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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 1 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana Prospectus political. Thiel on Stilt my daily in no. Is. Fort Wayne Indiana wednesday morning May 1872 Price five cents. I a 1s� s pm pm h in Northern Indiana. The fort Wayne daily Gazette Bill and Joe. A bold outrage. Origin of Republican movement. mixed. The Wiuf Suomi of is Mure iii Xei than Ever. Each one Lias Liis i or a to a Loii kit be ii ill it the Koivu old a iii ills Whu think to is the Only Nikbin. And Etc visit 1� Hon lie i Man to beat Grant. The new yorkers a a Epolit a Anu. The. Liberal a a us a tiv i . Kiuon , aia-il0.-Yestenhiy, a. I Quot i afternoon about two o clock have men a Greeley is ins first Choice and Adams Liis a count cal on splendid Lior ses dashed into Sec oui. It now Looi s As Tho Nikii some new the town of Columbia Adair county ky., i Man would have to be taken no. At tie last Toji Ped and dismounted at the Deposit 1,a Bank. Two with pistols in to Weir lands i hour to or onite har Noiin me. I u i i i .1 .1 1. A i held the horses and the Throe with drawn i revolvers enter etl the Bank. Four in ,=,i i. Armed gentlemen including the cashier i a Kotiwek of Gay. A. Martin member of the legislature i st. Loci i april 30.�?the Timo of this James Garnett were inside. The i cite in a double leaded Leader this morn men demanded the keys to the Safe and clothing. front Colerick s opera House machinery. No. 6 Columbia-st., 1. Tin my who were its founders and How they look. Is Issue every morning except sundays at 52 amp 54 Calhoun st fort Wayne ind. Only 80 cents per month. Long John Wentworth and his great partiality for ice water. Old politicians and professional wire pullers nodding their Heads. Senator Kari Schurz panning out Quot Quot Liberal Quot ideas to the Covington people. Urn the Illinois delegations pull Init their strings tor in dare Davis. Is a w�o1 Republican paper and support the Phil a nominee. The daily Gazette contains the associated press dispatches interesting witty and Cantor on clippings stories editorials on All the important subjects relating to the of flairs of the City coun state country and world together with the politics of All parties american and English. Also full Market reports from every City of import Tahoe in the United states. Farhet reports Are a speciality in the a Bette and no in siness Man can afford to do without them. These reports Are equal to Thonise in the Chicago Cincinnati or Kew Toroc papers. Try it for a week take it for a tear the City circulator will guarantee its prompt delivery in the City or no Chai is made. The reformatory character of the convention lost in the desire for office. The weekly Gazette is a Radical paper serving the interests of no one Man but True to the party which has been Trae to the you they. The Weikit Gazette contains the Best selections from the daily thirty columns of Reading matter and is about to publish an original Story written expressly for the ave Ekly Gazette by a fort Quot Wayne lady of the Early times of fort Wayne and Veini. This Story is founded on fact and will described the. Country As it appeared in 01 Foet Days Gire the names of oar Earu eat settlers Trace of the country Down As late As 1837, and be filled with incidents and descriptions exiting interesting and truthful. This Story will appear Only in the weekly which will be furnished is months from the 1st of May for i sixty tiv of cents making it the cheapest weekly newspaper in the world. Send for it at once. I inc Ial to the Gazette april 30.�?if there is any unsophisticated opponent of Grant who thinks that Liberal republicanism is the essence of All that is lofty in statesmanship pure in morals and disinterested in civil Reform he ought to spend a Day Here among the liberals listen to their conversation hear their plans and look at the men who Are Liel Ping to push Forward the movement. Thus far it has been grand squabble among the friends of aspirants worthy the origin of tie movement whose Lii tory can be Given in a few words. Quot Bill air the prime movers in this Liberal Republican demonstration Are colonel a. Grosie or formerly editor of the st. Louis Democrat and Joseph pulitzer managing editor of the Wes icae Post owned in part by senator Schurz. The Liberal Kerub lican movement which elected Gratz Brown governor