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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 4

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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Daily news a Freedom newspaper this newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so they May better promote and preserve their Freedom and encourage others to see its blessings. Only when Man is free to control himself and All he produces can he develop to his utmost capabilities. We believe that Freedom is a gift from god and not a Grant from government. Freedom is neither License nor anarchy. It is self control. No More. No less. It must be consistent with the truths expressed in such great moral guides As the coveting commandment the Golden Rule and the declaration of Independence Marvin Debolt publisher Otis Gossman managing editor the readers Don t need a government bailout Pacific Northwest Timber companies. Hard hit by the nearly moribund housing construction Market want the Federal government to bail them out heres the Story two years ago the loggers signed contracts with the government to buy Timber on Federal lands at the going Price. But that Price has dropped with the diminished demand for lumber for construction. And the Timber companies say if they pay the 2-year-old Price take a loss. They want Uncle Sam to forgive the contracts and charge them today s lower rates for the Timber. That sounds like a compassionate request but if the Price of lumber had soared in the past two years do you think the lumber companies would have asked to pay the new Price of course not this is a Case of business wanting to go on welfare and quite frankly the government can t afford to put the lumber Industry on Relief. President Reagan opposes special merest legislation now before Congress that would do that and so do we. In signing a contract a business should play by the rules of the free Market. If it guesses wrong business not the taxpayer should pay. The pity is that the bad judgment of the Bosses will put workers out of jobs and the taxpayer will have to pay for their unemployment benefits. But this is a matter of principle those who make a profit must risk taking a Britain s cheese taste like a Lemon the bureaucrats who run Britain a welfare state want to do More than merely look after their charges from the cradles to the grave. They want to turn them into patriotic cheese eaters. With this in mind the British milk marketing Board has spent about s14 billion to produce the first new Type of cheese to be sold commercially there in 300 years. The last one was Stilton. The latest cheese is called Wymeswold. A name Only a bureaucrat can love and is touted As a full fat. Soft. in a White velvety it is said to have a a delicate buttery flavor enlivened by a Subtle yet distinctive like so Many things in Britain cheese is affected by class. The working class prefers hard cheeses like Cheddar wensleydale Cheshire double Gloucester and Leicester. The upper and Middle classes nibble on soft cheese mostly French brie and Camembert. It was to repel those sneaky foreign invaders from English tables that the milk mandarins developed Wymeswold and one hardly knows whether to Root for its Success or failure. If Wymeswold does no to go Over it will be another costly misjudgment by government nannies like the concorde air plane and the Delorean motors company. But if Wymeswold makes it will the bureaucracy be tempted to produce new cheese after cheese to satisfy All constituencies Berry s world �1962 by Nea. Inc Quot i know we be Only been talking for an hour but in be got to hang up now. Daddy wants to use the Union will survive despite recent events i would like to comment on the recent election of the Ocean City Wright fire commission. I am a resident and taxpayer of this District and also the president of the Okaloosa Island firefighters association local 2617 Laff after Reading the comments of the two a political Rick Stevens and Dave Walton concerning a the Public is against the Union once i think they need to step Back and look at their own position. These two individuals seem to forget that they were both Active card carrying members of local 2617 in fact Dave Walton was elected vice president to the emergency medical Section of the local Rick Stevens Only got his position in Ems by the virtue that he is a Friend of Nick Stager. Nick got his position because of the Ems unionization Effort. Unfortunately to Ems their unionization Effort failed because of their own internal turmoil and local 2617 voted them out. Now they Are trying to use this election to get free reign to try to fight the Union i think they and the people in Northwest Florida need to read the first amendment of the United states Constitution this is still a free country and we As citizens have our rights even though we Are firefighters protecting you against the ravages of fire and other life threatening emergencies. There was nothing on the ballot that said they could fight the Union. These fire commissioners need to think about How they Are going to pay for a $300,000 Aerial unit and a $100,000 addition to the Racetrack Road fire station to House that Aerial and a proposed substation in the Northgate subdivision before they go spending the taxpayers and my Money of this District on a Bigshot Coral Gables lawyer whose Only interest is taking the taxpayers Money prolonging the inevitable. The Union. Local 2879 Laff will survive and a contract will be negotiated with the Ocean City Wright fire District. But How much of the taxpayers Money will be expended battling an individuals right under the Law to fighting a futile Effort Douglas r Draxler president Ziffa local 2617 Jaffa word of gratitude for the professionals the subject terminology has been used for Many years to depict a very competent and knowledgeable business. Down through the years i have been very disgusted on numerous occasions when the a a professional services i paid for were very unprofessional and shoddy. Notwithstanding my previous experiences i was again swayed by the word a a professional after the Hurricane in 1975. I looked through the yellow pages and selected Jimmy Rogers professional tree service to remove five Large Pine Trees that were blown Over. Jimmy and his Crew did an outstanding