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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 29 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - March 29, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana Or r concern ing the democratic National con vets experienced. We Pexa Ady you no a arcs mention. Ivol. . 285.foet Wayne Indiana. Friday morning March 29, 18t2. Price five cents. The coalition with republicans to be made on the question of strength the action of the Cincinnati convention to shape the democratic policy. $700,000, to purposes of Edrica a tion under tie pledge and control \ of the japanese government. The plan urged contemplates the system of naval schools for higher branches of education i in the English language and in inferior grades of schools. Instruction is to be Given in the japanese language expressed by Koman character of our alphabet. York. A1c1tsemcnts. fire Lohm 8�7,000. Iowa City Iowa March 2s.�? Quot quo touring Mill belonging to messes. Kirk a in.oucsjl�, Wood As Miller in Coralville three Miles r a West of this City took fire from a he a ted two nights Only the eighth nationalist Hsii Dacsil St apr. Bank pays Adivi Hng Sif u a Manning s minstrels Only by Strong a flirts the paper and Wool from . In Mills were saved. J under the personal a upor Guion of Tuelp Pulm the president s views on the late mexican depredations in Texas. Pm mire of the Chicago Relief Bill with amendment a in the House. Exa Mantion of Marquis Gham hmm on Thelt de of rms question. The in Cocci a new Yolk March 28.�?a Washington dispatch to the Herald says that August Belmont chairman of the National item Quot a. Socratic committee reached Washington yesterday morning and had an informal political caucus at which were present about forty of the Princis politicians of both houses. The question of holding a National convention was fully and Fredy discussed by Casserly Frank Blair Stockton Bayard and others. The feeling was a Mist ble against calling a convention at this tim or indicating any positive policy until after tie action of the oin Cinatti convention is known. Any coalition with the be Pabli cans it was admitted must be me on the question of strength on. There must be no surrender of democratic principles. It was advised that no democrats participate in the Cincinnati con Notony Orpy ibb Pogi toil to endorse judge Davis than was sex the names of senator Trumbull and Charles Francis a dams were discussed and also those of general Logan and Oratz Brown. The of Abms. Marquis de Chambrun was examined to Day before the Senate arms committee. It appeared from his testimony that he was not connected with the French legation in any diplomatic capacity but Acta As its counsel and is Alse engage in the prosecution of the claims of French Eab jets. The witness gave an account of the transaction of m. Place in new York who i been advised by him at the instance of the French legation not to buy any arms but to keep quiet. After place was tried in France and acquitted he wrote to the Marquis showing the worthlessness of the testimony against him and enclosing a copy of a letter of Bemington s to Lucerne. Chambrun owing to the press of business had this letter in Possession six weeks before he read it carefully. The Secre Ary said if anything was wrong he desired Chambrun to prefer the charges in writing when the Marquis said he could not do so not being an american citizen but help him to make an investigation to find out the truth regarding the fraudulent transactions in the Sale of arms. The secretory did not appear to be exceedingly struck with his at Ament but said Quot if you prefer charges i will make Shoil. Work with these the Marquis repeated he could not make such Chai Gesh it reasons Given adding Quot the Covern ment of France has no desire to interfere with this Case at when several Days after this letter was sent to m. Bellone the charge d affairs the latter said to m. Cambrum that he could not consider the common action As official because it could not be received a Nch by iii for according to the French Law letters belong to two parties the one who writes and the one who receives therefore m. Chambrun received it its contents belonged to him. It is the same that appears in the preamble to Sumner Resolution. New Yoek March 28.�?it is creditably reported that on the first or second week of january Marquis Chambrun told a gentleman in this City he went personally to president Grant in regard to the French arms business and told him he desired Access to the accounts of the War department. The president treated him most cordially and not Only gave him an order to examine the accounts but to take copies if fa6 desired. Washing toil March 28.