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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 25 1867, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 25, 1867, Fort Wayne, Indiana Gazette Dill and weekly 193 Columbia Nib but 195 Isaac a Jinkinson a editor and proprietor. Ituk 1 Lucre 1 in City t in blurs i of week la a oily Nihi w Mumn i club ii qty Kli Musice 1 t ill i i Imler Ofa Cui Limu 1, be Naito at u e to Jas m Wayne daily rates it ditto turn 1 3 1 1 week 1 1 to 1 1 to 75, 500 6 my v. Fort Wayne Indiana saturday May 25, 1867. No s arcs 1 3 00 g it id 00 ibo 4 comm 1000 1500 j500 Roumo 1800 s100 woo report states that the loss 1 e rom actual it nation and Midur no the past Winter was in Inesso t in n Iho mild climate of Scias one Linch of 1 Stolk died in holc Antonu similar rep Orcil in left l Louvou Raaka of lilo c Litlo Irchel n consequence of tin ground be n ured Willi Snow from Llie t 1 Amber until the 1st of a Ril he h i. To o onor of ichters from Tiu Atli Mil he of Unger Bateso flip t Metoll t t it is added 1 by a proper expenditure of 1 lir 1 i luxury the opine n of attorney Couil fur Ifica pro Kun clips of cons Loiuis tmlin., la Al it hum 1 to set Cialeo Aurtis Emetti m percent Jujj Jijuana Synill r uti it double Rales Ciao re Illma attention to hit re Etc Mur ests Mil be ii urging in at Trio rat of line local notices it anti tier rom for first Inser Lou incl Lite for Emit Noad Virlis input insert ii m local nol co Yeti limn m if. To in 50 a i Verlmon in dimly jul one b tit More thin alone Adver Udrin weekly Mono 75 cents or Mare motor t insertion Aud 50 menu foreast do Loisl insertion up Tossi All co in in 11 i Ilion should add cried to tort Wayne ind Stock of locks 1 Butts nails Ai i took a Sash. I m a Trier to m i Arch a apr t no a to Iii i Tirl chisels Aiters stat.1 squids soaring Iblis chairs to chains Halter Tibbet and Belling id tiler hardware. Arts bookies rings adjust my trass Ami enamelled leather Vav 11 if damask 11 -51 re w Oakley is son ital Dalr Ash m Tulloch stoves hardware Wastl nails ass firm lil u implements Mam frs of in Sheet Iron Ware tin roofing gutters 45 pulleys and conductors 1 it Iii it Lew 1 lice and Oil Allol not Tut 87 rom Ini e. Lewis main it or u s. C. M. Oculi St aur Tol 1 a it my acc no 80 Talbot a company office la Unm Ilton i new blown Calhoun Street 08t was he and Job Hunting s t h. A m1 printing establishment to 125 Columbia Street Isa. A Rii Kinson proprietor Fuhl Wayne ibd1ana, Ioka. New May Booth ibs purchased a lot on to con or of i Venu Oulu i Limiti Itric 3i it is 1 1 1 i Oil of tie n ibo Colin try four Hundred and in Raj Flirea 1 iks of Otton lire at pm pop i. Darlon s warehouse Hal unlit it was vol if 1 it 5-Ju ii Uil Wal full ii Rod Sutherland Gunt Eilan Ordi i in a Trio annual Rel to of the of my Siona foist or Tho support of Flo pro Winnen i n been received during tin i d disbursed Trio w Stern r Ion or the Church desire to t Inglish a i Hsioh m to incs of under ii i u Tim Llie appointment to i v via h Licul 13 Ower to suit Lincoln oui it Lonny and report in to the or Penely of Mill j desire to Lake Clingo of 11 o Alc Tamoria Hoob that 1 ill rec Lenwod Kev j on recommended Jotun Ulco no 1 re by Erian be Noryll Assembly in be aim at Ohio to nog Ottilo a ant mint or an org Niso Union with Tii in b win Tho Senoil Liiva resolved it in Tia liar Ali of the Rcv by a Mojjis 1 ill Rigli on Tho 1 Vav Jik is i a Foit Salk. Iuchi Ell iihoks1 1 Uwi it it sly Nti in lir nil All the i 1 Driver s Lou by tire and real estate valued at Lair Saddle for Sale. A in i it u Van a g 1 e r8 we b it tilt left Vav s Smith ii Haik Freety a p s a 1-Orrnajwu dance Coin England for j w pounds compound f a now Silti a 1 to the throughout in Ountria if str i i veg in f n roved by thetes Reeven Jum m Tho England states lie Tret Crimi la part it derives in White pipe compound Oro to Droit colds toughs Ujj Itheria Elron Cli tis so i Lood Stein cd Lor til incy Lon Plahuta Jim betes Inni Ralty of i Diniar of Lelej nig Iron to i kidneys and bladder Chi Wilt pc com p 01, i 1 in Ali Ospring of lies that Tui. Zulj tin Icett l with an Imp hoax tha i rust alien led with a be cough j Loi Inonu is a Thoi g 11 5iat a i Ftp Ira Tii ii having for in tie n id Tearh it thai it in f in cose allude it Tol i 1 l of the Medicine i i h t us i n and gave it in Tea Ink Maul Iio Sii exceed ugly pm h Liui two tvs the irritation of Bat Iron wire i Otid Tom cough subsided Liiri of Cote 1 soon Ute his i sent Soranto Almuly in Londonderry m Lirt of or daily met or r i 101. 