and Frank Blair senator proved so great a Success that Bill and Joe concluded they would try the project on a Laj Ger scale. They had nothing to lo8e,. might succeed in getting some notoriety if nothing More. Accordingly col. Grosvenor who w is cilia Vruian of the Liberal executive committee filled a state convey Tiomi at Jefferson Ity on the 24th of january. Out of Over of a Hundred counties in the slate less than forty were represented by 128 delegates. There being no agent of the associated press in attendance. Bill and Joe had everything their own Way. They immediately sent out the most glowing a Repurta of tiie Large attendance and enthusiasm of the convention and actually male the Public believe Itiat it was one of the must Gigantic political Mem Blague that Ever met when in fact with the exception of the , it was stupendous sizzle. It was managed and run entirely by Bill Grosvenor and Joe pulitzer and licence most appropriately styled by the st. Hour do mock no which is a Strong Republican paper the Quot Bill and Joe that is the grand origin of the Liberal movement on a National scale. How its . Col. Grosvenor is a Man about five feet seven with a Swarthy face covered with a full Beard of a Brownish Hue not very thick. His thick Curling hair reaches nearly to his shoulders and he has a Clear steady look from his dark Eye and a rather restless manner which indicate More than Ordinary Energy and decision. Be is apparently about 40 years of age is a native of Connecticut and Grad Nate of Yale College. He is considered an Able writer and a Good editor. Our m is now in a pros Rous and Lour Ishing condition. Having recently at great expense furnished this department throughout with new and elegant Type ave Aire Ojetter than Ever a cared to please our hosts of customers and not the ill i that i Irvyn it in on hand several extensive Vig fully and unequivocally commits itself to Quot the Cincinnati movement. It discusses the merits of the democrats various candidates at considerable length and takes Strong grounds in favor of governor Gratz Brown for president being the Only Man before the convention who can obtain a nearly a up port of the democracy. Senator sri Kali. april 30.�?an enthusiastic meeting was held this morning on the occasion of the Kentucky state Liberal convention at the Odd Fellows halt at Covington ky., to listen to senator Cirl Schurz. After a few remarks by judge Valdron. Hon. Cassius a , the chairman of the meeting introduced the speaker in the following words Quot i remember that in the beginning of that movement which elected Abraham Lincoln president of the United states that there Wei a Many distinguished germans who co operated Quot with us and congratulate you with my Oelfand All the lovers of Constitution Liberty of this and All other countries that the most prominent of these gentlemen who Are with us now first and and Foremost among others is Carl i churn. On coming Forward he was greeted with deafening applause a and after the band present had played a National Anthem senator Schurz stated that he had just come from the turmoil of the cause of strife and of fing to his fatigue would keep the audience but a Short time. After adverting to the previous victories of the Republican party in the political struggles he lamented the abuses which the accession to Power had brought into that party and which had now become danger Ous to tie american people but the people would now unite in overthrowing that Power and it would in overthrown by the people As easily Asl it ii Quixote s Mastery 01 the wind Mill. The greatest obstacle to be overcome is within the Republican party . The people had no i personal grudge against president Grant but it was the revolt of the popular conscience against the system of putting the livery of servants upon freemen and which justifies tl�3 most atrocious usurpation of Power and it was against this the people had Arisen. The present object was to unite those who had been disunited by the past strife and to give the country an honest pure and con bit National government by raising the Standard of morality in our political life. The time was past for consulting together but action was now necessary to Lay before the Jie Ople a decor ration of the principles which shall guide them and to nominate candidates to be presented to the people for the presidency and vice presidency. It was desired that a Man