Fort Wayne Daily Gazette in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
1 May 1872

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
1 May 1872

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana The fort was Jse daily Gaz kit wednesday mount Jug. May 1, in. Dry goods vat just Koei eid c. Orff amp co., it h acc i cd a Tiu Hinio of ladies suits re All Colok. Just Esly ived a ask Ortizo Pitcl Quot Dolly Varden sateen. Dolls Varden Chint Zes. Dolly Varden Percale. Dolly Varden reps. Dolly Varden alpacas. Dolly Varden prints. Be dismissed they desire to know it in order to secure another place before All desirable positions Are filled. Neither our teachers nor on people have forgotten the history of the dismissal of teachers last year How some of a our very Best teachers were left in profound ignorance until the last moment too late for them to secure outlier As Good if not better positions which they might Hare obtained had their dismissal been made known to them in time for an Early application. But Side from All humane reasons or regard for the welfare of others these appointments should be made As Early As the first of april a matter of business. Who would think of discharging an employee without previous notification ? Only when some Gross error has been committed is a labourer summarily discharged and then it is done without wait ing for the time of Liis engagement to expire because an eight week s vacation intervenes Between the close of one school year and the beginning of the next is Norci Ison Why these appointments should be withheld until the close of the summer term. At that time the year is closed and a superintendent has no right to regard tie intervening vacation As a part of the year. Besides nearly All the school appointments throughout the country Are made by that time and but Little is left the teacher who is so unlucky As to be dismissed As late in the season As june. We Trust that our superintend ii t will take this matter into consideration and act toward those under his charge As a business Man. His Obice is purely a managing by siness one and ought to be conducted in a purely business manner. General Browne s speech. A in Mcie Cai i or Lieut of White goods consisting of Yosemite Mariposa. Land ail eur ices variety of Marseilles. Piques. Swisse. Nain Sooks. Victoria lawns Etc. Alg a my it a editors amp pm Blimm wednesday. A at 1. 1872. To a a ily a a a mkt to i Mmore Tbs a double the car Calason in and ont of tie Elty of my other paper in blinded in fort a one. A queer Way of doing business. A few weeks ago in an article entitled Quot a word for on Pablic school Teichert Quot we took occasion to comment upon the injustice done to teachers when appointments for the next ensuing year Are not made until the close of the current school year. It seemed to us then 38 it does now that inasmuch As school teaching is a legitimate business teachers ought to be treated with the same using is like req act that other employees receive. In every department of business with which we have any acquaintance employees Are always Given sufficient notice before the time for which they Are hired expires in order to secure another similar position or in Cas their Jie vices Are to be retained they Are so notified that Allun easiness or anxiety about their future prospects May be relieved. For instance where persons Are hired and paid by the week two weeks notice is generally Given by an employer who deals fairly with his employees or two months whet parties Are hired by the year. And it is certainly right and proper that it should be to. A person with or without a family to provide for canno be summarily dismissed from a position from which derives his income without More or less inconvenience and often distressing pecuniary embarrassment. In no Trade profession a help so scarce that a desirable position can be secured at any time an application May be made. Bat on the contrary Days and even weeks of anxious waiting Are often necessary before an applicant is successful. Especially is this True in the profession of school teaching where ladies As Well As gentlemen Are applicant for positions. In Many of our cities. Superintendents and boards of education Are mindful of this fact. They realize the necessity of Early appointments in order that those whose services Are not to be retained another year May have abundant time to look elsewhere. In Buffalo Cleveland st. Louis Chicago and Pittsburgh the appointments of teachers for the next school year were made several weeks ago. Quite now looking after other situations by Means of friends and letters. It docs not interfere with their school duties for no time is consumed nor can their dismissal make them indifferent for Success in their next school depends very much upon the manner they acquit themselves in the ones they Are now teaching. It is wrong to presume therefore that a Tea Char who is notified of his intended dismissal before the school year is finished will be negligent or indifferent in the performance of his remaining Dutie. But Why a custom observed in other cities entirely disregarded in it. Wayne it is now Only a few weeks before the Public schools of our City close for the year and yet not a single appointment has been made. Teachers Are Uncertain whether they Are to remain or not and the time of waiting is an anxious one. If any Are we publish this morning in full the speech of general Browne delivered at Winchester on saturday last. His immediate friends and neighbors those who have known him from his boyhood and whose Quot approving smile has greeted every Little Success has achieved Quot a invited him to Quot talk to them Quot and regarded the time and the place not unfitting to open the Campaign which is before us. But the Quot talk Quot was a masterly Effort so eloquent and so effective that it must greatly i Hance his reputation for being a Man of ability and eloquence. There is no ostentation no deception no sophistry about it but like the Man himself it is Frank Plain and thoroughly honest. If understands the Art of concealing ideas by words or Ever studied the use of ambiguous language that it May be interpreted in different ways by different factions none of it is displayed in this speech. From the beginning to the end it appeals to the common sense of the people the most illiterate of whom can understand every word and whose own limited knowledge Quot of the past events must Tell him i is True. As an argument we be Lieve it is convincing and unanswerable. The democracy will attempt replies. All the sophistry of their versa tile minds will be used to break Down such reasoning. Sarcasm sneers denial everything which can be found in the realms of rhetoric will be thrown against it. But such ammunition will have influx be with Only those whose Blind passions a and deeply rooted prejudices control their reason. The masses those who love their country and desire to see it Prosper and grow More powerful must vote with the Republican party in the coming contest. If tie Cincinnati convention is successful to Day in making a nomination and adopt ing a platform which shall receive the support of any considerable class of voters they must be those who formerly composed the old democratic party. A new name cannot eradicate prejudices loves or hates and it is evident Herefo Rei if democrats endorse the government it will be done Only to secure Iwler and give their leaders office. The fact that a few disaffected and disappointed leaders Cut Loose from the Bepo lican ranks in order to join this movement will make do difference. The people cannot be so easily fooled. These men represent no constituencies. Once beyond the Pale of the party which placed them in Power and they Are merely individuals representing no votes except their own. The general therefore estimates the Cincinnati movement exactly for what it is Worth. It must be democratic or nothing and if the former How much More Power can it Wield than if it sailed under the old democratic colors ? general Browne concludes his speech with an Appeal to the Young men of the country which they May Well reflect upon. It proves his sympathy with them but above All shows that the Man who Heads the Republican state ticket loves his country More than party and would rather see her Prosper than that any party should Triumph at her expense. The first shot. General Tom. Browne Otieus the Campaign at win Sliester talk Day. An eloquent speech and an effective Appeal to his own fellow townsmen. Fewer wrongs and mistakes a grander Thimler of the saved not if tie it work a brighter and purer history than was the party of Liberty the Friend of the sound Reading for republicans but a bitter Pill for the democrats to Swallow. Great enthusiasm in the quiet City of Winchester the Home of Indiana s next governor. What fools we Are How a town was scared a Massa Chanetta Host Story explained. From the Springfield Republican april 15. A correspondent at Monson who is sceptical As to supernatural appearances has been quietly investigating the circumstances attending the ghost excitement