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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 8 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - June 8, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana . R. Young. John Fowles. Ii.6.�0ung &g0. . 34 Vokt Wayne Indiana. Moening june pm Nice five cents. Are in idly Toce Omilig tic popular merchant tailors educational. Jag a plague. The essay was Well written land proved conclusively that miss Brj ant j has made a constant coup Anion of Good books. Quot music written Aizic unwritten was Ine a Apia Irr Ogress Olaje reads Zeafla very enter Fairjin and car fully write on paper. Teferi ing briefly to the origin of Mii in of its various pc 9 in different Ages and countries and showed our Public school system. Co Trig. Read read . Of fort Wayne for three reasons la a to. We Cut acc Ori Linig to the very latest styles. No. We keep the very finest a a ods in a Market. Sri. We keep our Promise Asim time Ben a Nita shall be Fiji slice. The consequence is we Are a terran with customers who believe in stylish cats Excel cloths and promptness oar graduation of the eighth class of the High school. An audience that was Laden cd with to choicest of Flowers. The Eink crowded with the Gay and Beautiful of our City the exercises Gallant portamento it the . I get Len Leira s furnish we goods department we mite k fld Stock of under vent. Shirts pm amp tie a Maura Cuffe &c., amp a. We invite Tielor attention to on ready made clothing we tour Cio thiner from the Hest houses in Boston and new Toa and have it made to or 4cr to suit the seasons and the styles. Without boasting we Hare suits of every description for boys Yonng and old men at the very lowest prices. We invite the attention of it Crone to on Cio ods. N. A. Toufic amp co no. 9 East main st. Conferring of the diplomas by 0. P. Morgan of the Board of try of cd is. Musical. T conservatory c a music main Street opposite court House. Iii Ooi i it rated 1871. Officers. A. K. Virgil,.principal. C. F. W. Meyer Secretary. Board of trustees. Be Chekis. A. K. Visil. Risno sink info and theory. S. B. Morse Lato of the Berlin conservatory Europe pianist and teacher. J. C. Bartlett graduate of the now bus land conservatory Boston mass., vocal Goltare syncing and theory. C. F. W. J1ey�r. Piano. How is music taught in the fort Wayne conservatory Al Ruicis taught in the fort u Ayne cd no or Vantory As the sciences Are Tunget in traded Sebooh and Collet leg. Zinny Zilfi ii the methodist Organ of new a England says Economy thoroughness and proficiency Are All on the Side of the traded system As adopted in the cons Errata by. There is no argument to be used in favor of class instruction and a a Era nation of pupils in oar Public schools which cannot of used with a Cater i orc in the study of . The question is often is cd Why in this country Ari there so few Brood musicians and players we answer because in music there is so Little thorough fast Elatic music As Well As other sciences to be made a Success of requires proper teaching and thorough study. In Triesc Gosport the cods oratory Rives to it i its Pupil advantages Nat pop Sibic in a Irir it teaching. The Progress of the Public school bus tem in fort Wayne has teen remarkably rapid and affords Good reason for con. Grat lations on the part of every Good citizen. Our schools Are now As Large and thorough and As Well established As those in any other City of the size in Fife United states. From the lowest to the Highes grades a perfect system prevails and eve Quot Mything is Well regulated throughout. The fort Wayne High and training schools have As excellent and Vrell deserved reputation As any institutions of similar pretensions any where and it is therefore not at All surprising that our people take such a marked interest in the annual commence ment As to make them the most notable local events of the year. Last evening the eighth class graduated from the High school tue execs ski taking place at the rink which a crowded to repletion Long before the appointed opening hour had arrived. The spacious building had been very neatly decorated the inscription a a Palma no sine puke re Rosa 72,&Quot hastily marked in evergreens of lording a Rich background to the stage. Met st of the Audien 3 came Laden with ii Andronie bouquets and Floral offerings intended for intimate friends who were to receive their Well earned diplomas or More often to a disposed of the merits of the different Young ladies or gentlemen would suggest. The air w is Laden with the fragrance of Sweet Flowers an get Gate thing bore a plea it Graj Clie Eliuta ear Ance in unison with the nature of the occasion. Prof. Leifel s band played a spirited piece of music we in the Ciss headed by the master of ceremonies chs. E. Bond and accompanied by prof. Smart prof. J. H. Cummings principal and assistants George h. Avilton chair of the Council committee on education and messes. O. A Morg an and Pliny Hoagland of the Board of trustees walked slowly a Little Loo slowly we thought to the stage. The Elev. D. W. Moffatt pastor of the first presbyterian Church opened the exercises with a fervent and impressive prayer having Especial reference to the diffusion of education and knowledge. Miss Ella f. Sheaffer read the first essay of the evening in a Clear voice and a self los Essed manner her theme being Quot the age and its taking the newspaper As the great instructor of the age she portrayed the condition of the world before the invention of the printing press and compared thereto the present state of society. She a joke of the Small beginning of the periodical press and traced its remarkable growth until it arrived at its present Mammoth dimensions. While she portrayed the advantages accrue ing from the newspaper As at present conducted she took occasion to criticise it severely for its tendency to superficiality and its frequent venality and corrupt Ness. 11�_____ __._______41.