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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - February 1, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana of both houses of Congress total amount of United states currency is $389,067,070. The committee of territorial delegates in conference. Senator Chandler s elaborate speech on the Ali nest Bill. Wa1it�b. W Cash boys at Frank in i s. A a a office under the Avelino Boase a boar of twelve or fourteen rears of afo to deliver Massae Etc. Vol. . 235. Fort Wayne . Thursday morning february1872. Price five cents. Or. Roberts defended the action of the Secretary. Or. Kerr offered an amendment that in the opinion of the House the Creary of tie Treasury in negotiating the loan had increased the bonded debt More than was necessary or proper and had increased expenses contrary to Law. Wit boat the debate coming Tea close the Bouse adjourned. New York. State Legislatures. Furnar s. Horace Greeley on the renomination of Grant. Sumner and m on ill fighting Over the former s civil eights Bill. Opinion or the House of Secretary bout weirs Syndicate. Commercial affairs. Wash Soto Jan. 31.�?Secretary bout Well before he it it Mniece oui Intee of the House to Day a and had a Long conference with the committee on lynches Bill to promote american Commerce. . The Follon ing nominations were sent to the sen ate to Day Post Mamers Lewis la Rubright Middletown Ohio b. S. Yoang new Lisbon Ohio. Ice Vescy . The total amount of United states currency outstanding at this Date is �399,067,-070. Lebe Hoial. Denet tates. Wash ottos Jan. 31.�?the committee of territorial delegates held a regular meeting this morning. Or. Garfiel suggestions that the Homestead Bill be so amended that the Date of settlement on a surveyed lands May count after the Survey As a part oct he period of five years a factual occupation requisite toward is claim was unanimously Cen Cuit in and messes. Garfield clogged stand Morrill were selected a a sub committee of delegates to Confer with the committees on territories and Public lands upon the subject. C0hgkessi01�Ai,. House of Berese Stative maites. The Bill in reference to the appeals to the supreme court after discussion was or. Bingham a ii cat ored to have the Bill modified pro As to writs of error claiming that if it applied to Meve Penitentiary cases it would care Sion the mormon the sew in a3�z. On motion Quot for. Dawes the report of the committee on. Ways and Means on the action of the Secretary of the treas Ury in nolo i iting the new loan was taken up. He w. 8 willing to submit the question without discussion. Or. Kerr representing the thin oily of the committee do cling to con int to a having the matter voted on without . Or. Sargent desired to proceed with the Indian appropriation Bill but it was decided to go on with the Syndicate matter. The Resolution reported by the committee was justifying the Sec Earv of the treason in the matter of. Negotiation Jar. Proposed As an am Nui re solution directing the co i Mittee to report the Bill introduced by him forbidding the payment of commissions on sales us in item states Bonds. Or. Dawes briefly recapitulated the facts in the Cash and defended the report of the committee. Or. Kerr of the minority of the com Mitu contested the report. Or. Beck claimed that three months interest which the Syndicate had received on Bonds without paying any consideration for it was Quot s2,025,000 which sum added to its commission made its Angerate for compensation Quot 82,4ii2,50l/.&Quot the same comparisons a applied to the remainder of the loan would allow the Syndicate to realize the Harvest of "s24,0>0,000,&Quot and be argued that to such an expenditure was Conteni plated in the funding Law he calculated that the profile of the transaction of the Syndicate was at least ,3 0,000. It would lie kept in mind that this Immen sum a a made he a in a amp co. And in tiie refunding of uss than $13,500,000 ont of ,5 h ,000,000 a ii theorized to be refunded and that the adoption of the Resolution reported by the majority would not Only be a License but an order to the Secretary of the tree Surv to proceed to refund the other 81,300,000, to on the same rms Al pro High sgt me whereby they would pocket at least Whiee per cent on the whole Amoun As they had already done on a part. Ingress might just As Well by a direct vote put -39,000,000 into the pocket of Jay Cooke amp co. If Bottko machinery. Daring the discussion