at that place a few months ago and has solved the mystery to his full satisfaction. The Story As tells it is that a very Young Man became enamoured last summer of a fascinating Maiden residing about a mile from the Village and was accustomed to Call upon her several times a week. An older brother finding that the Youthful Romeo was causing some gossip by his frequent attention a resolved to Stop them and hit upon the plan of frightening him in the Guise of a ghost. Knowing that the lad was courageous however Quot appeared Quot first to another member of the family. By strapping a Broom upon his Back wit i the Bushy part projecting Over his head successfully disguised his height and by Means of a big Black dress presented in the night the appearance of a woman about six feet and eight inches tall. Thus attired secreted himself in the new Church and when has victim came along pounced upon him and chased him Home where arrived breathless with fright. This incident produced much excitement in the Community but the intrepid Romeo a dismayed by ghosts steadfastly continued his visits to the object of his affections. The leaven of fear was working however and about a week later the ghosts Quot accosted and chased a Man on his Way to the Quarry at Early Daj break after which the 3,000 inhabitants of Monson were so wrought up that even men were afraid to venture out at night except a bands. But love still conquered fear the youngster continued his tri weekly until one night while return Ioc a frightful ghost of it anted him at a lonely spot in me Road. The first impulse was to run but the ghost ran too walked and the assumed a measures tread and continued uncomfortably near slackened his Pace and the dreaded being stalked past him and remained before or behind until reached Home Fri glistened nearly to death. The ghost Persona tor having his purpose thereafter kept his own counsel and retired from the Busi Ness but the terrified people of the town saw a Specter in every Bush and the ghost was reported in half a dozen places after had finally disappeared from View. The new Church was watched for Many a night the Woods were searched by bands of men who took care to keep to Gettier one Inaa was so nervous As to shoot himself while in search of the ghost and deadly fear for a time held the whole Community -. At the invitation of Luau old friends general Thomas m. Browne the Republican candidate for governor made the opening speech of the Campaign at Winchester on saturday last. The City Hall was crowded with people from every part of Eastern Indiana and the general amidst the greatest enthusiasm delivered one the most eloquent and effective speeches. The next governor of Indiana being introduced said ladies gentlemen and fellow citizens in the years now gone it has been my Good Fortune to address you quite frequently on political questions and you have always heard me respectfully and with patience. Indeed Jou have Ever treated me with a kindness Little merited for which i am profoundly thankful. Daring the thirty years i have lived among you i have been the constant recipient of favors at your hands and to Day i am proud in the belief that i enjoy in some Small measure your esteem and Confidence. To me it is a pleasure i cannot adequately express to be Able to say that Here where i have been known from my Boj Hood my friends Are to be found in 6ach of the political parties my personal enemies in neither. If i have had faults you have been charitable and forgiving and you have generously magnified the Little Good that was in me. Your encouragement has animated my every Effort and your approving smile has greeted every Little Success i have achieved. I will Cher ish in my heart the memory of these things until pulsations cease forever but fellow citizens we must pass to the subject before us to Day. We Are at the threshold of another campaigns one that is Likely to be exciting and one that May develop a new phase in the politics Ancl parties in the country. It is mid that we Are on the eve of a revolution and that forces Are now at work that will bring new party into the foreground of american politics. If we Are to credit what we hear it we Are to rely upon the speeches of democratic politics apis and upon the statements of representative men the democratic party is very soon to Hob ble quietly and ignominiously to political grave name and history to be buried forever out of sight. By this new departure the i democratic party is to go out of existence and in the future no ticket pay or platform is to be tainted by name or Faith. This May All be True but i am slow to believe it. The democratic party is old it has traditions it has control of municipal and state governments it has honoured representatives in the Congress of the nation it has a name and a compact organization and three millions or More of votes and it is not. In my opinion Likely to strike colors to a party As yet nameless one that has been christened by no Victory and one not possessing the Power unaided of winning a Success in a single county in the Union it is however insisted that statesman heretofore actively identified with the Republican party Are to be nominated for the highest offices in the gift of the people that they Are to be put on a platform practically Republican one that fully and squarely endorses All the progressive and reformatory measures that have been ingrained into our statutes and Constitution during the eventful decade just past and that the entire democratic party is to be brought to their support. Does it not require the utmost stretch of human credulity to believe that this party will do this it has set face like Flint against every Reform from the be nning. No Advance movement has had sympathy or support. It opposed and denounced each of the constitutional amendments most bitterly and persistently in Congress on the stump and through press. It opposed emancipation and had the government been in keeping four millions of men and women now free would have been in Bonds to Day. Not a coloured Man in All the land owes his Freedom to the democratic party. Not a right which has been secured to the color people but has met the most violent resistance from that party. It has sneered and scoffed at every Effort to elevate the coloured race and for Long years it kept the Heel of the tyrant upon the necks of that a ple. It has retracted nothing repented nothing but stands by record. Will this party unite in the Liberal movement and thus make Public acknowledgement that past policy has been illiberal unwise and unjust. Will it make this confession will the democratic party of the United states in Good Faith recognize the negro As a citizen and a voter and protect and defend his i fits inspired by the Hope of Power and patronage by the Quot shimmer of the Silver Dollar and the Golden Eagle Quot it May be made with lips to accept these new and improved conditions. In heart however there will be treason and when a Success comes that gives it the Power it will Rise in rebellion against All that it opposed and declare the achievements of the past ten years Quot unconstitutional revolutionary and no revolution in politics can be expected to Spring up from the democratic party,.for it is cabled by the weight of prejudices and traditions to the effete past and Quot it serves no higher purpose than that of a fixed Point to Mark the velocity with which events Are this new movement does not Hope for Success unless it can secure the co operation of All those who oppose the present administration. Without this help it is powerless but to weaken or destroy the Republican party. 1 democracy May try to take advantage of the weakness created by our divisions and di.s8ensions, but it will neither abandon platform or party organization. The leaders May attempt the Sale but they will have trouble when they come to Transfer the property to or. Thomas Williams late from one of the leading merchant tailoring houses in Boston is head Cutter at Quot Woodward s. 1i�o9 style of cutting is Beautiful a feed. Near fails to fit. With two organized parties already in the Field the Success of a third movement is simply impossible. I am not ready to believe republicans will assist in destroying the party of which they have been so proud that party that has engraved Ita enduring and exalted principles upon the policy of our american institutions. Those who stood by us and Laboured and suffered with us through the torm and peril of the rebellion will not now Aid a movement that May put into Power that party that sought to give us a dishonoured Republic and the perpetual supremacy of the slave Power. But my fellow citizens is p. To i Aru demanded ? is a higher Liz action and i purer political not it a = o a secured by the inauguration Quot a political organization i artisans of this movement us that the Republican party is corrupt and profligate and that the great want of the times is a pure and economical administration of the government. If reforms Are demanded and abuses Are to be corrected if these things Are de demanded by the exigencies of the times