�?Marquis de Chambrun was to Day before the Senate arms committee. In the course of his examination he read from a private note add ised to him by his Uncle who is French minister of Freim affairs saying that he had not prescribed any investigation to the Remington Askir. That if Remington had committed any Misdemeanour the government would not prosecute him in the United Stetes. Weather probabilities. The barometer will continue falling Friday Over the Southern states with partially Cloudy but pleasant weather except probably Over the Eastern Guif states and rising temperature southeasterly to southwesterly Points with partial la Cloudy weather will prevail Over the new England and Middle states except probably along the lower Lake Region. Partly Cloudy and possibly threatening weather will prevail North of the Ohio a Ley with Light and fresh variable winds. The Texas ebon tier to bottles. Wash Kotowi March 28. A relation from Texas Heried by senator Hamilton waited on the president this morning in relation to mexican depredations on the Frontier. The delegation represented that on a recent Date a party of forty regular mexican troops in uniform crossed the Kio Grande at a Point above Brownsville and Arr to a a United states custom inspector together with a number of citizens and held them until they crossed into Mexico with a drove of-500 or 600 stolen cattle. It is further represented that the depredations on Stock alone by raiders from Mexico into Texas in the Lant a six years will reach from six to ten million dollars in value and the system of brands prevailing in Texas will enable sufferers to establish their legit irate claim against Mexico from various county records. The president replied that the subject had been one of frequent communication to the mexican Golem would no doubt willingly i Uluse of i Miscella secs by Sixes. I Wabun Zotos March 28.�?remonstran-i Ces were presented against the proposed i reduction of duty on earthenware or Stone i Ware. The Bill for a Railroad depot in Washington for the Baltimore it amp Potomac bail Road came up. Various propositions were made As m settlement of the i Deculty which has occupied the House for several Days. A debate ensued on the Bill which wan participated in by messes. Starkweather Kerr Beck and Scofield. The Chicago belief Bill. Or. Dawes from the committee pm ways and Means Rei red Back the Chicago belief Bill and intimated that he would Aliou the amendment to be offered excepting lumber from its operations. Ill. Farwell offered that Amend ment which was agreed to without a division and the Senate amendment As thus modified was concurred in. The concurrence of the Senate in that modification is All that is now necessary before the Bill is sent to the president for Bis approval and signature. Security of life. At two o clock the Bill reported last week from the committee on com Merce to Amend the act of the Slat of february 1871, for the better Security of life on Board of vessels propelled by steam came up As the special order for the Day and from Day to Day until disposed of. The Bill contains Leventy one Quot a tons and covers eighty two printed pages. of goods. Pending the consideration of the Steamboat Bill or. Dawes presented the conference report on the Bill providing for contingencies in the transportation of goods in Bond across the country. The committee recommends an additional provision in cases of blockade by ice and allowing Transfer of goods from one Ummi to another. The report was agreed io7&Quot of the Steamboat Bill Linen resumed. Some considerable pro Ess was made in the Steamboat Bill when on motion of or. Ketch am a committee of conference was appointed on the St. Croix and Lake Sperier Railroad land Grant Bill. The House then adjourned till monday. Send of 25 per cent an Effort to break the charter of the Southern improvement co. A Lull in the run on Erie Stock yesterday. not rms. Or. Loss March 28.�?charles Canby engine dispatcher a i John Kyle Engin Neer on the Missouri Pacific Railroad while playing cards at Baner s hotel Jef Ferson City last night got into an altercation and Canby struck Kip. Where Don the latter a tabloid Canby struck Kyle where k n four times inflicting mortal wounds. Ite tence of a state Priam in Reavler. Detroit mich., March 28.�?John w. Hulin late state prison agent who has been on trial at Jackson for embezzlement this morning plead guilty and received a sentence of five and a half year in the state prison. Comedian Billy it a Viii g who Bas the Honor of presenting to the Public the Moat brillant array of Talent Ever Bringht together under oue management �9 the Fol lowing Namei will . = a3l�r Meher. Stovik Kopek a . Murphy. I.itt1.k eur ii. The Peebless Bicaldo and the tit Lii Tho is full it and efficient. W. U. . General at. Beat Barket. The Palace meat Market of for Wayne. Hoop skirt factory. Wan Rad a Good girl in a the Spring season fairly opened i Quot Niit a top immediately two Neudy boy to learn the can in a. Mint a business. One first Cli a sri Sethu .m.th. Apply to Thos. Stye Goci a i a wanted horse Collar makers we want Sere Jufiar maker a a Lar employment . Clement 4 co.?i True Collar maker and 20t Lake St., Chical a m. Senate. Last titles. On motion of or. Trumbull a Bill was passed settling titles of certain lands along the Boundary Between Georgia and the Coji Gressional