�� its present advanced slats and the wide i file no e Waluch it Lias exer cd on the minds and of Mankind Slie in a few words the history of music in the tji Difed state and Slio cd How rapid and Gratifying its Progress had icon. After touching upon the of the Cointo. Ers and citing one i Apt Ilia at tons of the Uliar Power exerted by music in men and animals she do crib d tie various which j Are enlivened of written music and clo cd with a few Beautiful Juja sages referring to unwritten music the music of nature the sweetest music we i Ive Ever listened , which can be Lizard in every Nook and i Corner of the great univ Eric ail every j sound of which Speaks of the i Wisdom and of a father i heaven. Miss a. Tower then read a l it Dutiful Jasny entitle in Quot what do the years she spoke of the common anxiety of Man j to read his future and anticipate the Joy or sorrows which coming years will bang. I but How can we judge of the Fate which i awaits us we thou a not feel Loo much anxiety knowing that we Are in the hands of an Quot All Wise father Quot who death All things but the Only criterion by which we can anticipate our future is our past. Lias the past brought sorrows then will we most certainly have sorrows in the years to come bit let us have strength to meet them. Did the past bring friends whom we loved then will we have friends in the future we All need them and one than a brother is always ready to help us did the p st bring some happiness and Many changes and some improve tents then May we look for Bome Bright spots Many changes and let us Hope for much improvement. We have a Long Luxure before us and it has everything to Hopa for and nothing to fear. List us go Forward with Brave hearts and ready hands and aim to to live that the last 3 ear of time to us May usher us into a glorious eternity. Miss Maggie Mcphail the Ive of the training school read an essay in. To. This work is Lull of people Wii titled Toflus tial during All charac for Ess. The avarice and Ualita Rian of your life Juat closing As the happiest i so in know Tia you feel conscious of having failed to fulfil your life Mission. It is this lamentable but we a nigh Universal failure that has Clian cd the verdict to a proverb. Were this not to How valueless would is our development How futile our cultus c. 11 advancing years should being increasing capabilities Quot of Joy As Well As sorrow. weak then to look Back upon our immature irresponsible cais As our happiest How Shamin a . Make to night the ii to fulfil your duty in life As cod gives it to it you to see it and Retus Ning year Sigall bring you increased strength to do and feel. A you stand on the threshold of life , your school life undoubtedly losses before on review. It is a Panorama on which you must look with mingled feelings of Joy and regret. That review is your own. It is but one Lioi t year the duties and incidents of which lean recount with you but i take pleasure in giving my testimony there is is Little of regret Igried wit ii he we Ich crowd Timon we to night As Pii Erafily full o the lot of any Man in a similar Sui Alioti. While Sheie has been of course much to annoy and , it Gills All the recollections of Ziy association with yet it Quot to it ail the Rapiel i Choln y growl i Wiric i has marked Yogi As a class 1 can Tonii Lully say that i Piave never before known so great in proven in so Short a time. Tite a ked improvement of some of you together the your Ca nest Endeavor to do your duty will remain among my most lasting recollections and Trust that Liis of growth is not superficial or ephemeral. I hoj e that the development of the Post year will permanent working ils Good results unto the end of life. To night the Flop la and the City com a Lete with you their t of the Coli tract. Aft2r to their utter most to fit you for them they now propose 10 gift you t. Ith highest Hono s that they can bestow. Henceforth they will feel that you arc under obligation to them. They Espeset you to work a Woik and exert an influence worthy to Rei Gay generous gifts to you. Uliey you to a time an influential position a the Community where you May be. They expect you to to leaders not followers. They wait to see you give earnt of your own individuality. This world is Lull of people who Are political. A there the lord will be our teacher. Sholor once again Well be Lovo and peace my Wisdom Icahn sub schoolmates through eternity. Tie Benediction was then announced by j a a. A a the , after which the au-1 a a a Zience dispersed. J a rite . throughout were interest i ing and to messes. Smart Cummings and Hodgdon. Prof. The eng Nikl n . New Yoke june 7. A a dispatch from Washington says official information has just been received from London giving the Assurance that the English government accepts tie supplemental the treaty of Washington As amended by the Senate and the tie Neva arbitrators will now proceed to consider the cases or sent Leifert band played some Beautiful Selec fhe Chicago Tribune sneering at cd by the two governments tons affording a pleasing variety. Anion Quot the noticeable features of the evening was the Large num Jar of Floral tributes offered to the graduates. The Young ladies were All dressed in Calico and it is needless to say looke Ltd even lovelier than usual. A Day of unparalleled activity in local matter has prevented us from giving this report proper time and care but we can at least say that the Iliou school commencement of 1s72 was Success in every particular. What it used to advocate. Other political notes. A boat it acc. Jna june7.�?a imia Trackin i the afternoon been Schaef Pittsburgh and Butler of Boston was won by the for i mar. Time 32 37, the fastest Ever made in this country. Jews iry. 8eoevmayer amp f. Voirol jewellers no. Juaik-st., opposite the fort Wayne and first in atonal Banks fort Wayne Indiana a Tornado. Owing to the heavy storm a the Telegraph wires have nearly All been prostrate a cd thus det iriving us of our usual amount demand. Wheat firm and 2o bettor no 2 red a 11.79. Corn a Teady Low mixed Oskco yellow of telegraphic . Ionic White we no Crade Liim. Oats steady additional Market by Toledo ibor Ket. Tolko 0., june 7.