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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1870, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - October 22, 1870, Fort Wayne, IndianaTo lose. Car. Calhan boo Beuless and sta1to.tebs Siemon Bros i co. W a boots a i d shoes. Market. Sohr Dep. Co., so. 1 it ont b not Calhoun St. Cig att makes. J 9so. Be item no. 2 Atelina Hogue Stock. 11001 skirt fact out. J to end Black. So. 91 Colombia a c vol. Viii. Fort Wayne end., saturday morning october 22, s70. No 144. Reported exclusively for the Gazette. Fokeign7 the Catholic Hierarchy of great Britian and the italian govern ment. Washington. Thanksgiving proclamation of president Grant. New Yolk. Wall Street. 1sduxa. Walls a banking Inisi sullion. J diphtheria is retailing to an a arming extent a Cannelton. The net income of the Madison Post tie National to unitarian conf Roade. Office the last Quarter was the pall mall Gazette on senator Morton s appointment. Generals Burnside Sheridan and Forsythe ordered to London. Senator Cameron stricken with paralysis. Loss of the Steamer Cam Bria on the Irish coast i Jim Lite a Rabi Ifni of Hie America states of it Beho Orea a people sensible of their dependent o the almighty to publicly and Coile tire acknowledge gratitude for his favo and mercies and humbly to beseech of their continuance and we apis. The people of the unite states during tha year now about to in have special cause to be thankful North general Prosperity abundant Harvest exemption from pestilence foreign is and civil strife now therefore be it known that i u. S Grant president of the unite states concurring in Auy aim Ila i recommendations from the chief magic trate soothe steles do hereby record mend to Ell citizens to meet in their respective places of worship. On thursday the 24th Day of november Neit tier to give thanks for the Bounty of go during the year about to close and t Supplicate for its continuance hereby. In witness whereof i have Hereunto be my hand and caused the Seal of the United states to be affixed. Done a the City of Washington this Twenty first Day of october in the year of of lord eighteen Hundred and seventy and of the Independence of the United states Tho ninety fifth. Signed u. S. Grant. President. Hamilton fish Sec y. Of Illinois. Withdraws of ctn no Iron Fri null the London oct. Is said that Bis snark has required All foreign ministers it Paris to communicate with their gov Only by open dispatches. Vic Tor Hugo has declined the request of the government to stimulate the provinces. Later dates from Paris state that Breech loaders were being manufactured in the i a. Tsie prussians had evacuated Hung Imd the people were sub scribing ire sly for defense of the capital and the enthusiasm had not abated. Sons. So Orlijan. Aucul upor he she ordered to Zejoi Loil. A Cydoi oct. Burnside. Sheridan and Forsythe have received or Ders Froais the Washington government to repair to London at ones. The Cologne a Csc pc. Which published this statement that owing 10 the suggestions of these gentlemen minister Wosh borne has been so energetic thac he has been forced to demand reparation for the frequent arrests of americans As spies. The poll on Jils Slot. , oct. Settle in referring to the appointment of Morton says a thoroughly incompetent person is selected to represent the United states in England and is instruct cd first to bully and next to threaten War. This incompetent person hesitates probably preferring Domestic set mishes with democrats to a War with England. Clit Bialic protest. The Catholic Hierarchy of great Britain have issued a protest against the action of the the italian government in occupy Dent of major hoary ing Tho papal territory. All Good catholics to for they Call upon m prayer unions to protest against treatment of the Pope and to prepare documents on the subject which May be presented to he British parliament. Inn blk to . Tombs oct. Papal Muncio and columbian minister Are unable to leave owing to a refusal of the prussians to them to pass through their Kaui Lom sumo Lilija. Oct. Statts Anzi Eyer advertises the Issue of thales at three and one half per cent payable in six months. Tuffo Hundred Aud fifty citizens of Stras Borg were killed at the bombardment of that City. At Verdun is at Paris the besieged Are squandering their ammunition by random shooting. Strasburg has again been opened to railway traffic. Trains now arrive and depart regularly. Loss of the Steamer t Niu Brin. Lox Dox oct. Steamer Enterprise from Garston to Londonderry picked no a boat off at 3 o clock yesterday afternoon contain ing a Sailor and the Corpse of a girl. The Sailor stated that Tho Steamer Cambria of the Anchor line from new York struck at 10 o clock the night previous on inn Strahill Island and became a total wreck. Four other boots containing passengers left the Steamer but have not yet been Beard of. The Sailor reports his own boat upset and All in it but him self drowned. A violent storm passed Over the seat of wer around Paris last night. The department of Somme has been declared in n state of energetic preparations Are making at Amiens the capital for defence. A Fores of prussians which were advancing on the City has returned to Breniel. Horrible murder in Douglas county Moi to oct. 21.