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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 25 1867, Page 4

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 25, 1867, Fort Wayne, IndianaDaily Gazette. Saturday a vexing May 25. The lord brought Fol Lias settled a scan Lal Ous Cass for besides coir. A was Ihre Aisne disgraceful developments unless he complied. I i detective biker has filed a Bill to compel tha City of Washington to pay the Reward offered for the est note of Booth. The inhabitants of front petition the City Surveyor to Ehan ii tie bed of the River a a dead body lying in it opposite their not an agree Able neighbor. I Rev. John w. Beckwith of to Trinity Church new Orleans episcopal Bishop elect of Georgia is a native of Raleigh. N. C., a Nephew of the late Hor. George e. Badger and 37 years of age. The music store of bit hard j. Compton and gun store of t. J. Albright son fourth Street St. Louis were a fire and water last monday Evenin May 20, to the amount of about besides damage to the building making tha total loss a Christian Patriot Oak Bixby Fisk Jeroom. It Ifould be a curious question to figure done. The language of to is Section is As fever we think. Then boils and car Bun follows v in lest Early covered his body and weaken Sec. 48. At every such is physicians could not out just How much of himself is a Man s common Council shall in property. In theory lie Ara Seccus Jujj balk eegiaee.-, Thiea coital this Islia is Ai Oai la to aed to Baliva that men Are and of right should Bayrea. But there Ara All possible Freedom and it is a Nica Point o decide How much belongs to every individual. Wawera is tha line of separation Between the right to one s self every per son has and the right Tost other Persona have in him. No More ardent Friend of humanity Hvala than is Horace , and no one struck braver blows for a Elfran he. A sinners to form a Board of health and in j thou and dollars by his relatives their discretion a and to the thirty acres on the it and the Mineral in his Yard measures and As Many supervisors any Ona Elsa know. A leaves two of streets to act under tha direction j , a sister two nephews and a of the Street commissioners Asha Imide no will. May deem necessary and All other Orf Icess which tha bylaws May create or re the language of this Section settles tha question that tha common Council can of Chr the Kew York Vij Book claims to have the largest circulation of any dem paper in it very popular journal among tha dam Anch sement of the slave than has and a fact must make their appoint Oer ats o. The Wear and is Liberal put Are the Battles he Las fought ballot. So that the i Roni Sej by Vliem in a recant Issue the up cumin Turush the Jackson miss Calfio suggests a Southern subscription to up Chase a Home for Jeff Erson have thus far failed to see any Souther Christian Patriot appealing for South Ern subscriptions for Tho Southern Sutler ing poor. John e. Hayes editor and proprietor o the Savannah Republican has been a pointed commissioner of the unite states court of claims in hates is still an inmate of the county Jai As a matter of principle rather than a shoo Fine imposed forcible. The Jackson Sliss Clarion says thai conservative papers i Mississippi which a Decato reconstructs in conformity to the Law of Congress Are also several newly Esta Bebhe Radical papers advocating the same course fifteen Mississippi papers oppose recon Striction under the congressional plan. The following Are the registers in bankruptcy appointed in the Eastern District Pennsylvania second Liam Mcmichael p. Fisher fifth Edwin t. Chase Al judge deadly f Tho United states court in san Franciseo recently decide that the play of the presented in that City is an immodest pro action that it depends attraction upon exhibitions of lying a Pun v and that the Heaters cannot been joined therefore from stealing it from on another. _. The sew York Central Railroad by Means of the Athens Cut and the terror thereby caused to Albany has Euc Cee Dod in extorting from the Albany Cit Council right of Way to the River land important privilege hitherto denied in order to Benefit Cartmen. A Are not surprised therefore to read tha the Athens Cut off has been abandoned and the boats now run to Albany As be for. The Massachusetts registers in Bank re Plov Are first District . Cush new Beaford second Samuel b Ito yes third William Rogers of bos fifth George of curate Smith Edgar Jav Sherman of Lawrence seventh Andrew j. Jewett of Lowell eighth. Peter Bacon of Worchester Minth Ithamar of. Conkey of Amberst tenth v j Oseph Tucker of great Barri Attoh. Ephraim h. Smart of Camperi fife., a democratic congressman fifteen or Twenty years a Copperhead during the it paper. Called