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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - January 31, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana synopsis of the preach a dilation Bill. Final passage of the new House apportionment Bill . In no. 234. Foit Way Ink Indiana. Wednesday morning. Jan Zaky 31, 1872.Price five cents. He gave n Tice that he would Call it up at Oil Early Day. To e mouse . The commute3 of ways and maans and Boutwell s a a Ducata. A the Arkansas contested elec tion Case in the House Edwards ousted. Senator Saulsbury takes occasion to denounce the can Pult j. Animate i debate in it be Senate on Ilie an Inesy Bui. The French sport Atoji Bali. Washington Jan. 30.�?the French up ovation Bill report Neil by Caiu Eron in he Senate pro ides Lor a a Piui Ais iii of three to be appointed by the president an d confirmed by the Senate to examine and audit such claims and order their payment to an extent of to 00,000. Quot a Good stove. The House committee on appropriations to Day that the Bills for Public buildings in any part of the country be reported singly so that each shall stand on it town Merius and not to e tacked to other appropriation Bills As has heretofore been the Caser Boc Welt s Syndicate. Messes. Beck Kerr and Brooks the minority of the com amp it tee of ways and Means will not unite in a formal report similar to that of the majority which sanctions Secretary Boutwell s course on the new Loans and Syndicate but will take occasion severally to express their views when the Les Olivion shall come before the House for consideration to Morrow. Grinsh ame Icax claims. In the British and american mixed commission to Day the Case of Thos. Ward t3. The United states was considered. The coi missioners will be prepare to award a sum equal to the value of 100,000 pounds of Cotton which the claimant i Aiea was Sei etl at i Linington a. G., and used by the United states authorities for Hospital purposes. Bills. The co n nit tee on Iti Oija have already red of the general appropriation Bills namely the legislative executive and judicial the pension which two have been passed and also the a Ost of Sce Navy diplomatic and consular Bills. The remaining general Bills to be reported Are fortification military Academy deficiency and sundry civil expenses. The committee hold daily sessions. Contested Elf Tiok. The contested election in the Case of pm ling a. Wilson of Indiana is set Dowie for argument before the House committee on elections for thursday next the former having filled his Brief several Davs ago. New York Jan. 30.�?the Hera a s was Hini on Dilt a Patch says that Cox s Resolution prohibiting a commission for the of government Loans accords with the wishes of the Bankers of the country Congues Sionaia. Houie of Light House. Washik Tox Jan. 30.�?mr. Eld bidge introduced a Bill for the erection of a Light House at the Mouth of theft Ndu Lac River wis. Quot custom Borse at or. Lot is. Jar. Garfield Joji the cd in Mittee on appropriations reported a Bill to appropriate �250,000 for the Purchase of a. At St. Louis for a custom House Post and other government purposes apr the former appropriation of s3,000,-Xor the Cost of the building the Cost i exceed s2,000,000.&Quot Butler mass enquired Why St. L a uis should get a precedence in this no Aiter Over other . Garfield said there was a great existing necessity for additional accommodations of the government offices at St. Louis and the Bill Hafl been unanimously recommended by the committee of Public Balldin a. The Bill of Meh chastise. On motion of or. i reek a was de pm Ovidiu that merchandise conveyed Veitii a by boat or rail from the Poa of arrival to the Interior Ishall be under the exclusive control of the custom officers the Meich Andize not to be Unladen Between the port of arrival and the destination except by Rise Arras nov solution and no the original package. Bank eji_4insati0x3. On motion of or. Hae Peb a Resoluti a a a i adopted authorizing the banking committee to a end for persons and papers in conducting the examination As to the cause of the recent suspension of the of Tiomi and to Kitty fog Abies. The Bill was parsed cd ten King the statute of hit it ions for the prose curio i for pension or Bounty forgeries from two to five election decided. The Cor Smittee on elections decided today i Ian Mously in Lavor of giving or. Bow let tie seat in the now held by Jarai is. The latter receive 1 his sri it Cate from governor Nosy senator ,me t of extradition fees. Abib wis Pasai to Wii esd feel in Lui extract Ioa cases. or. Casserly presented a memorial from the California Solute is for a Modifica tion of the Boniv Laws. On motion of 5lr. I Ole the House Bill appropriating fifty thousand dollars for the expenses of the japanese embassy passed. Bills were introduced to regulate the compensation of department clerks Regii lating the distribution of prize Money and to equalize bounties. By or. Stevenson for the improve ment of the fails of the Ohio River and the Louisville canal. Or. Davis gave notice that he would Call up on Friday his Resolution relative to executive dereliction. On motion