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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 29 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - February 29, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana Washington. Proceedings of both houses of Congress yesterday. A Call for the National Banks to report their condition. Was Bivol. . 259. Fort Wayne Indiana. Tuesday morning february 29, 18t2. Price five cents. Immense petition from Boston protesting against Quot god in the Sale of arms to the Vreneli i question in the Senate snmncr8 re Weir. Final hearing of the Csc ago belief committee before the finance committee. . W4sihsgt0x, feb. 28.�?the president to Day sent to the Senate the nomination of Thos. Meads postmaster at Hancock Michigan. Next York custom House. The new York custom House in Cati gating committee will not meet mail Mon Day next. God in the Coxs Rution. Senator Schurz presented numerous memorials from various parts of the United states with 10,407 signatures ,.the City of Boston a inst the Amend Iselli to the Constitution Incorv rating therein the recognition of god or Jesus Christ As an attempt to overthrow the great principle of religions Liberty on which this government was originally founded. The National Banks. Washington feb 28�?the comptroller of currency has called on National Banks to report their conditions at the close of business on the 27th instant. Chicago belief. Tiie Chicago Relief committee had today a final hearing before the Senate. Committee on to Lance in favor of the Bill to remit duties on building material for Tiro months. They insist they should not be required to pay duties on new material As they paid duties on those which were destroyed by the late fire. Senator ferry Michigan presented to the committee on behalf some of the manufacturers of Chicago a protest a inst the passage of such a Bill As they think it would injure their business. He said he was authorized to offer the Sale of lumber from that state at an average Cost of last year and ten Days in which to accept the proposition. Fun real obsequies. A judges and officers of the United state supreme afternoon attended in a body the funeral of the late Gowen Park coloured door keeper of the judge s cloak room and who had charge of the department 8inoe-1830. He was sed seventy years their attendance at the funeral was a Mark of respect for the honest and faithful servant. Appoints cents. A Large number of assistant assessors Are being appointed by the commissioner of internal Revenue for thirty and sixty Days to assist in the assessment taxes. Ave thee be poet Teo abilities. The Low barometer in the it states will probably move northeastward Over the Ohio Valley on thursday and Light Snow turning to rain prevail from the Ohio River to Lake Michigan with increasing and possibly dangerous Northeast winds on the upper Quot lakes. Easterly winds possibly with rain will prevail hour Day morning in the South Atlantic states and extend northward to few York during the Day. Northerly winds with ring barometer and partially Cloudy or Clear weather Wal prevail in new England. Westerly winds and Clearing weather prevails in the Gulf states. Dir Trigerous winds Are not anticipated for wednesday nil Jet on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Is Only the Rule of life that in what i say to Day there shall not be a single word which is not prompted by the love of truth and a desire for Justice but i venture to ask you to remember that there is something on this planet besides the Senate or any senator something higher than any High official something higher than any political party. I mean the Good name of the american people and the purity of the govern nent which must be saved from scandal. In this spirit and a with this aspiration i speak to Day. Sumner then referred o the late events in new York and said it was the cry for Reform everywhere. Abuses Are developed in the ordinance office and were subject to Universal scandal till something be done to arrest the suspicion thrown on our officials. Hii Resolution had been met by various objections he being charged with introducing politics and allusions made to the presidential election. Or. Logan interrupted and asked that the ladies be permitted to occupy tie cloak room. Or. Hamlin objected saying that two Field Days in one session was enough. Murmurs f disappointment. Or. Sminer continued. He was Earnest for Reform on the civil Exerv and should always vote for every inquiry having that object in View. He had never heard of this Matt till weeks after the meeting of Congress and then from a distinguished native born citizen who had not been mentioned in the debate. He did not believe the introduction of the Resolution would prejudice the German emperor on the san Juan question As the whole matter was known in Berlin Long Quot before the introduction