should be placed before the to plea a Man identified with the people an honest Man one having the impulses of a gentleman one who is a thorough statesman and who will represent those principles the jux Joule want realized. It will not do to place before the people a nonentity for the Sake merely of securing votes. We want a Man for president who is the True go Aixian of the Laws who will not use his office for selfish purposes. We want a pure judiciary system and to do that we must place it above the corrupting a influences of politics representatives who represent the Best ideas feelings and impulses that rest in the popular heart. The speaker desired to warn Kentucky representatives if they value the impulses which brought about the convention not to look on the condition As a place where political bargains were to be struck for the purpose of controlling the popular vote. He desired them to act up to the one attempted to shoot Garnett but the latter knocked away the pistol Ilie explosion of Wlinich burned Liis hand. Ali the gentlemen in the Bank escaped except j the cashier who stood to his Post Refu a sing under fearful threats to unlock the Safe. One of the scoundrels shot him dead and the party commenced to pillage the Bank of All the Money outside of the Safe which they could not the two outside lived pistol in All directions driving every body off the s reets. The raid was. 0 sudden u c petted and Brief that tie town seemed panic stricken till the robbers mounted their and dashed out of town. The citizens immediately organized started in Pursuit and at last accounts were gaining rapidly on the fugitives. The amount of Money secured is supposed not to be Large. Martin is a gentleman of High character and his violent death is deeply regretted. Great excitement exists Over the country at the outrage and the robber. Will probably be lynched it captured. Trouble in Oeal Fng clothing House in this City. All goods sold at their actual value Only. No fancy prices in any line. Every Dollar s Worth of goods in our establishment is fresh and now and manufactured by us expressly for this it Figee a arriving at Brownsville a i Mielit ctn can tic pull cd and the Rou chs. New Orleans april 30., via City is full of refugees of All classes from Mexico. Every House is full and families Are still crossing from Mata moras. The streets Are thronged with woman and children coming Here for Safe y. Many prominent person mexican and foreign sent beyond the lines by general Ceballas commanding Matamoras and have come Here. Members of sympathizers Are Here and some deserters from both the government and revolutionary forces. Last night one of Cortinas lieutenants created a disturbance in the Market place when the police attempted to arrest him and were set upon by the roughs who exchanged some thirty shots with the police. One policeman was severely wounded. The citizens have organized a military company under the command of colonel John Ford to patrol the streets. General Mccook s entire Force at fort Brown is occupied in guarding the River line to enforce the Observance of the neutrality Laws. In the event of either party being Defeated they will seek eafe to on this Side and increase the already disorderly element Here which will demand the utmost vigilance of the military and civil authorities nere to keep them in subjugation. Pennsylvania. Principles regardless of the consequences. The platform although a Chart for the people to go by required a skilful Pilot in order to secure Success. The speaker promised if his sentiments were carried out the Banner of constitutional government would wave Over the capital of the nation within a year. At Cocci Risati. Cine Ignati april so a the arrivals today have been steadily going on. From some directions they have own . The City is full of strangers and the interest is increasing every hour. It has been sealed that judge Stanley Mathews will be temporary chairman of the convention farther than this nothing is settled in reference to the office in though there is much by escalation relative to the permanent officers. The interest relative to the candidates has never been so i eat As to Day. A Reat pressure is being made for judge Davis and his friends talk confidently. A train of a seventeen cars came in at 11 o clock from Paris Decatur and other Citira in Illinois bearing delegations that in the aggregate number . It is claimed