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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 25 1867, Page 3

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 25, 1867, Fort Wayne, IndianaDaily Gazette. Saturday five Niho May fake com. It would to a curious question to figure it Juit Liow much of himself is a Ian the language of Una Section Tsas fever a Dunk Ihen boils find ctr Bun follows cles Neirle of Ord his Boily and weaken meeting Iho Coinon Council shall Aua t a f Saint Louis of iwo Dkl in i Paivi i , 1 1. I4. , goods. Ind company 90 Columbia St. M a Call in Lucuil in Slot of Rich Black on Silks us rep silk in Mamie and Root and company open inns ilu1 Nocost tiling out in Llic Linn i lain pan it nip Mehn incs Hin pc it Percale i j in o indies Root and company Sinilo special Al Fernium to the celebrated or i Cotter a ital in is Ilie most Poi Fen it Ting French Corset Impi fed Root m this a Down the Pines of i i n m is Bias to come spoil Nilli last weeks great Delenie m new York. Luc per a fair Muslin of us Root and company Olur lilo Popuri and i Logam skin is an Ilio Nurt skill Loi slices and Yoni Kulii Ulin k in gun Vance Root and company Low Iupps Linen Slier Lings Ami Pillow Asnis toilet and Inion Al a urls of Linen fisc Nutre pm hip fit Musi Root and company i air in Plain Fine All Wool tweeds Linen Duck and Lork checks ind a Fine Assort ment men s of All Hinds at on i tees Root and company Danton in Mode colors Black and wine warranted he Hist Gonci failed in and Malu t we Aio fetal Selling Thorn a like old prof per Attlio popular new York store of of Lam Foin sit. To shirts full because Brj were at a it k 1 s. I Grill 91 j Nen Enre Angell s. Perfect fits warranted 111 All case1 b. D. Angeir 64 1 1 1 3 1 1 s s s go s 3 h 2 h a pm 1 ii m i is 22 h g 3 1 i leg 1 a h to. G of of fat a g g As it s 1 g h o h i a 4 0 c5 this carefully m Dougal april 2clli, offer 100 Hose at 12 1 2 of. 5 cases Good Cali Coes at 121-2c o cases bleach. Muslin at 12 i-2c Bales Biown at 12 1 2c Jodo. Lad Esex. Hose at 15t 3 Bales Bro i Afu Sliu at 15c 2 cases bleach Muslin 5 cases extra Cali Coes 3 cases Brown Muslin at 18c. 2 cases extra bleach d it is gent s super half Hose ladies Iron Frame 3 tit Roll 90 miss Sand children s Hose at reduce d prices. Danton kid a loves All sizes ladies and gents snug gloves ladies silk i k. New style s piano co Vorpi Intel and emboss ii Laisle Marsailles Quick Al bordered Linen towels 50 per Good hoop skirts Al 76c Anil new Spring and Siim Meir Shaw Rich dress goods reduced prices new York Mills warn Sutta Lonsdale Masonville and All Best makes of Blech d muslinsjbrowi1 muslims All popular brands Pillow casings 8-4 9-4 10-4 sheeting from the Refl auctions 1500 Yards dress goods Al Mitidi dress goods in new Spring styles Anil colouring at 25 30.35 37, 40, 45, and 50. Splendid Slock of Eassi Beresfor men and boys col Cnadis Pant san Fri at 85 to 50c per Yam. Crochet but Tow Large Slock of Doak and hit s billions real lacks Laif collars new Genii Lenarc lairs. 178 i feet Haltem of carpets 50r to per Yard 25 new so Les of matting new Tel Vel rings nails an elegant Stock of window snides at Mcdo Zigal co s. To 7 Block oaf hour str la Lac kkw8. Lord Bas settled a s animal Oua enso for besides costs to was threatened disgraceful developments unless he complied sex detective bake has filed a Bill 1" compel the City or Washington to Tho Reward of ired for Trio capture of Booth the a Btu Truls of it my petition the City survivor to change the bed of the River Kab a dead body lying in Toppo lie their dwellings is not an agreeable neighbor res Fohn of Church new a Altani episcopal Billup blew Tofton i i is Ansini roof 0 a Nephew of Lale lion George t Badger and treats of pit hard comply and Gim Tor of t 1 Albright 4 son fourth Street by Low wore damaged c e and to tatar monday evening May to to tic amount of it 1 out bus do ,000 damage n the