�?flour firm and in fair new a it Nolc Sweet a Bronch Iona aug Illinois Doii Isrin i nonet or our inic. We were Jast congratulating ourselves that the Gazette was an exception when she intimated that Quot locals Quot were Only read by a Quot certain class Quot and were altogether very trifling matters which is after All i or haps the Case. At any will not quarrel with her on that Point after hearing her read such an original and creditable production. Miss Fannie h. Probasco followed with an essay entitled Quot is it a sin Quot which displayed the Marks of careful preparation Anci indicated the Possession of very creditable argumentative Powers on the part of the Lair authoress. Her production esi Vecial reference to the vexed que lion of the alleged sinfulness of the drama. She showed How it originated from necessity How its character had been modified and altered by the different circumstances which had surrounded it in various Ages and countries and pictured its present condition in we fear a rather too in Fordable Light. Nevertheless she recognized its Powers and capabilities and admitted that it might 1� made a powerful Agency for Good if the right Means were adopted to ensure that end. The essay was Well written and read in a very pleasing voice distinctly audible in All parts of the House. Miss Ada Kemmel a a roused pleas Antly on the suggestive subject Quot True Success lies in the getting Kather than in the beginning with a Brief reference to tie indisputable fact that the inheritance of wealth is rarely or never a Blessing and often a curse she showed How the highest honors an i most Ages a curiosity has been manifested to test the Powers and Cali abilities of women which were for centuries and ridiculed. Women has during every period of tie. World s history exerted a wide influence in various Avans. As a Mother she has trained up the worlds great heroes who encouraged by her or amp have founded nations led revolutions or saved multitudes of souls As a wife she has shared the toils and privations of Many of nature s it Lemen and aided and assisted them them in their a nurse an author a sculptors an artist or in the i re Sac Crl Field of Home she has Ever done her duty. Alter relating what had been done she showed what women , and what she May yet accomplish and closed with an Earnest plea for their advancement in All that is Good and pure and Noble. Or. Charles s. Bash the Only representative of the male sex in the Clas de Iver de an oration on Quot individuality Quot which he said was an unfailing Mark of greatness. With it men have Leen such Quot soul in literature Art and . Without it they have failed. He who Relys on himself is the Man who commands r pet and compels Prosperity. The greatest characteristic of the leaders in society or Commerce is individuality self Reliance and Independence. It is not a sign of True Independence to be vain in conceit but the reverse to be modest and unassuming and courteous to thoi.3 who Are in logo stations than we Are. It is not the inter to it Locc. Quot a ill Lull j Milf taste to. Who works to fill oar mind with new ideas thai influences us. He cited the example of Milton in the connection. Lie said there were few men of individuality the press is weak and insipid the professions Are filled with Mere figure Heads and our boasted civilization is far from perfect on account of a Lack of individuality for which he made an Earnest plea. The oration was Well written and Well delivered with tiie of s eak no a Little too fast. We arc certain that we can do no one injustice in pronouncing miss Stock Ridge s essay Quot the Keign of the magi Quot the nest literary production of the evening. Every expression was carefully chosen and every sentiment forcibly and elegantly . She spoke of the fabled magi of Ancie Jit times who were All supreme who exerted their Power in the streets and Market places and again awed or terrified us from excluded nooks and Corners. But their magic Power is broken and the magi of to Day work in a different manner and yet achieve greater wonders. She referred to tic great accomplishments of these latter Days the inventions and achievements which have brought the world to its print High conditions All the results of the Keign magi. London and new York although three thousand Miles apart Are brought together places far apart Are United by Iron and wire bands and without moving we can have the whole planet brought _ to us in the daily paper. After making one or two telling hits at darwinism he said that Man s Genius had done away with most of woman s work and Drudgery and that the great i Obleni now is Quot Ilia shall woman do Quot she plead dec for. Their education for their Access to the whole world of knowledge and their privilege to enter any of the trades or i professions. She claimed that knowledge did not Deti act from woman s sensitiveness and that an educated woman was not the less a True woman. The above outline will hardly give a fair idea of the merits of her essay which provoked a Hearty round of applause. We Hope miss s. Will Pardon the observation that she should have spoken in a louder tone. Miss Mary e. Iowan closed the exercises by the class with an essay entitled Quot thou comes not to thy place by Accident tis the very Jalace god mad st for we Areall she said made for something All have something to do. Each one is tiie architect of his own Fortune he May build it up into a solid edifice to last All time or make it a Mero whited Sepull re. We must Rench the goal through i hard work. We must look Over our past a a every hour that has gone what report it carried to heaven we must have a definite purpose and object in life each one can add a mite by incessant Effort to an accumulation of usefulness. She Drew illustrations from the careers of Sha Spears and Bacon and after paying each of them a handsome tribute passed to the valedictory addresses. She bade Farewell to the Board of education whom she complimented for their ability and judgment herself briefly to the superintendent speaking of his Success in managing the schools expressed gratitude and love to the teachers ism of the age hurry the undeveloped youth into the snuggle of Active life and ii remains undeveloped to the last of his Days. This must he a cause of regret to you to night that so Many who entered this