that they Are largely for Davis. The friends of Adams hardly seem so confident though there is so much chaos in opinion that it is not Safe to. Make predictions. The Kanji s delegation held a meeting at the. Gait this morning and declared informally Sente i a of curse w. I. Voni Lor Peron re at a history of lie Case. Titusville pa., april special from Pittsburgh to the Hernikl says that George w. H. Yost who was convicted of per up last week was sentenced this morning and fined a dollars to the costs of the prosecution and two years at Herd labor in the Western Penitentiary. Or. Yost was the inventor of the celebrated Climax Mower and other machines. His perjury consisted in false affidavits in the suit for interference brought by William h. Illston to deprive the Cost of the Cutter bar lever a Patent invented by Heston and stolen from him by Yosi. Spring and summer Trade summer goods and linens for the millions will be in Stock shortly which will be sold at astonishingly Low figures at the Square dealing clothing House no. 6 Columbia Street i tuesday and wednesday. April 30 and May 1. I must ii ii Umi Aru Stiefil of the original Berger family Swiss Bell ringers i and tilt Leoiki Wikul i Luguori to and facial artist i sol. Smith Russell. I Oun ladies suit f a reel is iii lady us Chestra. auf its violinists. Miss e. of the favorite Soprano or. Ell est Tiit Ami violin virtuoso and other Saluni will it Ipi it ear in a Jill indic prot Ramic. Fort Wayne machine works shot Guives it pistols g�on8, pistols and revolvers. Wan Kij a by Alouf log a a a a a a in be liar ber Trade at i the iii House bar a. Immediately. I wanted to next a House i a a Quot a Quot Quot ing five or six rooms conc in ranted a situation to fit Ovi to inquire at Gaz Ktuk office. Anti ecu. Wanted a boy from 15 to i a a years old at the for. Wayne Coffee and i the largest Stock Ever brought to this City of .1. Ii. Of m 1 j m Manutui Turco in Breech 1.oaders, steam revolvers Boix Kkt fluid or tabular. All a a Iez. Do <1 cents. Pc it served scat75 cents. �?�isillery.-3 conts. The kale of it served Ceato will commence Friday. Altril Keil Bros. Book store no. 3 Keystone Block. _ Hamilton s Hall. A fill a Anneker. To k. Paints and . 6. Wagner in paints varnishes by us Iier Cly is oils to o Glits Only tuesday amp wednesday april 30,-and May 1, 72. Extraordinary announcement my. Sothern in ii a Gorijr Neil and wonderful embodiment of lord Dun dreary in the famous comedy. Entitled our american Cousin lord Jun retry. Written Ilmi Iclef. And created by m u. Soti iii r or supported by the Best a Corii Paziy in ii Oricio. A Irr Diry Price of admission Parquette,.$ .50 dress circe. 1.00 Sale of reserved seats will open this sat a ii Day Everi Ider at 7 o clock at. L. Hill s store and Oil Tinyo e Ich evening until i wednesday i ening. Saw amp grist Mill machinery and Mill sole Ai ent. For Ludson s cal Kokate steam love Kors and amp i Neilce s i sent Heater and Lime extractors. Car wheels Tyrom. l it Lin it term and All Kinits of Railroad amp car castings building columns grates railings jtc., made to order. Engines boilers and it machinery promptly repaired. Competent Mill Wrights always on hand to tarnish drafts and specifications and superintend putting up our Mills. Specs a attention is cued tour line of Wood working machinery consisting in i it Art o wis ill s improved spoke and ago handle laths fellow a raws. Stave cutters Reading Jointers saws Jakc cartridges gun barrels and trimmings game bags shot pouches powder Flaks powder Homs gun wads percussion Caps charges dog whistles drinking Upsi pock fit co Nipa amp of �co., &c., inc at i cup. A it of at the hardware Stor Quot of Morgan amp be go. Waited 200 agents fou the Star Baker. Apply at. Carter s Mot air Furnace d�28 Colu Quot Mai Vir anted to exr a Fuu t t no hed House in a seven to ten rooms for the season. Will by More than i Quot a a Worth. Address , Comine vital Rau Svay Liszt Tok office. Quot Quot Quot Eniasi w anted to Kent a Euk m room in some private fat nil with or it without meal. Call a Ferms Quot Quot a a Quot no new need a it auentf01i Quot an in i f a 1� Init race company Liberal terms will be Kieu. Address j t l0.s.sik. It. H Ayner Call upon the Cic Mai age. Room 11 i Oit Ortice building. A y t e a i x a a Lesture to establishment a thorough Eners tic by jibes Quot Man. To in t As Salesman and otherwise make himself generally useful also to employ a portion of his time us a tra Velidi a tent must be Able to Ivo the Best of refer a Quot Ceas to honesty and business capacity. Address with a Ferenec statin business Etc Pine acc Etc., i. A. A. P. U. .558, Frt Vanc ind. To oxen Mills Summit City Woolen Milis established 1838 of a a druggist. Minnesota. A Bastardly Lutei Wipt to Ilion up the nen Dyke Baudin set Iruin tue the object of doing ii. Mili Waukee april 30.