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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1870, Page 3

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - October 22, 1870, Fort Wayne, IndianaT he e 0 r t w a y Dai l y g a e 1 t fee fort Fwayne my Gazette. 13 published at 54 Street. Opposite the court House. It special notices. Ats9.03 per Jar i per ear. Fort ways. Is Uxa. U Aono Iatha neatest am beat sible. And actin lowest rates or . To Isuf subscribers. Per year. 9-oo. To cant by. 4.50. Be kit. Nimlo copy. 82.00 i Tea copies 17.00 i Twenty s3.00 brokers business men and last but not least in this Case of the Little army of Stock boys messengers and Boot Blacks i who throng the streets then business in j the Board is Dull. Sore said the or no j looking party was a woman but Many it for thought not when finally All doubts were .rayelsn.es. A dim 110wak1 As set at rest by one better posted than the soc Alion. Box p. Mulaikel Liia Geo Cephies and provisions hti3burg. It. Wayne 4 Chicago . Oij Iso West. Traix3. Ooisy Elst. Jiw off. ,4tt. La. a Fol Day sex. am night sex. r 40 am Pacific sex 11.10 . Pm mail to of the Pittsburgh Railroad the fait line 1 Raina pass through daily. Tea night express. Go hit East. Passes trough Evart . Except on sunday and monday. The Day and mail Ombodi pass through daily except port Wayne. Muscie Cis. R. E. Cincinnati sex mall in h.40 am a 4.00 p m Minilia Mayolis Mali. In 11.40 a in a 10 20 this train returning leaves Indianapolis at 1.20 Muncie leaves at p m mathied. Essays or Young men. On social evils and Scot fre railroads. Optical others who asserted that the stranger was or. Mary Walker in her famous Bloomer costume. Uia. 4-18 y Sav pianos. 3y buy if groceries at g01xc South. I Tickton Universal a position pab2s a Mckion Ler. .0 15 am i it Wayne 00 pm ii ayae a. Oldam i Jackson a. H. i the doctor wore Light Brown pants Worrles the 3t5aaient is bad. It is worse than that i railway Harrison Jons being a pretty Black i Bow at the neck confining a lace Collar and a watch and Chain which was festooned neatly from a Button in her coat. The the de Ora most. The Story of the due de Grammont s escape from France after the disastrous collapse at Sedan is so full of Romance As to make us feel doubtful whether to Are really living in the matter of fact nineteenth Century. It is at All events worthy of being preserved and we pre sent our readers with the following facts which we believe Are Correct. The due de Grammont As minister of foreign affairs naturally heard of the emperor s jeer1xc crowd. Instead of . The i Good effects of Tho preparation Wokim have been at the Exchange place crossing the to a comparative few. There is the Cro Ivd was largely reinforced the Street for spa ads that licht ibo ild was fairly blocked up and Many were made at All complimentary to the Bloomer. Of what a screamed one Little Ragamuffin Wile Mother impudently stuck his dirty Finice n front of the annoyed female and shouted to the great Delight of his comrades and the crowd j a a a a old Gal. Who s your Xot 3cakcd a bit. Reaching the office of madams Wood ill Clayla or. Mary turned in but was assailed with such a storm of shouts epithets and hisses that she turned arout in self defence and said to her persecutors that boys and Young men who Hac Good mothers and Sisters would not in cult to Lemale. At this there was a Grea shout of derision j cries of go it old Gal i m with know How it is with your and All sorts of Elang assailed her. Casting a look of withering scorn Anc contempt upon the rabble the doctor wisely retired within the office for in five surrender a Day before the news was pub minutes More she would have been regu shed in Paris. He saw at once that flight was necessary As the Warth of the mob was sure to be turned against the ministry who were responsible for the War. He accordingly went to his banker s to provide himself with Money and various securities but was informed that the partner who had charge of Bis affairs was in the county whither the due Pur sued him. The partner was found engaged in burying his property in Nis Gar Den but returned to Paris and delivered up to the buc de Grammont the papers and Money which were required. On the next Day the bad news was published and the minister fled. He sent off a servant in his Carriage openly and escaped himself b y a private door. The mob pursued the Carriage course found no one in it that they wanted and the due got safely to Calias. On his arrival there however a new cause for alarm arose. It was necessary for him to produce his passport before he could