of or. Kellogg a Resolution was adopted directing the postmaster general to Send the names of the Louisiana claimants for mail service prior to 1871 also calling on the Secretary of War for information As to the obstructions in red River. On motion of or. Cole a Bill passed to Supply the deficiency in the Posto Alsce department occasioned by the Deal cation of a Mccartney late disbursing clerk. On motion of or. Pomeroy the Bill setting aside the tracts of land at the head Waters of the yellow Stone River for a Public Park was passed. Or. Cameron said at an Early Day he would Call up the Bill for the payment olt the French spoliation claims. On motion of or. Sch Urz the Houst Bill authorizing the construction of a Railroad Bridge Over the Mississippi was passed with two Quot amendments. One requiring that the draw Over the main Channel a Joist not be less than 160 feet High. The other prohibiting the St. Joseph Bridge building Lany from assigning the charter they now hold from the St. Joseph a amp Denver City r. R. Co. To constructing any othe Bridge than the one now being built at St. Joseph. Amnesty Bill. The amnesty Bill came up. Senator Saulsbury made a pm it a in its favor. He said he would prefer the amnesty Bill without exceptions but As this was impossible at Preskitt he would give the present Bill his Hearty support trusting to the generosity of the american people for the removal of All disabilities in time. He Felt that the restoration of the democratic to Power was necessary to protect the rights of the citizens and to develop the resources of the country and to protect the people from fhe evils brought upon the country by Republican Rule. He charged the Republican party with having inflicted upon the country an irredeemable and depreciated paper currency ruined the com a terse deteriorated the Navy and Many other evils and Iti conclusion denounced Sumiter s civil rights amendments As an attempt to degrade White Meti to the level of an inferior race. Or. Sch Urz billowed with an elaborate speech in f Ivor of Sumner s amnesty Bill. He said he had at first intended to vote for the House Bill without the amendments expecting that it would probably be but the Bill having been amended in one particular it must now go Back to the House and therefore there was no longer reason for refrain a from an attempt to make it apply to a classes tailoring under political disabilities at the it South. R. Nye replied to Schurz. Or. Robertson gave notice that he would ask the Senate to to Morrow until a vote be had on the Bill. political disturb Anees at Barcelona Spain. France and her Commerce 1 treaty Ith great Britain. A number of bids for City Stock Atid ones was Ope Neil to Ilay by the coup t Oiler All at and a n c. J a your Mann Smeil Tucker was beat Almot to Eiith Suchite Street i Brooklyn last Nii lit. Jno. Bes was Sini a treated in Ralph Avenue Tresis Here made in the Fornier oae. I Conklinjr the Lille fowl Market Bank de j Faulter is believed to be in Canada. Edward Warrens u Lio Nae red a Proa a ment part in austrian politics died of gently in Vienna. He came to this Man try when nouns in it i Bec Imp a lawyer., be afterwards edited the h user a cider Jiser and helped the . Vivell that the then president appointed him Consul at Trieste. Hotel for Sale. Taylor House. Fruit of an English Schooner and Crew by a Spanish marriage of Charles Duke to a miss Shields. Rhe number of French communists sentenced and still in Accident. A train of car Swep of it in a crowd or pc ply in n Way Atlon a several to Jared. Cincinnati Jan. 30.�?As a passenger train on the Louisville Short line Railroad due Here at 8 45 last n get was Jess Inie be station about fifty mile from this City a most terrible Accident occur at the depot. The platform containing a null a of passengers who had been wait ing for the train and just after the Loco motive and express car had passel the switch and that safely it broke and the remaining cars of the train were swept across the platform mowing Down a number of persons who were upon it. The express car was totally wrecked and caught fire but was speedily extinguished. Among it the casualties were John my Dermot postmaster at the station badly bruised George Rosewell citizen several ribs broken Joseph Johnson station agent leg broken and head and body badly bruised or. Hampton citizen right foot Cru hed of Quot Arm broken in two Plares and otherwise badly injured. The last persons Are not expected to recover. Richard Reeves express messenger was slightly bruised. The latter was brought to this City this morning. It was fortunate that he weather was so inclement otherwise there would have been a much larger number standing on the platform. France. Abib Jan 30.�?deputy Palladine announced in the Assembly yesterday that he should contribute his salary to the fund for the payment of the War indemnity with the Hope that French soil would soon be rid of germans. The National Assembly to Day by a vote of 4h2 against 239, passed a merchants Navy Bill. To n Orro the Assembly will commence the discussion of the question of abrogating the commercial treaty with great Brillan. General Jassey minister of War today stated to the committee of Assembly that it was in Osi it Ible at present to a a i the state of the siege in Paris because of the presence in the Republic of Bonapar lists and liberated communists who would Hanes beg Jan. 30.