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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - January 1, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana It foreign. Attempted assassination of the Prince of Wales . In no. 209. Foet Wayne Indiana. Monday morning january 1, 18t2. Price five of the i president of Bolivia by his son in Law. Illinois. Terrible boiler explosion at Glasgow five children killed. To a Joudon times of president Grants cuban policy. Roll particulars of the execution of Bartholomew , at Pitts held Plue coot -. The Mexico a evolution terrible Eoute and defeat of tie a evolution to. Great Britain new York dec. 30.�?the if emm punishes a London letter in which it v stated that the writer is informed on the author. It of one who is Well posted regarding the Sumret societies of Europe Anthe Prince of Wales was not suffer iii from typhoid fever but from an attempt assassination by a secret agent of the International society. The or Niza tion it is stated has resolved upon the death of the Prince and the Public assertions of some of its members urge the corroboration of the facts. The Herald editorially declines to endorse the Story. Los Dok dec. 30.�?a bulletin reports the Prince of Wales though slightly affected by a swelling above the hip to continue to improve. The visit of the Queen to Sandringham was not caused by the apr Yearance of any dangerous symptoms. The Steamer Nevida has arrived out. The times reviewing president Grant s message promises therefore that the predent s cuban policy May soon be exchanged for a More Active one. The limes finds no objection to this and declares that Cuba should be separated from Spain. The ship Edward foundered off Falmouth yesterday and All on Board lost of particulars. The ship Piera. From Wilmington with a cargo of 2,200 barrels of turkic Pine was totally destroyed by fire while lying at the South end. The loss of Haa a material effect upon the Price of turpentine in this Market. Glasgow dec 30.�?while a Large Road Wagon propelled by steam and carrying heavy boilers passing through the streets to Day surrounded and followed by a throng of children one of the boilers exploded. Five children were killed outright and seven were so badly injured that their recovery is doubtful. The dead and injured were frightfully a Lutila Tedt. # pronouns him dead when he was Dot Down and placed is a coffin and Deli Franco. Pajus dec. 30.�?in the Sac ably yesterday afternoon a vote was taken to increase the Cir dilation of the by a of France 400,000,000 of nines. The Assembly then adjourned until thursday. President Thiers during the debate attending the violent language used by the deputies provoked by the threats of the germans said that Spence a s the Best reply to the harsh words of bismark. This was received Quot with do longed applause. Thiers sex Primea a determined opposition to he Ranii the present fiscal a ear with fresh Loans. London dec. 30. A a Telegram dated at Nice on Friday night the 29tb, Reid died in this City this morning the United states it pet Bash was entering the Bobor the moment the dispatch was from Italy. The vessel was burning signal lights which indicated her identity. Gen. Sherman was probably not on Hoard As he intended to lans and Ren Iain a time at Cadiz. South America. New York dec. 30.�?South american advices of nov. 27th, from Lima states that the sex resident of Bolivar was assassinated by his son in Law in that City. Both were exiles. There were three earthquake shocks in Arequipa on the 20th and 21st of novem he last. Chillis about sending a military commission to Europe to Purchase arms and other War materials. Rum a St. 30.�?the Journ do St. Petersburg the Kussian official Organ says the cordial reception of the grand Dake Alexis in the United states creates a profound sense of satisfaction throughout Russia. The existing relations Between the two countries strengthened by the Noble hospitality with which the san of the emperor has been received Are now More than Ever pledged of enduring Amity which cannot by i contribute to the general peace and Progress of humanity. Calm. New York dec. 30.�?the wouts Cor respondent writing i from Havana on the 23d., says that Balmaseda Captain general of Cuba has just issued a proct ocal for the enslavement of the whole chinese population of Cuba numbering some 8o006 a Drill. The decree orders the 10,000 or is Jolo free chinese to immediately enrol themselves under the Tutwil of Good tutors and work in the gov Quot Hemment workshops receiving for their labor Only four dollars per month and ordering that All chinese who Are now working under contracts shall be re indentured on the expiration of their terms or he sent to jail. A i. St. Hours dec. 30.�?the Republican has received a special from Hannibal mo., giving an account of the hanging of Bartholomew Barnes at Pittsfield Pike county 111., yesterday for the murder of John Gresham in Calhoun county last february. The murder was committed Iri manner and under circumstances As follows Barnes and Gresham bad a diff Cullity several weeks previous to the murder and Barnes then threatened to tear Gresham s heart out. On the 27th of february they crossed the River together. Gresham was in a Wagon with his son of fifteen years. He was drunk. Barnes was on foot. On leaving the Landing Barnes asked to ride and on promising to behave himself consent was Given. Barnes and Greshan sat together on a Board. Before they had proceeded far they got into a quarrel. Amp Mes made an insulting remark caught Gresham and juin Ped off the seat and out of the Wagon. The Board slipped and Gresham fell on the opposite Side and Lay on his by us near the Fence. Barnes ran to him Steadi himself by holding to the Fence and deliberately stamped him to death crushing his Skull and mutilating his face beyond recognition or to a who saw the dreadful work of death called upon Barnes to desist wild the murderer jumped the Fence and