or. Maynard from it he conference committee on the Bill allowing certain machinery to be imported free of duty for plate Glass manufacturer generally made a report. The committee agrees to strike oat the Section for plate Glass machinery and the report was agreed to. Or. Brooks n. A one of the other minority members of the committee of ways and Means asked Dawes if the finding resolutions were adopted by the ouse if the Secretary of the Treasury would regard it As authority for him to go on in the same Way with the rest of the loan. Or. Dawes replied that the Secretary of the Treasury would be assured by the adoption of the Resolution that in no respect had lie violated Law. Indeed he Felt so now and by the passage of the Resolution he would feel that he had the opinion of the House backing him. A to engagements so far As he knew had been entered into and there was not any likelihood of any arrangements being made of us h terms As he had seen stated in the newspapers. Or. Brooks had no doubt that the Secretary of the Treasury had to the lest of his knowledge and ability negotiated the lean in Good Faith but the House ought to indicate its wish that he should Stop there and give him no encouragement to go any further in that Way. He thought it would be the worst of statesmanship and the worst of Fina Ciering for the House to approve of what the Secreu iry had done. H it did so the european Bankers would continue to Ujj up tie same terms but otherwise they would come Down in to Weir demands. Besides thare was no hut about the matter. The credit of the uned states was higer now than it War y ars ago alien it could raise a four tier cent loan and he believed that it would be a so a financial policy not to press Liis finding at so High a rate of interest at present. R. Cox. Olio of Al Rcd the Resolution on which the was based argued tie position taken by the Secretary of the Treasury and by the committee of ways and Vejins. He characterized Syndicate As a pack of porn Morants whose operations should be stopped at once. There should in no More bickering with them. The people yield the president and Secretary of the Treasury and coi Igrejas responsible for the Peculiar manner of manipulating the debt. There was no diff City in going into the Market and making four per cent without agents and without commissions. To den evinced the Syndicate As corrupt and corrupting. Senate. Cheap thas Isit. Or. Pomeroy presented a Resolution of the Kansas legislature urging action for a cheaper transit trom the agricultural states to the Seaboard. Is nebs on Isaias lakes. Or. Ramsey Intro i ced a Bill in relation to the settlers on the late Sioux Indian reservation in Minnesota. The hate anal be Ventre Law. Or. Scott reported irom the finance committee a Bill declaring the meaning of the internal Revenue act of july 14, 1870 a it declares that the meaning of the a. Was to exempt from the two and one Hall per cent tax �11 dividends of earnings and individual profits of All Bank insurance and other corporations mentioned in the act made or which accrued As a surplus fund during August september octo iter no vember or dece Niber in the year 1870, All cases where such corporation had already paid or would thereafter upon earnings incomes and divided Proi its of the previous months of that Yeti the tax to be equal to at least two and out half per Keiit per annul. The subs Titan also directs the commissioner of internal Revenue to ref Nti rhe tax paid upon Ai such earnings for said five months to Ai corporations that have paid a tax of tilt and one Talf per cent upon All dividend in 1870 and 1871. The Bill passed. An Adverse Keport. Or. Trumbull of the Judie Arv committee reported adversely to the iii authorizing the president to accept Thi resignation of the judge of any court of the United states the amnesty Bill. The amnesty Bill was taken i p. I Chandly t then addressed the Senate he declared himself against Universal a amnesty. Amnesty was a Boon and the it who proposed to Grant it had certainly a right to impose a condition and he thought it a very mild and reasonable condition to require. Rebels to cease their infernal outrages upon Loyal men before giving them amnesty. He was Opma cd to forcing amnesty Union them. If they would not condescend to ask it they ought not to get it. A the Kun flux rebels of the South seemed to forget they were paroled prisoners of War and liable to be shot at any time for a violation of their