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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 25 1867, Page 5

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 25, 1867, Fort Wayne, IndianaDaily Longphi the big tie and Tho one next to it for in thu Villoro ice def Litls the Ino Montois Iju toting As to Winch of Trio two shall Rule in the notices. To Mabry or not to m abr7? win Krtil Nekr. Atli Dit was Slusi whim goods. Worthy of important females Fly in r Woji the oldest Hegel atom for dry goods House 24 East Ai Uidl Upil ats Tiffa Srot Lith rile. It Mil lie seen from Iho i tract Yven in Lois Taniou from tue Boston Lorn Oft of monday Tomt the of the us Pironio Tuncil of grand inspectors general of the la dirty third and ia4 degree n Inch Umic nil in Hoston Mas-1 Lui suts n Ucen Ajaj ibo in Hiudt is n most important gathering to Bilics Neil numbers in anus no Jn-1 accept m kilo inc new of Rich arc Latcu equally and in now Ruud in out the rank ing a Ticer Tsuli i or hitting beet from Tho to underhand that our townsman lit ii we i in rti0mlj of King ii pointed in put for the most fuss font Ranil join Man Dor for the now Dutruit t of Indiana Nimlo Honora hic and position Ami 0110 to Quiring Milan or Siml a Luril Talent plenty of Kis Ira und Sonie ii urns and a Groat Loie Follia Kilt with Alm Mlsna Energy to cell Lull Ali Eli urge nil Uio duties its interest and i Ting m in require. It appears to m thai sir ii ohm was a most my Mirik Cebu Iii for such a p Nymn right mid proper Ibe Lourna Leay Tim ism divisions of Tho supremo oui in 1 in Raj third ten Kromei Yasuna Iii co we Todas 1 Sidny in it Hunt a reconciliation or Adi Lii Linen which Havo misted Lura period of Lotty Turco schism of tiny originated nearly us Iris in in o the troubles had reached a Point Uit Ettene to Juru the order two bup Romo councils Woro United upon terms entirely or and lilo following of ictus for Iho now Council were elect lurid heir for a lire Jears Sovereign grand com run rider j ii uni Inmond of Maine i Lissant Lieut mind Onu Naider Lola l Low i3, of mow Lork grand treasurer urn Fin div of Ohio grand Secretary of the 11 a Iwanij Ofsei York term ii keeper of Lui or n 11 Bur lift of Maseeh minister of state Clinton p l file of new Ork urairut martial h 8 Good with of t Ontis Hanin Brand master of co to monies e p Lliter Silloo of Indiana fraud Captman of Tho guards colonel s c Law Ronco of Ennd standar.1 bearer r u j Tor her own Sweet will in the present instance i Ilyf Iho Fofi Ink were of Mich Bainen of Longti hat Tho inference was sul Heully i 1 he Westminster ret no has Tho follow ing i n Marrable sati Mient which contains much More truth than it 19 Plous my for male humanly to a Leif women Bave Long been admitted to in orally Superior to men is the Day h Hall when they Are to Demon Tanto Tomt they Are our betters Tell ill la Vang be Only with that Advent of Bya ical Etc Enghu Wotch. Even tin in there a s reason to i oni what Ludi or Eliot Mil i r hit v 10 Jit the recipe Ami lir Liouta i nut of i my or e Csc i in i trial View Register. I Ith 1 a i m 1 i in 11iurs a 1 1. Unit lit j 31 1 u ii Osman 1 my i Rutt Attiat f Pumi jiul. Phim tvs 1 inn i Jim my 1 l n t Jylli m m 1 i Iju Miflin tui3 or j u 1 Lul Noiin 1 Idillio Irvi Nikitik i Ftp Mil. 111 s 1 1 l i Munir Sci oui pm a Iuliu n in u 1 i i so Yves m consumptive i lie nth in it to ii i to ill i Tor Lite coif 1 tick in it i tit trillion tree of mitlitl., Jot Allim it la i Lyrl Ieiri lunch tie n. 11411011 my j off pfc emf for Tot f kiii1h, Niphol Kishi blot icing t ireae us strength to the weak youth to the aged Liis preparation is 1 As t Kyjin in inti Tynni Lions the Sneden Oxild to certain to make Weir Pristine Jor it not lint Trent Plieni Anil is really in Mali Niblo Lien air Tollios win my 1 in rein Nervi us i capacity do by Cilisia h theor Gaitur glib ration nit Tytun Delbino b Miu Ladin Enni it has a Tost i single and soul tile i by Way narc cure in tin to pint Ion Tho re ebb and Uio 1mspai i ixg.theol03th.iild give this Vanable d cover a Mil a found totally Dif Leren from All other articles Toi thesis us pm Post ism valuable in nervous a cantos of All Kuuku As will Reat Reuie wasted strength Ritli nor tonic. Will rite Relief in Aldose a Brief in in h3e Iclal