Cabool with you have been prematurely lured by the spacious entertainments of the world outside. In All probability those who have left your ranks Are for the most part tiling in irresponsible positions while had they but remained they might have with their maturity of Cha Zacter teen Able to contribute their part towards answering the demands for people to fill responsible situations. The Ordinary walks be Are full to repletion but the positions that re Juire matured judgment and developed character Are never full. The developed character of which 1 speak is the Pearl of great Price to get which we May Well sell All we have to buy. To our perfecting system of education and its mind maturing we Are to look to remedy All the frivolity superficiality and hypocrisy of the world about us. Be co vicious of this wherever you Are be a living pleading for thorough manliness for perfect rectitude. Be ready to frown Down the slightest departure from right or duty in yourself or others. Be read at All times to cast your own influence for Good unhesitatingly and without ambiguity. Do not to night consider Itiat Yoti have ended Yoa education consider it but be grow daily that you May give the Iowa Civ june 7.�?a Tornado a Assed ,.tk of cite last night a roofing and tearing Down houses and barns and killing Stock. Iso person was i Jurta. Orchards and t rops were destroyed. A barn near the City was struck by lightning and burned. Lantolf ills. 7. most destructive rain storm for Many years passed Over this Vicinity last night and lasted until nearly Daylight. All the lowlands in every Dicicc Loii Are flooded and great de for fiction to the crops is reported. Along the Illinois River Bottoms very things washed , barns and Stock. Northeast of this City several houses were washed away the inmates barely is Cai ing with their lives. Large numbers of hogs and other Stock were drowned. Southeast the losses Are still More Extero sire. Fence Bridges culverts Small buildings Railroad tracks and everything moveable has started on a tour to new Orleans and Way ports. Several narrow escapes from drowning Are reported and one invalid who was compelled to move out in the storm died of . This afternoon All the Coal mines Are flooded East and South of this Point. Southwest of Canton spoon River the damage is reported still greater but the particulars cannot be obtained As All communication is severed. The t. P. Amp w. A Railroad is badly washed washed Awand each Side of Canton the Are gone. The Telegraph is Down. The c. q. Track is also bad washed several Bridges Between this Point and Bushville being gone. The damage to the crops Carnot now be ascertained with any certainty but beyond doubt All the Grain on the Low lands is washed out the Leigber Prairie farms have not suffered so much but have not . Latek. It will tick a several Days to repair the Railroad. In All ten Miles of track and Bridges Are Gene. All communication is Cut off for several Days. Two More deaths by drowning Are reported. Washington. Graphic the Avo old a ii it Irant. New York june 7. world this morning doubts whether the most Fertile political imagination could invent a More preposterous farce than that which was acted yesterday at . The Assumption is that a body of delegates freely chosen and possessing full Liberty to , Derain stand Canh Flati non Nat cd general Grant Lor the next president. The fact is that the actual delegates at the Philadelphia convention had no mor real Liberty there than the presidential electors have in nominating for the president. So far As Reg Ards the first name on the ticket the Philadelphia convention was a Mere registering body. Grant s nomination was fixed four or five months ago. The people meaning by the people that the masses had nothing to do with it. The world says Grant is one of the weakest candidates the Kerub Hans could put in the Field. That the last crowning Blunder of his adn Ginistra tion on the management of the Alabama treaty is so fresh that Only a picked convention could have nominated him and concludes that he will be an easy Man to a is feat. The Chicago Tribune of tiie Nomina Tiosh. Chicago june 7. Chicago Tribune this morning says of the of the Philadelphia convention Quot the nomination of Grant was so universally expected that the announcement of the fact yesterday failed to excite the least comment. The nomination of Henry Wilson was a Surprise to a few but not to the Many who have known that or. Colfax had Long since been regarded with dislike by the Grant faction. The rejection of Colfax is a Dii act rebuke to that gentleman an insolent repudiation of his Long services personal honesty and admirable fairness As president of the it then proceeds to review Wilson s political history especially his connection with the old know nothing party and concludes the article As follows Quot this ticket presents All the evils of the no. 1 13%c no. 40xe. New York markets. New York. June 7.�?flour firm superfine Western s5.so at,2o White Western extra iist0@�,95. Whisky quiet at 9u. Wheat higher no. 2 Chicago a print afloat is 70 crime no. 2 Milwaukee in store s1.74. Rye nil Western at 72c. Barley unchanged. Corn Dull Steamer Western mixed amp ii 565>ic sail 67@68c. Oats firmer at 51@s3c for Western. �13.30 prime mess $i2.�o@13. Beef Chan changed. Cut meats quiet hams 9@10j4e shoulders 5@5 middles quiet Ionie Clear 7k>a7i4c Short Wiear 8e. Lard quiet no. 1 to prime steam 8ji�i>>ic Kettle 9 4c. .a.rriva.1 of watches silverware and clocks sign Conla it iou Onee Rulec a Miffland s acceptance of he Artl Cly. Washington june 7.�?a Sci it Ort prevailed to Day that England had accepted the additional article to the treaty of . The report May have been funded on the remarks made yesterday afternoon in the House of lords which gave Promise of such result. No official information has been received no to a late hour to night confirming the report. Gentlemen in official positions have however through minis a Schenck such intimat7tjtt�?t.ir Mil a Faful a ratio. Grant a ministration and As if the hates prejudices bitterness proscription and disfranchisement of late years were not enough there has been revived the old and the most senseless of All hates and Juthe proscription of naturalized citizens and their political disfranchisement dices 1 to the ques ions Union which Ai dwellers j article will be accepted with an sex in the addition to the ticket of or. Henry Wilson the at one time. High priest of nativism in the United states. Madison ind., june 7.