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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 13 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - March 13, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana additional news of the overthrow of the Erie ring. An organized gang of ruffians attempt to steal the books. Vol. In no. fort Wayne Indiana. Wednesday morning March 13, 1872. Price five cents. Was to a a a of or a a go Cash boy 12 to u years of age. Apply to Foster Brothers. 94 Columbu St. Anted at the Organ fac of tory. Fairfield avenge. Several first rate workmen on Wood. Isaac t. Packard . How Jay Gould attempted to cheat the widow of the late Fisk. The grand opera House Stii guarded by a Large Force of police. Bed ignation of Jay knt As president of the Brit Bofty. A few More develop moist in a trip Chi Tom he a in iii few i Suso. Nen a March 12.�?the Dutts eff the Ore to Tow of the Erie Biog Aee ois to be Leoe ired everywhere with satisfaction. Hie a Midg pin Reglar the Levault of a Tau a Tjas a Reat Trio Inch in the interests of honest and Efeim. The mild Nib to soup de Fiat has Resal Tad in a More entire Success a nce the fun Goa Wood of december at Faniie when dissolved and the leaders the Assembly. Transferred the Redato t prison Odds. It adds that a few Days will dispose the history of profligacy and crime that will. Astonish even those who had a a Preci ated the Chi in it or if the . The Jedi thinks it Ose for Gould to Attema to make any or distance to what has been . The tron me says the legislature should at once order an election of directors and it their action a feb Jany to Efthion of at a late hour last night Gotilda and his employees attempted to abstract from the safes the books of the company which were taken Possession of by the new Board. Some of the Transfer books were Uken hot were Sabael gently recovered. Henry Sharood one of the Bing i it directors who has not yet acknowledged Dix As president says that the whole business is the work of the. Atlantic amp Ozeat Western Railroad to Wuey de it i de to Contr of the Erie with a View of it it Jiahe log it out of its Lawf tip pc the Kows at Albany. Atchee from Albany say the news. Umiat emotion among the lobbyists and rival menters of the legislature who were expecting to make a great Deal of Motiey ont of the Bill now before the leg i suture for repealing the dash Ficat on act. Gnu sex president of the Susquehanna bail Imd says the amount which Jay accounted for of the pro is Tei Stock Aad earnings of the Erie is the How Board. The new directors of the Eria Road yesterday were treated with co Tampt. A letter sent to them after they took pools Sion of the room by Jay Gould offers to place his Rem nation in the hands of Horace Greeley on condition the other directors do likewise and a new Board will be f formed. Goula promises to make a Legal fight against the new men. Ask s pm Assn. Iti stated that the friends of Thelmau James Fisk jr., Are now icing at the smash up of Gould who is reported to have been for the first year a real enemy of Fisk and that Gould tried to cheat flask s widow out of certain Stock of the Elvaira rolling Mills one portion of the grand opera House is yet filled with gangs of Ian wider the ratify of Orold while the a to Toi Ioa is occupied by the police under or a of the new president. I. Gooij Sobasco at Rock. Gould and several of his adherents As Well As Archer vice president of the new directors remained at the opera House the Erie head quarters daring the whole night. At about 3 a. M., some of Archer s men were falsely alarmed by the report Bluit a gang of Gould s men under one Lynch was trying to get Possession of the pendent s room. It is said that Lynch made a proposition to Archer which was declined promising to vacate the place for fifteen Hundred dollars. Lawyer Shearman at 4 a. M., had a Long consultation with Archer upon some proposal from Goald the nature of which is not known. Some of Lynch s gang tried to approach the treasurers room at 5 a. M., out the Force caused them to desist. At 7 a. M., signs of Cuvi were mini heated in the anticipation <�8far�ggle to a. The a Tab Wjk the zmi1la1di� ai��o4�ostmardt12.�?the re of the Erie of furs caused quite a flatter is Here. The member prof the Lugi Latora Ace Dis. Coating its effects pro and Eon. Some believe the affix air a Mere Blind. It is tact As chs Stock Ilutka. Ere has in Large open Mhz Erie to . Theat Edc a frigg and we to 37 but declined a it 3h. Over Ai Azuci in a Jay Orold signing sound this morning with a Schooner. Mcnevins who was sentenced to be Hung on july 15, we granted a new trial to Day plead Gaius to mans Mukhtar i a the third Dree Aad was re sentenced it y Jie order Hawcutt to fifteen months in the state prison. It a stated that mayor Hall will com Mence suits again the Tribune and pert weding and Greg Jones of Tima personally if the Case now on trial resulto Liiv orally. Judge Cardozo refused to release Green of the swindling firm of Lee Dunn h co., on a hcs tus Corpus. At the Stock a a a Tasoz. New Yolk March 12.