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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 19 1872, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - August 19, 1872, Fort Wayne, Indiana I Othro. N. Young John &g0 Are rapidly becoming it to popular merchant tailors wanted. Wanted a Quot go god cock lib 1 wages. For particular apply to no. 50 water Street. Vol. X. Fort Wayne monday morning 19. 187-. No. 8? up political Oxfort Wayne for three reasons 1st. We Cut acc Hung to tie very latest styles. Ted. We finest Good Lii we a Matin 3rd. We Leepar Promise As to time when units a Ball be finished. The Leonae quince is we Are Overin with customers who be eve in Stush cuts excellent cloths and promptness. Inonu gentlemen s furnishing goods department we Hare a full Stock of underwear shirts neckties collars Cufis &c., amp a. We invite particular attention to our ready made clothing we Gei our cloth no from the Best houses in Boston Ana new a Ork and hate it made to order to suit the seasons and the styles. Without boasting we have suits of every description for boys Young and old men at the very lowest prices. We invite the attention of everyone to our goods. N. Young amp co., no. 9 East main st. Musical. R q p t e conservatory or music main Street. Opposite court House. Incorporated 1.871. The convention in sup of the Louisville movement. Port a Pla Fonn adopted and delegates appointed to the convention. Afternoon evening spec Ches a of on. A mtg Moreau. Senator d. D. Pratt makes a big speech at Oen Berville ind. An enthusiastic crowd applaud his argue Clits about the payment of the Public debt. An extract from his speech showing horse powerful amp unanswerable logic. A. T. Stewart has not and will not Gire credit to elect Horace Greeley. A letter of sound advice from Wen Dall Phillips to the coloured citizens of Boston. Officers. A. K. Virgil,.principal. C. F. W. Meyer Secretary. Board of trustees. C. A. K. Viroil piano into and theory. S b. Moksy late of the Berlin Conde oratory Krope. Pianist and Temeyer. A a a a. C. Bartlett. Graduate of the new England conservatory Boston mass., vocal culture. Singing and theory i Quot. W. Meyer. is music taught in the fort Wayne conservatory Masio is taught in the fort Wayne conservatory As the sciences Are Tang Hun graded schools and colleges. Zion t Lleraldi. The methodist Organ of Kew England says Economy thoroughness and proficiency Are All on the Side of the graded system As adopted in the conservatory. There is no argument to be used in favor of class instruction and a gradation of i it pupils in our Public schools which cannot let a used with even greater Force in the study of music. The question is often asked Why in this country Are there so few Good musicians and players we answer to cause in music there is so Little thorough s yet nematic music As Well As other s 5 fences to be male a Success of requires proper Tea Rhiner and thorough study. In these respects the conservatory gives to its pupils advantages not possible in private teaching. Hurt any one Protection then Means taking Money out of the pockets of one class of our. Citizens and putting it Ritto the pockets of another More favored and fortunate class. Now this is the doctrine which that great and Good Man Horace Greeley ? has been preaching for thirty years. Quot when it was suggested to him that he would make a proper democratic candidate for the presidency he replied that ? u was a ferocious protectionist and the democratic party was generally free Trade. Horace Greeley said that he had no doubt that he might be nominated and elected but added that it would place both himself and the democratic party in false positions. He advised them to look elsewhere for a candidate. It is a pity that his conscience did not remain so tender. The pseudo democratic nominee for the presidency was in former times such a Strong protectionist that he was in favor of Reading All free Trade republicans out of the party and yet he consents in 1872 with a few tricksters and corrupt politicians to Quot leave the question to the people Quot and indirectly pledges himself not a veto free Trade Billa to Quot pm by Oong Reaa. Or. Orc Fllch having advocated a High Tariff for thirty five years i Rees to renounce the principles of a lifetime for the paltry Honor of an empty nomination or must the democratic party renounce their past career and endorse the sentiments and course of their life Long enemy ? what Security have we that Horace Greeley will be True to his promises if he is elected his Fri cads claim that his Strong Point is his honesty. Now we All know that he Lias been an Active and ambitious politician for years. He has lived and acted in new York and All intelligent people know that new York politics is the Meriest Cess Pool of corruption in the country. Horace Greeley for whom there Are such exaggerated claims of the purest honesty was treacherous to his friends Seward and Clay and slaughtered these two great idols of the people. After his treachery to Harry Clay he demanded a Reward for his baseness of we. Henry Harrison. his opposition to Seward and his advocacy of mates he caused the nomination of Lincoln at Chicago in Isgo and thus made himself indirectly responsible for the disgraceful Radical legislation of the past twelve a rears. The democrats