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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 21 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 21, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana Clothing. y0�om6. John Fowles. Jii Iune &c0 Are a Pedly becom lug Oie . . 19. Fort Wayne Indiana. Tuesday morning May 1872.Price five . Of fort Wayne or three reasons Visnu we Cid according to it he try East styles. Sad. Kep of very a Ineat it goods in . 3rd. key or pro Iuis As to time when Swiha Liall Finis lies. The consequence the we Are overran with in stoners who la Duce in stylish cat Excel Quot Lent cloths and promptness. In our gentlemen s fir Nishino goods department we Hare a fou a Todi of underwear shirts Leek Tley Collan Octaf Lri &c., we in tote Par attention to oar passage of the Tariff and tax Bill in the House. The final Anjou nunsent Day fixed for the 29th of May. The musing records in the Case of mayor gen. Bucu. General Butler s Resolution regarding the claims for indirect damages. Ready made clothing we feet oar a Tohuong from4he Best houses in Boston and View York and a ave it made to or. Der to Salt the seasons and the styles. Without boasting ire have Stils for a a every description a Sooim and. A la tie very lowest prices. invite the attention of everyone to our a oods. A big claim filed. Wash Kutok May 20.�?the claim of mrs. Fitzhugh a to Latic of the family of general Washington for �375,000, for Wood and Timber taken from her estate for the United states army during the rebellion was filed to Day before the Soohui Efird claims commission. Vote atom pm Babiles. The barometer continues rising from the lakes to the East and Middle Atlantic coasts. Clear and pleasant weather will prevail Over new England Middle and South Atlantic states tuesday with northerly to Westward winds. Partly Cloudy weather oter the Gulf states with Soat family winds Dondy weather both probably arises of rain from the Ohio Valley North Westward brisk North West winds for lower lakes to night but dangerous winds not anticipated. Cok obsessional. The ii Abbas Corpus Lilly. The vice Pees Dext to directed the i clerk to read tie order made by tie Senate on Friday that this Bill was to retaken ii at 12 m. To Day and considered to the exclusion of All other bunness till disposed of or. Trumbull moved to reconsider the vote by which the order was made. The motion to reconsider was Laid on the table. Con Kliing s attack. Or. Hamlin introduced a preamble and Resolution declaring that by the publication of a card denying the statements made by senator Conkling the reporter for the Aab dated press a. Devine forfeited All claims to the future Courtesy of the Senate and that he be expelled from the Senate gallery. He moved to refer it to the committee on privileges and election. Or. Sprague objected to its present consideration and the Bill went Over. The Steps boat Bili. Or. Sprague said lie had received communications setting Forth serious objections to the Steamboat Bill passed by the Senate last week and he moved therefore to reconsider the vote on it. The vice president ruled the motion out of order the House having already acted on the Bill but said it would be in order to Send a message to the House asking it to recede from its action on the Bill. The Senate then resumed consideration new York. Political. Henry Ward Beecher s Sermon on the labor strike. The interminable Book concern Stillo the docket. Of the Hareas Corpus suspension Bil ,. Or. Blair addressed the Senate in opposition to the Bill. Yesterday s proceedings of the methodist Gre Heral con Ference. The split in the internationals other metropolitan matters. Ai Iother it Ofle a of tilt it Titi Tonnu of general Grant to i a Wren him in Toh estimation of the people. St. Louls May 20.�?the lie Mican this morning states that it has reliable advice from Washington of a bold scheme medi Tatad by the administration party to a cure the re election of giant. The plan As stated is that a number of Influent by southerners will be invited to Washington without being informed what they were to come for and some of these gentlemen ire now in the City to whom the proposition has been made that if they will Send a Legates from the Southern Quot states to Baltimore instructed to denounce the do i cratic nomination or to Bolt the con tion in Case it refuses to take that step and make a nomination the administration party will pass the Bill to refund the it ton tax Grant Aid and subsidies to Otler Southern enterprises and schemes now be fore Congress. And the Resolution fur or says it is stated that one or two Souto of men interested in the above enter pics favor the proposition but that Genera a Ziy they reject it. Fam . The beef Fame a flour foreign. No. 9 st main st. Man car conservatory music Street. Of posit col by House. R incorporated 1871. Cun bal a cd a Nii Itman try of a a a 183.980 57 article including Etc. 59�.9m52 ted. Etc no estimate Cintli Emile. Newspapers periodicals Etc no estimate can be made. I. To Matli 1m� leg time the can be made i it it it. A to Nav a Copper of. Tos 00 plate class including silvered94. Of tin in sheets or plates. T>t9,077 82 screws embraced in Iron re uric tion mosaic Iron no estimate paper and Manuia Eturea of not 4�daded. I it Tot i recite Tina 4at Ablo it tree us to total to eduction. Officers. Am. Virgil. Principal. C. F. Meyer Secretary. Board of teu3tees. T b . A k. Virdell. Piano. . 