-a Philadelphia of i Unity of create disorder. ,.amp Erie train bound East at la o clock last a Neial further stated that of the com am honed a i it was thrown from the track near Mun to captured by the government breakage of lick Haven. One car two had been liberated 3,4/j were sen coaches and the sleeping and express cars,"2,040 were saved. The contents of the a Tove a a a hulks at the naval being thrown into the Safe a Large amount a Wions of the country. A Coll soon on the Inion Pei flex terrible smash no on the Phi a Delphi la anti Erir. It. Great London Jan. 30.�?at a meeting of Thi lectors of Birmingham last night a let ter was read from John right express ing the Hope that he will be Able to Wattem Quot a portion of the time of the coming session of Quot parliament. He advises the Elbrt to decrease the expenditures of the government. A Lar e number of Colliers have struck work disturbances Are apprehended a blazon and the military Are under arms a motion was submitted last evening at a meeting of the jockey club to the exclusion of All germans but was rejected. London Jan. 30.�?mr. Bruce Home Secretary has requested the Niagai slates o Iton to Exi in their inaction during the late Duke riots. Seven persons have been summoned to answer for participation in these acts of Wanton destruction. St. Paul s Cathedral is being handsomely decorated for the official thanksgiving to be held there in february for the restoration to health of the Prince of Wales. The common Coli cil of the City of London Are also engaged in the consideration of the subject of making George Gnu it a reparations for for the Prince s recovery. Sir Charles Dilke was married to Day in Chelsea to miss Shields. State Legislatures. A in Yort. A new Youk Jan. 30-�?among the Bills recently presented to the legislature at Albany is one pm posits of Quot the renin Val of the president of the Iris i and German benevolent societies from the on Mission ers of emigration. The governor has signed the Bill for the audit claims against the City of new York. Ohio. Cd la Jirs Jan. 30.�?tn in a see ale a Bill was passed prevent Nii Tlle Iise of Slaughter House near highways or incorporated Vil arcs the House Bill was passed prosecuting attorneys to in present at All sittings of the grand jury. In the House the Bill to authorizing the granting of injunctions against All games of Chance was passed. Spain. Madrid Jali. 29.�?trouble is reported at Barcelona. There was a conflict in Thi streets and the military Are now guarding the . Jadeid Jan. 30.�?the disturbance Ai Barcelona yesterday was caused by the interference of the people to the payment of certain duties. A Large mob assembled at one of the Gates of the City and threatened the custom officers with violence. The police interfered and some shots were fired. The rioters were dispersed with difficulty but the City has since been quiet. The difficulty is purely oct. Madrid Jan. 30.�?a mass meeting of the Radical party has been called hire Lor Friday next. The Radical Are organizing electoral committees throughout the provinces. They intend to make a vigorous canvass of the kingdom for the coming elections. Cab. Havana Jan. 30. The Spanish gunboat Astatou has captured an English Schooner and Crew. The Schooner was Lowed to Manzanillo. It is reported that the Schooner had already landed War material on the Island where she was Cap tured. a i duties. Abili a .4pt-a_-j fur Iier to prevent Sta Toj a Ani providing Tuiai Cou Clors of . Ani in Erna. Re report to the i Tinct a Toniey within Tea Days All Fiu Sand for i to res and miking it the duty of the District Altouney to immediately commence . Judicial affairs. Or. Butlein Mas from the cd in Mittee of Tae of the Lwi re pm cd a a b.11 further to regulate the appellate Jurls diction of the Supi Crne Giuri As an incr a i of tits existing of Limi Tiou of d2,00u As the value of the Matte in dispute to �5,000. It Alio is criminal cases to be cd a titled from tie circuit ourt to the Supra ice court for tue react in d ii bifulk Law Jues ions. Tue Bill. The m i a iii iii in expired Aad the Bill went ver the Moine to iii took up the Senate amendment to tie a by i and they Vee in. The Bill now goes to the a re ident Tor his signature Outrakis. Or. a which was to he 0 on foreign for in jury into tue o it ridges coir rutted by mexican and the citizens of the United states. Indian . The various Senate Bills on the speaker s table were taken up and Rei Errell to the appropriation coat Minitee. If he House then went into the committee of the whole Var. Cox in the chair in the Indian appropriation Bill. The Bill extend though 70 printed Page and appropriates about. -5,500,000. The disc Mission upon the different of treating the indians was continued for a Coupie of the committee Roe after having passed As far a i Page . The Arkansas matter. Or. Hack Fox. Wilt conf in from the it it my Itee on elections