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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 5

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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Playground daily news thursday morning May 15, 1986 Page 5athree die eight still missing after snowstorm ambushes hikers Timberline Lodge Ore. A thirteen students and advisers hiking up mount Hood were ambushed by a blinding snowstorm near the Summit and eight remained missing wednesday As three victims who were found half Frozen died. Two others walked to safety off the 11,239-foot Peak tuesday. The three teen agers part of a group of climbers from a Portland High school were found near death wednesday morning about 7,500 feet up the Mountain which is 50 Miles East of Portland. During the Day tuesday wind chill temperatures fell to about 50 degrees below Zero. Two girls were pronounced dead after an All Day attempt to revive them at Portland a Emanuel Hospital said spokesman or. William Long. The heartbeat of the third victim a boy was revived but Hospital officials said he died several hours later. Long had said the boy had Only a to percent Chance of surviving. The three who were not identified had been flown to Emanuel where a medical team of 40 worked in a a last ditch Effort to revive them said spokeswoman Lori canister. She said their Core temperature had been brought up from 43 degrees to 68 degrees fahrenheit. Ten students at Oregon episcopal school in Portland and three adults had begun climbing the Mountain monday in the annual Sophomore class wilderness Outing. At least one of the students had no previous climbing experience. Helicopters were sent to Rescue three searchers who fell into a Crevasse wednesday afternoon said sgt. Mark Ross of the air forces 304th aerospace Rescue and recovery Squadron which was assisting in the Artukovic Diplomat authorities to bring him to trial. He fled to Italy immediately after the War and also lived briefly in Ireland before going to the United states. He was never an american citizen. The indictment accused Artukovic of ordering the murder of an unspecified number of people on racial or political grounds while chief of police and concentration Camps in Croatia. The government repeatedly has accused Artukovic of being responsible for at least 700,000 deaths and a preliminary indictment mentioned the slayings of 231,000 jews gypsies serbs and political prisoners. The 32-Page final indictment accused Artukovic of ordering four separate massacres of civilians and partisans and went into grisly detail about the concentration Camps that he oversaw. A the is guilty because under Protection and in collaboration with the nazis Artukovic. Ordered prosecution torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of jews serbs croats and gypsies Many of them women and children a said Gajski. Artukovic denied involvement in the Slaughters. The defense argued that the crimes he was accused of fell under a 30-year statute of limitations and none of the 45 witnesses called by the prosecution established Artukovich a guilt. A the prosecution said the statute of limitations did not cover War crimes. Artukovich a lawyers also attempted to have him declared unfit for trial because of failing health. March 14 announcement that . Embassy second Secretary Michael Sellers was being expelled. Tass claimed evidence a obtained at the moment of arrest. And in the course of the investigation fully disclose his Sites intelligence activities incompatible with his official it said Sites was declared Persona non grata and that an investigation was underway a in the Case of the agent of the american intelligence service a an apparent reference to the soviet citizen who was not named. Verner said he did not know i station mini Strator James c. Fletcher said it is a responsive to what i understand to be the desire of some in Congress to demonstrate a Way of initially tending the space station through periodic Crew visits rather than having a permanent Crew on Board at the Fletcher spoke at Nasa Headquarters in Washington. The news conference was monitored by reporters Here and at other Agency centers. Fletcher said the new station design was dictated by budget constraints which also have pushed from 1992 to 1994 the initial operational target with the . Modules. The other modules would be in place by 1996. The administrator noted that president Reagan on Jan. 24, 1984, had committed the nation to develop a permanently manned search. He said they were uninjured. A the Crevasse opened up and swallowed them. Its getting real Touchy up there a air Force technical sgt. Jeff Murphy said later. At least too people took part in the search which was concentrated Between the 8,000 and 9,000-foot Levels but had found Only a Glove and a Mitten by mid afternoon. A line of searchers walked up the Southeast Side of the Mountain poking the Snow with Long probes while others Rode in three helicopters and two Snow tractors. Authorities said they would continue to search All night if necessary using a helicopter with an infrared device that can detect temperature variations As Small As 2 degrees. Searchers believed the climbers still were under the Snow said air Force staff sgt. John Harkness. A a it a disappointing. We really want to find these people a said staff sgt. David Bourland. Molly Schula 17, and guide Ralph Summers 30, were Able to hike from the Peak Early tuesday to seek help. They said they had climbed to within 14 feet of the Summit when a snowstorm struck with winds gusting to 60 Mph limiting visibility to less than 2 