leave the it was evident that in this Way his identity would be discovered and he himself As seemed Only too Uro Hable would be arrested and sent Back to Paris never to quit it again. The had to be he showed his passport to the proper officer and was much to his Relief suffered to go on Board the English Steamer without remark. He at once went Cabin and the better to escape notice pretended to be very ill. In a few min utes however he Felt an ominous tap on the shoulder and looked round expect ing to find himself a prisoner. He saw Only a passport Oscer who said to him when Yon were in Ollice you gave my son an appointment. In return for that i have to Day let you and thereby in All probability saved your the Olicer went his Way Aud the due de Grammont got safely to Dover in at the windows and doors after her some even putting their Heads in and shouting ii rot her come out you old Nanny and the like. Or. Mary was greatly Aud said if any one would make her a present of a Little of pistols she would Cany them in Plain on each Side of her Waist and then she would see if the boys would in sult her. She said that she had dressed in the Bloomer style for seventeen years and she was not to be frightened out of it w. Escaped at last. After waiting an Lour the boys tired if hanging about the door Aud the coast Jeoug Clear or. Mary finally sallied out. 3er old enemies again made a Rush but she disappeared around the Corner before they were in Force and got off quietly up World. A gets a it. By the american knitting Jia Heine co., Boston mass., or St. Louis. To. Vin sold magic photographs wonderful and Amu Eins they disuse Svery Ody. 25 a cac Kake. Seat postage paid. Send of s Astor place. York. widow in the Vii Lea Colt Al of ill in pc none. A Newport writes i Bovo mentioned mrs. Samuel Colt of Hartford As Tho purchaser of a an acre. She is one of the wealthiest if not the wealthiest widow in the United states and the richest person in the state of Connecticut not excepting Horace Bushnell of new Haven or Jas. Goodwin of Hartford. Her husband Samuel Colt when alive was a Man of boundless Enterprise mixed with some of fist s unscrupulous Neas but unlike Fiak he was the creator of part of the business society in which he moved no profligate pickpocket with a Railroad in one hand and a judge in the other Leha a actual ideas of being a Power and an influence among men factory is to Day the most Gigantic specimen of concentrated mechanism that we have to thing that almost thinks and moves with the precision and versatility of a whole nation. Had Colt lived to exe cute his design he would have had Hia huge factory so Complete that a regiment of men might have in arched in naked at one end and emerged at the other with arms and uniform Cap a pie from the rifled Musket at their shoulder to the buttons on their cuffs. High living Strong Brandy overwork too much health no moral convictions toppled Down the mighty statue of Sam Colt be fore he had completely proved the bound less possibilities of a single confident in. Ergy but dying he left 3 Meek but Beautiful spirit to dignify and distribute his riches in mrs. Daughter of a Clergyman a Dutiful wife and a Good woman capable of making wealth useful to illustrate the female character to Mon ume Ntalie to assist Charity. She lives in style becoming the possessor of such Means practising the piety she has bedecked with statuary the most completely Beautiful Church edifice in Ameri Ca and we rejoice in the memory of her rougher and More worldly husband when we see the relic he left behind him and Bow far one Good life goes to repair the deficiencies of the dead. Free to Book agents. We will seed a handsome prospectus of our new Lily tratto family Bible to and Book Aston. Free of charge. Address. National publishing Chineo. Iii. Cincinnati. Ohio or St. Louis to. Made from 50 its something urgently needed by everybody Call and examine or samples sent nos Fiso paid for 0 Ctol that retail easily for 810. A l. Wolcott 31 Chatham so. A the s1ieti.1si i xxv. From journal. Dan Hice the who has probably surpassed All professionals in his Day in training representatives of the Genus Equine including horses asses mules and zebras has a very exalted opinion of the merits of the Shetland Pony. At one time he possessed a remarkably Fine one which was so Small that he need to bring it into the ring in his arms. This was a most taking incident with the juveniles Aad they expressed their feelings by clapping their tiny hands and giving utterance to shouts of admiration. Some boys of our acquaintance had a Shetland Pony which afforded