buildings ranking the ?1 1 oms v Christian Patriot Steij info to Voith the n my Clarion eur Gap to a St it Lorn to Pur Chat e a Home Lor Jefferson Davis fee suit Tiivi to an5 Feu Bern Chri inn Patriot appealing for South ing poor John t editor and proprietor of the Savannah Republican ha1 been appointed commit loner of tie United court f Claing for Georgia mrha e is Mill in Inina c of tha county jail As n Miil Teru principle Kalber than pay forcible the o Arion says there Are Twenty paper in reconstruction in contort no to the Law of then. Fri in o Ai eral newly Hod rail isl advocating the sums cout38 fifteen Mississippi papers oppose under the Tonore Lonal plan the follow me Are the Begis tera id bankruptcy la Ltd in thu of Stern of second w men Are and fright Luald to tree there Are All possible of Freedom and it is n Nice Wii 1 o decide Bow much belongs u. In Ivida where is the Lino of separation Queen Tolje right to every per on Baa and the right Liat Olber persons Lave m him no More ardent Friend of m inanity lives than is Horace Creel i and no one Liss struck braver blows for a ement of its limit has 6 Many Are the Battles to Lias fought or Tho slave and now homa justly begin a esk if a himself is free it seems r ate the people Are cracking their whips ver his gho Uldera with As Mueh Assurance u if Bah and soul he were owned b the Ody Polisin i Jeff to to it a every Freeman s privilege 0 become ins Surov or not Asho p eases r it is Freeman s privilege t urge us release 1 1 uni n he Plessor Liat is to finn a Board of health and in their Liick Etiopi a Belair of Wui glib Ami of Street to act under the direction of Tho Street commission Ore As they May Deus necessary and All us Attr off Ito which the by Lav a May create or to Juire the language of this Section settles ten que Lioi that the common Council can and in fart must make their appoint went by ballot to that the Demon 1 Umi Nozib articles upon Thi subject after All Becon e e i ply imn Suzio he five Republican Council nmn wil1 hardly go to school to its la Liu though us Freitis Avo Iho thirty Aires n Hie Huft and Iho in Mufti m he Yard they t is Jujj Anniv to leaves Tuu n lid Mado Iki Orinc . Lilo Orl. J Book Clima to Hojio the 1 Arjit Ursula Len of any Dom of Rati Pipo. In lilo country Una journal among Tho Dom covats w est and is Liberal a lib thin in i recant Issue the Dai Hovi thus i tire win Iho Hope of its fast with cd la Poani removal of t in ure the nit ural Rel Felliou of Tho r u t vill recover n Elolf and As n awol Sra Itatani when foreign or hum in coi Ilii anci4 no impede it. and to graded Norlbert agent by cols in Ami indeed White men la it rebut i w Devon race. To Apo slip of Thi new or m uralic part l p Sill Gan Bavin been for that Purpo e appointed by the a Nisei atm Coralic Lentral if the Public have certain vested Ghat in every imn which rights May to looted by an pipes Ion of i. Opi Niora r by his actions than to is no Longar a roman but to lilo in oat Ine Rora be and Tram Cal of masters ii even bet or to be subject to the Mil of one o the will of a and if Greeley 33 lived to see Tho Day wheat lilo Black a Rte to go and come to up Eft or refrain room speaking As he while his in and Are the absolute rope Rev of the populace he has lived to be the Day of Tho blackest slavery Ever Down the question occur a lion much of himself a Man owns whether he Public have not certain rights m very Man which must to certain i ont control i actions and words 7 has 31r url Elet Tho fullest tight to say and do what a pleases whoever answers the last question calmly and die must answer it Mph enema Ive. He has not that absolute and full ight by virtue of his Emmen i. To owes o the Public a candid and careful hear no and his own opinions and action must Oai Erlain extent Accord with that pin on not that we Notile Toj Trio Light est degree of Liberty of thought and free ont of action to any Nan but. There Are