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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 20 1866, Page 2

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - July 20, 1866, Fort Wayne, IndianaHum tax Iota. Out Wayne a paly Gazette Isaac Jenk ill Piliu an Wikta i Orl Stavn incl Hilll. Vol. 1. Keiit Wayne. Indiana Friday july 20, is Titi. 1vo. I 7 posters Bill Heads. Letter Al Tiff 11 i la i l l. In a Wkubly per in ail Nurr. Physicians. Ii. I hash Ian and a not Wayne ind. I nil hit we Ilir. Pittsburgh if. It. Amr kill air. C Kant Aki ukr. Itaf. A.4j. A. S. I m.1 a. Ii. Ill i ii o. a cull Iolli Asci ill a Lynise i no. Ion on Illy iat Cly i was humor i 1 i Ali of i tilt. Ivor is Tirilli in la. Ilif i Man Len. Hit loll Urief Ilio Lui Ulun i ally Slit Tui Lif Rimi i Lial Noenilo in i i1 i Lii it was t Stirt Vir to u worn out. Kurt it Mil floor ill per stantly pc Nishimi Lii it tin cub lieu of in own Iho slops us i Audi dirt while h the con. I m Iriqui a Kina m it Loti non and anti mail duct of in anic Rinn i. In. Icon i. A 111a i. Hair slightly Gray but. I Ihn Natl for of Koni . Special. Notices. Al. C1iamiikk, la 1-boah.iine t ktc3 the Artri Liisu Virlio of via paid Ito All a. Ii. P. U. Ii . P. Muck to. P it 11 p. 11. R. Ronser valve Ilith. To. W. Kerry hour Isom a. Hwi. Duniy Ruddy face i person who Mjoyce himself. Unit Jones was clock in noon i thought it i lol Nimr Thil ha.1 i Iid tiling Olsi on the f me dl1 hit Toledo Walmsl Wisl Mii la Mtvvay. Lias produced j to Nim to to mention i Ymir Culum Riu Vimo of Glioma. To i latt1, no in nil i Trust Noi of late to Pluck out of Lite bosom of Tho american nation thin Thorn which will other Iso 1 fear Long rankle Thorp also new am re i of the urinary in is Uewl priv Rio skm.i.1n Moi Tillton ii , a in ii Longworth s wine House Cincinnati. Still sparkling Catawba wide Render i the. To con Union Quinn Iticia of i Riffon h81b i Ltd ii a. 11. H ii 1h i. Al. Ii a to kor. Vis . R. P. L Matacik links. k a. A. Lenv it Calhoun Ulm Mai f Nii Llouel Hank. Of. I Lilly la i this Tiff to thug by i to myself is sort of l a . A lion to pills i vol. in Bis pocket la liml.1 Thioni i in his Dis Pilch on Iho Hii Bret i to Thi i a. Mil . D to Mitzi an i ring k commit i in the ski t. To not twin it. Llo toils licit neither j . Howard Nili a Tho in Icin of i yet he in not irritation july in prices my kit ii Iio s a co., . Clock s u a 1k restorer i Lii for ii hid in birr ill him Loril. It i is m . Tilt nation to operative surgery i Aulii Rii a Wate heal . A. Hand s drug store Tornor Calhoun tid main a rpt is. J Al Laulis result to .1 co 151 wit wit Yiu sired. Kovl Wayne. Ill. He in awl i this Liui incs have Bei n Fiauu in i of hues in this Eirv. Tho and surgeon. I Fotel tin Octal it Nncy Satim Loo Wick la i at the Loco skin mouse a o. Tim vet Kly it tin-1 i we t hours a Mali of Nilly i tto tucs flays Iuno hat k no. Church Register. For of strangers others who Are vol will Raqual toil Wlllie Ourecky we give Helow a list stir Clini hos with but of Wayn St t Laud a . Humb Vav Cov wave t brom inv Btu cats. I . P. School it 2 1j o clock. Uni tiny . Clin Hur a Tiv n. Rui Lurtz pastor Corner la err a Harrison Al Rock a. Ami itt.3 in. Much Ewry to Anim us Aniuk at 1% 1re. A of Nimir of Kerry Ami Harrison new t. U. . Wayne Ucrry mid i no. Hon ii n i a i Linn i a ills Tell Illik Minyi a Nily m. I front club lilt fuck Tim ii. Ii. Toifl and Lack my lint ins Ivich nil ind not dec Jintil it Simiti Ali f into h Trug Eily Hual tit to write a Trio Jones is my bloated areal Norvat. When j hop i lolling in his eat Nige sovereigns in