of the Resolution in the Senate. He then referred to the Alabama claims and said if our demands against England could not be prosecuted except at the expense of the purity of our own government they were not Worth the terrible Price. He then turned to the pending Resolution and said that it presented the general question whether there is not sufficient reason for in iring into the Sale of arms during the French and German War. It is naturally divided in itself into two questions first relating to International duty and second relating to malfeasance on the part of our own officials and involving what might be called a Money question. Sumner discussed both of these Points at length and said an investigation could not be refused without setting at Defiance the rules of decency and common sense. The question was then put on Trumbull s motion to Eod Sider the vote by which Conkling s amendment directing the committee to inquire whether any ame ican senator or citizen had held unauthorized communication with any foreign government or its agents was adopted and the motion waa it or. reputed briefly to Sumner. He said also that the evidence introduced to justify an investigation was of French origin. He regretted to see senator Sumner make the convenience of the Senate in the interest of an agent of the foreign Power. He then discussed at length the history of the general order business of new York. Or Schulz offered an Aniie dment pending the Resolution directing the committee to inquire also whether breach loaders or muskets capable of being transferred into breach loaders have been sold by the War department in such Large numbers As to affect the defensive capacity of the countr in Case of War. Without further action Quot the Senate adjourned. New York. Fisk s horses carriages Etc., sold at auction for $50,000. Progress of the trial of mayor Hall eleven jurors obtained. A big suit against Haylor co. For the recovery of 1200.000. A lawyer offends a judge and reclines in a lonely cell Fop doing so. Chicago. Oro Cerris y of to lib japanese Bias Oil a Ley and Prev a on the Catholic religion. The trial of i Stokes efforts of Tate counsel to quash the . Departure of the new russian minister for Alliance Between Germany Austria and Italy. Russia. St. Peters leg feb. 28.�?baron von Offenberg the new russian minister to the United states has left for America. . House of . 5ii9cellaxe0u3 business. Washing Toni feb. 28.�?. Hale presented a Resolution of the Maine legislature praying Relief for the fishery interests of that stale from the effect of the treaty of Washington. Referred. Lynched leave to offer a Resolution for an investigation of the sales of ordinance stores by the government for the year 1871, and whether there was any collusion in respect thereof with the French by any senator or other citizen. Or. Dawes thought any proposed investigation of the conduct of any senator should be accompanied by some definite charge. Or. Lynch did not object to striking out the Revere to a senator. Or. Harper objected to the Resolution. The Bill to facilitate Banks and Clearing House came up for discussion. Or Garould opposed the Bill As producing an inflation of currency. The House refused to second the previous question. Or. Townsend new York ked leave to offer a Resolution to submit the subject of consequential damages under the Washington trealy to John Bright of England. Dawes and Roberts objected. The House then proceeded to business on the speakers table and disposed there of As follows Senate amendment to the House Bill for the admission free of duty of photographs intended for exhibition at the Cleveland intern Adonal photographic exhibition. The amendments also include paintings and statuary in red for the exhibition at any port within six months. Concurred in. Senate amendment to the House Bill for the Relief of the it master at Chicago. Concurred in. Senate Bill to reimburse the United states soldiers for loss of clothing by the Chicago fire. Passed. The Senate Bill to extend the time to the state of Wisconsin to Complete the Road from Lake St. Croix to Lake Superior was opposed by Holman As making virtually a new Grant of land of two million acres the old Grant having expired three or four years ago. Or. Fla Zelton wis stated the facts in the Case and advocated the Bill stating that if the Grant was not renewed the land would not revert to the government but would be gobbled up by the Northern Pacific . Company. Messes. Banks Rusk Eldridge and Beck also advocated the Bill the latter stating that in common with All the democrats of the but six he had voted on a similar Bill some sessions ago to extend the time of the Northern Pacific k. K. Company. The previous question was then seconded and the House without reaching a final vote on the question adjourned. Sea Gate. . Or. Cole moved to take up the Bill to lease to san Francisco