-mr. Medill of the Tribune publishes a card this morning withdrawing his name from the contest for Tho Republican congressional Nomi nations. In his card or. Medill says the solicitation and pressing of Many of the Best citizens of the Community i was induced a fortnight ago to quite reluctantly consent to permit Ziy name to he used a connection with the candidacy for Congress before the ensuing Republican convention. I coupled this consent with tha distinct condition that i would not Noder any circumstance enter into n struggle for the control of the convention by he employment of any mesas hat t de Nykl disreputable or corrupt. That i would Par Chase no votes Ard pack no Ward delegations. That i would give no proper pledges to individuals cliques or rings and bargain away no patronage or official influences supposed to be attached to Tho office of congressman if elected thereto. I also said that i must be left As free and Antram Tuele to 5o my duty according to my conscience and convictions As when you sent me to the constitutional convention so that i might have but one aim and one ambition and that to. Serve you to the Best of my Power and ability. I did not underestimate the Gravity and responsibility of the position nor the difficulty of filling it usefully and acceptably nor was i blinded by any Van Ity or egotism to suppose that i could better represent you than Many other men among whom Yon might make your to Promise but Plain in pretend the first news of the Indiana election received in new York Eil was from j South Bend. J it Cost the democracy to carry Clinton county at the recent elec Tion. Fourteen divorces were granted at the late term of Joseph common peas court. The Terre haute Aali Well has so far Cost and with no satisfactory re sult. Or. William 9. Ferguson of thousand Dollar joke. Left at tha game office in Lexington a than i few Days since a Sweet potato weighing cd Weste s for Tuuu Clyl stir Yoss Are Rumor Asonat on the streets to Day that Secretary boats Ell had opened negotiations with some German Bankers for the Pur pose of putting the funding Bill into operation at the earliest possible moment and that it Wai endeavouring to get up a grand combination to take the new 5 per cent Bonds and Callia the 1862 5-20 s. The Pait Culm of the negotiations if really any Are going on have not been made Public. Is quite devoid of any special feature. At Lonny t Nha Tim conference. The Xai ional unitarian conference continued in session to Day. Debate was resumed on the ninth article of the Constitution. Kev. Hepworth advanced the following substitute in re affirming allegiance to the gospel of Jesus Christ and desiring to secure the largest Unity of spirit and the widest practical Coop ration we invite to our Fellowship All who wish to be followers of Christ. After a lengthy discussion the of Indianapolis and Vincennes Rai the Knss Eil Williams murder trial a now progressing in the Kukhar circuit court. Or. J. A. It Enebeli has resigned his professorship in the s cute University at fourteen pounds and six ounces. The venerable or. Cru Doek of the Paris Ken Avekian is respectfully asked if he can raise that Uny. The trial of Cox for the killing of i Syia Scott county several years ago is now a Progress in the Bourbon circuit court a change of Venne having been obtained. One at a recent wedding among the first families of this City a sprightly joke was perpetrated Bat just upon whom the weight of at fell is difficult to determine. While the parly were sitting around Tho supper table and be fore the distribution of the Ivanda had begun he Bride turned her plate Over and Drew from under it a slip of paper anti i has been a fugitive from Justice which upon Reading she discovered to from the time of the murder until recent be a Check for five Thoo Sond dollars Pav i. Able to her order. Flushed with Joy of co Rae she passed it to her husband who hastily cast his eyes Over hand in turn passed it to a gentleman Friend at hand who likewise perused it but pretending ignorance of the object och gift handed attendance began to Bloomington. The South Bend publishes divorces in the same manner 55 marriages and deaths. Not at the polls in county a Sovereign Ina fit of abstraction attempted to vote a dose of quinine. Hon. D. C. Branham