fled. Or. Tyler pursued and captured him and found blood brains and hair adhering to his feet and hands. The Case was tried at the december term and after a Brief retirement the jury returned a verdict of guilty. The prisoner although Only Nineteen years old betrayed no emotion during the trial and manifested no concern for his future until a few Days ago. Quot yesterday he become penitent and said that he killed did not intend to take his life and that whisky was the cause. At 2 o clock he was taken from has cell to the Gallows in one Cornet of the jail Yard he mounted the Steps firmly and faced the spectators without moving a muscle. The Sev. Or. Johnson offered a prayer the prisoner at the same time beseeching cd s forgiveness. Bising to his feet he said Quot i believe god has pardoned my sins and has forgiven me. I thank or. Smithkin for ling kind to me. I Hope that no other an will Ever be Hung for after shaking hands with the jailor minister and others he asked or. Johnson to Pray again and he offered up a touching and Earnest prayer which affected All who heard it. He stepped on the platform took the noose in his hands and examined it. While his handstand feet were being bound he prayed earnestly. The noose placed around his neck and the Black Cap pulled Over his face. While he cried Quot god save my soul Quot the drop fell at 2 25 M and was precipitated five feet the Force breaking his neck and producing death almost instantly. At a Quarter to three to clock the physician made an examination new York. Boss Quot Tweed up to his old tricks Between the old and new boards of aldermen. Secretary fish again in the resign Init humor. My to his Mother for banal. California. Terrie Stem Eskil Thron Bont the Betarte the to Vee a nth a iii so nned 9s00. Sas Fri Sci a i>ic�,30.�?the storm is abating. Tie econ Ittu generally flooded. Judge be of Rae municipal court to Day to an indictment of Aarau amp us Battery with a pistol upon Chas. D. Young of the chronicle. Judge Stanley fined him $300. Freak Vale former clerk of the Secre of Tate Nichols and Edward Hallsteadjr Young men Hare disappeared a Sara Minento under circumstances Lea no to the belief that both have let Een murdered the robbery of the stage Quot in Quot Sotoma county last week has been traced to a Digger Indian boy sixteen years old armed with a red Wood stick instead of a in. He got no plunder except an empty of. There Are seven Eastern mails now Over due. All the mails from this Point passed West of Cen. No obstructions. West of that Point. W Booker wife and two children were murdered at Bine water station near Tucson Arizona. They Are supposed to have in killed by outlaws driven out of Sonora. San Francisco dec. 29.�?the storm continues. Over Nineteen inches of water have already fallen. Id of armed men disguised Cut the fall week levee near Maysville the morning. Five thousand feet of the levee have been washed away and a Large Section of the country is flooded. It is feared Maysville will be flooded with water it is std raining. The thermometer ranges from 68 to 72 degrees. The will of the late Horace Howe a finally broken and letters of adminis Nixion have been granted to the widow. Utah. The mormon ii Antl the press the in me try oat of Money an important . Mexico. San Francisco dec. 30.�?advices from the City of Mexico of december 7th, staite that the government is holding the revolutionists on the Nuevo line in Check using the Wii Ole available Force to crush Diaz. The revolt in Oaxaca has resulted in several Small engagements in which Ihaza was compelled to abandon the open Field retreating to Oaxaca i pursued by the Federal troops under generals Arlatore Rocha and Figueroa. Troops sent by Diaz to invade Guerrere under Juarez were routed by general Arce torn Belpre and driven Back to Oaxaca with a loss. Guerrere and the Galveston coast with the exception of Oaxaca and the port of Muscat on Are quite in the Possession of the Federal authorities Matamoras dec. 30.�?the revolutionists under quiz Raga entered Mier this morning. The government forces have fallen Lack to Cui Rago without resisting. The town of Tuto has pronounced for the revolutionists. This pronoun Cimmento closes a communication with the government forces Between Tampico. Louis Conales has been nominated governor of the state of Taman Jipa a. He is now organizing a National guard to defend the state. Washington. Salt Lake dec. 30.�?oscar Sawyer today retires from the Post of chief editor of the in cause stated Tobe incompatibility of journal Sib and political views Between Sawyer and the Tribune directors a. Majority of the latter being so called apostle mormons and opposed to Brigham ont still mormons. The United states District attorney has addressed an important letter to senator Trumbull asking judiciary advice and instructions As to what he Sall do without Money to pay the expenses of the court prisoners jurors witnesses Etc. He says in territorial courts All mormons who will not punish their followers or leaders for High crimes at All but do frequently punish gentiles unfairly and unjustly and unless the u. S. Courts prosecute criminals anarchy must soon exist and life nor property be Quot. The Cost of keeping prisoners transportation Etc., is already fifteen thousand dollars and not a cent for this or the future. The attorney concludes Quot i Sec no other course for the government but to provide Money immediately for the prosecution of great crimes now Cli arged or order All the Florida. One Hui Lon of cold for Sale the Prev ident and the Caber Natoria Ait airs in tic Orsin. Washing Tox dec. 31.�?the Secretary of the tre awry has authorized the ast Lastant treasurer at new York to sell one million in Gold on the second and fourth thursdays and to Purchase one million of Bonds on the first and third thursdays during the Mont i of january next. Judge Calhoun late chief Justice of a Teri Gia and one of the most prominent of the Southern , had a Long interview with the president yesterday. He says the administration will not interfere in the gubernatorial affairs of Georgia and As gov. Conley personally cares nothing for the office there will be no contest Between him and the governor elect concerning it. / tie rational trotting association. Peov Denck e. I., dec. 30.