1 before the Publ c u at lie if Nash per naked Hil to e in a n Imp Nind it abroad o Buie flt the suffering to november 185s t first advertise it it under the name of Whito hero a Ibero alone Worth of 1 the Couglin remedies m the Market and it Casoos Fornall this Tia soothing and ealm Iii us Arturo to the Stom Soh an 1 pleasant in Ilizal taste cheap to remedy Lor kidney come truuts Tia White Luiu to Inion and stand Sun Majed u on m i a to Tunny cured f i Itwara Al to cured of Skul Noy Liff culty m ten since thut 1 m my Thoi Isania Larouge t Lor the Simo comply unt nud have been com. Petely cured the above was written by w s6d since then As in Mai Heiter Tho pipe compound has taken the Lead of All cough Asad preparations Foriece cure age Hamlet in Ong hoist the England ibi3 remedy la As Safe and pleasant to uie the editor of and weak by Mirror in Ibe Leader if tha daily tint the compound 1 this Twute Pine compound it advertised at ranch length in our columns an 1 we Aro Happy to learn that the Demind Lor it is Ini Rob stud beyond Al or Litou expectation. Iti the urn Best medium for coughs Ami old know of no family the it ii souce ii edit Lull Over be without u to leak from our own knowledge i Linare g eat sting Nti Ocoine b Accident Anastin Tuluii lie to White Pine compound made and colds Sli Ouli prove to lie the greatest rein ily Tor kidney difficulties it it is Dou tit so Nidy Treib 3 Leum i lit racier of to Ltd 13 such unt with delicate consumptive look standing with Ono loot upon the he in do the la cover which i Lias saved himself and called out to Bini known or Poland for years never knew a More conscientious no right Man Ned Are glad to state that ire Bellove win Meier Esaja about his White Fine com he a flute Pihe compound w Sofr r i St d prop Etor for Opatow at Tho new England botanical depot Iob Llano or Street to it an under Trio of j w Poun major Kro Tco wholesale agents Blid e co full t Ort m a do in 1 Liy divert i Indru g july it Isbit Dos Sale. Tilt is 1 Bikk of i i f Silt they Mil lie soil it Canh or Vul Tho 1ohm Violl 11 4 1 11m i hour w. H. I Olla Florak ins i o. Frajkun n v asset is works. To file r swim Idt i in m h 1 1 i Ucli ii 11 1 1 1 j-1 my i in files Karfs , i w i its a. Joist o surgery or ral Bonn Arlt Nln its Mel t Wilu Ici est m Collob surf no. 80 cali10un-Cor aft Ramon it wanted. Want ii u lx1-, Lillie male or it must to sell Lym Multi so. In in c my 1 0 Evel Iange. Yolk . Fire Marine Spring Bill 111 la la. Innes Biek int icon 111 ale fort Wayne incl new ens and Malual Lite Huston assets 55 000.0011, ill Mills of Rollet ill ill t reason Alil h4kiook t t ulu Ihli Lillon i of 1 tank i in l Union life and at i dental Sura Jack m. In Alten Limi i to or native surgery in 1 icel Uig nil i0ottial 1 1 ick hours 12 o a oct a m. J. S. Gregg m. D late surgeon 88th Lull. By eclat attention Given t of fictive Surg of net s w Cor Calhoun Prero Puy than eve r lit Foru Book and Job printing three Sheet poster visitin66rwedoin6card, k and at auth pc lowest school catalogues. Wed hut Salt my ire a Busm aaa a Bill Heads. In and to order Olio me red Railroad printing. Respert Nilly Alt i o our increase in Fhil Tiea Tor Cleu films ids class of of orc Book pamphlet work we Are Latte in out Ellb All the desirable St Gumti lilt to thet Nott elaborate volume Par is onto Wlibur with can Depa Oit Ona Oorlog Bllou business cards. To h u o Ujj h. I mv1 k 1 1 k real estate general insurance a. A Eit moult i a ii min in of Kouwe l m 1 t 1 1 tile re lit Nicoli Ali Sulci. The Only