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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 4

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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Pago 4a playground daily news. Sunday morning. September 26,1976a conservative View daily news 4 Floruit f it mind it amp Terr re it Newa after in dedicated to Fum thing in information to our roader to that they ran Hefter promote and it Reserve their turn Freedom and encourage Othera to Are Ila betting. Only when Man to free to control himself and All he prod urea. Can he develop to him utmost capabilities we believe that Freedom in a gift from Rod and not a political Grant from government. Freedom to neither iterate or anarchy. It la aet control to More a it Leat it Mutt be Conan agent with the Trutha apr eased in Inch great moral guide a the rating commandment the Ridden Rule and the declaration of Independence no Corpse praised the greatest Butcher the funny thing about Mao tse Tung is that the carefully nurtured legends about him. Popular both in China and in the West Are simply not True he was not a particularly inspired poet though one of the Dearest maoist myths holds otherwise he was not a mesmerizing orator indeed he was a downright awful enunciate or stuttering More As he tried to press his Points according to belgian correspondent Jacques Marcuse one of the earliest Western journalists inside red China i when pack journalism came to peking in 1972, he d been in and out for 40 years. Mao did t even know his Marx the great chinese communist probably never read All of Das capital instead. Chairman Mao disseminated his own turgid thoughts Quot totalitarian Ming the masses thereby it is True he was a dramatically successful military and political strategist. This perhaps owing As much to the mistakes of his enemies As to his brilliance most phenomenally of All he managed to eradicate millennia of chinese religion and philosophy supplanting it with political icon worship brutal egalitarian reveling and a bureaucracy of Simpleton propagandists he was a mass murderer the Best estimates have it that chairman Mao Slaughter after his Rise to Power some six times As Many human beings As Hitler put to death during the third Reich that is a telltale sign. Not of ideological achievement but of ineptness unless we missed it. There has not been out of his Mouth or pen one scintilla of contrition nor has there been unforgivable any mention of the staggering carnage in any of the initial news treatments of Mao s death president Ford called him a a great which undoubtedly he was. And the associated press hummed about his attempting to school Donnese society Quot with the common sense and earthy experience of the that Corpse lying in the great Hail of the people this week belongs to a Man who spent his 82 years being the greatest Butcher of the twentieth Century for some reason the most astute foreign experts and the most exalted journalists and the most Quot Liberal Quot politicians those routinely horrified by the slightest infringement of civil liberties have missed that overarching fact of Modem history if anything presages a dark age it is that failure of enlightened conscience these Are the very leaders of opinion who staged paroxysms of outrage last year when Spain s late dictator. Francisco Franco executed five admitted terrorists they cast Mounds of opprobrium upon the dictatorial regime in South Korea never minding for a moment the even worse dictatorship to the North indeed they worry that the Fri director s misappropriation of Money for Home furnishings intimates a police state at Home but they swoon about chairman Mao s agrarian Paradise in China Send a Hollywood Starlet to China and Shell return glowing about the one room dwellings and androgynous uniforms of chinese families this Shell do in a poolside interview in Beverly Hills it is As if the Liberal mind needed to compartmentalize the sum of its loathing into a file drawer marked Quot twentieth Cen Truy dictatorships Quot into the drawer you May toss Hitler and Mussolini. Peron. Truijillo diem and the Kaiser if this mind can remember that far Back John Voster and Ian Smith and tentatively Idi Amin whenever at some Chic occasion the need arose to condemn a dictatorship this Marvel of a twentieth Century mind would simply pull a name out of the drawer very convenient and comfortable and yet. Ask this Liberal to contemplate the enormity of evil in Mao Schinas an evil that would make Genghis Kahn look like Winnie the Pooh and he d rather not better to believe Mao so a permanent revolution a a launched during the Long March three decades ago. Had established Equality if that meant starvation if that meant expunging confucius and Beethoven from the chinese consciousness Well so be it. Much is being made of Mao tse Tung s and Richard Nixon a amazing rapprochement in 1972 it is not that amazing really a Mere Squiggle in the course of global superpower equations. Peking was fearful of Moscow s imperialistic appetites so peking never dropping its hatred of the Quot capitalist running dogs Quot a turned to Washington which drooled at the sight of a sexy new International partner thursday morning one newscaster straight acidly declared that Mao had dropped China s hostilities toward the United states would somebody please Tell that to peking a propagandists9 would somebody some a old China hand Quot perhaps so inform those Mao men still exporting opium to the West what Mao a death will mean to the peking Power elite and to world politics nobody can yet say. There will be struggle and clash China May. Looking inward temper her hostilities toward the outside world she May become More vicious than Ever whatever there Are no signs except for a stray Weed of con fun iams growing through a crack