debates. The report of the conference on the Bill for publishing the debates of Congress was concurred in. Bail Boad at tabs. On motion of or. Howe a committee of conference was appointed on the Bayfield and St. Croix Railroad Bill. The vice president appointed messes. Carpenter Pomeroy my Kelly. Or. Casserly s amendment offered yesterday was referred to the committee of conference. The Tariff Bill the Bill to repeal the duty on Tea and Coffee was Token up. The amendment adding to the Bill the free list of the Senate Tariff Bill was concurred in. Of motion of or. Weight the Senate concurred in the Bouse amendment to the Chicago Relief Bill exempting lumber from the operation of the act. The question was then taken on the amendment made in the committee amending the second Section of the Tariff Bill reducing the duties on Cotton woolens silk Iron earthenware glassware Etc., ten per cent., and it was concurred in by 32 to 17. Or. Freli Ghl Ysen moved to strike from the second Section manufactures of silk now the subject of a duty of six per cent which was agreed to by 28 to a this leaves the due unchanged. Or. Frelinghuyse i offered two other amendments striking out items which were rejected. The third Section of the Tariff Bill was then added. Or. Hamlin said the whole Tariff Bill reported from the finance committee had now been adopted except the first Section and he moved that the first Section be adopted As a substitute for the first Section of the Tea and Coffee Bill now under consideration. He would except however from the first Selt tion of the Tariff Bill the clauses relating to Rice and to Iron wire and cloth so As to leave All present duties on those articles unchanged. After some debate Hamlin modified his amendment so As to make the duty on teas 8 cents per Pound. Kimlin s amendment was reject 15 to 27. Or. Trumbull moved the same amendment offered by Hamlin omitting the paragraphs relating to Tea and Coffee. Adopted by 22 to 18. Or. Scott offered an amendment repealing All the internal taxes except those on whiskey tobacco and malt liquors. In answer to a question he said he meant to include the income tax for the current year. Or. Conkling predicted that if the Bill As it now stood should be passed by both houses there would be no reduction of internal taxes at this session of con Gwo state Legislatures. Forged certificate on Iowa and Kentucky Bank. Ibe foreign. Terrible by i earthquake in Asia improvement the eighth National Bakk. New Yolk March 28.-�?the eighth National Bank started yesterday to pay a dividend of 25 per cent to its depositors. Legal fees. Since 1870 the Law has authorized the collection of six dollars in every jury Case in any court of record. In three fourths of the cases however it is said the matter was settled without trial and As the lawyer cannot recover the amount without some difficulty the fees usually remained in Possession of the clerk. In this Way some $70,000 is said to have been wrung from the litigants. A Bill is now pending to abolish these fees. The South improve tent company. A report was current yesterday which in discredited by the refiners that the Penn aia producers Are trying to break the or of the Southern i company. The Case of Hall. The prosecution intend to take action in Hall s Case shortly. The judiciary . The judiciary investigation developed Ltd nothing of very great importance yesterday. The witnesses in the evening were lawyers David Dudley Field and William f. Howe. The sessions of the committee will be closed to night. The bar association a now in favor of the publication of the testimony so As to allow the Community to form its own estimate on it. The Ebie skis ii. Tie decline in Erie yesterday created a Lull in the excitement of the Stock Exchange. A number of brokers think that Inglish capitalists will renew the contest to get hold of the Road. A few on the other hand express the belief that the crisis has Pas. The savings Banks. It is rumoured this evening that the sheriff has an order to arrest a prominent official who is charged with being implicated in the failure of one of the City savings Banks. Additional particulars from evolution in Mexico. An the Mexico. New Yolk March 28.�?a special dispatch from Matamoras says that gen. Trevino s official report of the Battle at Zacatecas states that he had the combined revolutionary forces from san Luis Potosi Gua Nikiata Jalisco Agua Caliente in All 8,000, for the attack against Rocha who had about the same number of government troops. Trevino admits the loss on his Side at 800 men dead and wounded but claims that the enemy suffered equally As great a loss. Trevino states that he captured three guns and six officers with eighty men but lost some mounted howitzers. Another attack is to be made on Zacatecas soon. Diaz is in the state of Guam Plato threatening to capitulate in that name. A portion of general mocha s troops has gone to oppose him. The revolutionist in Laroz Are deprecating about the City of Mexico. Cortina is committing depredations in the state of Neue Vito in. Matamoras March 27.