part of the preside reservation for a Public Park. The Bill was not taken up. Or. Log. A of the committee Uii Elco tion reported adversely to the claim of Abbott to the seat from North Carolina. Carpenter for himself and Rice made a minority report in favor of Abbott. Or. Cole asked that the Senate dispose of the pending Resolution so a to hear the reports of the committee on appropriations. At the expiration of the morning hour the Senate resumed the consideration of the Resolution to investigate the alleged Sale of Arras to French agents. Or. Sumner addressed the Senate. He said besides the unaccustomed interest which this debate has excited i cannot fail to note that it has wandered far from any original purpose of mine and into Fields which i have no desire to enter. V i shall try to bring it Back to the Rea Issue which i Hope to present without passion or prejudice and Here declare Liat great Britain London feb. 28.�?the european Powers now having commercial treaties Wilth France will shorty Send to the government at Versailles a protest against the imposition of the tax upon raw material. Bishop , of Pennsylvania was present at the thanksgiving services at St. Paul s Cathedral yesterday. The Dis Tiki wished american divine was the recipient of Especial honors from the Breth Ern in the Church. Gormanjr. Bee in feb. 28.�?thanksgiving services for the restoration of the Prince of Wales at the English Church in this City yesterday was attended by emperor William an members of the Royal family and diplomats from abroad. Franov. Paris feb. 28.�?the German government has notified the French minister of finance that it will accept in Antici attn of the payment the four Hundred Emlion francs of the War indemnity with a discount of five per cent. Porn tier Quea tier will immediately pay the amount thereby saving Twenty million francs. Throw More men of War have been fitted out to cruise in the British Channel to guard the Cost against Bonapartis expeditions it is rumoured that the Prussia i Haspador at Paris is negotiating with the French government for a return of the polish emigrants. The court de Chambord was hissed by the populace at does sect. H. Tournier has been nominated minister to Rome. The Assembly has rejected the Bill the object of which was to commit the chamber to the movement for the payment of the War indemnity by voluntary subscription. During the debate minister be Franco showed that the subscriptions were insufficient. The Patrie asserts that the Mission a a. The Prince Fredrick Charles of Prussia who is now in Rome is to bring about an Alliance Between Germany Austria and Italy. Anatra Vienna feb. 28.�?a russian spy has been detected at Limberg sketching the fortifications and condemned to a year s imprisonment. The International society is reported to be organizing strikes with the object of preventing the International exposition Here. Stokes s tr1aj-. New Yolk feb. 28.�?in the Stokes Case to Day the District Atto Mej had no witnesses to examine. He simply filed papers As to the organization of the grand jury when Graham of Stokes counsel then argued that the illegality of the Gram jury had been established. Sales of Coal. Eight Hundred thousand tons of Scran ton Coal were auctioned off to Day at the following prices Lump s3 40@3 44 Steamboat f3 37a egg $3 52j@1 72j grate $3 55@3 65 stove $4�4 25 Chestnut �3 50@3 55. Miscellaneous. New York feb. 28.�?edward l. Cooper son of Peter Cooper and Henry l. Sagret have been elected commissioners of emigration in place of messes. Bell amp Hustind. Still main the lawyer who offended judge Barnard yesterday was ordered to be imprisoned for one Day in addition to Fine of $75, and spent last night at Ludlow Street jail. At a meeting of the depositors of the Bowling Green savings Bank last evening a proposition from president Smith to pay $50,000 As a Compromise with the depositors was accepted. The amount of the deficiency in the Bank is $146,000. About five Hundred French citizens met last evening to further the subscription for the payment of German War indemnity appointed a committee of collectors. The importers grocers and Board of Trade of this City will petition Congress asking that in Case of a reduction of the duty on Tea and Coffee ninety Days time be granted a fore the Law takes effect. Eleven jurors were obtained in the he ii Case. Fisk s horses carriages Etc., were sold at auction to Day. About thirty horses brought rom $s00 to $500. Total amount received $w,000. In the first of the fifteen suits against the Atlantic mail company the aggregate amounting to $30,000, on allegations that Cigar had been landed from its vessels without the payment of duty to bldg Woodruff has Given his decision in favor of the United buteo. Sex judge Froy of Brooklyn has sued the Brooklyn a a it in for $10,000 for alleged libel. The eight roughs of the ninth St gang who nearly