parole Anil he thought that if two or three Hundora of them were take out and shot it would do a great Deal More Good than amnesty. Or. Chandler then turned to the civil service Reform. He said it had been going on very effectively for the last eleven year by reforming traitors out of office and replacing them with go loj Al men and expressed the opinion that we had never had so honest and evil client civil service As under the present administration still there were undoubtedly other reforms required and they would be made As soon As pointed out he Tsien Drew at length a parallel Between the Republican and democratic parties greatly to the of latter and warned the Liberal republicans of the character of the party into w Iose arms they were Rushing. So Toner s reply to mob it. Or. Sumner replied to or. Morrill s me argument made last week Agi inst the constitutionality of the supplementary civil rights Bill. The pow. R to pass the Bill he said was Given in that Grant of Power to abolish slavery this legislation being Nec Essaiy to make the abolition Complete. The sen nor Mori ill had found constitutional difficulties in the Way because a adhered to the old Rule of interpreting the Constitution in a which was conquered at Appomattox. The Quot tile that every word clause and sentence must let a interpreted uniformly for human Riglis and if Bis Bill should be rejected and the amnesty Bill , their was danger that the coloured vote would be so divided As to defeat the Republican party. The coloured voters were a new Power in the land and must be so considered. Or. Morrill Maine replied that he denied that the close of War brought any new Rule of Interr Ting the Constitution and charged Sumner with having adv investigation of the custom House affairs resumed. Little so babble Between senators fratt and Casserly. 3iow Orji. I Newyork Jan. 31.�?the governor s response to a Resolution of the Senate says \ there were several instances in the lust j Legi Lattire where clauses in Bills which j never passed and were in the Bills after they were presented for his signature. Hot air Furnace manufactory no. 67 East Mai ii St. The probabilities of Tweed taking his seat in the Senate. To corps Njus. 31.�?a Bill was passed ,.making breaking into Railroad cars in tie a no it a a Al will give a quicker night season burglary. By is were Intro Jan greater amount of heal diced Authon Sinif a dainties cities and j a towns to sell Railroad Slock held by them j a Roni a Griven Quantity of reel and invest the proceeds in new railroads any Furance East of to provide for the Sale of Dillni Ninaking oils to punish Quot and contractors on Public works for making fal 0 Estima is for work or a serials. Coltom Rojs 0., Jan. 31.�? v Bill was. Introduced in the Senate this afternoon to provide for the Protection and Oduca tion of children employed in factories and mines. A tool Tifin was altered Propri thousand dollars to Lii Ilid Monument to the memory of sex president Harrison. West. Patented aia Reb 14, inti. Call and see them. Cottingham amp co. 8 of St res speculations concerning the failure of the Market Sau Ings sack. Streke the Mokey goes. New York Jan. 31.-�?many of the persons who Are charged with furnishing supplies to the City , in accounts published yesterday represent that they ii Ever received the moneys charged Heni. 11 als�-at5 ears that Many of the articles a Ere never furnished. The disbursements of the Bureau of repairs Quot published to Daji How that out of a Quarter of a million hey paid out eighty thousand. This ranks is repairs to the police civil courts though the net receipts arc not one tenth of the amount actually expended. California. Sak Francisco Jan. 31.�?the California Senate refused to pass to a third Reading the Resolution Rico intending the adoption of the government postal Telegraph sys teni. Nation convention n. Stettin at the in Lionial convention to Sec inc a Koli Frion a an Seiil. A Keiit to iii con Btl tuition. Politic Al. The Republican general committee last evening elected John e. Townse Iid president and John j. O Brien Secretary. Greeley of . Horace Greeley in the 2h6u<if. A ays Choi go he does not exalt in the one term principle above every other consideration yet he had adhered to it Over thirty years never supporting the president for reelection but once and that he has reason to believe that Grant assented to this less than four years ago. He does not say that 4rant will not if nominated