made a report month contested election Caie that Jowles is entitled to his Seal and Bluit the sitting member Edw urus in not. Of Money was burned. Several parties were injured one whose name is unknown cannot survive another account Erie pa., serious Accident occurred to the Erie mail East on the Philadelphia amp Erie Railroad about two. Miles East of lock Haven at of past 10 o clock last night caused by a broken rail. The engine and tender passed Over in safety but the rest of the train went Over an embankment and took fire almost instantly. The baggage car two passenger cars and the sleeping car were buried. The express car became detached and was not burned. Two of the ssengers, Jamet Lynoit of Williamsport pa., and Charles Patterson of Troy pa., became entangled in the wreck and were severely burned. They were taken to the Herdic House at several others received slight , but no Bones were broken. Halifax. Hal ii vex Jan. 30.�?fulton, of St. 3ii.s.>ionri. St. Louts Jan. 30.�?in tie to Lay a Bill was authorizing the superintendents of insurance companies 0 withhold from insurance comi Anies a which have not paid their taxes a Cert iii a ate to do business until Are paid. In the Senate a Temperance Bill was list nosed. A remonstrance signed by 40,-000 St. Louis Citi ens against the passage if the Bill Stre phed five times around the chamber. North or it it Linin. Ralet ii n. A. Ian. 30.- Ien. W. Ransom has been elected u. S. Senator. The republicans Fiene rally took no part in the election chiming that the legislature has no right to elect a senator at time. Wisconsin. Ji.\.dis0x, wis., . 30.�?the Assembly passed a memorial to Contress for the renewal of St. Croix land i rant by a vote 61 to 18. The Bill passed to allow St. Croix amp Superior r. R. To condemn the lands under the general Law. Massac a setts City 3iiojei. Dear a Beimer desirous of Ufau Gaff my business. I ofter the above property for Sale it 18 one of the finest hotel structures in the state a cent ally located being on the Corner o two principal Street and Cost per �70,000. It is Elk Antov Tiroui shout and i Complete in every department. It has accommodations for . The office Keading a it d kor Roomi Hare Marblo floor. And with the dining room on the fir to floor. The parlor and reception r oms Are on the second. Every room in the Horio lighted with Gas. Saginaw City has a population of about 9.000, and is Itro i pm idly is the c unto seat and is also the l ventral a Alt and lumber Mart of the Sac naw Valley fhe Jackson. Lan Sibr a 16 of a but going a gain opposite the old stand no Advance in teas coffees sugars Gur Stock is now Complete the great destruction has Inot interrupted our Trad in two Days after the fire we were open and doing , and thanks to the Public for their kind patronage As we were no sooner opened than Uliey comment patronizing us and our Trade is better to Day than the Day we burned out. We will continue in the future As in the past to please Wiir patrons by Selling them goods at the lowest profit and guaranteeing everything we sell satisfactory or refund the Money. Cincinnat and All Point West and when a Otic it acted. With the various Quot Lake Shore Quot Porti and Mackinac. A Railto d is to be built to St. Louis the Loc Lity of the celebrated Mas it e m neral song which will be completed within a year. Of finer or More mostly Public and pirate buildings earn be found in the state the Union school building situate two by aka from the Bouse Cost about $100,000. I will sell the whole or an undivided Ona half of the property to some competent and reliable Persen who will in the House. This is an excellent Opportunity for any one Desi Init to invest in Reitzl estate. The terms will be Liberal. If you or any of your friends wish to make an investment of this kind. I should be glad to correspond with you in to the matter As i Aiu sure i can offer a Superior inducements for you to come and axum inc it. Very respectfully yours i. H. Hopkins. Abi sements. the Campbells i Are c03ji avg. Men s furnishes. V ago Ticy in Kos on col input rss trial of Ilio la of to ton Bank it it it by it a it is. Boston Jan. 30.�?a commercial no Coy established Here two months since by Jeffers in and Henry Brock Brothers col in ted to Day leaving one Hundred Ming men a id girls Emp i y. D without my f them destitute and among strip tigers. There Are in Mermis cod Tor. For Tock and fixtures an Ltd the and miners for their Advance payments. It is said that the Brocks have fled to Canada. Thos. H. Pratt a for the prosecution in the Case of Glover who is on trial for robbing the Boyleston Bank testified to Day that shortly Aiter the robbery he visited Gloer s House in new York when he received ten thousand dollars in i onion Bonds belonging to tic Boyleston Bank. At diff erect times after wards ii Lover give him dirty or Liliy thousand dollars in boils finn the Annie Bank,.some of which were coupons and of tigers Regis ered. Tie will commence . The Colerick s opera House. Thursday feb. 1st, 72. Amadeus Scarf Hassler Scarf Sultan Scarf magic Scarf Prince Teck Scarf russian Scarf promenade Scarff Windsor Scarf at Ijo re Price a than Ever be fat re offered in this City. Calhoun Ana Berry streets. B of St o pro rho i Olar son a is a . Rift St. Lot is a i. 30.