murdered officer to on sunday were held for trial. Officer tally is still in a dangerous condition. Steamship Algeria for Europe to Day takes $300,000 . United states District attorney Davis has commenced suit against Naylor amp co., of this City based on evidence furnished by special Treasury agent Frank Howe charging that certain invoices were under valued by them. The suit is brought to recover $200,000 by the government. The District attorney has Given several months time to Naylor amp co., to produce the books from lion Don a which they Cla Frey would justify their action but having submitted their explanations. Attorney Davis deeming them unsatisfactory proceed As above stated. This takes the Case out of the hands of Spe agent Howe and is considered a vindication of his action in the matter. Reverdy Johnson in the Alabama treaty. Baltimore feb. 28.�?at a meeting held last night under the auspices of he american peace society to discuss the Washington treaty Reverdy Johnson made a speech of two hours duration in the course of which he said it was Clear that the preferment of cons uen tial claims by the United states before the Geneva convention was not contemplated by the High commissioners of great Britain. Under the forms of the treaty there were three modes of settling the matter first that England should consent to permit the claims to go before the Geneva commission and if that decided it had the jurisdiction of the question it would reject the claims second the withdrawal of the claims by the United states. He would advise such a withdrawal and third its postponement As a subject for future negotiations. Chicago feb. 28�?just before leaving for the East last evening the japanese embassy presented to mayor Medill the handsome sum of $5000, for the Relief of the poor of Chicago. Bishop Foley last evening delivered a lecture before the Quot Union Catholic Library Asb ovation. In his lecture he said there was scarcely a Book or paper published in the country which did not fling or sneer at the preaching against the religion. This could to but Little injury but there was a bore dangerous foe. Both the daily and weekly newspapers were spreading this Poison. No paper was exempt from this charge. The Catholic Reli on had not i a Ingle Friend among the daily newspapers they were continually making the most Gross mistreatment in regard to the Doc Trine of infallibility which had been occupying for some months the attention of the entire world. The statements were More or less created by the readers though their falsity could be readily seen. The new York daily papers with an aggregate circulation of about half a Ion were spreading the Poison and each of these papers was read by two or three persons. Besides this the sectarian was occupied in he same Enterprise. This immense Power was daily used against the religion. Timothy Leverdie was elected Alder Man of the eleventh Ward yesterday to take the place of the one now languishing in prison under the conviction of receiving bribes state Legislatures. 871, to the Traoy. 18�zi settlement of the question of the Virginia state debt. Proceedings of the tar ions gen end assemblies. Vire Lnla. New York feb. 28.�?a Richmond dispatch states the Senate yesterday ordered the Bill to be engrossed for the payment of the four per cent interest on two thirties of the unfunded debt and four per cent on the whole consolidated debt of the state on the 1st of april. Parties applying for this payment and interest will required to surrender the coupons and receive therefor the four per cent interest and non interest bearing certificates for the two per cent unpaid which is claimed to be due by West Virginia As her share of the interest on the Public debt. The House has resolved to extend the session thirty Days to prefect Bills relating to the debt. Kansas. Topeka feb. 28.�?the House passed the Bill to Day abolishing capital punishment. Ship build inc at St. Lanka. St. Louis feb. 28.�? articles of association have been filed in the office of the Secretary of state of the Western Iron ship and Boatman s building co., the business to be carried on in the City of St. Louis the objects being to build wharves and docks ships steamboats barges and other water Craft. The capital Stock was placed at $3,000,000, which May be increased by a vote of the Stock holders to any amount not exceeding $10,000,000. Among the directors Are sex Velmor Standard Lee r. Sherrock capt. H. Gould capt. Jno. N. Boffinger e. Fox and other prominent citizens. Oble. To it Limbus feb. 28.