�?at the Stock Exchange to a a letter Jno read fun seckary Otis of he Eria director to it bouncing that the present amount of Erie common capital stick is about $7s,000,000. The Transfer Boot Are closed Atit further Orden Alk Quot a notification of tin election of president Ite and also that a motion was adopted Vanani measly by the new Board tet jibe Nao lotion of the Erie sex passed Jam re 1871, Ritang the issuance of $22,000,000 , Bonds convertible into Stock Bol i dad in the Stock Exchange notified Quot �o7 Washington. Proceed pigs of Rotili houses a a com in a yesterday. Pole Hoal. Ali hew Hampshire state elect Ioaz rehab Lucaa i to Story. Important statement of the condition of the feb pc debt. The House committee on expenditures and the sales of arms. Senate. . Amu Koto March 12.�?the Bill for fan Diin Otho Sute officers of Texas omm Pardon salaries waa reported add a Nefy Aad put on the Calendar. Till Karat if the right of Way to the gnat Ionta Railroad in Florida came go ebon of Isid a Resolution Dof the president to inform the Senate a Aam hint of Money had been expended or the government during the sex ssh imm ii of ski Iris the secret agent of reming it ton amp sons. The Wisconsin Republican Dele Gates to the National con it vent of. The Kew Itaki sate exec Xix do scold March 12.�?the state election Railroad Coan inner and members of the a Slature u being held to Day. The Republican candidate for governor is Eie kid a. Straw for rail mind commis none Maibens twit Diell. T1ie to it Uno cratic Cancu dates Are James a. Wailon for governor and Henry Colony for re it deck a As bailed commissioner. The vote cast is quite heavy notwithstanding a boisterous Snow storm. At Rochester Liew Castle and Dover the Republican candidate a Are ahead. It is expected that Ibn Chester will give two inn died minority for Straw. 7, in co ecord my 12.--Straw a Nam a in Manchester will exceed 500/ of r gives Straw 345 majority. Fob smooth March 12,�?6 30 p. �? bet ores of the vote for governor have beat received form 59 towns which give Straw Buhisan 13,470 webt0b, ,12, Blackmer Temperance 85 co 116 Seatter in 45 a in Ortity in these Toins of for Job Tow. These towns last year Quot me Pika a mini can 10,693 .we8toq, a it pm oct Tell is pm in labor ref Omi Ceram he Hyiyer Ance 243. Bobziw Mare a Jefe Anble elected. Indicate Iowa. Are that the in Fiona Ture Grill be Bema Licati March 12.�?.one Haj Aad Twenty towns foot tip Sencw 2479t. Wes ton 22,622 Blackmoor tel pan to 196 a per. Labor Beform 270. Aad. Aeatter-71. Coli ing Masnov Foch publican state convention for the appointment of delegates to the National convention meets at the Cape Tol to Morrow at noon. Every indication seems to Point that the delegates will be instructed to vote solid for Grant. Statement of the pubic debt. Hashmat car Mardi 12.�?the statement of the Public debt and balance from june 30,1869, to december 31,1871, show that the yearly reduction to june 20,1870, was $107,779,786 to june 30, 1871, was $130,735,147 and from june 30, to december 31,1871, was $26,501,566 showing a total reduction of the debt since june 30, 1869, to be $265,01&499. The principal of the Public debt on december 31,1871, was $2,326,710,016. The Sale of Lakhs. Wasson toil March 12.�?the House committee on expenditures in the War department to it Lay examined Squires agent of Bemington. He testified that after the 13th of october 1870, when the orto was Given by the War de car Talent not to sell arms to Bemington amp son Squires employed other parties to buy for them using care to conceal their connection from the officers of the government not Only were the arms up ased from the War department but other arms Bemington cow a co were placed on pier 50 from which the Frendin Steamer sailed. During the proceedings the following disc Audi dated March 2, 1872, was read Quot diehard Tony Awe be Minghan Ittia new York Sumner was deceived when stating that the committee of the fam cd Nati Oniu Assembly on War contracts adopted resold sons asking the results of inquiry from the trailed stotes the Sale of Arim. I have been Lew Ledly told by the most influential members of this committee that no inquiry was passed nor though of. Make of diva declaration we Uii Eyota. Choose. Stunm he kit Mon to advocate of soda a amp Tia Flea Al Fiagaoa Inbi Bittle agreed that soda Ash shall go on the in list. State Legislatures. Otal. Colv Boa March 12.�?in the Senate a Bill was Intro deed to so Amend the municipal code As to remove from cities and villages the Power to prohibit the Sale of native wine ale Beer and Porter. The following Bills passed the House Bill making it unlawful for judges of elections to postpone counting the votes or to adjourn Orang Tiue,.or to any place or to Rei Bove the Baldt Box from la place of voting or from a to Tiff of a a tip Jod Fles. A a f i r a the House Spoti All the afternoon in Ducusing the Bill providing for an election of relates to the constitutional convention and finally Laid it on the table. A a a a to Ali. New Yoke March 12.