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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 1 1883, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1883, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Iso. Tuesday morning mat a 1883 fat toe five ogee Hufi Watts sax.e8, Etc. Waits. Tar advertisements for this column must be handed in before 6 o clock p. In. Four lines 15c each insertion each additional line. 5 cents. Good Dan lbs zoom Glria. Apply at Hofta Nahome. Aprl it Tif to rail a Garland Kioto. Three months o a. Rood in new. Address manasr. Thu u7afllbd-a. Borne in a Jurls Lan family Tor a _ male infant Callas Home Tor Tea trl Enaena. Hui Drand labourers on Tom. O a Allwar Wiskos per Day Tor apply 24 clan tomter. Of. L-2t to Ltd agent la every Oonner in the cute an ear Gallo Man can make Good salary address , Barr Street to Benj a planer and Matcher Eon bated of a a Slagle address o. Knob Wood turn ind. Data wow Fok Sabb Olaco. Papers 5uo tend red at tall Coo Senow. Lev croat 287 w. 1-Garland Provo. Three old Good id cheap apply to manager apri Edu the great seduction on All grades of clothing and ipod inks Hook out and lob to null a Superior Quality in 25 Pound ont Kacos Bond orders to go fort Wayne ind. Iown Larj store at a bargain. The Stock nod store fixtures Rich As Wall oases . Will invoice Ixion did in a lire town of inhabitants. A Jimiy to or Taylor Tell a ii Nils aplt5dlm. Ito Halk-160 Aero of land la Stark Oonner being the Southwest Quarter aeon Lon camber two tawn shop number thirty two North of Range one will Ortr Defor property to Forti Wayne and a flu d Laid. Tbs office. 170b Starms situated. In deft Anoe and r Wood oot Milf a Ohio those farms comprise Many of the Best and moult desirable lands in Tooa dec Mons for partly Nelsn and Flifle l 8 orly real estate dealer. 68 Summit Street. I Oledo. Ohio. Plat of land cult male for ear Lenons purposes no Tuato la South Varoe with House Ard Burn on the premises. Will be sold in a whole or will sell in for terms and part tru ars apply to 0.0. Smith this Offlee. Janof i7ob arms of want tic tree Landa r Arteil in bar noun Missouri being in Tec lion 26, town 111. Hmm 2.uotth, thu land Waltl be sold Osati or will Trade for real estate in Kors Waine or for Thor parts nun add Raas u land sat Sueco. Tto Sale Tho Well known Lake flooring and saw Mill in the b St of repair with nil mod Ern Elmust d Miles North of Wynson the Railroad. In Good wheat be Mon. Addonia , Piliu Ualat lid., Buben countr. Apr Odom of 176 tint class Ann in c Purl Coltri Good roads oae Foort mile from depot , a boils. Shops Mai toll is what is known Lahodn Slosted at duller county o. Vor terms. To., to fart a Gazette a you. Ito sat Many of r Ihorn lots Arn situated u Ibe clot is will enl Lohta for East or on part Oast and payments would Taka other rope Rojas pay Monti for Purunjian him mar . Omo. Fob Aach-3lz inn Deil and forty aarm of land being Woollon Lilouk-8, and actuated in about Center of Trad Wicnty of Lynn and state of Tala Milhls is Gna Tantoro to to ont Laiq. And will sold ill. Roton Niilo terms for Taeb. Or will Trade for other Malfat if Allen Eon Nln for further partly Parsad Drui j Al Jun care of the us Lette. A kit 3atj5 of Kauh a Noort Nusl the town of. . Ind. Flu a Yoom dwelling on Untiet Anil Well adapted to Tirtlot of urn Llyl mum a b will answer Hoth will sell cheap for to ii or Trade on property la this City for particulars soon and make your selection. Yon will find our Stock new stylish and cheap. And hats and Caps the season Lias opened late and we were compelled to Cut prices Down o All new Spring goods in order to sell them at once. It fur better than offer customers useless baubles to induce them to adv. We strike the Grea. Mow in prices and our Stock Haa no equal in the West As our clothing is Cue torn made. Golden Eagle clothing House. Cub. main its. Fort Indiana to , Wilson sons of is Rainof Man wart a i. Non non of the Wabash Kal Road to Man Nonh of 1 Rii. Ind., in Miami county and in alien Towo Blu Tolna diction 21. Town 29, Raore i Matt Jolt the Luato of Maori Ami in few Good Stiltn of Only Patlon. Meadow and Abonal ill to inc Lofski Tbs is a one task mini or and farther Naruo tilts a dram l 8 Urtaza. 