�?a special from st. Paul to the Sentinel says the City of Duluth was startled by two heavy last a right in the direction of suit error City which was found Tjimis morning to have from an attempt to destroy the building and to Cut of the Waters of the st. Louis River from its natural outlet. A considerable portion of the work blown to pieces. The citizens of Duluth accuse the people of Superior City though the Aetna perpetrators have not yet been discovered. Formic. Great Britain. London april 30.�?curre.siiondcnt says Quot i am authorized to say that the British government the claims for indirect damages withdrawn. Clad Stone and Earl Granville will compliment president Kraut in parliament for yielding to their Hamiag bought a Large Stock or window Glass before the late Advance we can give better disco but than any other Honse in the Pilj. Thu pcs fort Wayne Mun i manufactory. H lingenelser&bro., Wood my k8 fp�3i �1.00 to 81.00. A time travelling trunk for gent Lcuien or ladies Felt in s4.00 to . A first Quality Zinc trunks w. F. Wooster amp co s 1 st life Gormany. Beulike april 30.�?it is positively in a True that Bismarck expressed approval of j the indirect claims. I Joe is about As Green a looking is Tecimen for Trumbull but showed no disposition of the Genius tent Nas one ordinarily fees. He seems to be about thirty years of age a tall gaunt awkward looking Fehlow who hardly looks As though he has sense enough to go in when it Rains a the very last Man to be taken for a reformer. To make a fight for Jim or indeed any candidate. Greeley appears to be their first Choice for vice president. The delegates from Illinois Are much divided and efforts Are making towards conciliation. Illinois Indiana Missouri and other delegates held meetings this after noon the results of which do it , Bat he seems to Ike another illustration of in gig gome indications of what May be the Folly of attempting to Lell How far a j from . The Tennes Toad can jump by appearance to the seemans held a meeting at the Spencer 1 j it to i i j t Quot j a House this Forenoon and were addressed naked get e. Quot Biu and Joe and senator a a a rid the hitter Schurz Are the head Centre of Cincin John Ggut Tennessee Nati meeting and everybody seems to await Davis Tuum Vij. And . To Weir action. A i ask of Elii of Kolilis. The convention already Ifor heavy articles a 86.uo to Ltd durable Palace trunks Ai Aiumu april 30.-marshal Serrano is advancing on the Carlist who retire he apr Roaches. The number of insurgents in the .\ndalu5ian provinces and in san a the lists a i Togi no. I Eugenie trunks missions the government in various parts of the kingdom. Necat of sic Yorac charter. Quot i ii adv april Hoffman Lias vetoed the new York charter. It is understood that the will sustain the vote. The sustained tie vote of the new York Eliav term Renee tinier the Lilly by 37 to 80. A of All sizes i k05i 87.00 to , for Lene journey cisci2�nati, april 30.�?at a meeting of , which Are being done in the iii Hest style of the Art yet we Are enabled Liy equip of ing a Large number of skillful artists to attend to the wants of time business. Men of fort Wayne and the Large area of country tributary thereto by furnishing anything in the line of letter press printing from the slam Mold poster to the dainties card. A work entrusted to our care will be promptly and artistically executed and delivered at the hour appointed when the of is received. Moniere amp ale Landsb fort a sync Azo to 52 amp 54 Caihoun-st., fort Wayne ind. Reformatory character so fur As one can gather from the conversation and become a Stock jobbing concern. The old poli to Eivins and professional wire pullers Are herein Force. Long join Wentworth is one of the liberals and is energetically helping Forward the i Aisic of Reform. Almost every afternoon iii Init Crisc Cor a Rosity May be seen in the Rotunda of the Burnet House looming up about four feel above the Heads of the bystanders his pious face wreathed with smiles Quot childlike and Bland Quot with that a re Vetnal of the u i or lip which Means patriotism and business. Tired ethiopians wend their Way Back and Forth to mom d keep n it his Supply of ice water. Long the friends of , Palmer and Trumbull from Illinois held this morning an agreement was reached by which in the convention Davis is to be entitled to half the delegates Omni iiudd�.