be elected he does not say he will not support him but that his nomination renders a doubtful Republican Triumph which the one term pledged candidacy would make certain. Moroses s verdict. The Kroner s jury last evening rendered a verdict that miss Fannie Hyde killed Geo. Watson in Williamsburg. Two jurors considered the shooting justifiable at Kingston yesterday. Awarded damages. Miss Fowler was awarded s4,000 damages against or. Martin for not marrying her. Appeals in the the Pennsylvania rated this Bill by using the coloured voters As a co operative Power instead of by j custom officers. He thought the ins reasons addressed to the judgement of the had son e knowledge of the theft. Senate. At the conclusion of Morrill s remarks the Senate adjourned. Forer a new York Jan 31.�?a special irom Paris says that Thiers in discus ing with Rothschild the project for further evacuation of France by the germans said i would like to see the end of the occupation if we had a stable government and settled Public opinion. As it is if the lost baggage. The commission of Tomse of Rawson against the la Railroad company have decided that the limitation of liabilities to Sloo for the loss of baggage is not a contract and awarded the plaintiifs4,000 damages for her baggage lost by the defendants. Grand Joey. The general session of the grand jury Are in doubt whether to find indictments against the ring men. They have not time to bring witnesses before them As Ribeir term expires on saturday. Custom House. Thecusioia.ou8e investigation was resumed this Molvang. A communication was read from a e. Sogers complaining of the con act of the Wilber with reference of a cargo coi signed to his Otise. B. H. Lyntton sent a letter stating that the fleecing system con fenced under Leet amp co. And now Contini ies. Chas. Bellows testified that some of his Brandy was stolen while in charge of the Spector losses of that kind were frequent. Auction of Coal. One Hundred and Twenty thousand tons of Scranton Coal was auctioned to Day showing a decline of 20 to 30 per cent. Lumaj Coal sold at s3 35�4 12�o, so Stii grate s3 55@3 75, egg $3 453 60, stove $4 05�4 17i, Chestnut .s3 30@3 45. Co Solly. Samuel g. Courtney to Day secured a stay of the proceedings from judge Barnard in the Case of the supervisors of the germans were gone we would have cd Sun a grains Connolly until March i5th, worse demagogues. The Bona artists a Jupi Jug ice court of appeals is would come Forth and a Fri. J. _ a Days All the calamities of party strife would take place. 1 will yield though with regret to the general desire though 1 consider that the presence of the prussians is a guarantee of peace and Bordeaux Jan. 31.�?the boiler of the British steamship Amazon exploded Here yes Matfey. Two persons were killed and Sev a director of the of Ial journal published under the control of the commune has been sentenced to transp Rution. In National Assembly to div the debate was begin upon a the _ int report from the committee providing for the with Rawal of France from the treaty of Commerce with England. The syndicates of the towns , Vichy Plo Mieres and barges live petition the government for an abrogation of the Law against Public gambling and offer forty million Quot francs per annul for the privilege of licensing gambling establishments at those watering to decide in the Case of the peo a relentless against the . Tweed 8 Case. Albany Jan. 31.-the trial of Tweed Cincinnati Jan 31.�?the National convention to secure a religious amendment to the Constitution met to Day at Thomas Hall. About two Hundred and fifty delegates were present from the Dif Terent states. A m. B. Hamons one of the judges of the Superior court of Cincinnati was chosen president and Kev. H. H. George Secretary. Judge Hamons delivered an address on taking the elixir and congratulated the delegates that they had met peacefully without regard to sector party to discuss questions of much moment. He welcomed them to the state and City the heart of the nation. He firmly believed that a vast majority of the people of the United states would approve the scope and end of this move Merit. The explicit a Knovs Edge Merit of god in the Constitution is but a recognition of an obligation on the part of the state As binding on the National conscience As on that of its Independent members. Secretary Mcallister read a report of his doings since october 1871. Information has 6 in received of thirty organizations with