�?the semiannual meeting of the Board of appeals of the National trotting association will be held in this City on the 2nd tuesday in january. Was she captured by a Spanish War vessel or is she Safe at Fassna new Yoek dec. 30.-a St. Thomas letter mentions that a Rumor is current there that the american vessel Florida has been captured by a Spanish Man of War and taken into Porto Kico. The Florida left St. Thomas on the 14th of december and it is stated that shortly after her depart Ore the Nuez de Balboa which followed close behind fired at and brought her to almost in presence of a United states Sloop a the Shawmut. The same news is confirmed by private dispatches but the 2h6-Un� of this City thinks the news should not be fully credited. A Nassau n. B., special to the times says the Steamer Florida arrived there on the 24th inst., with the loss of its for top Mast. She was towed into port for repairs and Coal. Nothing was said in tie dispatch aleut her being fired at or captured by Spanish cruisers. Railroad Accident. Nev York dec. 30.�?a run off on the Erie Railroad near the Hackensack Junction yesterday evening made a Complete wreck of the engine and seriously injured the fireman. Blackmailing. A i All St. Broker named Charles Allen has taken Legal proceedings before Judy Lik Cunn agent Fisk and Gould Lor alleged false imprisonment. Allen charges that his Arrit was made to prevent him Frem testifying on Mattert from which he was cognizant in refer he to the Blat Friday transactions of Gould and Fisk and indirectly charges judge Dowling who ranted the order for alien s arrest with complicity in the proceed Insp which appear to have been taken in 1s69. The damages Are Laid at $50,000. Fisk and Gould were absent yesterday in Boston. On their return they will be served with the order from judge Mccunn. Tweed s bail. In the further examination of Tweed s Bondsmen this morning Young Tweed testified that he owned property valued at a million and a half dollars some of which was deeded to him by his father in August and some in november the present being made Froid love and affection there Heidi no Liat he should bail his father. Small Rox. There Are one Hundred and thirty Small pox cases in Jersey City Tweed s Gahe. Tweed s counsel to Day made application to the court of Oyer and ter Miner judge Cordoza for the removal of the indictment found against him in general sessions to that court. As the District attorney consented As a matter of course. The Oyer and ter Miner court is held by one of the supreme judges and this is doubtless a Point in Tweed s favor. But few persons were at the court As the matter was not expected to come up. Fish again. Nev York dec. 31.�?tlie morning papers say Secretary a Ash s resignation is once More on the tapis and in a More tangible shape than Ever. In fact his final retirement in a Day or two is no longer a matter of conjecture but one of almost absolute certainty. The difficulty Likely arising Between the United states and Spain with regard to cuban matters have matured his Resolution to withdraw As soon As possible from affairs which threaten to assume a Black and a Tomijo aspect. Secretary fish being now in this City a reporter interviewed Hini ast evening. In answer to a question the Secretary said a Quot i am sorry about the recall of the. Spanish minister for i have yet to know a spaniard who is a better Man than Senor Roberts. He has been invariably courteous and kind. Whenever he possibly could he advocated and endeavoured Rule in Spain has never sent a better representative to Washington than Senor the Secretary stated that As the matter of his resignation was in obey Ance he did not wish to say anything about it at present but facts would Quot come out in a very Short time. Miscellaneous. The funeral of Jas. H. Hackett Veteran actor was held to Day at Jamaica l. I., attended by a Large number of prominent citizens from this City. At a meeting of the Street cleaning commissioners this afternoon a report was presented showing that certain streets had not been cleaned and it was moved that the Bills for such work alleged to have been performed be not paid. No definite action was taken at the meeting of the Board of aldermen to Day. There Ras obtained to Day from judge brads of the supreme court a writ of prohibition prohibiting the mayor from re appointing or recognizing the old Board of aide Meb. Similar in respect to the Board of assistant aldermen. a Law paned Bly a the i is lature last Winter the old Board which is principally tammany claim to hide Over until january 1873. The new Board which Are Pic stay Bebrin dispute this risk to re aiming that the legislature had no right to Rose tie jaw so to keep the present Quot hoax a or state a Ricl nral convention a it Grant statistics. Cullu mitts dec. 31.�?the state agricultural convention meets Here on wednes Day evening. In the past year 24,670 emigrants passed this Point for the West and Northwest. Total in seven years 212.368. The governor elect Noyes is to retain col. John Neil of this City As private Secretary. Six Hundred and sixty four marriage licenses were issued during the past year in this county. The democratic senators in caucus last night adjourned without making nominations for offices. Another caucus will be held to Morrow. Another terrible did Aster at sea. St. dec. 30.�?the russian steamship Kua plying on the Aspen sea foundered in a terrible gale., and All on Board officers Crew and passengers drowned. The Steamer had a million roubles in treasure on Board which is a total loss. Prominent citizen convicted of Kun Al Xiam. New y Ork dec. 30.