nil t i Cor. J my Huelb with Trio id 1 ask again whore to All Llu it inuit people get their Money How Job Hotiu it Besich in easy tiling for them and a tick Giitl cult thing for to How the Contr try it Harf Tonto thai canny. It Han v Anil now ii that wins Heon both in to wily of insult no. Our ids in a. Dyk i tit in the Routs of the Mir Icin Wilt new lip colouring in Lluli i Rissio that can . U thy known of coir. Ini pc acct no washing i. Mat do it thy univ All that wins Heon fikh inv both in the known a done Lur ill Pusanik any of insult no. Our hands in per Iichi inti a National Uhlig Lions to i Hie h St Ira i us Utu trying a with e . Ii. A of Fiti Chapki. It Smika Tii i iioirt., for. Jail min Ruhlin i1. Al. Nal Hitoi Soghoul in j. Us preen to la Wilst j he. I Hin a. New Lieuten Wolisky Jim Kwh Ltd o. 1 Aslor Mury Lars a. Saphath Uelmen us Ilu Are Piork. . . Linton Ami liar Uitz. W. I. Kit i a Star. Servick i id1 a. i is Hijii i. I a Griir meeting Ovi i a 4 . I Llull of Harr. In Law c. In Fly i Hijii Ulm is i Ailor a. My a. Anilli i. Van Duron ant in Stikl a . Itow uak i a Lor it a. Ami . La Tucci in i. Ukr. J. I. Wok Vonh i Ailor. Scr i Akiji .Aittl 7 in school Nti p. Col unit . Himin of it Rit is Itol in a Harrison views a. A. Tint i. I. Ai.-1 Sah Paul at i us i a Oil. K. In w. Is Irron o. Vol. Having in Ichih oily Lon he ii Roii Ostonal Arviet ii tin of pm l Way in Ami Al daily. Attention i Aiu v. pm , the it ind Ai. Nil i Rihr Nikho ams .i-. In. Al Loii inv. At id1 a at id1 .Amltu f a Civ icel Fitl. Al Letl Tii West Len Rolson in a k. In unit Itali lil Karl play Fivi Liik Natl inlay mor Mijc unit civil Lirten. Brt. it in i . In Knitt. Ltd k. . 11. At mind to Dkl Wiwi Vimr ii. Al a and ugh Attil Cru Iona in a. At s morning of Al o clock St. Tauv m a. Ill Tijan at Hui Haluli mar set. I a. M., a i Vry inure slut at 7 o clock. I. Ror. Til int Lohli Ulm in. Komi. I n a a born. Ill Hilt 1uv. .1o1ik Al. Us is ski . W. Wolf Chan nil Indian and Nati . I ant. Will lil Nihil amt Lilly. I i sen. Tin near to Uio i.1ui., i. Walk Liliu us. In kill in. Inn Willi. Lit Mineral Liri ins. I Lii in nor voids Puiul Jill in in w i Wlllie nil Hill. Tin Ken Ortli. . A Sura Ruff Oill whirl Al Liln moms at tin , intr. Miilnki., . A . I a i. May ii. In ii. Ilaw Ului Jirou kingly Cool they oter in Jintil in i after a hard struggle Ilo obtain Poski halon of a Hundred pounds to i uni in nervous As possible until 1 it Kally into lie Bank. And oven then my Mill is not Al rout. What if the Hank should break 11 1 had Livo thou ii id pounds instead live Hundred to my account Feol certain i ult Ould never trouble myself about Trio stability of Tho Hank. Thih is what i wealth i a i Law Jones in his Carriage to Oil from his door 1 my Way in very ill humor. 1 Don to know anything thai Day. All Fri right it Loxton no Duns diag of any kind. I had noon m in the papers rising tyning Tutu rapidly Roach ing Uio top round of Ali Ono pit per said 1 Hud re in already 11 was u very Lino k. To am 1 , a if fitly t.j-. I Luisiii. a i in. My a hoop skirts i Tylik fir a i ct6usii would Tomt Ilion very Lound add top no attn Nuiji enjoy in ii. I Hud heard that crop la comp Niad by the Tyr Wayne Lri m Lihii-1, t Al., i 1. It. I. Play Sudan and sur Scoini ,.1-n.m Opku 8 Hook toe. Attorneys. W. U. U. Vuk Counselor Al Law. Lit All Coin in of Fth circuit Ami in lit sup Critie Ntuli courts Al it Dot Wayne Indiana m h my Fol til a attorneys at Law sure t Kort Wayne buil Indiana crawly i. Jul. It. I a a Kilt. Moneys at Law .1yp claim at ii. Nuj Lockit Kelly to Ami let Luis ayin of taxes Anil i Awlik i