Lany self imposed Bonds under which Jorj Man acts that cannot be properly a regarded he i bound to the Artys opinions and feelings with which be allies himself he is bound to respect he customs and Comentino snities of Ilia ciely into which to pushes himself to must not disregard the proprieties of the to Aitio he sustains and to in Many other ways la one a servant to others is one not absolutely free has or offended Trio Esbo denounce i obnoxious Lions is Syrop Flthe will Trefoil to or do Lwy of who charge in with Man give self suking juju whole course of action is m the sin Cleat be pig with his life time opinion and specially expressed during Tho to As continually deprecated the acerbic a displayed by in Tab North and South and t times has kept these opinions lost before the Public How and actions to Enn but admin Tho Haro so of Tho old Man who on last Winter by an uncalled for of these try sentiments which be since crystallized into actions to rum lib chances of an election to the United Stift to Eimm Folber than the people land his position we Belize in ins committed a great error by pushing Lara self Asba did upon the Bond Asne of the Urettia of Jeffi Dai 13 we belie Elliat in a Jansuy condemn Neil Tot Tai tart he look m securing Trio Rel Erie of it Hai Ilia appearance of that sympathy with treason which is credit nolo o no Patriot by that no Paramo to has one violence to those obligations to has voluntarily assumed obligations Lucli were not to to lightly esteemed he has or failed the Confidence of the patriots f the country not justly to to link m ins it Ogarity but justly in his Wisdom of Adit not and despite All Ina Good men ions despite it i his protestation of a Orrence of treason despite ill to May say o exculpate himself from the charge he will go Down to history Ai one who sym lat izod with the factors of Tho great rebellion if to Boa erred fearfully will records of Morv inn Iblis h id or it Adamoff. Some wag has been playing upon simplicity of the Democrat cruelly by making it Elioso Tho noun cil could not appoint a Street in or by ballot the Happy editor idea confusing his brain cores be Retho Public As follows now sir or older we did no think hero was a school boy fifteen years of be in this City who waa not fully aware that a Street commissioner was appointed ind not elected had we for a moment be Leved that there was one person in Torai t of these facts within the limit of corporation that person of Coursi we should have deemed the elder and accordingly wet Ita Dull devolved upon unto instruct him How and for his Benefit we will quote Tho Law the Law or elder u a follows Sec 8 Tho of Licera of such cily shul consist of a mayor two Council Nen from each Ward a City clerk assessor Troia Nurer civil Nameer Street us Misu or and and if Tho common Toun Oil deem it expedient for the Best interests of the City cily Atlo Moj and Pilj judge Tho City attorney Street com missioner and civil Engineer shall be pointed by the common it until to do not believe our renders Gennro ally care anything about this matter by Itma be Well enough the City Coli Vicil Are empowered to a Point this officer has never to our know ledge been disputed by and one the confusion of our neighbor on Tho Subjec being caused 13 his inability to under stand that the Section he quotes Only Gin them the Power to appoint 1 at Noli ing about the manner m which it h n b done without other to Council might appoint by ballot by Rase a Titi or m any diner Way they it of but Seciwa b 19 not All the fun on the subject though it seems to be All the d Socrat has read if it Wal Lorn to see Tion 48, act it will find the Lime an a Mon of appointing the City officer sied by Law an3tt Tell finl that officer Aretola appointed by Balm no with Lunding ill declaration Tomt t cant of meetings in different parti of the state for the purpose of reorganising the Defeated and disheartened on bails of Tbs i april 