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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1882, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - February 1, 1882, Fort Wayne, IndianaVolume . 17o. Morning february 1, 1882. Price five cents. Wajtt8. 1to. Wanted set Patlon by a Printer of the Cass lad a tillable Low Wolleo Auy whore Dante re o. Book cml or by a i Hon rashly competent and possessing a qom to Couable rows room a to character a ability. And a. Young maa to travel with Turet Olam Somody company As treasurer must a sober and fallible and Bays a Small Emu capital salary paid to tight party. Add Taan Ioel corned Dijon o. bd-4. Man to Boronsky Eipur landed in getting Cra Troili Oak and Hack or Wall Polo Tomij in in liw. To not Aagaat to districts for a awake factory Only Mesa of experience will by ool Drod. Addams p. 0. Box 57, cloak Sattl trunk w a competent Book keeper must Haw . Address a. A Gazette of wan boy about flute an years old Tara Sti to curler Cau at orca at 1 a. On Hayden new House containing seven rooms of mrs. Durfee of Talob Kaleob Fri Del Good substantial balt. Ness building la tie town of inn Lugton. Ind. This Bullpl Felt contains a store room and duelling on Market Street and is Well adapted to parties of Al Fol Tad Means to Ion Dot business. It will answer Botn for Bushias and dwelling House will sell of twp or Trade 08 property in this Olty. For Partlaw Alara Adderei thu of Flea a. Good substantial one Story Frame dwelling on lot number sewn la la of Natalae a addition to to. Town of Fob 8aju5-i.merlcan be new will be sold Thaap. A Luff aia Enine. Nearly apply at this of face. The wagons West Mala in o. Would Call w Pearl Noneta great induce ments now offered in millin Ery goods to close out the balance of the Stock atthe Cor Ner of Calhoun and main its. Pyke s grocery d. H. Baldwin co., Cincinnati Indianapolis Louisville a great fire. The scene of the conflagration among hew York printing offices. Florida oranges. Malaga grapes. Choice bananas. French Wabi uts new. Figs new. Candies. Finest 45c per in. Choice 15 and 20c. French Peak very flae. German fruits in syrup. Saratoga potatoes. New Edam cheese. New Cream cheese. Champagne commery Sec. Mumm. Goulet. Wines of All kinds. This Mammoth piano House have established a Branch in fort Wayne at no. Is West main Street. Steinway sons Decker Bros j. 0. Fischer Vost son s and Many other the scientific american establishment totally destroyed of Standard make constantly on band. O. S. Gilbert manager. F 8 lot of Manmee ate sue addition. Inquire at. This office. Eos Cameo pin somewhere in Tea Well so.ss5broadwi end l08r-ln or hear the plots Breh oar anon a year tar new Bank skin Glora the fia4er will pleas Aikaw plumbers. Gas and steam fillers , a stages. Moon in Iron and and Brau ooe4t, Minglun of All kinds and the Daplas Davis printers and Book binders Blahr books Cigar a shelf boxes f Ord e Rmark s sign of the a Marvel of cheapness. Chambers household edition a dictionary of valve Rel Kim Tor the people in ten Large Retno Tolnes Couta Lalni Paui Lllan Strawl by about engr Atiga. Prawd on goo paper. Price per set in cloth. So Bur Fri sheep woj Waif Morocco kk1l boo. Hate Rem fed tothe Corner of Berry Clinton would be pleated to show the pub Lic the largest Une of trunks and travelling bags. In Northern Indiana at manufacturers prices. Marion Webb. Candy s Saratoga bitters is a mild and pleasant elixir and is a cure for ague malarial bilious fevers Ash Fla dyspepsia. Indigestion constipation heart Burn headache and piles and re moves despondency or blues. It purifies the breath and cars and beautifies the complexion. Table spoonful twice a Day. Per bottle. 9ieyeb Bros. Aco., wholesale agents. O it bro., prop., Cincinnati. For the Little boys and Gills. Fancy embroidered slippers for ladies and gentlemen. Warm boots and shoes for . Heavy boots shoes and Bubbers for people who travel in the at we Nave just made up a it umber of can vases a Man we will Tai Ilyf for so cables and dancing clubs. Putting Down and taking up on Short notice and at reason Ables prices Moderwell Studor 86 Kast Berry Street 1812. Owen Paley co. Extends the compliments of the season to its Many thousand friends and patrons. During the. Months of january and february rare bargains May be obtained at the clothing depot. Closing Sale of Siri Tings and Over Coats. Prices marked to accomplish this result. Court and i f. Sites d.dj3. A done in the unit thorough and thuloweit nit Al Orionn strut. Betat Airway Montri of a uhf atom. A the big red Boot Oal Houim St. Invention for preventing the Bobbing of gwm. In aided ant pram Lam a told Madal at feb Airall Chiald Nha Tantal k which Chiald i built at Iron Rait and ban la Lack a that it cannot b Oken Lato. O Maqui laetare p sell at 8.s.8miok. 46 West Mala Street. Fort wage cams. Alex. Muir read 00., Wood and kindling Tarn Arlen at or at 4 Berv a i a Iii Rar Rubet Ottzen Gas fitter Iron and Lead pipe. Brass goods of All kinds Hogue s graded injector 111 Gaia of Banat tort ind. Alto scents for