�?advices from South Carolina state that among the convicted for Kun Klu ism at Columbia yesterday was Samuel Brown a prominent citizen owner of Large estates and at one 4ime a Justice of the peace. Monetary and commercial monetary. New Tork cold and Stock Ai Arket. a new York. Dec. 30. The Market was Anict and steady to the close the rates paid for car in to the rates i Day were 1-16, 3-64 and 7 Pei clearings were about s Ojer cent., go .000,000. Specie exits for the week were �4,490.696. The weekly Jank statement shows the following changes loan decrease $849,000 specie increase �2.248,800 circulation decrease s32,800 deposits increase $1,554,100 Leeal tenders decrease $935,000. This statement is a favourable one and shows a gain of $lj094,475. Money at the opening was easy at cent. Government Bonds were very Strong. Stocks opened Dull. Monday being a Holiday there will be no session of the Stock nor Gold Exchange. Sterling Exchange banker s Bills. 9 4. Cock oks. Coupons 1881 coupons 1862 coupons. 1864 coupons 1865 new. Coupons 1867 coupons 1868. Iio currency 6 a.2 8ikt� bops. Missouri. Tennessee old. New Uve cattle�?common-."s3 5d@3 75 medium. 3 75@4 00 Choice. 4 00<34 50 .-83 00 Choice. 3 30 sheep so the above quotations Are made on the basis of live weight. Pro Daee. Reported for the Gaz Btty by s. Bash a co., jobbing Lutes apples dried. 6x�7c. Beans a a pure white0091 k prime navy1 Gogi 75 better fresh Roll. A a a is a inferior. A a a is dressed hogs�?$4.� to �4.65 per out. Eggs fresh 27@28c. A a. Feathers Peeso 70 to 75c ducks 60 to 65c. Floter White wheat per Bra. R 60f8 00 red wheat per by la. 7 00@7 50 Izard at 6c. Potatoes at 75<990o per chickens 5 98� per la turkeys 8@10o per la dressed due i do. Rag&-2@2>ic. Seeds Flaz. At $150 Timothy. 25u@3 00 clorer.>60q@6,10. Shi ep.ill.t&-<3re��m.m Ai.75 dr�20c to $1 50. Tallow beef 7@7 Mutton 7c. Wax at 27@28c. The state of Trade. Baltimore Market. Telegraph balt Obic dec30. Corny Active and firm White Southern at 70@7le. Lour Dull and nominal Western family at $7 50@8 25. Rye-firm8t90@105. Provisions unchanged. Wheat Dou and scarce Ohio Al Indiana red $1 50�l 58. Whist nominal 8t95@96c. Receipts for the year ending december 30 wheat 407,600 by Corn 573,900 Oats 1.-833,000 Rye 89,000. Flour inspections for the year ebding december 30 Howard Street 255,-000 bbl pity Mills 318,000 bbl Western 363.000 bbl family. 185,000 bbl. Chicago Market. Telegraph. Chicago. Dec. 30. Barley in fair demand at better prices no 2 Spring at 6l%c rejected do at 48c options quiet at yesterday s prices. Beef quiet. Bulk meats steady at previous prices corny in fair demand at better prices no 2 mixed at 40wo rejected 37ji ear at 43c seller Jan. >#40 february at 41@ 41kc seller apis at 43343. Green meats steady and quiet. Hogs firm and demand fair at dressed hogs steady at a slight decree Virginia new. Old. North Caroline old. stocks. Canton. Western Union Telegraph. Quicksilver. Cd. A3 60 50 31 12 a dams express. Wells farm amp co s express. American express. United states express. Pacific mail. New York Central. _ scrip. Preferred Quot preferred. Reading. Michigan Central-.�-. Cleveland so. Northwestern. Do preferred. 9g4 Rock new Jersey. Central.108m St. Paul. I 74 7u 26 91 56 58>4 63 53 90 68 116 120 111 114 69 preferred Wabash. Quot preferred. A a fort Wayne. Terro hate. Quot Chicago pc Alton. Quot. Preferred. Ohio amp Mississippi. Ninati Cleveland amp Columbus 84 in 16 50 112 120 46% Agton amp Quincy. 127 Lake Shore Indiana Central. Illinois Central. Union Pacific Bonds. Central Pacific Bonds. Union Bonds. 131 29�z1 log Uji com Hercial. Foot Watte biabket8. Purs. Reported for the Gazette by s. Bash amp co Raccoon. Mink. Skunk. Musk rats. Red Fox. Grey Fox. Otter. Opossum. The above quotations a re for seasonable Ekins. 40� i5c prime $150@325 Quot a 10@140 Quot 10@12>�c Quot 100@125 Quot 50@65o 5 00@5 50 Quot 8@15o will meet to o Pover. Both boards Lise Quot on monday. The writ was referred return liable on the second monday in january when the question will be judicially determined. Edmond Pierrepont has been made referee in the Broadway widening affair in place of Henryj. Davis declined. Henry abet no bal Eek appointed Public administrator in place of a. Rogers whose term of office has expired. Thomas Mcgill and Michael j. Wellen inspectors of election have been convicted and sentenced to the Penitentiary six and four months respectively. In Brooklyn 8. W. H. Ward a Well known shirt and Collar manufacturer died yesterday evenings. The ate a Ben. Woods s paper charges that the lottery policy men of this City openly boast that they pay to the policy department $2,000 a month Protection. jury of Tho court of general season ii Haive adjourned till tuesday. There is the Best authority for Sayin says an evening paper that High officials have been indict Al who would Jive been arrested to Day Biff for the la Gal question being out of a reach of the rival grand juries. No bail has been furnished by either Fisk Quot or Gould to Day in the suit of Allen against them but David Dudley Field their counsel pledged himself to the sheriff to produce both his clients on tuesday. It is stated on Good authority that Fisk is in Boston. Berg the humanitarian addressed a communication to j. G. Bennet jr., this morning admonishing him to desist from taking part in the Pigeon shooting match. He says he will enforce the Law in the premises. There have been seven Casas of Smail to and three deaths since yesterday and so potty five cases and eighteen deaths during the week. The owner of the Steamer Florida which was reported erroneously in these dispatches to have Jeen seized by a Spanish War Steamer to Day sent a communication to the Secretary of the Nav asking Protection. Bar inc of the Coal nine a in Vir Kinia. New Yoek dec. 30.