�?the revolutionists still hold satello and Monterey in the inferior and numerous places on the Frontier. If they can concentrate their forces As they Are endeavouring to do they will be Able to make a stand but their Colerick s opera House. Jennie Hight comedy company Friday evening March 29th, 72. Farewell Benefit of Tho favorite miss Jennie Hight this evening will be Fyrene cd the new and and original comedy Trama entitled to set a St Constance Warburton Hal re character Texxie Hight. To conclude with the laughable comedy entitled love it a very t Paul Rogers. Saturday. Positively last a kill. Doors open at 7 commence at 8 o clock a it re Cicely. Admission.-.50c. Quot _ rec red seats .75c. Gallery.2sc. Tar seat can be secured during the Day at Keil Brut. Book store. F. Eckart amp co., sausage makers whole smile and retail dealers in beef pork sausage -an1> All kinds of meat. Opt a All hours. Day Aud a a ight. Calhoun Street. Opposite court House hoop skirt factory App is a it it. It Jyh Sis a 0<>l�iiiil>ijti Slit. Olli Stock is c Mihl Kali millinery goods fancy goods notions laces trimmings parasols White goods amp a. Wro Lor one year. Wages it m a is uni a wanted a situation As Sta we Wuu lil Call attention i. The fact that to Are the Only one fridge millinery and fancy 600ds Molisi ii of Rijk cd qty. I Wai tear the National Cap n \ a life id Franceco. Of Washingtonii a. A. Chartered by special act of com is Fig dii Sirous of securing Good retire Tao Tiki to i ter to act As agents in every county in _ a a address. Western superintendent of. C. Life in. Co. Box 1182, column a Advertised letters. List of letters Kem Rining in the Post piece for Tho week ending j Larch 89,1873. Friends of the government. Spain a Mau Uii March 28.�?there have been no disturbances since those reported yes Terdjis. Dispatches report the condition of the whole country As tranquil. I pascial. There were fourteen offers for Bonds today amounting to s2,305,400, from 109 30 110 40. The amount advertised for Purchase is one million and if sold will go at from 109 33 to 109 60. Desty Active Fiek. Meti Linn amp co s Iron foundry was burned in Brooklyn this morning loss $27,000. In Tess of prof. Mobs. Prof. 8. F. B. Morse is lying dangerously ill of paralysis of the brain. Asir. New Yolk Marh 28.�?european mail advices state that the town of schema her in the caucasus was almost totally destroyed by a recent earthquake. The number of persons killed is 137, and destruction of property is very Large. A considerable portion of the country is con tested into a desert and the inhabitants reduced to great misery by the destruction of crops. Miscellaneous. New Yolk March 28.�?judge Cardoza has denied the motion to admit to bail Michael Hayes who is alleged to have murdered Peter o Donnell in 1857. There w As a slight change for the better in the Case of prof. Morse this afternoon but he is by no Means considered out of danger. New Yoke March 28.�?it is rumoured that the ordering of the Steamer Wyoming to Aspinwall has reference to the Case of the Steamer Virginia and that her commander has orders to tire on the Spanish Mavica lob on the in Damn. Poughkeepsie March 28.�?navigation on the Hudson River is now opened for a distance of one Hundred and fifteen Miles from new York and steamboats could go straight through to Albany without much difficult. The up runs base not new or Lempin. New Orleans March 28.�?the Spring meeting of the Metairie jockey club commences on saturday March 30, and ends april 6th. The most stables of the country Are represented. The to Rosiala state debt. Richmond March 28. A the state treasurer will commence paying the semiannual instalment of the 2 per cent interest of the Public debt next monday. Dealers in of nicene Uter attire. Baltimore March 28.�?four dealers in obscene literature were yesterday lined $200 each in the criminal court. Angell l a Ankrom Austin Brown Mary Brown Fannie Beck Sarah a Bailey Mary Baker Henry Blake l k maker Isaac w Bostwick f k Bronson Reuben bark Lewis Bayne Daniel Barry Andrew Carroll Jenois Coe Lida m Clark Mary Cravens Sarah Cherry we ii Dickey Dolan Lilla Degan e u dorm a win Drastel die Drieu Davis c i Decker Hency k Gill Libbie Wray Mary Gillespie John g Ganter Ben f Goerner pm Grein or Gulben wet John Hawood Lucy Howey Susan May Hopkinson Henry Eisner Henry Hoogesteger Abr Nui Hayes or Hamilton John h Hines Philip Jones John p Johnson a 11 Kinnahan Mary Knandel Jacob Lyle we Little Geo Lawrence Sarah Mcdowell Mary month Emery j k j a Mart a Margaret Miller Geo Moore Eddie my her we Mark Marion Parker Dell Patte Riou Dell Prce Joseph w Petre John i Porter Edwin amp Bro a u Robin on Nettie Roberts Sarah Roo Richard Kiuly a thais a it Seldon Sarah stilts Adeline Sweeney Ami Sweeney Chris six cirt Strickland Alanson r Sligh Baugh Josiah Shutt s s Stockholm sip Stine held lie. Schorup win Tait Clara Thomas Dan Taylor g u White or a Wilson Ell t Wolf Lydi. Willis my Wilcox Weir we Wansart Lai water Jock White f c what it Geo Woodworth e a Willis , paints and . 