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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 1 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - July 1, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana C Othi Ifo. R. Young. John m. Are lip Lily Beoo mins the popular merchant tailors vol. . 54. Fort Wayne Indiana. Mon Day morning. July 1, 187 Price five arrest of fort Wayne for three reasons is. We Cut according to tie Terr latest style. Did. We keep the very finest Good 1b the Market. 8rd. We keep our Promise As to time Vita in suits stall be Tini sized. His ii ii Ute is vre Are overrun Witta customers rho believe in stylish Cna a Ceu Lent cloths and . Inonu the perpetration of a terrible outrage brought to Little girl horribly ravished and then murdered rail any int Tara cinc Innar june 29. Cincinnati and Spring Fileki railway known As the Dayton Short line opens on monday. Two through trains from Cleveland and one local train from Springfield will be put on at once. Others will be added As fast As arrangements Are perfected. New York june 29.�?it is understood that general Diven will be re elected to his present jew Sitison of vice president of the Erie railway at the approaching meeting of the directors in july next. Tom Scott has succeed it i in getting Eon tool of another Railroad line to Philadelphia via Perth Amboy and Camden. New York two men in this City arrested charged with committing the crime. Dexter s time beaten a a horse trots a mile in a six. Or full parti chairs of the terrible affair a sickening recital. One of the 91ost daring arrests Pfow it was done. Gentlemen s furnishing goods department we Bare Iku Stock a wifi in Wear shirts a Eek Lei in Olian in folks &c., ii. We invite the near attention to our re a Leophi Fogt we set our clothing i rom the Best Konsens in to on and Kew York and i Veit a de to a i der to snit the seasons and the styles. Without boasting ire have of every Dezeri Piti l or boys Conns and a id bomb at the very lowest Price a. Were it Vite the attention of a very on to our a tools. N. B. A pc a cock i no. 9 East main st. a music main str to of Porte court House. Incorporated 1871. On last Friday morning aleut half past 8 o clock four men Rode up Calhoun Street Kaaa at a rapid Pace Ai when to Cec of Washington Street two of them alight and presented their revolvers at the Heads of two Indi .fe4njbcconjil#d i#r8 to Dii a a i at Quot in Al poet Quot Bra a neck Jirair. This was a somewhat Remai Kable aft air to a East to Broad Day Light on the principal Street Quot of the City and a Gazette reporter set to work diligently to learn the circumstances before speaking of a mutter and a Active a Eaid Ezio Eek cal Jan Kullig k cide to the arrest. One week ago yesterday a Young girl by the name of Mary Secore living near Celina Liberty township Mercer county went Tot Maimi echa and onre to dining Iti a in of Woods through which she had occasion to pass and left to perish. She was missed from Home and her dead body was discovered a die next Day after an Active search. The affair created great excitement in the naicbfa0tifod Atri die follow Nir circulated , whereas a most horrible and atrocious outrage and Mur Dee pm a flip fitted non the person of one b Young lady of thirteen years of age in Liberty township fiercer county Ohio on the 23rd Day of june 1872, i therefore a sir i Reward of $500 for the a in Hention and conviction of the per pm nor or Eefje tutors of said crime. Quot Quot Thornton Spriggs sheriff of Mercer co., Ohio. Ceuta Illch ase 26th, 12. Several selective officers induced by Ite Reward wat to work to get a club to the villains who had committed the crime and have already succeeded in arresting i it Fig a Audi tar in the two of # Iba air the of fees taken in this City on Friday. These Fellows Are named respectively Alexander Mccloud and a. Kimball. The former has been in the Ein ploy of a. Dillingham bag and tinware dealer for about a year As the Quot conductor Quot of a pedlar Wagon and the latter Luu been acting in the same capacity since last autumn. They were out officers. A. K. Virgil,.principal. C. F. W. Moor. Cut tire Board of t. R. 0 Mew eco. Sec. B. P. Williams. A k. Vib iii Faao 610x10�and their or. S. B. H0b8b, late of the Berlin conservatory. Buttrom a taut and Tea hear. _ j. C. Bab Turry. An