a Novala hit Sto at i to degree Ofiu Etc the Atli Aiida Iii ii in so Vej one Tolar per bottle or six lollies Roi pc sold by druggists Gem rally Bent b n Hurcil Jimh 4 Fyk reran Din store. Negm Igloo Imiru f n him ii till hols Milf cd 1 c. H Altman Kun Tjit Insh Kance abet notary , foot Wayne India Sta m 1 Iau nisus a store i. Street is. To Nucile it Katora a l r Lulli Edja is itt on new Flo by. Banjos ii to a Luis Imago Pihis r an 1 folic line Lor nil Luani Iuit Eon in Unity on 1 unit Ciff Petitry Liing Edmi Mingta the Trade Ami sell tip fawns a y retail rate rents in u i Lei Intel Steck Webber p i Hob i-p1.t r cottage organs Jiel Deoss. 1 1 1 ill to e prominent m inn fact rare in the Una Tell Iii also pm Miland 11 1 my of in Triune in Tuii Pil Neil rep Rcd in nil in n Orient a to e a i Lizio iiaorit3 or the United heir Tho 9cho ice or 1 Imio says or Fred Walthur Haa Elinour pm plot is tuner and minor or lit fair tier ii Cicolari enquire of a oort cell it 1 01 music 1 01 Tel j Lodl Fly or Foster endeavours o throw some Light upon Tho question f the length of Tima Between the bite and the appearance of hydrophobia. Is Thmas that we May draw Omo such Onclo Sionas the following 1. That when a bite has occurred on in face a of tepid of Uio night Bloom a nin5t a Teite in 1 or acini i i Tofino ill 1 it. In the rare Mill i us Idil 11 r a u m i Ula Cunrod Upton. Btu can a Tinl 1 it ii it Lucia h Softli Lulli Adinol no 2 1 in i Rayter Mieting m i y Jon Vii i ill i h of w Sui Wikton. Lii t Harmon Atil pm i ii hire. I actor a is t Ali Saluki in 1 my a tailing Uit Iliili 1 in tuning it to 11 Larrr loot i s is Gen 1 Shyette c biker chief of tie National dote Clire 1 olice daring there Bell Ion has published a Vollino containing a record of Iho on orations of his Force "10 Tut iv3 it is proper to make known to Tiu Public among the Many tilings new to hit Public Given in Tho volume is the following inform Ilion m regard to Tho final disposition of Booth s body Winch clears tip another Mysto a connected with the Issei Tiomi in order to Stab lab tie identity of lilo body of the Liisu Issue beyond All pie Eton the Secretary of War directed to to summon it number of witnesses residing m tie City of Washington who Hod previously known to o murderer sonic two years previous to Tho assassination of Iho resident Hooth had had a tumor or curb Uncle Cut from ins Nick by a burgeon in inquiry Las coi Tineil out or May .1 Well known skill full surgeon Olin years practice m Washington had performed lilo operation accordingly i called on or May who before Sei ing Tho body minutely Mesenh 1 the exult locality Ottlie tumor Iho a turn and tlaloc of the operation after lining sworn to Pom Lul to the sear in the neck Vii. H was lion a Lamaj visit old five i Tiger win Noflin Lnch Allol for year Ihn various nows Piper a Oahu left Ramg to Iho mutilation of Etolis body Jtb tits Wrd Winc surgeon Tenor no u b a was on Liotti Trio Boht Oliero Trio postmortem t Arai action was held with his Assn Litls Oon Barnes Cut from Booth 3 neck about iwo Mvi of the spinal rot Ninn through Wencl Hohall had a this piece of hone. in now on of inhibition in Iho government medical Jet Notum m Washington is the Only Rohe of Tho of Gawain a i Ivy above ground and this is the Only Mii Tiltti n f Iho rot Nama that Ever occur red a feet Iho Eloiie Siaion of Uio Tho secret at of War orders is to the disposition of Iho Hod and become Verj Oil onsite owing to to condition in which it had Roii Minwal after death Tho leg broken in Jim Pink from Tho Box to Tho was i Ucli Deco lored and swollen Tho blood from Iho wound having saturated hit in ilor Dothag with the lies i i b Bacr i took the body direct from Tho gunboat to Tho old Penitentiary and mining the old Arsenal grounds Tho building had not been used As a prison n Ohio Yungr past the Ordaneo depart silent had filled Tho ground door cells with Tufie cd la was selected As tic burial probably four or five will Clapso in Foo evidence of it is shown and Ore that if those few weeks pass Over safely an immunity from Tho in tidy May be a petted 2 that when Tho Blip had taken ice on the hand a Etitel logger time rom five weeks to a year at list must e looked Forward to with ranch a Toty it mar lie Tomt m Tho single to among the ten