6. Wagner l Kalek Dpi iii itis Ai goods received daily by express to he. Ill Sam. I a us info Quot the Gazette pm r Complete soda pm. Fountain a splendid a unbind order Lor Sale cheap. Inquire of h. O. Wa9srb.opposite court Sicie of a Arock Tirso no. 15 East Columbia St. Dry goods. Another step Forward. Ola amp a a is Oil 4s�r<_., Aro. In new occasions teach new por Sale House and lot in x East end at Bamin and on reasonable terms inquire at a. S. Evans i co. Fat a Sale a Fine Span of Ken tuck mules will be offered by Sale on the Street in this City on the 29th and 30th. Of this month. I a Sale one do no. 2 in. Proved arg and Broers for Coal Oil bum used Only one bight and will be sold for two thirds of the original Price. Lozaire at Gazette office. I or Sale at a bargain. A j. Choice Theeo Rohrof Eriv and rape a to. Said lot it surrounded Wils Fine Fiade Trees and Brick a id Wulk. Together with some Choice fruit and so Abbery. Is a desirable lot for a Liivat residence. Aug. Six lots on Chiwai St. And Fairfield ave. Oppo site the Wabush shops. C. Hyper Sofiro having bought a Large Stock or window Glass before Tebei late Advance we can give bet ter Dos count than any other Home in the cite. Carriages be carrai6e factory and warehouse morph Quot of Cal theiral theories of business alike with Thories of government must change with the demands of the hour the 19th Century is by nature revolutionary. The tombstones of our fathers Are not White enough for the dead of 1872. We take no timid counsel expansion and Progress the motto the term that stagnates Are now opening our sixth store at grand rapids Michigan _ _ Poh. Met for re Otry Quot a Brick build Ian. Rent rally Locatti on Calhonn St. Near the court hons est by leased for a number of years on into Rabid terms. An excellent site for a manuals Eton. Apply at ence at the Gaietto ofies. Auburn carbs. Someya Lawand Noury Public. Offiel on main St. Over Davis s hardware store. Of Section prompt Yat Tomimoto a hardware. L. Davis Deal Axer in hardware. Stores. One paint farming implements cutlery and House balding material. Also buys and Sells Exchange on new York opposite the court House business cards. Patel Quot �,6e5�cy insurance. The new York City charter in the new York Senate. Proceedings in the Ohio i Lala Are. Man of War should she attempt to molest the Virginia. Forged certificates amounting to �17,200 purporting to be issued a Geo. Old vie amp co., have been sent Here for payment by the Iowa and Kentucky tanks. Other victims Are feared. Eleven cases of Small pox and six deaths to Day. Alex Reavey was committed in default of bail in $10,000, on charge of forgery in obtaining the signature of a lady to a Sheet of Blank paper and filling the Page so As to obtain her property. Kentucky. Lam amp insurance. C. I Quot. Viii Tiala German list. Baab Leou ird Herben l Hilt a Beineke c. William a g Frabon Harl Kothoff h m Faust Ferdinand Ketter Mary Kavin Pierre Shin Buckler Katie hit Otto Schmidt m it j Hostman Christ Ulmer Christopher Duff Jacob no. 11 East Jefferson St. And As him will incr Eaje a our combined Kun Iuey ii Bont two ii Iiri. A a a i Lka Hundred thousand doll Anta year we shall be Able to buy and e Are prepared to tine a g�?zod8 still Ehy a per Faia Sprinc Jhu before we. Are carriages. I often asked do we intend not mutely to 9ionopoliaie a ii the principal Points of Indiana and hich Luau. Our answer is always in the spirit that Spring wagons inn ibus ses commission Marc Hast t.j�?y4s�nsv re o r it a o in a is. Street cars a a inks in smoked and s i1t to. Indium it. Provision.-. m. Kotary Public land Insuik Anee. Tax paying and collecting agent. Represents the following old and reliable companies. Tea life insurance company of Hartford conn., capital . Queen fire insurance company of Liverpool amp London. Capital 910,000,000. Office Boom 29, Ovet Post office port Wane ind. Mcgucklin amp Clark. It izeral i produce commission merchants 1.1 in tar Sterol. I w Vokk eggs a speciality. References St. Nicholas National Bank new Vor Burnett. Mclnnis a co. New York Brown firing Eloiva it too l a Knof Chic Leo j i. Wilkinson abro., Knight town j and every kind of a vehicle. Of the Best material finest and most durable styles and for the lowest prices. I we have skillful Wiir Kilien Emiil Neil. And i can la implicate the tyke i Aud 1.rices of i manufactories. Tie Puidick invited to examine our work. J. S. Hain amp 00. Detroit Market report Boti s. And a. Botsford. Commission merchants dealers in flour Grain seeds dressed uoti amp a. Liberal Cash advanced on consign men to. New York Exchange remitted at Rar. Refer 1 to City Banks. Spring clothing. Elegant Spring suits stylish Quot Man Kaw Ethis destiny in this Reat Young Aud growing country. A firm that is True to the interests of the people and Breaks i Jose from the old damaging Western custom of Leigh prices and big profits and throwing themselves non the bosom of the living Earnest wide awake people of the West distribute their merchandise fairly honestly and