Idaa a a a a new tag Laad cd Amer or. Boy ton am. c. . Of piano. How is ibo Rie conservatory Mosic ii Umbi Luke Kerfort Warne Canier a Story a to fax 8eiinmiabe tuft in Ora Dtta s�hool8 and eos Lmh Samv methodist or a Atka a Lbw twid. A Economy to ninness and prof Cartier Ara Rii in tie aide of the traded Ottem a adopted in the Conier Atory. There is no Argain ent to be used in favor of Elass and a gradation of pupils in Oor Mablie Seli Oola which cannot be med Wuh even a Reater Foree in the Grady of Niissle tie a a motion often Quot car there so few weans Werbe Litus Boron a site Katie magic a Well Ai Otner a eie nees to be made a Necess of a Nires proper team hic Aad Thoro Nib Standr. In theae re Peeta thet Nger Latorr tres tit Aimua a Eva Atafo aet Niue in private Tea shins. It a the Grady 01 Ibi Isie. One a Yeeu asked Why in ods Donn tar Arati Good mini Evans and Pla Rera we 1 ease in n ii4e there ii so. Little Toms for tuition. Per Quarter of ten weeks two Lesani per week Rabla trietly in Advance. Pure to Tom. A st Grade a to of Plano fort other grades it 60 ,1000 of the aim sit my. 1000 Thomsick hmm he Nosy Rao the children of Cler Xymena who Are dependent upon their parents for Means will but charged one half the above rates. With their wagons in Ohio last Sabbath which seems to lend color to their alleged Boft of Iceni five teen regarded by or. Dillin Ghani As Good men Kimball being a son of to it a. Kimball of Hunting i Toa. office who a the Arafet managed the affair with great Pluck and nerve especially considering the probable fact that they had no Legal authority to take the men not having any requisition on the governor. A we or it a pfc Tienmin st a Mue from Van wer fat there waa great excitement in that place when it became Noim thai Uia arrests bad been made. It was Rainor that two of the prisoners had turned Quot states there was some talk of ii of a Ynch Law which would a Bitch to of the guilt of in amp parties was certain. The place to it Day in Galina to keep our Readen ppm it to the Renwu. The a Blans. The strikers position the preaching demonstration. The Ibish a american . New York june 29.�?a Call has been issued for a convention of the Irish american league to be held at Baltimore july 9th, to Complete the work begun at Cincin it Nati in May last to assist in perfecting measures for a systematic support of Greeley and Brown. The Call is signed by Chen. George o Brien of Liber ask major m. I land of Kentucky Thomas c. Leonard of Kansas Johns Mullen of Montana James Brennan of Iowa and Jas. Rogers of new York chairman of the nations Quot committee John my Calperty of Missouri Secretary and others. The new Sachem. Governor Seymour was last night installed is Kamany Sachem. In his address he endorsed the Cincinnati ticket and platform. The 8tk1keks. The Boss horse shoes yester play a added to it charge fifty cents extra for shoeing to no get the demands of journeymen. Six Hundred packing Box makers struck for an Advance of thirty three per cent., yesterday. Miscellaneous. A number of Irish citizens intend to Issue a card urging their countrymen to desist from and hostile demonstrations on the 12th of july. The specie shipments to Day amounted $2,800,000. Miscella eol s. New Ito kick june 29, Irish National band destined for Gilmore s Boston Jubilee arrived this morning and passed on to Boston this after noon. Robert Bonner this afternoon received a dispatch from Boston stating that the horse Joe Elliott eight years old had just been driven a mile in 2 15i, beating Dex ter s fastest time of 2 16. The Stock fld id exchanges will adjourn Over for the fourth of Only Only. The London tivies received to Day mentions the of l. A. Grave the notorious new York swindler who �88 held to await the arrival of new York police. Tie four strikers who assaulted the workmen who would not strike to Day got ten Days each in the City prison. There is nothing especially new in reference to the strikers. The stable nen still hold out Hiis zoning the eight hour line Dittri hated about $2,000 Relief Money. Many men have been unemployed Over six weeks and have received nothing. The committee from Boston extended Fob a to Horace Greely an invitation from the International Jubilee executive committee and of City of Boston to visit that City. Greeley accept and will visit Boston on