8 b. Moase late of the Berlin conservator or Europe. Pianist an 1 a j. C. Bar Fleri. Grade to of the new bar land Condor Vantory. Boston. Mass., vocal cal tire singing and theory. C. F. Meyer. Piano. How is music taht in the fort Wayne conservatory Mosic is taught in the fort Wayne conservatory As the sciences Are Tauff tin traded seb ools and Coue Kee. Zum n Herald the methodist Organ of new England. Says Economy Toro Agness and prose Edey. Are All on the Side of tie graded system As adopted in the conservatory. There is to argument to be ased in favor of class inst action. And a gradation of pupils in our Public Seh Pils which cannot be used with greater Force in the study of music. The question it often asked Why in this country Are there so by Good Masic Iang and players we answer cause in untie the is so Little thorough. Systematic music As Well As other sciences to be made a Success of requires proper to cinching and thorough study. In these respects the base oratory gives to its a aptly advantages not possible in private to Jaehing Flo Siroi . Was ton May 20. The to sip and tax Biu. Or. Dawes moved to suspend the Rales us adopt an order allowing an. Hoar s debate five minute rate on the Tariff Luid tax Bill when the House next gota into committee on that a abject. Agrem to. He also moved Fiat the rules be suspended and the committee of the whole di8cliai from further of moderation of the a Riff and tax Bill and that that Bill As amended by the committee do pass. Liis includes the into Nal Revenue sections and All. The following is the estimated redaction of duties which the. Tariff Bill As far As acted on by the hoax committee of the whole effects Coal a 215,254 00 salt___________________________________015.582 �0 % Chi Cert a. 82,8� 17 Cotton manufacturers 1,077,383 25 Wool. Quot. 3.358,274 03 Iton. 1,376,612 13 of. 2m,�fi6 11 India Obber Quot. ®3.20t 61 Gau Percha. Quot. 510 of Straw Quot. Oilcloth. Quot in isl steel. a by Sand c a drae cd no is a Lutle trouble Down Amons the Hayt Lens. The mexican a evolution movements of the troops. .1 1857w4a50 terms for tuition. Per Quarter of ten week Tiro lessons per week payable strictly in Advance. Piano Forte. Or t gradcf._s10 00 Pic Nofz Rte other grades. 12 50 Orean -1� 00 cultivation of Ilic voice Anil Isi aging w 00 throng i Bliss Harmony and composition. &0 Xic cd Illren of Clur Flymen who arc dependent Una their parents for Means we be ?0 i Ono half the above rates. I advances daily in traction in the principles of. Music and sight is Infin. Weekly corns Aehl Arsalus in which All pupils of the Consecrator a Are to Muired to take part my the Uso of the conservatory Library. Day. Quot str. Dawes motion was then agr to. He then my cd to suspend the rules and concur in the Senate Resolution for the final Adjo amment Day on the 29tk of May. Agr to. The announcement of this Resolution a received with the clap of hands and general Jollif cation among the members. Or. Getz from the committee on Public build rings and grounds reported the Bill appropriating $15,000 for the the por Ehase of m lot and the erection Ofa building in Philadelphia for the Post Quot office and United Sites courts purposes. Passed under the suspension of rules. Thib sir. Bueno. Beo Obos. Or. Cd Burn from the committee on military Asan repo Itea a Bill reciting the disappearance from the files of the War deput ment of the records of the court of inquiry in the Case of gen. Buell and directing the Secretary of War to employ Benjamin pit Nuin phone Gra in reporter. Of that court who has retained the notes to Hereof to of furnish two trannia ions one for the warder rement and one for Congress. The Bill passed. Is direct clams. Or. Butler of Massachusetts moved to suspend the rules and pass the following Resolution who Ojeas this House is informed by Telegraph that at a meeting of the extra Chamor of Commerce sir Stafford Northcote in a Sph stated that the un-<t8oding of the British commissioners was that a Promise had been Given that the claim for indirect damages should not be presented but it was nece8sary, the american Senate should not be placed in position requiring a confession of that wrong had been done which statement by a leading member of the joint High commission on the part of great Britain deeply concerns the Good Faith and int Rity of the american commissioners and of the government As Well As the Honor of the nation therefore be it ses Otred that the president of the United states is hereby rested if not detrimental to the Public interest to inform the House whether the executive 