�?great Joy was manifested yesterday when the Telegraph dispatches announced the nomination of Grant and Wilson and immediately on receipt of the news a Salute of 100 guns was was fired find last night a huge ratification meeting was held in the court House at which judge Freidley presided and speeches were made by Hon. D. C. Braw Ham. Or. Cornell or. Collins col. Garber the Veteran editor of the courier and outliers. Resolutions heartily and vocal in in a be pubic j of Are called upon to act a Plantation Given by the British minister for anything Short of this must run that by authority of our government in relation form of a government which seems now to to consequential damages. Should the a be the world s Hope. As Vou pass from us to night we bid you tide be accepted it will be embodied in the Giorni of a treaty to be negotiated Here terms Fob tuition. Ivr Fen ave oks week Laj Able Prii try Iid Vance Pitso Forte. grade.cl-0 00 piano forts other grades. 12 50 or ramp a. A in tiv tion of the Vico asi4 sinuc1000 Tjioe Jug i Ham Tony sad composition. T 50 Trio a Dreili of we it arc Deli in Al it it a it on their fur , will be a Tiff the Aboc a its. No �dvmt�6es i Aily instruction in the principles of music and sight hinging. Reed try chorus rehearsal ii which All pain la of the conservatory Are of tired to take part and the a of the Conen of Story . Calendar for 1872-3. First term begins on monday sept. 2 second Quot Quot wednesday nov. 13 third Quot Quot monday feb 3 fourth Quot Quot wednesday april 12 i enduring Success have always been attained by those who had to struggle with for Titei untiring labors bade Farewell to her i poverty neglect or suffering. From a a a Clio olates hoping that the class May All series of Apt illustrations which can be be to United in a belter world. The a in lessons incr i in support of this statement she Choc and addresses were Well written and do i the familiar example of Morse the father of telegraphy sketching his life briefly but in a skillful and manner look slowing the obstacles which he met and i Vered in an excellent manner. Prof. Cumin in principal then a it i dressed the school As follows the goal is reached. The Ejk Chin your life which you have been Quot cd his career the glory and Honor which crowned his closing years Pecl Antly looking has arrived. The to and tiie grand spectacle of a world in tears a which has so Long lived Only in your Yagci which followed the announcement of his death. She demonstrated beyond a doubt that Quot True Success lies in the getting Kather in the ,&Quot and that the Only real happiness the result of Ionest toil and Industry. Miss Julia m. Bryant had Kelecic Ltd As her subject Quot the Friendship of Book anticipation Henr Forth is a part of your history. And allow like to say that if you live longed Foi this hour in your past Quot life in your future you will look Bick to it Willi something Akin to regret unless you fulfil the Earnest and sacred Mission of your life. I am not Here to say to you that to night you should feel As if Yogi and spoke in a very pleasing manner of closed the Tomb on your Day.?. The benefits to lie derived and the pleasure to in gathered from the judicious and thoughtful perusal of Gootel Ijo oks. She pictured the great influence for Good and evil rendered by the written Page and an Earnest Pica for the use of More care and discretion in the selection of our in oks. Slie showed How a Good Book in cheer the lonely Comfort the afflicted the taste enlarge the affections and Benefit our whole Raturi. How we love Ike author whose kindly humor has driven away trouble from our minds or whose tender pathos has elevated our emotions although perhaps but for a moment. The of a poor Book is scarcely Lees powerful for evil and it should be avoided you will to Morrow , walk among people Olio will Tell Yon that your years live pase Quot a away. The world too often forgets its manhood and weeps Over its youth. Ave Are told that our school Days Are our happiest. What a lamentable trip Fth j for a truth it , since the fact is so Universal lamentable it must be since it is such a sorrowful confession of human frailty. Ernie her to night that As your Vaidic Torvin has said we Are the architects of our fortunes our lives Are what we make them. Happiness is the Reward of duty fulfilled. If in future years i should Chance to learn that any one of you looked Back upon the Era you will not soon be for by pc be rotary fish and sir Edward Thorn gotten. The places that have known you i ton and then sent to London for the a ovary eloquent with your Nikii Ionics and s signature. The arbitrators at Thev know Vou no Mic in body they will in a Eneva can adjourn soon after their meet cherish your memory. Pass up and Roj i Quot a on the loth inst., to meet again As soon Civ your Reward. Quot is the document shall reach them and at the conclusion of Elo queue and the realtor continue their without dress prof. Smart superintendent poke Quot i it lick Imit Diment. Substad Iusally As for Cowrt dear friends of the Gra it lusting classes. New York. I can hardly realize Llinat have l Cen together so Quot Long or that 1 have now been i. Superintendent of the school for �.�n-?ears. Perhaps it been because Thev Keven a i. A a. A a Hal and it Sant am our acquaint a Quot sheriff s. Orces-0�ierjialh.r�. Ance so agreeable. I hardly know what a Tjie Heve ave Xiv estimation. To say on this occasion when Weare Airout York june 7.�?it is said the new to is solve our old and rela United states grand jury will continue its tons. 1 would like to say something to investigation of the Revenue cases begun make you better to in Joss upon you the by the last grand jury. It is said five in necessity of High purposes and Noble Aspi dict ends have been framed and others Are rations. About one Hundred graduates preparations from this school have a sed out into the conflict. World before you and 1 feel like congratulating ourselves that All Are doing Well a conflict occurred yesterday Between and that not one has done Aust to make the United states marshal s forces and the Louisiana as1> Ike Kley. New Yoek june 7.