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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - March 11, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana New York. Tweed making preparations to flee the country. What Dudley reads Calls attorney general Barlow. I. _ sex of of Cash boys. 12 to u year of a a. ? a Uta Foster w Colombia it. Bid vol. . 268. Fort Wayne Indiana. Monday morning March 11, 1872. Price five cents. Wayne to re factory a Man to in saws Turing lathe plainer and other machine constant employment to then it it Man another brutal murder. Or another tammany voucher Man to turn Staw evidence. A Man of Staty Yean old him Lerey by Skrec pc re a a her Shelby City Kentucky. Foreign. State Legislatures. The viol Rel Liolu it Nasion we St. Peter Ever Bemer per Man at Utica Oon of libel on a judge. V gab ii s te8tim0sy. New Yoek March 9.�?the celebrated court plasterer Garvey when not one witness stand keeps himself seconded. He has been served with a complaint in the snit brought by the Board of supervisors against the big which was insulated in Altama last Abrat the time or. O Conor s Muto for the be Covey of the City s moneys beg. A $2,000,000 baht. The buit Ima toted some time ago by b. Calvin against secretory Boutwell on a claim of >s000, 00, for the financial ache Mei Haa Bei Noi oved from the state courts. Tweed Ost Tiko beat to the a my says sex Beai Tweed is now and has Bera for the last three months rending in new Jeimy within m hour s ride of the City. Unreliable imports Are in circa icon founded on the net of Tweed s private office being advertised to let that tee Boss is hiding and am flee the Eoa try. It w suited that Natvey testify to being the receiver of some $20.000 for plastering the metropolitan hotel. Liis win be nude against Tweed and the Tam Louisville March 9.�?early yesterday morning three negroes broke in the House of an old Man of eighty win a a pc Neill near Shelby City and brutally murdered him splitting his head own with an Axil and stabbing him in several places. The purpose undoubtedly was robbery As a Large amount of Money was in the How the villains were frightened away by the screams of the wife of the murdered Man. Great excitement followed immediately after the crime became known a search for the murderers was promptly organized and two were arrested in the evening and lodged in jail in Danville. They had the Marks of the victim s blood on their hands and clothing and a bloody knife which corresponded with the wounds on the body. Last night there was current a report of the intention to take the negroes oat of jail and Lynch them. A number of negro hands in Danville armed and paraded the streets de hiring they would shoot any one who attempted to Lynch the murderers were willing they should have a fair trial and Hung if guilty. The greater exd tement prevails in the town Ana Vicinity. One of the negroes arrested named Bob Isaacs has been identified by the wife of the Margered Man. Great mass meeting at Quebec the annexation policy. New Turk. Albany March 9.�?in the Assembly this morning a communication was received from the Union Pacific railway company enclosing plans which were adopted for investigation of facts in relation to the Jourdon proceedings against company the late James Fisk and one Polk oblige the company to remove from new York to Boston. The revolution in Mexico defeat of the insurgents. Preparations being hade for a revolutionary invasion of Italy. Washington. Will be nude against Many ring. Garve it seems put that Job into the club Ygea against the City on arrangement no Acciai. New Yolk March Bank state ment deposits have. Day re eed $79,800. Loans have decreased #37,7901 a tuders have been increased to $590,500. Siena at on has decreased $43,400. The cab Hook inc Deb. The counsel of Foster the car Hook murderer applied to Day for a stay proceeding. The decision is reserved. The a Slation committee investigating into the quarantine affairs to Day Beard con Nde Rable testimony relating the facts that the Bills Adlle Eccli wire song acted to a committee of for the Benefit of the of Iesals. Obi atty. Or. Elisha Baker the oldest dentist in in the country died to Day. John e. Lawrence one of the oldest Carriage merchants died last evening. Bed non of Gas. The Gaa company to Day lower the Price of Gas reducing the expenditures of the Day thereof in an amount of about $10000 a year. V Ibe Pelias pm interests. A Large meeting of the merch Ahta and refiners was held today to consider the proposal of the Southern improvement company to out the Oil refineries of this City. The proceedings were private. A report wat admitted on the plan of a permanent organization. At a meeting of the Petroleum refiners to Day a committee was appointed to proceed to the Oil regions on monday night to consult with reference to the proposed monopoly of the Southern improvement company. After the meeting at the request of South improvement company the parties met for an interchange of views. The company adhered to its former proposition and consented to have new York represented by one member in the Board of directors. The new York refiners refused to Quot accept the Teras and they feel,.a8�nr�d that by standing firm and acting in concert with the a ret they by to the intentions of the company. Small Fox. Nine cases of Small pox yesterday and Twenty four cases during the week. Vaccination is increasing. Had Wosoba. David Dudley Field is reported by a Telegram to a newspaper to have denounced attorney general Barlow As a Mali Dous and stupid scoundrel yesterday in his testimony before the judiciary committee. Judge by ssh by. Judge Barnard s Yansel say they show that the new Reform judge gave ref i Noe of one Moth to one individual More than Barnard Ever gave one Mam the whole v or. I a a new ate i 9.