the 3rd of july. A theh Akera held aide at no yesterday afternoon Quot determined to join in the grand pm Midi on the of August and took measures accordingly. R. Banks of the workingmen s Union stated that the various trades unions in the City numbered 500,000 men and boys. The Bakers expect to strike at an Early Day for an increase of wages and a reduction of hours. The strike of the packing Box makers for an increase of wages has been finally Succo us Large numbers of the employers having acceded to the demands of the men. The Marble cutters continue the strike pm eight Hon and profess a determination to Kae out till the demand is Corn died with Llie Long Shore men on Lay will demand 80 cents per hour for All work after six p. The emf acres office Continental Iron works at Neun to and the Columbia Iron works at Brooklyn again struck yesterday the employers proposing to make them work ten hours. A remarkable Case of Hareas Cornu before the supreme court in which Joseph n. Pattison the Well known pianist and musical composer sues to obtain Possession of Bis oldest child Joweph Nelson ,.aced two Yean and now had by the Mother Adelaide Pattison Nee Maughn. The father claims the children were stolen away from him a of so confined to the House that one died. The Mother appears Well enough disposed toward her husband but entirely under the influence of mischief Quot making friends. The weather is extremely hot to Day. The thermometer ranged from 94� to 100� in the Shade. There were a number of cases of Sun stroke. The treaty. Friday s proceedings of the Board of arbitration. Opening speech of count Slopis before the tribunal. Down but till no it it a and Sam. Lon Lika Kii n. J., june 29.�?president Grant remained at his cottage this Forenoon and received a few visitors this afternoon. Lie drove out and visited Ocean Grove and the Campaign grounds his evening. Secretary Robeson and wife arrived from new York and were driven to the president s cottage where they will remain for a few Days. I Twenty live oar loads of people arrived this evening filling the hotels. The instructions of our government concerning indirect manages daily instruction in the principles of music and sight nor. Weekly chorus rehearsals n which All pupils of the conservatory Are acquired to take part and the use of theron Erv Atory Library. The pm it lib a of the West Courbin Liis re re a Etiel ind Limi fir re do pro do Tomi Texil st. Louis june 29.�?a late number of the it nver Tribune says editorially that a Arious correspondents of that paper in soutbehrcol�ofmi�l�he4oo. State Thater Jenaii a col need Dene Day on Iiri apprehended in the sparsely settled Parte of those territories. The Kiowa Arra Pahoa cheyennes comanches Nava Joe u d apaches held Fri quent councils during the past Winter at which it was endeavoured to dissipate All trivial prejudices and effect a combination for a general Indian War.,. The recent a urdu Ca and robberies in new Mexico aria a Texas and other places Are referred to As evidence of the intent of the indians but whether a Complete combination Haa been effected it is not known. The tri Fruie Forth i Sites in a letter from a prominent United states officer dated fort Sill june 12, As follows the warriors of the apaches cheyennes and Arr Spahos Are organizing ostensibly for an at cd on thltte8i>f Coli do. But the oif Beers think that a Nind on the Frontier is in Lair Alij Mai Tod the government author teas Aie doing All they can to break up the movement. New bubans june 29. Galveston Cuineen publishes a letter dated Fredericksburg Tekas june 29th, suting that general Mckenzie lieutenant Smith and eight men were surprised by sixty indians and killed Between fort Belknap and Jacksboro. Out of thirteen in Mckenzie s party Only three escaped. Wash Agtos jnne29.�?official reports to the Indian Bureau from the Indian i Hintry represent that Kawa indians Are in red to have left to Weir reservation raid gone to Texas on a marauding expedition but that they will be forced to return without the interference of the military. The Chinnes and asap shoes Are afraid that in the suppression of the expedition of Kiowa their own May innocently suffer. With this View they have remonstrated with the Kiowa and threatened that unless the latter abandon their trip into Texas they the cheyennes and Arapahoe will Combine and declare War against the Kiowa. It is the belief of the Indian agents that these threats will be successful that the few Kiowa Liow in Texas will immediately Retreat to their reservation. Calendar for 1872-3. Firat term begin on monday sept. 2 second Quot wednesday nov. 13 third Quot Quot monday Fob. 3 fourth Quot Quot ,aprjjj2 foreign. Feb ache. Rout Blu Toubus. New York june 29.