a membership of Between two and three Hundred besides there has been much Public discussion. Within the year Over two Hundred Public meetings have been held. The National convention was deemed advisable and Cincinnati selected the place because it was the scene of agitating the question of bibles the schools. The Secretary suggested the publication of the proceedings to Stim ulate the lectures and to keep the occasion before the people. He believed in the language of the distinguished judge who presided Over the convention a Christian s estimate in regard to this government and this country is Cri Stalin ing and this amendment is the form it must take. A disturbing element came in a notice Gien by a. P. F. Abbott e lit or of Toledo weekly Judex a paper devoted to the interest of Liee religion that he desire 1 to enter a Rem a trance against the object of this convention. Objection was made and he appealed to the chair to say whether or not he could enter Stich a remonstrance. On motion or. Abbott was requested to reduce his remonstrance to writing and present it to the committee on business to whom the whole subject was referred. 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Trains on the Union Pacific arrived at a amp fer Elfe che Yentie during last n get some Ottlie r. 3. . Att y. Administrator. Pas.=engers claiming to have been sixteen Days on the Road Troin Ogden. They re i Ivo uce will not Lake place until the March term port that when they got to rough a Quot Drift i Totice is Hee by Given that this puts the Case Over till the the wind blows the Snow Back into a he Quot Thris his a close of the legislature. It is probable cuts and fills them again. reports a Kitty i of be hew i the Asid the wind blowing and the Snow Drifting Nam Mcintosh in Adums town ship on Sun two trains West got As far As Cooper s . February 4,187 a a Nam Lake and remained there until noon new Haven Jan of a when they started Westward with Snow 1----- plows and a la be Force of men. A p.is-1 c Onimus Signet la Sale. Senger train standing at Sidney station _ was run into by another Pasik i Ger train Torii a is hereby Given that to Day. The engine broke through the Jujj undersigned comm Swoner of the that Tweed will now take his seat. Before the adjournment of the custom House there Ytis a slight in at arms Between senator Pratt and senator Casserly. The latter said the gentleman on the other Side possessed a great advantage in it log the whole organization of the custom House at his great Britain new Yoek Jan. 31.�?a special from London says the prevails there that the Geneva convention will necessarily disappoint the Hoies of its friends that the end will prove a failure. If the conference should decide in favor of the claims the English government would accept the result and parliament would vote the Money hence the movement would Stop the proceedings now is the pretence. The argument of the times is that England should demur the claim of indirect damages and if the court shall reject the Demorier she should withdraw froth the Case. Llilas is not an argument addressed to the govern inert but is the government View put out As a the govern Niento says we can not acquiesce in the construction of that which we Are determined not to acknowledge if proved against us. Lox Don Jan. 31. A three thousand pounds were subscribed at the meeting last night in Aid of the Livingstone . Thanksgiving services in St. Paul for the recovery of the Prince of Wales Are Pratt replied that Casserly had All the complaining merchants at his Back. Casserly ditto. He had got half a dozen suggestions since they began. He also called attention to the slowness with which any returns were called or by iii self or Bayard came in As compared with the prompt manner in which All the returns were supplied from the custom House to senators on the other Side. The committee then adjourned. A miscellaneous. Vice president Colfax has been invited to address tie Young men s Christian association of Brooklyn. Nother suit has commenced against collector Murphy to recover the amount of political assessment paid by an office Holder in the custom House. Or. Patterson whose name is disagreeable connected with the failure of the Market savings Bank visited the receiver today and declared that he was Able and will no to repay the loan made to him the receiver a belief that the Bank was unable to the Over forty per cent. A p it ration of the South Side Railroad track at Rockaway Long Island was destroyed by some unknown presort. On of the Early trains this morning had a narrow escape from a serious disaster. 