-Willie Gool of a a cher tip Moriety is said to be on in return to America and Ian telfered become state s evidence. It is believed that the Hannibal amp St. Joee at pro sent offer Only a million of the new increase of five millions the same to1ie disposed of next week to the highest bidder in open Market a magnificent bather from few Nana of Keno tars Ireland. Valued at five to aah a i Douay win be pm a a need to the St. Of Misc Mattel Alliance at Cooper Luti Tate on the with inst a the full account Public lha do the recent Rel ions discussion in Kome Between the pm Testant preachers and the Gid lie Al Ergo ode subject of Waist Amer Ever in borne father Gavasci Lido with lie protestants in maintaining the negative. The proceedings Temina fed condition of the National Bank in Nev York and Boston. Pardon of All the French Cut prits in Germany by emperor William. A ser Loas Beton tonary outbreak anticipated in Spain. The Canadian fit Heriet other a Ewe from the capital. K animated debate in the French Assembly Over the he ignation of Ponder que tier. Urto both parties Etc Daiming to hive a Best debate. Seth Waimir Wayne pro Rhetor of the Utica. Jul we yesterday convicted in that City of lib Apon judge Charles h Doolit Deia i trying hint with taking or j to take Money from Milton apron for refusing to put Over the trial of fits. If Ccarty Oier indictment in a Marde Janig sat faced to four a months k Albahri Penith Tiai. Mrs h. 3fadden to Day recovered five thousand dollars from the Suten Island ferry company for the doth of her Hus fid i i Sidon Lart june tie Mumn who 8h�t Hiya air Aad Wilfo. Of Louis March 9.�?chars. H. Bark Lin who shot himself last night after shooting his wife still lives and his Ca present a scene of rather strange peculiarities. His wound has been proved to the depth of about seven inches and it is believed that the Ball has reached the Back part of the Skull. He is not Only sensible says he Felt . He was taken to the City Hospital this afternoon and when the officer went to the House to remove him he arose from the bed dressed himself and walked to the Aoi balance exhibiting no signs of physical weakness or unusual mental excitement. Mrs. Bark Lin is quite Low and the extent of her wounds have not yet a ascertained the physician deeming it unwise to aggravate them by probing. The great at St. Loais. St. Louis March 8.�?the buildings to be erected to accommodate the National seen Gervest to be held next june have a frontofl5afeet. The ground Zipor seat 11,664 sons and the galleries on three sides Saccom Iodate 3,400 More the stage seat 1,200 singers and 125 musicians and beneath it be a re few Ament room 150 by 50 feet also there be spacious reception and committee rooms and every convenience that can be denied. The ceiling be arched and it Scooter 67 feet High. Acme Moble. Chicago March 9.�?col. Wood of the Globe theater has compromised his suit against the agents of Wachtel receiving Noo my Damassa. The natio Xai. Banks. Wash Agtos March 9.�?out of forty eight National Banks in Boston Nineteen Are def ident of their Reserve. Of the fifty one new York Banks Twenty four Are deficient of their Reserve. Ltd air offices. Instructions to general Howard As special Indian commissioner state that apprehensions exist that hostilities May be Tco ewed Between the Indiana and the Mili a Twy author tip i whereby the poli it or inaugurated May be Defeated. To invent this general Owaid is about it coir Quot a to Arizona acid new Mexico to take action As May be deemed Best for the preservation of peace. Howard is requested to consider the propriety of inducing the nomadic tribes of Arizona to unite and accept a use ration farther East in the territory of new Mexico where they May be readily reached by the efforts of the government and by philanthropic Dpi Zens. The can Addax fish beg. W asm Rotow. Match 9.�?llic see nth by of the Treasury directs the Colic ton of customs to notify the fishermen on the lines of the British american pos wons that the provision of the treaty with great Britain proclaimed on july 1871, relating to the fisheries not go into effect until the Laws required to Cany them into operation have been aed Congress by great Britain and Caida and tiie leg tire. Of Prince Ward Island and to warn them that their Bustness must be joined on the subject to the restrictions existing at the time of the ratification of the treaty. The Secretary states that there is reason to apprehend that the Canadian ant Horitia equip armed vessels to protect their in Shore fisheries during the season of 1872. Weather be poet. The barometer continues rising during to night and on monday from Northwest to the Eastern Gulf and eastward to Atlantic northwesterly to northwesterly winds and with Clearing and Clear weather the winds very greatly increasing to Busk and probably approaching. High northwesterly winds prevail to night from Chesapeake Bay Northeast Over Maine. The barometer probably fall Over the Western Gulf stale with southerly to Easterly