cheaply we say any Arm thus pushing for Artl cannot Tell where such a great mercantile reformation will finally carry them. They must Only be True to every duty of the present have Faith in the times in which they live Aud leave the rest to the development of a people and a nation that cannot be matched the Broad world Over. The More stores we the cheaper we car Blly a a sell. Or carpets carpets carpets our carpet Koom it Over our dry to goods store and so costs us Noti iii for rent it is Twenty feet wide and one Lindred feet Long crowded with a Stock of Gools. of Yards and of dollars Worth of new carpets Oil cloths matting Etc., in elegant styles for the Spring made have just been received and placed on Sale. One thousand Yards Good common carpets at 18, 25, 30 and 40c 1,500 Yards Good carpets at 50, co and 75c 1,000 Yards All woj ingrain carpets at 75c, $1.00 and $1.25 1,200 Yards celebrated makes of extra super in i ii Rains at si.15 and $1.25. I spend ii to Quality All Wool 3 ply car jets Only s1.50 Liand Sonie English tapestry i Only $1.25 Stair Kohls a c a Doz. And up Anis Oil cloths drug gets Crumb cloths , door , Stair . Etc., at equally Low prices. U. F. Wii Sou Corner of Calhoon and Asir St. Fort a nyx a. In Jiava Giraham amp Gotshall Pattok own yes at Law Keal estate and insure new gents and agents for Quot Blanchard a collecting and advertising collections made in All parts of the United states. Offiel the aug too room. Fort Wayne ind. Jas. E. . V. B. 60t8i1.1ll, Quot Totory Public. he. Boesler a a real estate and general insurance agents. Office 2io. 4, Over Hamilton s Banjo fort a Ayne Indiana. Will give prompt attention to Benj Insaad Selling real estate pay pm tag and eneral in Sinema business houses. Vonual atom. Scheffeli amp co. No. 7 East main Street opposite the Coart Boose. Owner Al auction and commission merchants. Vanees made on Consin Tomc it. And Dugan Case a co., Chicago n u chamber of Commerce. Cash advanced on consignment to our correspondents a a new York Buffalo and Oswego. Propert ii ought and sold in margins. Orders Oli cite i for the Purchase of flour. Grain of Al kinds and provisions. J. S. Case c. H. Noyes. Chicago. Jas. P. Buroak. Delphi. Ind. Pejra Trimm. Do. I. N. Thacker offic i Cou Ner of Calhoun and Berry Sti. Kesi enee Aveline House fort Wayne. Terry my on Nice con in Tell in if Cracken county a a revolt Lac spectacle a. York. A new Yolk March 28.�?albany dispatches mention that in the debate yesterday senator o Brien characterized Van Doit >8 Tweed s successor in the department of Public works As a tool in Tho old tammany ring. It is under St it that the expel time of senator Wood will fail on the ground that the testimony does not warrant Tia l action. Albasi March 28.�?in the Senate in voting on the new York charter the Jues tion of retaining Van fort As commis Stonex of Public works was carried. A motion to strike out the Camul tire principle of appointing commissioners was . The motion that no commissioners Louisville ky., March 28.�?on wednesday night the 20th instant in Mccracken county four men named Bud Jackson Buly Coe r. P. Weatherford and James Vaughn went to the House of a Mace Able and respectable Farmer named Shotlo and forced him to Swallow an of irate and left him lying insensible in the a Yard while they entered the House and attacked Shotlo s wife and daughter aged 15. The women resisted and were knocked Down Quot with Butts of pistols. The daughter was knocked Down three times. Finally both were tied Down and ravished by the villain.? repented. During the night Jackson and Coe were capture and lodged in jail at Clinton. The lest will pro Wibly soon lie taken As the exasperated neighbors Are prosecuting u vigorous search for them. A slight Shock of an Martli Tiutke was Felt at Paducah Early tuesday morning. About two o clock to Day general Humphrey Marshall died at residence in this City of pneumonia and bronchitis. Be removed except for a i cause was lost. Ment which of lord Relief but he seemed powerless while the internal revolutions continued. The \ lilo. Commercial phases of the question were Coll bus March 28.�?in the Senate to discussed and it was suggested the order of the Secretary of the Treasury prohibit Phat a Nix Mutual. Life insurance co an agent for fort Wayne no to in Init for the Phi unix Mutual insurance company. Life w9i. Bric f merchants no. 23 South water St. Phila. J flour. Grain seeds provisions a. J. Hate8 a co., produce commission merchants for the pm Chahe an of i flour Grain. Seeds Wool ashes provisions butter eggs died fruits Beans. Poul try. Dressed hogs in their season Jim. I Albs in j Salt. Fish. Pork. Beef. Water Lime land plaster Tecc. Office and warehouse 82 wat a so Toien a Spam overcoats. At i also in our i by a oils de Kirti nent an immense Stock of new and attractive Spring Ress goods shawls Percale Jia Sailles White , table linens Naploi , Etc. Dress goods shawls Percale Marsailles White , table linens is Ohio. The clearance of vessels from ports alive Brownsville was a virtual blockade