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The teen Cleaolis from Small pox live occurred following real estate situated in said county during the past Raven Days Anil declare Jujj gout heart Quarter of that the dip cat is still in the increase the Southwest Quarter of Section Throe 3there Are now Twenty six patients in the township thirty one 31. North of Range Swelto new and eight in the old hospitals. Seven of the West half of the Southeast Quarter of sect n three 3. In towns p reporting Case occurring in Cir to Ono 031. North of Granite twelve m practice. Or. Hamich believer tie Evere Ftp physicians have been proc cited for not properly reporting Case occurring in their practice. Or. Ranch believe cold weather has increased it. _ there is a scheme on foot to consolidate i Mclachlan s. Additions to the to a a. A a a a of Quot i Jinn .0 Ltd i ii 1 a a a i a a a a Hun Isburg in Section fourteen u. Township in two Mammoth buildings All the banking try of Range twelve u East in institutions of the City. Thir. East of the lots number four 4 and five 5 it a. Of me Der Active fire Covington Cir Nikati of. Jan episcopal Church on Street Covington ky., was damaged by fire evening to to in Anion it of our to Tousand dollars. Fully insured in the Kenton of Covington. In hiring Ilie Cie a attached to a Hose reel ran away Knockin said county. ,. To ref one third Cash in hand and a my a oct Lent at Heb Lance in two equal instalment a in one Vrr or a a. I interest. R. S. Tallow to. 31.�? the innit commissioner. $1.50 per dozen notice. Notice is hereby Given to the Public in general int if any. Person has tiny Olim mor Raife right or title re Cori Leil or not record cd against lot tour teen 14 Railroad addition and South forty. Hamilton s Down a lad named , a Turing to Lily in Jung John Allen county. Indiana As the property of his Skull also be Karloff tailor. Cutlery. ,.1 a a i a a find Are determined to rigidly enforce the announced to take place of the 2<tholj. F february. Cutlery Spain. M.\dkid, Jan. 31.�?eight thousand reinforcements have sailed from Cadiz for Cuba. Adrid Jan. 31.�?a dispatch from Barcelona says that stringent measures have been ail Apted. For the prevention of further riotous disturbances. It App Tais that a crowd who assembled on tuesday burned the houses where Octroi duties had been collected and fired on troops. The latter replied with such Effi it Itiat two rioters were killed and another seriously wounded. The place is now quiet West Virginin a cos a the Couston Toni in convention. Cisak Ati Jan. 31.�?the Kanawha River is Frozen solid at Charleston West Virginia and but one mail has arrived there in a week. The constitutional convention is holding Short daily sessions but is waiting for the committee to report before lie ginning Active Burin Iesu. W. R. Russell a a county. A i a i ret Lerick Weber must Homo and make known the same within thirty Days from the a Iive named Date to the said Frederick Weber it his Roi once Corner f Calhoun ind Maumee its. In the City of fort Wayne where he will answer and defend each and every claim on the 3rd Day of i february. 1872. And All claims Iborti Iagas. Rights or titles recorded or not re corded a it made known to the said Frederick Weber at the appointed Day shall be considered Worth Levi and void thereafter. Also notice is to Eri by Given to the clerk of the a Nouty clerk s office of Allen county. Indiana that he. The clerk of said office shall and must make demand on the appointed Day aforesaid. All debts h urges or judgments held or claim Uil in the Allen county clerk s office against the said for Der cd Weber or All claims. H any. I said it Fulce shall a considered paid and of Kaperick Weber. Piles. A vol Milc dealer in cutlery of All kind. Importers of Fine knives and i pals piles piles Wostenholm s Prokot Kulics plated Forks and spa oils is Colvern and cartridges. Elc colom or a talk Nennor it Phlon Delp Bla. . Xii a us. Inc Penila Delphiia pa., 31.-�enry w. _ and owing to the precaution of the a Gray is elected senator of the fourth Dis he dec ared that a representative who was j thormities no further trouble is . By i j majority. The Republican True to Liis to syst and who would Stop the majority at the last election was 7,-420. Double , coid Ltd not do High i duty j a without voting Aga the res Ohirion of Jie Siuri. A for cold. J the majority and in Lav of the bid which secs Ella .t.n. 31�?the journeymen i Sai Francisco Jan. 31.