�?in the House the following Bills were passed. The Senate Bill to allow ten thousand dollars As a maximum of damages that Teay be recovered from Railroad companies As compensation for causing death by wrongful acts select or default. The House Bill compelling the less of railways to Light the same within corporate limits of cities and villages to prevent the further leasing and consolidating of rail ways except to form continuous lines of Road to tax Oil lands according to amount of Oil produced the previous year to repeal the interest Law of 1848, so that when Tho Nim of into re it Are paid no part thereof shall be recovered Back. In the Senate the Senate Bill providing that the putative father of an illegitimate child confined in jail for not complying with the sentence of the court shall not be entitled to the Law for the Benefit of the for the Relief of insolvent debtors was passed. We aet a attn. Madi Box feb. 28.�?a Bill to prevent the evils resulting from the Sale of intoxicating Lionora came up in the Assembly this Forenoon. An attempt was made to pass a substitute to the Bill submitting it to a Voto of the people which was rejected. The Bill was the passed by a vote of fifty six to thirty nine. It will meet with determined resistance in the Senate but will undoubtedly pass. The apportionment Bill comes up in the Senate to Day. The National sunday Schaal convention. Pittsburgh feb. 28.�?the executive committee of the National sunday school convention met Here to Day to comply the the arrangements for the approaching National convention at Indianapolis on april 16th and 17th. A full programme for the committee was agreed on. A subcommittee was appointed to carry out the details of the arrant ment. All delegates expecting to attend the convention were requested to Send their address to Edward 8. Fic dds Indianapolis before april 1st, stating what bodies they represent and if they would secure entertainment. To Naling or a Ravann Maniar. Council Bluffs feb. 28�?f. Conant resident of this City a Carpenter by Trade wandered from his Home in a fit of insanity and stopped at the House of a Man Nai Totten sixteen Miles South of the City desiring to Stoy All night. To became raving and attacked Totten and wife who in their endeavours to defend themselves beat him so heavily that he died yesterday. Totten and wife were both arrested and Are now in jail. Groceries 3,000,000. B.tieh1�oi&w 56 it Ftp Calhoijlff-8t., it. Wyite i eur Are Selund at the rate of three Sulu on dollars per annul. With the assists of travelling sales 4nd increasing every month re soit Book stores Keil Bros Jobby is and Deal ebb in books amp stationery Are a rents for one of the largest printing and Blank Book House in the a noted a ate printing and Blank Book work or All kinds promptly and carefully executed. We make a speciality of Bank and county Lank Book work of t Intine nil Kindi of so Anliss attorneys. J. Hillegass. Sackl ii. Rysch. Hillegass amp Hench attorneys at Law. Office Over merchant s National Bank. Iron to be iiv1>. Will practice in the state and Federal courts. We sell goods at less mates than any other hone. Our fall Stock is now Arivina. And is immense. Merchants visiting on City a Rill sate Money by calling on us before punch Aaric. Orders by Telegraph or Mau will receive prompt attention and at As Low rates As if Here in , letter Bill head. We int envelopes for 50c a thongs and All other printing equally As Low. Parties wanting anything in our line can save Money by Call-3 Keystone a Lolly oath our St. Furnishing goods. Moderwell amp Fowler men s furnishes. The Siemon amp brother. Sugar we have the largest lot of sugars West of Buffalo which Are offered at View York prices. Hogsheads barrels and boxes of Sugaff of All kinds. Coffee. Are made a specially of. Rio i Aquara a Maracaibo o. G. Java Singapore ground and roasted. We have the purest and the Best. Tea. An accomplished whale. Missouri. He a few a Boreli sett Leil a family Liflie Altys a Boot feb affair. St. Louis feb. 28.�?the Kansas City lir in of yesterday states that George Webb was shot and killed and James Aid and Darid Hamilton wounded on saturday last in an affair at Salem Church five Miles from Independence to. It appears a bitter family fued existed Between Webb and the Aid families and As both parties belong to the Salem Baptist Church an Effort waa made to Settle the diff Schulty within and through the influence of the Church. With this View a meeting of the respective friends was held on saturday and while efforts were i eing made to heal the differences Between Aid and web a few angry words were spoken whereupon Webb shot and wounded one of the Aid brother. In the attempt to Stop the fight David Hamilton wis wounded and Webb killed the latter receiving seven bullets in his body. James Aid and David Hamilton were arrested and warrants were issued for the other parties. A major of maeral or Tate Volunteer a Finitia or Maine. Augusta feb. 28.�?joshua l. Chamberlain president of Bowdoin College has been elected by a concurrent legislative vote major general of the Volunteer militia if Maine Bunce robbers Conti eted in California a in Stora of the Coant. San Francisco feb. 28.