who support Gree by have no Security that he will be True to them if elected his life is a record of tricks and fraud and knavery which have entered largely into new York elections for ears. The greatest calamity which could a fall this country would be the election of Horace Greeley and this is saying a Reat Deal in View of the events of the past Lecade. He is As unstable As water he has advocated eight sided buildings and bran diet and communism and denounced those who differed with him As horse thieves liars and villains. His financial ideas Are wonderfully crude and puerile his theory of resumption which if tarried out would bankrupt the United states in the monetary circles of the world. whom will or. Greeley be surrounded if he is elect cd. Quot Liberal republicans Quot mostly. There is a Liberal movement in Indiana and it is no joke either. Its leaders Are such men As Thos. Stillwell by. I Lien Bob. Cravens goo. W. Julian. Stillwell s record As a corrupt Man As an individual quartermaster and politician is of. A most disgraceful character. When he was a minister from this country to a poor broken Down government in South America. He my a Joynal fac dignity Ana Honor of America he stole $1,500,000 from on creditors and divided with his brother in Law. Geo. W. Julian when he was a member of Congress appointed a number of his relatives to office and charged others Money for presenting their applications to the departments. And there Are Hudson and Cravens and Allen who have wanted to fill every office from president to supervisor and having been disappointed have become liberals. Or. Moreau clog cd his remarks by comparing Hendricks to Judas Iscariot and advising him to follow Judas s example by going and hanging himself. He Sud that a straight out democratic National state and District ticket would be put in the Field on the 3rd of september. There were about one Hundred delegates present. During the speech there were Eom attempts to disturb the speaker. The committee Ohr solutions reported the following which were adopted Racsok by the democratic party of the ninth congressional District of Indiana that we repudiate with scorn and indignation the corrupt bargain at Baltimore whereby the democratic party was handed Over to a handful of disaffected radicals headed by Horace Greeley. solved that while As Law abiding citizens we accept the amendments added to the Constitution by the part in Power we still condemn and hold As infamous the illegal manner by which their adoption was secured and that we will not join hands to Day with the authors of that in filmy in a paltry scramble for office. Resolved that we fever a Tariff for Revenue Only that we regard As vicious and oppressive the whole theory of Protection and therefore cannot support for president the most violent Vocate of that theory. Dec solid that the delegates to the National democratic convention at Louisville Are hereby instructed to cast their votes for Hon. A. Edgerton of Indiana for vice president. snared that Samuel Clem of Allen county and j. C. Worcester of Delaware be appointed delegates to the Louisville National convention and As Many of the democrats of the ninth congressional District As can attend act As contingents. At Nigut. Terms for tuition. Per Quarter of ten weeks two lessons per week payable trietly in Advance. Piano Forte first Grade .$10 of piano Forte other grades. 12 50 Orsan,.lo of calti7atiab of Trio voice and sineiae.-. 1� of thu Toneli Bess Haraton had _ . 7 60 the children of clergymen who Are dependent upon their parents for Means will be charged one half the above adva Mees daily instruction in the principles of music and sight singing. We Kly chorus rehearsals n which All pupils of the conservatory Are required to take part and the use of the conservatory for 1872-3. According to announcement the anti Greeley delegates of the ninth congressional District met at Hamilton Hall on saturday afternoon. Previous to the meeting the Monroeville delegation paraded our principal streets escorted by Heinz s band and bearing among others the following mottoes Quot the Banner county goes for the Louisville nominee Quot straight democracy Louisville convention Quot the old guard never surrenders Quot Quot for principles no Greeley at the Hall. After the band had played one or two tunes on motion of Thos. Meegan j. C. A Torch ister of the Muncie Democrat was called to the chair. He accepted the position with thanks but said that he could have wished some better Man had been selected. He said that when the Seimel was a democratic paper it had said that if there were but twelve democrats in the world they might count on the editors of the Sentinel As with them. So it was now in his Case. Judge Aaron Metz Ger and t. J. Foster of the fort Wayne free Ivess were selected As secretaries. Or. Meegan then moved that a committee of five on resolutions be appointed by the chair. The motion having been carried the chair named the Eoanu Pittee As follows Charles Schrimer Thomas Mee Gan Samuel Clem we. Brooks and Patrick Horn. The chair Here introduced the Hon. We. C. Moreau of Madison county who was greeted with cheers. Or. Moreau in opening his remarks said that he had been interested and amused by the exhibitions of mirth he had witnessed. He had heard of people laughing at funerals