winds. Chief jul snob k a a. Chief Justice Mckean of Utah is still in Washington on business connected with the judiciary of that territory and has had several interviews with the president and attorney general Williams. There is no probability whatever that the suits already commenced and pending be abandoned. A measure soon be introduced in Congress supplying the necessary pecuniary Means to meet the expenses of the prosecution. Steamships. The Senate sub committee on Commerce has finally agreed on a Bill first allowing material for the construction of steamships a Section or otherwise to be enter Iree of duty and allowing a drawback second ship supplies and Coal to be withdrawn irom Bond duty free third american vessels to estered in foreign countries be allowed to Register As american vessels within two years fourth steamships of foreign build of not less than one thousand tons May be purchased and be entitled to american registry fifth in Case of War All said ships May be Oira in Marine service by the government of appraisement. Another body a and in m Box whee Uno w. Va., March 9.�?quite an excitement was created at the amp Ltd More and Ohio depot this City this evening by the discovery that a Box ship from Ancin Nati to Thornton West Vir inia said to contain books contained the Ody of a human being. The head Lega tame hands etc., were completely severed from the body. The head is shaved it is believed to be a female body. The discovery was made by a portion of the lid being knocked off in the Transfer when a piece of the mutilated body dropped out. A a a a 9lmiitr in fire. Norfolk va., March 10.�?the Monitor Mahopac lying at the Dock of the Navy Yard took fire this morning in the wooden deck from a Galley pipe. Considerable difficulty was experienced in getting at the fire which was not extinguished until considerable of the Iron plating of the deck had been removed. She had been ordered out of commission and was to be taken today to the dry Dock in a few Days to have her Turret and deck removed. The damage is not considered serious. Meeting of be Oil pro dancers at to to Vuie. A. New Yoke March 9.�?a dispatch from Titusville pa., states that at the last meeting of the Oil producers yesterday it was adopted that the plans which have been perfected by a select committee which result in entirely withholding every barrel of Oil from going to the Southern improvement company and measures Are about to be taken whereby All oils intended for foreign Export be sent via Lake Erie canal Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River to the Ocean also by Way of Pitt Bargh 4o the Gulf of Mexico. A a another 3i�xl�an ont rag a. New Yoke March 9.�?a dispatch from Brownsville Texas says that on monday a party of armed men supposed to be Retinas crossed the River at Santa Maria s Ranche 35 Miles from there and captured All the residents including two custom inspectors. They held them prisoners until thousands of cattle were stolen and crossed Over. They then released the prisoners and crossed Over to the other Side. Fra act. Paris March 9.�?the Assembly committee on re organization of the army resolved to Dis Reg the suggestions of gen. Cassey minister of War. An unfounded report is in circulation that the French government demanded who was Hunting information in the sales of arms by the United states during the late War. A the German charge d affairs of this City has informed count de Remusat Minuter of foreign Ai amp irs of the Pardon by emperor William of All the French culprits now confined in Germany. The says that you Sippe Mazzini at Tyrol making preparations for a revolutionary invasion of Italy. The tribunal which has been sitting at Versailles on canes of parties charged with firing with the intent of destroying the Church of St. Louis Paris during the commune found two of the parties guilty. One has been sentenced to be executed the other to penal servitude for life. Congratulatory dispatches have been exchanged Between Thiers and the Gover of the Island of Guadaloupe upon the completion of telegraphic communication Between France and the Island. In the National Assembly to Day Deputy Guarani questioned the government on the resignation of Pony for que tier from the ministry of finance. Guarani made a violent a ult on Thiers who he said prevented the Success Fol foundation of either a Republic or a monarchy and nothing remained for the country an Empire and chaos Ponder que tier defended d Lamotte for testifying in whose defense he had been compelled to withdraw from the ministry. He said that d Lamotte who. Was charged with appropriating the funds contributed for the Relief of tee French and Isren while he was prefect of the department of Eure was guilty of irregularities not of embezzlement. Casemir Premier late minister of Interior Bdie Ved the prosecution of d Lamotte was necessary for the Benefit of the Public morality. Gam Betta also participated in the debate. In the course of his remarks he defended the government of the National defence. The Assembly finally after a most animated debate passed to the order of the Day. Strong efforts Are making to reconcile the differences Between Thiers and the commune in the Assembly on the Bill for the control of the press. The commune is willing to retain in the Bill the Declara tory references to decrees by which the present government was established if the Prefi ident guarantee that part of Bordeaux shall be maintained. The condition of the National Treasury even after paying a fourth half Milliard of indemnity is satisfactory. The minister of finance is enabled to report a balance of 450,000,000 francs on hand. Ohio. Coi Umbus March 9.