of the Rio Grande River and therefore illegal. The promised try Rinji All que tons i before the . Tiie Cleie gation called on the Secretary of tie tre usury on the commercial question involved. The rotary admitted that the order prohibiting Trade above Brownsville was of questionable loyalty Neil it was made the subject of an order the order from Quot the Treasury department would be revoked. Telegraphing signal service kef0rt8. The House committee on appropriations to Day heard the argument of the Hon. William Orton president of the Western Union Telegraph company regard to the proper rate of compensation for transmitting the it it Ignal service reports and other questions. The japanese in Deil a Ity Al i b. G. Northrop of jew Haven state superintendent of education a ared before the House committee on foreign affairs this morning in advocacy of the proposition to devote the japanese indemnity fund now amounting to Over Day Bills were introduced providing that if any Justice of the peace constabulary of the court or sheriff shall charge or receive More than the Legal fees or costs he shall be Al no a not exceeding $100, and shall be liable for Trible damages to the party injured and shall forfeit his office and be ineligible to office for three years after. A Bill was also introduced to abandon two Miles of the Ohio at Cleveland for City purposes. The House Bill to by heavy penalties the unlawful cutting taking of Mimler. Was to provide for erecting Monument s to the memory i it of William Henry Harrison gen. Thomas l. Quot Harmor and Simon Kent was defeat. A Rea lotion was offered and ordered printed a skiing the Olio member of Congress Quot to support the proposition to construct a canal around Niagara Falls on the amerion Side if in their judgment the same will secure cheap transportation. A Resolution was offered and ordered printed for tie appointment of three commissioners to visit the reformatory and corrector Al institution of the state and to examine into the present system of convict labor and report what legislation is necessary. Tto Ltd proffer mine Laid i it Omu Lor the Cincinnati a in Vita leu to All. Ciscil sati o., March com j Mittee of arrangements for trip May convention have issued a circular inviting voters without of party to join in sustaining the Constitution As it is and in securing civil service Reform a Tariff for Revenue Only general amnesty for past political Ollen Ces and local self government. It says further that while the objects of the Liberal republicans and Revenue Reform organization has tie special object of gathering together All parties in favor of these principles arrangements have been made by most of the railroads to return persons Home free who have paid full fare coming to the convention. The convention will make use of both Mozart Hall and exposition Hall. The committee Are using every Efluri to insure provisions for the convenience Anil Comfort of All who Iray come. I Lle come adv $8,000,000 assets j insured Over 10,000 policies in 1871. I am nearly $3,000�000 surplus. Issues All Fornix of policies on it Tae All Cash and half not plans. No extra Premium of females. To restrictions in travel or a might la Ament. Dividends of bal Siote plan Piave averaged 50 per cent. To i the right Man a Liberal com Mission till be paid fences required. Address crabb9, goods amp co., successors to j. D. Cook a merchants for the Purchase feed seeds and produce to. 1 Board of track. Toledo 0. Joseph Clare s. Elegant new rooms. Coria i l Bony ail cling hits. Homes for . Large size White quilts so si.75 Marsailles quilts at $1.50, sl75, .52.<j0 Best Meninick Spragie and Cocheco prints Atoa Tulloc Best Yard wide of Inglish prints at Worth 2-&Quot a Good muslims 8 and of. Splendid Yard wide muslims at 10, 11 and r.2. So an immense Stock of ticks denims corsets hoop skirts Hickory cheek.-, Ca Isi Meres Etc retailed at wholesale prices. Fos ter Brothers pc co new York City store. 94 Columbia Street Xoi t Tva ii Xiali Aii. A1tction House dress and Mux inert goods. Milliner if and dress goods not behind the time. Homes in Colorado. Al tray. Clevela get March 28.�?two Young men named George Barber and Michael Mcgary got into a dispute about a dog at Middleburg this morning when Barber shot and instantly killed co Arr. Iguana pot fibs class i Adios. The Steck Quot a . The the Colony at Colorado sfrin�., i Quot Raven Quot a first class. The of erf a lot for Sion a atm Ideiil lot tur Decker a undisputed. These 850, Small farm for �250 the larger iat of instruments Are Well known to the Money Revei Ved being invested Rik j Puzio Iho Roh Fly made Ting canals Publio buildings Bridges roads i ,.and . Soil Rich ind productive. Ex-1 ��<1 offered at very Low prices. Tensive mines of Silver and Gold Sive Perm organs melodious guitars refer a nent High prices us ii Iowa por Are Alm it sold Here Abr Jere wheiifjsbu., Price . Al. The Niom we i a is a in a a a �. A Ais Cau, High . There a a and you will Purchase at h. Orff s must cml Turnhouse Barr it. Between main do Berry its