in the Cement or an occasional Clandestine Bible secreted in to the spiritually starved masses that the reconstructed new Man of chinese communism will once again not for a time anyway breathe free Berry a world a 1976 by Nea inc a a governor i think maybe we forgot something a we have to restore Confidence in restoring Confidence a businessmen had better fear Carter by j Ames j. Kilpatrick Washington Jimmy Carter sat Down the other Day with two business reporters. Philip Greer and Myron Kandel. And gave them a Little Southern Sweet talk american businessmen. Said the democratic nominee would have nothing to fear from a Carter administration businessmen indeed would have Quot a Friend la the White House a Greer and Kandel reported this Cane syrup stuff Deadpan which is what Good reporters ought to do. But it will take More than sorghum rhetoric to reassure those who have followed the Carter record the Prospect of a Carter administration should give most businessmen and most working people As Well a serious Case of the Zeebie Jee Bies that Carter is the candidate of organized labor no one should doubt four years ago George Meany sulked out the Mcgovern Campaign this time the Al Cio s president is up and moving Carter has the endorsement of the National education association the largest of the teacher unions and will have help from other Public unions As Well for such support a quid pro quo most certainly will be asked Carter has promised to deliver. Meany wants two Bills enacted into Law. And he wants them right away one would repeal Section 14i by of Taft Hartley thus nullifying the night to work Laws of 19 states the other would authorize common site picketing and thus overturn the supreme courts 1951 ruling that secondary Boycotts constitute an unfair labor practice Ihm neither of the Bills presents a legislative problem a single sentence would suffice for 14 b. It would take but a moment to dust off the common site Bill that Congress passed last december and president Ford vetoed in january Carter is absolutely committed to signing both of them the consequences for non Union workers who comprise 75 to 78 percent of the labor Force Are Plain for anyone to see the Impact on the construction Industry requires no elaboration if Carter May be counted on these two Bills alone As a Quot Friend in the White we May Well inquire who needs enemies9 we May glean some further indications of Carter s attitude s from his letter to the democratic platform committee the letter was dated june 16. 1976. Barely three months ago surely Carter has not abandoned the considered recommendations he made so recently Quot the first priority Quot he said Quot must be a rapid reduction of employment Quot toward that end. Quot we must assure support for the full employment act of 1976 a this is the famous Humphrey Hawkins proposal for the virtual regimentation of american business and Industry in this same letter. Carter called for Quot strict anti Trust and consumer Protection he called for standby wage and Price controls he called for changes in the Federal Reserve act that would make the chairman of the fed the president s political Stooge he said he would oppose efforts to deregulate the Price of old Oil he supported some form of divestiture for Petroleum companies he promised to a hold fast against efforts Tiar Emzy Jimmy in the name of Freedom bold new program just new tyranny Butler d Shaffer if we were to take seriously the prattling of politicians we would More than Likely come away with the conclusion that Quot Freedom Quot is such a valuable commodity that we ought to economize upon its use i was reminded of this in watching the Republican National convention during which one windjammer offered with no apparent dissent from the assembled multitudes the proposition that Quot the value of Freedom is measured by the sacrifices of men Quot that is indeed interesting taken literally it Means that Quot Freedom a becomes More valuable As More and More men Are sacrificed in its name hence the More people we sacrifice the More we promote the value of Freedom i wonder Why George Orwell never thought of that if people Are prepared to accept this sort of reasoning then it seems to me that a government program to preserve our Freedom is clearly called for in the revived spirit of a conservation that is once again popular. I would anticipate some imaginative politician offering a Quot bold new program Quot for preserving our beginning with the proposition that Quot Freedom is our most important resource and noting that Quot far too Many people Are a exploiting this resource through extensive use a he announces a plan to create a Quot Freedom conservation whose Job would be to regulate and control the exercise of free Choice in order that our Quot Freedom would not be used up by irresponsible profligacy. Consistent with the functioning of other regulatory bodies the proposed acc. Or perhaps a a a Quot would be empowered to Issue Quot Freedom licenses to All americans those licenses would permit people to exercise free Choice so Long As such exercise was regarded by f c a ii As being in the Quot Public interest convenience and rules and regulations would be issued by f c , specifying a a a lawful Quot and Quot unlawful Quot practices Public hearings would be held conducted by f c officials to inquire into those practices which ought of be More tightly controlled in order of course to Quot conserve Freedom Quot and Quot persistent violators it i.e., those who sought to exercise too much free Choice or who engaged in prohibited behaviour could have their Quot Freedom licenses Quot lifted thus preventing them from exercising any free Choice in the future and or be subjected to Fine or imprisonment As an alternative. F c. might Issue ration books with coupons to be surrendered whenever