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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 1 1883, Page 3

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1883, Fort Wayne, IndianaDynamite. Professor Chandler s explanations of its properties. What the w it la the extreme simplicity of the process. Mow Tork Tribune. Of a Nitro Glycerine factory in Bir Winingham England a few Days has excited not a Hittle curiosity touching the Manu it Oruro of Iho terrible explosives which Hare Como into prominence m agents of political agitation among the Lawless and re Kloas classes of Russia and Ireland. That dynamite can be made in sufficient quantities to Over turn All Tho government buildings in Europe by a Man with inconsiderable chemical knowl Edge and by the Aid of the simplest House hold few pitchers and will Surprise Many to know. And yet the process a of the simplest imaginable mud. It s a Good Deal easier and quicker than to make griddle said professor bore mus a Day or two the general principle that and orgies All of Plosive agents used for firearms and said or. C. F. Chandler to a reporter is a combination of combustible matter with some thing Rich in oxygen to support combustion id quantities that it can Burn without the immediate Aid of the atmosphere. Gunpowder which is the oldest of All is a mixture of Salt Petre Sulphur and charcoal and Tho most interesting fact about it is that they say now that it Dosen t explode Tho now agents such gun Cotton Nitro Glycerine and of Lions like them explode so much More quickly that it has become necessary either to limit Tho definition of explode or to substitute two words to indicate the difference. Either Gunpowder does not explode or it Deal grates while Nitro Glycerine detonates. Why a Man can walk eighty Simc i As fast As Gunpowder explores. If Yon wore to fire a Pic of Gunpowder eight foot in diameter All Over its exterior it Jerould take it a Ciuuto to Burn up. This comparatively slow com nution is exactly that which adapts it to line in firearms. If it wore to explode inst cum Sously would Haro to Way be fore it font Foi Irna gradually it pushes a the ballot Foster until it attains its maximum Pooi so they can and do regulate Tho size of Tho powder grains to Tho of the charge and thu lung eth of Tho a Largo charge of Rifle pow tour in a Raum ii would blow it to pieces. For wanting Ami torpedo work How Ever and Tho Dovi Liuigi reunite which t to socialists and nihilists in Europe Aio aiming at Tho most powerful explosives Are wanted so that maximum results May lie attained with mini mum quantities. From Tho Timo of Friar Bacon to to Presont there have freon a great Many substances for wanting purposes. In Gnu Cotton Nitro Glye Erino and Simi Lar Budua Tho Flo agents Aro Ropoc Pontod by the Uit Ryl. Which is Dori Vod from Nitrio mid with which the Cotton Glycerine no treated. A Groat variety of sub stances can to nitrated and made explosive an Cotton starch Tho dil Toront kinds of sugar Kovco Riniti Ami carbolic acid. Those Uro Tho Nitro Mili Skucas which do Tho terrible world of which we hear to . Tho goal Nanin of vegetable Fibre cellulose and you can have an Many kinds of ii Itro Collu Loso an Yon can Hurt of Virgo table Allbro. Cotton is compared of is parts Carbon parts had rogue and is part Osyf Joil it Mrna slowly because thu j.1 oxygen which it contains Oro Only mini Uio sonata Hydrogen. In it Ali Choc Buin discovered thai by treating Cotton with nitric acid i parts of Tho Hydrogen could to replaced by ii Nitro is Oach containing 2 parts of oxygen thus adding enl Leinet oxygen to Burn Noorily the Hydrogen but Alao the Carbon instantaneously without Tho Aid of Tho atmosphere. Lii rubs taboo is Gnu Cotton. Nitro Rev for Ino was invented in by mob Roro in Paris and proved to to the most violent of Plosive discovered that could to handled with but it remained merely a chemical Onri Osier until Alfred Nobel began its manufacture in swoon in i8fi2. Peculiarity is that Ita explosion is to instantaneous throughout its mass that it produces the most violent Rifle Ball slowly Ai first but Anft like it a Annall Bat against a Bill it Ono Sharp and All is Over the objection is Fiat it is a liquid which renders it trouble Borao to handle and in using it for blasting i is liable to to wanted by leaking into crevices besides being spilled. The great Desideratum try Tel to convert it into a solid for convenience and safety in handling. Nobel therefore conceived Tho idea of solidifying it by mixing it with some absorbent and ill