�?a Paris special states that a Cabinet crisis is expected shortly. The members of the bight in the ,resolved to actively i pee tip a eminent. Miu Shal Mcahan a in of As successor to Ilii Erb in Case he resigns. The unsettled state of affairs of the government causes apprehension in monarchical circles. Remusat minister of foreign affairs aim German Ambala a Dor to night signed a treaty providing for the Eta Cushion of French territory by the German troops which has been for some time in negotiation. Mexico. Movements of the forces. New Yolk june 29.�?a special mexican Dis much says that the occupation o Satillo Iby Trevino is confirmed. Quen Quot Tine having retired. I altar announces that he will move toward Monterey on the is of july. It is rumoured that Quroga a moving toward Camargo but nothing definite is known. Gareia Agua has Sorou lied Overa and other Small Villag a detachment of cavalry from Camargo arrived at Matamoras yesterday for the purpose of operating against Portugal. Spain new York june 29. Spanish authorities have promulgated orders Foi the release of or. Howard. A Royal decree in the Gazelle to Day dissolving the Cortes ordering elections for members on the 24th of August and conv oking the new Cortes on the 17th of september. A Necro iii it is a White Uirl. St. Louis june 29.�?a. Negro ii aupied Albert winnans was arrested at eat st. Louis yesterday for committing a a e on a Young White girl named Melissa la incr. The was committed in tiie presence of the girl s Mother who was Powerley to prevent it. A girl is very respectable and great excitement prevails among the citizens. Summary of the whole con Cera Quot review of the two cases. New Yoke june 20.�?a special be Neva dispatch says that the session yesterday was mainly occupied in giving Technics form to the results already of i trained. Tie first motion considered was the protocol of yesterday s proce diner an agreement upon which As it is an Oft Cial and formal expression of the position of either Side and the exact Points and differences As Well As of arguments. Consequently it is a document the partial misplacing of which May give false color and destroy the labor of Days. The True expressions to be used in reference to indirect claims and what has been done at Geneva is that these claims have been disposed of upon a preliminary consideration by the tribunal which was suitably to the dignity of the court and satisfactory to both parties. It is inaccurate to say Attiat the president of the United states consented to the withdrawal of the Indi rect claims or that the indirect claims have been adjudicated upon. Count Slopis in his opening speech thanked the court for the Honor he had received in being called upon to precide and said Quot this tribunal signifies that a new Dir tion has been Given to the ideas which govern the policy of nations in the most advanced civilization in which the elevated sphere of politics prevail Over tendencies of the ancient routine of wars and places the interests of humanity above those of policy. Such work is bailed by every generous heart As the fulfilment of the wishes expressed in the Congress of Paris in 1865, to refer All Points of difference Between Friendly Powers. History will Tell How amid recrimination on both sides the Way May always be left for a settlement of disputes peacefully. Quot this must have required great firmness of conviction and Devotion to the interest of humanity. The prime minister of England has spoken of the treaty As an example to other nations. Let us gentlemen congratulate ourselves on assisting in this work and Hope that the Joyful anticipation May be fulfilled in the old Maxim that right conquers might. It will not disappear. Do not despair because we Are called to consider a question after prolonged negotiations. Let us judge with profound equity absolute impartiality and we anticipate every assistance from agents on both sides of the counsel. We Are engaged in a work of peace affecting the interests of humanity everywhere. You like myself would like to be the Means of the prevention of further wars. In the words of the great George Washington if there be one thing firmly established it is a Quot i Quot a Quot a a if to Iween the Viire Maxi Nib of an honest magnanimous policy solid rewards Prosperity and Public happiness. Our instr Cross. New Yolk june 29.