but he never envied them their fun. Although the Straig Tobt democrats were not Strong in null is now there might be a funeral in october and november in Indiana and those who laugh now will weep them. It is an old French adage that Quot those laugh Best who laugh or. Moreau then proceeded to condemn in the strongest terms the shameless and disgraceful barter and Sale of three millions of democratic voters at Baltimore. But they were not delivered yet cheers the democratic party was not one of policy or expediency but of principles and Uleas which could not be sold out to Beral a us i filled at , when democratic its the advocate or a at a run. A Al grand and Noble cause. Its members will not consent to engage in a Mere scramble for spoils nor consent to be the victims of the most disgraceful Sale of a great Hartjr for the smallest Price a Uch a bargain was Ever consummated As at Baltimore. Loud cheers the Claptrap and Humbug of the cry Quot anything to beat Grant Quot will not delude or entice the honest democratic masses cheers their will not give up the principles of a life time in a moment to support a Man whose whole existence has been passed in opposing them with All his Power and All merely for a few loaves and fishes. The speaker next proceeded to state that at least half of All the profits made on the Beautiful farms of Allen county went into the hands of the monopolists. Commissioner Wells estimates the loss of the producing class Ait 80 per cent. But a fair estimate would be 50 per cent. Or. Moreau stated that a High Tariff system brought in Large sums of Money to the manufacturing monopolies of the East. It May be explained and defended by plausible stump speakers with their catch phrases. How Many of our Farmers have their Homes mortgaged for Large sums who were in affluent circumstances ten years ago. Look at the struggles of our Labouring classes under the heavy burdens with which they Are now covered when it is with difficulty that they eke out a scanty subsistence and make both ends meet. The Man that gets three dollars a Day instead of saving one Dollar of it has to spend it All. The consumer is the Man who bears the Burden of All these iniquitous exaction. The capitalists say that the poor Man should not raise such a Quot Row Quot about taxation Etc., a because they have no taxes to pay. That is a mistake. Tjie consumer pays a tax on every article which he purchases on which there is a protective Tariff. A voice a three cheers for Greeley. The speak a a first term begins on monday sept. 2 second Quot Quot wednesday nov. 13 Hird Quot monday feb. 2_ fourth Quot Quot wednesday,aprill3let him stay he has it sense enough to War were Worth 40 cents on the Dollar try Quot give them. He needs a voice Quot put him , or. Moreau again a poke first asking that he of not disturbed. The audience was quiet until the close of the speech. When some Little attempts were made to create disorder by those who should know better. Senator print at c Curtev Lluc. Special to the Gazette Centre Vitae ind., aug. 17.�?senator d. D. Pratt spoke Here to Day to an immense audience and delivered for up wards of two hours one of the finest speeches made thus far during the Campaign. His Point were clearly and fore Bly made and were received with rousing cheers and applause. The following Are some of his terse compact arguments which democrats not Only fail to answer but dare not disturb. The one in regard to debt and taxation was especially applauded. Or Pratt said the census of 1870 shows that the wealth of the United states notwithstanding a Deso lating War of four years where property of immense value was destroyed and where industries were diverted from their proper channels notwithstanding All this the wealth of the country had in Quot creased from $16,000,000,000 in 18c0 to $30,000,000,000 in 1870, nearly Doublin. In ten years. The credit of the Couo by. When did we Ever have a higher credit in the Money markets of the world we owe the greatest debt of any nation in the world except great Britain i believe and yet in the space of seven years so o attic and energetic is this people so heartily have they gone to Vork repairing the ravages of the War so honest have they been in the discharge of every obligation that the Bonds of the govern ment which at the darkest period of the have mounted up and up till they Are now on a Par with Gold some of them commanding a Premium of two and three i it or j cent. J our currency. How is it with our currency ? _ since the commencement of Grant s administration the purchasing Power of our �700,000,000 of current As increased about Twenty per cent., that is it is Worth about $140,0w,-000 More than it was three and a half years ago. About debt and taxation. How is it in relation to the Public debt let me say that to Day we Are paying less interest on our Public debt than we have paid since the 4th of March 1869, by $22,-600,000 per year. Now this is a substantial argument which All can understand. The revenues derived from the people have been honestly applied to the Extin a ashment of $337,000,000 of the Public est since the 4th of March 1869. When Grant came into Power As president of the United states were paid a Little upwards of �126,000,000 a year interest in our debt. To juju we pay Iez a than $104,000,000. Since his commenced