�?a Richmond va., dispatch says that on tuesday last the Clover Hill Coal mines of Chester county took fire which continue to Burn. No persons were in the Shaft at the time the fire occurred. Several mules were in the pit and were burned. The Midlothian Coal pits in the same Vicinity Are also on fire m consequence of which a Coal famine is threatened there. The Mouths of the shafts on fire have been covered. Beat Active i ire at Milwaukee. Milf Attlee dec. 31.�?bowman s Iron works in the 3rd Ward were burned this morning. Loss $4,000. The air and Dake and his Cir eat a Altalo Hunt. Chicano dec. 31.�?it was determined to Day that the Long talked of Buffalo Hunt on the Plains by the grand Duke Alexis and suite under the direction of general Sheridan Liall come off. The party will go from Here to Milwaukee St. I Juis Kansas City and Leavenworth As heretofore arranged and reach Omaha on the 10th of january where general Sheridan will receive them and with proper military escort conduct them to the Hunting grounds. If the Snow is found too deep to Hunt the party will take the cars and go through to san Francisco. The boiler explosion at balt More. Bax timbre dec. 30.�?by the boiler explosion in this City yesterday we. Harrington the senior member of the firm w. Jennings fireman and we. Clark apprentice were killed. About ten persons were injured some severely. Grain. Reported for the Gazette by City Mills. Barley. $ 75� 80 buckwheat-80� 85 corny yellow. No. 1 shelled.42 mixed38� bar.36 Oats a a no. 1 white32 mixed 30� 3i black28� 30 Rye 1 white75� 80 wheat no. 1 1 m no. 2 do in no. 3 do.1 20 rejected .1 00 no. 1 white1 45 a no. 2 do 140 groceries. Reported for the Gazette by Pukstis a Ham. Altos. Coffee a on of. Ordinary to fair. Mm@23c 21� Choice and fancy. 24@25c cheese factory. A a a Quot Dairy. 14 @14iio fish Mackerel no 1. Half Bra $9 75@10 50 Mackerel no 2 do $6 5097 00 White fish no 1 do �4 75@5 25 family do $4�4 50 codfish French cured 7>i@7 in codfish Georges fruit raisins. Old $3 25@3 30 raising new $3 75 turkish prunes 12@13c Zante currants 11012. A a. Rice Rangoon 8@854c Patna 8 @9o sugars we quote molasses sugars Low Grade. Yellow a. Extra a. Hards. Syrups common 50@55c Golden .50, 60. Etc saw lard Trise stronger at 8%c seller feb. At 9c March at 9ji s9<ic. Rye steady no 2 at @63c. Oats in fair demand at better prices no _ seller feb. At3�i s33c. A produce quiet. Pork steady at $13 25 seller Jan. At $1325 @13 30 seller feb. At $1360�13 62 March at si3 85@13 90. Wheat excited and higher no 1 Spring at $1 22j4 no 2 do $1 20 no 3 do at �109 seller january at $1 19>i@l 20% seller february at is 21%. 6 00 Strong at $1 20 i for january Al 22% for feb. Corin closed at4 %@40>ic. Can Pinnau Birket. Telegraph Nicis fati. Dec. 30. Barley steady for Good grades at 75@85c. Bulk meats due and asking5c, 6c and 6jip for shoulders Clear rib and Clear Loose. Bacone in Light demand but firm shoulders at to Clear rib and Clear at butter steady at 20@25c. Cotton quiet middling at i9@19>ic Low do 1818?. Cheese unchanged. Coffee in a Ood demand at full prices. Corny firm and demand fair at47c. Eags-dnllat35. Flour Dull and drooping family $6 509 6 75. Green meats Duli and lower shoulders at 454 sides at 5j4c. Hams-v@8c. Hogs steady at $4 10@4 70. Lard full pries asked but no demand 8?i@9vic. Oats in Light demand but firm at3g�39c for no 2. Pork full prices asked but no demand at 13c. If yes scarce and firm at 82c. W he at quiet at �140 3143. Win sky steady at 91c. Sew Tork Market. . Quot new Yolk dec. 30. Butter steady Western u@23c. State 23 Barley Abii prime Western at �5c. Beef unchanged. Cut meats unchanged. Cheese Diu common to prime at 11� Cotton Dull and declined Middle inc Uplands at 20c. Corny scarce and firm new Western mixed afloat at 76@78c. ,. Coffees Grain bound fair. Dressed hogs firm at eggs Dull and holders anxious to sell at a unchanged. Hops unchanged. Lard heavy no 1 to prime steam at 9@9mc prime Kettle rendered Mola est in in fair request new Orleans Quot it unchanged ,. Oats Dull Western and Ohio in store and afloat at 54@56c. Pork heavy new mess at i pc seller of Petroleum crude atl3 i�13 refined Western at 90@92c. Sugar Dull cubs at 9@9>ic. Wheat Dull and lower no 2 Spring in store at a 49�1 53 Winter red and Western at $1 56 @150@156 White at if Fly a no 1 Spring delivered at $1 48. Oswego Karky a. Telegraph Oswego. Deo. 30. Barley steady for prime upper Lake Canada at $100. A Corn due sales 1 car at �7@65c. I Rye held at 80c for Western. Wheat quiet sales 1 car Choice White Canada at $1 83. Philadelphia Harket. telecbaph.1 Philadelphia dec. 30. Corny firm new yellow at 67�70c Western High mixed at 70� a. Quot flour Dull and advanced at �7 2o�7 62. Oats at 50c. Provisions very held at la in refined at a firm at 90c. Wheat demand fair at better prices red state at $155@157. Whisky-dulut96c. Toledo Market. Telegraph. Toledo 0 dec a to. Corny Shade better High mixed at 48e it a do at 47 yellow at 48 Mich at 48mc o Grade at 4bc. Clover seed steady at $6 60. Lumber rough first Clear. $50 00 2nd do do. $45 00 3rd do or Box. $4000 Stock boards. $24 0025 00 common do. $20 00 cull do,$15 00 dear and second Clear strips $4000 common strips $28 00 fencing. $2100 cull do. $15 00. Joist scantling an Timber. 18 feet and under Yard Eidos 820 00, or do 20 to 24 Young. , w. W 52i 00@24 00 Inch select finishing. Imperial.50, 60, toc a $30 of 12 Inch come Mostock boards. 14 and 16 Japan. Oblong. White drips 75@80c. Tobacco. Black plug. Bright do. Fine Cut,.&Quot&Quot. Smoking cat and dry chewing shorts. Of a cd so 33 75c@81 25 55@70c 75@90e. 60�il 25 5i35c 32@35c e. Reported for the a sett by Babe Dele amp co hide Ain Good demand at improved is. Cured hides�?26 lbs and upwards. 10�10>ic. Kips�?14 to 25 lbs. 14c. Quot calf skins-16c. _ dry Flint trimmed. 16@20c. Green hides. 26 lbs and upwards ,9o. Kip�?14 to 25 lbs 12c. Calf skins-16c. . Reported for the Gazette by the Clarkjr Rinesmith lumber company. Prices of Pine lumber shingles and lath. Clear and 2 Inch.$52.00 954.00 m Clear 2 Quot Quot .4t.00@47.00 Quot clears Quot Quot Quot. 37.00@40.00 selects. 