feet. The two said they left their companions huddled in a Small Snow Cave the party dug at the base of a Glacier. Searchers found what they believed was the Cave wednesday but it was empty said Clackamas county sheriffs it. Don Vickars. The climbers had decided to dig in when whiteout conditions got so bad a there was no distinction Between the sky and Snow a said is. Schula the daughter of Joe Schula an associated press newsman in Portland. Firefighter Sites was a member of the military and refused to say How Long he had been in Moscow. Sellers also was accused of spying and holding a Clandestine meeting with a soviet citizen. He was expelled a week after the United states angered the soviet Union by ordering soviet missions to the United nations in new York Cut from 279 people to 170 by april 1988. Soviet officials and Media recently have renewed Sharp attacks on the United states targeted primarily on the . Bombing raid on Libya and continued . Nuclear testing. Space station within a decade. A we have set our sights on the future but make no mistake that future could be in jeopardy if we do not respond effectively to our immediate Challenge to restore this nations launch capabilities in the Wake of the challenger explosion and the expendable rocket Fletcher said. He said july 1987 is the target for resuming shuttle flights a but of course Only if we Are assured that we can do so safely and John Hodge director of nasal a space station office said 14 shuttle flights starting in late 1992 or 1993, will be necessary to construct the station. Hodge said the first module could be operating by the sixth flight with Crews shuttling Back and Forth to work there. Church and removed a divider Between a window air conditioner and the Wall. He said he struck a match reached inside the window and set a curtain on fire. The sheriffs department arrested Mason on aug. 6, 1980. He pleaded no contest to arson during an oct. 6 hearing before circuit judge Robert Barron court documents say. On Jan. 16, 1981, Barron sentenced Mason to to years probation and told Mason to undergo psychiatric treatment. Barron withheld adjudication meaning that if Mason stayed out of trouble during his probation he would not be convicted on the arson charge. Mason served his first five years of probation without incident. On Jan. 13, 1986, he asked Gorbachev Barron to reduce his probation to just five years. The five year reduction was not opposed by the state attorneys office or by masons parole officer. On Jan. 17 Barron reduced masons probation to five years. Paul Steckle of Florida a Bureau of fire standards and training said there Are no state Laws that would prohibit Mason from qualifying for state certification As a professional firefighter. If a prospective professional firefighter has completed his probation and has not been convicted of the felony charged he can be certified by the state Steckle explained. Had the applicant been convicted Steckle said he would have to wait four years after finishing his sentence before the state could approve him. Helms said Mason was one of Only two applicants for the firefighters Job who passed the departments written and physical exams. Commissioner Don Wheeler said he voted for Mason Over the other applicant because Mason had worked for two years As a Volunteer. The other applicant had not been a department Volunteer. Also voting to hire Mason was commissioner Jim Lindsey. Neither Lindsey nor commissioner Mclean who voted against Mason could be reached for comment. Commissioner Bennett who opposed Mason cited masons background. A i just done to think we should hire anybody charged with arson a he said. A the Accident at chernobyl showed again what an abyss will open if nuclear War befalls Mankind for inherent in the nuclear arsenals stockpiled Are thousands upon thousands of disasters far More horrible than the chernobyl one a he said. The soviets at first said two people died in the Accident and later official statements said six people died of radiation and Burns. It was not Clear if the six included the first two deaths. Previous official statements also said about 200 people were hospitalized. Gorbachev a total of nine included seven who died in hospitals after the disaster. The soviet Leader extended the Kremlin a condolences to the families of victims for the first time and pledged to take care of them. Speaking calmly and confidently he proposed greater International cooperation on nuclear Power and seemed to go most of the Way toward meeting meeting Western demands for swifter reporting of future accidents. Although the chernobyl Accident occurred in the Early hours of april 26, the soviet Union did not acknowledge it until the night of april 28, after High Levels of Radia Tion were detected in Scandinavia. In his speech wednesday night Gorbachev suggested a prompt warning system for accidents expansion of the International atomic Energy Agency and a conference to discuss Acci Dent warning. A a system of prompt warning and Supply of information in the event of accidents and faults at nuclear Power stations specifically when this is accompanied by the escape of radioactivity should be established in the framework of this regime a he said referring to the International Agency. Misses7 fun Wear from Catalina Carefree relaxed and now on Sale for your fun times Reg. 15.00 to 22.00, Sale 9.99 to 14.99, our super selection includes Short sleeve knit tops Cla diggers shorts split skirts and tank tops. Available in Cotton and polyester Cotton blends. Sizes 8 to 18. Misses sportswear. 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