the Bond Taser arid equal rights advocate the equal rights deferred to and to be advocated Are explained As an equal Chance in the struggle for. The Means. Of to be accomplished taking Bonds and abolishing Erie officers. Col. George w. Keely. Of Metropolis Massac county state s attorney for the nineteenth. Illinois circuit recently abandoned his family and decamped with Young woman a with it now appears he had Lone maintained improper relations. Death howl overtook the guilty pair at new Berg Warrick county ind., where col. Seely died week and his body was returned 111., for burial. Col. originally commanded the 131at Illinois infantry., our the Democrat is prov ing himself a philologist of extraordinary acuteness. In this line to has certainly had no equal since the Days of do Berry the statute authorising the appointment of a Street commissioner by the common Council is at present receiving Nis critical attention. Upon this astute subject he discoursed in this Wise did not think there was a fifteen years of age in this City who was not fully aware that n Street commissioner was appointed and not elected 1 the schoo boys of fifteen and upwards would no doubt to much obliged to our Friend for the exact meaning of the two words he italicised. It. Is True they May turn to Webster Tor their definitions but then Webster migh Tbs editor of the Democrat could not be. says to appoint Means to designate while elected Means designated. A difference we Wil leave the editor of the Democrat to explain. But if the Council cannot apr joint a commissioner by election in what possible manner can they appoint Jim the word election according to our Standard authority Tho choosing person to fill an office or employment by any manifestation of preference As uplifted hands or Viva now if the Council should selector appoint Aby one either or uplifted hands or on Call of ayes and Hays or by any other manifestation officer to elected and yet hib demo run says he can t to elected. pretend Webster is right in this matter we Only diff nations. To show what an old dunce he was and How unfortunate for him that be can Dot a included in the invitation Rex tended to Tho five a publican Council men to visit the editor of the Democrat and receive instruction from the Fountain All learning i or the slave and now he May justly begin 0 ask if he himself is free. It seems of ate the people Are cracking their whips Iver his shoulders with As much Assurance As if Biddy and soul a were owned by the body politic. If Jeff. Davis were to be discharged it is every Freeman s privilege o become his surety or not As he pleases r it is every free Man s privilege to urge is release or nut Nabo pleases that is if oils be fully and unequivocally a free Man. But if tha Public have certain vested rights in every Man which rights May be violated by an expression of his opinions or by then to is no longer a free Man but a slave to Tho most inexorable and tyrannical of masters. It is even bet Ter to be subject to the will of one to the will of a score. And if Greeley has lived to see the Day when the Black is free to go and come to speak or refrain Luminous articles upon this subject after All become simply nonsense. We think the five Republican councilman will hardly go to school to its ii Tor. The new the apostle of the new democratic party l. P. Millgan having been for that purpose appointed by the United states democratic Central will in a Short time commence holding a series of meetings in different parts of the state for the purpose of reorganizing the Defeated and disheartened democracy on the basis of tha United states democratic convention at Cincinnati on tha 3rd of april 1s67." this movement which has been necessary rally delayed until the re lease of its great Leader Jkai. Davis from imprisonment will now be urged Forward with great vigor. From speaking As he pleases while his i the importance of the movement is Ful own words and actions Are the absolute property of the populace he has lived t Ste the Day of the blackest slavery eve known. Yet the question Leeura to much of ii Imiela Man Whethe he Public have not certain rights i every Man which must to a certain extent control his actions and words has or. A theeler Tho fullest right to Saj and do what is pleases whoever answers the last question calmly and Dis Casio namely must answer it in the Nega live. He has not that absolute and Ful right. By virtue of his Eminence he Owa o a candid and careful hear no and his opinions and action mus o a certain extent Accord with that Opin on. Not that we would deny the slight est degree of Liberty of thought and free Don of action to any Man but there an Many self imposed Bonds under which Ivery Man acts that cannot be Properro