18 Fork St. W o Imbu in quire of Joseph storm to. 8 b. Of Owmby Vodgd. Of bowl owner Oun Olito same at this of Floe. 1-81 business directory hotels. Oul Noom . Be. Real estate and insurance. So. Billly Kahuk a West Stro tary i a bloc. Insurance and beat it of a imitate. Seltzek and Valeks. Bkamjs8 29 and 31 Barr Street. Day we Are uttering special Bargainier in to Kuziks mud to a Veling Barf for the next thirty Davs. A. H. Johns a 51 Ami 53 East Columbia Street. Trunk never Blacks the Burner nor soils Jour kettles. Gem Oil stove from always buy the Best. The nerve toxic and brain food. Pot Ali of Stro offt and o Tea or Finlo Syf Itam. Thosa pwn re Are a Wilt tuft onto for Low of memory. It nebular debility nervousness. , , impotency. Noor Alffa Flatt Luff to cry Supply briton Power re Vatu Oura for of the Rosanio presort Hotd by ont tit in and Amerton and Roo it manned by that London in about food Buflod la of Loo doff flt Tho Sno oem. Intr 9 Tor by Niall postpaid for Sale Only by Jar. W. A autumn Street Cor. Berry. Ceo. R. Bowen plur has a steal fitter. Brain of All kinds. Duplex injector Best boiler feeder known. As Bestosa packing 1 stk.e1hit g. T. Bruebach. A d. Fort Wayne ind. Office residence 171 Clinton Street. Consults thou Hourn 7 to 8 a. M., 1 to 4 p. M., 7 to 8 p. In. Orders Mav be sent Fay Telephone duty or tight. Mcl20-3m Lin Don Range in All sizes and shapes. Look stoves of All kinds 17 e. Columbia St _____________________april7i1lrn boots an shoes Fob the Spring Trade. 17 Calhonn St. Hayfi an excellent assortment of Fine and medium Grado boobs and shoes of the Best qualities latest styles which Are offered at very reasonable prices. For sweetness and Power of Tom the Estey Organ cannot be excelled Large Stock to select from. Sold 01 Levi a pals Baldwin co. No. 15 went main Street. Maim St wok for dyspepsia sick be Ducho chronic far Rhaya jaundice. Impurity of the blood fever and Lane malaria _ and All Ilse Angeii caused by derangement Orfirer bowels and kidneys. Symptoms of a diseased inter. Breath pain in the Side sometimes the pain is Felt under the shoulder Blade mistaken for rheumatism general loss of appetite Bowcut generally Ostive sometimes alternating with lax the head is troubled with pain is Dull and a Caver with considerable loss of Momory accompanied with painful sensation of leaving undone something which ought to have been done a slight dry cough in prices from 25c up at carpet store. Send 2, or for a Sample re Tail Box by express Nothe Best candies in America put up in elegant boxes and strictly pure. Suitable presents. Express charges Light. Re to All try it once. And f. Gunther confectioner Chicago of the skin exists f spirits Are Low and despondent and although satisfied that exercise would be beneficial yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to try in distrusts Crary remedy. Scr Cral of the above symptoms attend the disease Buncasel have occurred when but few of them existed yet examination after death has shown the Laver to Hare been extensively deranged. It should to used by All Persona old and Young whenever any of Uio above symptoms appear. Persons travelling or in unhealthy localities by taking a dose occasion ally to keen the liver in healthy action will avoid nil malaria Ulyous Ottav kit dizziness Nau sea drug siness depression of spirits Etc. It Wlsh invigorate like a of wine but Jet no intoxicating beverage. If thou Havo oaten anything hard of digestion or feel heavy after meals or Tel sep ices at night take a dose and you will be relieved. Timo and doctors Lii la will be saved by always keeping Trio regulator in the Houtho for whatever the ailment May be a thoroughly Safe Pur Kalvo ullo Ruvvo and tunic can never be out of the remedy is Mirml Olp and Dors nut interfere with business or pleasure. It is pc rely . And has All the Power and Efficacy i Calomel or a Mutie without any of the injurious after Cut acts. A testimony. Simmons Kcjr Hulalor has been in me in my family for some time and i am saluted it is a t3luablc.addilic.il to he Nice Icil science. J. Gill Sii Kotiw governor of Ala. Iton. Alexander u. Stcphrm., of says have derived some Banc la from the use of Simmons liver regulator and wish to give it a further trial. Only tiling amt never fulls to Kcal Luvett. 1 have used Manv remedies for Fuyii pepsin liver a Flection and debility but never in pc found anything to Benefit me to the extent Simmons Uver Sci Hulalor has. I Kent from Minnesota to Georgia for it. And would further for such a Medicine and would All who arc Sam Carljr affected to give it i trial As it seems the Only lung that never tails to relieve. I1. Jannitt Minneapolis Mian. T. W. Al amok nays from actual experience in the use of Uver regulator in my practice i have been and am satisfied to use Anil prescribe Ilas i Midk Miv Only . Which always Hain Llie wrapper the Ril 2 trait air la and of j. Ii. 5ceh.jn co. _ . Marl7eodwlv the Aurora vapor stove is the Best and simplest Siove in the Market. We would be pit ased to have you Call and sex Arrolue tie Aurora before you Wocl Iasi for season. An inspect Ion will show you its superiority Over any a Thor Maires. It is so a Rupee that a child can operate it. Fur summer itis to intr As it