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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 20 1866, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - July 20, 1866, Fort Wayne, IndianaKort Wayne a rally Gazette. Isaac Jenk Plata Ira Job fort Wayne Indiana Friday july 20. Isumi. No. A Bill Heads. Utter Fitti we wkly i a s pm. I sick 1 h i ast physicians. W. H. Thatch a i a in Oik Mility o 1 Junior 1 4 of 1hp 4 lot Lausii f 10 i Ftp Nurs. Special notices. Len Lliter in a i shall i Mill i Iii How ill in i slul1 seem uan wide House Jim oin Lui Tell Cattail w u i no step Vas of Clin t h id Ami i i ninth the Oon. I 11 n i i it i. A of .1 or a Lump Eddy face Ami us Okic to mention Chimna Tai t i like Alibi "at1 no doubt hut i Titt not miscellaneous. Lumber Rivil Ftak f o., Wholesale grocers dressed lumber 117, sirm 1" Eort ways lit 12 Sash Hook hoop skirt 8, 1866. J. A duplex Elliptic or. Clock s hair restorer rk.1l i pm ii of a t Corner Berry and i at Hunn meet _ a. Whey m. It 3 p sector sen shia u and p u Silil Ruli it2t Ctol t m 3raieelin Oeloel Cuffel and Holran a Sabbath school m i preen to the Loti n school t Tad 17p e by and Mininn Tiki j 11 Lowrick 1 pastor Rev my Stead assist t at 10 a u and p m i a physician surgeon. K in of ii tie engine Home a Fen Loor above Vicau of new on it Ila i Ujj p Between rat o let Elf i Asti atm a a St nth by Viool up it 1m i 11 the ran of Phish Layup Luanei Linton an 1 j in p hit. 1" Tuik shool at 3 i in John s 01 Jii Huron Anil Washington. I in Omav 1 Jilozi a m Ami 3 i u at re a m an t 7i, i m Sab Lital school Asp heeling n South is Leol Wasni Itji i a learn Sui jul Ket j i Kwh Inion bet an i Tulton Ril Ubhi sect at a a even lift it bib rabbi Getvan 1 Salt Jefferson Ami Bem flt a Udolf t p Walt ii 111 pastors a Mir Cor jut Lef Fimon fas Anil be a Himmah pastors mass it 8 i an my r As above. Int kit Louh ii do. E. D. W. 1 i ale surgeon 5 is u. Infanti Hun in re pm t Hilly to Caqaj thing Toi them ult thing for Tua f hot Otheya potent Jinil i a haul struggle Ilo of Tan it n Lundrew Joundi 01 l 1 am As until i it it Sali in into us Baut Aud leu ski my Lump is hot at rest ii tin ii 1 Baj full you Tiiu instead of five Bun j red to i account i feel certain i Sli Tim nevele myself about the stability of Thi Auk Iii in wealth set but its Beu i saw Jones in Bis circa acc Toj 1 Trodt ins Joor i Well m Ivy m i Ery ill Iii dior 1 Don i know that i wanted anything thu Day All Ofiu it Loxton no Duns or is agr or any kind i Hail scan my name into papers i Raj idly ital big lop round of tie to tilt one paper said 1 bad it Jinbei it already it was a very to Lay to very goo 1 ii nth i Iid at vet Loose sovereigns in my pocket my for in Mif Ferino humanity amt ii i that lie to he ii an.1 Uin Eril Imp Ion All Cire in will ions resurrection drops nil f Tho most exquisite thei co intr Hiat then Okiec for inquiry i Harily Daiji of the Leen i Alvo ate 10 pleaded by our is an excuse or its Tardi Iid or c Tho excuse Kiln ii tin fit t lie in i of firer of the Crown a c air in and v Mug to Oineon mint a in nos no 1l High t in t to to Allon de to _ to on the promptings of Linn no a Litany Iho conduct of by the pc Inu in my too Little by ibo Wisdom of Hec it Pirrim m the Diplo old hate Tang lit Angl anti her real 1 e hum Ilso teach Lier me her real Stre Lgth the military Dps. celebrated female pills. Fram a fee crts a of sir tart Aiu flour Mil Ohk Empress of among whom we w i free nation flux it a friended Huv Haas Ideal of a selfish i Itoi Niico dark hollow and per Dione Rte also if to will Cleur our hearts o 11 enss and Iii Whitby Prthu Dicig Nisi ii him Tali to no he Dirk hollow Tor us 1 my of nature nil if Ali Liim Wilh be reit Tom Raon tooth of our Rico i her m great new the am r shallow and to aliment Pokoj i lot in Livoi it is in in Panwei to Bare it if it Ivill Only i tilt mtg the of Clion win h we Hare Laboured but not it with Rompietti Slid kill m the mils of tar Kinamon a fatal mail v Kirilj i Tea Leeo Neilma hand of Luti Iii lint left in ote May now i of Lon federation o Llu Anglo Saxo Ace is in Oleet har 1 of 10 in unit and lure we some metres of Pis ions Mii oot in which stat Ich in its was i it Nevort Lelesi i a special notices. Arnin Prond instruction for tilling Instate and abuses which tiros Tislim wow with sure meant of re is or j Smullin soci9tion Phinni Elphin a. Koulav unutterable i ions complaints