�?in the Senate this morning a Bill was introduced repealing the acknowledging in Securan schools of the participants in the school fund and All schools Usine a part of that fund be under the jurisdiction of the superintendent of common schools. The comptroller of new York City reported to the Senate to Day that $2,454,-716 had been donated to charitable a re. Gigious Inifi Ntim Fnu to is 1 bold robbery. Ekbery it a lad., a Rover it ,�00-Arrmi� of the Bekker. Or judge Weie Lave be served by order of Graham at Oom Kes icam. J a it Quad has just resigned to presi Deacy of the a Rie at a Brief meeting of the Board directors. General Fri Cuba was present Quot Quot. A How �001� Besig iced. The resignation of Jay Gould As president of the Erie Railroad is said to have been accomplished As follows general Sickles by the Board to us Imato that Gould Eldridge Sherwood Aird i it re be Perl fitted to retain their positions As directors if they would come into the session of the new Board. The general with much difficulty gained Access to Goald i Geom when after Coon enable disc Semi the terms were acceded to. These gentlemen attended the Yearion where All the acts of the new Board were confirmed and Gould s resignation offered and accepted. The tammany re Garvey says he has made no arrangement to receive any immunity from the attorney general for his testimony against the ring and that he returned to the City Beo Aow he wanted to be with his use. He is willing to refund the return papers taken from the City and made a recompense. The custom Botor sing. Quot we ate obliged Quot says the Tribune Quot to of turn cock tim Artia the credit a Lic Mir ceif yester to a Dpi a Fini uly to dispose of Leet and stocking. The old ring is not broken scarcely disturbed. The Parade of firms Atli orbited to receive goofs turns oat to be a earn As Leet and Stocki Are not Dispo Saeea of their plums. The scandal inc Reaa by the discovery that most of the go Between Are tammany democrats. Prominent Mer chimits stated yesterday that Leet and stocking would carry on their bid business under the new name of Squires amp co. Tweed s beat in the estate. It is suited that senator Tremain will move at Albany to have Tweed s seat declared vacant. The Jebsen cite fat ads. The grand jury of Hudson county. New Jersey made a presentment to the court at Jersey City yesterday containing 183 indictments a not nearly every official in the county and in Jersey qty. Mokena Ktoris. It waa the it Misiek City v Boston and Sot the i sch whip Oouida m the i5peei�l Gazette Lima teim from Toledo yesterday to on sheriff tells of a bold Highway robbery there amounting in the Angerate the sum of $12,000, perpetrated by one Thomas White alias Mike Callahan on John a. Miller a drover of Goshen ind., and that the robber was on the ii Reight train die Here at noon. When thernia arnved it was Cal i Iilda Flatoff it fac amp of Iamolia North of Here. Officer Bast Aben went there on the first train but the robber had fied eastward through the Woods. Last night about a 11 o clock Callahan came Here on train no. 7 from the East stopping at the Cliff hotel at the depot. He was shown to a room when he Laid Down and was soon asleep. Charley a. Helpman a Young lad of fifteen years of age working at the hotel informed officer Bastoen who immediately arrested him. Seventy three dollars in currency we found in his pos ses radio arid a Mie Gold watch valued at $150. It seems that he left some $8,000 in u. S. Bonds at a Saloon in Toledo which was subsequently recovered. It is not know what disposition made with the balance. Callahan met Miller on the Street and pulling out a la a knife demanded his Momy. It is said he Cut Miller consider Al a obtaining Possession of the Money. He is now in jail and will be taken to Toledo for trial. He formerly worked in Lima and was known As a very character. Indiana soldiers petitioning for a modification of the horns Stead Law. Three Yeara for Telegraph service including me air Platukas and the rates paid. Or. Morton preheated a Petizon aged. By three thousand Indiana old hers for a Modin eation of the Homestead Aad the equalization of bounties. Bills were introduced to infant the destruction of Timber on Pablic Landa and one providing that vote for a ogre amen Shalbe written or printed Ballola also a Bill to provide an adequate a apply of circulating Midiam for states needing it. Blix. The Senate then resumed consideration of the legislation appropriation Bill tie Ping question was on the Ameri Domont repealing the Law authorising the of Lawt in newspapers. Of motion of or. Homeboy the amendment was Laid on the table. An amendment was adopted appropriating fifty thousand dollars for the publication of the Laws in the newspaper. Or Mcran an amendment providing that after the publication of the iwo of the present Congress the publication of the Laws in the newspapers should cease. Adopted. An amendment was offered raising the salaries of assistant secretaries second comptroller Register auditor commissioner of customs and supervising architect of the Treasury Dej tarment the assistant postmaster general superintendents of Money orders and of foreign mail commissioners of pensions and com Mimi Over of Indian affairs to four Thoa Sand Douan. Or. Sherman