various reductions it have been made in both Vej Temal and internal taxation. During the War there were some twelve or thirteen Hundred different articles taxed under the internal Revenue or excise Law. Where Are they now ? How Many of them remain ? Why the tax upon spirits remains. Applause i Hope my democratic friends will not Grieve. Laughter the tax upon fermented liquors remains the tax in tobacco in its various shapes including cigars remains the tax upon Banks and Bankers remains the tax upon Patent medicines that we Swallow remains. Laughter and i think it would be a Good thing to tax them still More. Laughter and now i have enumerated All that is left except a two cent stamp tax upon Bank checks orders and drafts. The income tax has expired by limitation of Law. On the first Day of october next the stamp tax will expire so that you will have no occasion in making promissory notes deeds Bonds or mortgages to put Stamps upon them any More. And now As to the Tariff tax you know there was a great Deal of complaint made on account of the tax on Coal and Salt and Coffee and Tea. Two years ago taxes upon Tea Coffee and sugar were greatly reduced. Two months ago the taxes upon Salt and Coal were reduce to a Mere nominal sum. Then one Hundred and ninety articles taxed before that entered generally into consumption by the people have been added to the free list and the taxes have been taken entirely off just As they were taken off Tea and Coffee. And then on every Day articles such As the manufactures or Woolen goods or Iron or Cotton or Wood or steel or leather Etc., the reduction on All these classes has been 10 per cent. The result is that fifty three millions of taxes within the la months have been taken from the people. And notwithstanding All this reduction of taxes the government has gone on in its accustomed Way has paid its debts has made its usual appropriations for the army and Navy and for the indians and for fortifications on the Seaboard. And yet by the Economy of this administration by the faithful manner in which i the president has caused our Rev Onue Laws to be enforced whereby every honest tax was collected and by Hus banding the resources of the government we have been be to accomplish Ailiese Prearre Simba be Ducrou of offices. In the matter of offices there has been reduction of five thousand that have been discontinued. Only two months ago a Bill was passed requiring the president by the is of january next to reduce All the internal Revenue districts of the United states amounting to two Hundred and seventy three Down to eighty and to dismiss All the supervisors assessors and assistant assess i c. In that one item the government saves one and one third millions of dollars annually. And you notice in the papers that the districts of supervisors of Revenue amounting heretofore to Twenty five have been reduced to ten. I Only mention these items for the purpose of showing that it has been the policy of their administration to curtail expenses and reduce unnecessary offices. Civil service be form. Now my friends what is the end of Civ 11 service Reform ? you understand that this applies to the civil service of the government in contradistinction to the military and naval service and the end of Reform is to procure the Best men to fill the offices and to regulate their term of office. There Are according to the report of the civil service commissioners 53,000 officers in this country exclusive of the army and Navy appointed by the president the Heads of departments or courts of Law. The whole scope and Parpo amp a of civil service Reform must be to improve upon the present constitutional methods of making appointments. A Large portion of these appointments Are the pos offices amount to Between thirty and forty thousand Merever the salary exceeds a thousand dollars the president appoints by and with the consent of the Senate. The great mass of them Are made by the postmaster general. How is the president to know who is a fit person or to know who is competent to fill these offices just so in relation to the other offices. This has been the system of making appointments Ever since the foundation of the government. But the system of turning out Good men when an administration changes hands and a new party comes into Power originated during the administration of general Jackson upon the principle that Quot to the victors belong the exposure of the democratic plan. Our democratic friends propose to turn Over a new Leaf. Supposing that Horace Greeley is elected do you think that these democrats who Are harping so loudly us it on civil service Reform word carry it out what Jive they formed that coalition for if not for the purpose of Power and what do they want Power for except to get Possession of the offices ? these poor Fellows have been feeding like Nebuchadnezzar upon grass for the last twelve years laughter ind now they Are sighing for the Quot flesh pots of loud laugh ter what would become of their ideas of civil service Reform if they got the control of this government Why there is not a Republican who would not Quot walk the that is the Way they illustrate the idea of civil service Reform. Applause they had Possession of the offices of the government for forty years. Why did not they inaugurate this system of civil service Reform ? they