much against As. The Denver roughs Tom Var rocks at u Man with i clean shirt this reminds us forcibly of the Courtesy with which Chicago welcomes her guests. 1 Ide of the Iceni origas. If any one wants to see How sore Heads look we advise them to take a promenade on court Street yesterday the Nir was filled with their Jeremiah tras nowhere. In accumulated during the rebellion t was sold for taxes and Llie government _ t u in. It is anticipated that renewed efforts will new be made to set Side the tax title so the de the Case being Uncle Sam with plenty of Money. And More credit a ill Endeavor to show to the country that the prevailing ideas that tas titles Are of no account is incorrect. Since the estate has been converted into a National cemetery where rest shops and of the known and unknown Union and con federate dead it 13 hardly probable to think that the government will readily give it up. The general land has. Just received rett trus of the Survey of the exterior lines 11, 12, 13 and 15 s. A 55 and of also of the 6 and 7 guide meridians West Between the 2d and 3rd correction lines South and Range 01 West of the Goth bin me., in Colorado if hese surveys Are included a what was formerly the Benne and Arapahoe Indian reservation. The land surveyed in the above named tracts is mostly . The surface is rolling Aud covered with Rich luxuriant grass which furnishes Good Hay and grazing if the lands were irrigated it would All be first rate. There is plenty of water for Stock and it is a Fine Stock raising country. Also receipt of re turns from the following District land offices showing a disposal during the 90 times a duinistrator3 o. Tice is hereby Siren that the undersigned his been appointed and minis Tor Oft a estate of Jaicob Lope or late of Allen county in the state of Indiana deceased the estate is supposed to resolvent Cyrus Nollol Etee administrator 20-w3iv Otray is on my o Milfs ii Ito a arc a stray Cream coloured with Black main Ana Tail about three years old has been there about 3 months which the owner can have by proving property Ami paying esp Ness. Fluw2tc j. Savage was mailed 1 a tar. A. J. 1 l n. Y. Of 48 Calhcust-St., Chisa 500 hats Ioc. And Square open and filled centres so to each. Root company. To Wayne. Indiana. W. Loag so. Ids cos Ambia a get up by. Beyale. Lion co. 5-9 by Wool 500 ladies and children s hats 37c, Woodward i Royal Havana lottery. Paizos cashed and information by George Uritam. Prov Ienco. Ii. I. 50 cents to so per evening at Hose we ate Pron need to fur Nijoli j Rog tame pm. Ploy eat to Luck ail women it their Homes. Ono person in locality the United states can encase in this musings i great mses. Send. Fees full particulars i and a valuable simple. In huh will do to com Mence Woric on. Any Iii son seeing this no Tice who Avants Jibrib triole. work should Send us their address without Deby. . Alilin co. Ujj Tatsui us Iii. Kfcei-5 in haul i Large s Uil Clotus. Doh Swiss. Cassi Marks att to a merchant Taii Otic is Bush meet. My. Of will in Clad to Ota Friend y cd a who Wains a new suit Osolky "vtotige1shereby Given that j. I the unders snid has been appointed administrator of the estate of Samuel Lillie of Allen county deceased the estate is sup posed to be solvent. I wow a m. Enisdel admin is Tram t a unit Derst ezied having formed a Law partner ship will Reivo Premjit attention to All Leal i Sinesh including collections and settlements of estates Ichieh May be entrusted to them. . The dose. B. S. Robbel sos. Fort Wayne led. Sept. 1.1s70. 05daw3m a mini Stridor s of notice is hereby Given that the under signed has been appointed administrator of the estate of a Micaael Lanley late of Allen county in the state of Indiana deceased. The estate is supposed to to solvent. 10-g t i n uanle5t. Administrator. wish Zoros d. A. Oct. Las now become a settled fact that Secretary cos from the Interior depart ment As soon As be can make proper arrangements for it and that to As a mat Ter of course must necessarily have a successor appointed. Who Elliis Saccs Sor May be a a difficult problem for the most knowing ones at Washington to surmise. Commissioner Delano it stands a fair show for the position since to Alwill who is is own to be one of ers favors him. I a Are now every Strong secret Workings for the reason of his intimacy with the disapprobation of general Dent for or. B s course in the miss election last is still fresh in the minds of the president s household which May be the Means of the retention of or. Delarion the internal Revenue department. Col. John perhaps at ibis writing May be considered second to Delano on the list Lor the office. The representatives Here of the Republican press of the country Faroe the appointment of Forney. It is very justly claimed Here that tie of air. Forney daring the past twelve years in the interest of the Republican party merits him Sluch a re party. The1 following letter to the editor of the National. Re of tvs City from or. A degree indicates his Prospect for the position Lam very much Ion cod by your editorial article in the Republican of this morning in which you Are so kind As to present me Lor the position of Secretary of the Interior. Its chief value is the kindly recognition of brotherly editorial feeling. That is far More precious than any official distinction. I am very proud of i want to see it Eleva Ted above All others and i know it can never to until those who Havo earned the right to Lead others assume also the right to tech themselves fair dealing and chivalric support. I fear the Day is not when any president will courageously an Active journalist into Hii. Cabinet and i am very free to soy 1 would m Independent Edito than a dependent minister. But rest As shred it will come if we Are half As Good and True to each other As the Mobers 0 other the arrival