anyone sought to exercise his or her free Choice i am convinced that a politician could get away with All this it is not Only consistent with More limited restrictive programs already in effect e g. In the regulation of economic free Choice but makes use of All the traditional litanies of i doubt that very Many people would see through it All after All. Most of the Public believes that the regulation of product standards promotes consumer free Choice the establishment of minimum wage Laws promotes the economic Freedom of Low income people Laws regulating the commercial development of Timber As Well As Coal and Oil Fields Are designed to Quot preserve these resources from a waste a and that the military draft is essential to the preservation of a Quot free let s face it the american Public tends to judge the propriety of any action by its by its consistency with philosophic principles this new proposition could i have no doubt be galloped past the boobs with nary a twitch being registered i would expect this proposal to receive the endorsement of those traditional champions of political structuring the chamber of Commerce the Al Cio the National Council of churches the advertising Council the new York times even Howard k. Smith would Likely Praise its advocate for a the bold new leadership this country needs a while the conservatives would see in it the Promise for restoring in time the rest of the population would come to believe what that speaker at the Republican National convention apparently believes namely that the More one s actions Are restricted by the state the More Quot Freedom Quot we have to consume the More we Are enslaved today the More Quot Freedom we have to pass on to future generations the Phillips Survey analogy revisited by Kevin i Phillips Washington Richard Nixon a Impact on the 1976 Campaign is turning out to be less than we thought. And this shortfall May have far racing implications. Or so a few scholars believe a few Smi gins of data Are already emerging. Pollster Louis Harris tells As after a recent Survey that the Quot Nixon issues is not hurting Gerald Ford and a recent Peter Hart poll of americans choosing not to vote in november found 3 per cent of them singling out Richard Nixon As the political figure they most admired surprisingly this put the sex president ahead of both Jimmy Carter who has tried to make Nixon an Issue while purporting otherwise and Gerald Ford who wont mention the name of the Man who appointed him Nixon is just Quot my predecessor Quot. They each got Only i per cent. Obviously Nixon is no candidate for , but he May be a candidate for Dreyfus Hood if so that a a far reaching implication in anybody a Book Captain Alfred Dreyfus you see. Was the French army officer who became famous As history a leading political Scapegoat it was t that Dreyfus was an admirable person he was t what a More he was probably guilty As charged at least in a technical sense the name Quot Dreyfus takes its historical symbolism from his denunciation and railroading by forces using his Case As the Crux of a larger political and cultural struggle. Six months ago this column cited arguments by Robert Nisbet Albert Schweitzer professor of humanities at Columbia University that Nixon could become the american Dreyfus. He penned those words Back in 1975. In his Book a a Twilight of this Spring. Nisbet and i exchanged correspondence. And he renewed his thesis even More strongly under the changing circumstances of 1976 now yet another scholar is getting in on the act. A l. Goodhart. Professor of jurisprudence emeritus at Britain a Oxford University has begun a Book devoted to comparing Richard Nixon with Alfred Dreyfus. Quot i met Dreyfus in Paris in 1920,�?� Goodhart recently told interviewer Anthony Haden guest Quot and i met Nixon when he came to Oxford its quite amazing How Many Points of comparison there Are. The cases against both were very poor and they both had very weak judges had they tried Nixon. I am sure he would have gotten unluckily for Nixon though he was not tried in the courts of Law but in the courts of the press where Legal safeguards cd not apply. Its an important distinction. If Nixon received an unfair Legal preference in being pardoned remember also that he was forced out of office in a Way that makes professor Goodhart s jurisprudential assessments moot moreover this is precisely the Type of Cloudy situation that adds plausibility to the Dreyfus analogy. In his 1975 Book. Professor Nisbet hypothesized Quot once the Seamer details have been forgotten which will not take very Long the number of those in this country for whom watergate will become a veritable Golgotha will surely grow whether we like it or not the potential for martyrdom in watergate is a significant one. And. As is always the Case in martyrdom in history Ordinary conventional criteria of wickedness and guilt do not apply it is too Early to be certain but on balance i think watergate will prove to be the american Dreyfus Case if so. There Are dangerous implications to the political perhaps ifs still too Early but my own feeling is that 1976 is seeing the Quot Nixon Issue Quot fade into Neutral. In 1977 and thereafter As the former president starts presenting himself to the Public again we should see if those further implications do indeed take shape to lower clean air requirements and he supported Quot strict enforcement of the non degradation clause of the lean air act Quot he said he would oppose efforts to weaken the Federal water pollution control act. He advocated greater Protection against noise pollution Quot major reforms Are necessary a said Carter Quot to protect the Consumers of this country first we must institutionalize the consumer a role through the creation of a consumer Protection Agency. Second we should establish a Strong nationwide