in which a year lapsed Detoro hydrophobia occurred Lero was some App civil re Tson for the Elay that Whan Tho clothes Tiosen Itten through before Tho skin in mini a Soma Yomara May Era Tho disc so Cucura. Arch i shop spat dog of b Ultimore who in m a fact the Catholic primate of american has issued a letter of us Struc sons relative to the coloured people Boc Tofig Paa torn m the Church to Meta blah m Mieir Tiyo Pam Heb or districts As soon As maybe Lett All practicable schools for Lorod people As exp Crenco proves of it is to impart religious instruction to Tho a who pm not i Tho Bishop remarks Furt Lier we re Ala glad to find the number of hatches for coloured people multiplied especially m the cities whom Pliay Are Moat needed lie also bears u Tinnia o the generosity of Tho co lord people who have always Given according to Hoir Means for the establish Limeuel Altu of col thu til s ask Foit pm salons Iak no for ii ranch Itu Caf Irli and Rii Roitt singers Public Sprakr s Aljen taken before Iii Ginger Sii Eil Iii in 1 relic Viii in Throat after in Gnu Salt Oft Lic vocal or organs tin pro trite ire ref in mended Anil p Riser i bed b i h no to country Ilu if Nii min a t Lifavi us proved thee Oleacy by tacit of Nuiji tears each Jear Amis Litwin 1 c in tics in Yarious Sathof tin or oilily. My Len. T irl universally Buter Tenn Arcles tint Nav to offered Soi i Al m Ami frn Uon i 11 1 1 1 till ill vols to Iii a i Tsi Ileal Luina Uii a n us i Tiff us Mingtoi i. Kulli. K ill n it Anil Sal p 11 intr Monatu a j1 pcs intr at j St marts in Cor 1 no Icli a on act life i a m i , miss us h Imori i i Lynli h is it v. M Neil ill Marti pry nil in he 1it Tkv Loci h 1 ufus 1 i nil. The recent Large Sale of domestics at auction. Shirting Mug no slur Long stripes denims oing Hama c we Are Selling at twin in Fig sous piano Fortes Timonty iwo first Preniqi minis Good and riot Irto dals Ali Ittis Mim tit 1 i mini poll Tumil Voltl ton to inn 1 n in h l powerful Clear Birilli ant and sympathetic tone pianos Iano i from All parts of the Woi id in Titi cd 1 r , and the Suei la Orrt Spon l it of Saj s s endorsement by tic Imirse i. Ind stronger Mill Mote to Liu Point limn Ali it of Auy to Torkian maker ii get. I tit trim Epli of american Pinnisi in caused a to nation in Cunti Keiit his its a Milt tie arc i con 01 tiers thua menu writing n Jil Iuie m Pic uts Torr o amen Everyst Primay Fiat Forte is Stato auditor of re torts for the fiscal Joar ending april 03 receipts of Ellon Muncy if unveil on co unto Advance on Croton and do troyed of other Unur rent unite "u4, of current funds Otal receipts Disrud ment Juilio Iarj j163j10, legislature 07, Trec liw by ilium s ,2 1 Bonito Liary local the publishes Stul. Menu ays nothing about the condition of to state to s i o m w Fott p4 to w Boot shoe store in no. 4, Keystone lock it. A Yob ind Harl Ilef Sci Wadei have of told a retail a department a and in order to do tins in Trio proper St i they have remo Teil from no 15cohnn 4, Ami finest Toota in tin text waled Fly sum it lock to tier very urge in 1 Romp Etc and com irises in part nil kinds of Adies Gloye kid and Sergo cob gaiters also Glove. Kid it Serge bal Roowala kid and Goat Balmoral of Lisle Natl half polish bootees laced boots and shoes of All grades a. A. Me2ws a lifetime Export Lance enables Lliam d Kara Nate satisfaction in style Quality 01 work and Price he toy will not be out done but i 1 u cheap either or a Tail a an House in to West us n merchants express company. Young retail and 1tom file works c. Schmidt or. By p h3 j is i4 and operated by our merchants and carried by exp Eoo Money valuables freight Faamuli Over More ulan Miles of Elpren Uta a Largo hat atone lifted from it armlet Gravo the body Wesdrop pot thu o up Uio Sleno the paced and thib rests to this hour nil Tyml to Hihumi of John Wilkes Booth Flott n Vovk to bed. Tanny Downing writing for Uio to 1 Ove thu explains Iho most Ono process by of flinch a Young lady prepare Lor bed diam cing Mindy Lior Factor Eiste and maid miss Preston performed Trio task of disrobing for Tho n Glit without other assistance than that of own Nim we fingers 1 first Tho Litile Laco Collar and Obbon were removed from the neck and night Menno dress Laid aside Noi Iho snowy skirts woo in theil overt