a i believe most sincerely they can be Best secured inside the Republican party. For one i have Faith in the honesty and file intelligence of the Republican party in Devotion to Liberty in fairness and Justice and in admiration for Public official integrity. If it has in office and i do not say that it has not a those who have prostituted their trusts to dishonest purposes who in the scramble for gain have forgotten duty who have been unfaithful and dishonest it will kick them out and put men of undoubted integrity in their places. I shall show you presently that we have done this that we have discharged and brought to Punili ment every Man who has been shown to be guilty of any corrupt or dishonest act. I am not before you to Day to oppose fair and honest criticism but to invite it. I believe in free speech. I would Accord to All the fullest and broadest latitude of discussion. I am not Here to say that the Republican party has not done wrong has committed no mistakes but i claim for it can be presented by any other a political Orr animation in the world s annals. My object in you to Day is to speak of the principle and achievements of the Republican party to hold up past record and to recount some portions of eventful history for it Lias will in iii Story that will Piura re forever. In the course of what i have to say to Wilny i will have occasion to allude to some of tie charges the option ends of tie administration live . 1 now invite you fellow citizens to a Brief review of tie iii Story of the party of Liberty and Reform for if in past Quot there is nothing of which we need feel ashamed Quot there nothing in the future to create apprehensions or alarm. The truths to Wii Icli 1 shall Call your attention arc familiar i know but they can not be too often repeated or become too familiar to the people. The Republican party Jire sents work to Llie people and challenges the most rigid criticism. As in the past it has kept every Promise and redeemed every pledge so in the future it will be worthy tie unwavering support and Confidence of All. For the past twelve years the american people have confided the destinies of the nation to the keeping of the key publican party. These years have been crowded with events of the gravest moment to the Republic. They were pregnant with work the centuries had left undone. Never Inwall our history did a political parly responsibilities so fearful or come into Power under such circumstances so embarrassing or discouraging. To the citizen statesman Patriot the situation was bewildering. Apprehension of some great Appal but undefined National disaster cast Solark Shadow upon every heart in the land that loved peace and order or that revered tie Union of the states and the free Christian government that was the outgrowth of that Union Abraham Lincoln had just been elected to the presidency. He was a representative of the free toiling millions of the Northwest. Quot there was no stain on his character no blot on his was honoured alike for his illustrious Talent his conservative views of government and the simplicity of is private life. He was a Man of the people self made generous honest in his convictions and sincere in his attachment to the constitute Ioji. It is True that received no support in tie slave states but his election nevertheless was in strict conformity to the Constitution. It was a peaceful Triumph of the popular will but it was a Stern and unmistakable rebuke to the aggressive policy of the slave propagandists. The result of the balloting was but announced when Southern politicians seized upon it As pretext for putting into execution their Long cherished purpose and deliberately matured plans of Dis Olving the Union. The conspirators made haste in beginning the work of disintegration and months before the government had into the keeping of the new untried re publican party they had overturned the legitimate governments in several of the states seized upon the Public property within their Borders and inaugurated a fearful and formidable rebellion. Long before the 4th of March 1861, the conflict was upon us. True hostile armies had not met in Battle but the seceding states bristled All Over with bayonets armies were organized drilled and equipped and the government was admonished that it was Quot War or this Rel Ellion was brought upon us without a Shadow of cause to justify or mitigate it. Our states men had endeavoured in vain to arrest the reckless spirit of insubordination that was the destruction of the country a to avoid the woe and agony of civil War a by offering the malcontents concessions and compromises most humiliating to a nation jealous of liberties and proud of Honor. I have said that we had compromised with the slave Power but the Compromise of to Day was made the pretext for another More degrading and Debau Rhing to Morrow. No Concession would satisfy it but every year it became More exacting in demands and defiant to the authority of the nation. In 1862 we gave it the fugitive slave Law and consecrated the free soil of the North to the slave Hunt. The Law was Only Given but executed with a mailed hand. Burns was sent Back to his Driver from Unser the Shadow of Bunker Hill and in on own Indiana a Man As free As you or i was almost sacrificed to this iniquitous statute. We repealed the Missouri Compromise and gave slavery with All barbarism and deformities an equal Chance with Freedom in the territories. To say the least in that part of our Domain where the legislative a a wer of Congress was supreme where the right of the government to forbid the Intro action of Slavey had been for years conceded by All political parties we left the human Liberty at the mercy of the ballot of an invading horde of slave Drivers and w6re indifferent whether it was Quot voted Down or voted but than this in Advance of legislation and Defiance of judicial precedent the supreme court by Deci Sion denied the right of citizenship to the negro and nationalized the Quot Peculiar this much had in done and the government had no Power to undo it. The election of or Lincoln did not repeal these statutes or reverse the decisions of the courts. Unsupported As was by a Republican majority n Congress was powerless to impress a single idea of his party upon the Laws of the people. Such was the condition of affairs when the new president was inaugurated. He hoped for a peaceful solution of the problem before him and if possible to restore Confidence and to secure peace most solemnly assured the South that the govern ment would not be the assailant. Quot you Quot said Quot can have no conflict without being yourselves the import Ned these men who sought to destroy the government that had Given such a Rich Harvest of blessings to the people to stay their work of death. Quot you Quot said Quot have no oath registered in heaven to destroy the government while i have the most solemn one to preserve protect and defend this was not All. In his inaugural the president assured the people Quot that had no Power either directly or indirectly to interfere with slavery in the states where it but More than All this. Congress had sanctioned and the president had endorsed the submission to the people of an amendment to the Constitution to make slavery eternal. It proposed in direct and explicit terms to the curse of slavery Peri equally upon the government and the people. The Constitution was to be made to say. In express language that at no time in All our future should the Power be conferred on the Congress of the United states to interfere in any Wise with the . We made this disgraceful offer we humiliated ourselves before these bad men in arms rather than see the peace broken and the country involved in civil War. These overtures were rejected our expressions of de Motlon to the ancient compromises of the nation spurned and the last Hope of an honorable just or peaceful solution of existing troubles was at an end. What a work was now before the Republican party ? War was inevitable and we had neither army nor Navy. Our ships were scattered or in the hands of the enemy our arsenals plundered and our arms Quot and munitions of War stolen. The nation was in debt and the Treasury bankrupt no system of Revenue no Laws authorizing the Levy or collection of taxes. Congress was not in session and much time a time that was precious a must elapse before that body co>"l1 be convened. This Condi in Quot a Lings a slave souk is rebellion a broken Union and a nation ready to perish was the legacy left the new administration by the democratic party. The Shock of contending armies came at last and As the Cloud of War grew Blacker and the conflict became fiercer closer and closer the friends of the Union stood together. Side by Side through Sunshine and storm they fought and suffered and prayed sometimes depressed Ltd and disheartened ofttimes Defeated but always putting their Trust in the omnipotence of right. The important and Earnest legislative and executive work of the Republican party now began. Its statesmen realized the great emergency that was upon them and thy were equal to it. They