�?tlie Stoa for Cox had o kicked forbidding All com carpentry of Titis City Are on a strike and Mary Taylor so file Lor Equador this morn a and All Leluc Tio s in the Sale the masters have closed their shops. Tiie ing with divers an4 machinery i going 60 Colunio it in a St Piir wonderful Quot japanese is rotation or Tichane of United states men Are parading the Strete. Disturb securities a i Banc tas occurred. The treasure sunk on the Lenca Didia 1802. Is Amish frigate. Griesey Tea pile. Ile Medy Quot now being introduced in this count y. I Cro Titi a marked Rev Lution in the spi erty and effectual ure of Bli d bleeding or thing i pile. It never failed even in the most All Nodi at Ftp Boom casses. Cures by a sorption. With Italy a Toons by a a. Pain ind is warranted to contain no i Juno up 1. Him a a s parties wanting t a try the s rom Price its Auto a la Quot Ciocu . Seay. Will plea a give a statement of their Case j i ill detail and we will give such directions Asoh iia Uil i i Quot guarantee a our. Price �1.25 per Jar Usu. Receipt of which we will Send it by mail i Post paid to any address. It. . Morris amp co. . Box fou th-ave., Pittsburgh pa., Solo Prieto s for Tbs Vaitsa states Aad. British la pro Tillmo. Photographs. Wow rafts Glley. Gogi fico spiia8ue, Merrimack and Page inc prints on Sale at nine sets a Yard our entire Stock of fast color prints formerly 9c, marked Down to so. Our entire Stock of prints formerly 8c,marked Down to 7c. Our entire Stock of prints formerly 60, marked Down to 00. We lose considerable Money on these prints for we Are determined not to be overstocked with dark prints when the Spring Trade go oods Fine French velours formerly is 50, marked Down Losi 20. Fine All Quot Wool Empress former ally 50c marked Down to 40c. 25c dress Good marked Down to 20c 30c goods to 2oc. Double fold French plaids marked Down from 60c to 50c.great Mark Dowie Ili Farsi All Fine Mink fur marked Down to Cost. Low priced furs at greatly reduced prices. Nice sets at $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $10, s15, $25 and $40.sreat Mark Down in shawls and silk velvets Fine double shawls marked td$3 50, s4, s5 and $6. Fine Square shawls marked Down to s2, s3, $4 and $5. All silk velvets marked Down to bargains in carpets we will continue to offer our present Stock of carpets at the following Low Price although it Ift less than present wholesale rates in new York Good cottage carpets 25c, 30c, 40c and 50c. A handsome ingrain carpets 50c, 65c and 75c. All Wool two ply carpets 75c to $1 25 a Yard. English by sales carpets i 25 a Yard. 100 dozen Stair rods 95c a Doxen and upwards. Floor Oil cloths All Width very cheap. 3-4, 4-4, 5-4 and 6-4 Cane and Cocoa matting cheap. Also immense lots of in nuggets Velit mat Crumb cloths Sugs oat door Mats &c.fflosuns, table linens napkins amp Over Harper amp co. Hat s store Calhoun St fort Wame . Flour and feed. I Lour and in it always kept on hand at Boerkier amp Miller s third door South of Berry St , Sto 1i9t of boat. Found. , Sleigh _ push ii and halters rap on Calhun to. The owner can have it by applying at the office of the Gazette and paying for this entire. Boarding. T the Anderson House. West Berry St. This is convenient born Dirig Bonse from the Post office. House. For Sale. For Sale. A lot of Good Sec old hand bags. Price 10cents each. In inure at Scheffer s sue too rom. For Sale. A Quarto medium Globe jobbing press. Has be ii ised Kut Little and is in Cood order. Apply at Gazette Orrick. For Fine build. Incr lots for Sale on Rich Drill Street a tim of the near the Street Cam. Not meet Mitma. A As Miil Aoa a r the Conn House fort Wayne. Lad. Aa4 for t Erms Panl w. J. Over merchants National Baak. Ave Vetn cauda. . H. Ellis at Torney at Law and notary Public. Of Ibex in main-St., Over Dav a Ware store. Collections prompt y a it mum try cd , Deal Ixer in hardware. So to. Oil Caiata famine ample Mats Carew if Dpi material. Aiso Bays and a Elm Wain Loo cards. A or mob , Arloo. Dekalb a Aitto. Angola card. A re amp Morrow att Tineya at Law and cart entice Agency Angola ind. To. H. Stoc Caa t j. Jostich. A. Moa Aow. A a Starr. Business cards. Tent Kcf h. F. Wii Fon cd rss a of Cathou and Maia-sto., a a it a i Rae. Giraham Wjk Gotshaw. Aitor a a Nevii it he. Real eat Ite and Lasmane vient a cd Artnur fer Bia