4tafi any knowledge of any Promise being made by any official person that the claims for indirect damages shall not be presented to the tribunal of arbitration and if so by whom such Promise was made or understanding Given and if any and what arrangement was made with the British commissioners or British government by by which the american Senate should not be placed in a position requiring a confession that wrong had been done or whether any arrangement whatever has been made with the government of great Britain or with any official thereof by which the action of the american Senate was to be controlled or influenced in this behalf and if so by whom and when and by what authority such arrange ment was made. Or. Cox said the Honor of our country was violated in the Resolution. If there has been a dishonourable humiliation let us know the worst and who is res Snible. The Resolution was referred to the com Init tee on foreign affairs. The demo Otwa tic members voted for the for 1872-3. First term begins on monday sept. 2 second Quot Quot wednesday nov. 13 third Quot Quot monday feb. 3 Ferth Quot Quot wednesday april 12 it Fixico. Probe so of the . Matah Obas May 20.�?advices from Cerallo of the i2th inst. Confirm the state ment that Diaz is in Jalisco with two thousand men. Galvan is his chief of staff. Juarez had ordered Cavella to concentrate All the available forces at san Luis and move to Guadalajara to operate against Hikaz. Garcia de la Cadena and be Mrtinez have again started for Zawot Texas. Donato Guerro is operating against. Bocha in Durango with one brigade. The latter s forces have pronounced for Diaz an joined the revolutionists. Alatorre was Defeated in the mountains of Puebla by Mendez and Segrete. Trevino is holding his forces awaiting an attack by Cevellos. The latter is in Benosa with his infantry and Cavalty at Camargo. Spain. The feeling toward Fra Nice. Madrid May 20.�?it is stated that the attitude of the government of France towards the Carlist and the faculty with Whick the retreating insurgents escaped into France Jas caused a deep feeling of irritation on tiie it of the Spanish gov emment. Senor Marcia Chi Tierre Spenik counsel at Bayonne France has arrived in Madrid. He comes for the per pole of for mall in can planning of the coarse pursued by Wie French authorities towards the fleeing Carlist. Detachments of govern ment troops continue a to encounter the Carlist inns in disaffected prov noes. The insurgents arc invariably beaten and dispensed. The Miksit gekis oese Bleg. It Garoffi Tittley by Over Meit to iii itjtijiiri�fr7�im Carlist Bounds in the to Ovice of b have commenced. Many Hsui its present themselves to the government troops and give up their arms. More than 4,000 have already submitted. Cribari a Cail Leader is dead. The to Saiget of Candy in other provinces Are dispersing. West it Obb. A Little trouble. York May 20.�?mail advices state that the excitement occasioned at Cape Hayli on the 19th of april Lay the Landing of a boats Crew from the United states Steamer Nantucket at Carre nage for howitzer practice. General Alexis the commander the department chose to consider it an Bitile act and despatched two officers to ascertain the reason of Ini Ding fore guns and remonstrated with the american Consul. At the request of the latter. Captain Carpenter re embarked the guns and men and proceeded to port a Prince where Haytian foreign Secretary made a demand on the United states legation for instant reparation for the insult. The is Samba Mogab st want. Kik Sion May 11.�?from late advices regarding the Steamer Edgar Stewart it appears that the Captain of the u. S. Steamer Wyoming fully intended taking the Stewart to the key West port which she cleared for. The cubans however protested against this armed occupation of their vessel in British Waters and forwarded their protest to the governor. It was reported yesterday afternoon that the governor of the Island had expressed the opinion that such procedure on part of the american vessel of War in an English Harbor was hostile and a serious trespass. Orders were issued by the government there that the Edgar Stewart should be allowed to Clear for wherever she pleased. At 6 o clock the Edgar Stewart dropped Down to Ort Yal to a i nig _. _ will Convoy the eur Stewart to sea took advantage of the time to Coal up. The taking in of guns and powder will occupy the filibusters some hours and there is evidently something in the wind. Ign Many. The Boston Jurhee s Gesiak a Jed. Bertner May 20.