�?new Orleans special says the democratic state convention last night nominated delegates to the Baltimore convention All of whom Are understood to be against any democratic convention at All. New hair Emlres governor. Cockx it re june 7. official returns of the vote for governor made to the House gives Straw 410 majority. Cincinnati Market. Cis Cassati. Juno 7.�?pork quiet and unchanged $12 for regular. Lard steady summer pressed 8jic Kettle Siim . Bulk meats in Light demand and holders firm 5% g5i4@ Vej Etc for Cleur ribs held at Fitich Bacon steady at m amp i in. Hogs steady at $3.80 &t.25. Whisky steady at 86c. Gift Enterprise. # 00,000 Missouri sme lottery. by state authority and drawn in Public in st. Louis. Grand single mamber scheme. 50,000 n1tmbers. Clam f. To be drawn Jim so 1s73. Variety of a Labionda Stone Seal rings 8et rings of All precious Stonik bean Tiftik sets or jewelry Oman to with Coral met list amal Kotc Ruby Pearl Emerald Topaz and a Sapphire stones. Rich a wilment of ladies dec ent Lemens water chains Odd Fellows and masonic pins and Charm both new and elegant. Deweu Ampy i arge variety a selected from and arc therefore Able to snip the most particular Ihn vies. 5,880 prizes amounting to $300,000. 1 Primo of.s30, a a 1 prize of.13,450 1 prize of.10,000 1 prize of-7,500 4 pro Keg 4 prizes of.2,500 20 Prises ,0<i0 20 prizes of. No it 40 pres of. 510 500 prizes of 100 a prizes of. 1,000 9 prizes of. 9 prizes of. 9 prizes of. 3ii prizes of. 36 prizes of. 180 prizes of. 5,000 prizes of. Tickets $10. Half tickets $6. Quarters $2.50. Car our lotteries Are chartered by the state Are always drawn at the time and All drawings Are under Tho supervision of sworn commissioners.  09 the oficial Dorji wins will be published in the st. Louis papers and a copy sent to purchasers of tickets. Sea ave will draw a similar scheme the last Day of every month during the year 1s72. By remit at our risk by Post office Money orders. Registered letter. Draft or express. a circular. Address Murray Miller co. Post office Box 2446. St. Loui.-. To. Silverware the newest designs of Cas tors. Tea sets fruit baskets. Endless cups and goblets sym cups savers and waiters. Better dishes Tases up Eisner toilet sets spoon Isacks a amp a. Has received the largest Stock of fort Wayne this is not Gannon come and see for yourself. The pile of summer of All styles and varieties the Bril it ant and extensive Amy of neckties and All kinds of gentlemen s Fuh Mishu c3-qoids v shirts drawers socks he dear chiefs collars neckties or and the immense anti is of Liiste is Coa to vests pants and stylish summer suite. Which meet the Eye on every to to will testify till Msj assertion. An immense Stoio be Mhz been purchased in order that goods can be sold cheap our prices defy completion. A ask two prices for nothing Public invited to Geo. J. E. Mayer amp f. Voirol s jewelry store to examine their new and a ant assortment of jewelry which Are constantly arriving. It will afford them pleasure to show their goods whether people Purchase or not. Book stores Stockbridge s Book store. Wall of ape. Cb0qi7et. Child Stelps Cai Stag is Wooin Mijs. Summit City Woolen quills established 1838. For summer suits Are of the fines Quality and will be made up on Short notice and in the nomie styles. Our custom department cannot be beaten in style or in Quality of goods. We guard tree a top tit or no charge. Try us an we ask is for the people to come and see our Stock. We know you will buy. M. E. Woodward great clothing House Orji Orth. Pm Indiana 46 cat-Honn-st., fort Wayme menu Taxa or Stockbridge s Book store. I us ashamed of him. You arc now to take your places to enter hirer sphere. We sheriff s officers Over some goods the marshal yield under a warrant in bankruptcy do not pretend that your 1 from judge Blatchford. The Deputy Maris finished we Piave Only end Hal \va.? overpowered and the taken Deavo Rcd to give you tie Janav. The United Statts authoritic.= will a leans and Point out the w in for i investigate the Case to Day. Foit to Advance yourselves. There an insult. Work to do enough for All who Are Wil Ling and we Hope that none o you May be Idle but that you May a perform of the band of guard Kerub your allotted tasks . Be Niemei a ans yesterday with shouts of Quot Fua la the words purpose let of your valedictorian Quot a life a failure Quot a it like a foreign. Great Britain. I or tue Boston peace jul Atlee. Loni it ii june 7. announcement from Liverpool yesterday that the government had withdrawn its consent to the departure of the band of the Grenadier guards for America was premature Al to Lough the report was current in that City. The full band sailed on the steamship City of Brussels for new York. Wall paper Spain. Minister of colonies. Madrid june 7.�?it is probable that Admiral Topete will be appointed minister of tie colonies commune Viva Lue rational Quot and a gen. , Volley of jeers and insulting a hoist i. Ship without .1 rudder. My word of Phe offenders were dispersed by the to you is .-,-duty. Duty never kit. 1 jul on of the members. The you to remember in and Majuig u your Jujj to evening watchword you will surely he successful j .,.�?z,. rr.,.-Vnc. .-r or. President i can testify that tins class by Kirbus kit. Is worthy to receive diplomas. Considerable disturbance is of purring at the close Rof. It Siivart Sable and i among the strikers in Brooklyn. Yester pointed , or. 0.1. Morgan pres a ii a a number of them the planing ident of the Board of education con a a i Quot no of White amp co., and called on the feared the diplomas speaking As follow men working there about one Hundred in it allures the Boi iad of edit Katimi in at number to Kroek off Quot but the workmen pleas us to re Olive at your Liams so in go a j . A Force of police arrived on the class who have a he if to cred unto the cml and the rioters dispersed. And have Canicle t to prize. E i oel Cinn by cur us blk of Loa Clu is j Miscella eos. Whoso Lovo for the work Luci in Toa put Forth ,.euntlintau.l Quot to. Orts Lor the a acc Oss of our .