head then it Spring touched in front o Trio rounded Waist when with a Click ing and metallic Fouad Down came the Wido is Panto of in nolo Obilo mis Ali Arlo stopped out of its steel Circle Coull doubly collapsed till Tea prot tier a Boni Elbat big mar Moc Hanica operation was repeated and Lotc Kwh. Am Stallk in files wasps Mill picks and Stone cutters Mari 01 Anys Zoor shape male to on apr in files Cut on Blihor notice the Only file factory particular attention incl to Onlin from Large Piirto f in or Tho hot intr ported Ptter Losli steel Les Suni Soli h and re Eive the Gigli Cost Letoi Umen Gallons from Mech Mitch Auto Suwim Ainuu culs Ollice on Between Cas and Ewing r 4 13 Tum fort Wayne a a a z i Hundred offices and Ali rough them to Moreton Gitin and town at just and Liberal rates based on distance and Cost. Pi4nos, pianos c i fort Arnii. Int site agent Ortli Conomo migrated pm Noiin Matini n Lori by vv1i. Knauf co., Steiff Ofaf a sons Kirk hid reputation Orth so manufacturers is too Aida Centor mind Oiler it old Lone factory prices also seut for s Dai Smith s american org ins ill in hib West to Livija on Rimml at Inot. Ii an Leolf Hamlin s Block str kit manufacture to order to Tchue Henlly it ital on Ola 2-8 Dora for fire Indio Lin cd of the Sierra san Atli Miosoty i sums Helix is Patent Graffe arrangement who re later twerp grunted Lien or tins inv Titan a 1 my act Ichih be tid of ii years by a Bong in a 1 Lano in i Ndini Ted to lie tic Iiga in Letyr Momcil to Intro Loco lines Are constantly extending i will soon eur cd Nin by both jux american Nna u s. Jover per month a Royal to i Pisa shop pm by Tota cats Mia inf Iho same patronage a Laborta it. Erpe Lenco its sum out Eua Eom did Coar Lemr a that to xxv rely upon the pub to Toobin Eurof cad up ii we Coli Tab hops to Merit uni. Office to 75 Columbia Street. Ile Nitt a. Need agent. T Idit a works. Boiler works motion Neil then with a stretch no ism of Tho plump White arms and along drawn sigh of Relief off Catyb the hath Frerra Railroad corsets an Tho dimpled shoulders of tie Wear or Rose id unrestricted Freedom Tho snowy night gown was now slipped Over tie head and us frills dint ily adjusted to the hex die Mirror inns visited Niril Tho Charm in Little Mottes made at Tho Bright fico it to Hectl and then seizing Iho Brush Iho Gir proceeded to apply it to her g Ossa curl until they shone i e fat its 1 hence to Iho Wash Aland where Teeth while Cocoa ii it meal Woro rubbed until they gleam Detill whiter and Tho Rose in Tho glided Basin of pure cold water until it glowed with Crimson and then drawing a lows a to Tho fire Tho Young girl Laid on9 pretty foot off Llyon Hor inc and a Gaffio in Itco Volmy Boot Arch. In few in orients both Little feet were Baro i their childish o Tho hot bricks of the Hearth while to afoul we wide it to Tuo Wayne hoop skirt factory no. 91 Columbia Street Joseph Black to the ski. I will m tort v i Styli and Mil receive treat Tho no to a Kirby Easta Itlo of Stirr de we Iii Wasli Mifflin ill in Jioio Tran Naco a Tot a Emu of to try entirely Natilo to arc cordially in Tilto will in treated without in one mid without Price ecu igniter Lime r a 1 1 Iii Dorfsman or attire 1 in them in Frantt lumber Yard Deally in a Tom be a be said and late shingles Gidias flooring Poplar and Fine. Take of 01 City Mills Price Tittl Tofor of pow in Mem 1 d Bour. A sutbrxe13te James h0mphrey steam Mari Call attention to our Lurge Slock of House furnishing goods Oai Pew Oil lot pm Townley Boad Oil Ion in la to order upon Alidort Aotoa. New and be Mojid hand boilers twits on Siwl Culi Ineis u Sheet 1kjs work tanks Ash , aft shop to 3 you Sec All kinds of time Pleen and Jewelljr roast Reatho most work Manuko Monnar Trail neatly Sandstone works tomil8tomi5, mantles and slabs of the beat american a italian Marble Buix Jinq Stone Tau tends ii Hoolko celts it Pula Star Johnw Nln Fol Tea ate fort 0 Zuj Huttl and miss dts Oka 1 aug. Iivo Street to is t ast Waal of ton doors Ives of Trio Kaats Hobl where Hicy Linnic to Scott their old friends an 1 in Many new ones a ii Poao uie Wuh Anil Ulicy it Moo atle Nilon is hero Tortore to nil kinds ing Ami embroidering Ilono on Short no Lii Bucu Lieg newspaper newspaper

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