offered an amendment to the amendment increasing the salaries of idl Heads of bureaus to Foar thousand dollars. Or. Sawyer moved to add the com i Irzoner of education to the list to. _ books old son a i s Standard musical works. Cheap Beautiful Octavo edition of curator ii and cantata. Creation. Messiah. Giraszi in Ecret in cab Wal put is Dicht. Al the Hart pants s .50 Sun Dai Acca Sauso �amion.7i St. Paul .75 Elijah. Athalia. Stab at motor. Brain of Praise a .50 oratorio chorus is a Eurate 6 cts. A. Per Doz. Bennt Lytal a tel Avo edit Teti of a .38 421 i. Come let i sine Isth i. 98th Palm. Woman of Sama hear my prayer. .38 wets. Be shoves i Masi a in c ,. A .50 by Ramie s mass to condone a Manin of. Farmer s Mats in by at. A owned amass Solon eur Banda a l_8t, .8th Haydi sad mass. La s 1st. Cd. 4�. 7th aed Barda Smth a amp i .76 Moti i my. A Sart Sut Rosart il2thmsai Mozart 15th requiem Voz it tri �d.7th ilihmas8ee.ea. .7 Mercadante Mats stoic a.7 lieder major a May in a. 1.� Rossini s Mist solennelle.1.00 Wober Sam Fiatt .�0 Weber s a Iasi la s flat.75 Southard s a in Southard s Shert hats in d.38 Cea Leto opalrae Foli vocal seere last Diac remit tires each. Don Oiom Sny Amer ask of Fiat. Norma. Mani ree Iora Trovatore. Fra diabolo Lucretia Bora la. Lucia. A the above Ean Bead of any Aniio dealer or the pub Licheri. Sent. Post paid a am Seipt of Price. Oliver Ditson let co., Boston. Chas. H. Ditson 4 co. New York. Lyon he pity chios co. Kot Tco. Sealed proposals will be received by he Board ofom missioner of Allen Conaty Antil agreed or. Logan moved to a a the Misiag officer it of the Mariae Kantital eve Rise to a do Waal on peach to which the Nate House of. . Wask Croton search the a a grm ctr Agio the Central Pacific a Oad my the a a Emir Balf Tia Island of Yerba Buena in san Francisco was. Ten up and discus feed. The House refit so a to table the Bill by a vote of 94 to 73. It is now voting to recommit the Bill with instructions. The Bill was recommitted to the Pacific Railroad committs with instructions to Amend by providing that the president appoint three commissioners at the expense of the it entrap Pacific Road to hear All parties interested and the award three months after appointment such sum for the use of half of the Island is shall be just and equitable to be paid by the Central company. Z. B. Valice. The speaker called the attention of the House to the fact that yesterday the Naovie of z. B. Vance waa included in the amnesty Bill. He considered this an abuse ti1� a Ribera Felfle Kall Raad 8ar-Weyimg party. March 12.�?captain Ball with his escort of cavalry has returned to fort thus Montana after having escorted Muhlenberg s surveying party of the Northern Neif Lic Railroad which penetrated to a Irvint 110 Miles East of the Crow Agency on the Yellowstone Eiver. During the trip company h Dostall of their tents baggage Etc., by fire. Several men were badly Frast bitten. No indians were been. The Conte Valra. Put Adelphia March 12.�?the committee on plans and architecture from the United states Centennial commission will visit new York and Boston in a few Days to Confer with such architects As May de sir to compete in submit tip for an immense building which will cover in extent not Leas than fifth acres. Person who had been a member of Congress and had resigned and Given Aid to the Reb on. He was glad he did not know who had sent up the name of Vance nor from what Side of the House it came from. Or. Leach stated fat he was the member who sent the name of z. B. Vance yes Tsy to be included a the general am Naty and contended Ilia he we Perie otly justified in doing so. Or. Bingham in Vod to reconsider the vote by which the amnesty Bill was passed. Laid Over. Est ruled to has seat. A Resolution declaring or. B. F. Myers entitled to his seat from the sixteenth Penn Luvania District was adopted. Financial. Or. Wood offered a formal amendment and in his ref tvs criticized the state menu of Dawes a few Days since As to the receipts and i edit Nara of the government for tha coming fiscal year. He presented a tabular statement of the actual receipts from All sources for the first eight months of the present fiscal year ended on the 1st of March 1872. This includes the receipts from duties internal Revenue and miscellany Ous sources and amounts the $260,509,888, which together with the balance at the same rates would make the total for the present fiscal year of 5375,764,832. Against this expenditure As estimated by the Secretary of the Treasury for the fiscal year ending 30, june 1873, would be $301,705.036. This estimate included Over $28,000,000 on account of the sinking fund the payment the interest on the Mowie debt included about .�00,000 More t air Congress would vote for improvement in Rivers and harbours. It would thus be sea that there would be a surplus of Over$82,000,000. If $25,000,000 of this should be Aid towards the liquidation of the principal of the Public debt it would leave $57,000,000 to to be re duo from taxation. He proposed that this should be taken off the duties on i in manufactures of Iron Tea Coffee Sal Coal and woolens and also from Antonai taxation by an income tax and oth similar sources of irame. He also Avi adverted on the policy of the Secretary in having so Large a balance of Ich now amounted to foreign. Reported in chem of the sorg eats in Mexico. The insanity of lady Mordaunt pronounced incurable. Loksik March 12.