28.00@32.00 common boards. Joists and scantling 12 to 18 feet Long 17.00@19.00 Quot Clear flooring dressed40.00 list common30.00 2d Quot. 24.00 Quot common siding18.00 Quot clear24.00 Quot a no 1 18 in sawed shingles. 4.75� 5.00 Quot a no 1 16 Quot. Quot. 4.00� 4.10 Quot no 118 in Quot Quot. 3.00&Quot no 216 in Quot Quot. 2.72� 3.00 Quot lath. 3,00� 3.25 Quot in inc Bates. Clear walnut.�35.00@40.00 m common do -15.00 Quot oak12.00@14.00 Quot Green Inch Ash. 18.00@20,00 Quot dry Inch Ash. 22.00@24.00 a a dry Poplar Clear and 2d do. 22.00@24.00 common Poplar dry14.00 Clear and 2d do. Poplar Green 20.00 common Green poplar12.00 Green Poplar-.20.00 @ .2200 , Joe. Reported for the Gazette by Braeu Ceel pc co. Calf skins a to 44 lbs per Doil 15 to Collar per foot 22c. Harne88-per la. Hemlock Slaughter sole no 1 per 32c to 3ic. Kip fio to 140 lbs 65c to $1. Light kip�?44 to to 60 lbs per Doz $1 00 to $115 per la. Oak tanned in to Ltd demand. A plastering Halk i or by of 8 lbs 45c. Russ sheep Dox $4 to $7 feet $2100. A a. Dressed Clear and second Clear flooring $36 00 common $30 of Clear and Leeond siding $25 00 common $1800 Ash flooring. $38 00 shelving 12 Inch stoc boards $26 50. Lathe we quote $4 00. Shingles�?a1 sawed a m. $5 50 no 1 do do. $4 50@4 75 no 2 do. $3 25@350 a 1 do $4 00 a 118 shaved. $50. Flour unchanged. Hogs steady St 00�5 it. Loats Shade Bethur no i at 40c no 2 at a Mich at 39>i�s9>ic. Wheat closes a Shade better in White Mich at $1 53 Amber Mich at $1 43�1 4.v4. Notions look at the following hat frames latest styles 6 to 10c Bonnet Quot Quot Quot 15c velvet hats,,50o to $1 velvet Lute trimmed $1.25 to$3 Ostrich tips from 40c to $5 find assortment of Flowers at Cost Germantown Yam single skein,8c Quot double Quot 16c lace collars from 6o a War also a full Stock of notions dress and cloak trimmings which will be sold at Cost until a Tot is. Of Quot per patterns of every description a Hiss j. A Batese Quot 16 w. Blk Ity St g. N. Flinn no. 71v4 Calhoun St. Owns All the poster boards of the City and will attend to All business a United to Hii care. Book Book bulletin for the holidays Ante Vicente Library in 20 vols. A $ Thackeray s Complete works in vols. 82.00 Irving s Complete works people s a did tion 26 vols32.50 Irving s Complete works Knickerbocker s edition. -7 vols<0.00 Irving s Complete sunny Side edition 28 vols70.00 Irving s Complete sunny Side edition. Halfcalf.&vols------------------112.00 Dickun s Complete works. 15 vols.-2,00 the works of Francis Bacon 15 vols33.75 Cota plete works of lord Mccauly 16 vols36.00 Mccauley s history of England 8to1s 18.90 Complete works of Edmund Burke i 3 >,00 Knight s history of England. 8 vols25.00 Hillman s Complete works 15 vols30.00 Plutarch s life and morals. 10 vols30.00 Gibbon s decline and fall Jakc. 8 vols. 22.50 Hume s history of England. 6 vols9.00 do do do half calf. 16.50 Thiers history of France 5 vols17.25 or. Chalmer s posthumous works 15 vols22.80 Hugh Miller s 13 vols22.00 Froud s Ili Story of England 12 vols15.00 Mccauley s essays. 6 vols13.50 chamber s encyclopedia. 10 vols50.0o life and works of Daniel Webster. 6 vols 18.00 Waverly novels in 54 vols84.00 do do 23 vols .�.00 do do 28 vols half calf.74.25 Prescott s Complete works. 15 vols45.00 works of Charles Lamb. 5 vols9.00 works of Edgar a. Poe 4 vols9 00 works Disraeli 9 vols15.00 Gibbon s Rome 6 vols9.00 Lippincott s pronouncing biographical dictionary t vol15.00 Wood s natural history 5 vols35.00 Parton s life of Andre w Jackson. 3 vols 9.00 Smith s dictionary of the Bible. 4 vols. 26.00 fiord s Complete works 6 vols15.00 James Madison s works 4 vols16.00 also. A Large Stock of Miscella quoits juvenile and gift books a of which will to sold very Low during the holidays. any of the above books will be sent prepaid on receipt of publishers prices. I �?�8 Colombia Street. Stockute s Bookstore fort Wayne ind. St was ii furniture store a assortment of furniture and bedding. To All Walram u my a Steerm. For the Pott five a a on a the pm Milker f the Gazette have carefully watched the Success of Quot wanted Quot Quot for Sale Quot lost Quot Etc., advertise minis inserted in Thra column and in nearly every instance he it they succeeded in what was desired. The insertion of such notices therefore Are of great Vatu to All parties and the publishers solicit i Kim from everyone and that everyone May he ahle to insert sue notices the Price is placed very Low. For to notices not exceeding five lines to thai to ii a cents first insertion and Twenty cents for each additional insertion. by a Man t t and wife in a private a to Quot minutes walk of the po3t.office. Tenns must be reasonable. Address Frank Waldron City. Young Man who is a stranger in the City but of Good habits and eng Abc it i in a lucrative in Siam wishes to open a correspondence with some Good looking and agreeable Young Qawiy a to a View to acquaintance and Mutual Imp Rove men to address a h., a Are Gazette office. A fresh Supply of chamber sets Bei it lox i Oey and piano stools 38 and 40 golumb�a-St., Corner Barr Bankers. Pianos. Fort Wayne National Bane so Deemor to old Branch Bank Corner of main and Clinton its. The capital of this Bank Taal j Ltd Stecky in surpassed. Ins re4ently been incr a in Quot a first lass. �1,000, now amount with sir plus to $440.0<ro Siemon brother. of Choice and Yal Nable Mew books suitable for Holiday presents works of Charles Dickens. Riverside edition printed on Fine i it Aper and containing All the illustrate is in the English edition and added the unsurpassed designs of f. 0. C. Darley and John Gilbert Complete in 28 vols., Crown 8 vo., half calf. Gilt. 8105.00. Works of Charles Dickens Globe edition printed in Large Type on Fine paper containing All tha illustrations by Darley and Gilbert Complete in to vols., 12 to cloth in t.00. Same half calf Gilt extra. _ of Prescott. W. H. Biography Yeai and critical miscellanies with Fine engraved portraits Complete in 15 vols., Crown to Eloth. 