had ample to put this new theory into practice. Why did t they act upon it ? c. A. T. Stewart has written to a Friend in Washington that he has not and will not give credit to elect tire Eley. At a Large meeting of democrats at the st. James hotel Nev York on the 16th, it was announced that Chas. O Conner would support the Louisville convention which in this state will be fully represented. Assurances have been received from other states that they Abo will be represented. Further advices from Belfast confirm the serious nature of the rioting there on thursday. There was several collisions Between the protestant and Catholic processions during which a Large a Zniber were injured. The entire City was in an uproar and the disturbances were Only quelled by the most Active exertions of the police. Many rioters were arrested. A 2 p. Dispatch just received from Bel fast states that the riot has broken out North Carolina shows up better for re publicans. Election of Caldwell certain with no attempt to contest it. Greeley still in new England making bib Little speech. The indians in he War paid in. S. Troops in motion to protect the settlers. An attempt made to Ami c. F. Adams for gov. Of Massachusetts. Col. C. K. Grosvenor deliverers a crushing reply to t. A. Hendricks at Bluffton. Charles o Connor will support the Loois Rille convention and accept the nomination for president. More vessels infected with yellow fever arriving in quarantine at new York. Tic by orb Carolynm . New York August 17, Washington Ecial states that a letter was received there yesterday from the governor of North Carolina in response to a request it Quot a cods of of Section from the Secretary of that state. He Bays that the result of the election will not be officially made known until after the opening of the House when the returns will be opened in the presence of both branches of the a Slature. The legislature does not Convene until the third monday in no i vember. There Are some fifteen Cou it yet to be heard from. Except Par Al returns the most heard from seem official and it is satisfactorily ascertained that Caldwell s majority will Range from 1,800 to 2,500. A Baleigh special says that official re turns from 84 counties have been received giving Caldwell 94,565 and Merrimon 91,862. It is believed that the latter will not contest the election of Caldwell unless Greeley is elected president Massachusetts. Horace or Cilcy a a Hla to a re climb los Francis Adams to be Kan for got a a a re heavy five. Bostok Aag 17.>-Honoe Greeley left be Beach a at 9 o clock a. On the 17th for Lampton and on arriving at the latter place called at Granite Lavitt s and Hampton and other prominent hotels. At Leavitt s hotel he was the recipient of an address of Welcome to which he act order a Short response. He then took the noon train for Boston where he arrived shortly before three. He was accompanied by Harry l. Stewart of new York who has been his constant companion since he left the latter place. Samuel Sinclair jr., met Greeley at the Eastern depot Aad escorted him quickly to a Carriage and he was driven quickly to the Parker House where he dined. Hav ing rested a 11, he left at five o clock p. For new York via fall Kiver. It is stated that at a meeting of the Liberal republicans and democrats in Boston on the 17th, it was resolved to ask Charles Francis Adams to become their candidate for governor of Massachusetts. A Telegram on the subject is said to have been dispatched to him at Geneva. In a ear a fire broke out Early this morning i Large eight Story Granite Block on be Street from numbers 80 to 94. The entire Block occupied by the Boot and shoe store is damaged probably to the amount of from thirty to forty thousand dollars. Supposed to be fully insured. The fattest. The indians suit on the War path. Salt Lake August 17.�?three companies of United states troops left this morning for the Field of Indian dangers in san Peto. Cavalry arriving to Day from the line of the Union Pacific Are hurried on. A fourth company of cavalry is ordered by gen. Ord to this City the keep the roads open. Gen. Morrow leaves to it night and gen. Ord monday for the Sce Neol operations. J. D. Page Telegraph operator at mount pleasant was attacked last night by the indians when leaving his office and terribly wounded by a Tomahawk in the head it is supposed fatally. New York. More yellow fever an extraordinary robbery a a fearful epidemic a a terrible Kevo Letlon. New York aug. 18.�?the bark Quot Pel Ayo Quot from Havana and the Brig Quot Stolear from Central America with yellow fever on Board arrived Here last night. There Are now Twenty eight yellow fever patients at the quarantine Hospital. The Spanish ram Quot Amancia Quot is at Anchor at the Southwest spit Twenty one Miles from the City and several additional infected vessels Are expected to arrive daily. The health authorities Are taking All proper precautions. Congressman Delarge of South Caro writes to the Herald that the statement that he has declared for Greeley is false and malicious. Two highwaymen entered the office of Blees amp co., on John Street at 5 o clock on the 16th, while the employees were being paid. One took a Roll of Bills of $400, and the presenting revolvers at the workmen Indiana. Tic Fern Imre Ken sleet in conference. Sot i bed aug. 17. number of furniture manufacturers of the North and West met in the court room Here to Day to form an association to regulate prices and take such measures As might lace them on an equal basis in their business relations. The meeting was called Forth owing to the increasing wines and Scarcity of furniture lumber. The meeting was harmonious and adjourned to meet in Chicago aug. 27th. Special to the Gazette blk Frios aug. 17.