�?in the Senate the House Bill allowing the admission of partners into firms without the change of firm name was passed. In the House a Bill was passed authorizing township trustees on a vote of the people to Purchase a Hearse and build a receptacle for the dead was passed. A Bill was introduced to forbid placing Poison outside of buildings for the purpose of poisoning game or wild animals. I hardware store. Brandriff amp Roberts nos. 58. 59 amp 60columbia-St fort Wayne Indiana. Ave arc offering special inducements to Cash buyers. Our Stock is extensive and Complete in every department and All Bon Cut for Cash and Ruar Rantee lower prices to hmm any other House in the West. Call and get Tho most for your Money. To naive a few articles out of our immense Stock. Shelf hardware. 500 Doz. Assorted door locks. 50 Gross table cutlery. 50 Quot assorted spoons. 50 Doz. Pocket knives. 75 50 25 20 the Centennial Small pox. Philadelphia March 9.�?the Cei iten dial commission hold a second session in this Day on the 22d of May. To new cases of Small pox have Bee reported since March 4. Philadelphia March 9.�?one Huu dred and eighteen deaths from Small pox during the past week. Great fire at Lincoln. Ills. St. Louis March 10.�?the Democrat special from Springfield ills., says a fire at Lincoln ills., on thursday night destroyed thu by s jewelry store. Brewer s Hall occupied on the lower floor by and Hower s Brick Block. The loss is estimated from $50,000 to $75,000. A potted at fear Seranton. New York March 9.�?a Scranton a Lial says the Public schools of Hyde Bellevue and Pittsburgh have Len closed on account of what is called Black of spotted fever. A 30 dry . Neeld amp co., Ora at Britain. Lok Doir March 9.�?the report of the Chicago belief committee shows that the sums contributed Throo boat England have reached a total of �162,000. The Steamer Algeria has arrived out. Lok Dok March 9.�?ives Scuder Mere director of the postal Telegraph system admits in a letter that he purposely delayed 4he dispatches touching the recent strike of operators for the purpose of protecting the Public and preventing a spread in insubordination. The observer states that Secretary fish s reply to lord Grandville a note concerning the claim for indirect damages has been received and it expresses the desire of the american government for a final Luid amicable settlement of the whole question. A Aada. New you March 9.�?a Quebec dispatch states that at amass meeting of the National party on thursday the administration of Canadian affairs was strongly advocated by the speakers present and that they advocated annexation to the a United Sites. The government directed its civil service employees to absent them Selvea from this meeting the objects of which however meet with favor from the general Public. Madison a Market its. We take pleasure in announcing to our friends and Patr is that we Are once again in More commodious quarters for the transaction of our jobbing business. Occupying our new warehouse 201 xi90, six floors which is considerably Moke than double our former locality earner state and Wash-Ingt�n-sti., and arranged through All departments with More studied Effort far co amp Relience Light and adaptability to the wants of business. The Corner store 116x190 from basement up. Is deleted Eiel sively to jobbing. With this increased room we Hare enlarged the stocks and varieties in every Branch of our wholesale business adding besides the largest and most Complete Stock of carpets and upholstery Ever shown West of new York. We would also add that our own importations which Are largely in excess of any former season were in no Way a tempted by the late fire. It has been our aim in re organizing our business that nothing composing or entering into the by it cd of Tho Western 3fo chant whether if goods fancy goods notions carpets and upholstery shall be found wanting in our present location. Our policy of Small profits on each and every article throughout the whole House shall be maintained. It is our Earnest Endeavor to Sewlall goods cheaper than Ever before and to make stocks and prices so attractive As to warrant your continued patronage. We accept this Opportunity to again extend our grateful acknowledgement for Tho substantial sympathy manifested toward us since the great calamity which Over Toek Chicago. It is Only by such cheering As in Rance of Confidence and Good that we Are enabled so speedily to regain our former prestige and to offer for your inspection and. Approval in our new quarters the largest assortment of goods we Hare eve Obi cited. Mill files. Taper files. Hand saws. Wood saws. Mill saws. Cross Cut saws. 100 pairs Trace chair. 100 Quot chains. 1000 Quot strap hinges. 500 Quot screw Hook and Eye hinge. 1000 Quot wrought Butts 1000 Quot cast Butts. 500 Gross screws. I 1000 kegs nails. 150 Doz Auger Biu. 100 Quot augers. 100 set Bench planes. 50 Doz. Ames shovels. 100 pairs Bam door hanging. 20 pieces leather belting. 10 set Carpenter tools. 100 platform Scales. 2 Doz. Counter Scales. 10 Quot chopping axes. 100 plows. Leon. Stove department. 1000 Book stoves Best Quality 500 cast parlor stows beat Quality. 