�?the Imperial army band by consent of the emperor will sail shortly for America to take part in the world s peace Jubilee at Boston. Paid Delphia. Misc eat Laneous. Or. Cox offered a Resolution requesting the president to join with the italian government in its protest a inst the intolerance and cruelty practice towards the jews of Roumania. Adopted. Report of the conference committee on the Bill to regulate criminal practice in the Federal urts was Agi feed to. The Houkje then went into committee of the whole on the sundry civil service Bill which appropriates $17,.541,673. Senate. blah. The supplemental apportionment Bill giving one additional representative to each of the following Statts new Hampshire Vermont new Jersey Pennsylvania Indiana Tennessee Louisiana Alabama and Florida. At the suggestion of or. Conkling the Bill went Over and the Senate resumed the consideration of the Hareas Corpus suspension Bill. The dest Netlon of Jayne s bin Dias a Steve my firemen injured. Phi Adelphia May 20.�?the firemen Are still playing on the smouldering ruins of Jayne s building. The Valeres hotel was crushed by the falling Eastern Wall. The Oomen trial last office was completely demolished by the falling of the Western Walls. All the floors Are demolished Down to the first though the front Wall is uninjured. About four Hundred persons Are thrown out of employment. The loss will reach at least half a million dollars. Later. About noon to Day the lower portion of the Western Walls of Jayne s building fell into belief Alley Between Jayne s Block and the Valeres hotel injuring three firemen one fatally. The crash caused a Rush among the spectators and one Man wus knocked Down on the Street and run Over by a Wagon loaded with Iron and seriously injured one of his be being crushed. Other arsons in the crowd were injured during the panic. Three firemen were injured by the fall of Jayne s building to Day one thought fatally. Total loss $552,500 insurance $321,500. Indian troubles. Washington May 20.�?a report was received at the War department dated fort ave North Jon the inst. Says that general Granger reports a collision Between the troops and thieving bands of utes at Terra Amar acal Northwest of Abigual on the 6th inst. One Indian was killed and one Soldier severely wounded. The attack was made by the indians in the presence of the Indian agent and the troops defended themselves after repeated insults. Every Effort was made to prevent trouble by the agent and commanding officer. General Granger leaves to Day to prevent further trouble if possible. Additional strikers. New Yolk May 20. The Wood Carvers last night resolved to strike for the eight hour system and the Cabinet makers and upholsterers took similar action. Destructive fire. Early yesterday morning Myers amp Low Enstein s varnish factory at Hunter Swint took fire and was destroyed. Loss Oyer $100,000 insured for 560,000. Two firemen were severely injured by the explosion. Beeches on strikes. Henry Ward Beecher preached a Sermon last night on labor strikes in which he said Quot this unanimous rising of the Labouring classes is recognized As one of the most promising signs of the he compared capital site to the Herd of Swine into which the unclean spirit had entered. He considered the strikers perfectly just and reasonable and was in entire sympathy with the movement. The threatened split in the int emotion Aleo took place yesterday. The Federal Council met in the morning and held a very Stormy session. Sections two and ten both French the former the oldest in the country presented their withdrawal and a scene of confusion ensued. Excited speeches and Mutual recriminations were with difficulty restrained by the chairman. It seems to be the determination of the offending sections to endorse the Ultra views of the party who were responsible for the recent presidential nomination at Apollo Hall. Several other sections express dissatisfaction for the same reason. The announcement was made of the split of the internationals of London and the formation of a new general Council called the uni Ranal federalist Council. Tot methodist conference. In the methodist general conference today or. Curry presented a memorial of j. S. Goodenough former superintendent of of the print Nii department of the Book a bloc in which he re alien to certain assertions concerning him in or. Lana an s. Report. Or. Goodenough contends that journey the concern met with no losses during his superintendency. He alleges that or. Lanahan s motive in bringing the chaises against him was to get his own son into the paper business. Or Lana an said that or. Goodenough might As Well accuse him of wanting to make his own an atheist As to put him into the paper Busine. Porn a then were concerned in to Quot a go Sfez Ament Oftelie Church and that j. H. Porter who purchased paper for the concern was a prison convict. Loud cries of Quot order Quot Quot hear him of amp Cdr. Harris said if or. Lanahan alluded to him As one of the Secretary engaged in Oil speculations he was utterly misinformed. After some farther warm discus Sion or. Gilbert Haven of Boston said it was proper to remark conce rink the a the tall Sycamore of who Irak Cali Valley again defines Tain to slalom. Teb re haute ind., May 20.