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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 2

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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Page 2a, playground daily news monday morning november 29, 1982gas tax Road jobs expected in lame Duck not much More Washington a Congress convenes this week for the first time since the nov. 2 elections seemingly ready to vote for an increase in the gasoline tax As a Way of financing a Multi billion Dollar Highway jobs program. Beyond that congressional officials say the lame Duck session is Likely to produce Sharp disagreement on defense and economic issues with no consensus expected on what to try next to combat continuing High unemployment. Senate majority Leader Howard Baker said sunday he doubts that president Reagan s plan for deploying the my missile or a general jobs measure beyond the gasoline tax financed Highway program will get much action. The lame Duck session is going to be limited to trying to pass what appropriations measures we can and a continuing Resolution a Bakerr ten said on lbs s a face the nation program. A i doubt that the big issues Are debated fully in the three weeks of the lame Duck i certainly doubt that they re settled before among the matters that will surface during the session which begins on monday and is expected to end on dec. 17, Are a the regular Money Bills needed to run the Federal government for the balance of the current fiscal year. Only three of 13 regular Money Bills have been signed into Law. A House votes on nuclear waste disposal and legislation to Force automakers to have a fixed percentage of their Fleet produced in the United states. A a Senate vote on televising its own sessions. A action on the administrations proposed package of tax and Trade assistance with Caribbean Basin nations. A votes to deny members of Congress a pay raise of Between $2,426 and $16,648 now set to take effect dec. 17. With the Economy still in recession and an estimated la million americans out of work the Highway jobs measure already has won the endorsement of Reagan Baker and House speaker Thomas p. Of Neill jr., a mass. A a no doubt about it at All a one Republican aide predicts. A a its going to while the formal Bill has not yet been introduced officials Are discussing an increase of four cents a gallon in the Federal gasoline tax and another Penny tax on truckers to finance it. The tax increase endorsed by Reagan would produce $5.5 billion and create an estimated 320,000 jobs in mass transit pro Grams and to repair Bridges and highways. While there seems to be no doubt that members of both parties want to do More to assist the Economy they have widely different views of what additional Steps Are needed. Democrats Are drafting proposals for additional jobs programs but Baker said he doubts that will get anywhere now. A a jobs. Has now supplanted inflation As the number one Issue a he said. A a but we can t solve that in the lame Duck we can just finish the unfinished Summit a the common Market insists on subsidizing its agricultural exports to reduce huge surpluses. The United states contending this makes unfair Competition for i s goods is threatening to dump farm commodities on the world Market if the subsidies Are not ended. A the Gatt nations Are sharply divided Over How to limit imports that Hurt a weak Domestic Industry the United states applies quotas to Cotton Dairy products Peanut and sugar for example Japan protects its own agriculture sector while Italy has imposed strict limits on japanese car imports a the United states and Japan want to extend Gatt free Trade rules to insurance. Banking and other no merchandise markets while third world nations contend deregulation would Lead to foreign domination in these areas a at present the losing party in a Trade dispute brought before Gatt May veto acceptance of an arbitration panel s findings. The common Market w ants to give Gatt More clout in settling such disputes while third world nations object. The agriculture Issue seen by the common Market As the most important produced bitter debate Between . And european delegates. A the americans were surprised to find things More complicated than they thought Quot said French Trade minister Michel Jobert. Poll some of whom have Arab heritage a a Muhammad Hallam former vice president for academic affairs at Bir Zeit University on the West Bank and now director of the nonprofit Institute for Arab studies inc. Said it was set up three years ago to provide scholarly research Grants and is funded by private endowments companies and a a interested individuals in the Arab world. Quot its budget this year is $4oo, said an Institute Board member Fouad Moughrabi. Professor of political science at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga said he and a colleague helped write the questions but denied they were biased. Leach confirmed that some controversial facts in the questions were supplied by the Arab american clients a we did no to Check Leach said. A it was not our role Leach and other polling experts said it is Normal procedure for clients to help draw up the questions. A they help us in determining their information Leach said adding that the final questionnaire was a a fifth draft resulting from a a Back and for things Between his office and the Institute the poll a 67-question Telephone Survey of 1,020 adults nationwide was done oct. 6-11 to find out a How would people react if Given factual said Moughrabi a palestinian american born in Jerusalem. A we worked on the Assumption that people Are not that Reagan . Help will propel Brazil toward closer alignment with Washington and its broader regional interests. In recent years while emerging As latin americans economic superpower. Brazil has shaped an increasingly Independent foreign policy stressing relations with third world nations and North South issues. But despite the optimism surrounding Reagan a arrival most officials and analysts believe that brazils military government will most Likely stick to Long term policies that have distanced them from direct alignment with the United states. Faced with possible . Expectations of greater strategic Alliance brazilian officials answer that closer economic cooperation after Reagan a visit will help preserve both . Investments and broader interests in the Region. A it is a matter of enlightened self interest for the United states a an official Here said. A if Brazil were to become destabilized it would be As serious for the United states As it would be for throughout South America Reagan a visiting delegation could find governments that have similarly sought to maintain distance from the United states following . Involvement in Central american conflicts. This year both Venezuela and Colombia have moved to join the nonaligned movement and peruvian president Fernando Belaunde called off a scheduled visit to Washington this month to signal unease with the Reagan administration. Economic recovery experts see lukewarm upturn Washington a the coming week should bring a bit of Good news for the still ailing National Economy but it will be Only a tiny bit and May Well be balanced by some bad news As Well. On tuesday the Commerce department will release