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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 20 1866, Page 5

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - July 20, 1866, Fort Wayne, IndianaDaily Union state Trickel. A nov pfc twin i m a of Matr Tiomai. U .1 h t 1 i to v to mind ii tvs Jimh Tuff. 110 1 which it Ursina for m the Uil on both a Oltre to treat connect with to. Den Drain tint i Lif Tonui if to iwo feet Nuovo h it m o tie Mem Dit 1 Midi h i to r to t Neuch u i Lur tag he 1 Iso thu urn intact Witter inti i it Ivd that the resident Cir m Tim t a i hut Thi in it it i r my w a Jow f 1 u sources Dyeak a solent Aad pm or 1 c pc inlay in to Pothiw Tori ugh a Cibij t in Allah raw Gwi i Ridenti n be Ullh and Public it tour nut Horiates to a n Xci sent us this by mamf1 the Jure base of ii Loesl pro Jurov in u Ritj s id 1 i be Loril Enli n. To Man in t Nuh teen ill t r Itsjo and u con Tanily m value Uvrl on u c unit Naii Ltd agent office Himml Tom Hill Tiit Lomg Lull 8uk us Babi i and club my out bit ally Lin cwt Ilot new York store 4 co july 11 Ilott those Beautiful tie neb or Calm k Only w lie per Ald Al the now Oik Koot co july i Dot another lot Mere hats at Cuil March 26 list of tie a Itil fast so it annual o my the t , furl want it Ami of i five Fitt t r to Louei six Iluf Carrut Mil if us Hilr Uri Ugur i us c1uasv t if Llzkt Tike but loud or i i Wash us 1 0" Bureau of a eur Beil bunk Lam table s Basfor Cut 00 1 Laau us in wet chairs w lest Rockus chair 1 w i of 1 so tit Collie n but plow Kennel 0. Man of Augle botel i Luw us double shovel i h to treble i j 00 to tend Tullgr i Tiu Init Ball Down 1 be t hah Ilo Jpn Iwuh u m 1 "0 mat h Heel ban of u a fcb Alloi Nab rec 1 us test Airow of pair born i w a tech s pair or breast leu 1 cute it manure Fork 1 w test Nuwt Oik 1 m cutting Boi i to class to a tails a Euben hunks itt her ii in 3jjei.iiaeii Tole lecher 1 to specie leu upper leather 1 1 to beat specimen Call Xaiher 1 us variety of i i 1 i i dined by in Humery Fui bal i a i i1 class a in chios j i seat dozen Long Ini dozen sugar Beel i us Fet dozen 1 in mat dozen hat i to tui in l 00 Belt dozen Rutabaga 1 us bust dozen Mangold i 00 Best sit cabbage 1 of 1 us Best six Bawoll i to Best 5ix stalks Telen 1 us Iest bit vegetable 1 u Iest Peck White of i us Ull Lod 1 i Iest peek red onion i us Peck yellow Toa toe i w peek Ted Louime. I Vul Belt Peck Witt beads 1 us 1 00 Liu Ihal Tri h 1 00 Ujj Biebel Wett Pottoe 1 a St Fessia a ssh u Crooke Luei k lie 1 it beat three ski Imide i i i i on Puiu Tikiun i m i i Best i water Mel in i i rest us no Tinag Melon i most Colle Flun us veer Alii u t. C 3d w Section ii grains 3eed4 a Bushel yellow com meal to 00 i Bashel White Cern la or 1 w t of est it but Label red Rheu 1 w Iest k Barbel White Arbeit 1 i Uksik base Lurje i us Bushel Oil. T Best Bushel carte l w be t h Bushel tax seed 1 00 Iest i Baehrel Omoth i to i Basel Orchard Gradei seed i us Barret be Hocij Blue 1 i w Best Bushel red a Toter i text Bushel White cloves 1 1 00 Caf tobacco 1 w Ift barrel flour to Section ill i Eli left one acre Bottom ground red 00 est Une Ana Opl wid Corn Mitiu Hie Corn to be gathered after the lat Weber id Ute. Of town it co Summit at East Fite acres of Corn to be measured us the on to be Mhz Bitt a the Lai to Monttee proper Section in fails image Tolu Lod a m 4uo 13 varieties of Apple e Wiest 6 varieties of apply t 01 abbe step i to