superintendent Choice. I had nothing the honest efforts of a tons Man who would be guided by con science common sense and patriotic purposes. Within the past week it has become apparent that my nomination was being resisted by the employment of Means and influence which i cannot con sent to combat and my friends will be forced to contend against appliances that will Render a free and unbiased selection of a candidate simply impossible and in accordance with my original purpose i cannot consent to let my name go before the convention under such circumstances. Mayor Henry Asl mry. U. S. A., died at a late hour on wednes Day night at the Donlap Ville 111., after a few hours illness. His disease was paralysis of the brain. His parents reside at Quincy. An outlier mar Der. At cottage Grove Douglas county there have been living two men named 0. P. Greenwood and Geo. Massett. There has been bad blood Between them for some time. On monday last As Mussett was Ridini in along the Road in a d concealed himself in Wagon Greenwood. A tree and fired on Mossett. The Ball entered the lower part of the Abdomen and came out at the Back Bone. He lived about Twenty four hours. Green Wood admitted the crime and declared should Massett revive he would shoot him again. Greenwood was placed in jail to await his trial. Missouri. Co Usif of associations. St. Louis oct. National la Bor reformers have called a meeting to nominate a county ticket. A Jubilee a being held by the association of the congregational churches now in session Here. The occasion being the two Hundred and fiftieth year since the Landing of the pilgrims. K.4ssas. California. He ii to a death. Sax Fiu Cisco oct. Large fire occurred on Fremont-St., last night destroying three Large Mills and Niue other buildings and throwing two Hundred men supposed Quarter out of employment three burned to death. Loss aver a of a million. The California medical society in a recent session refused to admit ladies As members to the society. The Firat National Gold Bank of san Francisco organized yesterday by elect ing fifteen directors. Capital one Mil lion. They will commence business of the first of january next. Destructive fire. Fort Scott oct. Gulf House at i least non was burned this evening. Loss mos. Of the Fern Itnyre saved. Ccu Mim in Cornu Iliin Lap Lortt convention. , oct. Number of youths a Columbus Between the Ages of five and Twenty one years a in the Ohio Baptist convention to Day a report of Tho missionary labors in Ohio for Tho last year was made. Ser Mons and addresses were delivered prayer meetings attended persons added to Mission churches 378 Mission sunday schools 42 children and teachers in the some. A common cation was received from the Ohio Christian missionary society which looked to the Union of the two societies Wai received with great favor by convention. I a Helm Hcan majority of Wasabi Soiot oct. 21. A dispatch from Columbia states that the republicans carried the state by thirty thousand majority. An innocent old Farmer near Musca Tine Aoma time since paid for a Patent for ranking two pounds of fresh butter ont of one Pound of stale Batter an egg or two and a pint of milk. The t work in practice and the purchaser has sued the seller for obtain ing Money under false pretences and re covered a judgment. Substitute was adopted. The announce ment was received with tumultuous a Lause Kev. Or. Kickers. Of Cincinnati o his feet and extended his hands in a Melo dramatic manner announced tha he article adopted was worse than a by Ahus from Rome. Rev. Or. Frothingham present i series of twelve articles con dining the doctrine of Faith an moved their reference to a committee o even to report at the conference in 1872 adopted. President Hosmer of Ami sch College reported that institution no Argei and More prosperous than Ever having a permanent fund of orc come from students last year and the regular sunday congregation to Hundred and seventy five students and citizens. Eve. S. H. Tatt Gram in font of the Humboldt College at Spring ale. Humboldt county lows read a i Ort concerning the state of the Educa Ona Institute. This College was con lived Only a year ago and is now in a state of progression. He read a Reso Ntina to the effect that this College 3 one that has the interest of every True and one that All Dsa Omina on will give their support and will do i in their Power to further its welfare. Was adopted. Committees Intercourse Ith other denominations and on Public education were appointed. The proposed National unitarian much at Washington was left with the Ati Oual Council. Three officers Ite cording correspond g and statistical secretaries were con Ligated and hereafter the National Council will appoint one general Secreta who is to devote his whole time to e duties of the Osce. The conference solved to hold its nest meeting at Saran if satisfactory arrangements could e made sent a message of congrats la on to the unitarians of England and icon Rcd. Steinl of Well new Yoke oct. 21. A court martial assembled at West Point yesterday for the trial of cadets Smith Wilson and Davis. The members of the court mar tial Are As follows Brig. Gen. 0. 