= we eff a Aye fur Philadelph a to Morrow City railway at thank whom Forit this l,s8os 11 rom Philadelphia they Start for their them for it Ami we Trust that their it 011 Homes. Scion in a of Havia a Oil i hair Olio up icily or. Lanah Aii was Liis afternoon brings its r. to Cit it i wiil every on an order of arrest issued by Jumpre one of -.n. Freedman of the supreme court on com ail Horio to Lii Muir u upor lord plaint of . G. Goodenough who Hill and .Nsterly us enu Tcilia. A ice Haj a a st my to recover dam Ages for alleged slander. The plaintiff in ids affidavit says or. Lanahan had called him a thief t Robier and accused him of wearing diamonds and other articles of Liv a Ripon ii jewelry purchased with Money which he 1 had taken from the methodist Book con the Bill was at $5,000. France. Daji Ages by tie commune. Pakil june 7. journal official announces that the total damage sustained by the City of Paris at the hands of the commune will reach live Hundred million Frt incs. Electric abbots. Ami ? a placed our ,.-, on their Hij ii Tience ranking a is icy do Eipp in to Trio Best Superior Quot to most in the croat Vost. The Inonu Monisoff successful in Lions a seen All around . A ii ii cart of this i Cople res Jionda Roll Honor to our to silent. We Ihoc Semi Union or to Cir Corn. Faithful Industry Ault in Joice with Thorn that to boy ii ave Jias cd Trio Rubicon we a a boor. A c incl that in the Dis charge of the Active i Itier of life the same i faithful Hicks and i Lusti a will be apparent. Liis is a world of -.vork. Conc lint a right to be , , your shul to do. Do with All your . Having deter-1 mined what in your Misiou Here a lord by Inibig it you Iiiiiiie, surround be. �n.,u Init Kiel Wii renewed Rufth a lid a Doctu lined will in the Eon ii let in tie . Is Over and the Cioku i won. A the Cotton and produce Exchange at Augusta Georgia was formally opened for business yesterday. A the Linden Bridge on the Philadel i it Hia amp Erie Railroad 700 feet Long and five Miles West of Williamsport pa., was burned last night. A president tyrant yesterday was called i Hon by a Large number of delegates to the Philadelphia convention and receive to their congratulations. A tiie conductors and Drivers of the Richmond va., struck on an alleged cause of an attempt to reduce their . A the boiler at Bingham s distillery at Evansville Indiana at 3 30 yesterday Al ter noon killing John Bright second Engineer formerly of Shelby county Kentucky. A dispatch from Chicago says that a severe rain storm prevailed throw Ighut the Northwest a esterday and last night overflowing water courses and doing great damage to roads fences and . A profe.=Sor King s balloon Quot Collosie the largest Ever manufactured in which j he intended making an ascension from i it Oston on july 4th, was entirely destroy etl by fire at Charleston , last evening. special to the Cincinnati times and chronicle announces the j by the of the Bill to reduce the tolls of the Louisville canal from 50c. Per ton to of. There is great rejoicing Emong the Steamboat men Here Over this event. Audi a , Anil kill re .1 i it Capern flow in Only of Foro. Pancy s i ii it Linn. Civic aug june 7.�?central Illinois was Liv and if list night Viii cd by another very i eave Short a. A from i Coria to the Joun idl Nyall a Railroad tracks and , around that City arc All washed away and 1 �?z0 trains arriving. In a storm was quite hiking Etc loves in tie Gas fac a neral and is reported from parti a Philadelphia resolved last ave your Tuisl Aid of ii a thu is. Gay j in a Quot Wisconsin. Ning to hold out until an of Thev a future years n eau to Vou ple.ani his a it Quot not Quot a at i re Pori i 1., it Varron j he places of Manv o f Nic,-.lories, and you ,0 Khz d,3 of omis a on he Estern them been . Serenil i Stem us Fui Noss. I give to a by Speed. , was lot and killed by a notorious in on stations were made yest Crdal but the Beati Wiful. was Ihei c Lar actor named John a. 1 Hompson suppressed by the police. Arrested and lodged m i Quot Keil pc Bros they keep Tho Large to stuck and finest teens at Keil amp Bros. The decorations , Gold and Lincy papers Are splendid at Keil amp Bro. S. A styles colors and Width of Ilo lands and shades at Keil amp Bro s. Always a full Stock of picture Frau of Viou , Cord and tunic is at Keil amp Buos croquet. Be Cercle billiards and a Large Stock of out and indoor games at Keil. Bro s. Ithe finest line of fancy stationery at Keil amp Bro s. Tho largest Stock of Sooks and stationery in Northern Indiana at amp a so eld s All the Lata publications at Keri. <1 Bro s sent Post paid on receipt of Pubuuer s Price by Keil amp Uro. The cheapest place to buy goods in the City is at at sii a jtmoc�. 3 Keystone blood oath Tom st. Y a. Hns Are used in nil Tho adjoin i inst states and Gire the Best of satisfaction. On arc in in fed flannels amp blankets Are All Avo land . Oar cabinets jeans and tweeds cannot be excelled wanted. Cabi Stit Howe machine co. 72 Calhoon Street. Wanted 200 agents Fri. A Raj whi-R�w y at a a co t to to air Furnace depot 25 Columbio wanted a t v Tirl at Good West Berry st. Good Maecs Imine Deatly at 1c9 wait eds Twenty Active be a a liable men to act a agents for a now business. For further information. Iff a t Osio co Dox 1743, or calf pers rally at to in Northwest Corner of Columbia my Clemton its. .jc�s1v_ r Ost of stueday morning be my rvs a quote a or Dermack 8 shoo store and air. O Rourke s Lair office a Kace of Bilu amounting to �32. The Fin der will a Ubell rewarded by Icaria the same at Thia office. Let ill Call who desire to save Money Lind get Escel oat goods. Cash paid for Wool. No Cotton or shoddy mixture. Wool Talion from the grower and exchanged goods it map tourers prices Sav mtr Large profits to the consumer. Frex cd iia2ir a a co. Largest and most read. Estate s. T. Hanna dealer i real estate life amp fire insurance collection agent notary Public. Tor took so la an old established i drug store for Sale. One Oft Elargest and finest m fort a payae doing an excellent bus mean. Sales Isu Over si8,0 w. A Cood opening Lor parties desiring to eater the jobbing Trade. A Large business can be dont and the build ing is especially adapted for the pure Klasons for Selling will not be quest Ned bos. Address3?. A f3r Salea Laege s sol it ble Complete suitable for a Kotel or restaurant. M a Ood As new can Beitin very Choai it at no. 7 East main Street. Y j. Scheffer amp co. House. Quot Sale a no. 1. Saloon of j stain cd with Bung Huey attached to apply at so. 63 a Lumbia a Poe ye.