37.50, same half calf Gilt extra . Works of Ruskin. Modern i painters tinted paper Bevelled boards with plates 5 vols., cloth. 118.00. Downing s fruits and fruit Trees of America. 1 . 8 to full cloth 15.00. The picture gallery of All nations. A popular account of manners in. Toms statist Ca and morals and material Progress of the nations on the Earth illustrated with numerous engravings a useful and elegant Gilt Book for Young people elegantly printed and bound Gilt extra. 2.50. The Midnight sky familiar notes on the stars and planets by Edwin Dankin of Royal Observatory in Greenwich 32 Star maps and numerous other illustrations Folio Ina handsome antique c Iver cloth. S3.75. Gallery of landscape painters american scenery illustrated by american artists 24 highly finished engravings on steel 1 Large . 4 to elegantly bound cloth extra Bevelled Gilt Edge. 818.00. Same Morocco extra $30.00. Any volume or volumes will be sent free through the mail or express according to size or parcel on receipt of Price. Stoves. Stores a at stoves Mode Bakers capt. F. F. Boltz has taken the Agency of the won Derta Model Baker for a Keg poultry game and meats of All kinds. Hundreds of families have already been supplied and hundreds speak favourably of it. Call and . 88 Calhoun St. T ii a North British amp mercantile insurance co. Of London amp Edinburg 8. B., will have intact after de net Init Chicago map Ifni w $10,000,000 fire sup lib Orer 3,000,000 life assets and aim duties $11,000,000 of which $1.400,000 is invested in this country and will remain intact for the be Neilt of the fire business of the United states. Hod Quot. Hugh Mcculloch. Of messes. Jay Cooke. My cull Chico. And Junius s. Morgan. Esq. Successor to Peabody 4 co. Are Active directors of this company in London. Up to thursday the othinst., s6oo, this company s losses by the late fire had been paid. Leo. N. Crane Tairent offic a with county clerk in court Hoase nov and feed. Tom Alid peed always kept on hand at git7 Bill Postel Boerkier amp Hiller s a at office or Send to Kis Adonas 0. Box 307. Third door Louth of Berry St. On Barr a do not musical warehouse. pianos. The the the Decker Quot a undisputed. These ted depository of the inst ments Are Well known to United states United states the Public thoroughly made. Bonds bought Ai a cd offered at very Low prices. Among the stockholders of ac., a Are also sold Here for this Bank Are the fou owing tue Money named Well a Noim business Cau examine prices and Stock men and capitalists who Are h individually liable to Del tors to the a Pinnt of &elr0�ff s musical warehouse Stock in addition to the Barr-St., Between half brew amount invested in such Stock j Lyts. Vie instruction on piano violin guitar Etc Etc. Also in vocal music. Pianos tuned and repaired. No. 54 Barr Street. He Irv rur Oess Fred. Eckhart jou9�o Bans puny lioa�i.a9in, Jesse i. Ais. E. W. Crees Wiiiliam Flemino. Charles 1. B4�3id, a. Holman , Stepheh b. Boo Hon. Evoh 9fc i , . Oscar a. Simons. Benj. W. . Oliver 1. 3t��r�ax. Christ. F. Pfeiffer John c. Pfeiffer. The Merticc and Fuci Lipics of i this Bank Are respectfully offered to the Public. Chas. D. Boive pres. P. Hoagie Avo r. Pres. Jared d. Boud cashier. Read. A state. S. T. Amp T. Hanna dealers in l. R. Hrs Man j at t cashier. A. Nuttman pendent. First Ril Morll i of it. Wayne. The first Iva Sonia Bank or a nosed in Indiana. Depository of the United states. Subscriptions received to government Lions. Deposits received Sites and Bills discounted and collections made on All Points. $100,000 new United states Bonds for Sale on which the interest in Gold is payable every three months and which Are not taxable by any state county or City. City and county orders Bou at the first National Bank. Real estate life amp fire insurance. Collection agents a notary Public. Trinks. Summit City. Trunk manufactory. Of the Western states Harin removed to my very Large and con Rosient establishment on Calhoun St. We Are now manufacturing All styles of the reliable manner and for the lowest prices. Examo for Youb Sei of extra packing trunks common double bound. $5 25, $2 of $2 75 and s3 00. Bevel trunk is 25 to �1 75. Square Tednes. Is 50 to $2 50. Railroad trunks. Is 25 to $4 50. Round to trunks s6 50 to s8 00 Monitor trunks. $8 00 to Sio 00. Sample trunks. $12 00 to $18 00. Patent engine so 00 to s6 00. Extra ladies $6 so to s7 50. French Saratoga. Leather cover. 86 Inch. $11 of. Toy trunks 12 Inch per dozen 812. Sole leather trunks never Wear out. From $18 to s150.satchels,satchels,satchels Russia leather Grain leather rail Road Duck Plain cloth Morocco Victia or and Many other varieties for ladies and gentlemen at the very lowest prices. Repairing done to order. All work wanted c. Neireiter. Fort ways. At Aux it. W. 8. Wood dealer in Pictou frames engraving and chromes _132 Calhonn St. Near Good business 1 one near Home in which per in in Quot a get incomes can be secured. Ample inducements offered to the right Man. Address. Will Brown. A a Box 2496. S Louis to 50j000 acres of unimproved i it and. 200 in its in the City of fort Wayne. Loo ont-l4>ts in the City of fort Wayne. 23 in lots in the City of Chicago. 