�?pavy, the Young Frenchman who to visit the. North pole by the Behrin s Straits has Lieen Here two or three Days in consultation with aft Silas Hurt in a elation to his voyage. The Union Pacific rail Ovid being Snow a docked Mensi Cir Pavy will go to new Orleans and thence to a Quot Francisco by the isthmus route. He will leave the latter place Early in the Spring for Petrizza rods where he wiil Complete his outfit and finally embark on Little raft Lor the Polar sea. Keil Bros Book Bible tin for the holidays Ante Vicente Library in 20 vols.9 Thackeray a Complete works in 23 vols. 82.00 ring s Complete works people a edition 26 vols32.50 Irving s c Splete works Knickerbocker a edition. Vols70.00 Irvine s Complete sunny Side edition. 28 vols70.00 Irvine s Complete sunny Side edition half calf a vols.-. 112.00 Dickey s Complete works. 15 role a �2m the works of Francis Bacon 15 vol�33.75 comi it a Quot the works of lord Mccauly 16 tou36.00 Mcc Iisley s history of England. 8,.is 18.90 Complete works of Edmund Burke vols.30.00 Knight s history of England 8 vols25.00 Milliman a Complete works 15 vols30.00 Plutarch s life and morals. 10 vols30.00 Gibbon s decline and fall &e., 8 vols. 2.50 Hume s history of Engla. A 6 vols9.00 do do do half calf. 16.f017.25 Uene Rai Jusi appoint eur a it ainu a a As special agent to take charge of the Cov i Hugh Mil top s work i is 2io in ton kv., Post Oil ice during the illness Frond s history of England. Vols15.0 of Jesse r. Grant at a salary of 1,c00 13.5 Illner ii of in re to la in no a rant s father a specs no appoint finont. Jan. 30.�?the thyers history of France 5 vols general has just appointed Santord Eaton or Jchalmers s posthumous works. 15 w 50 1 .1 chamber s encyclopedia. 10 vols. 50,00 per annul. Or. Laton accepted tie a works of Daniel Webster Sola 18.00 appointment wit i the understanding that Waverly novels in 54 he is to be made postmark a in of the do to of resignation or death of or. Ura it. Prescott s Complete works 15 role. I works of Charles Lamb 5 vols. On eagles of Ilic Xor Man n. Works of Edgar a. Poe 4 vols. works of disraeh.9 vols Gibbon s r me,6 vols. Indianapolis Jan. 30.�?the obsequies Lippincott s pronouncing biographical . Eddy Fecre-1 5 tar of stale took place from late res Parton s life of Andrew Jackson 3 vols Ide Nib in this it this afternoon attended Smith s dictionary of the Bible 4 vols. By a Larse Nunier of a loading cd amp. 15.00 citizens including the governor Quot state of. Filers Mavor it Council and a Mimer also a Large Stock of ii Misc Vaneous juvenile and n get for interment. Destructive i inc 1� is. ��>1 non All of which will be sold very to i holidays. Or. Lock Jan. 30.�?the to s by the any of the above books will be sent pre 45.00 9.00 it i 00 15.00 9.00 15.00 35.00 9.00 26.00 gift books during the after an eight year tour in Europe during which period this far fumed troupe visited the principal cities and towns off the continent now return to their native country to make another Visi to their old friends and patrons Quot or program my is Recherche and Replete with the very newest and latest gems of ethiopian wit and Melody. Reorganized since our return far the purpose of Satia Ting the wants and desires of All who Are lovers of genuine negro minstrels. We strictly observe the great req s the of Success without vulgarity. Prices As usual. Reserved sent ii tickets for Sale �1 Kcal Bros a. Bank Butler. Agent. Be Avert. Milam amp f. Voirol jewellers no. 29 East 1�iai1v>st., opposite tie fort Wayne and first National ban is fort Wayne Indiana Holiday presents Christmas and Christmas 6ifts the Kennebec Kacis instead. He proposes Hulteen t Lousana Springfield mass. Brown s Crew will dollars on Stock and about Filli Ofle Torow on the Kennebec Kacis 1building with an insurance of live and if the offer is not accepted the Rac thousand on the Stock in Home Ohice. Will be declared off. An opinion prevails that the Dominion government will accept the treaty of Washington. It is known that a Large majority in parliament is in favor of York the Cir and Utick Alexis it inulin iii it Ous. A Ispia Apolis Jan. grand Duke Antl shiite arrived Here at 9 45 by a special train on he Vandalia Road a _ a he Vul to and left fur Louisville at 10 o clock. Tic Siemon amp brother. Train consisted of four Pulim Tui Palace during the a 9s Columbia Street. Stock tvs Bool store fort Vanc ind. 1 elegant variety of Diamondis Stone Seal rings set rings or All Precitia stones. Beauty fill sets of jewelry ornamented Willi Coral Anie by St final Kite Ruby Pearl Emerald Topaz and top Bire st6nes. Rich assortment of i it Adies a gentlemen watch chains Odd Fellows and slavonic pins and charms both new ind elegant. Juwei Rye i re variety a selected from and Are therefore Able to snip the most particular fancies. Silverware the newest designs of castors Tea sets fruit bad Fefa. Endless varieties of Caps and goblets so rup cups savers and waiters. Butter Tehes cases Pei is toilet sets spoon Racks we have received three Hundred barrels of All grades. Beat Coffee a do Coffey a 12ic Ilic Best Brown new Orleans 9 mid inc 9 and inc Coit be. Bio Best do second Quality Best Jamaica 25c 23c 25c boasted old government 27. 