�?a Washington dispatch says the following the instructions received by Bancroft Geneva concerning the response of the United states to a declaration made by the Board of arbitrators on the subject of indirect damages and which he officially to the tribunal. The Declai tion made by tribunal on the 19th inst., individually and collectively respecting the claims presented by the United states for award by the tribunal first loss in the Transfer of american commercial Marine to the British Flag second enhanced payments of insurance third the Provod Atiim of the War and the addition of a Large sum to the Cost of the War and the suppression of the rebellion is accepted by the president of the United states As the determination of their judgment on the important question of Public Law involved. The agent of the United states is authorized to say that consequently the above mentioned claims will not be further insisted on before the to banal by the United states and May be excluded from All consideration in any award that May be made to this government. At the session of the tribunal yesterday lord Tenterden agent of the British government stated that he was authorized to say that her majesty s government found nothing in the declaration of the arbitrators to which they could not assent consistently with their View of the interpretation of the effect of the treaty of Washington and assuming that the arbitrators would on the statement made by the agent of the United Sites declare that the indirect claims Are from henceforth to be excluded from their considerations he was instructed on that being done to withdraw the application for an adjournment made by him on the 15th inst., and to present the British a argument. The tribunal thereupon formally made the declaration desired by lord tender Dod and tie application for an and summent was at once withdrawn and the British argument presented. It is understood at the state department while Chas. Francis Adams in discussion with his colleagues fairly presented the views of the american government he finally acquiesced in the opinion of sir Alexander cock bum the British arbitrator and a so doing carried with him the other arbitrators. Sofira colons i to a be Lurland vt., june 30. night cd press train on the Butland division of the Vermont Central Railroad die at Butland about Midnight met last night Vith a Accident just North of Vergennes while Lassing Over a narrow Culvert at the rate of about thirty Miles per hour the Engineer Felt a Jar. The locomotive passed in safely Over. No sooner had the locomotive de than the Culvert fell making a Complete wreck of the train. Strange to say but one person a brakeman was seriously injured. Ten the . Washington june 30.�?clear and partially Cloudy weather will prevail monday Over new England and tie Middle Stales with Light to fresh North Westerly to sooth Westerly winds and Over the Southern states with Light to fresh winds. Partly Cloudy weather with occasional areas of rain and brisk Southwest Leaty winds Northwest of the Ohio Valley. Accident and Rota err. St. Joseph mo., june 29.�?while workmen on the Bridge were repairing a Caisson to Pivot a pier this afternoon part of the supports ave Way precipitating five men into the River. One was drowned. A Man named lyres from Berks co., pa., was robbed of $7,000 to Day while asleep on a Westward bound train on the Hannibal amp st. Joe Railroad Between Brookfield and Cameron. Several valuable papers were also taken. Three women a Row nil Milwaukee june 29.�?a o the evening Risconsin says mrs. Luc Smith of Forn ledge Iowa miss Liiva Hanson of Baltimore md., a and or Ripley of Josie Seville were drowned in the River at Jonesville last night. A fire yesterday afternoon at Ford Eiver Michigan destroyed a lumber Mill owned by the Ford Eiver lumber come. Pany. Loss s25,000. Insured for so,000. Death native fire. Cincinnati Ohio june 29.