disregarded. He bound to respect the arty 3 opinions and feelings with which he he bound to respect he customs and conventional ties of society into which to pushes himself in must not disregard the proprieties of Thi position be sustains and so in Many other ways is one a servant to others is one nol absolutely free. In. This Way has or. Greeley offended. Those who denounce his obnoxious actions As sympathy will treason do or do those who charge him with intrigue and self seeking. His whole course of action is in. The. Strictest seeping with his life time opinion and specially expressed during the War. To has continually deprecated the acerbic a both North and South and t times has kept these opinions most obnoxiously before the Public. How overmuch we May condemn his Policki and actions we can but Admire Tho hero ism of the old Man who chose on last inter by an uncalled for display of these Ery sentiments which he Lias since Crys Ali Zed into actions to ruin his chances of an election to the United states Senate Ather than the people should and his position. We believe he ba3 committed a great error by pushing Hira Elf As he did upon the Bond As Ono of the sureties of Jet Davis. We believe that e is justly condemned for the prominent an lie took in securing the release of u.v1s. It has the appearance of that amp Abby with treason which is creditable no Patriot. By that appearance he has one violence to those obligations he has Olu Clarily assumed. Obligations which Ero not to be lightly esteemed. To has a felted the Confidence. Of the patriots Cha country riot justly we thinly in his but justly in his Wisdom of Dement and despite Alivie Good Intel on despite All Bis protestations of his a Orrence of treason despite All to May say of Chlpate himself from the charge be ill to history. As one who sym at Hizsa with the traitors of the great Bellion. If he Baa erred most fearfully ill is records of history punish him by set Forth in a manifesto from l. P , the chairman of the Indiana committee dated at Huntington May 20th, in which he charges that Many of Tho leaders of the democratic party fro causes not satisfactory Fly understood b the honest masses of the party hav strayed from the ancient Faith and Eree of Tho party and fused corrupt revolutionary and impracticable part headed by Seward Johsson be Imok and for Thesa and divers othe reasons concludes that old democracy is played out and the time has arrived t invite the honest but disheartened Mil Lions to unite with Lort to re organize us the in an of party on the basis of the Creed of the apostle of democracy and the traditions of our this apostle Urther says that this is an apr Oprial time when no heated canvass will Bias judgment of any when no favorite candidates Are in the Field engrossing Oil sympathies and demanding our support for which purpose and for. Consulta Lioi n reference to there organization of Thi old and regular democratic party the undersigned for that purpose appointed by the United states democratic Centra committee will by a series of meetings hereafter to be called in different parts o he state assist in taking Steps to Perfec , at will be proscribed for a difference of Opin on in. Matters of detail but none will be regarded As of its Whoso Faith on elation does not Square wit i those of Thomas Jefferson and Bis political Asso i remarkable career of Aii pc a citric India Luul. I Iowa times. May in. That eccentric and somewhat Amous old. Tom in his it on the. West slope Olathe Beautiful Luff which bears his at three clock. Yesterday aged fifty bight he was. So strange a character and his ame at least was so generally known Hough thousands in our City never saw Lim that a sketch of Bis Willic read Vith interest. Tom Kelly was one of the very first of to settlers on the tract of n ithe limits Hei was born n King s coi nity Ireland in 1309. He migrated to Canada in 182c remained 3ere two and Balij and then South journeying through Tho Southern Stales to new Orleans. Thence o came up. The Mississippi River and Index in Galena in 1831. In Tho Spring f 1832 he came Todi Buquo and worked the mines until he with Many other in by Loul cant s34, ordered Davis. He built Back Ada Majl some merciless wag has been playing on Tho simplicity of the Democrat most making it believe the coun i could not appoint a Street commission by. Ballot. The Happy editor with this a confusing his brain comes before Tho Iblis As follows now sir or. Elder we did not think Ere was a school boy fifteen years of re in this City who was not fully aware commissioner was appointed a not elected. Had we for a moment be tved that there was one person ignorant these facts within the limits of Tho City Irp oration that person of course