100 Russia Iron stoves Quot Quot 500 Box stoves a Quot 50 hard Coal stoves Quot 100 prior Cook stoves Quot Quot winners Stock 505 boxes tinplate. 200 bundles Sheet Iron 50 bundles wire. 5 cases Sheet Copper. 5 cases Zinc. 20 bundles Russia Iren. 1000 pounds Block tin. 1000 Quot pig Lead. 1000 Quot Copper Pitts. 100 Quot rivets assorted. 100 Doz. Pressed pans assorted. 28 Doz. Tin drip pans. 1000 pieces tinware assorted. Wooden department 300 tons assorted bar Iron English cast steel. American do arc Man steel. English Spring steel. Nail Eod. Mill shafting. 500 set thimble Seine. 500 Quot Long Arm Iron axles. 9200 Quot Ives Short Arm do furnaces. Homes in Colorado. The Fountain Colony at Colorado Spring offers a business lot for 8100, a resident lot for �50, Small farm for $250 Tho larger part of the Money received being invested j irrigating canals Public buildings Bridges roads and Parks. Soil Rich and productive. Extensive mines of Silver and Gold give permanent High prices averaging As follows for acre. Wheat 28 bu., Price 81.50. Oats 35, �1. Barley. 35. $1.50. Potatoes 125, $1. Garden vegetables grow in abundance and bring High prices. There is a Railroad. Hotel do hot air Furnace manufactory no. 67 East Mai ii St. Book stores j. T. Pao Icard. Reuper intendant. Pot. Telegraph office newspaper stores and sixty buildings. One canal ten Miles Long finished another nearly done. Within five Miles to have water Power Coal Timber Lime Stone Brick Clay a flouring Mill the wild Beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery Rich and Healing Mineral Springs. Within 25 Miles there Are ton saw Mills and pasture on which cattle and sheep Are kept Winter and summer without Hay or Grain. Climate mild As Italy and the Healthiest in the world. Asthmatic recover rapidly. Consumptive in the Early stages generally get . Ague and its Kindred diseases arc unknown. Full information sent free. We. E. Pardon Secretary. Colorado up dinars Colorado Ham amp Gutshall. Or. Gbain fort Wayne ind. Cigars. Constructed for Bot i Wood and Coal. Will give a quicker and greater amount of Lieut from a Siven Quantity of Finel than any Furnace East or West. Patented March 14, Istl. Call and see Theof. Cottingham amp co. Attorneys. 3. D. Hillegass. Samuel u. Exch. 1500buggy Springs warranty 600 re a seat Quot 500 a a a a Page bolts Best Quality. 100 tire Quot Quot 1000 set seasoned hubs. 500 kegs horse shoes Best Quality. 100 boxes horse nails Quot Quot Quot 20 Peter Wright s Patent anvils. 10 Blacksmith s Bellows. 100 screw plates assorted. 50 solid Box vices. Soo set cast sled soles. 10,0o0 pounds Cable Clain aborted. 50 kegs nuts and washers. 15 set Blacksmith s tools. 100 tons malleable Irons. 500 seasoned Pine doors. 20,000 Light Sash. 500 boxes window Glass. 10 bbl. Putty. 10 Quot Lin Seid Oil. 500 set Wagon spokes. 50 Bugg seats. 20 sets Sleigh stuff. 20 Quot buggy wheels. Br.4ndrifff a Roberts. _186ewly-2012imported gi6ars.henry Clay Espinola Flor Mayo and every other Brand of Ivo Moriety a Wagner s Wixo Wesalo an Ltd retail Hillegass amp Hench attorneys at Law. Office Over merchant s National Bank. Fort a Yive i or it practice in the state Federal books envelopes Legal Cap fools Cap letter paper note paper Faber Lead pencils american Lead pencils wanted. A a situation As travelling Salesman for either Hadr Ware. Hats i Caps or groceries. Have had ten years of practical experience and can give Good City references. Address. Gay cute office. Wanted the National Cap t t ital life insurance co. . C., chartered by special act of Congress is desirous of securing Good Active men of character to act As agents in every county in Lodi Quot it Good men Liberal arrangements be made. Western superintend it ii. Life ins. Co _ _ ijoxlls2. Columbus. 0copying i esses amp by a Jajo a store Calhoun St. Pianos. Mezio new York March 9.�?a Matamoras dispatch says that the rebels have retired from san Luis Potosi to the Day of Jaca to cafe. It is said that general Bocha with thirteen thousand men is pursuing them and that they have been Defeated in other places. They have evacuated the City of Agua Cali enties their generals Are quarrelling with each other and their commands Are about to be separated. President Juarez has Over two million of Gold in the Treasury. t wait a moment Miti Lyou have visited the Gazette Job booms and examined the Mammoth Stock of envelopes of every size color Quality and Price from the drug Matilla envelope at seventy five cents per thousand to the heaviest Fine and White envelope at five dollars. These Are printed in All styles with Plain or ornamental Type of the most recent make. Our Fine papers Spain. Paris March 9.�?the Ligure in its Issue of to Day says the authorities of Seville Spain anticipate a revolutionary outbreak in this City soon and measures Are being taken to suppress any demonstration that May be made. The i universe asserts that a revolutionary plot was recently discovered in Madrid and that several of the ringleaders in the movement were executed. Inanna new ii a Raim was Cojaiu. Lacrosse wis., March 9.�?the attorney of the Republic insurance company of Chicago b. K. Tenny esq., is Here today. He reports the feeling of stockholders throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota in favor of paying assessments to liquidate the Chicago losses in Fuu. The report favor this. The stockholders in this City have responded with one exception Aniko a Bat email stockholder. Another new Lui Lemd. Buffalo. March 9.