saw the duty that Lay before them and they per formed it. The first duty of the hour was to Call an army into being to Arm equip and Drill it for the Field to build ships of War and Man them and to provide a Revenue equal to the rapidly increasing expenditures of the nation. This was done. The army was put in motion to achieve by Devotion endurance and heroism that would the Power and authority of the government Over the refractory states and make whole a broken Union. A the Republican party was the outgrowth of the progressive and reformatory spirit of the age it had Mission of peace a a Mission higher and Sublime than that of War for Quot it derived glory from the oppressed. It belie veil in the of the race. It regarded slavery As a foul and a hideous deformity a monstrous outrage upon humanity a shame and a reproach Union our democratic institutions and our religion. These deep and sincere convictions were put into the platforms of the party and they were approved by the people. It was not insisted that the government should in Cefere with slavery in the states where it was the creature of local Laws but the Republican party planted itself upon the right and duty of to divorce the government from All Particio i tion in the system. Slavery existed in the District of Columbia. I Twu Lioi Sanil men and women were in Bonds in the capital of the nation a there slavery had marts and thiere cruelties were open to the View of All the Christian world. The Power of Congress to emancipate these people was unquestioned and yet for nearly three a car tors of a can Tury it had been it Leaf to the Aii Penis of the Down trodden and to the petitions of the Christian and the . As far Back As 1s4s democratic politicians in the North and West had declared the existence of shivery in the District a Rej Roach to our civilization and Lead pledged their constituency to Levy the themselves to the Woik of abolition or if the institution should continued then the capital Shuhl be Rem Oveil to free soil. These pledges were forgotten and slavery con tinned. The parly True to Privi Caples and duty on the kith Day of april passed a statute by which these fifteen thousand slaves were emancipated. Quot it is said to have been a roman custom to bestow a civic Wreath on him who i id saved the life of a the Republican party by this one act restored to life and Liberty 15,000 human beings and is it not worthy to be crowned with wre Atli and diadem Quot Sublime events come up out of the year 1s 3. On the fifth of june Congress pus cd the act by which the existence of slavery in the territories of the United states Quot was forever prohibited. This Legisla tion devoted an immense area of our Domain capable of sustaining a population of millions Fertile in soil Rich in the extent and variety of resources and the Beauty of landscapes to free labor. To these territories dedicated anew to Freedom the labourer was invited. There on the Broad Prairie lands in t in Valley the mountains or by the Side of the River the toiling poor were invited to Home for years the question of the duty and Power of Congress to save these territories from the clutch of the slave Power had entered into our political discussions but no party before this had the courage to give a practical solution of the problem. This brings us Forwand another step. The greatest quest ion of this revolutionary epoch was fast Force g itself upon the government and people. It was evident that the slave was employed by the South As a physical Power in the conflict it was wagging against the Union. The slave was a Tower of strength to the enemy cultivated Fields Gatli ered and garnered harvests and gave food to armies. He dug frenches and built fortifications. He st of Quot Sentinel at the door Quot while his master was away on the Field of Battle. Four millions of Black men and women were made to contribute their labor by Day and by night in Aid of the rebellion their Power would have Ceu no More damaging to our cause if they had been Given gun and Cartridge Box and put into the rebel ranks. The time had come when duty and patriotism alike demanded that we should look the situation squarely in the face. Thousands of Brave men our neigh Borsand Brothers had already fallen in the struggle and the bloody sacrifice had secured no peace. Quot Fields had been made desolate cities spoiled and substance wasted Quot and yet there was no end to the horrors of War. Victories had been won by our arms but Day by Day the rebellion increased in proportions. The most hopeful and confident amongst us could see no end to the struggle. There was a profound conviction in the hearts of a patriotic people that it was the duty of the government to put the War upon a higher plane. This was a gloomy hour. Slavery had embarrassed the nation at every step and every Advance movement was made with hesitation. At the slaves were excluded from the lines of our armies by the military and returned to their Mas ters in Arm s against us. Indeed the War on both sides seemed to ice prosecuted in the interests of the oppressor. The rebel openly avowed that it was to establish a new government based upon Quot the phys ical philosophical and moral truth that slavery was the Normal condition of the negro Quot and we resolved and re resolved that we Quot did not intend to interfere with their Domestic we were Blind to the palpable fact that slavery was making War upon us a that with shot and Shell it was decimating and destroying our battalion still we hesitated still we sought the Way to Victory without throttling the Power that was or Ishing us. He truth is slavery had Laid Quot Iron Rod Quot on the necks of a portion of our people and we were not United in our . We Lead those amongst us who sympathized with the enemy and who swiftly employed cd Era pretext to weaken the Arm of the government demoralize the people and sow in the Arm. At last the blow was struck and slavery perished. On the 1st of january 1863, the president issued his proclamation of emancipation liberating the slaves in All the states and parts of states in which the insurrection existed. Upon this Quot act of Justice warranted by the Constitution and military necessity invoked the considerate judgment of Mankind and the gracious favor of almighty the rebellion inaugurated by slaveholders in the interest of slavery to extend Dominion and increase Power found itself opposed by the formidable logic of abolition. I shall not discuss the constitutional questions if there be any involved in the exercise of this Power by the president. Am but repeating history and asking your attention to the Sublime achievements of the Union Republican party during the War. It is sufficient to say that it was a time Quot when the welfare of the people and the salvation of free institutions was the supreme it was a time when our most sacred rights were in peril and we stood on the overruling Law of self preservation. The amendment to the Constitution forever abolishing slavery in the United Stales was submitted and ratified by the states and the Jie Ople. Liberty was nationalized. The tyranny of the slave Power was Over and the statutes of outrages were gone. The fugitive slave Law was repealed it had Quot shrivelled like a Burnt but one More thing was needed to the Liberty we had embodied ii Constitution real and secure that was the Sucic s of r in Arm. The almighty rewarded the nation Loi ii i Viii put itself on the Side of Jii Irenea icy and Hristian civilization by iving stir the Victory a .ciiiioniatto.v. Tie War Cloud lifted itself up drifted away and Liberty and peace embraced each outlier. From this Point we May look backward for a moment and note what has been accomplished. A whole race has been made free and by this one crowning act the nation was made in fact what it Hail Long been in theory Quot the Home of the we could now stand by the Christian government of the world and Point with Pride and excl ution to the fact that our Llars nowhere cast Shadow on a a the and that no human a Anft. Fio Wever poor or lowly Quot had a link of american Chain clanking to Bis we could thankfully apply to our own free country Llic lines of one of Britain s poets fair t Luea iii in it air Hinl if their Luis pcs re Civo our air. That moment they Are tree. They touch our Oil. And their Sheik to Fth it s Noble find Speaks ii ii Allan Prus l nil jealous of a blew a i have said that this act of emancipation gave us a place alongside the Chris publican party in the face of a most bitter and determined opposition from the democracy provided the Means through the instrumentality of the freed Nan s Bureau to keep these poor and badly treated people from starvation until they could obtain the foothold on this Earth of theirs and ours. They had been educated in nothing but toil and had been animated by nothing but lash. We gave them kindly Start in the race of life and they have made a most gratify org Progress. They Are acquiring property building houses and churches and establishing school -. They Are becoming quiet Law abiding citizens and will in time Challenge the respect