its new Index of leading economic indicators a compilation of to separate statistics designed to forecast trends in the Overall Economy. Economists said in Advance that most signs pointed toward a slight Index increase perhaps Only 0.2 or 0.3 percent. The Good news is that would be the sixth gain in seven months a solid argument that recovery is coming soon. The bad news a or at least less Good is that such a Small gain could hardly be read As an indication of much economic strength looming just ahead. The Index Rose two full Points or More for three straight months at the Start of recovery from the 1980 recession. The week will end with the labor departments estimate Friday of the National unemployment rate for november. Most economists say unemployment is probably close to the Peak it will hit in the Long 1981-82 recession. A few even say the current level 10.4 percent the highest rate in 42 years May be the Peak. But others say it is going to Rise slightly higher perhaps to 10.5 percent this month or next. A new increase would be a Jolt not Only to americans who just losing their jobs but also to the millions waiting for business to improve so they might be hired Back. Some economic theorists maintain that Job holding americans have been slow to increase their spending in recent months and thereby help push the nation out of recession because they Are scared by what they read and hear about rising unemployment. Labor officials on thursday will release a Shorter term employment report that has been looking better lately. Last thursdays version said initial claims for unemployment benefits dropped under 600,000 during the week ending nov. 13 the first time they be been under that level in three months. If the number for the week ending nov. 20 is Down it will make five declines in a Row perhaps a signal the Overall unemployment rate has peaked. Claims offices were open Only four Days during the nov. 13 week so Only a slight Rise in the nov. 20 week might also be considered at least moderately Good news. Interest rates Are still very High for a nation hoping for economic recovery analysts agree. The fed lowered its a discount rate on Loans to Banks and others by one half Point to 9 percent last monday. Most Banks followed suit by lowering their prime lending rates to 11.5 percent from 12 percent. There is widespread speculation that the Federal Reserve is not finished that its sixth rate reduction since july Isnit its last. But fed chairman Paul Volcker also wants to make sure a As he made Clear in a congressional appearance last week that the nations Money markets done to get the idea he will let the growth of Money and credit get out of hand and thereby sabotage his Long War on inflation. 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A compare our rates terms and services Quot licensed mortgage brokers 204 Cloverdale 863-3143 new a non surgical face lift face lift utilizes a non surgical face lift technique Quot Acu lift for the healthy Young look for you Quot the facial rejuvenation procedure offers Tou a personal consultation to determine whether you can be accepted into the program. A therapy to draw vital Energy to facial Muscles a a program to Toniy and rejuvenate facial Muscles through approximately 12 treatments. A personal consultation and information on facial care and maintenance. First treatment results Forvour Money Back National health centers Sion and estimated 320,000 jobs in mass transit pro just finish the unfinished bus Job plan May not fix roads or solve unemployment ills new York a the Roger Vaughan of the coun agencies. A other new York a the Public works proposals floating around Washington might get some potholes filled and some Bridges painted but experts say none seems Likely to provide enough Money or skills to rebuild the nations cracking foundation. Although politicians Are intrigued by the idea of hiring the unemployed to preserve and protect the nations Bridges roads and tunnels critics warn that Quick easy tasks to occupy needy people might not save needy structures. With Congress set to reconvene monday there Are a a lot of ideas but very few details a said Margaret Downs of the Northeast Midwest Institute which does research for members of Congress from 18 states. Most democratic proposals try to direct Money to areas where unemployment is highest while republicans seem More intent on targeting the most pressing repairs. Roger Vaughan of the Council of state planning agencies a Washington research group serving state governors warns against a a fatal confusion of two separate problems creating jobs and repairing infrastructure. We be got to get past the pork programs that create jobs quickly Are at Odds with the fundamental need for major capital works projects that require time to design plan and prepare. A these proposals do nothing to solve the problem a Vaughan said. A you do not fill potholes with untrained and unskilled and filling potholes cannot save a deteriorated roadbed nor painting redeem a Bridge already weakened by rust he added. Agreeing with Vaughan on the importance of a permanent policy was Pat Choate who co authored a study of infrastructure a America in ruins a published by the Council of state planning agencies a there is a danger that this Little flurry will obstruct the View that we need a Long term Federal capital budget strategy a Choate said. But he parted company with Vaughan Over the value of applying a jobs plan to the deteriorating infrastructure. A jobs Bill a can do a lot for the infrastructure a he said if it took the form of Federal a a Public works Revenue Choate pointed out that Many of the unemployed Are skilled or Semi skilled construction workers. At any rate he said a you done to need a . From Cal tech to paint a although he agreed that a jobs program should not be a palliative Choate maintained it would meet a real need. A states and localities have stopped much of their work Altos there and have projects a backed up in the pipeline. We re not talking about Boondoggle jobs a he said. 70 70 National weather service Noaa dept of Commerce fronts cold warm occluded stationary i National weather service forecasts rain through parts of the Northwest with Snow flurries in Maine. Locally a travellers advisory will be in effect this morning. Dense Early morning fog and drizzle becoming Cloudy with a Chance of rain today. Probability of rain 30 percent. High in the mid 70s. Southwest wind 10 to 15 mph. Cloudy with a 40 percent Chance of rain tonight. Low in the Low 60s. Partly Cloudy tuesday with a Chance of showers. High in the mid 70s. Daily f news doily by to by a v Moumou Daut Newt division of Florida Lff Dom inc too Hor Rotrock re my fort Wolton a a orb Florida f o to 2949 32549 second clo Pottage paid of iwo Al uses 435 6r0 mom off a 863 la 11 circulation 863-1313 Crestview news 683 5606 circulation 683-9471 Suba caption rates by earner daily and sunday i month to of. Daily Only is of. Sun Day Only 12 to mule ropy daily by sunday or by mail payable in Advance daily and sunday i year 7 of i months 139 on months 119 so i month 17 of daily Only i year too of t months 130 of j months ii of i month to of sunday Only i year $27 of 6 months $13 to. 3 months to to. 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