�?at a Large meeting of substantial business men held this evening resolutions were adopted declaring that the proposed Road to the Oil regions must and shall be built and recommending that the City be bonded in one million dollars for the purpose. A committee of fity headed by the Mavor of the City was appointed to attend a meet my at to Tidsville pa., on tue Day next to represent Buffalo and carry out the of the citizens. The Rar a a a Trade. Sak Feancisco March 9.�?a company has to formed named the Quot Victoria Quot for killing fur a eals in Alaska outside of the territory controlled by the Alaska fur company. The raw skins Are Worth in London eighty cents to one Dollar a piece under the present combination Only sell for forty cents in Alaska. For the Spring Trade have just arrived and embrace every style Price and Quality of paper. Our new Stock also embraces Bristol Board wedding cards and All that class of papers required in the richest most artistic jobs. Besides this our Job rooms Are completely restocked with papers Fine and coarse for All styles of work. Our prices Are uniformly Low. Satisfaction is warranted in every instance. Pm in lambs. 9 o of o o o of excellent farming amp splendid Michi Ganne urns for Sale co partnership 9iotlce. The firm of Foster Brothers fort Wayne Indiana expires this Day by limitation new co partnership. Referring to the above we would say that the business be Conti used at our old stand As heretofore under the firm name of Foster Brothers 4 co. Jno. G. Foster. Com poster. Rob t w. Murphy. Fort Wayne March 1,1871. On Wale i Are one lion and Luiona of Fine Timber and Inex Bana table in tides of Maple Beebe Elm. Aab Hemlock Oak a. The Grant of lands to the grand rapids amp Indiana Railroad company to baud their Road from fort Wayne indians to traverse Bay and Mackinaw. Michigan comprises in its farming lands every variety of soil from the Rich Clau Loam to the Light Sandy and the it Are found in that Section of Michigan North of the City of grand rapids and cont igans to the great fruit Belt on the Eastern shores of Lake Michigan now timing rapidly developed by Railroad and other enterprises. The Pine i it and Are situated on the Muskegon Manistee. Pere Marquette. White Pine Tamarack. Flat and rage Rivers and lying Twenty Miles on either Side of the surveyed line of said Road and Are in the heart of the Pino Section from which Chicago is so largely supplied. Farm nor Are sold to actual settlers on Candit. One Quarter Down balance in yearly payments interest 7 per cent. Persons desirous of locations for farms , on application at thet i nce grand rapids be furnished with ticket Over a Tinati entitling them to tie Tui no Jorz a in the event of Pur Khasine nov of Tho company s farming land. For information about the lands prices location &c., address we. A. Iiowa.b�, land commissioner till -. Per Rrt. A Rami Kalida. Mir stockholder s 91eetii. Notice is hereby Given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Cincinnati. Richmond amp fort Wayne Railroad company be held at the mayor s office in the City of Richmond Wayne c Lunty Indiana on thursday april 4, 1872, for the purpose of electing eleven directors for said company for the ensuing year and for Tho transaction of such other business As May be pro Oft before them. The books for the trans Fero Stock be closed March 29. And w u so remain until after the election. By order of the Board of c. , Richmond feb. 26.18t2. Sec y. With great care by a new proc the in a select a iii and aromatic each to to Istle flavor and produce Flaton Ngi for a custards jellies creams otc., of rare a to Jav gnat to rata arid infect purity. Amity Artof my it Fry a of Prev nud. To Mccrit each us full measure. Use them once me no Otter. A Moit delicate Quot is err made Sosu rte to Tho cheap extracts. Ask for or. Prico a Specia Kator Tnge. Laau act red Only by famil flour. Mim fam the City Mill is the following brands of floor Octiva m1i.i.�, Choice Whitew heat. E4gi.g Mil is Choice family. A Mera Iid mii.1.9, 3nd the Alm it a a brands give the Best of satisfy Muon and we would advise families and boarding House to order either direct from us or Call for the above brands at on grocery. We also keep constantly on hand Choice bolted Cornmeal Graham and Rye floor and sold at the lowest figures. Grist work done Dally or exchanged. H0a6land. Tresselt amp. Co Orff s musical warehouse. First class pia9�zos. The is Eck a unsurpassed. The Raven a first class. The Quot Decker a undisputed. These instruments Are known to the Public thoroughly made and offered at very Low prices. Oins Melodeon guitars �x., dec Are also sold Here for Little Money. Cell examine prices and Stock and Yon Purchase at h. Orff a musical warehouse barret., Between main a Berry its propose Votice. Sealed proposal be acc tired by Tho Board of commissioners of Allen county until wednesday noon March 13th, for the grading of Tho court House Square. Specifications can be seen at Tho auditor s office. By order of the Board of commissioners of Allen county Indiana. H. J. Rudisill March 7.1s72. Auditor. Sentinel and Slaats Zeitung please copy brass Cocks valves amp a for Oak steam and water. Dealer in wrought Iron pipe steam and was fitting for same. Sheet least Lead pipe. Rubber Hose. Pumps. Hydra use rams Bath tubs. Copped Bong and plumbing material of