28aud30i teas teas this we make a specially and Feci confident we can sell 25 to 50 cents pc Pound lower than other House. 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Apply Immy w Good girl Geb Man prefer to do Grami by gift it by step by a gentle Iak i wife two Afos Toome Uible for _ a parlor Aad bedroom. A to . A private Fumi y a Azetta office ruling to beat us Dayi. A Tanteri he National capt f Ita Lifa instr Aneece. Oswath Aoatoa d a chartered by spec Al met of co rett. Do .<irou9 of teen inc ii Ood. A Tiv Law a of Ekart a ter to act at agents in every county in. San. With Good Mon. Liberal Araa Ambala will to mad. Addres. Wattam a. C. Life Laa. Of. By quiz. . It wanted agents a by Mak a ino from s12s to Moo pm a Oak Fot a articular a Andreu. Witk a uhis. F. Uit it dels Barkr k co. Fra Kun a Malm he Anty. Ii Quot Fluiro. Lap Robe Sleigh Cushion and Hatter strap on Cali a it. The owner can have it by applying at to office of the Gaz tii and paying for Boax Duro. T the Anderson h0�o8e m wast Berry St. This b a pm Tams Aai convenient boarding Boom on Aada half Lun Rei from to pet Afier Law air at the Boom. Job Jami f r Sale. A lof a of Goodsoe. Old Baad Baga. Price 10 cants Mah. Laire at seb Aifer s aae tion Root a. Dor Sale. A a a Sarto r Globe jobbing prb8s. Medium Globe jobbing prb8s. Has Baba ised but hot la. Aad is is Good Ordo a a Lyttik Fazette orca Ito Sal re three Fine build. R ing Lou for Sale 00 Rich a Rutilla Strait am it orb Una of . On mile Somyk of the Coart Houm Vort Wayne. Ind. Aai near the Street cart. For Over Mereb ants National ii i mid. 1 Aube our Cablk . H. Dills at pm. Tomey at Law and notary Mablie. Oglw in Maia-tt., Over Davis a Quot War Star. Cal actions a Mim a if cjardware.-. L. Davis Deal Ixer in hardware. Totos. Oils paint a Aming simple Mayato. Calory and Boas iii did Matenti. An it boys Aad Sells a a. Janice on new York Louse main St. Opposite Tea cart wat Ottoo cards. A a in Iraq my bad Law Aad Notar a . Eriyo. Dog alb Caraty. Ladiana Aht souk card. Att by Statluta Atta Meys it Law Aad Cal. Tic Agency Angola ind. T. H. Sroc a. J. K. It Azov. Justice. Noum bus mss carib Patent agcy F. Wltx�0 of Corner of Carbona Aad �zu�m-stm., not we Jrie. Graham a Gotshall Attoy. Quot Neysa Law Rob to Aad Lasan maa a Gantt mag rots. For Quot Blanehard s Callad adre Trisina Cohan Tom Ada in All Partnof amp a Nita Storaa. Offs. 0. 7 but in to. Ovar Tea a Etibo a la. Ind. Ort Warta m. E. A aim. A v. Ommuu., in Stine of Tea Pauaea. Notary Pablit. He. Bossler notary up Mac. Raal Tsuto Aad of aural Lasa Mca agents. Oace.no.4.owblt�i?b a Ort Wayne. Indiana. Win gig Mpoto Ntina to baying Aad Saiag Aal Tsuto g taxes and Ganral Basi aass. F d. Hillega8, attorney and. Coan Sellar at Law. Will give prompt at Antip Noall Basinais a team to Bis Aara. Sally transacted i Var Mare Baat s in Tain Aad Calbo a so . Rak. Aant run . Amdal m. Hench attorney r Cornar of Oak and Benw . Row go a. Win Pray sea a St tata and i goods. Coppell s strike. New York san. 30.�?the Hooper s strike which originated by the objecting to a to amp Fly system which adopted Laramie City Jan. 30. A Eoli Ision a by of the merchants still Comini ies. Occurred last evening on Union Pacific I in some of the Mai y Iliou society k., near rail buue.-. Futi in tines Wen coning tha and ran into i e rear end 01 a passenger Nam which on the main track writing for twins due to get through the Snow to lilt. Five or cars were badly wrecked and some twelve or fifteen pals engers More or less by used. None fatally injured. A terrible fire a Irlis it Scranton . New York Jan. 30.�?a private from Scranton pa., says a very disastrous tire broke out last night on Penn Sylvania ave. It seemed nearly subdued out took Start this morning. The City Post Ohice is now in flames. The. Weather is intensely cold. The loss a it been imme Iiri. And there is danger of a further i tension. The fire is so gnat As to produce much excitement. Later. Sci Anton pa., Jan. 40.�?the firt which broke out iii Jet destroyed Foini Traine buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue and damaged the Post office to a considerable extent. The mails and All the Post Oitice property Weie safely removed. Log a. I50,0u0 insurance $25,000. Men have been . Aesir Active fire. Public invited to Geo. I e. Mayer so f. Voirol s jewelry store to examine their new and elegant As Soi Trent of jewelry which just a sleeping and parlor canc lies in charge of of Choice and Tali Abl Rived last evening. It will afford a a i books a suitable for them pleasure to show their goods whether people Purchase or not. Books a Holiday presents the c Atli Otic of is. Rin h., Nind Yorks of Charles Dic Keki. A incr a Voitik. Side edition printed on Fine paper and. On St. Jonesn. B., a in. 29.�?.\boiit five tii ining All Tho is in the English thousand roman Catholic assembled at a i a Hon and added the mass meet Init Here on sunday Ane noon to j is vols., Crown 8 vo., half calf Gilt. S105.00. The Nevi Bye son. Tue Steamer Hornet. The filibustering Steimer Hornet has express works of Charles Dickens Globe 4. Man Falls i Lider the Cam and 1m terribly Vutci Latch. Cin a Tinati Jan. 30.