kit in varieties if inn r apples 4.00 3d Best do Joo t Laneir of nil Apple j of w do i of us Phioip g in cd beat i to Mitten varieties of Pem 500 it in w my Best to onetime of pea Ihei w m beit do i of but s varieties of pc Oba s of lest Teu Cane tie of plums j to i tit do l w a any Kurl i in diploma and a w kit dozen que Luck i 00 in be t do 1 of v Al on s baser min 3 l is mi4u131te3 tax Simk Xgo 8 hit jest of apples %10 of u Tan Tieh of apples diploma and s of diploma wit e in b Lariat is of apples diploma and 1 4k is Varie Lei of Winter apples dip b 00 but varieties of tall diploma find 3 on 15 Lane ties of Venra in Anrce Vioti 4iploui9 Ami s to Ivan Timof Auti imn a Eft lip an 1 too icitstanbtleiofwlmei1 1 t 00 10 varieties of peaches diploma and in us 5 to of peaches i plonk and i i lip Audi to or gropes dip aul no Mats varieties of grapes dip Ami 1 w and j Iest 1 tasty of grapes dip and 1 to pro in u Foi qom to diploma and Section 1 1 Funariu Sest collection of Green House not the ii Pland for bedding out 0 Ftp 51" collection As Abor Emblom a us Best do a us i to m Ben do s w 15 Tari etus i w 10 Var Tiei Dahlum i to wit Basket cat Flowers a m bouquet m Bonquet Bat i of Best my Kioa of variegated Haftl 3 to collection in Louv 300 halt collection Verbena a 11 Boom Domestic department clas4 a met loaf of Aast bread t specimen yeast big m Rialto Rinolt n my Breanne ult a under 14, Kab Ham bread 1 in t in deft 5 ibs butter Uia rip in tone i to matches e i of bests ibs Honey i w w ibs Maple to w a slim a How l 10 Law Xhu churn sugar mid How nut in 1 Belt cured Ham and How i ured 1 n 1 w Tost specimen Apple butter be to in Edimea front butter lot of rewired Best lot of part Send quince to lot of preserved i plam y lot of preserved ran 5u Bast Tot goos Benie is test lot preserved Erab Apple Best Jar pm rated it bit pickled grapes t 1 .1 11 s the to hem ii ii f v w Wuolle i n Foj n 1 be t i Lei a t w Pecl Meu 9 Luck bins 1 i h me nil la 00 1 ii to Ian la j 16" l u la 1 to u id be 1 s be i join log Hajt Jour scr Lei u cd 1 la i i ii i 1 be Tuiai 1 j a id b6 t to e 25 be pan Woolen in t ii a pro us j 1 lie 1 1 j Boito Yuvi 1 it i in 1 m nest ii i to eitltuij1 Aulo Vai u i Clirel i t Enli Luik Ivor Joy Insi Fique Uilk Neitli ohs 1 j us 1 it Sotl Niibu i w i led i 1 us Lei so in i j i i Hilt the lie a 11 1 1 an 1 Organ nil mine 1 so Licat h n Erin i Adoui l oud Best beit in Brut re n he Lui Hoil r 1 skirt a jul list o Etc Lenin ii Intel Pillow 1 Oit m 1 c t 5 to we 1 00 in vol Bast nil ii Tut i s 10 it Best e 1 j Liest is 1w Best w specimen 1 it k Hill 00 in Chi in a i l id bust i to Imon mat Cuil i Leith i a us us bust 1 Ulm t in a be 1, m tier s Fiest ill u 3nt to 0 Alii t Effii limit Spe tawn mate n t i 2.1 1 00 kit Imen my k ilk lie 300 Ftp 1 00 i try t 00 est male by anti 2 00 21 Best 100 Ali Cal 2i try isl f Peel me d v to lower 1 00 Al beat 50 beat Nee he wort 1 m co Crochet Chemise 1 00 ii est to 50 so Best embroil in red Niertit few o 1 00 us t s knit Cotton Hoie ii Best i Ommittee Etoile Eli. Sumii to e a oui t t 1 Best pah Embr idea 1 w besi sewing Mai t Eoo beat it artificial Teeth of Best Conn rus blog bes collect us Anib t i Otogur is 1 u Bill and i i Bap to will be Devoll i e arrange articles will the or entered than Day of its Lair unit so i sea i Herb Una Voi lob t taken nor Thep alter 0 0 Dock a m on thursday no Arline earn listed shall k Rem ve.1 before the close t Iho