an i Snite sight of Hearty healthy amusement by dragging a Little Wagon along a country Road. The fun Loving pet evidently enjoyed the excite ment quite As much As his More Intelli gent friends. So Long As he was treated fairly he would after his fashion do Hon est work Bat if overloaded he expressed Hia indignation by vigorously hammering his heels against the dashboard of the Wagon. Having once caught his foot in a Bridge floor which he was often Obligee to Cross he would never after that voluntarily tread upon what he presumed to be treacherous ground. His biped companions effected a satisfactory Compro Mise on these occasions by a hitching and placing the Pony in the Wagon. Thus disposed of he was dragged Over the treacherous Bridge and tackled no on the opposite Side. Bal Tel and rear paran lug less pc Mulc. Yesterday afternoon about 3 strangely costumed person strolled leisurely Down Broad the Stock Exchange the Gold room Delmomico t the haunts of the Bulla and and finally the Odd end Peculiar apparel of the stranger began to attract the at Tention of of operators Early mobbed. Of brokers operators Atid boys peered new advertisements. Paid agents male or of Mulc. In a new manufacturing business lit no capital required. Address Novelty co., Saco me. Egar made from cider ac., in 10 hours without drugs. Send 10 cents for Cir Cuarto i. Sage. Cromwell Conn. Very packages for is or some. C. Mild certain Safe efficient. It is far the heat cathartic remedy yet discovered and at ones relieves and invigorates All Tho vital unctions without causing injury to any of Horn. The Moat Complete Success has Long attended its lao in Many localities and it in now offered to the general Public with the con fiction that it can never fail to accomplish All hats claimed for it. It produces Little or no pain leaves the organs free from Levor Over taxes or excites the nervous system. Nall diseases of the skin blood stomach Levels liver children and in Many duty colties popular to woman it Brines prompt Relief and certain euro. The Best physicians recommend and proscribe it and no er3on who once uses this will voluntarily to urn to the use of any other cathartic. Sent by postage. Hoi. 5 boxes 100. 18 1 223. 39 it is sold by All Dolera in drugs and medi Cines Turner co. Proprietors. 320 Tremont Street Boston mass. 9 is 3 in now agents wanted for free love ago Etc he b. , stupendous revelations ind startling disclosures. The whole subject Aid Bare Ana its Hidoa Ness exposed to uni Versal execration written a Tho in Terest of civilization christianity and Public morality. Send for circulars and terms . Publishing co., n y., Cincinnati Chicago and St. Louis. Farmer s shows How to double Tho profits of the and How Farmers and their sons can each be per a Winter. 10.000 copies will to mailed free to Farmers. Sond name und address to Zeigler i Mccurdy Cincinnati Ohio. Carbolic tablets. An Unfall Nir remedy for All bronchial Difini Multi of. Coughs colds . Asthma Bint Cria dryness of Tho Throat or and catarrhal Dia oases. Tho wonderful Omodara discovery of Crabolu acid is destined to Baoba of Tho greatest bless Ingston Mankind in its application to diseases o. The human Rico. Its frat curative Quali ties in All affections of the Chest Lunga and St Macli. Or Caliolio tablets besides Tho great rom Odial agent carbolic Aeh contain other ingredients universally room mended Wujica chemically Combine producing a Tablet More highly medicinal and Botto adapted for diseases of Tho human race that any preparation Ever before offered to the up lie. For Worms in children no More efficacious remedy can be found m fact Theao tablets Ara a specific and should b promptly Given for this painful suffering of of Little ones. In nil cases where Tho kidneys d not perform their functions properly the should to freely taken when healthy action will surely follow. They Are invaluable a pro Sentive of All diseases of a contagious nature and no family should to without them try we carbolic tablets Price 25 Centa per Box. Sent by mail on re John q. Kellogg a Platte St., n. Y. Sole Leenta for tha u. S. Sold by druggists. Where All men can take Cost Zanea of it it a upon this principle that Tho bitters have been advertised and continue to be advertised i every newspaper of any prominence a the Western hemisphere Rand time the spout Neou Testini Onjata in its favor have been translate a into All written languages. Thousands Echo perfect health 16-Day who would be Langu Ishio on Beds of sickness if Tho newspapers had no spread the truth with regard to this a equated inv Gorant and corrective far and wide. Sup pose profit has been reaped from this publicity is that any argument against it if the Public health has been protected if lives have been saved if the feeble have been strengthened am thou ice restored creat Good has been accomplished and who so mean As to grudge to exertions Titus directed their fair Reward the imperishable perfume. Petrule. The perfumes in use Hare no nuni Lewicy. An hour or two lifter Tater use there is no Trace of perfume left. Jiow differ ent is Tho result r Tho use of Murray Ostune Iney rns p. Sandusky Orest a. Warsaw Plymouth Picaso 35s 560 620 640 "24" 744 818" 845." 