of those even who Laboured with such malignant Zeal to ice i the Heel of the oppressor upon their necks. We i 1 not hesitate in the work we had so gloriously commenced. We made the Colo Icil peo Jile citizens of the uni Tail states and then jut the ballot into the hands of the coloured Man that might assist in keeping Quot the jewel Liberty in the family of Freedom we gave them the ballot in their hands it was a Means of self Protection and for the stronger reason that they were men ind citizens and to vote was their Richt. Senator Wilson of , referring to what had been done for this race says Quot Wilberforce went to Bis god with the chains of 800,000 West India slaves in his hands. The Republican party enters the forum of the nations with four and a half millions of Fetters in one hand and four and a half millions of titles of american citizenship in the other. Fetters and these title deeds it holds Ujj to the living and the advancing 1 need not Tell you that the democratic party All this time was openly and unmistakably hostile to every measure looking towards the Liberty or enfranchisement of the col Orcut people. It did not meet or attempt to meet these humane and Beneficent propositions with argument appealing to reason and a sense of Justice but it As sailed them with ridicule and sought to excite them the prejudices of the mob. It sought to inflame the lowest and vilest passions against a and inoffensive people. Here is a specimen of democratic logic. I read it from the speech of senator Hendricks made at the democratic convention january 8, 1868, at Indianapolis Quot whatever Quot the senator Quot May have been the sympathies of the Nortel on thai a a Rostion of slavery you need not think they will be with the negro in the horrible contest now imminent for when the North Ern Man sees the Mother and children escaping from the burning Home which sheltered and protected them when hears the scream of Beauty and innocence in the flight from pursuing , if Ever venerated a Mother or loved a sister his heart and his hand will be for the Pale faced woman and child of his what an Appeal was this ? what horrible conflict was then imminent was it a War of the races four years have and it has not come except that the Kun flux klans have in some sections of the country engaged in the indiscriminate Slaughter of the coloured people. Did any sane Man believe that an aggressive War would be set in motion by the most docile and affectionate race in the world ? is it possible that the distinguished senator entertained a fear that four millions of negroes without arms without Money with the prejudices of the world against them would begin a conflict with thirty millions of White people backed by wealth influence position and defended by an army equal to any one on the Globe no this Appeal was for political effect to excite the popular hate and nothing else. Or. Hendricks however in 1868, referred to a people thai sup ofed would never exercise political Power in tie country. Afterwards when by the fifteenth amendment the negro had been made a voter and could in making and unmaking parties and presidents spoke at new Orleans and in that speech paid him no Small compliment. To the White democrats present the senator said Quot you Piave no cause to entertain toward tie coloured j Cople a feeling of Jire Judice. When your Young men were far off in the Field and even your aged men Many of them were absent during the four years of War you left these coloured men at your Homes to fierce they stood Send incl n the Doniv vhf re your Mcives mid my under to firer this is in strange contrast Witt the Peech of the 8tji of january. Then the Mother and child were escaping from the of these Black demons of lust but two years afterwards these same people Are acknowledged to have stood Quot faithful sentinels Quot Over the wives and children of their masters and that too Wien women and children had no other Protection. 1 leave you to judge the motives that influenced these utterances. Of the occasion of the 8th of january convention or. also. He assailed Quot coloured men who stood faithful sentinels at the door Quot these men who Quot protected wives and children during the four years of War Quot As the lowest denials of the South As Quot the lowest elements of civilization Quot As Quot the sordid and inferior race Quot and attained the Climax of denunciation by calling them Quot unlettered barbarians Quot who would be better and happier As slaves than As freemen it is unsafe to predict what the of these molders of democratic opinion in Indiana May be after the Cincinnati convention. It is possible they May become liberalized and take advanced ground but it is hardly probable that their hate toward the african race can be so expeditiously transformed into a feeling of Charity and Justice. But to proceed. The Republican party conducted the government safely through the ordeal of a most bloody and fearful civil War. Of what sacrifice the people made that the Remi Blic might live we sent out to the Field three Hundred thousand of our Young men who will return no More. Their blood Crim soned the Snow on our mountains and the Green vesture of our valleys and their Graves lie scattered from the Rivers to the Ocean. Millions of our Strong men carried gun and Cartridge Box and through four weary years of War and stood unbranched amidst the carnage and desolation of the Battlefield. During All sad and gloomy Days of the rebellion when the democratic party was obstructing the passage of every War measure and was meeting in conventions and declaring that Quot four years Experiment of War a failure Quot and resolved that the administration should not be voted another Quot Man gun or Dollar to carry on hellish crusade Quot against the South the Republican party stood heroically and unfaltering by by the government. Having conducted Quot the people through that most terrible struggle it reconstructed the revolting states and brought them Back into the family of the Union and to Day every is fully represented in the Congress our of the nation iii st there is a great clamor for Universal ii ninety. Has not the Republican party been magnanimous what people has been so generous and forgiving As ours from All the millions who brought the wrong and misery of civil War upon us we have taken no life we have exacted no tribute. Numberless Brave living men maimed and disfigured Aimi the ghosts of a half million slain All victims of that infernal conspiracy against free government Quot walk a avenged amongst to Day there is no if of Goven Imenit denying the ballot to a single rot cd and but a Small number Are rendered incapable of holding office. Again i ask where does such magnanimity find a parallel when old John Crown and a dozen followers invaded Virginia and struck a feeble blow at the slave o Igar Chy Scafi old and giblets sprung up in a night time. No Democrat appealed for amnesty for these men. Us no. bad bean committed and traitors must die. A democratic governor of Indiana Aji pealed in vain for the life of the brother of the wife of his bosom. Liat the Stern logic of those Days. We Are More merciful now. The Republican it arty a the fourteenth of . They have no rights except such As the Jie Ople May in their magnanimity give. These men put their lives and their All at the Wager of Battle and lost. I acknowledge the Force of the argument that a government is Only Strong when it rests in the affection of the citizen but is ii strengthened by admitting to citizenship and to place and Power who would Avail of the first Opportunity to overthrow and destroy it to All who respect the government s authority who love Flag venerate Quot free institutions take Pride in past and will assist in making it grander and better in the future i would cheerfully extend Pardon. I would give it to All who it in Good Faith but i would never bestow it upon those who reject it As a favor arrogantly and demand it As a Rig lit and maintain that in joining in the rebellion they did no wrong. I have Given you Niy views. Hold to body responsible for them but myself. The president Faors a Liberal policy toward lately in the rebellion but for myself i am not quite ready to dead head tombs and Stephens and Davis Back into full Fellowship. Good men and be publican Are perhaps More Liberal than myself. I respect their convictions but i cannot accept their policy. The government should set a Quot Mark Over the door where the plague and let him who will enter it it Annot a Fibre so soon to put those who fought to destroy and those who imperilled life to save civil Liberty upon an equal footing. That would be unjust to the living and unkind to the memory of the illustrious dead. What i am asked has the present administration done toward relieving the people from debt and taxation it has in thirty seven months paid $315,000,000 of the National debt and diminished the annual interest account by some �20,000,000. By promptness and Fidelity in meeting our obligations it has put upon a sure basis the credit of the nation. During the War the hostile attitude of the