�?cornelius con ners a fireman on Tho Pittsburgh Cincinnati amp St. Louis Railroad was instantly killed at Piqua Ohio yesterday. He was standing on the tender at Tho water tank when a sudden stopping of the engine caused ajar which precipitated him under the wheels of the ear following. He we dragged a considerable distance and Hii head and breast were shockingly mutilated. A Han Frozen to death. St. Paul minn., Jan.30. A. F. Gil Man of Kirver was Frozen so badly 01 saturday that a died in a Lew hours. _ their opinions re . A fire at Goshen on saturday Nii it school act and adopt in support edition printed in Large Typo on Fine paper burned fifty head of Choice cattle Quot and si., of their own schools. In l Quot la blooded horses the property of Abraham a Fri Quot Oen �22.00. Same half calf Gilt extra in link anti is at a la Nuu opt a his s44. Min Quot of victorious. 1 works of Prescott. W. t Vati incl and critical m.ella. Ies. With Fine in. Mil Wack be wi.�., a i. To. 1 he curl-1 grave portraits completo in 15 vols., Crown been i heed at the suit of thirty persons ing Malch Between Chica o and Milwaukee i Svor loth $37.50. Same half calf Gilt extra who shipped from this port with the Uno Day was won by la Imago Tho latter a a is pm skin. A Dern Painter de standing that they were engaged in the being tour Alread. , Hoard. With a later. 5 merchant service and when out at sea they were compelled to enlist in the service of the cuban . At a meeting of the evangelical Alliance Las Niht we. E. Dobb was elected pre ident and chief Justice Chase and others . Or. Liapin a Aid the christians of America ought to take the newly arrived Law Danese come ii sinners out of the h ind i of the j o opticians and Fishow them our Christian . Alfred Elst who shot himself on sunday in Brooklyn died yesterday. 1the Palormo Jturner. The i a or Frozen a lid it a inn Sivilio in. , ind., Jan. 30.�?the Ohio. River is clo de Olid. People have been tons a popular account of manners Euso l ,1.>v in in. Statist cd and morals and material is a 1 on tic be. A in he . In Thna Arth ill Eistrat tinted paper Bevelled boards with Platea. Vols., cloth s18.00. Downing s fruits and fruit Trees of America. 1 . 8 v full cloth s5.00. The picture gallery of Allna photographs. Pm Demphs of Rossini $1.50 per dozen . Cutlery w. Russell there Are no further developments in the Palormo assassination. The audit Bill. It appears that the audit Bill signal by the governor of. Bids the payment of any debts in e.w8.s of the appropriation and additional left dial Avion is before most of the City creditors can be paid. 8iqked the Bonds. I mayor Hall to Day signed Bonds to the i amount of �211,000, the proceeds to be 1 a std for the payment of the in Everest of i the City Bonds due on pc Brulay. the produce Exchange voted an assessment to erect a new building. A the Cooper strike is ,.riy ended 60 c Dlumbia-St., it. Wayne. I e employers having a full Supply of non i piety a in. J p. O. Box. 1072. Fth Lemile dealer in cutlery of All kinds of Fine pockets knives and Roslen Liholm s pocket strives plated Forks and spoons revokes and cartridges. All goo is or till ii prices and a full Stock Altaj s on Liand. Profit refs of the nations on the Earth illustrate it i with numerous err Vink Quot a useful and o Clint Gilt Book for Young people elegantly p Intel and bound Gilt extra. . The Mianki husky fam liar notes on the stars and Lii not by Edwin Dank Quot. Of Riyal Observatory in Greenwich 32 Octar maps and numerous other illustrations Folio in a bands me ant que c ver cloth $3.75. Gallery of painters american scenery illustrated by american artists 24 highly finished engravings on Tecl 1 Large . 4 to elegantly bound cloth extra Bevelled Gilt Edge. $18.00. Same. Morocco get tra. 330.00. Any volume or volumes will to sent free through the mail or express according to size or parcel on receipt of Price. To printers. J. Ith a bks clip Tybell Evert fort sur tenders our leadership conceded we stand before the people the acknowledged leaders of the Trade it seems to be As Well known to the in bile a to Onn Elvei that on store Tao Sta greatly enlarged lat Spring and my run Back a depth of 150 feet is a Ull woolly inadequate to Aetonu Iodate our Mammoth must be done to enable us to obtain sufficient room a for our Spring goods ele when the season opens we shall be so badly crowded As to be unable to do a profitable and satisfactory Spring business we have therefore decided to place on Sale immediate your entire Stock of Winter goods at less than wholesale Cost on entire Stock a of Cocheco spra6ue, Meri Lack and Pacific prints on Sale at nine Ces a Yard i our entire Stock of fast color prints formerly 9c, marked Down to 8c. Our entire Stock of prints formerly 8c,9aarked Down to_7c. Our entire Stock of prints formerly 6c, marked Down to of. We lose considerable Money on these prints for we Are dete nine Ltd not to better stocked with dark prints when the Spring Trade