�?a Telegram from suite annoy need that several cases of cholera have occurred among the forces of general Bourchier. Wednesday noon. March 13th, for the trading of the court House Square. Specifications can be seen at the auditor s office. By order of the Board of commission is of Allen county Indiana. H. J. Rudisill search 7,1872. Auditor. Ism Hinel and Sta att Tuung please 0019. Notice 1�?iolreney, a t the pm Brumby teb a the court of common Pisas of Allen county the a state of goo co w. Shell deceased was de glued probably insolvent. Condit that the Samo will be Aero amusements. One Isth , the to Biteler. Celebrated Auther and Brilliant journalist Avil Octura thursday eve a March w subjectthe6reat North West no one should miss the great literary entertainment. Brt goods. The first in the Field with new Spring goods. A ted agents Abe Mak a a Jim a Quot a �125 to s600 per Donth for the for. Wayne 1/1?� factory a Man to run Siig. Turning lathe plainer and other machinery. Constant employment to the right Man. . A admission 50c. No extra charge for referred opera. Reichb Kjay s s. 1873. Lugenia 8hxu4 . Anat Fox at t. Ellasor 4 n oath Otice is hereby Given to. The aaa Eal aide Ting of the Stoe Khol the Cine Nayati Richmond amp mrose of Elee Tinc eleven directors for Laid i pan fur the ensuing year an Quot Quot other business As Bui coi maid Toa. Yolk March 12.�?a Matamoras ditch reporto the recapture of Zacate Aav Zanello a Itagia with to. Toom from in Arica and a Coli Mand of Sanchez and Choa. It is rumoured. That Trevino was Defeated and Wona ded Aad that Martines Naranja and Adna vere taken Pri Alaers Long the Artu Leiy and ammunition. Panales gov Emir of Tamao Upas has ordered quiz to leave the state or he will compel him. Use Wadi eaten a Soesa for the revolution Uta. Ramoa Peru March 12.�?it is stated that the government is negotiating with the government at Berlin with a View to Antici the full payment of the War in nity thereby securing a Complete evacuation of France by the germans. Loi Icli March 12.�?a dii Patch from Paris says that % number of prominent in asians Are negotiating with the polish refugees there for their return to their native country. The negotiations look to a reconciliation Between the Ciar and the disaffected poles general amnesty and the appointment of the grand Duke Alexis to be Viceroy of Poland. Pabis March 12.�?the delegates from Metz who have been in attendance on the commissioners on military capitalization in a letter to the rep i Frame aide announce that the commission has concluded to take in testimony in red to the surrender of Metz and that the evidence is strongly against marshal Bazaine. The Assembly to Day was engaged in discussing the minutes of yesterday. Sitting Deputy Victor sch Slicher declared that the vote to pass to the order of the Day was adopted yesterday under circumstances which rendered it null and void. I paty Brisson accused Viotet president pro Tern yesterday of Gross irregularities. Caba. Havasta March 12.�?the seut Euce of death which was pronounced on Dollinger member of the cuban Chambers was commuted by Cap Tun general Maseda to for life. Quot fhe Bussian Fleet will probably leave Havana on wednesday. Felt Norland. Bebee March 12.�?the Federal Council has sent a secret agent to Canton of Ticino on the Piedmont Frontier to watch the movements of the italian revolutionists who Are reported to be very Active jest now. Great Britain. London March 12.�?lady Mordaunt is pronounced by medi Ltd a authority incurably insane and the petition of sir Charles her husband has been dismissed. Fur the ensuing year and Foi the ugh other business As mag be them. The books for the tms-1 be closed March 29. Aad Jerill by of Broa iat before Zerof Stockwill so remain until after the election. Of the Board of c. C. Bink Lusyl riehmond.feb.26.1872. Seer. Stoc Bomers Meens. Tvr Otice is hereby Given i 1 there will be a meeting of the Stone homers of the citizen s Street Railroad Compaq the Cost House in the eito of fort lad., on the Ltd Day of March 11. O clock p. M., to me upon a propos Iti Issue Bonds secured by mortgage Nipoa property and f Anchises of the Tompai raise mgt it Ney for the completion and Eaic of the Road and the payment of debt Aaita transact such other business As the int of the company May require. ,. By Ordorff the Boa Dot 6. Burs Ley secret Al. Co partnership film of Foster a bothers fort Way a. Indiana expires this Day new co partnership. Referring to the above we would say that the business will be Conti used at our old stand As heretofore under the Arm name of Foster Brothers 4 co. Jno. O. Foster. Scott so St by. Rob t w. Murphy. Fort Wayne. March 1.1871._ b or utri a Blank books envelopes Legal Gap fools Cap letter paper note paper Faber Lead pencils american Lead pencils Sut Derb of Era. Two ojl3dis, will