Leeilah Mort Gakel. Casos Aud Blackn Tompel for Halo. Lor Calhoun 2ml Olliie Almaye re Louizio to full plug extracting 1 of Atli Sun run Latti oct. In. Intr x Kullers injun in Ami Liciu trepts a tint ii Lidiia. Louici 7 a awl w. To Joni How. Hotels. J w. Phillips prop. Illo Licino for ill ill l 11.at Thi y a in to Lului Virit ten Irtis Blyn of Ihn Linin and Cloutis. Tin that Qinnn a list. I to if ii a Muli Tili Oxild Iichi in tin i. La , i Arioul Ilio ii. May porn fair 1 in l Mil 1 Iacoi Liitt red lit Uji Willu a airy. Him look nil Nic Ngn bin Woc ils Scro not Utler o. I Ali contrary Lio Hud a vory Jolly Ruli Ichii , and won., a Mil Tii util. Llo Milc a Niu ibo hid Tindill limn u , Box Jyh not tin and called boy. Tho Jutin in my to Minur Al tin vory no Ilincic ciry. Pm Uio Nudi Cincil chop i mid Poi to that Jilin a i Alcil. A Jea i Atn willing to own lit. I am Lio coining Rocone Luil to hex Ion Lii to Nii Denly my co Falla upon an Oliu Ray it Piile Niqui at Gnu end of to drinking . It Iones. Ill la i inning Larnt out of u Crystal a vory Clio Ico know it by Trio lir lining to Iho mimic with Hix Cycz haul. I Ulm. His inline urn Lite ii nil Liin lingers no with spark Rine. His Ottn Bric Alvirt front is Idil Iier with Hail Lintl. I is at Ivory porn. Lean uni ii till Quirt Why ills in with we Ali i vips Libby Tom artful Ulm know ii Inu tic d bit la Hiloski la that his Lime not 1 Louir draft of bloated Hatour Mumby of ii Naiii. is but pampered at Iho very Mihlof Louis Loxton starts up a in in All and toll Joul tit him How i Skull i Ita own Vidd Caf Ion. n Cape for inquiry to can Hurdly doily. Tom ill Noan no Thoi in s Alvo attn on Tardi and of Minui Tom of Cuaig a Luita fat a. Tins Law officers of Crown Liun Iloilo ii ii duty i ail Ming h i id Ormont i in i Legal i Hoy Oug til not to Lio us Livi in o put Vilo Imlau Proina Ringhof Lii nor. Air daily the conduct of 0111 in. In in in us is ii Nih bus Badii guided by do Liu Hanii Al of and Loo a lilo by the Wisdom of statesmen. Recent in Tho Diplo Mil tic world Bavo Linuel her real woakncs.-. Ihu Ilsi teach hoi her ii us bar Majth. Tom military poll of ice Root in Nipoti whom Ive a Laius in i Fri a nation no Nicohl in need Linen Tho Ai Lili Ciol Cri ii North of i is Fisli i Jil omary. Lurk hollow and porn Mono Almi if to will our lion re of and unworthy May Bavo in dark hollow nor Pirli Jiou of not if Wilh Iho mail lion Ivo Alili of our nire. To in Proa Ris Ihn in a Sam Aloiv and malignant polio a is Oiver in. Is in our Power to Slin i in i no will Only Multi Viii the affection a Lohrli to have , ill Wilh i Lii Pleto kill he a Kinsmen. A fall Amhi by . D Roco neiling hand of Lilllian. Hill what client Giaui left 1111 Louii. Uruu Nuy von now do i h.m-Oufi- Anglo Saxon Isan Bard of 10 do lit and be into Ouli ind Pasi ions Oug ii which Nolani Oil much in in. Way hut . I Smith. celebrated female pills. F.7urt. In. Play istrian this is Ibe painful Uii Koryus is Amto hit. Female h . still All Ami a cure Nuiya u. To in will ill a i hit num Lily Hail uni caution. Fluit Tell Lukk a sixths of to .ifisr.i, Ninfi unveil we. Taylor s very stable. Wood sawed Wood and Coal on Peak Street is Itu amt but Erer brow ii m Elf Aiu in .1. Nolle Tiv 15 All l. ill is ii Al. Cinnic. By c rail s. r. Ope rail a Haua Piaf Lumly together Edge to Lono . A Cuil it Soto pm press Trail Clark Rhinesmith hardware. Morgan Beach u i and of the i is in i a . N if us ill i a Piihl Ann. My Nitro Mili a All Huunh Muir email i and no Olera come Vinod Lainily i in Sill is Stom w o a n v Vonlil i n m ult Wank. 25 item a Rihl Lithun. Niff i sol 1 Olitt Hlll s i Tri ski Iff Tom in put full. Attests Bradley k Gary ft7 Chambi i ind 70 81 new York. . Fioto Raplis photographs lie lliidcnikiiii.1 111. L . Rain Liimol Kirc Arl Dalarry of Jar. Kill.