20 improved farms. An magnificent Pine land of Michigan Vul equated for the amount and Talue of its ii umber. . Long time Given and Low rates of interest asked. Have also six store rooms to rent they buy and sell All kinds of securities snob As notes stocks City and county orders Etc Active energetic business men. As agents Harmac a Small capital we offer a first class business and a rare Opportunity for making Money and doing Good. Good reference As to character and business qualifications regu Irea. A dress at once. We. W. Mores co., 61 fourth-avc., Pittsburgh a. i tarnished Boom few for two gentlemen within ten Mia atm walk of the Post office. Address m. J., Gazette office. Wanter about 20 girls can find Emi of meat at Ewina. Smith pc co. Stob Atco factory Corner of main and Clinton St. A As booze t ? keeper entry or Bui clerk. . Orff Tco. And bearer Hiher co. Address Box 1760. at the Han a House. One look Aad two chambermaid. Apply at one. Alsted a women to clix and trim carpet rags wind Yam Joe. A quire at Sheffer s auction room. A. T Maia St. W Young Man of Good habits one who is willing to work and make himself generally useful not afraid to soil his hands no can write a Good hand. Address 0. Box 58, giving real name and unfurnished rooms without Board within 10 walk of the court House. Such to let will leave word at office. Invites having Gazette Ai one living wanted a Good girl. In quran at the South East Corner Broad Wayand Washington wanted agents Are making from $125 to $600 per month for particulars address with stamp d. F. Rid Bel Barger it co. Franklin Grove. Let county. wanted two head Sawyers t f three men to set head Looka it and Twenty common labourers. Payments for services Trade every saturday Ereni Nir. Warren l. Barber Cedar Springs. Mich. W Sentinel please copy. _ Boarino. At the Ander Sitho West Berry to. This is a pleasant and convenient boarding House one squares from the poit office. Inquire at the House. Found. For Sale a one Story and a half Frame House containing seven 7 rooms at no. 20 Wallace St. For terms a Quot to Geo. E. Stevens at ticket of p., it. C. R. R. F r Sale forty pm of the Best by iding lots in the City at a Liberal discount for the next thirty Days. Bys. C. Lumbard. Office no. 6 West main Street up stairs. A Bulur cards. Attorney a a. H. Dills at Alt Torney at Law and notary Public. Office on main-St., Over Davis s rain aware store. Collections prompt j att Mami to _ . L. Davis Deal xxx or in hardware stoves oils. Punts. Farming la elements. Catley a Hoaeae building material also Bays and Sells Exchange on sew York. Opposite the court House. Main it. _ cards. A Torney amp Xian a attorney at Law and Nouria , Ergo o. Dekalb Conatty. Indiana Angola card. Attorneys at lamp Morrow attorneys at Law and col Leeking Agency Angola ind. Ii. H. Stock a. I j. K. Moa Aow. . Business hours is. So Las Flold. Is. Emery a Corner of col a Umbria and Clinton the place to get i a Enuine Rose fluid. Chandeliers and Lampa or Sale and repaired. Boe Tommy anal. Of Deunger abolished in. Imo no. 6 Phoenix Bloke Calhoun St. Custom work promptly attended to. They Are also prepared to give insurance policies on lives and on All classes of buildings and personal property at Low rates and in first class companies. They represent life associate iii of America co. Union fire Insor Fence co. Fireman s fund fire ins Gratice co Andes fire insurance co. Call upon them and learn particulars. Office hours Frona. M. To 5 M office one door North Fost office. Groceries. The grocery at which to buy your goods. Capt. F. F. Boltz at no. 88 Calhovm-St., makes a Spe Cholity of the Choie est canned goods in trestle and imported pickles. Poultry game apples and dried fruit. Aim sole agent for e. I Mallory a co s oysters. The Best in Itlay Ket. All goods delivered promptly. Remember stockholders meeting. Lafayette. Ind., . The annual meeting of the subscribers to the capital Stock of the to it Bash amp Erie canal company will be held at the office of the Gene rat manager in the City of Lafayette ind., on the second tuesday of january next the 0th Day of said month for the purpose of choosing managers and the transaction of other business. C. W. Colton. General manager. Scheffer a co. No. 7 East main Street opposite the court House. General auction and commission Mer Haats. Advances made on consignment. Dugan Case a co., Chicago. No n chamber of comia Erce. Cash advanced on consignment to our Torres Podesta la new York. Bufalo and Oswego. Pro a erty bought and sold in margins. Orders solicited for the Purchase of floor Grain of All kinds and provisions. S. Cas c. H. Noy. Chicago. Jas. P. Dugan. Delphi. Lad. Drum rats wad . Foote amp Wooster Corner of main and Calhonn St. Prese Ritieni carefully prepared. A. Keel druggist Corner. Of Broadway and Jefferson its. Prescriptions carefully dispensed. Pure drags. Oils paints and liquor constantly kept on groceries. Of. Boltz dealer in fruit a groceries. Geules. Fish. ±e., at the Central grocery no. 88 cd. Fahlsing a co., dealers. In groceries provisions vegetables. Fruits. A. N. A. Cor. Calhoun and Maln ats. Hare so l0l7s Traux a whote Sale univ and Treuil dealer in harness. Saddles Ollars and whips. jew Elrar. Tit Eyer amp Graffe dealers in it clock watches jewelry Silver and Silver plate sware. 88 by Stelma. Do. I. N. Thacker office Cor nor of Calhoun and Berry its. Frk Dence. Aveline House. Fort Wayne. Bank notices. Fort Wayne ind.,december5, f _ my annual Liing 6f the _ stockholders of the first National Bank of fort Wayne will be held at the banking House on tuesday january 9th. 1872, Between the hours of 10 a. M. And to A. For the election of nine directors to serve the easing year. Lem. R. Hartman. Assistant cashier. I merchants National ban it fort Wayne ind. December 6,1871. A annual meeting of the stockholders of this Bank will be held at Kun a banking a use in tuesday. January 9th, 187j, Between the hours of 10 a. A 4p.m., for the election of five directors to serve for the ensuing year. John 8. Irwin. Cashier. Fort Wayne National Bank it fort Watsky. Ind. Dec. 1. In. A the regular annual meeting of the stockholders of this Bank for the election of directors to serve the ensuing car. And for the trans action of such other business As May come before them will be held at its banking House on tuesday. Them May of january 1872. Jared d. Bond. Cashier. Xix Tho machines. The Lamb me hic pne the Only oae in the work without cutting on Testim a Narrows and widens with a Needles. Knits a regular Heel i Nat Root at the toe Complete knits a stocking of of time or to Usu old web. And is so to w s a a. Knitting of All kinds done to order. G. L. Hill agent asst Calhoum
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