Aehl re it court no and advert sine co Leeuw de m All Dart of the United Sites. Al so w tas. R. Baram. V. B. A Otasua. Jaskiw of the peace. No Sawkiw a. H h. By Ussler notary pub us. Rem estate and a eat ral in Saranel Vento. Office. No. 4, Over Hamilton a Bank a of Wayne. Indiana. Will give prompt at mention to in Init and a think real Etta. Par a a taxes and general a mind a a. Hillegas. Attorney Anil counseller at Law. Will a Ive prompt attention to All business entrusted to i care a Sally transacted by the profession. Osea Rey merchant a National Bank Comdr of Uin and Calhonn St. Fort Wayne. Indiana. Business houses. State and courts. Barn inc Flam. T a Emery a Corner of col. A Jmwa and Clinton-�t�., is the place to get genuine Rose fluid. Charade lists and lamp for Sale and repaired. Vanees made on Conix Nemaat. Dugan Case a co., Chicago n u chamber of Commerce. Cashed Vaal de on consignment to our Eor respondent to o Rew York Buff of and Oswego. Proc Rev ought and sold on margins. Orders solicited for the Purchase of flour Grain of a kinds and provisions. J. S. Case. C. H. N0ye8. Chicago. Jas. P. Dutton. A Elpus. Esd. a. Keel druggist Corner a. Of Broadway and Jeffer Aqa set. Pts a options carefully dispensed. Pare in a. Oils. Paint and liquor coast atly kept my hand. A by Mem a. F Ouis wholesale and i and retail dealer in harness. Saddle. A uan and whips. Colum a St. Graffe dealers w Ltd clock watches. Jewelry. Suvar Aai Buvarp plate sware 88 Coln Mua it. Pejra Elnaa. To. I. N. Thacker office Collie Ner of Calzona and Barry Sta. So i it enee Avetine Honse. Fort pc Curtice m. D., pegs leave. To in Connre to the Eitz Ien of Feit Wayne that he has parch a d the late Resi Dence of or. W. H. Haeker. Aad i prepared to attend to All who May desire Hisor Ofemia Al services. Can be found at i one at Wagner s drugstore. N0.-54 Calhonn-St., Between the hours of Sand 10 a. Also at re ii Mel s drag store Corner Broadway and jews son-St., be Tomb the hours of stand 4 p. Residence. Y .u2 we two Hington it. Kamzic. W Ayne Lodge. No. 25, f. Amp a. M., meets every tuesday evening at Mazenie Hail. Stated communication of or before the still of the Moon. B. Pieree. W. A j. Freeman. S. W. J. R. Wheeler. J. W. J. W. Wilson treas. Phil. R. 6mad. See y. O Summit City Lodge. No. 170, f. A o a. A. Meets every Friday eve diag at masonic Hall Northwest Corner of Calzona and its. Regular Oatha 20 Bales of Good Brown Musuris at 8 and 9c a Yard. Try wide Brown Musl in skins 9 and 10c. 20 Hales extra heavy Yard wide Brown muslims 10c. 15 cases Good bleached in Quot Quot Quot 20 cases of Yard wide bleached muslims 12c. 25 pieces it a table Linen marked Down to 25, 30 35 40 and 50c. 50 Cloven napkins marked Down to 75c, $1, $1.25 and $1.50. 50 dozen extra Fine and Large napkins marked Down to $1.?5, $2, $2.50, $3, $4, $5 and s6. Men s under shirts and drawers marked Down to Cost. Heavy Factor jeans marked Down to 30c, 40c, 50c and 6o0. All Wool Caer Meres marked Down to 75c, 90c and is. In fact we Are now offering Bur entire Stock of dry goods and cabpet3 at less than present wholesale rates in new York and customers can come to Thi Sale without this advertisement being Brothers new Yos Klitt store. .94 Columbia St been first Friday evening of each Moath. W. A Bab Mckew. A c. L. Thoma. 8. A we knirtt.1. W. Lee. Tea Aaan . . Vol. Bayliss Lodge no. 359, o f. Amp a. A. Meet at masonic Hal eve monday eve diag. Regular Sawood Monde of each month. J. I. White. A. Leo. D.cvan�.8. W. 0. L. . A d. Fisher. Trea. F. Craa a Oso a a a cd a a. K. Men Ray j. A Robert w. Marphy and w. H. A Stew res a Aring. J. Bond and n. S. Smith Xii tee. Be no. 342, f. A a. M lir Hall third Story of p. O. I Oil Din. Court St. Every tuesday a Tenhag stated communications on the Firat Zaeada even of each month. Daaiel Gibsob . A amese. Braham. S. W. R. 8. Roberts a a. Of. A Samuel Thanh laser. Treas Jno. Let a lie. In. Sec y. R. S. . B. Brook and John b. Morgan trustee. Elk it Wayne chapter no. 1� r r. A. A. Fleet at Masone Hall Everist wednesday Ereain. Stated co Voes Tiaa first wednesday in each month. A h. Baa b. B. P. Oao. Crami Sec y. A Wayne Council no. 4, k a amp pm. Arr und wednesday if each month at p. S. H. Sgt air t. I. O. Of a Bolt. See a. Harmony Lodge every thursday evening 7,?.sif s a w. P. Berry v. A is. Phu. B. Orund. P. S. Trea. No. 14 Llort Waynea a Rufli. Quot. 8. . Makaaa. P. I it. Comer
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