we should have deemed the elder and accordingly we would have considered Ita Dull devolved upon us to instruct him. How Ever on this Point we Are now satisfied and for his belief Lowe will quote the Law the Law or. Elder is As follows Sec. 8. The officers of such City shall consist of a mayor two councilman from. Each Ward a City clerk assessor treasurer civil or and marshal and if the common coun cil deem it expedient for the heat interests of the City a City attorney and City judge the. City attorney Street com missioner and civil Engineer shall Boap pointed by the common we do not believe our readers Gener ally Carol anything about Thia matter but it May be Well enough to soy the fact thai the City Council Are empowered to a to Inthia officer has never to our know ledge been by anyone. Tho confusion of our neighbor on Tho subject being caused by his inability to under stand that the Section to quotes Only gives them the Power to appoint but says Noth ing about the manner in which it is to be done. Without other legislation the Council might appoint , by Reso Julion Al or in chose. But Section 8 not All the Law on the subject though it seems to be All the Democrat has read if it will turn to Sec Tion 48, same act it will find the time and appointing the City officers aha it that the City officers Are to a appointed Landing Ite declaration that it cant be Cabin just opposite Bat is now Graham s1 Brick Yard living Here Many and Ogain common cod dining. He was one of the most Indus . In 1834 he truck a big ode on the Bluff named after Birn. He Ion staked off As was the custom of i ers then about forty acres on the Bluff and held it until it was open foil Ontra when to Cama in Possession of the land lawns in company with Cardiff and Jang Worley and the mine was Ono of 10 most productive Over this de of. The River. How much was taken it is not known. Several years after he discovered another Lead on the Bluff near Bird Street which also yielded largely in 1838 he his Bluff and commenced smelting Mineral. He lived All this time alone with men As Hia business do so working either prospecting smelting in .1851 he shipped an eur Nouv Quantity of Lead for new York by Way of new he had it insured for Twenty Nice 0o the Way in was just in and he went to St. Louia to collect the insurance Money receiving new York for the amount he started for new York with the drafts in his pocket to set them cashed himself. At Albany his strange appearance Long Nair rough clothes and singular meaner caused ill bred boys to follow and annoy him. The result was that one Day he filed a pistol vexing crowd and mortally wounded a he was tried judged to be and Send to the Utica insane Asylum the state authorities taking Possession of his since to the amount of thousand dollars. Whit became of the rest is not known. A retained at Trtica three years we he escaped and made Hia Way Back to dub qua i to then built a Cabin on Tho South Side of his Bluff. It was composed of stones was Low and almost covered with Earth. It bad no windows but one Small below it to had a piece of ground fenced with Brush which to cultivated. To did his own looking and waiting. His covered As it was with Trees was the re sort of scores of people every Jummers Day and is a most. Inviting picnic spot it was free to All if they would not abuse his Trees nor approach his hut. Either of transgressions annoyed him ively and the Toon made to feel that Tho Best Plano for him was somewhere else. In 1862 or 1863 the Root of his hut caved in and he vacated it after putting up a worse one West of it in a More retired spec he continued his prospecting Ali these years and in 18g4 Strucic another lode which added much to his wealth. His singular Moda of life and his reputed wealth is Well As his rough appearance made him notorious How he could endure living in Cloeo and dark even in Daylight save As a Candle lighted it with for his floor to can t but thus he lived Here for thirty years. He was taken ill month ago of billion Day thus expresses the Bope of Ita parly first with cola Sean removal of external pressure the Nat. Ural relation Ottha races will recover it self spontaneously and necessarily As a gravitation when foreign forces or Buman contrivances no longer impede it. Ste Oak. Negroes debauched and be graded by Northern agents and indeed White men that resist the natural Law and become obstacles to social order must a and will be exterminated of course and though most Likely Brief the time and social disturbance must need be in exact pro portion to the corruption of the social elements by the temporary Northern denomination. or cite Leit Lianzi in. Statute Loiue Only. The Institute homeopathy of the slide of Ludis Namel at the House of Hall at 3 o clock p. Si., yesterday. Or. 0. P. A of Richmond was called to. The chair and or. Bam was appointed to draw up a Constitution and by hubs. Which report was accepted and the Constitution and by Laws adopted after which the following officers Wera elected 0. P. Bear of mood. 1st or. Parker o Greensburg. 