�?col. C. K. Grosvenor delivered an overwhelming and crushing reply to Thos. A. Hendrick at this place to Day. The most harmonious and enthusiastic feeling prevails to rough out this and Blackford counties. Col Black spoke to a Large audience at the court House to night. A a a a a a a a sub Nix at Kew Albany. Louisville aug. 17. Large excursion party went yesterday in the Steamer Kate Kearney to Tell City ind., where Hon. Carl Schurz was speaking and brought him to new Albany this afternoon where he spoke to an immense audience to nigh _ electric Sparks. Rain Oass. New reliable fort Wayne Muncie amp co innate let a. A. Cincinnati amp Indianapolis Short line. Speed Comfort and safety. Ebay grades do 8traig1> one Westing Bogue air brakes Quot on All Pasi engr trains. Through tickets to a jew Tork. Indianapolis Chilade Iliia new Orleans. Baltimore it. Lands. Cincinnati i Only Volle and All Points in the Sast South and West. Trains Olavo the North depot a follows Indianapolis its Pregg 3 a. Daily except sundays. Cineinnat�o4% Indianapolis express 12 35 p. M., daily except sundays. Ask for tickets via Quot Muncie tor Airt her info Uia tion apply to if c. Millsb agent Bloomingdale. Or at company s office no. 26, East Wrayno Street. W. W. Worthington general sap t. The Peru Steamer Hussler with prof Agassiz and party on Board Sai Letl from Panama july 24th. An epidemic similar to yellow fever is Ning in Carthage Over five thousand it be being attacked but Only two thou and deaths. During june fifteen Hund-1 1 deaths occurred in Valparaiso More it a half of them being from Small pox is raging throughout Chili and Pel in. Peruvian dates to the 28th of july give details of the late revolution. On the 22d ult. The revolution broke out in Lima headed by Thomas Guerrier minister of War. President Balta was seized and thrown into prison and Guerrizi declared himself dictator. He was supported Only by the army. A reign of terror followed the imprisonment of Balta. Perdo presi Dent elect made his escape to the Fleet. Suddenly the troops deserted Gerrez. Company after company with Vivas for Perdo were called up. The morning of the 27th was a scene of anarchy. Firing went on indiscriminately in the , and it is impossible to a Tim ate the number coaches be killed. Some bodies Sull lie on the streets. Tween it Wayno and Indiana oui. And r Sylvester Guerrizi a brother of the dictator was shot at lims railway Ufali Oiin the evening. A in order to avenge his de Atli Marcillino Guerrizi another brother deliberately shot and killed president Balto in his bed in prison. The sex president received ten wounds soon after this. Thos. Guerrizi himself and another brother were killed and the dead bodies of three Guerrizi were Hung in Placa at Lima. Immediately on the receipt of the news of the murder of Balto the Steamer Lime a Quot left for the Fleet which had sailed for Callac. On the declaration of dictatorship the Quot Lime a Quot returned on the 27th, followed by the peruvian Iron Clad Quot independen Cia Quot with Pardon on Board. He was received with rapturous cheers by the people the bloody dictatorship lasted about four Days. For some Days the rails on the track to Lima were torn up and the Telegraph wires Cut. Guterriz made a forced demand on the dry Foos merges and each of the four Banks for 300,000 sales. Or. Dawson manager of London Bank was imprisoned until he made a loan. It is stated that the dry Foos guarantees the Money to be returned. The latest from Callow july 28th, says that Perdo proceeded to Lima yesterday and was enthusiastically received. He made an eloquent address to thousands of spectators from his House. The fury of the people Aga list the Guerrizi party can be judged by their taking the naked bodies of the three Guerrizi Brothers from the lamp posts to which they had been Hung and hosting them by Means of pulleys to the Tower of the Cathedral. At the Hight of one Hundred Teet they were let go. They were then saturated with kerosene and burned on the Plaza in front of the Cathedral and the furniture of Guerrizi entirely demolished also., to Day the 28th, is the Day for declaring formally the election of Pardo As president. Francisco Balto the brother of the murdered president took Refuge on the English War Steamer Reindeer. The sex director Guerrizi was trying to escape in disguise. He rushed into a drug store in Lima and after the murder of Balto was followed by the people and at once killed. A Young Man addressed the crowd thus Quot look at this ghastly form the body of one who has received the Fate which awaits All who put themselves above Law and defy Public opinion. The Corpse of Guerrizi was carted through the streets of Callao before Lelong sent to Lima to be Runng a my Burnad. The newspapers which had been suppressed by the dictator have reappeared. The proprietor of the South Pacific times took re Fum on the american frigate during the