in this City yesterday of senator Cameron who is reputed to Havi been instrumental in the resignation o Secretary Cox is considered by the friends of or. Forney As a fire Brand in their patiently the conflagration the Georgia state fair has been gratuitously advertised by the press through out the country. The state officials through their representatives Here at Washington it would Sacra have aimed to keep constantly before the Public the holding of Georgia state fair this fall and giving prominence to it by assuring the Public that the president and several members of his Cabinet would certainly attend it. It has now turned out that the president and no member of the Cabi net has any idea of spending a week or two in going to Georgia simply for the Benefit of a few hungry official aspirants. Biblical knowledge of the press in Washington is rather Rusty. Thore publican of this City having received a number of letters commenting upon its conduct ils editor remarked that those people reminded him of dives and Laza rus. Thoy stood upon the Corners and t month of acres of the Public St. Cloud Minnesota Marysville California and Alex abdriaj.mus., Kemp. Poe ear the Kost extant to Hitt t1s70, Sisoe the of 3pjbiek.y the pain killer is Chi itally applicable and Eleca Cious to Young or old. The pain killer is both an internal and external remedy. The pain killer and ague when Ether reme Dies Hare tee pain killer Stoulil to used. At. Us first manifestations of cold or cough. The paint killer .1? the great family sled icing of the Aeo the pain killer will euro Painter s Colic. Tee pain killer is Good for scalds and the pain kille3 has the verdict of Tho people it its favor the pain killer Givas Universal satisfaction. The pain Killop is an almost certain euro for cholera and has. Without doubt been Inore successful in curing this terrible disease than any other known remedy or even the most eminent and skillful India if Rioa and China where this dreadful evermore or less prevalent the pain killer is considered by the natives As Well residents in those climates a sure ii Egiedy the pain each bottle is wrapped with full directions Foi use. The pain killer is sold 07 All dras Siste and Juc Alern in family medicines. For Sale by Meyer Bros. Co., port Wavric Giso 0. Hill 00. . Makl1tall, j. B. W Ordes mor Ironville. To Totice of appointment of la is hereby Giresi that the undersigned Bas Becu appointed administrator of the estate of Isaac Beai Tard deceased. The estate is probably solvent Andrew Fatt Aier. Administrator. Hoke Tsok atty j. Fort Wayne oct. 5. 10-11 w3w can to mat Loon that Iuit. , and i not interfere with other business Ald Rosa ton identically jaiuese.3ioisi-.-l-2 Broil any. . I a Laic in the warranted genuine. Sent us per Jack. To dress w Alk air h co., p. 0. York. A of Early in discretion causing nervous do Bizily pre Maturi Lescay jec., Bavins tried in vain Ivory Gudvor Tistl ram cd. Basa simple Means of both Curc. Which Lio Ivill Send free to his fellow sufferers. Address j. H. Futile. 7s Nassau Street. Nov York. To Kur and steady pm to conts. Kielc or Fernalo. For wit i Stiim. B. Dallas Aba. Tol do Ohio. A Large of Flaus fancy entirely new styles. 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Pot a sane. Fod j to. H. , if. O. L. G.tha.cek2 a. D j to atm. H. Tracker bro., physicians and surgeons. Othee Corner Calli oud Kerry Sta. Opi Osite Aveline House. Residences Driy. Ii. Tracker. 1ss West Washinton Street or. A g Thacker m East Ashington Street 3-12 Din t. L. Mckee. D. Fim Yser i co., of alkyl in j 30l. Eash. O base Tui Stool a la flew pelts butter Eufis. Faqs. Seeds. _ fort Wayne. Ind roots and shoes. Id oot shoe store Eorge Meitek manufacturer and dealer in Choice brands of cigars. He May Fca found at Bis Post at All Eric be ready to wait upon his customers and others would do Well to and Aee his sick of i stars Baford purchasing Disalv Liora. ave lice Lenok. Kort Tuff Al is Duwor 3. 0. Saks. P. Jun. Prei t. To. Merchants National bunk Helmsd Oafey Speigel. Havi removed to their 1 no 15 Ca Lhotan St act jail dealer in men s. Bov s and boots and shoes d a assortment of lilies and Mia into. Directors. 8.cary Evans d. P. Wi1bdou. 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To All who desire it he will Send a copy of the pro a option Osea free of charge with the Dirac Lons Lor preparing and using the same which hey will find a acres unimproved lands 200 is-lot3 in the City of fort Wayne. 100 Dot lots in the City of fort Wayne. 23 in lots in the City of Chicago. 20 improved farms. All offered and Sci ice at Droit Bir Sains Long time Given Ami rate of interest ii cd have six is Ore rooms to icon they buy proprietor and manager. Fort Tjit to to Updegraff. U open to Day the Lareese kerchief of Ever brought to this Market at prices far below Fin thing we have Ever uttered. Pc it invoice of hand shoes and gaiters kept constantly on band. To ask a libera share of Patron go and to feel confident to can Pleasa All who favor us with a Call we us Lowas any other House in Tho cite 2-21dlt he11msdoper Speitel. Orders Etc., y Are Prycl Pretl to g Boot and compact Havo now a Stock full lines of White and red flannels at 18, 20 and 25c i per Yard and upward. 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Scarlet medicated flannel Ifor rheumatism Gprnet a l ask Corset flannels Eine whits All Wool flannels. A Large As of fancy plaid flannels factory shirting Flauell All colors in opera the specialities. Pannier cloth hoop skirt 100 gent s Fine Linen handkerchiefs All Linen hem med 25c. Front life association of Vino Uii iou Pirc Isis ranch co. Fireman s fund fire inn Rani Andes fire Call upon them and Meaux a . Off Loo Otic. Floor North s Osi office lied flannels. Also a full
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