1020 1050" 1105 1129" u59" 122sa1 Iso 230" i 34? in in i 3 45 419" i 505 1235m 815 733 320 920 248 315 411 439 500 615 g40 700 720 74g 856 a j10 35 mail 820 1021 1055 1115 1240 125 2 01 402 440" 623" 705" 7s7" 905 1012 i 1155 isor 250 430 Fiso the Diamond glasses manufactured by j e. Spencer co., Siva offered to the Public Ere i bounced by All the celebrated . Iii is 01 the of to most Suu if. Art Neial help to the human Eye Ever Kent Tiey Aras Ronij Hiuer their o in Siervi Iii from minute Crystal pebbles melted and Denre their name Cia Jond on no Douai of the i hardness and brilliancy these Genii 6c prime Isle on which they Are construe tej brings Tho Coro or Centre of the Lens i Routly id front of the Eye producing a. Clear and distinct vision As in the natural healthy sigh preventing All unpleasant sensations s Best Quality of All materials used for that Pui pose. Their finish and durability cannot be surpassed. Genuine unless bearing their Trade Mark stamped on every Frame Mayer go ape inl1 from whom the Cua on Ybo obtained. These goods Are not sup plied to Ped Lars Auy Price. S-21dl Masurack Tchop. Of a1.1 Kix so brass Cocks valves for Gas steam and water. Dealer is wrought pipe steam and was fittings for same Shaft Lead Lead pipe rubber Boss pumps Hydraulic earns Bath tubs Copper Boltes. And plumbing material of every description. Boat 4shmh is. Fall. Wayne ind. Marble works. 3ctebxkstes. P. Becker steam Marble time and Sand Stone works constant j on hand every mad of building Stone flagging. Mid n u its grave stones slabs tiles of tie Best american and italian Marble. Marble slate and Iron o. Agents of glazed Serror pipes. Lou Krilic and Tiea Cimett. Plaster Paris. Arner Walls Good Bah Hon Larket. I a Ditallo oct. 22. I it mini ii 1 13. No buyers Dull 2 Western. 45c Freie Hig Strong. He unfortunate and afflicted Man or a speedily cured of any Dia Easo at old Western medical Institute Svca Isje Street Cincinnati. Ohio. Charge until a tired. 12 Oane men restored to Manly vigor by our la and Only Somody. All needing Aid of a 2rateordelieate nature should Call or Send i Norcon Edentia circular before noticing i a Erti de in att. Their books and in mine Hiemes. The to us Toraa . Stations. Hieago.i1120jlm . Plymouth Warsaw. Oluia Bia. T. I soph 1142 Thuu 807 95u 1053 1153 exhibits Al parts of Tho it Isiah Bodt a tub c3iscasc patients Ijo wild 9 they remedy by mail 54s in Cyrus. G15 As Deere lined to Roll at Ait Trox to g tire Stoncil of 205pki10 315 p. E. Myers general ticket Ai largest Stock Ever offered in the City of t Wayne. Those Large advertisements Are bugs and to can prove it. Come to ii. R. Wee Matins auction and net your goods at r own prices the entire Stock will to oat and it now Stock will to Laid in. One come All silo to commence on re Day october .0 Early. Auction Onmi 10 .1. Is. Toor. N. Person wishing to buy it j rivet i Saie can i do nut Nisi to Yon. Hins on hat or wonderful or any other Lia Dis Morod a remedy that Jinrae j. Schwa Ahajot us option. When Tho lungs Aro half coned. In Short will cure All diseases whet j. Is cleric. For sa3le of Bent inti body or estate make men live my leave death to play for want of work s designed to Miako our sub Lunary Phi Oliss Fui Paradise to which heaven . You have heard in rvs at of Humbug gory. But when i toll you to Haft. Talib. A1 Saco s Catarrh be Randy Grill positively curb Tho worst cases of Catarrh in Tho head. I Only As Ert that which thousands can testify will pay Reward for a Coso that i Cero. A pamphlet let Givins symptoms and other unt from to any address. This y is sold by most drug trusts in All parts of x1ie world. Rice 5ft cents. Sent by mail postpaid on receipt of sixty or four packages for two Loliar beware of counter oils and worthless mutations. stamp Shieh s a positive guarantee of genuineness Winpon he out Aido wrapper. Remember that this ate stamp issued by Tho United state grave upon it. And need not mini akan. To right to Tho genuine . And i Ner travel e anted