�?a letter has just been received., by Captain j. C. Briggs from the Hon. D. Voor Hedi in which the latter says the Idra that he would under any circumstances sup it Grant is ridiculous. Statements to that effect arc absurdly false. The reason he will not support Greeley is because k is no better than Grant in any on some Points worse. That he. Voor Hees will stand by his sincere and Lif Dong the City Mill is the following Brauda of floor jets a Mills Choice Mikev head. Eagle Mills Choice family. Emerald Mills 3nd Clu Allty. Amusements. s Ope positively one night Only monday eve a May 27 whom the True and honest masses of the democracy can vote with self respect that he will la a to bring about such a ult. In conclusion or. Voorhees says otters Are Labouring to nominate Greelej the most odious Man to i the democratic party in the United Quot states. I am Willii that the Public May judge Between Tacto and me and determine who has been True to himself to his party and to his a convictions. Michigan. Proceedings of tie presbyterian men eral Assembly at Detroit. Detroit May 20.�?the presbyterian general Assembly has been occupied chiefly this morning with the arts of standing committees on minis term Educa a Tiou and publication which were both adopted. The report on sus tentation which affirms the Success of the past years a flirts and commends the object anew is now under disc lesion and or. Jacob do is now addressing the Assembly. Delightful social receptions were Given on saturday evening to the men by i of the Assembly and their friends by James f. Joy Jacob z. Farrands Henryk. Clark and Frederick Wetmore Esq. Detroit May 20.�?th�� a Iby Terian general Assembly this afternoon adult ted the report of the standing a of Ninitta a on sus tentation. The most exit Itig discussion thus far took place this afternoon on the report proposing a Chai in ins Isof representation in the Assembly. The subject was still before the House when it and proper to remark concerning charge that Porter was a Penitentiary convict. That a Nile use was More technical than a y thing else and after the trial the judge jury and prosecuting attorney petitioned for the immediate release of the accused. In reply to or. Lanahan s assertion that or. Coulton instigated Goodenough s memorial that gentleman said he had nothing to do with that paper and never saw it until put in print. The paper was referred. Gunn s report on the Book concern accounts was presented and referred. The committee on education presented a report which after referring to the assaults of the to maoists on the common schools conclude with a Resolution to oppose to the utmost the exclusion of the Bible from the Public schools. After some discussion the report was referred. Resolutions were offered fixing thursday As the time for appointing the place for holding the next general conference proposing a change in the ritual for baptism of infants substituting two boards of publication one of ministers and another of laymen who shall meet once in three months and have the general supervision Over All publishing interests of the Church and for the election of a Provis ional Bishop. 1isc�i.i.an�0vs. The a blaster masons to Day voted to concede by a vote of 19 to 18, that eight hours is a Day a work on and after to Morrow. The vote was 8ubse<iuently made unanimous. The bricklayers stonecutters masons and labourers will probably return to work to Morrow. The Garman Cabinet makers and plumbers joined the eight hour movement to Day and Large numbers of employers have already granted the demanded Concession. The Case of Vanderbilt is. The Erie Railroad came up to Day before judge Daly on a demurrer to the complaint. The suit is for $175,000, being interest on coupons for two years on $1.250,000 of Bonds of the Boston Hartford amp Erie Railroad the interest on which was guaranteed by the Erie Railroad in october 1867. The question involve the guarantee of some five millions of the Boston Hamilton amp Erie Railroad alone electric arrows. A Bas get Ball yesterday at new York Forest cites of Cleveland 16 at antics of Brooklyn 7. A Davidson amp Demagg s warehouse at Lake City Minnesota was burned on sunday. Loss s10,000. George w. If. Yost recently sentenced to the Penitentiary for two years at Pittsburgh for perjury was pardoned yesterday. A a Memphis tenn., special says that four children were burned to death on saturday night by attempting to kindle a fire with Coal Oil. A a Havana letter states that there is considerable dissatisfaction As to the course of governor general Balmaseda. His removal is demanded. A about 2,000 acres of lands Between Binghamton i. Y., and the Pennsylvania state line were burned Over on saturday. The rain on saturday night was timely. A in the libel suit of j. Simonton against the proprietors of the Boston times judgment has been entered in the Superior court in Boston monday for so,000, with costs. The libel consisted of reflections ujan the integrity of or. Is month s management As general agent of the associated press but no attempt made to sustain the accusations in court. Shooting festival. The Fityo annual a Eweun of uie National shots infest Comuni Encil at Hig islands iii�., Ycu Teir Dar. St. Louis May 20.