�?a a epee and 1 Mower Henry Hanna s st. Joo Luna. I Namre of a. Guerker. Quot it for Lyle a paper deliver to Boxe of All descriptions at the Gazette counting room. For Complete so Fountain in splendid run nag order Lor Sale cheap. Inquire of m. A Wasnuk. Opposite court House. Complete assortment of Wall paper and window shades at f o it my run Zzz 5000 acres of Laud. 300 in the c ii of fort Wayne. 100 ont lats in Pic City of fort Wajmer. 23 in i it oth ill the City of clip Cago. So improved fun Tiu. And i magnificent Pine land of Minuit a in for the amount and talkie of i Nulter. Fob Sale House and lot in East end at bar train and on reasonable terms inquire at a. S. Evans amp co. For Choice Eesi Deco lots on East Lewis st. S200 cach. Fifty dollars Down and balance in one and two years with interest. Enquire of Esquire Dubois. Cor. Main and . For Sale a Fine suburban residence with All neces.�8ry out houses and eight acres of land. The grounds Are handsomely Laid out. Planted with Choice fruit Trees Pevine Oma mental Trees and shrubbery a Green House acc. Amp a. Only fit Eek minutes walk from the court House. Terms Reg enable. Apply to Meyer Bros amp co. Lioi Salej Ragg stg. Is. Selby has Quot Zetur and will resume her writing school at commercial College rooms tuesday the Lith. At 9 a. M. Terms 82.00 for twelve Lewens. M la cd civic till i .1.� As foil of Clas let a 31. Lbryant. Lii Rio Liy i l i Quot i. Lio Deikun. Pic i coins h 3 ils Twilight. And to inor Nin has its Dawn. So our schooldays now a ire passion. Like to Shadow boy arc go if. Friends whom we will always Chcnh. Words of by in it i kindly Ive be Luau in life s rc.it trips a see ii orc plainly hot no to pc. To ii it our ii it my fondly Lincor Over Plua Fant Duys of Yore. We can no in . In recall then a Uliey iro forever More. And we Inck into the future where Limo s deeper Joys nit Pear a May a truer Deaice glory shia upon us every year. Shall we say Farewell to school match and the to schers whom to Lovo no our Oft they paths May differ but Well meet Acain above. Jaii a it to of Mcnaugh a War Piej limit Konio Jilie ii in thi.=i file to it in valued too a mfg. Weather Robab Litu. \va.>iiinc>to, june 7, urea of Llu i by rain will extend East i Ward Over new England and possibly the Northern portion of the a South Atlantic i states der to in . Ivi sing barometer ii i to northerly and i weather wiil Pic Vail very Satui i Day from Tennessee northward to Lake Erie and the upper lakes and extend eastward Oyer the Sontus Atlantic and Middle states during the Day and Over Kew in Fland on saturday Nii her Clear weather probable Jor. The Gulf states winds not anticipated. Siemon amp Brall offer Dand sehingatere.itijnreiin.�. Loi ift time Given and Low rates of interest asked. I has also six store rooms to rent n. I he buys and Sells All kinds of securities such no. 12 West Berry-st., and no is notes Stock. City and county orders Etc read. Estate. Read est valuable City lots for Linit and Spock lating purposes Are for Sale by Irwin amp Lumbar do office Over merchant s National Bank Corner main and Calhoun st. Good bargains Given and Long and Short times. To arc also agent for eight of the Best insurance companies in Tho United states and England. Insurance taken at fair m 77 Columbia st. A a dispatch from Dridge it Ort conn., fays the examination into the affairs of commander shows Itiat $5,000,in government Bonds Are missing. 11 is generally believed that he was murdered by parties who supposed he had a Large amount of Money on his i it Erson. A car Lii crash. Chicago tune 7.�?while workmen were engaged in taking Down to Walls of the Grace edit Copal Church this afternoon a Largo Section of Leavy thirty two Inch Wall fell with a fearful crash burying two of the men Rickerson ind Swaim crushing them out of All semblance of humanity. Fore Pauli has i Ess ted the body of his elephant Romeo to to Chicago medical College and. The Skeleton will be placed in the museum. Business cards. Paten Agency u. F. Wll so a Corner of Calhoun and fori Wayne. Ludl auit he. Bossler notary Public a real estate and general in Stranc agents. Office no. 4, Over Hamilton s Bank fort Wayne Indiana. Will give prompt at Tention to buying and Selling real estate no taxes and general business. He is also i it Rei arc to give i _ insurance policies on lives and on All to Wassca of buildings and personal property at Low rates and in first class compares. He up Kesnia life Assoria Tiu of America co. Union fire insurance co. Fireman s fund fire insurance co Andes fire insurance co. Graham amp Gotshall actor a utness at Law rial estate and insurance agents and agents for Quot Blanchard s collecting and advertising collection made in All Parta of the United states. Of Sce no. 7east main st Over the auction room. Fort Wayne ind. Jab. E. Graham Ai. V. B. Gotshal Justice of the peace. Notary Public. Call upon him learn particulars. Office hours from 8 a. M. To 5 1\ m. Office one door North Fost of Floe. Hardware. B. W. 0aele7 amp son dealers in Abom hit mass and Carriage Triin lungs i Taips Etc. No. 79, Columbia-st., fort Wayne ind.? Attu Attonito License no Tice is hereby Given that the undersigned will apply to the Board of county commissioners at their next session for a License to sell Chi riotous and intoxicating u iuor8 in Lar it Quantity than a quart at time at place or business lot no. Point Herity Offort Vvs a Jne All county. Indiana. Frkol Biel s the daring that Mouth
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