democratic party so tainted our credit that we were compelled to sell our Bonds bearing six per cent interest payable in Gold at seventy cents but within the last few months we have been Able to dispose of $200,000,000 of five per cent Bonds old at Par. By the act of july 1-t, 187u, the Secretary of the Treasury has been authorised to raise Money to pay our out standing and maturing six per cent inter est debt by negotiating a loan of three Hundred millions at four and one half per cent., and one thousand million dollars at four per cent. These Bonds Are to be sold for Gold and at Par. By this arrangement the people will be saved millions annually i know those who oppose the administration insist that securities bearing so Low r Rale of interest cannot to negotiated at their face. They so said of those already sold but the Success of our first expert of one per cent on the amount of the receipts and expenditures of the Treasury during that period. That administration can show a better record but these losses Are not All chargeable to tiie term of Grant. Of the seventeen Prin charges this obligation the citizen is absolved. He ought not to be to yield obedience to a government that allows his most sacred rights of be stricken Down nor to defend the Flag under the Shadow of Cipal defaulters Only four were appointed which is not Safe by him. Of the $2,200,000 now in Liaiga our complaining and discontented and tion s2.j0,000 May be set Down against the ver Saries would have the Federal govern appointees of or. Lincoln and Over Sij ment powerless and voiceless when the 000,000 against those of or. . Citizen is in agony. They would make but my fellow , what has been j the Constitution a broken s cent re. Has it come to , my fellow citizens ? done with Treasury thieves ? h., the Keim Blean party or the endeavoured to conceal their guilt or shield them from their Well merited punishment Here is Lodge ? in a the Sta e prison for a Quot Wiggin and Edwins and Mars Len and Johnson and Kendig All m prison. The others Are indic two awaiting trial or have fled the i ont v u escape arrest hid conviction while human nature Tian nations of the world. We had ame ailment to the Constitution provided lingered behind even the aristocracies and despotism of the old world in the path of duty and of glory. Portugal Denmark Sweden France and England had Long years before Man unfitted their slaves. In 1862, the Quot Zar of russian absolute Monarch As was by his edict emancipated thirty five millions of serfs. He did More provided a measure of compensation for labor performed by them while in servitude. Ilu Manit stands wit ii uncovered head reverently in the i presence of such a Prince and the prayers of the great and Good wherever the pure religion of the Nazarene is taught ascend heavenward asking blessings upon him. Emancipation cast four and a half Mil i is of men women and children upon the government to of provided for. They were homeless and friendless. Their toil had brought them no return. They had not been in All their past permitted to touch the fruit of their labors. The re that _ ingress by a two thirds vote might extend Liardon to any or All. Is this not enough ? arc the people ready to Grant Quot full and unconditional amnesty to All the conspirators ? is there a Man in the land that loves Bis country willing that Wefler son Davis who still Quot talks treason insists that the cause is not lost and that All the men of the South who accepted the Situa tion Are cowards shall again take his seat in the Senate ? the government be generous to the conquered but at the same time May it be just to itself. I Bave always believed and i believe to Day that those who voluntarily threw Oft Quot the nation authority and engaged in the rebel carnival of ment under the it la Bill has shown their prediction iii be . Why May we not . Ii i in percent England pays big Lime. Iter debt is larger than o in m i resources not vastly in Rii it. We ire paying our debt r anti ii Aivil ind is not. Our wealth is inc i iii in. La e of Over a Hundred Perce i ea<-1 in ii of and England is Only adding for y a a r cent to hers in a corresponding it i Iod. Why then May we not borrow Money at the same rate of interest or. Seymour in his Cooper Institute speech of june 1868, the question says Quot our credit is tainted. But for that we Cowd borrow Money As great Britain does at three per cent and Cut Down the cry of repudiation the demand for inflation Quot these to cheat honest labor Quot degrade Public morals and to Quot turn legitimate business into gambling Quot have done their perfect work in tainting our credit and we Are paying in increased interest millions annually As the result when the present administration came into Power our Bonds were Worth a fraction Over eighty two cents and they Are now Selling readily for one Hundred and one cts. This alone has added to the wealth of the people who hold these securities Over Poitr Hundred and thirty eight millions of dollars. Again the Keil Public a party has made that Quot irredeemable elastic Deba Ching unconstitutional Greenback currency made these Quot worthless rags Quot that went out with the Quot Brand of Cain Quot upon Vliem respectable so very respectable that now even the most conservative Democrat no longer hesitates to accept Vliem As Money. We have lifted up this paper to Jorty to ninety cents on the Dollar and the elevating process will continue until the nation promises to pay will be equal to Sterling Coin. The Republican party has provided for the people Money that passes current in every part of the Union and prevented the possibility of loss by pled no the Faith of the nation for redemption. Since the close of the War it has taken off times and interest to an amount exceeding two Hundred and fifty millions of dollars i it or annul. It is confidently expected that the present Congi will make a further reduction on Dustira and taxes of fifty millions. The annual expenditures of the government Are being gradually diminished and the revenues upon a diminished tax duplicate have by the efficiency and Fidelity of on Public servants been largely increased. Our people have never been More prosperous and labor never tier rewarded than during the last three years. We have gone rapidly Forward in All that constitutes National and individual wealth in 1860, the aggregate wealth of the United states was Only sixteen thousand millions and now after a protracted War that destroyed thousands of millions of property it Lias reached Over thirty one thousand millions. If our wealth increases in the same ratio in the future by the dawning of the next Century it will reach the almost incredulous sum of three humid red thousand millions. With All these Gratifying evidences of increasing Prosperity and greatness before them there Are those who seem ambitious to create distrust and despondency in the minds of the people our future is most cheering. But this administration is corrupt this charge the democratic party and allies by their speeches at the hustings and through the press Are heralding Over the land. We have Learned by Post experience to exit things at their hands. Ever since the people committed the control of the government to the kept publican party it Baa been denounced As a ring of thieves engaged in plundering the Public Treasury. Or. Lincoln s administration was declared by these same men to have Jeen Quot corrupt and profligate Quot without parallel. Take up the platforms of the democratic party from 18g2 to the present and without a single , you will find them condemning with heroic honesty the plundering horde of Republican office holders army contractors and Lazy negroes who were fattening and growing Rich at the expense of a poor and Over taxed people. You remember during the War when we were employing every Energy and every resource to conquer a peace the stump orators of that party delighted to hold up to the people the immensity of the Public debt and to dishearten them by proving that the nation a is already hopelessly bankrupt. I remember and i know Many of you very Well recollect the kind of rhetoric in which Many of these amiable and distinguished gentleman indulged. I am not Here to excuse but to condemn speculation and corruption. If one i Blic servant has betrayed the Confidence of his party or the people and Timken advantage of the Oigt port unities offered him by official position to make unlawful gain put the m irk upon him. Let him be disgraced and . No Republican will uphold or Tefend him. We want a faithful and economical administration of the government and Lelieve that such an admin is tuition can be obtained Only by confiding places of Trust to honest and Couit intent men. 1 it to no assume that every Republican office Holder has Lieen honest and faithful or that Public moneys have not been stolen by some of those who enjoyed the Confidence of the party and received office at hands. It would indeed be a most extraordinary thing if in Over fifty three thousand of flick holders no Hodges or Baileys or Power mans were to is found. Admitting Quot rely that Money has been lost during the last three years by the embezzlement and Deal cations of corrupt Republican officials i most solemnly deny that this administration has been worse than or even As bad As those that preceded it. 1 Challenge a comparison of the records. What Are the facts the Deal cations any part of which have occurred since the iii of March 1869, As nearly As can be ascertained Are As follows s weak and sub a �o.,�?