obviates of a c no i Tove away with the heat in the House and can be in i two thirds less expense. Lha have a full line of ice Clesto water coolers Etc. Our. Celebrated Bristol Ratip for Coal and Wood and a full line of cooking stoves always to be found in Stock a no. 16 East Columbia Street. Oct6dlyr h. G. Sites ill s Block 82 Calhonn Street port Warno. Over the Pawn shop. a musical bed a conch m which the occupant lulled to sleep by music and bed by automatons. Latest Freak of a foreign visitor to paria says Tho correspondent of Tho Fhil Delphi press is without doubt Tho order for a mus ical bed. Such an article of Domestic comfor was thought to be a myth but an Indian Bajaj has just ordered one from Tho celebrated firm of Christopher Brothers. The bed is made o mahogany embossed with Silver plates Artisti Cally carved to represent Venus and cupid the ornamentation is principally in the Indian style but the carved roses and entwined flow Era Aro planned on Tho delicate French Styli that is so attractive. Tho value of Tho Materia alone that has been used in Tho construction 01 this novel piece of furniture a francs and before it a completed it will to Worth 00. 000 francs. The mattress a covered with Light Brno damask Satin and embroidered Vith sold fila Ferreo bilk. The act of reclining upon this Beautiful work starts the musical Box which plays selections from Gounod Tho funeral March of a Marionette being Tho most attractive. Tho greatest piece of mechanism Yot remain to to told. Tho Spring that Seta the Musica Box in motion connects also with each Corner of Tho Bedstead where four of women stand carved life fixed and painted to represent living creatures. On Taug started they gently wave Tho plumed fans that Aro placed in their Havila Anit Mote to licit ores of naturally that a casual observer might mistake them Tor animated beings. This a somewhat strange Bod even for an Indian 1 Rince but As thu world grows to appreciate Thol Hialit of wealth More and Moro in every Day life it is to to presumed that Many innovations of this nature will find their Way into Uio mansions of the wealthy. Nature u Siberia. Chambers1 journal. Tho history of animal and yoga Sciblo Ufa on Tho says our author. Tory curious Ona. For eight months out of Tho Tolvo Ivory Traco of vegetable life a com Plo Toly hidden under a Blanket six feet thick of Snow which effectually covers Ivory Plant and there Are none to hide. Dur ing six months of this tune at least animal life is Only traceable by tha footprints of a role Doorow a Fox on Tho Snow or by Tho occasional appearance of a Raven or Snow owl wandering above the limits of Forest growth whore it has retired for Tho Winter. For two Monolia in midwinter Tho Sun never rises above Tho horizon and Tho White w to Only the fitful _ Light of the Moon Tho stars or Tho Aurora Bornalis. In february Tho inn Only just Peep upon the Jacoue for a few minutes at noon and then retires. Day by Day he prolongs his visit More and More until february March april and May Liao passed and cont infant night Haa Bacomo continuous Day. Early in june Tea Sun just touches Tho horizon at mid night but Doon not set any More for some Timo. At Midnight the nun s Aro hot enough to Blister Tho skin but Thoy Glauco Lauri lustily from Tho now acid for a few Days you have Tho anomaly unbroken Day in mid inter. Then co Moi Tho South wind and often rain ind thu Groat vont of tha year Tekoa Tho Iuo on Tho Groat Rivoiro Breaks up and the Blanket of Niclos away. The a Tok Earth absorbs thu heat of nun quietly but swiftly vegetable life awakens from Long Alan and for three Mont Lis a hot Sam nor produces a Brilliant Alpine Flora Lika an English Flower Garden ran wild and a pro fusion of Alpino Intuit Only by from Tho North flu Cli am Otimia for a Lay or two bring ruin Down from Tho Arctic the bicycle m. T. Mania Haa reached diphtheria Ryphe prostration which follows Al diphtheria and Tho persistency with which it clings to the patient ate Well known to All Olio Honvo had. Any exp Orlenzo this terrible disease. The following letter shows How Tho re storing and invigorating properties of go it overcome it and if 000 s How by Vitaliz car in blood neutralizes and eradicates Tho poisoned mutter from it bringing to Tho convalescent Tho color and vigor of robust health. Sarsa Oan i i i neut Lowell mass. Messes. C. I. Hood co my Ottlo girl had Tho diphtheria last april Tho disease left her very weak blood poor. With no appetite and she could not seem to rally from its Cut acts. Hood s Sarsati ail a was recommended by it neighbor. After she had been taking it a few Days we noticed a change for Tho she began to eat with a relish. It seemed to take out Tho Poison Tho disease had left in her blood Tho