to genteel gentle ten can afford to have his clothes made at any other place in fori Wayne. Pianos. Orff musical warehouse. Oress goods shawls White and Milia new goods fancy Good Aud trimming. Which will be sold As Low Aii Ever. To Advance in prices. Ulc i of Spring gig cams at i in. Fifty pieces of�e�aiw.1�c. of sri wit Casco for 9 an Loc. Or. T. J. Mlls Ofhie with or. Woodworth. Tow Wagnar s Ihns a Tore. Or. Woodworth s office hours Crom to to 12>.l a. a in from 3 to 4 p. Soc1exie& masonic. Wayne to Inge. No. 25, f. A a. Of meets every tuesday evening at Maonio sail. Stated comm animation on or before the full of the Moon. E. Pieria. W. . Freeman. S. W. J. R. Wheeler j. A j. W. Wil8on.trea8. Phil. A grand. Sec y. Summit City Lodge no. 170, f. A o a. M., meets every Friday Ere Aiava a Gonie Hall Northwest Corner of Calhonn and Rry its. Regular comm animation on tha first Friday evening of each Tara thu w. Cd Babcock. W. C. L. Thomas s. A we. Knight j. W. Mirael Lea Treanor . Fiak sol. D. Bayless Long no. F. Amp a. M., meets at May Ohio Hall every monday evening. Regular common Lintio. Second monday of each month. . White w. Geo. . W. C. L. . J. A d. C. I ther. c. D. Cml Sec y. A. E Grove. S. D. . Lecardy . Robert w. Murphy and. stewards a. Waring. J. D. Boad and n. S trustees. Tome Lodge no. S42, f. Amp a. A Jame Mtsat their Hall. Thorf Story of p. O. Bail dog. Oourt-St., Avery to Ridsy ving. Suited Ommani cation on the Glrst tuesday Ete Dinc of each a ibid . Jamae. Graham. S. W. R. S. To Berroa. J. A Samuel thanhouser trias. Jno. Lil lie. Or. Sec y. R. S. . H. Brooks and John b. Morgan fort Wayne chapter no. 19 r. A. M., meets at Mayonie Hall every wednesday evening. Stat invocation rat wednesday in each month. A h. Bam Ilton. E. H. A Geo. P. Crane. Sec a a Wayne Council no. 4, it. It s. M., meet a suited second wednesday of each month at t o clock. S. H. Shoaff. T. I. G. Ferd f. Olti. Sec Quot j. A a. Pierr a Lave received the largest and Best selected Stock of High . There a Kaili Oad. Hotell get a a to pot. Telegraph Tolice Xci paper Storey Aud a a Juty buildings. One canal Teu ions. To them with great care by a new Proem we extract for the True select Viula and aromatic each cd Tracte i it Tiu flavor and Prodes a Tav orint for cake., cd stands Jelli ii Cream Etc., of rare to thence. Of gnat str ingot aia pmed purity. A Tao my Art Juiia every fiame at it presented. Job dec fit each bout a full mature. Vuk them enee will tue no Euar. The Mott dts East err made. So Aperio to the cheap extracts. Ask for or. a Speda Ila Oringa. Hanna cared Only by Momoa Stekly Price Eva co. . Huim Fini it Quot Hod. Another nearly done. Within five i Miles we have water Power Coal Timber Lime Stout Brick Clay it flouring Mill the wild. 1 Beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery Rich Aud i Healing Mineral Springs. Within mile there arc ton saw Mills and pasture ii which j rattle and sheep Are kept Winter ail film mar without Hay or Grain. Climate mild us Italy and the i Altaic it in the world. Antonia tic recover rapidly. Consumptive in the curly stages generally get Well. Ague and its Kindred diseases Are unknown. Full iii orm ution sent free. E. In Rimek. Colorado har Iuit it Olori Mlo or a gets Lylall Kort Wayne. Ind. 230.650 doll.\ns, it Ute i moot ill by Swon. Cora Misti toners in Tui i i Rocky stuff Send for circular at ouch and Tatj yer Lurk. Ai dry a oo.<-. Ringqu Tuku . O it Hurd dealer in and j manufacturer of 31 o tjli>ilv<3is window frames Sash doors and blinds custom work promptly executed. Shop North Side canal weft of a work fort Wayne ind. I Kase tavi i m a c Ili. To. Pc re. Of. 1 pita it Nix Block Calhonn St . _ Harmony Lodge no. 19, meets every thursday evening. We. Killen n 0. W. P. Berry v. A j. Albretcht r. S. Ihil. R. Grand p. S. Gordoa Thireau. fort Wayne Lodge no. 14 meets every monday night. A. J. Hollis . J. Graf v. G. E. Zarb Angy r s. We. T. Mckean p. S. P. Jiaa. Encampment no. 14. V. A. Catl ii Council no. 4, meets every thursday evening at their Al Corner Berry and hmm i a a i Ivy j. H. Fry v. C. C. Eba a. S. C. Giolman. Fin. Sec y c. B. Min treas. Porter Chamberlain i. Al no Coal and Coke. A Bass amp . Sea leks in pi6ir0n,Coke,goal, Lehigh Lackawanna Yough Loghery. Blacksmith and Cannel Coal in own is. At gallery. It saw too dealer in . Lyne Florist is air cared to fill re a. Lov All t f gee extol be j is Mukk us dig , such As . Fijchls.4fi�. A a be Imam. Dahila Etc. Also vase. Garden and plants wholesale and retail. Or. S. Curtice. Onice at Wagner 8 Nam atau Houa 152 we Walii Aatos Pic nor Bames engr-�g8 and Chr my list in so spi a a a woj a if and can be obtained at the Green. A. J it. Olio a trial and other parties for cubed with bouquets and . Over it attention Willibe Sho in to visitors. _. Greenhouses Corner of by in Kenndle Aud near Jefferson houses Veliu ailed from Alia to. Memo brass Cocks valves Etc a Porga 8tin and Quot with. Dealer in wrought Iron pot Rama Bat Boh ebs and in a a Yob. In
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