--, and the remainder to he divided Between Palmer and Trumbull. It is tii ought a it Lieut doubt that this will be acid Uiese in in a the general meeting this atle Nuon if the Illinois settling a . Ilion that Fuji in Comisi Derubies and ulv. . April 30.�?cornelius Assembly died it a to .�2.00 Crystal Palace 7rlnk for . 820 to s3i�. The English merchant trunks Cor. A Hin c . Drugs and fancy goods Peru Ives toilet articles of aia. Klups an1> All Nii Ollil tons. Trusses shoulder braces amp supporters a is equal by largest Stock in City. O i o Jil the Viiu st brands and lowest prices in the Voity. Of o a a to Vaai. W. P. , tothe people of the West us Roadway drag store a. C. Keel a its Are ii de in All the states and give the Best of satisfaction. Our a in in in my i style and t Islo. Us Quot flannels amp blankets a a Call Vul i ai7l Walt Kan fk.�. Our cabinets jeans and tweeds cannot be excelled apr Juno clothing. Elegant Spring suits stylish Spring overdo amp to. A Joseph Clark s. Ele6ant new rooms. Corner East Berry and Clinton st. Ivo genteel gentleman Van of lord to hate his clothes made at any other place in fort boo Terrt Wall Pape Wall paper let Ali Call a he Lesire to save Money an Ltd act Daood. Cash paid for Wool. No Cotton or shoddy mixture. To t Ilia to cd Eil i Rii Iid at Itri Toi urge to the consumer. Has a amp co. At Keil $ Bros they keep the largest Stock and finest patterns at Keil amp Bro s. The decorations Etton dior old and fancy papers Are splendid at Keil amp Bro s. A u style colors and Leidth of Hollands shades at Fost. T �os1.-a a Kwh Dland Dot about eleven months eld and Vera to the name of Bret the finder will t i a a a a a Quot ded by leaving him at Ayne-.t., or at the. A Kotb . In st a Ved. Ontl flux re in. I one cow. Five years old medium size color Rea Mth White spots White or a Iota de Stripe ageing the Back and mottled in the forehead Tail about one third off. No special or private Marks. Any person who will return said cow or give ii format on where she Mav be found will be liberally rewarded by a. 0 . 100 East main it for Sale. Foil Sall a Akoy it 2t�o Toulds Small Pica partially worn a Heap at Job rooms. Corsale at Tokyo Ida haul Frame House with stable Etc. Enquire at office. For Sale a. Papers at the office. Five Hundred old ,. office. Just the thing Lor put tins under carpets. For Sale Pape Deli vein boxes of All descriptions at the Gazette counting Koum. Or Saliv House with lea8k of lot on Holman Street next to third presbyterian chinch. For particulars in quire if a. S. a to or Complete Sodi -1 Fountain in splendid running order to Sale cheap. Inquire of h. G. Wagner opposite court Uotsu. For Sale House and lot in East end at bargain and on reasonable terms inquire at a. S. Evans pc co. A in or Sale one dozen Noel in. Proved Argand burners for Coal Oil Lampa used Only one night and wiil be sold for two thirds of the original Price. Inquire at Gitzes e office. For Choice Resi Dene lots on East Lewis st. 5300 each fifty doll a 8 Down and balance in one and two years with interest. Enquire of enquire Dubois Cor. Main and Calhoun its. Fok Sale a Fine suburban residence with All necessary Odt houses and eight acres of land. The grounds Are handsomely Laid out. Planted with Choice Frait Trees grapevines ornamental Trees and Shumb Bery. A Green House to c., be. Only fifteen minutes walk from the Coart House. Terms resonable. Apply to Meyer Bros i co. Wholesale la ring gtd to. V. Format for rent. �?7a Whitee to Brick building Quot centrally located on Calboun-st., near the Coart hone can be leased for a number of year on favourable terms. An excellent s the for a manufactory. Apply at once at the Gazette oct be. My Keil amp Bro s. A always Mould is i full a Toek of picture frames Cord and at commit omm amp a charts der blk Mark from s. Aud a. Botsford. Commission merchants and dealers in flour Grain,.seeds, dressed Sioss Liberal Cash a Frances on consignments. New York Exchange remitted at . Refer to City Banks. Brick co fun of Kai. Commission merchants no. 2?, so tii m Ater st. Phila. Flour Grain seeds whiskies and provisions Crabbs Goode co., to j. I it. Coop a pc co. Commission merchants Cor the Purchase Sale or shipment of Grain feed seeds and produce. >�?