file a Slof Pim full Uler i ii 1 1 Rel w jul a Large till 1 Choice brands of cigars til. M i j. A Ommi 11 Siai u 1 an 1 Ollir idul glom ill1 i Lill my in Kiel let House Hio Cli g f 01 1 Trio i Hudi Dalpat 1 1 in in Ory ivb3 taken of and win in Lou 1 1 ration at Theta Trio t of Djoi rum it at Rivil Adelphi Yosl Stuj tin Imi r nut fat d was it Ard Kcf irn 1 filed guilty oort missioner Sinilo wherein a 1 Hul Orti films John Collins w is i urged with Jeff ending Tuo United Small no Hoviin a. Berry at nil to lira of Trio right w. P. When yrs it Vahla it Lanai office Over Riddle of Tala Iciano ii surgeons out a Avn. Inu it Jolo m 3t Deuce of by of new Yolk Lap tit roof Scono new Hartford ill Mutual lire of Hartford Caj Intalan Butl ins Onne Calicut i Neial life of Ilar Foril a Lytal i Tell jew Lional travellers of new Lork Arper Caparul to ii in i is n jul Lindi Iii Urabalo Pio Petty thu to c Ruvo Kalilu my Lodics settled without i Lenny and rates Naya As Low As the nature of tin. Will ail Woi Jinx Homes Fumito Turc Tad t in repro Terf Milired for Ihre Eor at Tery on rates and on bettor terms than 1 to Tut a into Ataiyan Elute kit and Tetti i links latin ii Luj Jairo 1 live i at Low rates g w us urls 1 e i works. L 0 k 1 a k steam boiler works much in at sri am fits a menu i he in it t n m 1 1c la or ice n i in n ii new Abd Sel Ond Halid boilers r in soil Hill 1 ii Imam i 1 sol he l Ikon wait la tanks Ash i ii Irlin awol Soviler pro Jii it i it to 11 21 Way k Ujj "5 Marble works sic Cessor or i s Karl Maine monuments head stones Mantle pieces Cabinet slabs. Iii att . I Jim Kepi Lor Sale or pintle to order. 1 Allodi. I. 1.1.1 if 1 re Sells Kjof 3 tallied single Sickul 81 w ten tickets to 9 do s. Smith attorney at Law i fico men Hants nut i Sun t Lirt Oatise lath so paper of lading. Programmes Pio Etc balls show tickets of All kinds Phi Hub Dikan Colo brie work Vio Aror Pmj Brief work with of Patch at res Ionnie rut Isaac Jenkinson 1 g t it Ned Block Noa 17 k k is miss la he Octta arc Ito Oft gift in Cash greenbacks paper window curtains t Starkey Rupert a 261-3 still biotin Street at 11ie self Ftp of the red French Aud amp Roalf wholesale retail ornamental Glass Orr Lento residences Clin relies Etc of f Tel Heitert dg9 calcined House and Sion paint info an j a Tuigg Ilono m tie bust style Ami on the most Reaa Nabto Toms How we Tow u nil to to order Mixi in nod life Inre Inu unit Vara alies constantly kept on Bun boning rutty a m. be 1 fran 961-9 Calhoun St. Fort Watsky cite siting e and Limi Black Walnut am Oah si1in Amu i t Imir uth always on i amt shingles and Lati made to older Hij canal Tush i Iro i Aid for Shingle Linin or Clark bold ibo absolute rotate of Tho Peli Lione Riu wild to Tho or Perl Slih a jugs men it Botond Chw ponor i f 1 10 lid Bat Tia of the pro poly was for treason of Winch the party too til nut be mini led pm Ltd except by 3d, that Iho proceedings m Nodi n rally when they Eli Only have loan up i Tia common Chw aide of the u or Ilij Nic judiciary committee Liyo or sit hour u Daj for the examination of wino 105 in Vii Riou subjects and expect to Poh judo Pirir labor curly m Juno among Elioso Bofro Trio of Ommittee ibis Slier Nociti were in la Lerlon and the Washington agent of he hew Assoc mad a lie into accompanied Tho presidential excursion Instow to was examined or bad weather in the fall was not of or drilled and Tho Winter killed it in son mob. Acres of land in Loone county ind 1 to Oca Liro sitors k tit Cace of Limson -.trtet, Indi Impolis 5 my an 1 Primo rims other cd inst no 9 a Blini Hou of All Kim hot time Rincea jewelry re Larul in Tho most Workmanlike in niger eng tvs no Oatly e a Forat y Coras Elbr St Law i w ill Mac attention id All be Gal by Bine s or entrusted t tils run. Of fact no 27 i out office build my fort Walth Gold itus Acac amounting in ill tos Joyo no o e will Vivelo the the 1 Irgy to ii Liber of tickets a splendid Gold valued it to the one that sell the Secco i Ila number a old watch to Tho

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