�?th� gift la annual meeting of the National a shut infest commenced to Day at Highlands Hills three to is fast of Herc. the present front Louisville Cincinnati Kwau a bump Fri Tim Lowa st. Loois and Yoni Ous other places. The address of Welcome was delivered after which the procession formed marching through the principal streets passing under the numerous Evergreen Arches inscribed with mottoes and out through the Broad Avenue skirted with tres to l2ndenhail, where that festivities Are to be cd la Brit. Forty four targets Are Here in line and every convenience and Comfort is provided for a week s sport. Twelve thousand dollars Worth of prizes will be awarded to the Best marksmen. The meeting promises to be the largest Ever held in the state. The authorities of Illinois jul be present and two members of Congress App Intel As delegates Are expected. The treaty. Kex Sec rotary Seward dives us Opin. Ion of Llie was Linston treaty. The above brands will Gire the Best of and we would arise families and boarding houses to order either direct from is or Call for the above brands at s on grocers. Alm keep constantly on hand Choice bolted commeal Graham and Rye flour and sold at the lowest figures. Grist work done daily or exchanged. H0a6undand Tresselt . Pii if the bisect favorite and Only All rail route to Denver Salt Lake City Alid All Points in Kansas Colorado the Terry to Harlei and the Pacific Coas the old favourites with new admission 50 cts., gallery 35 ots reserved scats can to secured without extra Chari re at n. P. Stockbridge s Book store k2 see Small Bills Posten Etc. Job. P. A Shtok business frent Colerick s opera House. One night Only. A Tubby May 25, 1872. Buff a to Bill supported by the entire company from Wood s theatre Cincinnati Ohio. The last re natio hit new York weekly Story Rodoc tion of Fred. O. Maeder s great drama of american life and adventure from the Story in the now York weekly by Ned bunt line col. Z. 0, Judson entitled Buffalo Bill act is Kansas Buffalo Bill to the Rescue. Act 2d�?Buffalo Bill invincible. Act 3rd�?bnffmlo Bill invincible keeps his boyhood oath. Act 14th�?home. Sweet Homo cheers for Buffalo Bill. Usual pric of Adrai Asior. Seata secured without extra Chree. At Stockbridge s Book a Tore. . H. Gorham. Agent. Boo e Storrs. 1qq Miles the shortest line from Kansas Loo City to a outer. 01 n Miles the shortest line to Pueblo ill Trinidad. Santa be and a Point in hew Mexico and Arizona. Remember that Liis is the great through line and there is no other All rail route to any of the above Point. No tedious on Bini or ferry transfers. Pullman Palace oars run through from Kansas cite to den ver without change. Don t fail to visit Denver and the famous Parks and hot and cold Springs in its close connections made at Kansas City with All trains to and from the East North and South. A ��>8 ��v�.eaiua8 Cias follows mail train to Brookville and intermediate stations 9.20 a m Tope kit accommodation to Lopeka and intermediate station s 10 p m through express to Denver san Francisco jtc10 45 p m express trains run daily. All other trains daily sundays excepted. Pitk Chasi Tomb tickets depots 09ri<t. At us a. Mills auth agent Union a Sedgwick agent. Stato line station. £d9ivki> s. Bowel general Soper rendent. Beverley r. Keim general ticket agent a a asks City ufos few York May 20.�?the Herald correspondent has interviewed sex Secretary Seward on the Alabama claims. Seward said that few people understood the Alabama claims question or they Woald not it so excited Over it. He referred to the Johnaon Clarendon treaty As the Means of overcoming All in the . He stated the people dissatisfied with the Washington treaty should urge the government to bring up the former and have it ratified by the innate. Seward favors the adoption of the supplementary article to the Washington treaty and thinks the Senate will recommend its adoption but in either event there is no danger of War Between England and America. Hardware.b.w.0�,ele7&s0n dealers Inha new Fri Toht Boute East. To \ j Blue pm harness and Carriage trimmings whips Etc. No. 79, Golumbia-st., fort Wayne ind. Shot Linvs and i a the largest Stock Ever brought to this City of so 1 ans sporting. Lem Noton ky., May 20.�?john Harper left Here to Day with five , including i fellow by Adams express via the so Ort line for Long Branch to prepare for the races which will commence there on the 29th of june. Breech ,pistols revolvers cartridges gun barrels and trimmings game bags shot Fonches powder flasks powder Homs a gun wads percussion Caps charges dog whistles drinking Upsi pocket compasses at i it Ricos surprisingly cheap All on Sale at the Largo hardware store of mum amp beige Gol. D. Bayless Lodge no. 351 f. Amp a. M., meets at masonic Hall Ever monday Etc Init. Regular second monday of cach month. J. I. White w. Geo. I .crttno.b. In. C. L. Smith a. A d. C. Fisher. Treas. C. D Crane Sec a Grov . A. R. Mccray j. A Robert w. Murphy and a u. Davi stewards a. Waring j. D. Bond and a s Smith trustees. A. Via. Fort Wayne Jackson amp Saginaw b. B., Michigan Central b. B., great Western of Canada new York Central b. B., Hudaon Biver b. B., and Boston amp Albany b. To Albany Kew York Joston Shilad phia Baltimore and All Points in the Eastern states. Through Bills of Landing Given. A Tetlow and time Ai Quick must a any other route. Leo. K. Jab is Avent s4 Broil it War or. P. K. Randa affect �9 what Alec ton.