fighting Cannon fell in his office and his Foreman was led. The principal fighting was in Alloa and Between Callow and Lima. Over two Hundred must have been killed. R s Santa Bosa and and Coslette at i were firing at each other during the night of the 26th. The Guerrizi party held one but were ultimately displaced. Fri bight route East. E line. Via. Fort Wayne Jackson it Saginaw b. B., Xio Higan Central b. B., great Western of Canada new York Central b. B., Hudson Biver b. B., and Boston it Albany b. To Albany new York Boston Lii Ladelpha a Baltimore and All Points in the Eastern states. Through Bills of Landing Given. Salmasi a and Tim As Kuljk a by any other Routa. Geo. S. Jartis sent so Broad Wner k. T. K. Kait dash ask a a was Liis ton-at., boat on. For rates of Freu hta and general information apply to _ n c.9iiixer, agent of the it. A. J. 4 s. K. Co. Tort Wayne. W. Ii. £r9ist, Sapt. It. A. J4 . Kunsitis Pacific the favorite direct and Only All rail route to Denver Salt Lake Gity and All Points i Kansas Colorado the territories and the Pacific coast. 1qq Miles the shortest line from Kanias too City to Denver. In a Miles the shortest line to Pueblo to a Trinidad. Santa be and All Point in new Mexico and Arisona. Remember that this is thereat through line and there is no other All rail route to any of the above Points. No tedious omnibus or ferry transfers. Pullman Palace cars afresh and severe fighting is now going on. Present escape to the Dock where they d several took a Small boat in waiting and rowed to the Barracks of the police an houses have been wrecked by the mob. New York. A fireman brakeman and baggage master were seriously injured by the wrecking of the afternoon train from new York on the l it the on the Delaware amp Lackawanna Railroad near Stroudsburg. All the Pas sengers miraculously escaped. Delay is probable in the Mace of Bald win prize fight. Mace has returned to his training quarters. On Friday he sent a representative to Philadelphia to see what arrangements can be made. To Alderman Mcmullin s telegraphic announcement that he will name a time and place and that the Man who fails to appear shall forfeit the stakes. Mace replied that any time or place will suit him. The Baltimore fizzle u still the great topic in the sporting resorts. In his letter to the coloured citizens of Boston Wendell Phillips says Quot or. Sumner is the dupe and endorser and or. Greeley the tool of the conspiracy Between the copperheads of the Korth and South. The object is shown by the announcements from the lips of Jefferson Davis that the cause was not lost and must not be abandoned. Getting Possession of the Power and leaving us in tie opposition is the present plot. Had or. Greeley seen it it might have prevented his aiding it. But that or. Sumner does not see it is to me a matter of profound astonishment. At such a moment the regular Republican party becomes again the accepted and Only instrument of resistance and Grant represents loyalty As Lincoln did in 1861. If general Grant is set aside who is offered in his place Greeley. I Nee Ltd not Tell you my friends what Horace Greeley is. We abolitionist know him Only too Well. In the weary years of our struggle he Hod enough of Clear moral vision to see the ice of our cause but he never had Arage enough to confess his Faith. If ends had Ever Given him courage he ver would have had principle enough to anything for an idea. A trimmer by Juii ii and purpose he has abused even an american politician s privilege of trading principles for Success. But for Lack of ability he would have been the chief time server of his age. I never knew till now any of his eulogist so heedless and Indis a ruminating As even to claim that he was sincere Kun through from Kansas City to den ver without change. Don t fail to visit Denver and the famous Parks and Ilot and cold Springs in its Vicinity. Close connections made at Kansas City with All trains to and from the Baat North and South. Exp read trains run daily. All other trains agent Union station. 0.,w. Sedgwick agent. Suto line us dem Viva s. Bowex general superintendent. Beverley r. Keim general ticket agent. For Saul. A Ita re cd Nice. For ten acre lots with three and a half acres of Timber on cach lot within one and a half Miles from the court House will be sold at a sacrifice if sold soon. h. H. Bossley Ino. 4over Hamilton s Bank. F r s. Bash amp 50 bags of Choice reaped Timothy seed. Read. Estate. Real estate. Valuable City lot for Bui uling Latini purposes arc for Ealo by Irwin amp it Jambard i Filco Over merchant s National Bank Cor Ner main and Calhoun st. Good bargain Given and Long and Short times. We Are a agents for eight of the Best insurance companies in the United states and England. In Stranc taken at fair rates. Bus dress Agency a n. F. Win so Corner of Calhoun and main-sts., fort Wayne. A a Indiana Albert Joost teacher of music. Orders May to Lori at c. L. Hill s music store Ench amp Hertig attorneys. At Law Northwest Corner main and Loun streets. Firt Wayne Indiana will practice in the state and Federal courts. Bos mess transacted in the French and German languages. Samuel x. A Koch. Cables u. Kkt in. Daniel Ryan attorney at Law and Justice of the peace. Special attention Given to collections and Al business entrusted to his care. Deeds mortgage and other