0. Howard Lieut. Col. Thos. C. Denning Lieut. Col. J. H. Dexter. Ass t medical purveyor major tho3. J. Haines commissary of subsistence major Lonis h. Phelosee act t Gen. Capt. A. C. Bainbridge of the 5th artillery capt. Michael a Sar tent of the 7th cavalry and major w. Winthrop judge of the court. Cadet Smith it will be remembered is Tjie coloured boy whose presence at the Academy has excited so much comment. He and Cadet Wilson Are arraigned upon charges preferred by lieutenant colonel Upton Tho com mandant for creating a disturbance in Camp and coming to blows with a fellow Cadet. Lieutenant colonel he sons volunteered to act is counsel for Smith this officer has from the syst manifested an Especial interest in Smith during the period of his academical sojourn. The court is expected to continue in ses Sion for a week or so. The Story about an arrangement or secret understanding Between the French government and the United states by which the of French the United states provided is All Bosh. There has been no such understanding nor tiny talk about it nor any proposal of such a thing. The steamship Union of the Bremen line will this port u Lees orders for her departure Are countermanded. She takes very few Passen Gers but will have a full cargo principally of tobacco and some Cotton. The Rhino and deutschland Are on the Way Ever now and Are fully Laden with value Able cargoes. A committee of the Council of the City of Philadelphia visit this City to Day for the purpose of examining the work Ings of the Firo department. Illness of senator Cameron. Is7ew Yolk oct. Cam Eron was stricken with paralysis and is sri Only afflicted. Tie Ohio elections. Road is dangerously sick. A Stock company to conduct a foundry and machine shop is contemplated at new Castle Henry Connly. Sir sinks has purchased an interest in tha Connersville times. The paper has been much improved and is cow a thirty by when he cos arrested. At the late state fair at there were eleven contestants who entered their various brands of whisky i competing for the three Liberal prizes o feed. The Wood orc county whisky entered by j. A. Tate took the first pre Niam and b. B. Williams co., wer awarded Tho nest two prizes. At the Sale of these whiskies the samples of b b. Williams of St co., brought 80 be gallon while the liquor which had Thi first prize was sold at a gallon. Tha flee i of the Kentucky Centra at Perls is Selling through ticket o travellers to go by was of Cociu Jami a the Short due to Louisville and othe Southern Points and the same Price As by Way of i Esington thus enabling Saasen Gers to leave Paris at 4 or clock in. A. Ani make connections for Southern train from Louisville twelve hours sooner than two column Sheet. A. Three headed cabbage from the same rant has been discovered in Lahy Citi. They also Hare two legged cabbage Heads. Only eight out of Oue Hundred and Twenty coloured voters exercised their right at the Stata election in Richmond. Benjamin a Warren county was recently robbed of by a scoundrel lodging. Had begged a mrs. Nellie Jerome of Tipton county has aned a Cincinnati drummer for Damn est for breach of Promise of marriage Duck Hunt ii popular sport Cut. One Man Lias killed Over six Hun dred this fall. One Day Hist week while Joseph Fraz on the Kankakee is the or that Region at pres to go through Lexington the Warsaw Riveire says that of Mon Day evening sheriff m. C. Hughes while engaged in hauling Timber for the sugar Creek Bridge met with a very serious and perhaps fatal Accident. The Wagon loaded with Timber was turned Over and fell upon him. One wheel passed Over his breast and the Timber falling and terribly mashing his body. It was thought at one time that he could not live but he is better Bow. His buffering has been intense. A was brought to town in s Skiff on monday evening. Ohio. Two infants took a walk in Columbus the other Day and the people stared in mercifully St them. They were or. Fran Cis Hoy and his wife aged respectively 100 and 95 years. Near Young Stowe on monday some Parsons entered the Apple Orchard of Farmer Montgomery and were taking a pies when he ordered them to leave but they refusing he attacked them with a knife stabbing two of them one fatally. Montgomery was arrested. Micajah Dvenney the first coloured juror in Logan county in not Ohio waa _ or of White county was gathering j sworn in on tuesday in Tho Cour apples to fell from