�., Boston. For rates of fre hts and general information apply to n c. He mgr agent of the it. W., j. K s. R. R. Co., fort a Brist supt. It. W., j4s.r. Steel rail double track Baltimore amp Ohio r. R. The great Short line from Cincinnati or Columbus Savins 87 to 110 Miles Baik in Advance at Ivow Yob. Savins 59 Miles Anil arriving 6>� hours Advance Ai Bai Tim orc. Saving 77 Wiles and arriving ski hours in Advance at Washin Motok. Reaching one train the uni Cost. The great Iron railway Bridges Over the Ohio River at palce Asburr and Bellaire. Are completed. Morning and night lines of Pullman 8 Palace drawing room and sleeping cars Are run on thir route from Cincinnati or Columbus to Baltimore and Washington City without Chakee. this Koto you avoid All in Milos to ans fets and ferries. Tickets for Salo at All ticket offices in the South and West. 1 i. , j. Al. Wilson gen l ticket agent m Ster trans. Barimore my. Baltimore. My. Solwey in. Jones gen l pass. Argent Cincinnati. Stockbridge s Book Storl Wall Pafel. Co aunt. Children s c�,bbi�,6es. Stockbridge s Book store. Largest read. Estate. Real estate. Value ble City lot for building and speculating purposes Are for a ale by Irdi amp Lumbard office Over merchant s National Bank Cor Ner main and Calhoun st. Good bargains Given and Long and Short times. Are also agents for eight of the Best insurance companies in the United states and England. Insurance taken at fair rates. Carpets. Mcdoy Gal s May a 1872. The question is Ai cd is often Why we Dou to advertise More and enumerate All the articles we keep. That we hate no time to do working from y o clock a. M until 11 and 13 p. Our Best advertisements Are the big loads of carpeting 1 j Etc., that leave our store every three hours. will simply reiterate a former assertion. Liobe who Are posted know where to go for carpets those who Are not posted after exp a Austing All other sources will find the thing they want at Mcdougal amp co s 75 Columbia st. Competent labor employed work outside the store four first class carpet makers employed at the store under our immediate supervision. J. Mcd. Amp co. Business cards. Patent agcy h. F. Wll Soli Comer of Calhoun and main-sts., fort we Jim. Quot Baham amp Gotshalk actor a treys st Law real est to and in Saraney a its and agents for Quot Blanchard s collect ing and advertising Bare a co Keetion mad in All parts of the no.7ea�talain-s1 Quot a Ort Warne ind. Or in All darts Hoftke United state. Ofsei East main st Over auction room . V. A not shall. Justice of the peace. Notary Public. And most Complete assortment of Wall paper and window shades at Siemon amp by no. 12 West Berry-st., and no. 77 Columbia st. Wallpaper i Wall paper i at Keil pc Bros they keep the largest Stock and finest patterns at Keil amp Bros. The decorations extensions old and fancy papers Are splendid at Keil amp Bro s. All styles colors and Width of Holinda and shades at Keil amp Bro s. Al rays a full Stock of picture frames , Cord and tassels at Keil amp Bros croquet Lel Cerculo a parlor billiards and a Large Stock of out and indoor games at Kuiti do b.r9. S. Tho finest line of fancy stationery at Keiff amp boo s. The largest Stock of books and stationery in Northern Indiana at a it so be of s All the late publications at Keri a boo s sent Post paid on receipt of publisher s Price by Keil i boo. The cheapest place to buy goods in the City is at Keiiti a boo3 be Ystone Block oath Tom st. Polit a Haversley brass Cocks valves amp a for was steam Atid water. Dealer in wrought Iron pipe steam and Gas fittings Fer same. Sheet Lead Lead pipe rubber Hose pumps by Braulia rams Bath tubs Copper Boi Siehs and plot Bing material of every Bescript it 48 East main st f Ort Wayne lad. He. Rosslee Kotary Public a real Stata and general Ina Ranee agents. 0$ce, no. 4, Over Hamilton s Bank fort Wayne Indiana. Will give prompt attention to buying and a doing real estate pay no taxes and general Basilesa. Stab Baker. Attend Flira ebs Jost the thins wanted every family a should have the celebrated Star Baker with doors in Side or end. Which can by easily opened without burning fingers for the examination of meats or whatever else in cooking. This Baker excels All others and before purchased can be tried and if found wanting in any particular will be a in is More than one Hundred Are now in use in tus City and Good references can to Giren Ai to its merits none having failed to girl Good satisfaction. Come and examine it at Carters 25 Columbia Street fourth door West of Tho american House. New sur. Gisi Romayer amp f. Voirol jewellers so. 29 a Abt maui<�t., opposite the fort