Nerk s a Valic motor Smth Frimu Oto is. notion put Trautm Holch a Art Lal Kunf or Patlaf. Dalhma Tinai on a Rootarf. Boston Tea. No. So St. Best brands of owned Goode All fse8h Beo tired to Bottom dries Central grocery so. 10s Cal Houff Street for poultry. And game. Bole for Saddle h cd oysters tote finest sold in the City. Staple fancy groceries. Best brands of canned goods. Harrey i sauce for Flash and 80c Ftp pint Cross Bla Fewell s goods including til kinds of canned Flash. All Kadi of Tatta my vegetables in a. Walters. Toilet additions cosmetics for moustache and hair French italian and american in White Black Brown and Chestnut moustache Wax. Genuine French hair pomade oils and restorers. Bay rum imported and Domestic. Florida and Sci let Waters. Toilet powders and lotions and everything Usel Tor the toilet by ladies or gentlemen. T. F. Thierb druggist chemist so Calhonn Street. Together with several other Jarge publishing companies. Narrow escape of the times from total destruction. 60 Clinton streets oar store closes front this Date at 6 p. M., saturdays and Fay Days excepted. News notes. The late or. Leonard Bacon was born at Elyria Ohio. A son of Brigham Young is an instructor at West Point. Last tuesday was the coldest Day Boston has seen since 1814. The show is six inches deep along the Norfolk Western Railroad. John c. New has been appointed United states minister to Russia. General Sheridan and wife Are vis iting general and mrs. Grant in new York. It is. Rumoured in Dublin the Union generate had some funds of the land league. The Coal operators in Schuylkill county pa., will suspend mining nine Days in february. The Reich Stag was closed by the Secretary of state Reading the Impe rial message of dissolution. The Mason county court House at Havana ills., burned sunday night. Loss insurance it is rumoured in Washington that sex senator t. C. Platt of new York will be offered a Cabinet position. Gambetta has resumed his seat among the members of the party of the left at the chamber of deputies. Hugh Hastings of the new York commercial advertiser has sold his new York residence for to cover the expenses of her War with Peru Chili the District of Tarabaca said to be Worth the land tag was informed by the German minister of finance that the projected loan of Marks will be withdrawn the Worth of Silks stolen from Camp Morrill Camp at Jack son Mich have All been recovered except three pieces. A Dubuque Iowa a Printer named Ralph Sawyer was convicted of Vio lating the sunday Law of the state by Ashing on that Day. Benjamin Langford and his wife of Somerset county md., have been married sixty one years and have raised sixteen children. At new Orleans two White men Mckee and sing Barry were arrested or the murder of Marshall Smith a coloured preacher at Clinton la. A Moscow dispatch states that too political exiles implicated in nihilism. 328 have been liberated Anc the sentences of the others modified. It is stated by or. Billings cd. S a that people die annually in the United states from prevent die diseases and avoidable accidents. It has been ascertained that the murder of process server Huddy and his Nephew in Ireland took place about noon in the presence of Many people. The russian government possesses documents tending to prove the anti jewish movement in Russia is kept up and that it was not originated by revolutionary agents a Berlin dispatch says or. Falk Haa been appointed president of the High provincial court at Hamm Westphl Lia. The appointment involves his virtual retirement from political life. The Missouri senators and representatives without regard to party United in a recommendation to the president to appoint John f. Cahill of St. Louis to be minister to Mexico. The year 1881 there cleared from the port of London with cargoes vessels with a total tonnage of tons a decrease As compared with 1880, of 53 vessels and an increase of tons. Near Winona minn., Robert and John Carroll brutally murdered with pitchforks Titus Hoyl a respected Farmer with whom their father was in dispute. The three Carrolls who Are a hard set have been arrested. At Copenhagen there was a great sensation in the Fot Henkind in Conse Quence of the ministerial Organ hav ing stated if the radicals prevent the passing of the regular finance Bill the government can provide the Neces sary funds by Royal ordinances. At disco his., mrs. 8. W. Miller becoming involved in a difficulty with her husband seized an axe and at tempted to kill him. Failing in this she retired to another room saturated her clothing with kerosene and be fire to her dress. She was burned to death. C. Callaghan an sex policeman who has been running a private night watch and detective Bureau in Chi Cago for some time is alleged to have committed a number of burglaries in order to further Bis own business. He is also accused of blackmailing Anc other which he will be brought to account. An Athens correspondent Days the reception of the Kings address at the opening of the chamber of deputies was absolutely unsympathetic. The silence was