�?s.indy i own and William Andrews alias Quot big foot Quot convicted of robbing the Cloverdale stage in Sonora county firing among the passengers Kliing one and wounding others have been sentenced to thirty years each to the state prison. Disasters to coasters and lumbermen continue to he reported. At Timber Cove the Schooner Liberty is a total loss and one Shahien lost. The funeral of the late chief Justice Sprague took place at Ramento to Day another new Hall Natl. Indianapolis ind feb. 28.�?articles of association of the Crawfordsville amp Illinois Railroad company were filed with the Secretary of state to Day. The capital Stock is $50,000. The article of consolidation of the Toledo Thornton amp St. Louis Railroad of Indiana and the Toledo a St. Louis air line Railroad company of Ohio were also filed. I he two companies were then consolidated with the Craw Fordsville amp Illinois Railroad company and the name of the organization will hereafter be the Toledo Thornton amp St. Louis air line Railroad company. A o a obit Max Cleveland feb. 28.�?. Castle one of the most prominent and wealthy citizens of Cleveland died this morning. The deceased has been closely connected with the manufacturing interests of this City for the put thirty years. He has held Many positions of Honor and Trust both politically and in the mercantile world. At the time of his death he was president of the Cuya hoga steam Furnace company. London papers relate curious stories of the blunders made by Oxford undergraduates in the scripture examination which they have to pass before taking their de Grees. It is told of one that when asked who was the first King of Israel he was so fortunate As to stumble upon the name of Saul. He saw that he had hit the Mark and wishing to show the examiners How intimate his knowledge of the scripture was he added confidently Quot la also called another was called upon to mention Quot the two instances recorded in the scripture of the lower animals the undergraduate thought for a moment and replied Quot Balaam s Quot this is one sir. What is the other Quot undergraduate paused in Earnest thought. At last a gleam of recollection lit up his face As he replied Quot the whale the whale said unto Jonah almost thou persuades to be a Christian Quot a Exchange. E Luad Egriu 811 Fife cent. Liless than any other House As our in Portal tons Are much larger receiving Large invoices by every Steamer. Tobacco the largest Stock in the est. We compete with Chicago Cincinnati and i it Ottis Ville. Eastern prices. 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M., to vote upon a proposition to Issue Bonds secured by mortgage upon the property and franchises of the company to raise Money for the completion and equipment of the Road and the payment of debts and also to transact such other business a the interest of the a Pany May require. By order of the Board. 6. K. Burley. Secretary. 8toekholder a meeting. Notice is hereby Given that the annual meeting of the Stock riders of the Cincinnati Richmond 4 fort Wayne Railroad company Wilt be held at the mayor s office in the City of Richmond. Wayne county Ladiana. On thursday april .4, 1872. For the burp Oia of electing eleven directors for said company for the ensuing year and for the transaction of such other business As May be brought before them. The books for the Transfer of Stock will be closed March 29, and will so remain until after the election. By order of the Board of directors. C. . Richmond feb. 26,172. Sec y. Musical instruments. Cit new method for Reed organs. 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The Grasette company Oler for Sale a it Quarto medium Clobe jobbing press which has been in use but a Short time. Some new features have been introduced making it better than when new. We offer this press for Sale very Keap. Address or inquire at Gazette office fort Wayne Indiana. _ dollars distributed Mai Lily by swim com a Usi oders in the Lack a i Kentucky St to lottery Bend for circular at Loco and tvs i our Lect. Mind c. U. Us Ituau imi. A a orb third dealer in and manufacturer of to Ejli it Sivos window frames Sash doors and blinds custom work promptly executed. Shop North Side canal Wert of Oak work from Wayne ind. brass Cocks valves amp a for Oak. Steam and water. Dealer in wrought Ikon pipe steam and Oas fittings for same. Sheet Lead Lead pipe rubber Hose. Pumps Hydra Ali rams Bath tubs. Coppy a Boharis and plumbing material of every Descry tits 48 East main St. Otto Wayne. Kaiui tabs. Silo at him Baltimore amp Ohio r. R. The great Short line from Cincinnati or Columbus Vej St saving 87 to Iio Miles and arriving in Advance at new York. Saving 50 Miles and arriving 6 4 hours in Advance at balt Moril saving 77 Miles and arriving hours in Auva uce at Washington. Reaching phii.ade1.phia one train Tho quickest. The great Iron railway Bridges Over the Ohio rip at Parkersburg and Bellaire Are