every description 48 East main St. Part Wayne. Ind. Physicians. Or. S. Curtice. Office at Wagner s drug store at All hours. A Muro Tidence 132 West Washington . J. Dills h. D. Office with or. Woodworth. Over Wagner s drug store. Or. Woodworth s office hours from 11 to 12m a. A and from 2 to 1 p. Suter Mirin Becker amp Bond building contractors and dealers in Bull Ding Stone Marble and Granite Monument. Tombstones mantles grates �kc., main amp Pulton-sts., fort watyu0. Ind. Motle of insolvency. At Quot the february term of the court of common pleas of Allen county Tho estate of George a Shell deceased was declared probably insolvent. Creditors Are therefore notified that the same be settled accordingly. Lugenia m. Shell March s. 1872. Administer matrix. R. S. Robb Btkos atty in5urancb. Land amp insurance. Commissio if merchant Derolf Market from s. And a. Botsford. Commission merchants and dealers in flour Grain seeds dressed hogs sets. Liberal Cash advances on consignments. New York Eie Hange remitted at . Refer to City Banks. We. Bice a co., a Khaskal commission merchants no. 23 South water-St., Phila. Flour Grain seeds provisions h. J. Hates co., produce commission Mercia its for the Puk base axe or flour Grain seeds Wool ashes provisions butter. Eggs dried fruits Beant. Poal try. Dressed bogs in their season the. Dealers in Salt. Fish. Pork. Beef. Water Lime. Land. Piaster. A. Office and warehouse. 82 wat a St Toledo o. B06kilkx, stationers. 77 Colaman St. Siemon a Bro. Have the pleasure to announce that they have greatly enlarged their Stock of stationery and offer for Sale at reduced rate. Boarding. At the a Sersow House tjw a a pleasant and convenient boarding House one and a has key Post office. Inquire at the cars air for Sale or Reni Tore j Columbia St. ill sell on favourable ter d. S. Beaver. Por Complete soda i in splendid running order Fez Sale cheap. Inquire of h. Q. Wagoner a a opposite court House. Keil Bros j of bibs Ain it h Waii Esaus books amp stationery Are agents for one of printing and Blank Book Bouse in the United states. Printing and Blank Book work Orau kinds promptly and care fluid executed. We make a speciality of Bank and Conaty Blank Book work of printing All kinds of slam us Ait Burn cards. A Ttoe a a a or Mir at a Tomey at Law and Noury Public. Oso on main-St., Over Davis s hardware store. Cou actions promptly at tamed to Jerii slopes letter and Bill Pleadis. We print envelopes for 50c a thousand All other printing a anally As Low. Parties wanting anything in our Lino can save Money by calling at 3 Keystone Block Talho Tajii St. Is Colombi Street. It Ridge s Bootie fort in Krnc Imd. sauce. Salford por Sale at a is la Quot Quot Quot a a Quot a Ner of Ewing said lot is surrounded with Fine Shade Trees and Brick sidewalk. To gets with some Choice fruit and shrubbery. It in i desirable lot for a private residence. Also six to or Sale on reason Abb a of ground on South Side of Public Square fronting on court St. And acres of land on the St. Joseph Hadst the Road leading ror Mot. Tor rent a Quot one half of 1 x store newly fitted with shelves counters pc. Inquire at 16. West Berry at. For rent. A three Story Brick building centrally located on Calhoun St. Near the court House can to Lea ted for a number of years on far Orawe terms. An excellent site for a manufactory. Apply at ence at the a Tettke office. Star dark a. L. Davis Deal a or in hardware stoves. Oita paints farming implements cutlery Ani Hogue also buys and Sells a the in Iet oppor Quot tip a court Waterloo cards. Kit a. And notary a . Verloo. Dekalb Donn to. Tadian Quot Angola card. A Orneys at a Morrow. Attorney at Law and col Locthi Agency. Angola ind. H. H. Stocked. I j. K. Moomow. Notary. By Niess card amp paint Agency h. F. Wii so Comer of Calhoun and main its. For Rayne. Iwuh by Ira Ham amp Gotshall actor a Foj a Jim a a insure Ace Blanehard s collect if jux a Bureau. Quot collections made in to a parts of the a Quot no. Text port a tv�., ii Quot Quot a states. Office. B auction roam fort was Rae. Id Jia. E. V. B. Not Small Justice of the peace. Notary Dubue. T h. Bossler Lotary Public general insurance Gento. Office no. 4. Over Hamilton s Bank. Orti Wayne Indiana. Will give prompt attention to buying and Selling real estate by Taien and general business. Leicestershire table sauce the Best sauce and Belish Isdo in Way part of a to world i or use. Machinists. Of a a flip Ynie machine works Crabbs Coode a co., successors to j. D. Cook amp co. Commission merchants for the Purchase Sale or shipment of Grain feed. Seeds and produce. No. 1 Board of Trade. Toledo. 0. Railroads steel rail double track a. H. Bottary Public land inn re Ance. Tax paying and collecting agent. Represents the following old and reliable companies. Jilk life insurance company of Hartford conn., capital �15,000,000. Queen fire insurance company of Liverpool amp London. Capital 10,000,000. Office Koom 29, Oyer Poist office tort wave ind. Baltimore amp Ohio r. R. The great Short line from Cincinnati or Columbus est saving 87 to 110 Miles in Advance at York. J. H. Manufacturer of Savins 5<j Miles and arriving hours in Advance at t h a saving North British amp mercantile insurance co. Bali timbre. 