casting about for Tho Best it occurred to him that what is Callow inf sorial Silica would to the most effective agent this Clayey substance 1 Eom Posod of Skele tons of minute plants that live in water Tine after death Settle to Tho Bottom in layers. The Are microscopic grains but who Examinee look like hollow Glass boxes. In fact they Are and by virtue of being so they absorb a Groat Deal More of Tho Nitro Gly Corin than any other substance. Ono Pound of tin inf sorial Silica will absorb three pounds o Nitro Glycerine and make a solid substance which can be dried and is then dynamite o giant powder. At Drakos Villo n. J., there ii a Bod of this Silica which a nod in Tho pow Der manufactory there it is Tho Bottom of a dried up Lake and singularly enough Tho electro Silicon that a sold in the shops for polishing silverware a nothing but a Fine kind of Tho inf sorial Silica Brough the West dynamite therefore is Nitro Glycerine wit lust enough of Tho Silica added to convert i into a powder that can to handled with Comparativo safety. Nobel obtained a Patent Fqy Bis a discovery and in order to evade it Vari on manufacturers Nave substituted other mib for Tho inf sorial Silica and this accounts for Tho variety of names for what i Tho same thing such As Upite powder rend Rock Etc. Among Tho substitute Are Mica Gunpowder and Margoria. The Ditmar powder company mixed sugar wit the Glycerine before Titrating it and thus of Moinud a a Munro of Nitro sugar and Nitro Glycerine which was called Gln Kodino. The mixed with an absorbent gave a powder pos tossing All Tho explosive newer of dynamite. Ono of Tho most recant i is an this class is an explosive gelatine or gum which is made by Dia solving soluble inn Cotton i Nitro Glycerine Andade in a Small percentage of camphor. It is the extreme simplicity of the process o making dynamite which Adda to the Dango from Tho desperate men across Tho water. I will to vory difficult. For England to control tin manufacture it can Only to done by Roulat ing Tho Sale of Tho agents As Tho Sale of Poison a regulated or by taking in hand itself the of elusive right to manufacture All explosives. Tho Gonta Aro no generally harmless in them that their Sale could hardly to regulator if you can get Oil of vitriol and Saltpetre Yor can make Mync acid. Nitrio arid itself in Sec by builders Saltpetre for curing meats Glycere Ino is a simple harmless substance when Lef alone Oil of vitriol must to had for Manafo tyros and so it is that to restrict All Thos would be very difficult no Groat Chomica skill is necessary to the manufacture of Enon dynamite to blow up All the Govor men houses in Europa it must to made in Kraal quantities and the whole process consists o mixing sol Chiric and Nitrio acids and addin Glycerine slowly while the acid is agitated Anc to vessel in which the mixture is made Skap cold by surrounding it with ice water. Tho chief danger comos from the necessity of hav ing it Thoron Gly washed to got Tho acid on afterwards or it is liable to undergo Spont Anoon combustion. There is no need of Tondini any of the agents to England for they Are As easily made there As Jsean m in tire. Leon to by Hon. G. W. Williams. There Aro three methods by which Tho prob Lem of the future of the negro race in America win to Bol Vod. By education. Thew re number of mod worthily acted in the South but More Are needed and Bove All else facilities for Industrial Educa on Are demanded second they must cd ate the coloured girls of the South As Well As he boys to make Thorn sympathetic help meets or the Young men who Are being educated and worthy mothers for the next generation. Third be race must have the Power that wealth Ives and in its Best form by the ownership f land. The coloured race Are not meant to be forever Coachmen Barbers and waiters. The Bah on the Sake shop. The insurrection in Perls ionised Michel at tie head of the hungry mob. Ario Cor. Chicago a Ribonna. It was a Beautiful morning the Sun shining brightly but the air doing a trifle Sharp for his City whore by the last week has been unusually cold about noon arge numbers of Workin Mou assembled at to Esplanade Des invalids on Tho place Vauban. The crowd became so Groat finally hat it was found necessary to close Tho door of the Church of the invalids containing the Tomb of Napoleon but before this was done Many of Tho agitators had Fonniel their Way nto Tho Church where services were being old and where they stood with uncovered leads until mass was Over. Then a break was made for Tho esp Node whore Louise Michel