completed. Morning and night lines of Pullman s Palace drawing room and sleeping cars Are run on this route from Cin Cincinnati or Columbus to Baltimore and Washington City. Without change. By this route you avoid All omnibus transfers and ferries. Tickets for Sale at All ticket offices in the South and a a i., n. Vole I. Wii Aoh. Men l ticket agent. Master trans. Balti mom. M l. Baltimore. My. Sid bit b. Jose Oen l pass. Agent Cincinnati Ohio. Brv6s, pants a. Ins1tran6�. Land amp insurance. Notary pubic Lind Minaai it Anee. Tax paying and collecting int. Represents them lowing old and reliable life insurance company of Hartford conn., capital <19,�00,0��.queen fire insurance company of Liverpool 6 London. Capital 910,000,000. Office Boom 29, Over Post office fort wat amp a ind. A.ni3e a insurance company Cincinnati. O. Assets air no 30, 1871. I,501,8i22 51 Benet Brest. J. H. By attic Sec y. Watt asst. Sec y a ,138 agencies have been established and Are now prepared for service. A Large anvers valuable business is already secured 93 have been promptly disbursed for losses. No suit has yet been brought against the company. Business has been iat Ger expenses lighter and aging than represented4o subscribers upon organization. The unvarnished to Faith has been our Polar Star consequently All pledges have been abundantly fulfilled. An ample to insurance fund and All outstanding claims have been amply provided for and a Liberal dividend declared. It is a noteworthy fact per Contra but correctly indicating the Fine volume of business at our command that fully six Hundred thousand dollars , in premiums have been refused. No less than twelve insurance companies closing an unproductive business have applied Tolus Forre insurance which at the terms a feed was respectfully declined. Lis gravitation will in a few the cause of t years become 1 Etter understood when the a it a tent study Complete system order capital and character which insurance needs to Eoa Mand legitimate Seq Nivaleun is properly a aces pts a rates fixed with regard to thelast of average and fair compensation for the hat it Ard a to Lime l. Business conducted in a libera spirit. Give Tho Andes a fair Trail and Reali Weite 8utermeister, Becker amp Bond building contractors and dealers in in tuning Stone Marble and Granite monuments tombstones mantles grates ac., Maik amp Puitolr-sts., fort Wayne. Ind. Wanted the National Caw ital life insurance co. Of Washingtonjr a. Chartered by special Osco Norci. A desirous of securing Good Active men of Chu ter to As agents in every county in Indiana. Avith Good men Liberal arrange Eathata will be made. Address Western superintendent i. C. Life inf. Co. _ Box 1182. . Wanted age Nib Abe Mak. Ino from �123 to $600 per Lamont i. For particulars address with stamp. F. Rid. Del Barger pc co. Frankl on>ta.i county. ibo Abdisho. At the Anderson Horibe. Ai West Berry St. This a a plea Aat aah convenient boarding House ene Aad a Hali squares from the Post epee. Inti ire at the House. Rom Salk a a a a of land x near Webster i in Uttmi Canty. Lebest in iowa., Aba Taall Eash a a a a Iez for the balance. »7 West Washington St. Near one of the Best in payment apply at for Sale a a Quarto medium Globe jobbing press flu Bem used but Iaia goed order ply at Gazaros Onich. For Fine buium ing Lota for be of Bekai vice Atiyat North line of Mechanie Buna one Atile milk t Waar Quot Quot of the court House fort. Near Tho Street can. For t farm ini., a Over merchant Katina Al Torbe it for Bent. A adjoining City r .limitaoasoathbnuway.akemee�. Taming ten rooms supplied with coed water la torn. Ac., the ten aerie of Gio Aad. Apple Orchard rapt end patek. And Abw Faaee of other fruit. Good ice House and Ether oath houses. For Par Tinlan inquire of to Bent. A a Treb Oxoby a Brick building centrally located on Calhoun St. Near the court he a a cube leased for a number of Yean on far orame terms. An excellent site for a Manu watery. Apply at ence at the Gaza tip once. A Buber cards. A . H. Dix a at xxx Someya Lawand Noury Faure. Omee an main St. Over David a hardware stain Ceu actions promptly Attama tri Fard wave a. L. Davis Deal a xxx or in hardware. Stove. Oila. Paints farming Impi emits. Cauvery aah Home building material. Alio buys and Lel sex. Water too cax1i& hangout Caius. A �t0rney8 at Law amp Morrow Attora Eya at Awaad cel. Be i nay. Angola ind. Jul Tiee. J. K. A Quoit _ Ito . Baimas cab to of agcy h. F. Will80m, Comer of Calhoun and M�ir-Sto., re a a Watrac. Actor amusements. Colerick s opera House or. T. R. Turnbi respect Viliy announces the first appearance in this City since his recent severe indisposition of the world Reko vexed violin stole Bull in grand concert Friday evening March 1. Assisted by the following eminent artists miss a sen Trade Oahu Soprano. A. . Tenor. Bia. Auad Bicu Tek the eminent pianist and composer. of. No extra charge for reserved scat. Gallery not reserved. 