1867 this movement which been Neces anally related until the re ease of its great Leader Jeffi dams rom Imperia moment will no f to urged Forward with great vigor the importance of Tho movement is Ful a Sot Forth in n manifesto from l Millioan the chairman of the Indiana Voa aatto dated at Huntington May my n which he cd urges that Many of Tho carers of Tho democratic Parl Frum Ca its not f Ati Fol Corally understood by Tho honest masses of Tho part have strayed from the ancient Faith and Creed of Tho party and used Wii. Tea co nut revolutionary and impracticable party headed by a Wadu Jons on i 1 Mont co and or Thesa and new a Law reasons conclude that Tho old de Iii Cracy 3 to out and the time has arrived to invite the honest but disheartened Mil Lions to unite with us in in of Lurt to re organize the part on Tho basis of the Creed of the apostle of democracy and Trio traditions of our fathers this apostle further Bays that this is an appropriate time when no hunted canvass will bins Tho judgment of Uny when no candidate Are in the Field engrossing our sympathies and demanding our support Fror which Purpo of and for in reference to there organization of the of 1 and regular democratic Beun Derai Ned for that purpose appointed by Ilia in ibid states Domoci Atic con Al committee will by a series of Weeting hereafter to be called in different parts of t in state assist in taking Steps to juror fact such Organ Tratton at which meetings none will be for a difference of pm Iona in matters of detail but none will to regarded As of Whoso Faith on Federal relations does not Square with those of Thomas Jefferson and Bis political as3o must tie and will be Exter. My item of to Iris and though most like y Riff tie time and the Bocis disturbance Muil need id exact pro portion toll p corruption of the social element by the Tom Horary Denovi Snadon organi i Don Ollie Indiana in. Lilun if onion Pat of lie of i Idiart met it the House of representatives Hall at a ies Torday or o a of a Richmond was called to Trio cd air and or Diu Baliu was appointed Todrus up a Btl Lulion Tad 1% Laws in Pool was accepted and tie Constitution Aud by if Twa copied alter i Nirh the following officers Acra elected or p Bear of Luclis mond or poker of Greensbury 2d vice or Leonard of fort. Nym. Recording i t bold Indianapolis corresponding Secretary nnd1rea auror or n 0 Indiana polu Iford of or Fegert o in Diana nah or j 1 Loyd Oflndiana-poh3, or Stock Liam of Lafayette or Ompton of Muncie i r of Shelby title Afulei interesting discussion Tho Boniet Nikjou Rcd Jedi arc i Irakli Cox our saw Switlik i i ill new goods new styles Tripp Tigar furnishing goods to Lulli lil Ciol ties scarfs Hia in i nut i n Mil h i Hul Llor Iii and Hof 1b3k.y, full Toi a for lil Ceu ppul1 per in under w e a Ullh so vhf 1 my i iinf1 Mil lilt t i lmj1 1 swim s dr1wkks Al rc11i i 0 in Lut Ulim 1 4 a la Neil to of is i e e 1 icfk4 u to tit Torsini i 1 male i1 Cai Iio Ith Liidi Anapolis Herald of the 21sl says Bainco ins return from washing Toi Jov m Ron s health has not been so Good is it was Liri Ghoul Tho Winter your Der Laid lib a been induced to try Tho i of tit. Arl hot Springs and will irate for that locality Sti orig testimony Terry t hike 11 Ltd Iliescu lint 1 Luve ii 1 in 1 com u deut or Ilic last four Hill 1 Luls 1 it frs wit i Bartuls Jaisli ton grf it plei stir Init ii ins to Ziemlo tie i he i u i if m 1 Piscola ill t f to to secs sol Sill career of in 1 1 Renric it Luibil. From the Dubuque Iowa time mar that strange accent it and somewhat a i Oua old settler Tom Kelly m us hut on the West slope of Trio Beautiful Bluff which bears his name at o clock yesterday aged fifty big lit Jarg he was to strange it character and his name at least was so Gen orally known though in our City Neier saw my that a sketch of lift will be read Divitti merest Lorn Kelly was one of the ver first of the a Rolleri on this tract of land