2.d Nice Leonard o fort Wayne. Recording ,1.t, Boyc Indianapolis corresponding Secretary and trea surer or. Is. 6. Farnham Indiana Polis. Board of Eggert of in Diahan Olis Drill j1. Boyd of Indiana Stockham of or Luncie or. Jennings o Shelbyville. After some interesting discussion t goods a , agent. Branch society Indianapolis Nal. Herala of tic 21s say Funice Bis adv. Morton s health 1ms not been so As it was throughout Tho Winter. We under starch Lis Excel Luucy hits Boon induced to try the Virtues of the Arkans Liot Springs and will Teave for locality to Morrow rite it. Strong testimony. Taha Koa l Erry 111. Dec. . J hts certifies i have used Ami rcom needed Lii my proc Nice during the Hist four Hostet Tett s Stojsich litters Vith great Plevi nire in recommending them to the Pulitic Tuscola August x a Jar use in my family and consider Tom i the boat that trocar he. My wife has be Rived great Benefit rom Una ii so considers them an n valuable respect fury yours a a Millet. Oxford. Warien co., n. Y_aiig.20 13gc. Jessers. Saint Hal ii. Great do Jimmy for your Val in this neighbor using them in our family r some find them the Tiv of Imily use. Yours .1. N. do. that your my kudu e in my family and from what Iscis far Superior to Ziy s by ther. Yours i Vurley of the loin for Sim Tyhof scenery evenness ii of climate its Limpid streams not col tie first Rop Timber Auto Oal near tie. Raih Oil will for i the v pact Good horses Gnu Muules taken in abstracts offer duct give u in Aji is Foniri Kui Rosq full info nil att ii Given Imd a proc ass by Kail Rovid to purchasers to Ami from Bini Ilju. To r _ for papers aug mans will on i Stuie Aveline House. Or. Cull soon fort ind. May Fla a of propom1s Best cast steel saws and it. W. Todd co s Oak tanned Patent stretched and cemented leather belting constantly in Stock or Uuele to order at Shore notice. West manufacturers prices is me United states. M. S c a. S 1-1 90 Columbia St. Offer a greatly reduced magnificent Stock of Rich Black dress Silks including extra heavy rep silk for Mamie and Yoke shirts. Foot. 1 per foot. A ill to open this week the newest tilings out in the dress goods line. Elegant Plain Paris pop Chenie melange Stripe velours Goat hair do Soi Percale i Laos or my shirts fit because they were made at a. 1st of i and other widths lit proportionate prices you Ned belt1xc. Dongle Belt Dongle Price made to order particular la Cail attention to the Quality of our lulling. Our leather boiling in manufactured under the personal supervision of one of our firm who Hua a experience of Many a ears .13 a practical licit Blaiber Cuil we to be airs Melass article. Orders subject to tie prices current at he time of delivery. Pat Cut Jacc a ii tuck Belt shool is Kiv ctn Reurs Belt is and Liivet sets meat so Mill a i apr Flics a libels Force Tiu la Lilia silts Ami Otho saw glimmers of Vai ious patterns. Rubber belting furnish a to order. A. Recent arrangement we Are now pre ared to furnish circular sails with Spain ill us s Fate t Teeth inserted. Psf Send Lor our led cod Price list of 5-21-Dstawl invite special attention to the celebrated Clarita Corset believing that it is the most perfect fitting French Corset imported. Have this Clay marked Down the prices of bleached mus Lins to correspond with last weeks great decline in new York. Loc per Yard buys a fair Muslin of us. I will my Fzli Easore at a. 1st cell s. Parfett fits warranted in Al cases dry goods. Read this carefully new styles Tripp Tigar have just received Large additions to their furnishing goods it no in the finest assortment Ever of a goods fire nil the most styles of ties scarfs bows . Jala sese. Of Uzi Anil links a Alt Salimes. Howl ski Lilc Vail b13 Lali Kullis Castor Uerlin i to Ircink loves. T full Stock for Lif Ceu cents pc repair tthbertstear., 1lic. Gauze li3leth11ead, Jaleil no .5auze, mid 1jspenukrs, Lisl a Sulc Iulus lot of Call and examine. Olfer the popular duplex Skirls. Thomson s celebrated Boulevard Arica Isle giant skirts also the new style walking skirt for the Short dress. Misses and Young ladies skirts in great variety. I c3 is i do i b. D. A get i 02 o o 3 o a a pm go s3 o h h i m of l be sold cheap Kkt pm for Silt Puiul made to measure 02 fun f Tiik 1 rat indent Worlton this oui division of the Ernid rapids and Indiana Kail its from t rapids Viz 1 for the Clearing Rad Inix Grid Iii and Tho Iron of the Section of Road from tort Wayne to Lima. Ind