50. The Sale of reserved seats i commence on monday february at Tho Book store. Of 10o clock a. The grand piano used at these concerts is from the celebrated factory of Chickering t sons. Boston and new York. To commence at 8 o clock. Furnaces. Hot air Furnace manufactory no. 67 East main St. Giraham amp a Joey Shatlaw. Real estate and la Sanmei �v����t�5n<� agents for Quot blame feud s com advertising Blu rms a of Imsu Quot i Frt of a used Sta Tai. A Ussi not we so. A Etibo Boot Ort Wayne. Lad. Be a. A a.v.b. Tonuu. Justice of the peace. Kotar Rysse. He. Bossler notary of a Blic. 4 in general Iasar Aoel Tention to buying and Selling Muu. Png taxes and general a Sixeas. Usually transacted by the mrs a Oyer it s Kauo Aal Baak Maia Aad Calbo a its. Fort warn fms Ioa. Olifee bus in to fees made on consignment. Gan Case a co., Chicago n 14 chamber of Commerce. Cash adv a on Ensign menu to oar a a of of a is of adj a pro pert Teu Jat Aad sold a Law Giac Orden so Bate i for the Purchase of flour a a a of Ali Kinda. And provisions. J. S. Cd so . Soi a Chicago. . Lied. A id. A. Keel druggist cobweb a of Broadway Aad Jeff Enoa Sto. Pro sen Tiona Carea Tlly dispensed. Pare ngg. Was paint and Liq Aora Jar. L n. Tha Ner of Calhan a Aee at Hae Hoase fort Keb Opict Cor. An us Rry Sta. La i. Be. Fort Waya. Curtice. D., begs leave to announce to the Citi seas eff Wayne that he has purchased the late Resi Denoe of or. H. To Tusker. And is Piep red to attend to All who May desire his pro fms Goa Al Serpens. Can be found at his Ozitee at we Ner s drug store. No. 54 Calhoaa-St., he tween the hours of a and 10 a. Also at Keai Mel s drag store Romer Broadway Aad Jeff if son its. Between the hours of a Aad 4 p. Residence. No. 1s2 h est Washington to. A in a ii in Wayne Lodge no. 25, f. A a. If Ujj meets every tuesday eve diag at maasai a a w. Nan s. W Hall. Stated communication on or Dejoie fall of a a Quot a Var Nso a try is a. A Al Era Advisee y. Full of the Moon. Keree of. A a , Summit City Lodge no. 170, f. A o a. A. Meets every Friday evening at masonic Hall Northwest Corner of Ca Hoaja Aad Berr its. Regular on the first Friday evening of each Loath w. A Bahe Ock. c. L. Thomas s. Knight W., Israel Lee. Treasurer . Flak Secretary. Constructed for both Wood and Coal. Will give a quicker Aad greater amount of heat from a Siven Quantity of feel than any Furance East or West. Patented March 14, isl. Call and see them. Oot Minaham amp of. Chotei amp _ Tatlo use Saginaw City no Ich. L. H. Hopkins proprietor. This hotel is one of the finest structures of the kind in the state and it is the of the proprietor to make it first class in every respect. It is situated within two blocks of the j., l. Pc s. Railroad depot and Street cars for East Saginaw leave the House Ever it Twenty minutes also stages leave for the great magnetic Spring and St. A Fuis leaving and arriving at the House Laily. Especial attention will be paid to the wants of invalids. Vol. Bayless Lodge no. 35� of. It a. A. Meets at masonic Hall Ever monday evening. Regular comm Nicatie second monday of each month. w. Geo. Crane, s. C. L. Smith. J. A d. C. Fisher. Treas. C. Crane Sec y. A. E Grove. S. A. R. Lecardy A re Bart w. Murphy and w. H. I it at stewards a. Waring. J. Bond and a s Smith trustees. Home Lodge no. 34 f. A a. A meets at their Ball third Story of p. 0. Building Coart St. Every tuesday a Tenhag. Stated on the first essay evening of month w. James e. Graham. S. R. S. Row Tsoa Samuel thanhouser. Treas. Jao. Liliie. Or. Sec y. R. S. . H. Brooke and John b. Morgan trustees. A it Wayne chapter no. 19 x r. A. A. Meets at masonic Hall every wednesday evening. Stated Robto eation first wednesday in each month. A h. Ham Ilton. H. P. Geo. Cine Sec a r Wayne Council no. 4, r. A of., Meeta a stated communicate a t Ond wednesday of each month at 7 o de p. S. U. A Blair. T. I. 6. Ferd k bolts. Sec . Harmony Lodge no. I9, meets every thursday evening. We. Piura n a w. P. Berry. V. G. J. Al rate. S. Phil. R. Grund. P. S. Gordon Green. Treas. _ �,�ktba1. Hong Lata metropolitan a at 623 Arch a a. . This hotel has recently been remodeler in the Mot approved style. Terms 12.50 per Day. Single rooms Wii Hiat Board it. A. Dehaven Propri to ast . 8. Wood dealer in i ook Ingr picture feb ass ran Ana read ii Ite i Superior business facilities. A Chi s. T. Amp h. T. Hannah Mealhow St near Jefferson. Spout Wayne Lodge no. U cd meets every monday night. A. J. Helps ter n. A Graf. V. It. E. Zarket vim. T. Mckean. P. 8. P. J.. Summit Encampment no. 14, meets the first and third Frieff a month. A p. Berry. Cup i i p. E. b7h, h. Henderson. S. P. J. o. 1j.a.x. Deca Lii Council no. 4, bigot every thursday a a is mass bealbsta1b��illbchia or Sayess real estate Amo Fouec Tiibi office on Clinton Between Wayne Aad Wash Ngoa its
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