business of like character will rec Eiyo prompt attention. Office on court Street Over ,. C. Bell s Law office. He. Bossler notary Public a real estate and general in Surano agents. Office no. 4, Over Hamilton s Bank fort Wayne Indiana. Will give prompt at Tention to buying and Selling real a state pay no taxes and general business. Graham amp Gotshall attorneys at Law real estate and in Stranc agents and agents for Quot Burchard s collecting and advertising collection made in All parts of the United states. Office no. Teai main st Over the auction room. Fort Wayne ind. Jas. E. Graham. V. Goth att. Justice of the peace. Notary in hic. Soon tees. Home Lodge no. 342, f. Amp a. A meets at their Hall third Story of p. 0. Building court-st., every tuesday evening. Stated communications on the first tuesday a it. Kaam to w. Lie. Jr., Sec y. R. S. . and John b. Morgan. Wayne Lodge no. 25, f. Amp a. M., meets every tuesday evening at masonic Hall. Stated communication on orb Eforo the full of the Moon. E. Pierce. W. A. J. Freeman s. W. J. R. Wheeler. J. A g. W. . Phil. R. Ruud. To dammit City Lodge no. 170, to a. M., meets every Friday evening at masonic Hall Northwest Comer of Calhoun and Kerry its. Regular comma Leatton on Tbs _r8t Friday evening of each month. W. C Babcock. W. j c. L. Thomas. S. A we. Knight j. W. Israel Leo. Treasurer w. W. Fisk. Secretary. Sol. D. Bayless Lodge no. 359 f. 4 a. M., meets at masonic Hall every monday evening. Regular communication second monday of each month. J. I. White w. Geo. . W. C. L. Smith. J. A d. C. Fisher treas. 0, d. Crane Jeo y. . S. D. . S. A Robert w. Murphy and w. H. Davis stewards a. Waring j. D. Bond and s. Smith. Trustees. Port Wayne chapter no. 19 Ujj r. A. M., meets every w wednesday Evenia for work. Stated Day of every month. A. H. Hamilton h. P James Freeman. King s. Sweet scribe . Oger c. H. 0. Smith p. S. J. A Stellwagon. R. A. C. J. W. Reynold . 3d v. William Knight. G. M., id v. J. E Graham. O. M., is v. F. Of Sincavish guard Geo Aga Reiter treasurer g. D Crane Secretary James Freeman e. Pietje and h. F. Wilson. Trustees. Knulf feta or is Rubim. Humboldt Lodge no. 5, k. P., meets every tuesday evening at the Hall Over the Post office. I. Rosenthal. V. . Graff. W. C. H. Mordhurst scribe. H . F. Harmony Lodge no. I9, meets every thursday evening. We. Killen. N a w. Berry. V. G. J. Albretcht. R. Ihil. R. Grund. A Gordon Green fort Wayne Lodge no. Ii meets every monday night. A a pm. Graff . E. Zarbaugh v. G. H. C. Honda son. R. A w. T. 3ickcan. S. J. Wise. I. O. V. R. H dec Tuii Council no. 4, meet every thursday evening at their Hall Comer of Berry and Harrison Streete. Geo a. Fry c. John f. Brehm v. C. John . S. Robt. J. Renfrew Fin. Sec Porter Chamberlain treasurer Aloalo Woodworth sex. . _ Brotice is hereby Given that the undersigned hag been Quot appointed and minibar matrix of the estate of Noah Humphrey deceased late of Allen county. Said estate Quot Quot Quot a a. Humphrey. Administer matrix. Steel rail double track Baltimore amp Ohio r. R. The lire at Short line from Cincinnati or Columbus Vej st saving 87 to 110 Miles in Advance at 9iew Yorm. Saving 5� Miles and arriving 6ji hours in Advance at Bai More. Saving 77 Miles and arriving 8?� hours in Advance at Wasas Seton. Reaching Puii Delphia one train the quickest. The 6ratir0nrailway Bridge Over the Ohio River at Parkersburg and Bella Ira. Are completed. Morning and night lines of Pullman s Palace Praw ipg room and sleeping Yiirs Are run on Cincinnati or Columbas to Baltimore and washing ton Cit without change. this route you avoid All omnibus transfers and fees. Tickets for Sale at All ticket offices in the South and West. I. Of. Cole i Ai Wil Fox gon l ticket agent master trans. Baltimore. . Baltimore my. Lippincott s Magazine. An illustrated monthly of literature and science. Popular just issued. The september number containing Naiu croup Beau fatal Agra Sluga. Contents. 1. Through William Penn s Low countice. Illustrated. 2. Wanderings in Palestine. Illustrated. Andrea s mistake. A Poeliu. Margaret j. Preston 4. The strange adventures of a Phaeton. A serial novel. William Black author of Quot a daughter of chaptor22-24. 5. The great american Hetel. Ralph Keeler. 6. A summer Between the four seas. Sarah b. Wister. 7. The Black . A Story. From the French of Victorien Sardou. . 8. Private Art collections of Philadelphia by k. S. 7. Or. Thomas s gallery y. Quot a Story. Sara Conant. 10. The flight of a Bird. A poem. Iuie w. Carpenter. 11. Reform on two stools. 1-. Our monthly gossip a the peace Jubilee. A re Iio Ablo Story Etc. 13. Literature of Tho Day. _ for Sale by All Book a news no la sri. subscription single number 35 cent specimen number mailed postage paid to any address of receipt of cents. J. Lippincott ico.,publishers. 715 and 717 Market st Philadelphia. Medical curs neuralgia. This most valuable compound discovered by medical science is for the immediate Relief and premature cure of neuralgia. It u used of the most prominent physicians in the United states. A applied externally. Gives instant Relief without the slight. Liv All a Jacimore a. Wait Moro system. Sold by a Diggis Hin Xet b. Jojnes gen pass agent Quot e. F. Cronin 4 co., Cincinnati. Laboratory w a sixth Street st. Louis
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