thetra Eupora Sharp Oti Tasal returns front Eiff Luy Turec Over Schenou 33. . Oct. Returns from eighty five counties in Ohio and re ported figures from the remaining three counties gives Sherwood ben., for Secretary of state votes Healy dem., and Odell Sherwood s Heisley 1g.7s1 majority both prohibition the Republican loss in Ashtabula county is tha total vote in Tho state is Only a falling off of 35.7ro on last year. Campbell dem., has 5u maj. Over Shenck for Congress in the third District. La Orison dem., has 3.099 ni6j. In the fifth District. , kep., has ninth District. Bingham 1ms 477 sixteenth District. Niroj. Tha the a Sharp Ned rail find was almost instance killed. John shatter disappeared from Plena Tut Grove. Taiton county on wednesday night tailing with him a valuable horse and in currency belonging to Milton Lig Hantl. In Spring yield township. In Grange county this state there is a Pigeon Roost where it is estimated that at least wild pigeons come Home to Roost every fall. The hog cholera in raging in various arts of Spencer county and More is eci Aily. In cosy township. Or. John Pecht of Santa be. Recently lost seven f Hia Best hogs. Others in that neigh boyhood Haje also sustained great losses. And i abolish prevail to Uch an extent in Clark county that a Igil Ancs committee has been organised or the Protection of the citizens and to id the Community of tha notorious car clerk who have made their Headquarters there 13 it cat in Valparaiso Thutt de pets her time to the care of a Mother Ess Chicken. The feline is said to be Early attached to her bipedal charge renting it with the utmost tenderness and supplying it with an abundance of Ood. A new use of persimmons has been discovered. A woman near the Central Market was engaged in the double Pas me of eating persimmons and sawing or husband when getting a Grcen one n her month the Caudle lecture ame to a. Sudden close h the southwestern Coc Feruce of the German methodist Church embrace 137 Hurches with members about 25 germans joined the Church last year. To conference has 181 sunday schools with scholars. Iowa City cast votes at the late Lection Burlington Dubuque ,750 Council Bluffs Davenport ,5sg Keokuk Des a fines 901 in Usatine 90-1. Professor l. F. P Aricer county Sutier Nten Dent of Poweshiek county has appointed Ira. L. F. Parker his wife As Deputy county superintendent. A Farmer by the name of John f. Pur Jer at big Grove Pottawatomie county my his wheat thrashed and stored in the Chambers of his House thursday last he joists gave Way and wheat and Tim Jers came Down burying beneath them Lis wife and two children. One of the children was instantly Iii led and the other severely injured. A lady exhibits at the District fair held n Dea Moines this week two implements of her own in roved Wood sawing machine ind a space having clothes mangle. The reports of lie National Bauks of Avenport show a capital of cans deposits a gentleman a Dubuque is buy cattle for the French army having received authority to that Eti act Anil solicits head. Agencies have been established at other Points for the same object. In the legislature just elected the Ite publicans have a majority of five in the Senate which a a gain of two. The House will stand the same As last year with a Republican majority of Twenty. That will do. Common pleas at Bellefontaine in an important Case neither attorney making any objections. At Mansfield Gage Tho Railroad Mur Derer attempted suicide on monday night by cutting himself in the High with a broken bottle. He missed the Ranin rein and his life was saved. At a meeting of the Cleveland Ohio Board of Trade held week resolutions were passed favourable to the Early construction of a ship canal with a capacity equal to the Massage of vessels of tons Burden to connect lakes Erie and Ontario. Competent engineers Esti mate the Cost of the proposed work at at Mansfield a most remarkable breach of Cormiao Case uus Ceu commenced by Alary e. Mcnelis against Michael Pollock. Damages Are Laid at ten thousand dollars. The remarkable feature of the Cash is in the fact that the parties have been living together for Twenty six supposed to be Man and wife and have three children and at least one of their children is married and has Chil Dren making the parties to the suit grand parents. Nof oct the defendant Baa lately fallen heir to a considerable property and his changed condition has tempted him to Rove in fresh pastures which of has excited the Sal it to who Clergyman without a word pocket it with that hilarious motion and flush of countenance which indicated that it was the Best fee he had Ever received for officiating at a wedding. The Eye of the three were at once fixed upon him in Surprise and consternation. The or Iii of course would not speak for Ive thousand