program of consumer education to give the consumer the knowledge to protect himself in the marketplace third we should make class actions by Consumers More easily available Quot Carter went on to endorse full product Labelling strict truth in advertising Laws greater Protection against dangerous products enforcement of stringent flammability standards for clothing and so on. And so on and when Ralp Nader made his pilgrimage to Plains. Carter sealed his promises with a kiss sure the candidate has made some murmuring noises about free Enterprise reduced red tape production incentives and All the rest but to judge from his own written words. Carter is no Friend to business or to the non Union worker. Such voters ought to remember in november what the gentleman said in june letters to fee editor who s responsible in a recent letter to the playground daily news an Anonymous writer who claimed he was a Blue Collar Empoe for the county was Boohoo ing because the actions of the county commissioners were being frowned upon by various people in one Case he mentioned the firing of the county code inspector now i believe that if he can write a favourable letter to the information contained in this letter he May even get promoted to a w bite Collar Job assuming it was not a ghost writer however he must permit his name to be published if you recall he did t do so before because he was in fear of loosing his Job and now. The real purpose of this letter better government according to a news report several weeks ago concerning my having been fired from my Job As a county code inspector Channel 6 reported that a county commissioner told Channel 6 that All the commission does is to establish policy when any of the commissioners receives complaints about a county employee the Standard procedure is to carry them to the proper department head in this Case a. A said. It is the duty of department head to hire and fire and not the Job of the county commission yet. The record will show the very opposite to be True the chief of the inspection department received a directive from the Board of county commissioners dated. October 4, 1974 this directive began by saying. Dear -. This is to advise you that or a was hired the next paragraph began by saying Quot it will be the boards policy. A then proceeded to give in detail his duties As an in Spector Here is How the last paragraph went. If you have any questions concerning or is employment please do not hesitate to Call us. Sincerely. Board of county commissioners. It should be obvious even to the secret writer that not Only was the chief of the inspection department not consulted about the hiring of this inspector but neither does he have the authority to fire him let it be said no More that the county commissioners do not interfere with the hiring and firing county employees that Are subordinate to the department Heads it is re mindful of watergate and All of the dials remember let it be said no More that the county com missioners do not interfere with the hiring and firing of county employees subordinate to department Heads sincerely. Charles e. Gatlin fort Walton Beach protect Merit system regarding the punitive political transfers of or Mckelvey and two other White civilian employees of the civilian personnel Branch who have incurred the displeasure of the a act and their Legal voice. Or. Dean listen to me All White civil service employees should immediately Contact their political representatives to have this sordid treacherous affair stopped at once. Its time to react with Force or you May be the next one to be bussed to a new Job up in one of our Northern Paradise cities where racial peace love and Harmony prevail. For your own Good you better get involved All that evil needs for Success is for Good men to do nothing. Fight this Effort to politicize the of civil service component if you done to then we will become like the postal service fight this attempt to ruin the system the transfers mentioned Here Are just the opening wedges write your leaders in Washington and defend a system which is based on Merit no politics we. Ojeda Shalimar change traffic signals each morning on the Way to work. I drive along Eglin Parkway Between 6 15 and 6 35 the traffic is extremely Light yet the traffic lights Are in full operation regardless of the absolute Lack of traffic at any particular intersection. At that time of morning i strongly recommend that All the lights be on a flashing Mode with the caution Light on the Park Way and the red Light on Entrance streets. Besides the easing of frustrations the fuel saved along that one Parkway would be fantastic. The same would probably be True on Beal also. I know the fort Walton Beach police department does not control All the lights but if the pattern is set the pressure of the others would be too much for them to ignore. Sincerely. Gregory Vamvax Destin the almanac by United press International today is sunday. Sept. 26, the 270th Day of 1976 with 96 to follow. The Moon is approaching its last Quarter. The morning stars Are Saturn. Jupiter and Mercury the evening stars Are Venus and Mars those born on this Date Are under the sign of Libra american composer George Gershwin was born sept 26 1898 on this Date in history in 1777, British troops occupied Philadelphia during the american revolutionary War. In 1950, u n. Troops took Seoul the capital of South Korea from North korean communist forces. In 1959, the worst typhoon in japanese history left 4.464 dead in 1972, the United states proposed a new world monetary system to allow greater flexibility in Exchange rates a thought for the Day american Clergyman Reinhold Niebuhr said Quot Many a capacity for Justice makes democracy possible but Many a inclination to injustice makes democracy

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