lad arrived and whore she began a Harangue calling upon the workingmen of Paris not to to led like sheep to Tho she had uttered but a fifth a jute when Tho Olieo who bad gathered in Large jumbo is compelled her to desist but this did not Stop Ler course. Placing Hor Solf at Tho head of a column of workingmen she left the spot marched Down Tho Kuo Dii Bao As far As Tho Sevres into which Street Slio turned on Leray to Theu Boulevard St Germain. It was n Tho Ito do Betts that first came upon the Motley crowd filling Tho thoroughfare from curb to curb and headed by Tho fanatical and anarchical spirit in her hands thu bore a Lack staff from which fluttered a Black Flag she was dressed in deep Black and her veil which Only covered her forehead loft her heavy features to Plain View. She is i should judge about forty years of ago in feature what one would naturally Call far from repossessing heavy Oyosa Coso straight com onion silo walked with All the bearing of a Soldier erect and firmly holding the Flag Polo As fixedly As though she Boot trained to bearing Tho colors of a regiment. And As Tho constantly increasing crowd followed on keeping up an unintelligible chant this woman who would overturn All government in arched composedly at their head looking neither to the right nor loft and unmoved y Tho cheers which her followers to slowed upon her. Tho shopkeepers along Tho route looked on with Surprise Aud wondered who it wart and what it meant Tho Cabman along the curb wore at a to explain Tho outpouring but Whon the moving mass neared Iho lion Lovard St Germain they explained who and what they wore by Over nets which should live warranted Tho incarceration of Tho whole lot to want bread they cried and at onco entered Boulanger Ion to to right and left Tak ing what they wanted and passing on to other and f nah air Fields. To want Broad Thuy cried Aud with this Thoy ransack patisseries prefer ring pies and Cakos to Good Broad like tramps the world Over. Tito Shopkin Ijiri a to Dorlesa to defend themselves. Tumir stores ran hacked mud their Gooda taken by those laborious Workman and could do nothing but work on and Dodge Tho flying Loa Vos and wont meats. To wait Cri cd thu crowd of will Fud fat Lacota muscular full wit wlm Roll a into Trio crowd and to Echo Uil Tho South Nio Nln of Michel who Oulu More came to a halt and Liuio auth air inflammatory Puech. Then Somo Ono or cd to Tho much he dim online Orvoil to ten Balillo in and to the Psi Yale Thoy wont null Moll for Tho purpose no doubt As one of Trio 1 Arin morning papers puts it a Hoo if any Sand win hos i Ltd been loft Over in the Fanu Unrug St hut i anti Zirilios had become awakened to Tho that Thorn was mischief afoot Aud Cinco Ihu morning had Gate Rod a Largo Force of and gear shins of the an the Iro so that when the Inal Couluris Chino across Lam i Laco do la Coli Cortti null on in yanks Uio of Loial Donco of twin Krim Cli Almy found Trio in Way blocked and Mitra Iurco to i Rosi Ilont truvy s Olpoc tidally Ostopp Uil. It is pretty in normally con Mlou that the mob Ivas in just that condition that it would have gone to Anyox Renlo had i not Boon Lio Aill or As it was. 1 bore had a Nighta before Iki ii a grand Ball at Tho Klysko and this Wim Mado Pru taxi fur Uio Aiduk Umu a acc it being hold n Cri Inu by Tieso micho Liles that of Noty should hold Sway at Trio president s ouse Whon their children wore starving. The Ideal mule. A ardetto. Along Tho Tramway the patient much endur ing Long suffering Mulo holds his steady Way hauling a few tons of Coal As much As Tho car can stand at a Load. Tho Mulo a Yovor Over loaded. Of no. Nobody Over worries about putting on Moro Coal than Tho Mulo can haul lint Tho capacity of Tho car is limited and it meat not to loaded beyond a certain Strain. No wonder the Mulo is a kicker. Wero i a Mulo love i too would kick. Every Timo i got a Chance i would lift somebody higher than a Kite. I know just exactly what kind of a Mulo i would be. A Bay mule. One of those sad eyed old Fellows that loan Back in the Breech ing and think. With striped logs like a Zebra. And a dark Brown Streak Down my Back and a paint Brush Tail and my Mano Cut Short and my for top banged and a head As Long Ai a flour barrel and i d be Worth two Kundrot and a half in any Market and i d Wear a la harness and no blinders and Somo Day when some Man hitched to up to a Dray and piled on a ton and a half of pig Iron a Cord of Wood six flour a Good loader Hou Shooli goods and a Steamboat boiler i would Start of with it patiently and haul