-. 3 Plum Nix Hillock full ionic si., ills to Waynn Anil Vicinity in work reasonable and accommodating operator by lire 14ud i by ,.r than valued Al officers. I w. Smith. , ill Al ill l Ulk. A now factory will soon in Ustah Wishod for Tho manna Conru of cloth from this nub St Loco. Should this Pavo Success Fol it West Mitin Streil near the Public. Will Doi Biln Trio of Cotton Plann i out Uana j at t by uni l finince til Willi thu to disc. J _ f j ilk it Louis a teacher i of Imit in in St. Louia took out pros no i repair incl action papers Ilbrink Ibn War to Cepo service. Not since to wont to by i Ropo. Whore he applied to the Amer an Ron jul for Protection As ail Amer a Crown of glory. Kaki by Man. Woman find Cuil who Simuni ital Sterling s Ambrosia is Ruro Wim my it. My h mum it tic Yunnus Alt Over thu . It is . It cures itching Oluic a caul. U makes null Luis grow on Stuhl it str events tic Muir 1 Gnu Kiil Lini oni. It Rcd Lon Tho Muir did clan pcs Tho cools Tiu Chuti throw cures jul Luroas Lii Merlint i hair to curl wigs Kiln 1" Lair Kuttim s. A it Mirr. To the ladies say. I la am Trosia will fiyut you lit h t. Kit Ujj . Of Larry and nil Midi in in our i Rusty Sutic. I Liuva it to Lio Nival in Viilu n i Al Cal Long uni Lui we Liap ills ii Viesul Trio Mirml jury l Perry inti pcs t 1 Ark n v a. H. , u Khiuit foil i Suri Ihnn i my co., Wilson a. A co . Al. Annl. Clur a co., 1. 1 i this no ., t tt Siik ii nil hmm Kisu. Try Una la Rijk great pee Brit im1.1ijan a celebrated specific Tiu Nurt Lun late Fiumera of j to a hulls Una Aillik in of Simiti Lynnl Lvov a specie s of urinal Ivolu Quiry Milf flatly Frum Liau Vitu o Tkv Virv will us its Latex nil. Aioo exaus res Orbil to la Natl in notion. In foul of Ranii Init t a Milf we Havi Oik specific tills b Ijar Aiu Iero in inuit. No Rill Liui Baril Isom Ali port scr Puon of . Limn incur in Vito air Nair of with Cuil Titu Success and Ucli Clicc Ali turn u to Oiler Nio Dicino is Well Cucui ruled to euro Ull persons i Taring from Iowa luxury Kun missions Uii weak Kwh of Tho Stix Ual whether a Joseil ii of live no. Excesses of Luu suit in wits thoroughly Contti runt with i wonderful Rit Loilit a Polinkk s anti Fyk Var Ulm aia e to introduce it into us of his slate it was Ronli Lity . Mutt , who Ulter i tit Crinitt his will of its .-Ilir.ti.-y. Done by vol elem Tomt it would i us Pliny in Tutor Tor. Feathers arc we in Zirul of tar Anny and for that in Crilo and now feathers made o steam it Niwa Gas f1xturks work Iron i la in Boet lend Tulip Waw i a lauds number ac., 4-c., foil Leif Flur tit. Pintail i Kollei Slot. J old Gas and made equal to new no. 48 main it ret Al. In yer Imlej kill i Fol Ciesin every depart Piont of Insuk Anck no in Oslo v i si., Vitrit Viii Kerry i Way Wayne i in 111 Mic i Nitt d John Hough agent. D. C. Tishee assist Una ii nity . Isre. Of commission. 1868 a. Obi Chiin. J. K. Fort Wayne ill. Ii Kakkuri in All i Mph of quaint iis1i, Salt. Nails Glass powder and Monaco t of flour drugs paints oils Ferrum Fry by .ttiht1 very Lount Market accurately i pounded. None prompt Uini allow to Publ drug glut of Tec can a Fey Ray Corr Octy Pura Duwett Carriage makers., c. Stunt Jet bik8xr. To doll. J. 3tani.kv ii a s o a Neta hip la the a Wagon would respectfully All want inic any thine Hoyt Hidola on Liua Bunin is to i offer on abort a Kokh to t to. He Miciu clix

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