wants any to let the people a Verti Siskin the Winti Colum Tho a Lehigh Lackawanna. Blacks Musij and for by est we. Lin rate ii pc t of cd -55 Gold cold full Tor with Iii full Cor Isely co Lon to ined Piso 3, in cry one the Jan War Liv Mey ires in -1 1. I first Oei it i a. Class jury Erich re by Tho jury Anu Tiia Iii Forrill Ali being of Trio mining the rank of the it the Dar Osi tint Jii aces Ina pianos at the e3ad Opall otheb3. Society of Fia arts of throw ski oat Europe As one the highest authorities or. Slusis and Art matters award cd heir Only Anana testimonial Iledieu for 1s67 to Steinway sons for the highest perfection most into Etoice and As greatest repress in the dirt of Finno Makim afaorcaj.1 other us i tit Vestal is position in Wero Ideo award ii a first pei2e_______ at Tho great International isc2, for powerful Clear Brilliant and Symra Tono with excellence of workmanship Viown in grand and Square pianos in com petition with 2g91 Ianos from All parts Otth Ste Hattay i m i edition to the Bove have taken thirty fire first Riold and Silver by dais at Tho principal Seld in this country from Tho year Leto to no Ansito since Tinio Lioy Faro not entered their piano Fortes Arr Lora in the United state.-. Bveh7 Piato is 1varhakied for Seails. G. I. Kojic a Ewe a nor s tas never failed t evening Kinjilo to care the Torst cases of bleeding piles. Tetso who lira should immediately Cal of Cir Gat i Vracr s pile pc Mccoy. It is expressly for Tho piles and a not rcom mend to to euro any other disease. It Lias cured Manv eases of Orr thirty years standing Price one Soltar. Por by Iii ingists very lie re. Was scr h Keisic is prepared expressly Forbes peptic and those suffering with Titus Costi Vomos it. Is ass holy stimulant tonic and a splendid incr it Cas the Osoinach and restores digestive or Gans to their healthy 5tato. Nervous and dyspeptic persons should use warder s is diatonic. Fyr Saleby Cote Sci i i Conj ii is Healing softening and . By Oiver it torsos pcs a immediately Reilio Vinejr. And eventually Tho casts f Cousis colds Sanro the exit bronchitis in Lurenza Catarrh hours asthma and con sumption is almost incredible so prompt is he certain its effects in ill the above costs or any affection of the Throat and hat thousands Aro daily arc Sci b no it and ill Scy that it is Lac most i Culins mid Medicine known. One done always affords Relief and in most cases one bottle effects a cure. Sold by druggists in arse bottles. Price Dollar. It is your own fault if you still co i a Ami suffer. Tho Balsam Wilt cure s o2t to Groat Lwood Purisch Ucic Loiis Riser s Isamii Viln or is Fres Frojm any poisonous Druss or in for those who require a stimulant. In is a splendid Appetiser and tonic the thing in Tuo for to if Yin the it is the most pleasant and delicious article Ever offered to the Public far Superior to Brandy Iii say wins bitters or any other article. It is More healthy and cheaper. Both male and female Young or old can take the Avino of Lifa. It is in a life preserver. Those who wish to enjoy Good health and a free Low of Lively spirits will do Well to Tako Tho wino of life. It is diff Crint from anything Ever before in use. It is sold by druggists also at All respect Ihle salons. Price one Dol Lar in quart bottles. In mar s a the Only Arvicio known to cure Tho it will cure in every cite to Here is Tea family where this important in Dicino is not waited i.lother3 this is the greatest blessings Over not Ere you and you should immediately procure it. It is 3-Lso a sure cure for i Chaale irregularities and May be Union in Avery Case where the monthly hns been obstructed through com sold by urus Siat. T Rice one Dol Lar or pent by mail on receipt of one and it Quarter c. Will co agents. For Wayne. Ind. Of annul goals a Motif Huntly on Hani Verj. Also Western Keh chants s. , Corr. . To the g. W. Topping co. Senor Tel diff flip Icli ails 342 so Root Well fir ecu a Cativo Tao Hir Fiest nine list prices Anil for in Tumir Lino of lit t Tor. Chec Cut . Hops flour hmm 1 Cass. 1 Erk. Pc Uhr of Lii Henrics Kiril-3 of country com Forse liar frail 5c, tobacco to Akiva cod on All ohcs Ruib sins in Rcd Virci iltis Rosiu from con solicited s-s5-Wgm hanging Fiock Salisbury Massillon. Lake Supanor and All of Fer grades of Pic Ikon for car wheel Genera foundry purposes shipped at the lowest Market manhood hot Ojito de in a Sci Ilij i is cents. Who know n of office Wotli Bass a Ninia. Ordo i to loft at no 117 St. To 1 a ind. A on Nat Kaii treat ment am in tical cure of 07 seminal no Litnar sexual mobility to
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