Shibi Ion without permit Ain from Iha fee Cutic Oom Ruitto and if a or mini Ahnell be awarded upon any article moved n Wilbou. Such permit it shall be com de tit t f to the ii Arl Ildi intend d Fri Thi the Awre luvs boo a Are i limited we than Tiliti i sure on the entry of Artu m ii u will to Furni bed who l it if halt of 1 t Iii pct Tor m i Mian uni Fri ii i u i inept As part of a collection in t among Sweo Psiaki in Tileti of Admi. Five cents children under 12 Vears no v a War Hng Cun Mittee will be called at Hie by my at 10 o Clook a m of the tie cond of the fair when vacancies if will be filled i Mann Laiture articles entered for must he by Tho Mew Las agent Vii All premiums not called for by the of the january meeting following shall he forfeit i t the society Viii in Tho ground the will Nemko All a a Momenta superintend Aid Diryl Terv loan Rani it f Hie a in Hixion is the will with a tin it Titi. Lilii 1 nisin u Dii ii g Natl r wiil Nii in Emlo ure and a Epi Iirth or knt Ami i a Manittee and View i j Nerp Surj for Ibe Well being of tit a Ciulo Luey will be Allol by Iron 1 b f in ten x ample. Nor Angemi t vill 1 it to Tho Way of Pena Sulla h i of for Stock but Chib Lori will to Ritj Inree to pay fair rates for nil and tical used by them i Onia null to inf Llinat fort rents u charged in nil two horse vehicle and two to i it us All nig Bow be Hijra entering Tho Lait ground also that ten per cent to charged on All Irti a tiered or Premium i res olred by the Board Towl no Persona bringing rattle for exhibition in Ulii m n l not i Vul Ili Lill. V rvr.d.11, Ink 1 1uvks-, u 1 11 in 1 h 0 n 1 or Lidmil a 1 tui imm Storf Cesry department. Clam a. Jihuo. 1 is w t beit Stillian i or Ana us Lei 1 s m tilt 1 Brood Awn Tho Wiroj Colby liar w Broil 4 Yian id Kitover Bast metre i jew and 4 a Best. A 00 but Mare i Yorjan 1 us Der i am Besl i a i Best read any 4 old Oier 0 Preira and in Jar s 3 11 Fob Tweit in Liun t cirt and Over j6 00 and lust 3 00 uuder4 Aini iou s years under i o 00 to 1 3 00 i year and Noder 1 4 w ind Tusi a u beat sacking Coll i Ufa Tod be i u a be Laid 3 fears under beet i Yean and i a Dot Boniet of Narei ii pair Borea or mares 2ad beat 9 00 beat ohm 4 Yean us Abdier s ii t Liest i 00 under 4 t w Teil beat i us Best Mare j years anal under 3 3 of Ted hot Aati Nare Colt 1 year Ana us Der i 3 00 soil i no Styc Luil Iii to Tush Abu Facend io8u1 of Tuie. Bast trotting 00 Albest Suo fittest Walker 1000 Aubut goo beit Lullion so wins 6n Bear i Kina Colts clash a at Rion f Jack 110 00 beat bests emt Suo 3d but j 60 Besu Paa of mules 4 Best aude Tjw old o i mule two under a to bet Joo Umie Oue rear Uil Undis tits u beat a b mule Colt t 3d Best. 00 Best Jack Rolt. 100 Brit Jack Toon lass c. Sect Ion. 1 Gattle Best Bull three years old a 1 Over s10 00 3d Bent to o rest Ball two Yeaw and under three s m so limit 4 a a Best Bull calf a of Best Over Call by her Side Best Heifer three year old and b of so Best 4 of Fesl Rte Liet two and in Ter line s Ben heifers at 6 Sebest a if Milch of Mhz Samotis Oieu jaw of 6t Best pair work Minim if i four Venus 6 u de it 4 two steer three uni Best 3 bes steer two 5bara 4 set Mil 3 10 steer one Yearou 3 m Iso Best fat bal oct 6 beit it Tow or Heifer w Best Bull teat Init producing Dve Best Cal i beat Herd of cattle to comial of 1 Bull i raw 1 two year of idler 1 veal log Heifer aug 1 i it 41 b to class d. 1 year old to veil which a shrouds them an 1 