�0 1. Board of Trade,t0led0,0. Keil it jurors. I Oiyuet be Cercle parlor billiards and a Largo Stock of out and indoor games Atka ii it lib Bro s. Tiie finest Lino of fancy stationery it Keil is Bro s. The largest Stock of Dooks and stationery in Northern Indiana at ice leu amp Bjes to s. .411 the late publications at Keri. Wac co a sent Post paid on receipt of publisher s Price by Keil i Bro. The cheapest place to buy goods in the City is Atka la. A lira a 3 Keystone look Oal Hotin st. U. J. Hayes do co. Produce Blank books. Envelopes Legal Cap fools Cap letter paper commission merchants Lii Fote Faner for rib Tiu let x Faber Lead pencils flour Grain seeds to in ashes provisions rut or dried fruits Beans poultry dressed Alojs in their season Jim. in tili. Wood clerk of the after Nikon. The re iii ii i of a he late Ireri Liioi blur Deul Brj i were Tiik ii to a a sir county this afternoon and will be Inturre i to lairs Day from his late Rondo Isicc. A a Jio in Jutte is warn Liitt for Fiir Cist journeys keeps i iii hand a a sure Nikont of Licati iii us and useful French eng ish Jer Niau and Ai Korican to Blob auce. Of car family use. New York. rir�>�?�.or.?� ��?�j�,>0--Boltl robbery 8.>,000 Worllie of Silks it oleic. Leicestershire Jolius m great Lover of ice water at i political convention where a Large amount of Reform work let i be done. Then to Tiniski up what loud John Don t gel time to attend to we Lave the patriotic and High minded re Braier Iron Erie pa., namely Morrow b. I write Esq. Hin face a just As innocent and childlike As though he had never bought nor sold a legislature in his life. Indeed As he Valken about Arm in Arm with some reformer from the great and Good state of Pennsylvania with that oily and benevolent look and that White Cravat so indicative of innocence and piety a stranger would take him for a doctor of divinity from one of the Pittsburgh theological sequin Aries and it would not Surprise is to hear that the old sardine had been invited to occupy one of the Cincinnati pulpits next sunday i Chicago grand of it s a Fine thing to be a reformer. And Cleveland. Nev Yoi i april ooh the buy flour m 4 1> a Quot Mill in Brooklyn damaged s-5,000, a it m j Worth by lire last night. A insured 815,000. Early this morning three men in a Wagon ii Lud with milk cans drove to John m. Steam s factory nos. 21 a it to a i 2 East 12nd Street. One of Plieni knocked at the office door which was opened by the to itch Michael Shierry and a Engal de in conver a too another struck him on the head with a club. Lie fell insensible. He was then bound kind gagged an live thousand Duhar. of stolen. No Arret is. Twin thru Proball Siluio Wab Himuro a april 30.�?tiie lowest barometer will continue moving eastward from Lake Sujie rior into Canada. Brisk and probably High Westerly winds will prevail Over the upper Lake Region and to the lower Lake Region during tonight and wednesday morning. Cloudy and threatening weather will probably extend Over the Southern and Middle states during to night and Over Tho Kew England state ?. On. Wednesday a Risin barometer with West winds and Clearing weather will prevail Over the upper Lake Region and to the Ghio Valley. Cautionary goals will be continued at Milwaukee Haven Detroit Toledo s Ali be tilo Best sauce a cd a polish k<>31 to lo.ct�. Sole leather trunks i i wit -. Stitched edges extra double riveted edges s to ii a re say. I the sole leather trunk Sci or Ufari Oul Liy fair Quot ii. Satchels of All kinds i a Lii iii. ,111.1 i it ,.-ti. I Obi a a iii a it it is us. Perfumes. Soaps pomade port monies hair oils Lifjar cases. A Lvi a 1 american Siead pencils Uffit and a j a too pain i esses Etc. To a a a. A. Asti. I a Pijl Aivil Stair Brunlieb t an Ilies aim Toimi Ca a Oai head awl a Tiff i Jhu oils. .411 kinds of a so int Lle Dii Ino. Choicest mid Puri is �ic.siii�.