change being very noticeable in her face. Site took it two months and fully regained her health much to our Delight. To now recommend Loon s with a Deal of p Leasure. Very truly Yourg. J. K. Smith 19 Eutt Ernold Street. That extreme tired Vtha first bottle has done my daughter a Deal of Good her food does not Dis Tress her now nor docs she suffer from that extreme tired feeling which she did before taking Hood s bold by All druggists. Trice ?1 a bottle or six bottles for prepared by c. I. Hood a co., Apoll Ccarles , mass. Hoofs tootle powder Only 23 cents. _ Felt duly hews it Brief. Jules Goupel the French Painter la dead. General Diaz and party left new Orleans sunday morning for Vera crus. -._. The malagasy envoys have asked Germany s Protection Aarau not French Baa Nuvar Boa in Laai Anoe la a lob to butt at relax 1 Mph Eloino called to Izard of tha to Kidd til a pro p b r i o 1 Al i Auw Pra Tolbo Tufi Tokio Obi Iii and and in Irons Affuso Mooiki. U up Oldo far by and Deil or. August Rath veterinary surgeon office 131 Griffith St. Sept2dlyr aggression. By the capsizing of a French Man of War s boat at Toulon seven men were killed. Twenty one new York liquor Deal ers were sunday and held in bail for trial. Prince Bismarck s title a Terr Nijiu newspaper announces will be the Duke of Lauenburg. The Czar and grand Duke Constan Tine Uncle of his majesty have be come completely reconciled. The residences of Samuel j. Tilde and Henry Villard in new York Are lighted with the Edison Light. Senor Torribio Sanz the peruvian mini Beer accredited to the French Republic died at Paris sunday after a Short illness. Fire at Newago mich., destroyed books hotel the Exchange House two churches and fourteen other build Inge. Loss about Schultz Delta sub the Well known political economist and writer on so Cial questions died at his residence Potsdam Germany bunday. A Young lady at Bamberg Ger has been punished with a Fine and costs for the offence of playing the piano at night at an open window. The Low stage of water in the Black River Wisconsin precludes the possibility of More than one fourth of the Winter s Cut of logs reaching the Mills. A grand trunk freight train of Twenty cars ran into an open switch at so Elburne sunday afternoon. The engine and twelve cars were derailed and badly wrecked. Tho to Tamer Canadian arrived at Boston saturday with about seven Hundred More evicted Irish Farmers assisted ont of the country by the Jill Ali government. The donations for the Relief of the allies of the miners lost in the disaster have reached the sum of including appropriated by the state legislature. By Sulphide of Carbon la attracting attention in England a a new motor Ventora have been experimenting Rith it for years Here but no one yet made it work easy As it looks in theory the schedule in the assignment of George Poten co., tanners and Deal rain Oil Newyork has been filed n court. Liabilities Nom Nal assets actual assets like older state is be inning to replace wheat growing by airy farming and Only fifty two per eat of the farm lands against Slit ight per cent in 1879, will be Given o wheat this year. The courts of Arkansas de idea that a Man who Burns his own ouse can not be punished for arson be offence to be criminal actor cling to state Law must be committed off the property of another. A sum of hat been uttered to the French Academy by m. Paul to found a prise for the discovery of a cure for diphtheria. The Competition is open to the world and it is not con fined to the medical profession. A riot Between greeks and arabs at port said is reported. British troops and sailors protected the greek Church while the greek Consul took Refuge on Board a gunboat. A general massacre of europeans is said to have been averted by the Landing of the British forces. A remarkable instance of the ingenuity developed by necessity is afforded by a convict a a prison who made a saw out of the buckle on his trousers and construct so a key from a splinter of Wood with which he unlocked the Chain that bound him to the floor. More than half a million people Are employed in the Coal mines of great Britain and last year More than thousand killed in them the average of accidents being about three for every working in the the annual product is Over tons or More than twice that of the United states scr Fula. A med Cine that destroys the germs of scr Fula and has the Power to Root it out a appreciated by the afflicted. The remarkable cures1 of men. Women and children at described by testimonials prove Hood s Sarsaparilla a reliable Medicine containing remedial agents which eradicate scr Fula from the blood. Loo discs sold by All is c. I. Hood co., Lowell. Mass

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