and tie bridegroom a Ciu irely of Happy to utter and even if he Felt like it his word relations were too recently formed to assume control of his wife s property and the Friend who got them into the trouble too Sensi Bly Apple ailed the joke to soy a word i while the he did t think of anything but going straight Oft o the Bank and drawing the Money. Mowerer before begot the Check com Brt ably nestled in his Vest pocket the Riend had passed it to him Issner is order in the following words take hot Cheek out of your pocket 1 which he Clergyman promptly obeyed and at were at once relieved of aos sense. Tha joke however was duly appreciated and by none better than the i Vrej across the Cou Tiue it. The Francisco Call says if the Price of passage from Omah California Over the Pacific railroads Jan not be reduced As we have been loping ii 13 in the highest degree Desir Able that some provisions should be made which passengers can enjoy rests of nights at a lesser Price than the present sleep no care afford. At present rates Only Ich people can afford to visit the East rpm this coast. The regular Tariff to Chicago for example u to which unit be added for sleeping car fare of Frons Glo to More for meals on to Rcd. Ore cannot a Man and his wife there t visit their friends or rela Ives in the Eastern states for a less sum Han or actual travelling excuses. There Are comparatively few who can afford this Price. On second lass cars which Are still quite Comfort the fare is considerable Lees but 113 fat igbo is altogether too great trav Ling or six Days continuously with it once stretching out the limbs in re Why not have some second class cars where for fifty cents a ight the passengers can Luxuriate it Ull length and catch a Little comfortable keep two dollars for a birth is More ban Many people Are Able to pay. R. General Batler was re nominated of Congress yesterday the fifth Massa in setts District with but on top Pine voice. The Pennsylvania politicians say their state Mast have either a place in the Cabinet or a successor to commissioner Delano. Or. Delano favors Gen. Cowes for the place and the president also in Clines toward him the Philadelphia press has reliable formation that eight agents of the free Trade interest were quartered at the Phillips House a Dayton during the late canvass with a corruption fund of which was spent in part 03 sensibly in distributing documents and in other legitimate electioneering tactics. The other part supplied the Purchase Money of a portion of col. Camo bsh s majority. Horace Greeley publishes an Appeal to he republicans of new York state heartily in favor of Woodford. Or Greeley says if there be any who deemed Gen. Woodford s nomination a mistake they should blame me for it Tatur my. He uttered be Ore the convention to decline absolutely n Ray Tsvor Iti should indicate a wish hat he should do so. I had no such wish and of course indicated financial Jund commercial. Wayne Salt eur. Huor de Bach Day for the by Bis co. Commission merchants. Red who Spring w 8rain wheat White no do Rea s5.0035.500555110 arc ill f and ladje3, cantle Jiey youths. Cill Dueh. Is new Troi a 8? Telegraph. or. Lur ate by and Vars try 1 Nikita Uvo a a 3. 70 f do at so 3 a pfc main at is u no 1 Raj it Abi it 3 sold Jaisli 1 cot i a cited a Tao. Cora Dall Aado it 03f do end Price luvs Vej tic Tranh. . I. Is. Wheat is 3 Foru 1 Ciraso Sll a Bill Tintor it n lust get Crim win seed at iio23 a 51 in set. Tel seraph cts Tel 21. Salts of no 1 red Stosl 3 so White 31 Cora bit it r or 1 july. Oat steady i no 1 at 4-3 it try crude Fane set say sine i As 10 accied a Masilia at a Sligo of Apoi. Cigars and to2acco. If York Sample Booi n e. Car main and Cali Ctm dsilsb3 is l. Tobacco ass pipes ill a Lutcs of wines liquors a e have the hrs eat Stock of com. Buckwheat fresh inferior gets 6undrie3 potatoes ebb beeswax. Eathers Cotton East. Woolen poultry and Rajie to erkers. Dry picked per live ducks geese Venison. Saddle. Sheep pelts medium fleece tub washed. Unwashed fleece. Seeds ii lard lard in Kees-.-. Hides re by 5.hw5jo Lousy of the Mother Hanco the suit. Of his children. I Elk Sonai. Gough has refused Over six ice lure applications this season. Horace Gieely is said to have sworn an oath twelve Agate lines in length on the night that the Shaft was broken in the press room. Parke Goodwin in taking leave of the readers of Putnam in its valedictory num Ber says to will meet them Nortin shortly in other Fields. Or. M. B. Middle writes to the Frisby icarian Banner from Heidelberg that the King of Prussia is an Earnest Christian As is Yon Moltke the planner of Cam pairs while Van Roon the minister of War is Ono of the comparatively few men in Germany who gather their households daily Riu l Lead their devotions. A Young lady at a Western