�? wines Vijil for it a. A soda Fountain made in any part of Iho world iof 111� fruit syrups in i All Sampie cases and trunks pm a a a a a a a a quote a a. Eve Lussiar at the Lowami i rmes it Riis to Isky Aop in re ii. it it a Ltd in a Ivo Isi a Broil. Tkv a it re Tuituu a Ris Lis Ltd in a a ii. Pints 1-2 pints a 50 cuts 30 for Saie l�5 a Fco Mocerf. Fuk Nisuke amp a. Johnis Kapp amp co., a i ii = and a Hul Sale kinds of ill nil Remein ber us and Cau. A Tou j an select Troin Trio Sands already in our Saleroom. Bank a notice. Motich. Tiling at the come ii3 of Seli. Moduli nut. O. O. He Oral it r in sni Man Fra to Nukk to it a Fornatore. M a in is Lee d d1xi i a. for Cook Quot sprint in. Ii i Otti is the bit Becj us Tami iii inc v. Grid. Of tie Iino Auroro oils to. In main st t Anelory nos. 29, m f a it and after the Fiket a f of Miv next the a King hurs of of Sci i Eriv a la Aisiks will he Troni a it .13 to it a. Viiu omit into Rio Ifni. . K. Hat Max 1 a Ishier 1-Irit but Ioil ii in b. A a. Ii. Iii my. A t a i . X tion in Fri ii 1 Lolly s. Irvi in. A a i Ash. x it. A i iii Allan Miami loin a co i it. Wayne ind., april 1s72. 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Blood bargain Given and ions and sh6rt time. Ave arc also agents for eight of the Best Imsu Bange companies in the United states nod England. Insurance taken at fair rates. Bodtma. Boto notice. The Bill All older 1 giving i Lio enlisted before to to Lily -221861. Is sure to by com a Law. We win at cml to the a election of the same. A uni Ian a a Otish Ull. Attorney stat Linw. To. 7, Hast main Street. Auburn cards. A Ttoe a. H. A Torney at Lair and notary Anmie. Offic a 00 main-st., Over Davis s Han Livre store a Patent Agency h. F. Fli Soa. Comer of Calhoun and ., a a Tammy Meacham amp Gotshall a Fob Vine sat a real est to and ins Ranee of a Quot b Pochard s cd oct i and advertising collection made in All parts of the United states. Office in a san a is Jas. E. Be aha m. V. B. Gotsh.4li a a Jil Quot in a a a Foj Quot Public. U h. Rosslee Jio Taky Puilla general insurance agents. Office to. 4, Over Hamilton a Bank fort Wayne. Indiana. A in a to prompt attention to buying and Selling real estate no and general business. Buess houses. Conf Miod. A Scheffey a co. No. 7 East main. Street of site the court House Sener auction and commission merchants. And Vanees made on consignment. Dagan Case amp co., Chicago n u chamber of Commerce. Cash adva ced on consignments to our correspondents v new Stork. Buffalo and Oswego propert bought and sold in margins. Orders so Lihu for the Purchase of flour Grain of All kind and provisions. J. S , H. Noyes Chicago. Jas. P. Duax. L5elphi. And. Pays Leluia. De. I. Thacker office cok Ner of cal Hortn it i Law to it a Ner of cal Hoitin Ari Berry its. Enee Aveline House. Be t Wayne. Resi j t. Or. Store. Or u to 12% a. M., and from 2 to 4 J. Dills office with Woodwo the. Over Wagner s drug r. Woodworth s office hours from Una . notice. Wood .1. P. Tiny Lungi on i1�-for smile in Nim Titica it acc or iii. Ilie Kory Sudar Leech and of bar of Wood it the Wood Yard on Pearl tote i Veen the Robinson House and r. W. Taylor a Ivar Ehouse wrapping paper a wrapping paper. We have now on hand a my Are part pred to furnish All kinds of wrap Init Fript of our own manufacture. Also. Print amp Book paper. In store Ami Maite m Quot a apr fort Wayne paper Ivulis Sale room 91 Colombia st. Read. Estate amp c0i.7.i cxi0n sol. A Bailess real estate a no collecting a. It i he x v. Office on Clia toc Tofa Een Wayne and Wash tonn_ftg.____________________.i.,.____ this Superb hair Dyo is the first in Tiit Hor Ltd perfectly . Is Kali ill Plind in tint Inpok it. No i i i Iiri tid it Ntxo i Lii Culini tint Quot or ,.l most>.t. Quot i fee main \v.-\. I 1 \ 1 ii a a a a .1 i 1. A or n Ati Kai not the skin but the Isaik Quot a a x. Ii and ,. Thi Only sgt of. Arnld i or fact Dye. Sold Hyall druggists. Fal tory 16 Bojt a st., new work. Office of City Elk by a it. W .ly.vk. Ind. April 24. 1872. It Fotieo is hereby Given that there will by a a election held in the City of fort Wayne for the purpose of electing one you Cilman from each Ard on 7. Its follow Nir Jaces to wit r first wait at Hartman a Ute Wery. Second Ward at engine House. Fourth Ward at A. Allen s Carpi itch shop. Filth Ward at engine House. Sixth Ward at engine House. Seventh Ward at engine House. I eighth Ward at Henry Schonce s. Ninth Ward at school House. Of which the Legal voter. Wiil take notice. To test Sam. P. Freb Han City clerk. Staats Zeitun. Journal . A a us _volks4 re until please copy. 1 a. To of exert. Wood aka Iirth in 1 or lil a or 1 a a it 5 a or. V m2 Talho Nii it. Near Jeterson
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