we it Ilir deaths from irom Lepre Eikness Neil testis in Woden y in Nedia Cly Anil i fillible i cure in All Stich depot Stu East sold by nil druggists Cyer Bros tin Firth Tyne i my april Ufi ism aft Whf Enersto Entill in kit Cost list Reno Sartis sen a am la vhf Raco the Indian be attacked by the Nan Isenell that the soon re earnestly Init tired fitment and they twi re Hui they used 9 Carder the a 11 Surti. A Shofton water be _ let useful in reducing Fla tuntion and tins Fng old wow in Fine the Rutues cd White Donl to Fate pint co i the past Yea Lehnst Eil Luln Lia Oppon Unity la of the Vitt Pine Pooai Julind id tory Large infant Iheson the Ait tul Liaty been Sola and exert tour or the heart Uja Lenca i and fins Hurt ill j rect i fir he in we Sld Lei in i Linail or. Marshall s ii m u u if f. Ibis snuff a r a plier i i itself to he Lumilla ecu Iii the Catarrh of Mph head m t it has i Jmst a a Agneu has Lwi gives in Mied ate Relief. Be Lull heat y aids can c i it Operia Anil Pur the Elands n if ires u health t Tel More than thirty ears mat Hall i of Tarrh Ami ii recommended he Miny of the Tihy. So cans Impi an Sal i fiction refill the certificates of wholesale druggists in 1854. Until with or Marshall Catarrh and and sold it 111 our w Boles ale Check full state tit e it to lie or or it Niheu. Turli Clewe bwe to. I n t parse. I i wit Airion i a it a u Saad Fate Jilin Tinl a to Lettiw Kublun m Ward. Close m ale Tofu Danler schooler s re Fig aerators insurance. Tst3st b a i it Regaller y. Tiol Hie undersigned b Anil Fine Art gallery Ziair 3 a Halx Block Ralh Oiin st., Wayne and Vic Lilly Anil h in crinoline 97 Chimbur. My 10 i unit unit i York. M1uibe1ob Beadley s duplex skirt. Work Keas Nawf operators re of the patronage i Bia ilex Sli Ugloi skin Coull Mii b a b c 0 c i him Barsi insurance Agency frames Umby Ottok cases i Ali. And All articles wirl Ninona to in kit in haul Elf Knix e follow to insurance companies ets . New York store 9o i Olti Blu Sirtut. Boot co., ant i i Villa glue i u j in j Law. The great a Renth celebrated specific pills Illo infer i in in i in Saran it this i u valuable Medicine is no imposition nit is Ulii Illif in tic care of Djidji Latorr Liao Wratil Lity involuntary of nightly seminal to waver severe will relies Al "am1 Hoor Gans Resti Iryl to healthy action we Hare used the Simm Iii. Pills fire pred by 4 Nii omit in Kue Lumhard Demarre with in Forin Success and Wei Ercse there la no other Medicine so Well calculated to Cero All persons suffering from involuntary a missions or but other weak Ness of Tho Resnal Urga whether unwed of Exeen will Roll Home in his luxurious carnage we thu i i sea lie is about to go now a has lir own Awn ins Cigar Ami i. Putting on ins gloves a gentleman from the other did of tie table Cornea for Era with his hat and stick the gentleman a crows of Sloby increasing Sale h ivc male amb Ioia famous All Over the Worril it is warranted to i fast. The genuine tills Are sold Byrll the Princi pal drug Isis Trio about the to rail Prius one Dollar per Box or six for live in Ollars sole i Rofi Rietow n co 27 court live urls k Iii., m t s s is 5 p q i a n h 5 i h plumber. Skirts in unlit of in. If Broca w. Repair them free of charge a sew York 23 w3.500 000 w and a Black from Hor Home insurance co., new York. A Alful i underwriters Agency new Voik go ass ,7s1 i International ins co., new York . A. T f Dean Pra Wistar proposes to this thread into n cloth j.4vjhww which to will be As Strong and forty l 10r.v ma1? p. a co. Comes Blair to curl supers Iarj wigs kill i Aii raters Lott eff t a pare it Tom t to tiie ladies wksa1 tin will butt you to Elena ii up delicate1 y perfume t patronize hit im11 we. Ellery p. Bartlett Era singers and actresses my old Fias there no mtg tvs it Muu Ioian this list Motl race ask. Anil Olter Tive toilet in the warm to prove is try a Carton _ ,1 made equal to no. 48 main Hresi it Wayne inil1 Kiln ush Salt hails , powder and Tuoto or opon Getti 1-aw i ales. Solh it trs of patents and in Pattit cases. No k Street i Piwon 7th and in waste Loxton c jews paper carbs Are makers. Company 219 Fulton strut new jobbing repairing Jay surgeon Centra who after being in Ngann i a will of it Ciufu Bio Rcd that it wonk create a Mutiny in tie medical Ana for that Perlle Europe. Applied to the Amer bad to and fight for the Fatherl Atni

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