by performed in full costume and Scenie effect at Hamilton s Hall Friday evening March 15th. Mrs. J. C. Williams Soprano. Or. H. C. Hahnn Tenor. A. A Gleason baritone. Or. A s. Cooper Basto. Miss Ella Hamilton pianist Condo. C. Or Irir amp co., have for the last ten Days been receiving their Stock of new goods for the Spring Trade and Are now Able to show the largest Stock of goods Ever brought to fort Stock of 600ss and shawls is the largest Ever dii Hajredin the City and co Prumm Al uts Peterj Ruklas that 1� Aew and desirable and we invite a to Gate oar stoic an Exiaa in Atlon before Benj Rinc Belr purchases. Ackard Quot superintendent. situation clerk in a grocery wish to learn the business. As grocery or general store. Address Biz kits office. Santeix the National tap ital life insurance co. Oftas Hickton exc. Chartered by spec Al act of . Re de Sirous it of securing Good ave Mea of charac ter to act As agent in every county in la i Ana. With Good men Liberal array cements will to made. A a address Western n. C. Life ins. Co. Box 1182, Columbus. 0. Boa Boino. A t the and Ebson Rihou be. 24 West Berry St. A rib is convenient boar dog House squares from the pot office. House. Pleasant and Nenda Hisiu inquire at the for Salb. To 123, Columbia St. Will sell on favourable terms. A. A Beaver. Complete soda Fountain in splendid run Nice order for Sale cheap. Inquire of . App cite court House. A or Sale House and lot in x East end at bargain and on reasonable rms inquire at a. S. Evans amp co. For Sale. Globe jobbing press. Has Boon used but Little and is in Good order. Amt to of Rex. A quake a medium a apply at r Sale at a bargain. A Choice building lot on the Corner of Ewing and Wayne its. Said lot is sorrow add wits Fine Shade Trees and Brick Side in together with some Choice fruit and shrubbery. It is a desirable int for a p irate reside co. A Iso. Six lots on Chicago it. And fair fled Avo. Opposite the Wabash shops. A andr soyt f b Sale on reasonable terms forty feet of it Quad on South Side of Public Square. Front inroad i ourt St. And 37 acres of land on the St. Joseph and so. Mary s Rivers fronting on the Road Isa Ding to Rudisill s Mill. For particulars apply to b. S. Thom nor of Olerick. H. Scott March 7th. Three Story centrally located Al it min so Reserve Ion. .-80e. S fancy too do our Stock of fancy goods such As Trimm Wiigs fringes Rof flings tack trimmings quadruple trimmings. Cambric Huting muted Ruffin Ancy fillings plated Trinkun Ings Star frills it combination frills Shamrock frills Etc., is As near Complete As possible. Served seats.7e. A Sale of tickets will commence tuesday morning March filth at c. L. Hill s music store at 9 o clock a. Ins Urasoe. Copying presses Eta siem booksellers a station webs. Re thu Mem it. 8iem0k amp Bro. Havo the pm Emory to a a ounce that they have greatly enlarged their Stock of us Itonery and offer for Sale at reduced rates. A Man tion or a be tale Ito Cik paid or the police. Chicago March 12.�?george Miller the police in the second precinct which comprises the Western half of the City has resigned. Superintendent Kennedy recommends sergeant Chas. H. French As his successor. Imus Bucat Asai sent a As Llusia a fam. Punj. Bonoso March 12.�?the grand jury has found an indictment against the Eastern Railroad corporation for the death in Ai Aat last of win. H. Martin one of the tic Tima of the great calamity at bet Ere. Cash on hand which Over $174,000,000. Or. Dawes replied to Wood and said that the latter had not controverted in a single item what he Dawes had stated As to the expenditures of the government. The gentleman had improved on the gen Lenan from Pennsylvania Kelly by More than 8100,000,000 in his estimate of tie Revenue but he asked the House to consider whether it was i a calf Wise to go on in the extravagant expenditures with no o her re sources to meet them than an expected inches a in the Revenue. A proposition by or. Strong to prevent any printing whatever on government a famed envelopes was discuss and rejected. Or Conger from the committee on Commerce offerm an amendment increasing the subsidy for mail service to chins to$lj000,000ricotided, that the service shoud be Semi monthly and in ships of american construction. Messes Sargeant Brooks Garfield Dawes a d Kelly a Rod and Wood Kerr Butler May. Holman opposed the amendment. Without disposing of the amendment the committee Rose House adjourned. Italy a March Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia while in to is City recently asserted his claims to the candidature for the throne of Spain. Spica. Madrid March 12.�?the Galeeta publishes a decree authorizing Ortega to Lay a direct Telegraph Cable Between Spain and England. B sex a Naberan Finlater co Malta a ale de. St. Loss March 12.