�?one of tiie buildings of the chemical Laboratory belonging to we. S. Gordon was burned this morning at three o clock. Loss Sio,-000 insured in the Andes for $6,000 $2,-000 in the Day Toa company of Dayton o., and $2,000 in the Farmers and merchants of Dayton Trunks Summit City. Trunk manufactory of the heavy of Oil. Albany n. Y., june 29.�?seven cars loaded with Oil caught fire from a pacing engine this Forenoon near Palmyra and were entirely consumed. Both tracks of the Railroad for some distance were destroyed. The loss is heavy. A need to it at. Liitle Quot Rock ask., june 29.�? the dwelling of or. Quer Teburn near Pine Bluff was burned on the night of the 25th. Or. Quart Eburn and daughter were both burned to death in attempting to escape. Another c anti Date. New Orleans june 29. Picayune of to Morrow will have a Long editorial urging the nomination of William Cullen Bryant for president by the Baltimore convention. Base Ball. 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Chicago through3 Isam 118 oops Chicago 50am 11 foam Warsaw 50am 11 25pm 11 foam 8 oops Huntington and was bash.1 room 10 oops 2 lamp 8 oops postal car t. W. Amp it. Way. 1 oops 215pm postal d Lafayette amp oops 8 oops st. Lind Lis Louis lamp South thro l oops 10 oops 2l3pm 800pm Borth tax. North bbl. Grand rapids r. R. I Northern Indiana. 1 oops 6 30am Jackson it Saginaw northeastern12 Lopini 3 30pm Detroit Lansing amp adrian.12 loom 3 oops 12 oops 3 30pm Soto Thkun. South lbs. Muncie r d. mail., i oops ii30 am Cin. A ind Lis thro. 4 to pm 1130am 8oopm f. m d amp s 4ai.m 12 30pm Mali Stase routes. Air Ives Jarvis monday wednesday and Friday at 2 00 p m. Hicksville tuesday. Thursday and saturday at l of p in Albion monday and thursday at 12 00 m. Zarbs Villa tuesday and Friday at 12 m. Depart Jarvis . Thursday and saturday at 7 00 a m. Bicks Villa monday wednesday and Friday at 7 a a. Albios. Monday and thursday at 1 08. Zaks still tuesday and Friday at 1 00 p m. 9 o of o o o i we solicit orders from aka a Al. Kwh err Trank dealer Acta a 0�r a eat. A Ilmore m Beni Cut. Boston june 29.�?gilmore s Benefit this evening was a Complete ovation More people attending Thon at any time during the festival. All the popular element ii including the Anvil Chorne were on the programme and were carried out to the letter and spirit. Gilmore was presented with a Floral Harp. The Jubilee is Likely i to continue until next saturday. I custom department Winot be beaten in style or in Quial we gum tee a i Joy of goods top fit or Leo charge be ask is for to us. Nta Ottay Altair at son Treuer Cisco Flatt Jane 29.�?two idea named Daffy and Wake who had Qayum a few Days ago at Montpelier ind.,ended in the former shooting the latter in the Tho Alder probably producing a fatal Wonak Ull Liy was Jarre ated. There is talk of imm Mary Penni flament. Boiler Kex a lion. 1 it civil in june 29. boiler in the Lafayette Iron works in this City exploded this morning injuring three men one severely and badly shattering the building. Cause Lack of water. Kiim by Mew Elbs. Cynic Ignati june 29.�?albeit Carroll Yoane ban Vas killed by lightning on her May night near Morrow town. Fatally Palazon. It Zhicai of june 29.�?mrs. Quot Aiu Bell residing it 201 third Avenue was to Day fatally poisoned by lasting a detection of Woodbine leaven or ared As a Medicine for a Sickl daughter. The Poison immediate by taking effect on mrs. Campbell the daughter refrained from taking any. The j deceased leaves a family of four children i the people to come and see our Stock know you will buy. Remember us and Call. You can Selec gom Khoii Sims ready in Quot to saleroom8.a we Lead decl Dent. Wasi Ungos Jane 30.�?during the performance of a farce at the metropolitan theatre last night Brown a Banjo i player shot a Man named Keygan a a Ong and dance Man. I was supposed Liat the Auis Ket which Brown discharged at Kee Gan contained Only powder but the ramrod had been carelessly left in the barrel. The Rod enl he lamp of it a s head inflicting a danger Oiw a tooting waa purely a dental. B. Woodward great of North Era iii Liuia 46 cal-bonohst., fort Wayzie. Mai Plaxa. Dij Turiw _ n a a to c a a the a to hitherto existing under the firm name of Harries Trothen amp co., is this Day dissolved a. A Trothen retiring from the firm in Eon Seitu ence of family circumstances. The business will be carried on in the future by car Ries amp co. Safes. Sol. D. Lodge no. 359 f. Amp a. A. Meets st masonic Vilall Over. Mob Lay evening. Regular . Second Dikiy of each month. J 1 a Hite w. Leo. . W. C. Smith j. A d. C. Fisher was. C. D. Crane Jee a a. B. Grove. S. P. A. B. Mccurdy . Robert w. Murphy and a. H. Davi stewards a. Waring j. D. Bond and a g Mich Trust Cha. Sates. Marvin s Are the Best. Amm Aux try pilaster. Fire burglar and Damp proof. 