Temperance meeting said Brethren and Sisters cider is a necessity to me and i must Hare it. If it is decided that we Are not to drink cider i shall eat apples and get some Young Man to squeeze me for i Ean t do without the juice of the the Tilton Fulton drinking combat thickens. Theodore announces his astonishment at the statement of the Rev. Fulton to his congregation defies the libel suit which the Rev. Fulton disclaimed and declares that if it be prosecuted he shall prove the Rev. Fulton not Only a lager Beer Drinker but a Fai Silier. The Cincinnati Engin ref tons notes a i distinguished arrival. Four hours six weeks ago a gentleman of Toledo profound fifty seven minutes thirteen and a half seconds after the fire Bells announced twelve o clock yesterday or. Murat Hal Stead exaid to by snark sex special Cor respondent in Paris former and future heavy Man of the commercial arrived it Hig office Corner of fourth and race its. He was dressed in a suit of Bright Prus Sian Blue clothes and wore n grizzly. French Imperial and Mustache and might a have been mistaken for either a German a Allf m a Paris or French refugee Llis of Canso want have been Over the left drawn by two milk Wenle steeds Ana on rho did without Assia i mrs. Partington says she understands cola Nav York to maoists pretend to have news that Pius in. Is coming to America to live. One foundling Home in sew York has received Durins Ine inst in Utica Thev Are Selling con Cord grapes by the ton. Recently fifty tens were sold at two cents per Pound. A letter dropped into the new Bedford pole lace Friday addressed to heavenly is detained for non pay ment of postage. Dear me How heartily tired i am of Shis said. A fashionable lady to her _ maid. Jane who is it i am in mourning a London Butcher has been detected in sailing Donkey meat for beef and his Cockney customers Are exceedingly indignant at being treated As if they were Spain supplies More wine to England than France and Portugal combined the figures being Spain eight millions of Dillons Portugal three millions and ranch four millions. California papers deny that the califor Nia mines have Given out. They say it is not the mines that have but the patience and courage of those who should have worked them their expectations were too extravagant. A grocer at dub que Iowa who had a Raat demand for vinegar recently Dis covered that he had tapped the wrong ask and had sold a barrel of old born Bon whiskey at ten cents a quart. The Pittsburg pm Ninffa Leader made its appearance for Tho syst time on tuesday. There Are now four morning and three evening English and two German dailies published there also four sunday papers and four religions weeklies. Thus it will be seen that Pittsburg is Wall supplied with newspapers. Pittsburgh furnishes is per cent of american Iron 08 per cent of our steel and 46 per cent of our Glass. The lat Ter Industry embraces sixty factories of All descriptions producing annually bottles boxes of window Glass and tons of Glass rare Worth in the aggregate Baltimore is not satisfied with her Cen sus. Two years ago Iha census taken by the City gave her a population of nor now the United states marshal re polls a population of Only this is less than the corporation census and an increase of but Over the United states census of 16go, when bal a Pioro had population of War . Ambler rep., has inn. In the seventeenth District. Lost a Lector containing Money that he wanted to Send to a Friend. He inter viewed the Post Effice secured the ser vices of the Chicago special agent both ered and Blower up the department at Washington and finally found the letter among some rubbish in his own disk. Kentucky. The blooded stallion Joe Stoner owned by Lawson Barren county bore off the Blue ribbon it the Illi Nois state fair last week in a ring 1 which there were ninety one entries. And then stalked we have been Given to neither Remote nor j the Al save that the Fronch chief Justice Chase in conscience of to be cup loved a the continued ill health will Dot Pablo auction of the Ems canal ice his seat of the Bench of the Sun of a excavating to. Vein York Cloia Aua a Tomb by and All Mihee ersd3 of ahu3embnts. Grand gift carnival Ose week Oslo Colerick sep Drahous commencing monday eve. Prop. Slate. Prof. Slate. Prof. . The wizard and Sites in pfc cuts Prsa Sais new Yost october 21. Money Market easy at per want. Starling 1 tuft to bottled Gold a Roer stud of at 113. Borrowing coupons 1865. Ebb. Conzona. 1sg7. Coupons. 10-40 a. Currency g a. State Bonds Dull. Tennessee old Virginia near. Old. 5orth Carolina now old stocks quiet but Bro nor closing at about Tho Aast prices of the Day. Western Union Telegraph. Adams express Wells of Fargo Anae Ricau express. United Siatras express. Pacific mail.-. New York Central. .62? .