�?a German music teacher named Christian Fribolin living in Mascoutah ills., a Short distance from Belleville suicide Satu Nlay by blowing the entire upper part of his face and head away with a pistol. Fribolin was charged last october with an attempt to commit rape on a child twelve years old and was indicted by the grand Jory and admitted some Days ago his Bondsman notified the sheriff that he desired to be released from his Bond and saturday the sheriff went to Fribolin to convey him to jail. When the sheriff announced the object of his visit Fribolin went up stairs and committed the deed. He was a Man 55 years old and said to have formerly been a lutheran minister. De�trn�ttv4 Rire. Special to Theoa Sette shame vote ba., March 12.�?the dry goods store of p. Beil amp son Kinght fire a it 9 o clock Fruto the explosion of a kerosene lamp and destroyed about two thirds of the goods. The loss is about ,000 fully insured in the North american of Philadelphia a. �?�8 Colombia Street. Stogo Ligg s Boot store fort Wayne Lud. Keil Bros 70bbebs and Albai Isis in books amp stationery Are ave Sta for one of the print id and Blank Book hone in the United states. Pmntin8 and Blank Book land amp insurance. Wjk. H. Votary in bile Liand. Inaura Ance. Tax paying and collect ing agent. Represents the in lowing old and reliable con a panics. Etna life insurance company of Hartford conn., capital 1115,000,000. Queen fire insurance company of Liverpool it London. Capital #10,000,000. Office Boom 29, Over Fost of Floe _ tort vatne ind. Comm a Elf Etc Hawist Detroit room 8. And a. Botsford. Commission merchants Ako dealers in flour. Brain seeds i>re8md hoes be. Liberal Cash advances on Oon Simmens. New York Eie hang remitted at Par. Refer to City Banks. We. Bice a nov Oso Sal gom Missioni merchants no. 23 so eth wat1r-8t., Phila. Floor Grain seeds whiskies and provisions h. J. Hats pc co., produce commission merchants Roa the p1trchase and Sau 9w Aba lbs or Salt fish. Pork beef. Water Lime. Land Piaster. See. Office and wareh0usb.82watr-s1 Toledo o. Crabbs a Soozi it co., successors to j. D. Cook a co. Commission merchants for the Purchase Sale or shipment of or a feed Sells and produce. No. 1 Board of Trade Toledo 0. Pianos. Is. A Oil rim Imam me to log on a he to in area interest. Richmond va., March 12.�?a mass meeting of coloured employees in the tobacco factories adopted a Resolution deprecating the tardiness of Congress in disposing of the tobacco tax and asking that this question on which the sustenance of so Many people depends be at once acted on. Work or All kinds promptly and care tally executed. We make a spec laity of Bank and county Blank Book work of Printine a kinds of envelope a letter and. Sill he did. To p int Enre Jopes for Foo a thousand All other printing a Quiriy As Low., parties a a Antins anything in our line can save Mon by Call 3 ot8toh� blood oath our by. Offs musical warehouse. First class pianos. The a Steck a . The Raven a first class. The Decker a undid looted. These instruments Are Well known to the Public thoroughly made and offered at Tery Low pric Eik organs in Elodeous guitars Etc Are also sold Here for Little Money. Call examine prices and Stock and Yon will Purchase at h. Orff s musical warehouse barret., Between main Diber rests to or rent. A Ujj Brick building. Centrally Calhnan-St., near the court Honse can he leased for a number of years on favo Rabl terms. An excellent the for a manufactory. Apply at Enoe at the am Era once. A Buber Oards. xxx Tomey at Law Aad Noury Public. Office on main-St., Over Davis s Hahn air Stor. Cel Seebons pro Macy Asfaw pm to f Praia . Davis Deal j-1. Or in a Dware ves oils. Paints a implement cutlery and House held in material. Aug boys and Sella sex anime on new York. Opposite the court Hose. Main St. Wat�sr100 cards. Attorneys at Law and notarial . Verloo. Do Kalb Donn to Indiana Koola car2>. A to Toneys tiow a. 4 Morrow attorneys at Law and col Leet inc Agency Angola ind. Ii. U. Srock a. J. E. Moa Aow . Bus mass cards. Pampa Glocy h. F. Wii Sok Comer of Calhonn and main its. Wye. Milian domestics domestics domestics ? f f All the Rosalar Babi Impf Kiwi Ehud Aad by we miss Las and All other dome tim at prices that pm nut fail but be sat Hetero. N. B. Particular attention asked to our Stock of Spring shawls and dress goods which we know is the largest and handsomest Ever seen in port Reid Watne it Raham a Gotshall Pattok v Bey Shatlaw. Real Este and insurance 11 a _ main St Over the auction Roo i jew atom. Ind. Ja8.e. Gaia. V. B. Gotshall fort we a a ind. A a . �0t3halu. It Stise of the in bile. He. Bossler notary Public a real estate and general insurance nto. Obice no. 4. Over Hamilton s Bank. Fort Wayne in Diann. Will Jive prompt at Taat Iun to Boykins and Selling real Sutu pay a takes and a eneral cd. Hillegas attorney and. Counseller at Law will give prompt attention to All business enem Stokl to his Faro usually transacted by the profession. 