��?��� experience has shown it to be bait men under the Best possible system of to Quilar government and the purest of administrations will get into office. It Lias been so Ever is ice governments were instituted amongst men and will if so Sintil the coming of the Milenius. What of Piast in Thi. Regard ? in the Good old democratic Days of Jackson Swartwout pocketed a million of the people s Money. Three of presi Dent Johnson s appointees failed to respond to an amount exceeding a million three Hundred thousand dollars Over a million of which is lost beyond Hope of recovery these Deal cations occurred in a single state and Are nearly equal to the losses of the three years. Quot even in Indiana the democratic part has not always been fortunate in selecting Public servants. It is a matter of Public history that one o. C. Stover agent of state forged and put into the Market $2,440,000 of Indiana Stock certificates and Stover was a Democrat holding his office under an appointment from democratic governor. An inquiring people Are still anxious to know what become of the More than a million acres of swamp lands donated to the state for school purposes. It was the opinion of a democratic statesman that lands would yield ,000,000, but not .1 cent of this munificent gift Ever reached the school fund. If the people desire to learn of democratic Economy and honesty i refer them to tammany where the tweeds Connelly and Garvey have reduced robbery to a science. The democratic City government of new y Ork increased her municipal debt nearly Sloo,000,000, in less time than it has taken the Republican administration to the National debt 5330,000,000. Is Revenue Reform demanded have not thousands of articles already been taken from the tax lists has not every Industrial Pursuit been relieved from special tax ? is net the whole system of internal Revenue at this time undergoing revision and Reform measures Are now pending before Congress simplifying the operations of this department of the Public service that will relieve it of Many of complications and embarrassments and will materially diminish the Cost of collecting the revenues. These measures will . What More can be done while the government is compelled to provide for Ordinary expenses pay the interest and some portion of the principal of the National debt and discharge the sacred obligation it owes to disabled defenders it must have Money and the people must endure the Burden of taxation can those who discourse so eloquently about Reform devise a better or less odious in method by which to obtain Over a Hundred millions annually than by imposing taxes on spirits malt liquors tobacco and Banks How a Lse shall we raise this Money until is proposed these must continue on the lists and make their contributions to the National Treasury. I Hon and inaugurated that Loney order. blood by their open insubordination Ana account department Defiance to Law by Timeir thefts robberies i paymaster War department. Arson and murders by their flagrant Viola for Edmen s Bureau tons of the of civilized warfare by Quot Quot their a repented and treason forfeited All right or claim to the privileges department of internal 50 department of customs Revenue. 00 treasurer s office a pension Bureau.2&Quot hand office. 15,507 9t> Money order pest office department 36quot 36,000 �0 163,2u0 48 5,500 00 the aggregate sum of these losses is less than one million one Hundred thousand dollars and does not exceed one fifteenth think i Hazard nothing in saying tha t the internal Revenue system will soon be made acceptable to All the Jie Ople who feel an honest concern in the Well Wing of the country. But it is said that the present Tariff is crippling our Industrial interests that is building up monopolies making labor pay tribute to capital and taxing the consumer for thei Nefi of the manufacturer granting for the present All the it May be claimed by the most sanguine advocate of free Trade still it is evident that a Tariff of some kind will exist in this government until the end of this generation at least. Uninterruptedly from 1781 until the present tariffs for Protection or for Revenue with the incident of Protection have been on our statute books. These Laws have been supported in the american con a Ress a by whigs democrats and Kerub ii cans. A i am not willing to enter into a defense of the existing Tariff. In Many of features it is radically wrong and oppressive. It ought to be modified in Many important respects and it will be. The work has already begun and Gratifying results May be expected. Great and Radical changes canno be wrought in an hour or a Day. Free Trade and Protection have been combating each other in the political Arena for years and yet no political party to Day stands or can successfully stand on the one idea or the other. Politicians and statesmen Divide i it on this question by local rather than party lines. I do not care now to pursue this subject further. I concede the necessity for changes in the re Enue system and Quot i tend to labor earnestly to secure i shall seek this legislation in the party that has always been the Friend of Reform of Progress and of the Labouring millions of the people. I do not fear the Republican party in the future As in the past it will labor zealously and earnestly for Economy in government and stand a vigilant Sentinel Over the Well being of the whole people. It is gravely charged by the enemies of the Republican party that reconstruct i tion legislation is unconstitutional that the general government has invaded the rightful authority of the states and Over Tura Eil their sovereignty. It is said that the government is becoming centralized at Washington that it is assuming Imperial Powers of prerogatives. They have sounded this alarm before. During the War Lincoln was a tyrant the nation a military despotism. This the old rallying cry of the clans that were opposed to any restoration of the Union that left treason out. What is know ii As the Kun flux legislation of Congress appears More particularly to have excited the indignation of these men. With the history of this legislation Yon Are familiar. It was demanded by the condition of an otherwise defenceless people. In several of the states lately in rebellion there was an organized Banditt. Thay were armed and hid their ritual and Sigus of recognition. These Maur Adera and assassins went to their work of pillage and murder in disguise. Old men and defenceless woman were ofttimes the victims of their fiendish barbarities. They set at Defiance the Laws made to protect property Anil life. The Home of the Loyal Whites and the Humble Cabin of negro were invaded by these disguised Cut throats and outrages committed the most shocking and revolting. Men and women were shot Down like brutes because they were Black or because they were politically obnoxious to these marauding ruffians. Regions of country were kept in constant terror by these outlaws. Local governments were either in diff erect to these outrages or unable to detect and Brig to punishment the guilty. The general government put these sections under the Shadow of the Flag and give the citizens the Protection of the Strong Arm of the nation and that government that would refuse to protect and defend humblest citizen in his Liberty or his life is not Worth a drop of patriotic blood. The existence of these klans is no longer denied. Recent judicial investigations have settled that beyond que Stion. The extent and purpose of these barbarians is attested by dead victims the blood of maimed and by the ashes of Homes destroyed and Fields Laid waste. It is however said that the Power to punish and protect resides under the con situation in the United . It is no part of my purpose to discuss the constr Tuat ional question to Day. To interpose the objection of Quot state rights Quot and Quot state sovereignty Quot under the circumstances is horrid mockery. One of the results of the storm and agony of the revolution through which we have just past was to nationalize citizenship. I shall not discuss the division of Powers but i insist that some Power should reside in the nation. It should at least be Able to defend own existence to make secure from Barbaric invasion the humblest abode to invest every Man however poor with the full dignity of american citizenship and to make sacred the life and Liberty of the weakest in All the land. This duty of Protection is upon the government. It is due the citizen who gives in return his allegiance. Unless the government Dis May the outlaw raise the Black Flag and wage War upon the life and liberties of an inoffensive and portion of our a Leople and the National government Stasuil by with folded arms can this great Ami Good nation do no More for injured and maimed and murdered citizens than hold a mass meeting pass a Resolution of respect and sympathy May these Kun flux bandits inaugurate an itchy and misrule in whole sections of our country and ii the government powerle.