it steadily until i go to the top of Tho Grade and right about Thoro and then a falling Maple Leaf fluttering Down in a spark of Gold and Crimson would scare to All but to death Aud Trio authorities would Havo to drag the Mississippi River six Neon to tint All of that Load and some of that Driver while in Throe minutes after the Munto i would i tranquilly browsing on the Grassy height a tha Smilo above the Silvor flowing River. Thattie Tho kind of a Mulo i would be. Sackcloth Ami ashes. Texas sittings. The real sentiments of Tho israelite in re Gard to Jor Salom and Tho holy land was admirably illustrated by a conversation Over Hoard on Austin Avenue Only a few Days ago. Moso Schaumburg Mot sly vain Levy and the former said Levy Don t forget Dot next Chow Day be chops must put on sackcloth Mit ashes am weep like Tho by should to Chews weep next Chow sea Moro Den on any udder asked Levy. To Causo next Chews Day Vas Dat Day on which Jerusalem Vaal destroyed by a Dot it is Ohnsta but i Don t see by be should veep on do Chews Day von Jerusalem Vash destroyed and More Den on any udder Day. Be Don t own any in Dot town. Thick and tb11n topics. The events or the Day in the Railroad what Home Aad foreign Are and passenger notes. Of the Holtjr departs and freight the Lake Shore Road Here in crowded with freight. The grand rapids Road is completing a big machine shop at grand rapids. Superintendent Worthington of the Muncie went to Chicago yesterday via the Nickel plate. Fifty car loads of broken Stone Are daily hauled from the Dunkirk Quarry to be used on the Eastern divisions of the Pittsburg. The Muncie Road received yesterday thirty cars of steel rails from Buffalo with More to follow. They will be at once Laid Down. A Stock train of Twenty one cars was run on Friday last from ingmans sort to Bradford on the c., . P. Oad 117 Miles in three hours and Orty minutes. An attractive new Calendar has just Een put Cut by thu passenger depart ment of the Chicago half brother. Congregation. After discussing the commodious Ness o the synagogue and inasmuch As the Day of worship for that denomination comes on saturday thu trustees were appointed a committee to Confer with the hebrew congregation with a View of securing the House for worship prob ably until the new edifice shall be completed. There being no further under consideration at present the meeting adjourned. Personal lunch cars which carry cold Bam Turkey caused Gooda wines Etc., me Jec on Piug fully a popular As Dit aug wit the Truy Celii t Public. They furnish much better meals than the Railroad Oating houses mid Twenty minutes for dinner is saved Wilh which to shorten Timu schedule. Tho advertising material of the Rall Wayu of the country is Well worthy of exuded Cusk a Ramon. It in Liot Many years since almost the Only and were elaborately exc used Gasn sign Wilch wore framed and Hung up i depot Walt inc roots and hotel now a Hundred styles extract the attention of the Public every where. The Way Eastern papers talk Jay Gould could not have penned a More unfortunate sentence than when he wrote the stockholders of the Wabash thai he was the largest among there and was still satisfied that it was beat to make the least to the 8--.Louis, Iron Mountain Southern and put out ten millions of buds. It was a second exhibition of the tin Box Only in an other new Scenic Flecta and a new combination. The appointment of John Thomas a announced in the journal a Day or two ago As general superintendent the Pittsburg fort Wayne St Chicago Road in a matter of favourable com ment and Surprise is expressed that the Baltimore and Ohio people allowed him to go. The Pennsylvania company however get Back one of their old men or. Thomas having been superintendent of the Cleveland Pilts four Road for about twelve years prior to his taking a position with the Baltimore Ohio in 1882. Or. Thomas is highly regarded by Railroad men for Hia efficiency in whatever position he is placed and in Fie invitation extended to him to re turn to uis old company it is a just recognition of the Tine Worth of the Man. Or. James s. Gregg is better. Father Boeckelman is at logans port. Patrolman John Mccann is again on duty. Dave Kahn of Indianapolis is in the City. Mrs. E. B. Bada Baugh of Hunting Sun Dayed Here. W. H. Orr of Milwaukee wis., is visiting friends Here. Or. I. White departed j f Ste Day for Bock Bun Alabama. The misses Katie and Louiee Mon Nung Are at Taupe Veneto Ohio. Leont. Bagley City clerk at Huntington was in the City yesterday. Miss Alice win ii is visiting with