-34 do preferred. Do preferred Central. 3levelaad it Pittsburgh. Northwestern. Do preferred. Rook Pittsburgh. New Jersey Central. Do do preferred. Fort Vayne. 1 Orre acute. Preferred. Coca so and do preferred. To Ohio misafsaippf.331. Clor Elind Columbus Burli Ubota Quincy.150 Lafico snore.94j-5 Indiana Illinois St. do Cleveland Columba Indiana Baltimore Ohio.-1eo i will opes por in3pe3iros Laboffe few orb Jar Lucec. By Telegraph meet Yoac oct. 21. Active and prices advanced Sale spa Dales of middling Upland it floor steady. Wheat firm sales of new Spring 35 Winter red and Amber. 40 All and unchanged sales at Oats and unchanged of Western at Ohio Corn steady sales of mixed eggs advanced to porn pc and unchanged sales of mess at r december s23 january offered and beef quiet Aad steady. Bulk knots land nominal. 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Lags by they Ard Stair hods cornices a Beautiful s sack of Hia con to take Bis Nal from Laucken Fcker to Nordhorn tithe of the racer pin him additional rest and from be Lerberg Way of a peae court on its on the Nak. To Floral sol la although his not of ill connect the nver Ems .1 dangerous character in Plisic Insp Echt i me restoration of a correspond ont of the e busier Nacoli Ric Tai gives the following figures As an indication of the Osmago this War has i , oct. The saw Mills Illinois. Destructive fire. Dobb in Alsace. The Little town of Woerth with its population of has suffered to the follow extent destruction in Fields and cereau.2g0 000 francs detraction of buildings.360.000 destruction of cattle and horses. 70000 destruction of Hay Straw wines contributions to the enemy Mili tary eto.80.000 it sic on the St. Anthony Side of the Mississippi near Iliane Opolis were burned last evening. The Firo originated by the explosion of fluid lamp. Lois no insurance. Three Hundred men Are thrown ont of employment. Or. Edgar who was accused of setting fire to his business House in Henderson burned cot Long since was tried last week at the Union circuit court for. Arson and tha Paris Cut sin says Bara inquired of several Stock men who lira Well posted Aud they in that All Kindi of Stock is very Dell. In fact there is nothing doing in the Homo Trade. Ship ments to the cent Are unusually Light. Captain Dan Turner left last wednesday for Angusta go., with three car loads of Johnson who has for some _ time had trouble with his eyes is Nowlia the Kentucky Central and Short line horse Aud mules. They were shipped threatened with total blindness. Road to Louisville by Telegraph Chi Imago of of excise Irish relax carpets Ono Yard wide for a Yard. 3. Chicago. Oct. I i k floor Dull and Aliade lower Lealoa of trus at St eoss5 73 Rhea Dull and declined and 81 of sales of is an november for no 2 Spring a Museo noon Tho Market was Stea Xiy. Dora Dall and so 2 mixed this Olee noon Tho utri Atiram units and unchanged. Oats Nyics tales at for at Barley Sal wat fiiy5r a lower m a bets. Herein As he will reside cd his farm r few Miles oat of Washington whither his read the old most household goods have been rsm ored. J at fresh Weiler and Elsass Misen the to chief Justice has been snorting from Dacia so was still greater with a indigestion for several months but is Tion of 600 souls the destruction Inch belter hot being Able to walk j amounted of francs. T with Freedom and attend to his Corres j was announced a couple of Poydence. After the adjournment of the jag Itiat some prussian regiments hid court last Spring to Mado tha tour of been provided with Chasse pots that had the lakes but was compelled to abandon a More extended trip in consequence of his illness. He spent most of Tho sum Mer at the country of his Beau taken of con Tho enemy a few Daya past it was announced that two batteries of mitral lenses along with some other descriptions of bavarian artillery pass sales of Indiana at is Amber. Is 41 Byo steady at63c. Titi and Market firm sales of mixed at Oats Dall and to fringed. Potro Leam Dull and Inch into sales of crude at re lined nominal. Provisions Dull sales of port at s26 75, whisky firm at 95c. V York dry i i try Amie Snipie. Senator spragne St Narragansett where de through Carls Rahe on their Way to Trento insert and Tostik Ettor Ootton he still remain0. Paris. Pressed. A great offer m.411 Broadway. Sew y48e, ill of Osi Jis of j oto.is3, of Sis a Short Al Dias Cloi Terlau i Soni. Is Tfir Melg tiny fur Eash. Thiring to Lii or Waltl i 1-1m1 manhood How edits eds pubic Herd in a felled Tai veloce. Prise a seam. A lornae on the s k m k a to tre t. And Kad Toal cure of of we ukness. Luvola Tiu Emu biotin. Sexual debility Ana Imp Liu Uig to acne Ray Nerv Nainoa. Coosaw tinn. Dpi Topsy. And flu mental Oad physical by Lathar of Tho 1
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