included m the limits of Dubuque he was born in Kings county Ireland in ib09 he l migrated to Canada m 182g re Ramett there two Para and a Hall and then went journeying through the in Milliern slates to isow Orleans thence Jio Uii Juippi River 11k1 landed in Galena in 18ji in the Surmi of and w Trieu i Minea until lie Viilu Many others Wery ordered of in i Lou Lennal Jeff darn to came Back m 1834 built a Cabin opposite what la now grahams Bruk lard living there Mitny and again tuning Howa. One of Tho Indus Tuua of in 1834 he Slid lode on the Bluff named after him he then staked Oil us was the custom of i Ben to Tai at Wiit forty on the blast and Field it until it was for Ontra when to came id of the land to waa. M exit Pony Wilh Vav Ift and Lang worthy and Tho mine uis one of to Mist productive Ever known on tin s de of Tho River How much was taken out is not known several years after to discovered another Lead on the Bluff Nour third which also yielded largely in 183b be built a Furnn i on his Bluff and commenced smelting Bis own Mineral he lived All this Timo alone Only mining with men a his business compelled him to do so working hard at either pro peeling or mining in. Shipped Kkt Eno Moua Quantity of Lead for new York by Way of new Orleans he had it insured for thousand dollars o0 the Way it was lost in the Ocean and lie went to St. Louis to collect the insurance Money receiving drafts on new York for the amount to started for Ork with tie drafts in his pock. It to pet them cashed himself at Albany his arrange upper race Long hair rough clothes and singular de1-Rnpanor, caused ill bred boys to follow and annoy him tin result won thai one any lie tiled a pistol at a vexing crowd ind mortally wounded a Man ii o was tried judged and enl to the Utica insane Asylum the state authorities taking Possession of hi3 they retained or Jacc to the amount of ten Elliou Sanii dollars Whit became of the k is no known tie Rem sized at Utica three years we think when be Escapee made big Way to he then built a i ahm u1 i Imus t in also Northern Iti Ijar Xiu Timu Lull i Normal Iii Given Anil u i Tec pass by Kjier on to my n m tic unit if in to i n Ottlo Adeline of u e i loll l h tar Vun enl i 4 i8h it n if land Kant Railroad 1 Foo Poms Boot shoe store t. N. Hood co., roots shoes 74 bakk3ibb-pt 3 11 111 opposite Mir kit ph1i-Mlog our neighbor of the of enoc at is prot ing a. Bis of Acu Tene s in Lino he Bas certainly had no since the Days of do Berry the statute the of a Street commissioner by the common cdtinti1, at pc ent revising ins critical on it on t Pon thu Elute Subj act Ubelli m Thia win we did not think there n Sci tool Boj fifteen i used to m Ali i inti a flit. Pm d i and in Wui Kail 1 liar id. A l Grid bpm a Ulm. 1 and super for Liliu inn of tin Unjian Touti j on Hetcel Hijii of Fri 1 Iron k to 1 Kapil Willolo beige Eivald Lor finishing Zofira Vilog bridging Ami us or Structure and Miles or Road be Rapi is a Cedar takings now m n Al May c v or us n Noli or it a Howort and a wifi ni.c4 m Del ill in 1 should Auto list cent of jul Merit will id rcom. 1 id Stockand fir Margie to id Nuiji lamp Krant i Joinis Oft Coj Aii Lasto Liliu work lie Tvett on of Tom and what and o tors of toll Ward his Illi in 1 will Unn Unsil All Lii tic Contr w few u of to l Allious it an in j re 1 mits Iho i sikh War will of Misc All Una portion i Trio i Nei Rirs Twar Frustol Flo Arost Al n no n p it to k w Traivs polls in Ullh Ward will be Nii Eiml m herring in will opened Ioja Obj 5honet Urt Cli of enl Ftp or Onail War h will t i cent Tonden b 6 15 hey of Catena of main Street port Wayne enemies and damages impaired trimmed Aid punted. Particular attention paid to trimming boggles wagons ironed to Ali work Wark Antsu 61 notice. Knap Pum remover to rooms on tie Ujj streets of Hon Lisagor Oppen Heiner a to mining store Kif Titae Block in trance on

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