Wayne and fint fort Wayne Indiana is new of watches silverware and clocks elegant Tarley of diamonds stome Seal rings set rings of All precious stones. Bean Trail sets of jewelry ornamented with Coral Ani Emliy st a Malite Ruby Pearl Emerald Topaz and sap Plire stones. Rich assortment of indies do Chen Clemens watch chains Odd Fellows and masonic pins and charms both new and elegant. Jewel Rte i arge variety selected from and Are therefore Able to suit the most parti Enlar the newest designs of Cas tors. Tea sets fruit baskets. Endless varieties of cups and goblets syrup cups Salters and waiters. Rutter i it Luhcs Tases Epe Ignes toilet sets spoon Racks office at Wagner a drug store at All Lioi irs. residence 152 v the has received the largest Stock of goods in his line Ever brought into fort is not Gammon come and see for yourself. The pile of Suthmer hats of All styles and varieties the Bril it ant and extensive array of neckties and All kinds of gentlemen s furnish Ike a voids shirts drawers socks handkerchiefs collars neckties Cravat and the immense quantities of i is Reisor co Tsi vests pants and stylish summer suits which meet the Eye on every Side to will testify the truthful nem of the assertion. An immense Stock of everything has been purchased in order that goods can be sold cheap. Our prices defy completion. ask two prices for nothing. For summer suits Are of the fines Quality and will be made up on Short notice and in the Nob Biest styles. Our custom department cannot be beaten in Styir a or in Quality floods. guarantee a tip. Top fit or no charge try us. All we ask is for we the people to come and see our Stock Kip you will by. great Cong Home of Forth. Pm Indiana 48 Cai. Quot Houn st port Way he iin�i4lu. Wanted. Girls at the wanted it a Good Stout boy a tomcat on a ii nitty town to Elk in amp a oing to 18 years of w. Who Thor Baihly _ Foster Bros. Amp co. thorough a a Ijar experienced dry goods salesmen. Apply immediately. Foster Bros i co. Lune is _ immediately. It in. R. Itenbe serv ree Firat Cash milliners to whom the a a est wages Wilt be paid. Wad 200 agents Fok of Star Baker. Apply at once at Carter s hot air Furnace depot72$ Columbia. Str mtg tit anted a Twenty actin t f Deliaue men to aet As a cents for a new business for farther info fortion Addom with name in full Quot manufacturer Postof Iea Box 1743 or Call personal la at the Northwest Corner of column my byte iii. Let q to a Yed a a Hedick Lii Fht Rne Nile old with a rope tie Ai person a Tarnia her to will be liberally rewarded. R new Ous Deand a Dob a answering to. The name of Quot a ret Bart the finder win to a a Olssn offi Quot Quot we six Vorte to a Joe Salk a Hosea so Fig r Nus a isl Quot for Cash. Invite of k. T. Tons no. 82 West Wash Acton st i o e and Dor r Smy 200 Pouba Small i partially worn cheap at Tho a a st Job rooms. It Axim Osce. Just the carpets. F r Sai a five Hundred old papers it the Oai thing for Pitt to it War ?0r Salby paper delivery f boxes of All at the Gazette count in room. Or seven octave i it Iano Rosewood Case carved in and. N in use Bont four months. Cost s57s and will be sold for s335. Inquire of c. L. Hill s Motsic store Wiere it is left fur i or Sale House with lease of lot on Holman strut. Next to third presbyterian Chireh. Partio ulan in quire of r. S. for Complete soda Fountain in splendid running order Lor Sale cheap. Inquire of . Opposite court House. For Sale House and lot in East end at bargain and on reasonable terms inquire at a. S. Beans 3c f e Sale one dozen no. 1 in pro cd Argand burners for Coal of Lanip used Only one night and will be sold for twi thirds of the original Price. Inquire at Babette office. _ Choice Readence lots on East Lowis st. S200 each. Fifty dollars Down and balance in one and two years with interest. Enquire of Squire Dubois Cor. Main and Calhoun its. A por for new seven octave piano carved legs and fall mouldings and has been in use Only Anoai eighteen months Cost <650. Good approx paper Taen in payment. Inquire at re. 2ss w. Wayne or at c. L. Hill s music store. A Public invited to Geo. J. E. Mayer it f. Voirol s jewelry store to examine heir new and elegant assortment of jewelry which Are constantly arriving. It Wii afford them pleasure to show their goods whether people Purchase or not. Fat a Sale a Fine suburban residence with All necessary outre pm a a a and eight acres of land. Tho Cron Odim handsomely Laid out planted with Choice Gnit Trees grapevines ornamental Trees and a rubbery. A Green House a. Only ate a minutes walk from the court House. 4co., wholesale druggist. For Bsat of rent Atiz y up smely furnished room a a Wert win within five Roi nutes s walk of the po8t"omet,_ will be let to of or two single Genues a a iii fire at Gaza tto of Isoe for rent. A three Story Brick building Kenfally m Calhoun-st., near the court House pm leased for a number of year Jan Favorale terms. An excellent s the for a met factory. Apply at ence at the Gastik
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