inc Sipito no political position but docs j i t to to All Tho hero Martyr of two nov f 11 vol Nury incarcerations if truth ii fill lug rim laity of his Ito i by Nee the willingness with which Lii i its ins Dungeon cell to relieve the Irr a Anil Frienda from the Peculiar pre Dirr in my truth regardless of let or it tires f Thui the Pbi-1 1 or e to a m an no me him to Tor an address from the unit Hosias tips to which All the citizens of Vort Wayne Are invited and j n 33 us till a Auma ill in Hie a Iho Ivee pent 1 1 has been m session it the Tomm a Cal College during the past two or three men tuft closed this morn ii g Ilia a Tendance been ars null err a Buh them nearly a were Smull child Tan piirrnt3 in cold be thankful to the i Clit Tor the and generosity t lion their Rufin cd Ami try now u ing As hair perfume taller Collins Bijj Pumi t Uta dish Gotful odor for Loilta b i Dndr Girais and m huh Balm and others living at a distance from a Puja Ician Ltd always keep on Imi id Oisie ret male Medicine to arrest the and fearful atut be of Morlena Colimon in the Tut season f r this purpose Balm is conf Diu it Din -soti1e. Of Are and refitting our Lee Creim Saloon and consequently it will be clo Edlora Short time due notice will be Given of the opening of the now Saloon he p 1tis Hamilton july in def fish. Receded on consignment to be am Low m half Fobb White Fth also half Bali to Mackinaw Trout at Tho fort Wayne fruit House White ii Okuhn my 24 Dot non Iri tui i Ham fact Mac it d att Elt Baa just a urge addition to his stack of Tientip furnishing floods tall and examine the hot of travelling bags paper collars we Etc and fancy Cotton and slurp Plai Meu and knit under wet an 1 other articles too numerous to men tion Tuty and v1c1tnixv person i in 1 his Nanu in to Rita i Jay roti wifi Iurii i t i up Tai w i Mil t Unla str if Iron. In i in it no in us tint he was l Al amt the Clr i Laird in 1 Lor b a tin i noitivlciiidiilhu1 Liwa a it i Cit i j o it in to 1 Irth of a Rcpt t 1 Given i Mot it i m at Iun lit. N h ill by Alt a Uairl 11 1 trial i. I r us Raj l 1 Liberty lieu Cwi a o at tin i Luc a pal Illren Mem Ftp it t 8 t Walt Barege of loved White Pendes or and halt Buie Ami Check Una w Spur Fomil Al Sanmei Lue i 1 utto Osl b Doyen new styles la riot Hetts Bonnet aug timing rib runs Pari Umeju Faua at Ceu Minafr and and Blear bed list log sheeting and Pillow at the Ikui to West Pult fes 0 cases Beautiful oxalic of at the old pb10kh, Mcdougal co s Mew Stoke no. 7, Keystone Block Calhoun St Ket. Loot olt dim Piti Malarly let us have is full a sensation is Ible inc Lodi 3 will have unlimited scope for Tho dishy of their Tii to in Ibe production of fancy articles and Lii and Nam Tours of the pity of Cour a look after their itt Urela with i proper display of Fine arts it perhaps to Call the Tention of Fui Imirse to the int Lar and Yot i word will not be out of Ploc As there is Little danger giving it to Mudi attention on them rests Tho Mam Trio Burden of in akm Tho i buttion it is to be held chiefly Tor their Benefit and they should to not Only the prime but the Active supporters of the enter print from by ginning to end and of time mean not simply Tho Rhomb Era of the i Cautivo comr Pittee of Tho agricultural society and a few steady aah Listanti that Are at Way at the wheels of an Enterprise but the whole farming Community of Tho county. Every towns Iii there Ore Torch of Farnier who Seldom havoc