goods Fine French velours formerly is 50, Down to is 20. Fine All Wool Empriss former ally 50c marked Down to 40c. 2oc dress Good marked Down to 20c soc goods to 2-5c. Double fold French plaids marked Down from 65c to Mark Down in furs i All Fine Mink furs marked Down to Cost. A Low priced furs at greatly reduced prices. Nice sets at s2, $3, so $0, $6, $10, �15, �25 and 540.great Mark Down in shawls and silk velvets Fine double shawls marked to �3 50, s4, ?5 and $6. Fine Square shawls marked Down to s2, s3, �4 and �5. A All silk velvets marked Down to in carpets we will continue to offer our present Stock of carpets at the following Low Price although it is less than present wholesale rates in new York Good cottage a Quot carpets 2-5c, 30e, 40c and 50c. Handsome ingrain carpets 5 a 60c, 65c and 75c. All Wool two ply carpets 7oc to is 25 a Yard. English carpets is 25 a Yard. 100 dozen Stair rods 95c a dozen and upwards. Floor Oil cloths a widths very cheap. 3-4, 4-4, 5-4 and 6-4 Cane and Cocoa matting cheap. Also immense lots of drug gets velvet Mats Crumb cloths Kuge out door Mats &c.musuns, table linens napkins amp a. 20 Bales of Good Brown muslims at 8 and 9c a Yard. Ird wide Brown muslims 9 and Loc. Leached Mullins 12. E Linen marked Down to 25, 30 3540 and 50c. A we tel Nam. R 8. Emery 8, Corker of coi a Numa us Qinto Ita. It the ply est go Rankine Rose fluid. Chm Dalien madly so or mls us re Furad. A a i ranges Man do on Tonsi Szmant. Plugin Case a co., Chicago n a 14 a Hriber of compere. Caak a Vaa new York. To had Oeswei. Pro a Boucht mad held a a Ouitaa. Ordan mu5t�t for the Porchm of Flaar uni act All Uada and Proximo a. J. S. Cart. 0. H. No inn mm0 amt us Imp my a c. Keel Oosner of Broadway us Jeff Aram a Ata. Pra trip Itobi Eara Foll it Din it a bad. Para Nifa. A puts mad lib Aon Kavtom a r of is Traub wholesale and la Mindr a Demlar a Hannaa. Sadd Taa. Old an mad whips. Colaia him it. A Walvy. Riyat comm. Curtice m. D., begs leave a to annoy new to tha Eit Iieana of Yort Wayne that he Haa Nares mad Tea Lata Faai Letrace of or. W. H. Tameka a. Aad a prepared to attend to All who nay desire his prof a Iea it it i services. Can be Fonad at Hia Obea at wig Ner b Dreir store. No. 54 Calhoaa-at., bet Aea the hours of s Aad 10 a. Alao. At Ray Mel a Draa store a Oramar Broad Viv and Jesh a on St. Between the Hoan of x Aad 4 a. A. Read Damaa. N la _ Mamozic. Fajita one Lodge. No a. 35 f. A a. M., y. A Taes Ere aids at Mam it Nie Hall. Stated of or Befarah tha Fau of tha Moon. A. Area. W. J. . J. R. We alar j. W. J. W. Wilson. Treat Pfail r. Oread sae y. Que Matt City Lodge no. 170, f. 4 o a. M., meets Etcitt Friday Ete Naratma Soave Hall Nort weit Corner of Cash Oak Aad Berr its. Recabar of Tea Firat fonday avanian of Taeb Moab. W. I babe Oak. C. . 8. W.-, wat. Knight j. A Larrol Leo. Traa Aarau v. W. Fuk Secretary. Al. Bay ass Lodge no. 35�&Quot o f. 4 a. M., my a to at Mayonie Hall avar a today. Eve Zaiac. Bakalar Leeond Monde of Eek Mth. J. I. Akita. A. Oeo7d.craae.8. W. C. A. 8mi� a. A d. C. Fiaher. Treat. C. Osas a Rorm. 8. A a. Meca Nii j. A Robert w. Morphy Aad w. H. A stewards a. Waring. Fri. Bond Aad a 8. Smith to Utoca. Stated on the int taraday . . Amese. Graham. 8. W. R. 8. Robvrt Aoa. .1. W. Samael Baa Haagar. Treat Jao. Lin Lia. Or. Smy r. 8. . Ana John b. Morgaa. Traat Aea. Pkg it Wayne Chaftez a m v r. A. A. Meets at Mas Oaie Hau emf wednesday Erea Vimr. 8tatad eat. Mall sat wednesday a each month. A Wim Dob e. H. P. Geo. Crane. Sac y. Mayne Council no. 4, a cd. A f a. Mee Taia suited of a a ind wednesday of each month at 7 a4im . S. H. Soaff. T. I. Xii k Bolti. Sac Quot . _ Harmony Lodge no. Every thursday atanian. Tju s of w. P. Berr. V. A j. A. Phu. R. Grand. P. 8. Quot in it the Gazette company offer for Sale a Quarto a bedlam Clobe jobbing Prem Whiteb has been in use but a Short Lime some new features have been introduced making it better than when new. Ive offer this press for Sale very cheap. Address or inquire at Gazette office fort Wayne Indiana. 20 Bales extra heavy Yard wide Brown muslims 10c. 15 cases Good bleached muslims 9 and Loc. 20 cases of Vard wide bleached Mullins i2ic. 25 pieces table 50 dozen napkins marked Down to 75c, is s1.25 and $1.50. 50 dozen extra Fine and Large napkins marked Down to $i.75, $2, $3.50, $3, $4, $5 and s6. Men s under Skurtu and draw Cra marked Down to Cost. Heavy factory jeans Mark Down to soc 40c, soc and 6 the. All Wool Cassimeris marked Down to 75c, 90c and is in fact we Are now offering our entire Stock of dry goods and Cabel at a it to in a a i Leas than present wholesale rates in new York and jus Loiue can come to a aale go Ooi Nax s Tiore without this advertisement being overdrawn. Ver Harpar Calhoun St. Fort a ii Indiana. Foster Brothers new York City store .94 Columbia i tree Wayne Lodo meets Avery monday Quot a i c i meets Avery monday nid . . V. K. 8. We. T. . Summit ome Eutha first and Ianth. W. P. Berry id a a. Henderson. 8. . C7kii�rr�-c-1� . Portar Chi Barraia. I v Oil Worth. A a Libr mjg a a a Phe undersigned. I Board it Clian Hola table Iti Colombia St
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