=s of relieve or subdue in the Protection of the life and Liberty of the citizen the government should be faithful and fearless. When a blow ought to be struck it should be dealt with a hand of Iron. If this be imperialism make the most of it. If Sueh outrages had been committed by any other people than our own the Whol e heart of the nation would have been touched. We would have manned our ships of War and cleared the Quarter decks for action. We would have marshalled our armies and put our battalions in motion. We would have awakened the world with the thunders of our artillery and stained the mighty oceans with human blood. May the nation and the people be jealous of the poor loss privileges of american citizenship and Ever be ready to maintain them with All the Power god and the Constitution have committed to their keeping. Now my , what does our past history present As our achievements ? we have diminished the debt of the people and lessened the burdens of taxation. We have built up the credit of the nation maintained Power and integrity. We have opened 800,000 Square Miles of slave territory to free labor. We have Given land to the landless Green swards of unpolluted Earth for the poor Man s foot and the free Man s tread. We have spanned the continent and United Ocean to Ocean by our great lines of railway and thus made our immense Public Domain accessible to the poor. We have opened a great Channel of Commerce by which we can successfully compete with the world for the Trade of seven Hundred millions of people in Asia. We have made free four millions of Labouring men and women. Slavery has built last Bastile armorer have forged last manacle for the limbs of the unfortunate of our land. The chains Are shivered the slave Mart and auction Block Are gone. The crack of the Driver s whip no longer disturbs the weary Tollers of the Cotton Fields and the Wail of anguish that freighted every Breeze that came to us from the Rice swamps is hushed forever. The creeds and statutes in which slavery was enshrined and by Shikh it was upheld Are blotted out. We carried the Flag of the revolution through the most sanguinary civil War in the world s annals and our ensigns though tattered and torn by the huge conflict still protect the american citizen in every land and on every sea. We bring these trophies and decorate our Triumph with them. What Patriot can look at this record without feeling a sincere Pride what Christian or philanthropist but can Kneel in .presence and thank god in his inmost soul for these Sublime results. But it is said that the Mission of the Republican party is ended. Is it so has it no duty before it is it ready to statutes and constitutional amendments Over to the guardianship of the Democrat party Are the rights and liberties of the newly made freedmen Safe under the protecting care of that party Best known Only Quot for the baseness with which it prostrate itself at the shrine of slavery by the a Jec Ness with which it crawled in. The dust Jud filth before the slave Power and the malignancy with which it sought to wound the Heel of Are we ready to strike bands with those who in their conventions and Legislatures denounced All our measures of reconstruction As unconstitutional revolutionary and void. Are we to abandon the coloured people of the South to such legislation As this party would make these men in some localities i know profess to accept these measures As final but in their hearts they detest them and they the race for whose Benefit they were made. For one i am not willing to Trust these men so soon. I fear that they accept the situation As a Means of obtaining Power Only. Better a thousand times i Jitter return the slave to his master and put him under the lash of the overseer than to hand him Over bound hand and foot to the tender mercies of the Kun Siux Hangman. We do this when we put into x Ower a party that removes from him the Protection of the government. It is the Sublime Mission of the Republican party to guard with watchful care All it a i accomplished in the past ten years. We must stand Sentinel around the Citadel of our liberties until the people of the whole Union acknowledge by their conduct that our achievements Are As glorious As they Are Wise and just. Blood enough has been shed. It is our duty to make the recurrence of another rebellion impossible by putting the foundations of the government upon the sure basis of Public Samimy. There is safety Only in keeping the reforms we have made in the hands of their friends. We Are under a covenant of blood to the heroic dead and the Loyal living to make sure the results Wen by their toils and sufferings. We Are under the solemn obligations to future generations to the Chiu Dren of our immortal heroes to stand firmly by what has been gained in the ghastly conflict with traitors. But my fellow citizens we owe some. Thing to the memory and Honor of the men who trod the red path of War whose Graves lie thick on the Plain and beside our Beautiful Rivers. We owe something to the living who left wife and children and comforts of Home and made Long marches and weary burdens who when the night came worn and hungry Laid it Down on the Damp ground without covering or shelter to gain strength for the fight of the coming Day and something to him who stood Sentinel to him who suffered in Hospital or prison to him who fave Les or Arm that no Star should be rimmed or Stripy erased from the Flag of the Republic. And is not something due to the child who gave up a father to the wife who sacrificed a husband and to the Mother who brought her first born and Laid him bleeding and mangled on the altar of the country ? yes we owe it to All those to save the government and the Liberty they won for a from the ambitious clutches of that party by whatever name it May be known under whatever colors it May March that mocked a patriotic people in the hour of their deep err own and that would be Swift in undoing that great a work which has been hallowed by the tears of the living and the blood of the dead. To the Young men who will for the first time vote at the coming election let me speak a won. You were too Young to go to the Field and take part in the giant struggle in which your neighbors Brothers and fathers engaged but you saw them gird on the Saber and shoulder the Musket and March to the front and As they went your Young hearts went out to Battle with them. You were sad when they Werp overtaken by disaster and you were filled with Pride and Joy when Victory crowned their efforts. When our victorious soldiery returned to their Homes and joined in the ovations Given them by a grateful people and you regretted in your very souls that you had not been permitted to share their toils and sufferings. You have taken note of the events of the last twelve years. You have seen old and decayed institutions crumble and pass away and fresh and vigorous ones Spring up and take Theis places. You know who supported our armies voted Money and , and strengthened shattered battalions. And you know quite As Well those who were indifferent As to the result of the conflict who regarded the victories won by our arms As Mere partizan triumphs. Y of know what party counted the Cost of the War by it drops of Patriot blood by the anguish and woe it brought to every household my you know the party also that counted Cost Only in Copper cents and Silver dollars. It is important that you should select your political associations wisely. With whom will you go with the party that Points with Pride to legislation and history or to that other party that seeks to escape fro the indignant Public opinion by making name and existence into a new party brought into existence by political antagonists and thus save itself from utter rec and ruin

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NewspaperArchive FAQs

Looking for more information? If you’re not ready to talk to a representative, here are some frequently asked questions to help you determine if institutional access to Newspaper Archive is for you and your institution.

Newspapers allow readers to step into the life and times of past decades and centuries from all over the world. Not only do they have interesting and unique articles and photos, but they also have advertisements, comics, classifieds, and more.
The NewspaperArchive collection can be searched several different ways - advanced search, browse, and publications. The advanced search offers filters to narrow your search for more precise results.
NewspaperArchive’s collection of newspapers boasts more than 85% unique content compared to other newspaper sites. In addition to big city newspapers, we have a wide variety of newspapers from small towns that hold a wealth of information about day-to-day life. Our collection dates back to 1607!