Job. When they had finished there Wasny to the smallest Twig left for me to pick up. I have called upon Jimmy on numerous occasions to trim Trees and remove dead shrubs. Each time they did a super outstanding Job. I have recommended Jimmy Rogers and his efficient Crew to friends and they were completely satisfied with the results. I Felt that i would be very remiss if i did no to publicly thank Jimmy Rogers and Crew for their outstanding a a professional services. Val k. Gaertner fort Walton Beach some Christmas cheer for the prison inmates i am writing this letter in reference to a serious problem that has Arisen at Eglin Federal prison Camp. It will be 34 More Days until Christmas this letter was written on nov. 20. There Are Many prisoners with Good records who could be released before Christmas. Some have release dates for two or three Days following but due to the head of the prison Only one person will be released Early. One person out of 700 the prison is already twice As full As it should be. It is a shame these men can to be released a few Days Early to spend Christmas at Home with their families. Is this the american Way or Are we living in a communist society Many Many people would love to see this crowded place become the level one Camp it is supposed to be in a sure. Would you please print this in sundays paper it would Only take a Small portion of space. Maybe something Good could become of the Public Reading about this problem. Hopefully these men longing to be Home with their wives and children will be granted their wish Many of these men who had Hopes of being Home will be greatly disappointed but not really As much As their children who wait for them Christmas As we All know is for our Loving children. Someone who cares Marilyn Sanford school s Book fair was great Community service dear readers May i share with you a a behind the scene Community service Rogers Hinson Post no. 235. The american legion wishes to publicly thank Oakland Heights elementary school in entirety. The school fair featuring books of All kinds and held annually is a familiar subject to most Okaloosa residents. At the fairs end Many books Are left. Thanks to Oakland Heights dedicated librarian Anne Windes. These books have been sent to veterans hospitals to provide Many hours of Reading pleasure to ill and disabled veterans. Last year. Montgomery veterans Hospital was the grateful recipient. This past week Lake City and Birmingham veterans Hospital received their donation of books. I might mention that these Are the hospitals designated for the veterans in our area. We of Okaloosa county can justifiably be proud of Oakland Heights Community spirit. Kay Jazwienski . Rogers Hinson Post 235thanks to daily news for concert coverage the fort Walton Beach Community chorus would like to express its deep appreciation to the playground daily news for the excellent publicity Given our recent concert. A seasons of our special thanks go to Peggy 6? or Mclean and his personal lawyer were in attendance but chose not to testify. Wiy now Are they claiming not to have had a Chance to present their views to the governor before his order to remove the Road in 30 Days Kathryn frasier Walton count firearms training course was time Well invested i recently completed a firearms training course for women conducted by Deputy James Matz and sponsored by sheriff Larry Gilbert and his department. The course Content and method of instruction were excellent. But. More importantly. Sponsoring such a course demonstrated the civic mindedness and Community service dedication of the sheriff his men. And his department. To them i publicly extend my whole hearted thanks and compliments and to All Okaloosa county women i strongly recommend enrolling in that course at the first Opportunity. Adel a. Riuard technical consultant Mary Esther Walton commissioners had a Chance to speak Why do the commissioners of Walton county say that they have not been heard on the subject of the illegal Road East of Seagrove Beach there was a hearing before the governor and his Cabinet at which time they the commissioners declined to speak. I was there at the hearing on oct. 6, 1982, when the governor ordered the illegal Road be removed in 30 Days. Commissioner Billy Mclean you were there Why did no to you speak Howard r. Fisher Montgomery Ala. Your letters Welcome the daily news welcomes thoughts from readers for publication on this Page. We ask that letters published monday through saturday be typed or legibly Handwritten and not exceed two Standard pages in length. All letters Are read with interest and As Many As possible Are published. Letters should be moderate in tone and accompanied by the writers name address and Telephone number for verification purposes. We do not withhold names from letters or print letters addressed to a third party. No letter More than 300 words will be printed. May and Ursel Behnken for their articles concerning our organization. As Well As the sea notes ensemble and for the comprehensive coverage of our presentation of this years concert. We would also like to extend a special a thank you to All the people and organizations who helped us put on this program in myriads of ways. We can to thank them enough for All the wonderful help and support they have Given us on this occasion As Well As in past performances. Where would organizations like ours be without All the unselfish help and Devotion we have been extended during our performances we cannot go into mentioning All the individual names and organizations involved but you know who you Are and How very much you Are appreciated again thank you All for being there where we needed you the concert was Well received by the audiences and we believe the playground daily news help and cooperation in publicizing this event contributed greatly to our achievement of this goal. Thank you for your constant support of our endeavours. Joanne Mixon president Betty b. Maddock recording Secretary Why did t commission speak up at hearing on oct. 6,1 attended a meeting in Tallahassee. It was a hearing before the governor and his Cabinet on the subject of the illegal Road East of Seagrove Beach. Witnesses both pro and con spoke two gentlemen and a lady brought it to our attention that red Clay was being used for a base on the Road. We have the most