mrs. G. W. Moffatt at Rockford 111. Or. And mrs. E. A. K. Hackett have left next Orleans on their return Home. Or. Eva Day clerk at the Mayer in Michigan attending a sick brother. Miss Wai i or Niece of or. W. T. Ferguson leaves to Day for her Home in Ireland. Hon. Robert Lowry is at bin Fulton assisting the prosecution in a noted murder trial there. Are o Mars wife of de. O Mara the Pitt Tburg machinist arrived in the City last week. Joe Bremmerkamp formerly of fort Wayne but who now has a a Ranche at Salt Lake City Utah is n the City. Michael Kelly and l. T. Bourie received from the Jouitti analog Ery drawn on a ticket in which they were equally interested. Or. George k. Bickson formerly Wilh Peters Box and lumber com Pany is Cuga cd in fitting up the Heesoo mattress factory on Eust Flyne Streel for furniture works. , esq., the Washington correspondent of the Gassette was in the City yesterday in route to Union City where he delivers an Ora you before Tho g. A. B. Post of thai place. The Gazette has obtained an enviable reputation for its washing ton let Torp All of which h solely due to or. Sure s ability Aud Energy. Meeting of time first can Rob Congre Teal Ion Lia it Etc kilns. There waa quite a Large attendance of the first presbyterian congregation at tue meeting held last evening in the St cond Church. The president w. H. Hoffman called the meeting to order prayer was offered by Rev. Or. Moffat and or. F. J Hayden chosen Secretary. The first subject under consideration related to the Sale of the first Church property to the United states government. The Secretary read letter from the authorities at Washington stating that the property would be purchased for pc Volding a Clear title deed of convey Ance could be Given. On motion then the Board of trustees were authorized to ratify the Sale and make the proper Transfer of the property to the government. The question of Chang ing their place of worship from Tho circuit court room to the jewish synagogue was next considered they having received a tender to that effect from several members of the jewish u acer to fee Froat the drawing or the Pray Harne and at Belr lab meet lout night to Leet the it let a for lace by Many of the business houses of fort Wayne have during the last few ears been distributing tickets to their customers entitling the holders to a Hance of obtaining some valuable Rize when the final drawing occurs. An interesting event of this nature ook place lust evening at the Stab Ishmen of Salinger bros., the prominent and prosperous clothiers at no. 5 East main Street at which time the Beautiful Shetland Pony harness and ugly were Given away to the Holder f ticket no. A Large and anxious crowd of ticket holders pronged the ample store rooms each be eager to learn who would be the Lucky person to receive the outfit which is Worth fully a the Nickels numbering about were faced in an enclosed wheel and it was agreed by those present that the to Hundredth number drawn should 36 the Lucky one. After revolving the wheel and thoroughly shaking up its contents two Hundred tickets were drawn in succession and the last one bus drawn bore the number f the person holding this ticket Loes not present it by june 1st Ben the three Hundredth number which is 304, receives the prize. Should 304" not present his claim before the 15th of june the possessor of the four Hundredth number or ticket no. Will receive the out fit upon the presentation of his Coupon any time up to july 1. The Are against and As will in All probability be seen on the i treets with Hia prize before another Sun has set. The drawing was fairly and Honor my conducted by disinterested Pat Iep and in itself reflects much credit upon the enterprising arid Stice Efful Tiute of Salinger Brol Here whose Stock of gent s and youth s Clothine Aud furnishing goods ranks among the finest Ami largest in the City. Our Youir Man feels rather disappointed n not securing the Shetland prise jut nevertheless to intends Pur cabs in his Spring met from s Ili Uger Bros before Tho close of the week. But who Hoda the Lucky u umber Tomt wins the slut Imd the Tel ext Ward. Henry Hauna will make a Strong fight in the first Ward for councilman to Day. Or. Hausia is a Young Man full of Energy and a ail respects Well qualified for the a incr. He has in a manner been reared the City and hid inter us arc with the same. He is a pro Holder Anc in that respect will Taii by the senti Nel Tiht Al 1ms discovered the fact i i. T proper la bolder Are inn Tail in the Council. Democrats Aud regu can .v.i. I. and not Oil Vuu tue sent Ines Lul the voters of the first turn out Aud vote for Hanna for l e i to be elected with a Good round ii Juriy. Killed by Vul Der a sad calamity resulting in the death of Man an i the serious in jury of another occurred yester do morning a on the farm of or. John w Fry two Miles East of Simeon Rupert while blowing u stumps with Hercules powder Wai instantly killed. Bad prepared a blurt and after lighting a fuse dropped into a Basket containing the Ca Rudow causing a terrible explosion. Or. Fry owns the farm was Uear by was badly injured in the face and neck. Itu tily burned. List evening a Little girl Namei Annie Rabel no years old woos part is live near the county Asylum was so Bartly i hat her life i despaired of. Shu waa playing Abou a burning Brueh Heap when he clothes were i guided inflicting ghastly Burns on her Ueck Chest Anc limbs. Her father Way badly Burnet on his hands and anus trying to extinguish the Fli Inea. Or. H. S Myers called Aud attended the sufferers. A reply. In reply to the s falsehood published Nigel i say the person does not live that can truthfully say that i have mentioned either a Cut Ball or the question of License and j do not believe that any person Tol the Sentinel that i did and until the editor gives the name of his informer 1 charge him with having wilfully and maliciously published a false Hood. James e. Graham. In consequence of the Frequez Breaks at the Reservoir the trustee o the water works or. Mcculoch yesterday instructed Wils. Mcdermut the clerk of Tho Board to correspond with the water works management it various cities for the purpose of of t dining some practical information relating to the construction of Influent pipes and other matters of equal in parlance. Or. C. Of South Jiorle Murlon co., Bent remix by Foi Dyn Popma no 4 nerf to debility is Brown s Iron Betteis. The fair. Our citizens Ura All i invited to con tribute in thy fair to lie hold All Tuexi week for the Benefit of the City hos Pital. The Causa is a Good one Anc should recommend itself. Donation either of Money merchandise or pre visions can be delivered it the rink after monday May 7. No one Huegli i to St jul it cause Tiit Yara no solicited. Is and mafia of the in Dick Nix pm from Home Whei they Call and Timo will per Iii Idem u to Aii Icli Holp will Alao be needed. We Lemro both your presence and contributions. Mks. C. L. Sutter president. The tort latest. Tho finest soda Fountain in the at f. Thieme s drug store no. 94 Calhoun St cat Corner Wayne which will Diaw the Iii oat refreshing soda water with pure fruit juice and Cream 5e a Glass. Try a g Asa. All Mineral Waters 5c a glass1. We have removed our commission House from 140 Calhoun Street to 18 w. Street stator Monroe Iago. ,1 Trepl i to band catalogue for Voo pm Knprr of tit Yimenu Ops vim just. Sundry on thu for a Winter bowl or As the Spring season opens i would Call your attention to my assortment of gentlemen s also ladies and a Fine display of slippers . Fleming successor Calihan Hama co Seides Block Side of court Lyonne. Patents obtained and a Nan office attend in the u. 8.fmwks to tar to berate fees. Our office la opposite the u. Patent or boo and we can obtain Patent in leu time thaa Thom Washington. Bend Model of drawing. We Adelm u to patentability free of mid of make no ch_4_bgk umx.bh8 we out Ash Patent. We refer Kere to the of Moner order dlt., and to of Florali h. 8, fount Loro Kronur Tamu and to actual Olla in in your Luu or Donn to a draw o. Tim Standard silk or tin world Effary Start face Tali powder Eon Talna no arsenic Lime or not Belnac polio Noni u May be need by the lady fear. U win not Ronghua the Byln and Wilt remove and Tan and allay irritation. Arutt who Are obliged to by a by Start free powder Uthe Imit Kumleh. A Peola Urt on Kim ladles most am Eoo Meloa i recommend Mary Bonart powder the aunt Lect and boat Ommond diphtheria Johnson s Anodyne liniment a positive la or count this Terri butt , and will Posl to Voly euro nine owes out of ten. That save Many lives sent f too by mall. Don t delay a Moi rent. Prevention la better two cure. Is John son go., Boston. Mass., formerly Banoob my. To lt7iiaatini Llu Symko Rich blood. Free reliable self cure a favorite prescription of Ono of to Laott noted Huck Gasrul in thou. Now retired for the curd of Piatt Laad Salni to Plain sealed Drugg Sta can Allu address or. Ward co. My. A Cut ii Corset. For by.Louis Wolf fort Wayne ind. Mujer. Sco., Mann Tarara n. Y. Otto. 8m

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