7 Miles and arriving ski hours in Advance at w.4shi �gt03i. Reaching . One train the quickest. Of London amp edihbur8, g. A. Will have intact after deducting Chicago i.08s�s capital $10,000,000 Pire surplus Over 3,000,000 life assets and annuities. $11,000,0001 i of which sl.400,000 is invested in this country and remain intact for the Benefit of Tho fire business of the United states. Hon. Hugh Mcculloch of messes. Jay Cooke. Mcculloch amp co. And Junius s. Morgan. Esq. Successor to Peabody it so co. Are Active directors of this company in London. Up to thursday the 9thinst., Over 600,000. Of his company s losses by Tho late fire had been paid Leo. A. Cut axe the great Iron railway Bridges Over Tho Ohio River to Parkersburg and Bill air arc completed. Morning and Kight lines of Pullman s Palace drawing room and sleeping cars Are run on this route from Cin Cincin amp to or Columbus to Baltimore and Washington City. Without change. By this route you avoid All omnibus transfers and ferries. Tickets for Sale at All ticket offices in the South and West. V. Cole 3. I. Wilson. Gen l ticket agent. Matter trans. Baltimore. . Baltimore. . Sinev b. Jones gen l pass. Agent Cincinnati Ohio. Siebum my fined or tabular All Aires. Saw amp grist Mill machinery and Mill furnishing goods. Sole Aten for judo s governors and Stillwell pc Pierce s Patent Heater and Lime wheels Railroad amp car castings building columns grates railings. Ac.,made to order. Engines boilers and Genera i Chinery promptly repaired. Competent millwrights always on hand to Lumish drafts and specifications and superintend putting up our Mills. Special attention is called to our Lino of Wood working machinery consisting in part o wis Iiri improved be and axe handle laths fellow saws. Stare cutters Reading Jointers. . Fps. O. D. Kurd dealer in and manufacturer 0� cd. Hillegas attorney and. Con seller at Law. Will give prompt attention to All business entrusted to his care usually transacted by the a session. Office Oyer Mer ant g National link Comer of main and Calhoun gtd. Fort Wayne. Indiana. Business houses Caiu Blomi a. Scheffer amp co. No. 7 East mail a Street opposite the court House Gener Al auction and communion Mere hang. And Wanees made on consignment. Dugan Case amp co., Chicago n u chamber of Commerce. Casha our new. York. Buffalo and Oswego. Ought and sold on margins. Orders Soi ital for the Purchase of flour Grain of All kind and provisions. J. S. Case. H. Notes Chicago. Jas p. Bugan. Tel i and. . Or. . Thacker office Cor Ner of Calhoun and Berry in. Read a a a. Aveline House. Fort payae. Sci Exiebe. Ica sonic. W Ayne Lodge. No. 25, p. Is a. M., it a neets every Taes a evening at a await Hall stated communication on or before the full of to Moon. S. Pieria w. J. . W. J. R. Wheeler. J. W. J. W. . Phil. R. Gand. See y. A Summit City Lodge no. 170, f. Amp Kyj a. A. Meets every Friday evening at masonic Hall Northwest Corner of Calhoun and Berry to. Regular communication on the first Friday evening of each month. V. A Babcock. c. L. Thomas. S. . Knigh it j. W. Lee. Treasurer v. W. Fisk sol. D. Bayless Lodge no. 359 f. K a. A. Meets at masonic Hall Ever. Quot Lay evening id Monda second monday of w. Geo. ,s. c. L. Smith j. A d. Fisher lec a. E Grove . Robert w. Iii. Stewards a. Waring Smith i us tees. G. Regular . Of each month. J. I. White treas. D. Crane b. D. A. R. Mccurdy Mirphy and w. I. Dari. J. D. Bon., and a s Tome Lodge no. 342, f. Amp a. A ulme Mtsat their halt third Story of p. O. Building court-St., every tuesday evening. Stated on the first tuesday lie. Or. Sec a r. S. . H. Brooke and John b. Morgan trustees. J10et Wayne chapter no. 19 r. A. M., meets at masonic Hall every Dae Day evening. Stated convocation wednesday in each month. A h. Hamilton. E. H. P. Geo. D. Crane Seo y. Wayne Council no. 4, r. Amp 8. M., meets a stated communication see Ond wednesday of each month at 7 o clock p. B. S. H. So oaf t. I. G. Ferd f. Bolts Sec Quot . Pfar Mony Lodge no. 19, meets xxx every thursday evening. We. Killen n a w. P. Berry. V. 6. J. . B. Ibo. R. Grund p. S. Gordon Green. Treas. Fort Wayne Lodge no. 14 meets every monday night. A. J. Hollis ter,. . V. G. E. Zarbaugh b. Saw. T. Moke an p. S. P. J. Win. Summit meets the fir to and thial Encampment no. 14, Days of each. To Mont i. W. P. Berry. C h. Turner. H. E. Sidel. S. W. B. H. Harrison j. W so Henderson. S. P. J. Wise. T. Tay1m r House Saginaw City Mich. L. H. Hopkins proprietor. Rupais hotel is one of the x first structures of Tho kind in the state and Itji Tho aim of the proprietor to make it first alas in every respect. It is situated Mun two blocks of the a. L. It s. Railroad depos and Street cars for East Sicina leave the House every Twenty minutes also stares leave for the great magnetic Spring and St. Loans. Leaving and arriving at the House daily i Perial attention be paid to the want of invalid. I o. V. A. 91. Eca Tuai Council no. 4, meets a Ery thursday evening at their Hall Comer Berry and Larrison its. Fraak Lia Fry. J. H. Fry v. E. Davista a. Bolman. Fin. Seo a c. B. Oaks treas Porter Chamberlain. I. Alai a Rea state Toile or a sri tip at Gauert. W. 8. Wood dealer in m o tjii>iix<3-� window frames Sash doors a i bund Al oui Zigr a lasses a. Work prep by executed 6? North Side canal. West of Gas work big savings alld cd Tholos i . Is Calhoun St near jell Rob real a amp Tate and collect ifs to Eivet of Floe on Cunt on bet fun Wayne and Wash Sixour flour and feed always kept on hand at boobs be amp Miltier s third door South of Beny St on Jarr no not forget
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