i Niles 2. Torche like work on Road Trot ii Kalla Ranoo Toi Jim proposals will also lie received Lor Jln Ishing and supers to Mcturck Ana or the or less portions of the wort and must a Ceily prices in detail and should state what per cent of imy Racut will be received in and land Bonds of nine Asto the work be in fort Wuyu what Adl be Roc civil d City Bonds of those cities and As 10 work Between Kau zoo and grand Ith Puijs per cent will Barc veil in Bonds 01 the town and Btij iils Ami other township Bonts in Kulani Itzov to o the wort e May biased on monthly proposals Oil payments. Estimate soothe work to be and Oil tar be obtained and profiles of the Workman be yen on april cation to Tonao Allce. To Het Weri grand really to commence truck laying in. Between fort Wayne and Gnad Lapius read Tor Iron before the of april Isis. Kyzr Dierof the Joseph la. Edgerton Vff-7-Ilttl president. Stii Erkis g1vext1iat there will Al be a special election held on i5tli, in ,.the sixth seventh and eighth Uio. Of foot for Hie pose of electing of the comm ii Council from of said wards Ono of which Bac Jabers from each Ward to to deter Tineil by Jot at the meeting after their elec Tion his year Ami the other to be determined in like manner Squill hold la Solticz two Yearry annually Liere Jitter shall Bee let Teil by the left a to each the sixth Wiinie will com prise All the Cornor at limits of in City South ofthet., w. W it av., and St. J he save with Ward will comprise nil territory Lei Iii South of St. At Tith Ward it. W. U. A tracks. Polls Rutth Waco will opened in her Riiff s a t in lion cd s to newly App or 6-15 Diot take idiot inc. A Chittenden City clerk Boot shoe store t. N. Hood itahufictukeb3 a.si1 do Lakhs in boots shoes 74 ba11r Street opposite Market House. Gent s slippers open Ery description ii tube Boston Boot Anil shoe store 74 Tho Market House . Up you a Good Boot made to l order of any description. Go to the Boston Boot Ana shoe store 74 ban Street opposite the a ticket House. T. N. Hood co. Of repairing done in. Aud she store 74 Barr Street the Star act Honse. In. Ii you a co to the Bostok Boot and shoe _ store if you want a Good titling French calf sewed Boot 74 Barr Street opposite tile Market Tonat. of and Abbes sandals go to the Boston Boot and shoe store 74 Barr Street to site Tho a tier .Hoodi co. Large vau1ety to or Tel at Tho Boston Boot find shoe Market House. . Of where you can get Una thing you want in the slide and Boot line from a Brogan to a Good Glove or Harr Posito the Market House. .hood too. Have at Low prices Linen sheeting and Pillow casings toilet and Imperial Asp err Stock of Linen table furniture Curlain no Singhani laces drapery muslims. Clothing. A respectfully announce to the citizens of fort Wayne arid Viii it i hot Slipy it Cunat return Neil from with Stock of american Plain Cash meets Fine. Cassimeris All Wool tweeds Linen Duck and drillings York checks my nankeens3also a Fine Assort mint men s Wear of air kinds at of prices. . I jest Brasil of 1hntkr Spring wheat flour always on hand. We so eclat attention to our Choice i Trail of Spring heat flour at very Tow prof Ca. P. Hoax main co removed to rooms on the Columbia strict Stop and Oppenheimer s clothing store. Keystone Block. Knt Ronce on Columbia Street. Danton in gloves in Mode and White War ranted the Best Glove retailed in any Market. We Are still sell ing them at the old Price is .90 per pair. Atthe popular Stor i of Colum Mai St. Cloth my goods umbrellas notions and in Generali ail goods belonging to gent s youth s toilet. pure leased at the lowest prices. In Priti Cirilar to re comment ready made Ching Byoir elves. Every the and Fasli Monahe web acted As ehpre8ented entire old Stock at auction snit swill by Maui at Tho shortest notice and Falls . Please give a Bacall and fax before Puriba Silig elsewhere. No.7i Columbia , ii-19-dl-w3m Wagon maker. Totos. East or main Street. Port Wayne. Indiana. repaired trimmed and painted. Particular attention paid to trimming. Buggies wagons ironed to order Abl work warranted. M Rodgal go. April 2gtli, offer 100 Hose at 12 1-2 c. 5 cases Good Cali Coes at 121-2c. 3 cases bleach. Muslin at 12 i-2s. I Bales Brown Muslin at 12 l-2e. 50 Doz. Ladies sex. Hose at 15c. 3 Bales Brown Muslin at 15c. 2 cases bleach Muslin at 15c 5 cases extra Cali Coes at 18c. 3 cases Brown Muslin at 18c. 2 cases extra bleach d at is. Gent s super half Hose ladies Iron Frame 3 thirds 90 miss Sand children s Hose at Redzic d prices. Danton kid gloves All sizes. Ladies and gents Spring gloves ladies silk Mitty. Kew Siyl s piano cover printed and emboss d Taole spreads. Marsailles quilts at to bordered Linen towels per dozen. 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