unbroken at his entry Anc departure. The people in the streets were equally cold. So decided an expression of Public Disfavour was never before seen since the King s accession to the throne. The London times published a let Ter from Gladstone replying to the correspondent who urged the release of the imprisoned suspects. The prime minister says the first duty 01 the government is to Law and order. It can not constantly release these individuals until they lose their Power or renounce their intention of pursuing a course of disturbance. The Village of Rockfield is in somewhat of an uproar a Man and woman named Seymour having beaten starved and otherwise brutally misused a seven year old daughter 01 mrs. Bolton whose husband is in the insane Asylum. The Little girl was working for the seymours but now has been taken away and is under a physician s care. Twenty or thirty people visited Seymour for the Pur pose of Lynching him but he Escapee with his wife and diligent search failed to discover them. The meth ods of cruelty employed upon the in Nocent child Are too diabolical of mention. Several persons known have perished in the but the exact number cannot be definitely ascertained. Heartrending scenes and Many Harrow escapes witnessed. A bib Blaze. Fire among the printing Kong pm of new Yolk january new York times building is burning. The flames Are raging fiercely and 10 doubt the building will be a total Oss. The fire reported As breaking out in he times office originated. In the building formerly occupied by sew York world and in the same mock with the times but separated rom it by intervening buildings. Strenuous efforts Are being made t save the times but the fire is spread ing rapidly and it is feared cannot be controlled Short of the Corner where the times office is located. There is an unconfirmed Rumor of the loss of several lives., ambulances Are on. The spot. There is a slight Snow falling but the air is dry and Crisp with a Light the North which increases the difficulty in controlling the-.fire., the Block in who Ebythe fire is ular with the building formerly occupied on its Southeast Corner and the times building occupying the entire Northern Angle of the Gore. The Tribune office is diagonally across Nassau Street from the times. Build ing and the Sun office is on the up per Corner of the same Block Tribune. The fire has been burning fiercely for an hour taking hold in the top of the buildings and sending up Large masses of flames. The following note has been sent to the associated press the Newyork observer has been burned out and this week s Issue will be the observer office was at no. 37 Park Row i the old world building. There were a Large number of offices stores and advertising agencies in that and adjoining houses. In one of these offices there were a number of women employed and it is reliably asserted that one woman fell or leaped from the roof Over Pettingill s advertising office and was killed. There Are rumours of other women being burned in the offices but these can not be verified. The pecuniary loss will be very heavy both in the buildings and Stock in the stores including the wholesale supplies of rubber machinery Etc. At 11 o clock the Southern end of the Gore was a mass of ruins but it is now thought the times building will be saved though the danger is not entirely Over. The times building is saved but considerably damaged. The flames Are confined to Beekman Street and Park Bow at the Corner of the Block. Only one life lost that of the woman already referred to. It is stated that four bodies were re covered on Nassau Street of persons killed by jumping from windows. It is feared the loss of life will be heavier than at first believed. The build ing was crowded with employees and very few could have escaped by the stairways. An haired woman was seen in the fourth Story of the world building appealing Ifor help. Her lips were seen to move but her voice could not be heard. A who saw her were horror stricken. The flames were raging about her person igniting her hair and clothes. She fell Back into the flames and was burned to death. A Young girl wearing a Blue dress who was Cut Oft from the stairs ran to the fourth Story fronting on Park Row and stood hesitatingly while the flames and smoke encircled her. Jump shouted the spectators and casting a frightened glance below threw herself out and fell on the Stone pavement below. When picked up Lite was extinct her head being crushed beyond recognition. A few minutes ago a negro woman at the third Story window of the world office on the Park Row Side also leaped to the sidewalk. She was badly injured and was taken to the Chambers Street Hospital. Sev eral men and women saved them selves by leaping from windows. On Nassau Street when the woman was killed two men were hanging from window Sills by their Finger ends. The ladders being to Short they were saved by the firemen mounting on one another s shoulders and thus let them Down with their Aiti. The scene at the time when the

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