such to do with such Mattot but who by Ali or specimens of Stock and produce mid by their presence mid my Lucico Chin add vastly to the interest of to often to All such and to All the go ahead firm Ora of Tho comity to say look out for the fair i to ready for it and come in a Nuthie with toe Rit heat and Best of your Corn and wino and your Hocfba and he Rolf and let 19 have such an exhibition As will at least tickle if it net spread Tho of 1 Allen far and wide Over Tho country Tho list will appear also in our weekly of wait genuine imported be baft cigars known for fifteen Yean to the smokers of fort Wayne by Polk Hoagland to h b Reed co july 11 _ go hit member of Tho Irish Catholic lie Volent society will celebrate their and Erin re july 24th, by Olding a l in in at the mad and Bong the society will form in Hall and Ruar Cli to the u in in it eight o clock in the morning Aro to be at the Hall 3 Early o clock after hoj Mil Irdi through Tho principal troit in 1 will then proceed to the Ark there nil Erin enjoy themselves by Lartie Pating in Irish sports excellent i in Mil be m attendance and a Good Upple of refreshments on. Hwy a by torni Cody distinguished Peiker will to present the Public Are or Dolly invited to attend la hereby Given that there will be special election held at the Lafayette Street engine House in the first Ward on the 4th Dat of August a a 1866, for the purpose of electing one councilman to Supply the vacancy caused by the resigns tion of councilman to Knix of which the voters of said Ward will take notice e l. Ch1ttenden, City clerk storage we Are now prepared to receive the of owing articles for storage butter ale White a Ukuk May 24 g6 of san ining o the at fort on 20th july 18cc Ard Erja mra Henry Kamgar Allen w Ainsworth pm w Loaa Boutu Bigga Miu it byte Lopue Catharine Tower Udu Eom Lowers rare t Long a 11 Baird Rodt Lawrance p Lauti Phillip it bpm David Slewing Pew if by bib John Tew k Mcauliff main e Bates l Marshall slake j u area Zaouk Hub mryl c Lairo Brown Ueo motown 99 u Bochman j howver Jacob Barton Charlie Vitin jul w Bowman Alfred Luthman Cholef he bomb Bott b Trayton Henry 2 Reuben of atoll miss Myers p uptight co Cox mrs Fanny Neff Miu Neftie Crantz no 11 a Isaac t Crane Eun a upper Ink Chri Abd we Sava 1 pm fora w b of Toby we h Chapman 11 Osborn Arthur Conzia John Pettyjohn High cover David Pierce Michael Crawfo Dadan in m Campbell Alt we Cartwright Andrews Markei b h cute Hamilton Robi too in u Davis mra j w Regan met b t put of Rolu it Hama we Rankin j s Daten Pott join c Buwa j a Uit Mian Frau Kiln Ripp Fredrick Gapud Florence Rowau Frank Fiew we Ranke it co s a Fitzpat nok b opera Beniamin c sprang Christian Coffod Bular we a Dardae 8un.ia.rwm Gardner Edward Sharu we d Hester Roea a Albert ism mrs Thorn Williams into Feon in 1c Evans Wren miss b Hagert w a Vanvleet we h ilm Mingwu j Woods miss Maryb Hall for Tocie or p Welu Cutwa 1 Jones miss j Wilison ten c Wood dts Kimmell mrs c Wert w w 2 Koons Henry Frame ban com to Blun int of letters add cant Insl cml or it Vertisell levers give of ins and Pfluf one cent for not for Wilbin Ihen Mil to the dead Toet free it livery of Letteri by Coumeri residence of omens secured by Osbert Ber letters with the Wnters Post office an slide Street and number Hii oly with Tail mme and request that answers be directed 3 mar unknown should be muted in lower Toft p lots for u tins Hob stud id Ilion Beati no giant