Beautiful beaches in the world and this red Clay will blend into the White Sand. The governor and Cabinet members asked very delving questions and every one who wished to speak had the Opportunity to do so. George Ralph Miller the lawyer for the commissioners of Walton county spoke. Where were those at this time who blocked the Road on nov. The 28 acres they swapped for the 20 acres in the Boondocks. Surely the pertinent information on the Tower was on file somewhere. Resulting in the payment of some $8,000 to get the eight acres the Tower stood on Back. The question arises As to Why Wasny to a Survey made prior to swapping the county owned 28 acres for the 20 acres surely a Survey would have indicated an existing incumbent Tower to insure the deed being of since the Public property involved belonged to the taxpayers of Walton county not just the five commissioners. How come the Walton county commissioners have not developed the to acres of Gulf front property at Eastern end that the Interior department gave to the county specifically for a county Public Park an Ideal location for boat launching ramp recreation Public parking Beach Access picnic facilities Etc. Which is sorely needed in the South Walton coastal resort area this should be a provided by the county from a portion of the South Walton property taxes paid into the county coffers paid guards on duty to protect the Park from any damage or abuse is a must. A Small users fee could be charged to help defray All these accompanying expenses. The Walton county commissioners and All interested citizens should urge our state and Federal a selected paid representatives to give some of our tax monies Back via building the Long delayed canal from the Bay to the Gulf the urgent need is Here and now. It certainly would enhance the Economy provide jobs and recreation fishing shipping and result in come Vercial businesses related to flow of tourists and traffic. The costly a surveys studies research and corps of engineers Public hearings on the canal have been on file for years All these items Cost the taxpayers positive action by our Public servants and citizens and accompanying publicity Are the essential ingredients needed to secure successful results. These Are countless politically created agencies on the taxpayers payroll that possibly a find the tax funds to build the a escape route North via such a canal. What with the onslaught of condos townhouses and a population explosion our county commissioners Are obligated to prepare and plan a for the general welfare and safety of their taxpaying United we we will fail d. Bearly concerned citizens committee Walton taxpayers need to look at the record we cannot help but wonder Why a certain few people a ignore the recent decision handed Down after three lengthy Public hearings Over the past year on the illegally built red Clay and gravel Beach Road put in a from the dunes to the High water line a which was a Clear violation of state statutes East of Seagrove in sept. 1981. How come these same people Overlook the fact that District five Walton county commissioner a did not get the required permit from the department of natural resources before he hastily had his Road Crew build the illegal Road on the Beach a certainly he was aware of the fact that a a permits for any construction Seaward of the coastal set Back line was a necessary requirement. As one of the five commissioners who pass and vote on developers plats relating to the fragile Dune system county commissioners must also vote on any variances. The total costs involved for the various expenses concerning the illegal Road on the Beach should All be clearly defined in their annual budget so that the taxpayers will know exactly a How and where their tax dollars Are being what will the fiscal consequences be since the commissioners in january 1982, passed a an after the fact ordinance that permits each District commissioner to do Road work without securing a vote from the entire Board a he Mem. Why did these commissioners spend the taxpayers monies to a hire a firm after the Road on the Beach was already was it Only done to an a after the fact permit a an expensive $5,000 permit if so such costly blunders should be clearly defined in their budget so that the poor struggling taxpayers can evaluate How their taxes Are being spent we refer Here to the recent Public a land Swap deals by these same commissioners. That costly Blunder Cost taxpayers some $8,000, plus headline embarrassment re the sheriffs 200-foot communications Tower on eight of stand up for Jesus or stand judgment As a Christian in this Community i am constrained to write this letter pronouncing my displeasure and disappointment Over the recent response of the local churches or should i say Lack of response and responsibility. During the past few months a War has been waged against the forces of darkness Over the Issue of nudity in local night clubs while the people and pastors who inhabit their a a Church buildings in our Community seem Content to Bury their Heads in the Sand until the War is Over. No doubt they will want to share in the spoils of Victory. No doubt Many of them Are already gloating Over this Victory. I must not blame Many of the people who sit in the pews in their a a Church buildings because most of them have probably never been informed of this Issue by their pastors. Many if not most of the pastors have been informed through one Means or another and yet where is their voice in our Community gods ministers Are supposed to declare the a whole counsel of god a that is All that god declares to be truth ministers likewise must declare. I fear that our pastors Are afraid of men and Are Content to live snugly in their modern comfortable Homes and they seem Content with their exorbitant salaries while the world just goes to hell and perhaps some pastors also. A contemporary Christian musician has appropriately written these words a the world is sleeping in the dark and the Church just can to fight because its asleep in the Light. How can you be so dead when you be been so Well fed. Jesus Rose from the grave and you you can to even get out of bed a Keith Green no Compromise pastors and congregations Wake up and stand up for Jesus or stand up at the judgment r. Howland Baker

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