17 South caualmt., Chlea go. C/2 get the Best w i it a. Bly i Teit Ink a uni iii a mtg Tactor or to rat. Dekeip de tire pamphlet and Price list tent free pc Quot Addren . Han 5� a a of excellent farming amp splendid Ivi Chican pm Ais for Sale i i on bleh Are Oak Kati Raihl Jill Lam a Mae Baez Limmi i Luble Ilan titles of Maple Beeck Elm. Ash Hemley Kojak i a. The Grant of lands to the grand rapids pc Indiana Railroad company to build their Road from fort Wayne Indiana to traverse Bay and Mackinaw Michigan comprises in its farming lands every variety of soil from the Rick Elan Loam to the Light Sandy and their Are found in that Section of Michigan North grand rapids and contiguous to the great fruit Belt on the Eastern shores of Lake Michigan now being rapidly developed by Railroad and other enterprises. The a like Are situated on the Muskegon Manistee Pere Marquette White Pine Tamarack Flat and Rouge Rivers and lying Twenty Miles on either Side of the surveyed line of said Road and Are in the heart of the Pine Section from which Chicago is so largely supplied. Farm Nic arc sold to actual settlers of Shkdit one Quarter Down balance in yearly payments interest 7 per cent. Persons desirous of locations for farms w 11, on application at the office is grand rapids to fur nishid with Wukela Over the Road entitling them to ave iii of the event of purchasing any of the company s farming land. For information about the lands prices Loea-ion.isce., address we. A. No warn Keil Bros a they keep the largest Stock and finest patterns at Keil amp Bro s. The decorations. Extensions Gold and fancy papers Are splendid at Keil amp Bro s. All styles colors and Width of Hollands and shades at Keil amp Bro s. Always a full Stock of picture Frame. Mouldings Cord and tassels at Keil amp Bro s. Croquet Loi Cerculo parlor Bullards and a Large Stock of oat and indoor games at Keh. D . The finest line of fancy stationery at Kubu. It boo s. The largest Stock of books and Sutton Ely in kor them Indiana at Kelli it pc Bro s All the late Publica a at Keri. A a eat Post paid on receptor in Blahey s Price by Keil k Bro. The cheapest place the Bay goods iia the City Zaat Jcu. Amo s. F or i nth the bit Brick building. No. K West ber treas East of the old fruit House stand. Fine business location. Fol Ndu a Quot he use a morning. The owner can have the a a a description and paying adv i food Bill by inquiring of junk by by giving finn sii Jtj Ell. C. F. Westrum. For saij2. Diebow old _ Kenzle amp co. Safe at a bar Gitin. Say at a. S. Evans. To or Sale a a new e. In real estate can be secured. A and lot Street Only five minutes walk from Quot Ihu streetcars for further a Ari Clars apply to a w. Kerr North we it corny Uain a Cathou fast. F r Sale House Ajitu lot iii East end at bargain and on reasonable terms inquire at a. S. Evans amp co. F gifts or Choice re8i Dence lots on East Lewis st. 8200 each fifty dollars Down and balance in one and two years with interest. Enquire of Esquire Dubois. Cor. Main and Calhoun its. A or Sale City lots in Han Lna s. Reed s. Comparet a Fairfield s and other additions also several residences in the City and a Fine sur Buban residence newly built with All the latest improvements. Inquire of w. T. Jenison office Over Hamilton s Bank. Fat a Sale a Fine suburban residence with a necessary ont Hoozee and eight acres of land. The ground a handsomely Laid out planted with Rehoie Lka the Trees grapevines ornamental Trees Aada Knik Bery a Green House ac., a. Only Titan minutes walk from the court House. Terms resonable a to wholesale a Muu. Beak is Cate. Real valuable City lots for build tag and speculating purposes ate for Sale by Lewin amp Lumbard office Over merchant s National Bank Corner main and Calhoun st. Good bargain Given and Long and Short times. We Are Alto agents for eight of the Best insurance companies in the United states and England. Insurance taken at fair rates. 