0�bco aver merchant s National Bank. Corny Rol main and Calhoun St. Fort Wayne. Indiana. Bim Niess houses. Scheffer amp co. No. 7 East Jain a St to it opposite the court House Gencur Al auction and commission merchants. And Vanees made on Consi Armant. Plow Weka Waring amp Nelson manufacturers of past steel and Goi oration. Plows. Double single Sawvel plot Road Sora Peh eto., our facilities for ail the above goods Are of surpassed. Surrounded by the bestir trite Oak Timber a the world a Are enabled to a sea Quality of Timber in our work much Superior to that used by my St other plow Mannke twers. Ere Are Many Point of Merit about on plows Aad Partie Tarly or new combination plow that can Only be fully appreciated in a personal exam Aatila. Tbsp store we cordially invite a very Larmer and All persons interested a fan aint and Tela Tesfa mints to fall and examine them and Fram All implement dealers acquainted Witk oar Oais we solicit your Sample order confident that we eat show Yon better Low for the Moa than can be found in any other Western Market their me Ritter Quality and swish Hamamet with deserved Reeo coition wherever int minced and this combined with to Nodenua prices rte attend them to the careful examination of those wanting a first class 4 works Southwest Corner main St. And Nia Ioen Une. Fort Quot Wayne Indiana. Railroads. Six a pm Baltimore amp Ohio r. R. The great Short line from Cincinnati or Columbus est saving 87 to 110 Miles and arriving Oso Tkai in Advance at saw York. Saving 59 Miles and arriving 6 4 hours in Advance at timbre. Saving t7 Miles and arriving hours in Advance at Wash veto a. Read Bitoff one train the quickest. Tabib save a. Halford Leicestershire table sauce the Best sauce and Belish hade a any put of Tom world por family use. Potsic ians or. S. On rte be. Onice at wag Ner ii drug store at All hours. Reridence 152 West Washington t. J. Dols is d. Office with or. Woodwo the. Over Wagner s drag store. Or. Woodworth s office hours from u to 12 a. A and from 2 to 4 p. Thegreatmon railway Bridges bleeping i ars to run on this route from Cin Cincinnati or Columbus to Baltimore and Washington City. Without change. By this route you avoid All omnibus or is frs and ferries. Tickets for Sale at a ticket offices in the South and l. Is. Volk. J. 1-wtm�, Gea l ticket agent mss ter Baltimore. . Bal More my. Sidsky b. Jokes Gea l pass. Agent Cincinnati. Ohio. For the ladies Only the most pleas a article Ever introduced of the kind. It will please you. Paru Culan will be sent free. Samples for 10 cents. Address the a a. 0. R. Co., it Wayne lad. Hotels. Dagan Case amp co., Chicago. N u chamber of Commeree. Cash Adan eed on consignments to our correspondents i new York. But Al and Oswego. Ropert ton at and Gold on margins. Orders Solicito for the Purchase of flour Grain of All kinds and provisions. J. S. Cask c. A. Sobs. Chicago. Jas. P. Dugan. Delphi. Ind. Phyall tech to. I. N. Thacker office Cor a ber of Calhoun and Berry its. Resi Gaea. Aveline Housa. Fort Wayne. Sci ens. . Wayne Lodge. No. 25, f. 4 a. a meets every tuesday evening at Yasonia Hau. Stated communication on or before tha Fuu of the Moon. B. Pierce. W. J. Freeman . J. R. Wheeler j. W. J. W. Wilson treas. Phu. R. Omad. Sec a. Summit City Lodge no. 170, f. Amp to a. M., meets every Friday evening at masonic Hall Northwest Corner of Calhoun and berets to. Regular on the first Friday evening of each month. W. A babe Oak. A. A c. L. Thomas 8, a vim. Knight. J. W. Israel Leo. Treasurer . Risk. vol. D. Bayless Lodge no. 359 to p. It a. M., meets at masonic Hall Over. Monday evening. Regular communicate. See Oad Moi Day of each month. J. I. White . Geo. . W. C. L. Smith a. Is it. C. Fisher. Treas. 0. D. Crane see y. Grove. 8. D. A. R. Mccurdy Robert w. Turphy and w. Al. Davi stewards a. Waring. J. D. Bond Aad a s Smith trusts a. Julia id. A Wei pc o Cir Tuu Cmaj . Stated communications Eia. The first tuesday month Daniel Gibson . James k. Graham s. W. R. S. Robertson j. A Samuel thanhouser . Lil lie. Or. Sec y. R. S. Robertson a. H. Brooks and John b. Morgan fort Wayne chapter no. To r. A. A. Meets at Mas Opio Hall every wednesday evening. Stated convocation first Wayne adv a each month. A h. Hamilton. E. H. P. Geo. D. Frane Sec y. Wayne Council no. J4, r. Amp s. W m., meets la stated see Ond wednesday of Eek month 7 o clo p. S. H. Soaff. T. I. G. Ferd f. Bolu Sec s. Thu. R. A Nodi a "8t Gordon Quot Griea Tias. _ a Summit Encampment. No. 14, Omleto the first and thai Fri i of a in it month. We. Berry c pm. Turner h. So def b. H. Marrison. H. Henderson. S. P. J. Vvs p. E. Rise t. W Taylor horse Saginaw City Mich. L. H. Hopkins proprietor. This hotel is one of the i est structures of the kind in the state and t is the aim of the proprietor to make it i at Stasa in every aspect. It is a a vested within two blocks of the a. L. 4 s. Railroad depot and Street cars for Bast s Gina leave the House every t Venty minutes also Suges leave for the Gre get magnetic Spring and by. Louis leaving and arriving at the House a Aily. Especial attention will be paid to the want of invalids. _ o. V. A. N. Eca Teljii Council no. 4, meets every thursday evening at the half Comer Berr Lin r Quot 0 treas. Woodworth. A a. Read. Estate amp coup i. Sol. E Wjk at fault Ert. W. S. Wood dealer in i poliing picture frames Elx cravings and chromes in Cal Heup St. Asar Jeffer Saa. Real estate and code gains Al g e i of office on Clinton Between Wayne and Wash Aaton us. Sixour flour and feed always kept on hand at bomb Obs amp Iaillery s third do r South of Berry St on3�rr. Do Sot forget
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