Pabi my and Sal Brity and my cannot be Price and conditions of Sale Kott Libert dec quire of a. H. Carrier Fuk u there to a meeting of several men of this City on monday even no july for Tho purpose of an Independent company of Zou pcs it Balf past seven o clock at fenian Leall main Catreet All Young men that it willing to enter into this Enterprise re requested to be at Tho Hall at half put even ribbons ribbons Hagni cent assortment just received at e May 15 b d Ahill and John m wort have this Day entered into a co partner ship under the firm name of and ii. And wort for the purpose of establishing a steam laundry on no 103 Eart Wayne office for receipt and delivery of washing at the shirt factory of b d to 28 court St. Or at the Laun dry july 6 at auction. By t Ilson Unico in front of their store Boom no 7, Ham Street to Morow morning at 10 0 clock it Largo Tot of Well kept Perlor and Kitchen furniture Onei Stag of upholstered Chain lounges pc bedsteads Book cues Marble top took and parlor stovc9, Wash Standa Sale toe two terms Cash july 20 Dot pure Catawba spark my and a Lull from Long Ortha wine my Tab Brothers it co House. My fruit House am Oyster depot no. 1? la error pc top Pofitu we Mil bunk at sri scuba big Aud apples Lemons Pine apples drapes of tigers Abd the highest Market Batter. Eggs Fraise facilities for pre or nor on t run on by Buff Farl 13% and demo blk. Flam Bluff Blue and Rose coloured Percale Plain balt Blue and Bon coloured lawns received per express at the new York store Root co june 29 Elena Jet. Black ground embroidered Chintz fran cd late importations received at the new York store. Root a co. June 29 a at great wans cowl plaints have reached is about Tho condition of the severe and ditches on my Lewis to believe Aeverill petitions Havo been placed before the Muncil on Tho Samo subject from the res Iii civil and property holders interested to spic Newto Lilit w j Tho other find All the repo Ruwe bad pro Viii sly a Hwy Light of the territory the ditch on the South Side of Lew be two on i Fayette and Clay is in a horrible condition it uncovered and so wide and it of tent it Oft not a Cero god without n very Sib Stantial Bridge it Cerro arcs up n the ice walk a to Fika it in com pit cd con adorably narrower than the to Ual Width the Craf Nel Kip Clear of of tru Lions so that its of the most filthy Lodge by the Way and standing m stagnant pop Lyl Cro ate a of tenth that often proves too Misc sor the strongest of factories and in Asun healthy As unpleasant the ditch is general receptacle for All to filth of the Congress Watek Anil of wino Tel tet water tora the m Nti aau Germany at Myrrer a bothers a co i Tir Brandt pm card pm net i Brand at after Brothers it co paper the proprietors would Gir e notice tha theae Mills an now a and ready to fill All orders for paper on abort notice we Roosna no 51 Tot Colam big Street port Wayne lad to pall org. We Are sole in it Edgewood i pure White Long tried and proved Rood in this City thu Atad to h. Heed if co 11 def Ftp. Colgate s finest soap of every variety at a s july h def for Sulc. A in Etc dwelling House 150 Washington Street Alt at hoods no i2 Cal Boun Street opposite mayor Lloyw 1 ily Ludlw Lido a Portik at Hood s no Tal Honn a tract opposite the Ainger House Vit foam and pickles by at Hood s no 92 on hour 6k, oppo lie the Mitef House a nor newspaper newspaper

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