3.ee7st0se look. c e st Ani 1uosx incomplete assortment Bosn cards. _ Paton Ftp Dewcy h. F. Wrixson Corner of Cao Ioan and main its. Wayme. Ilia in Albert Joost teacher of Jas in sic. Orders May be left at g Mone store. Of Wall paper and window shades a no. 12 West Berry-st., and no. 77 Columbia st. Wooin Iniss. Summit cd to Len Mills established if a a. Tsoi Ench a Hertog attorneys. ,2nhwe8t Corner main and a Omi Streta fort june Indiana will Pra Eleein the state and fed enl court. Inv iness. Transacted in the Freeh and Leraan languages. Bax it. Or. He sch chari.�8 m. He Tia. Quot Taniel Ryan attorney at a i Law and Justice of the peace. Spee iat attention Given to Coll Tiona and All barium entrusted to his care. Deeds mortgage a Aad other business of like character Wui Revei a prompt attention. Office on court Street. It r. C. Bell s Law officer he. Bossler notary up butt a real estate and Soenen a tranae agents. Office. No. 4, Over Haj Billota s Baak fort Wayne Indiana. Wive prompt at ten tion to buying and sell amp a Aat no taxes and general by Quot Praham amp Joeys at Law 1 agents us Agente eng and advert made in All parts no. 7 East main fort Wayne in Jab. B. A aha Justice of Trifie peace. Actor insurance Lehard s Coli get , collection _ United states. Orlec. Over the auction Zooa. M.v8. Of Abhau notary Publ. Copartnership created by titles bearing Date june 28th. Inland heretofore existing Between Adamik Reid Anson Waring George Nelson and Joseph. Edgerton under the firm Nadia of ibid it a Waring amp Neon is dissolved by tha undersigned in accordance with and in Rar nce of the said articles of Cowart Nenaie. Ibe undersigned will apply the assets of Tim ate firm in discharge of its lab cities in so fat As close its unsettled business. A. D. Reid. Joseph k. Edge Tox. Geo. Nelson. Daud fort m Ayne. June 1872. Oil Are used in All Tao adjoining states and give the be it t of satisfaction. Quot our Are in Good style and taste. Our Flaim Els amp blankets Are All Wool Sand warranted. Our Gas nets jeans and tweeds cannot be excelled let ail Call who desire to save Mone Laad set excellent goods. Cash paid for Wool. No Conon off shoddy mixture. Wool taken from the grower and exchanged goods at Mao Ifa tourers prices saving Large profits to tace consumer. ,iiaii9ra co. Fever and Aboite pills. Deshler s fever amp ague pills these pills contain no Mercury quinine nor arsenic uhe usual remedies for chills and rever. Instead of reducing the system they strengthen and invigorate it and leave the patient in a healthy and sound condition. They Are no quack Medicine but have been before the Public for Twenty years and certificates of their Many wonderful cures from the most respectable sources can be seen at the office of the proprietors. One trial will satisfy the most incr Dulong. For Sale by Meyer Bros. Fort Wayne. Home Lodge no. 342, f. Amp a. A meets it their Hall third Story of p. 0. Building Coart-st., every tuesday ave Hong. Stated communications on the first tues amp a evening of Hsioh month Daniel Gibson . James e. Graham s. W. R. S. Robertson Samuel Thanh user tree. Jao. Lil lie jr., Sec a r s. . H. Broken and John b. Morgan machinery. Fort works or h. 3iannfaetarer of steam engines fined or tabular All Lii a. Saw amp grist Mill machinery and Mill Fuk Kisari sods. Sole agents for Jud Sosi s celebrate steam love knobs and Stillwell a Pieace s Patent Heater and Lime extractors. Car wheels t Hium a tar rim by Luijt �11 Kly do or Railroad amp car cast Wiigs building columns grates rail ii. To order. Engines boilers and Quot in Riftin Chinery promptly repaired. Cow a a Wrights always on hand to Amish Dralus a specifications and superintend Pitt Ian Ngow Mills. Special attend on is of ally Stoat Toa of Wood working machinery cons Sung in part of Witul a Tam Ord and axe Hale Lathi. I a Sawi a utter Sjo a Ding nok special bachelors Haim this Superb Mair Dye is tha Bact in tub wot old perfectly he a a a a a and instantaneous. No few Fudi ridicule Lints or Ulm it Ltd genuine a. A. Mac Blob s harm produce a immediately a a a a Quot a of natural Browa. Does not stain the so. Clean soft and bean Ufa. The Only so re a a do or fast Dye. Sow by a drug Jiuu. Futory 16boad Street. New York
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