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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 4

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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Opinion thursday morning May 15, 1986 Page 4a daily f news a a Pia Vorono a Ufi a daily i news a Freedom newspaper this newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so they May better promote and preserve their Freedom and encourage others to see its blessings. Only when Man is free to control himself and All he produces can he develop to his utmost capabilities. We believe that Freedom is a gift from god and not a Grant from government. No More no less. It must be consistent with the truths expressed in such great moral guides As the coveting commandment the Golden Rule and the declaration of Independence commentary Marvin Debolt publisher Jay Pitts managing editor editorial for socialists May Day was no cause for rejoicing May Day has for about a Century been a Day of Hope rekindling of revolutionary Fervour and Celebration for communists and socialists around the world. Although its roots May be in a Celebration of labor or working people it has been substantially appropriated by socialists As a Means of stirring enthusiasm for social change generally though not exclusively in the direction of collectivism. The few True believers left May be forgiven if it was difficult to work up a lot of Fervour this past May Day. Not Only was a nuclear Cloud Drifting across the world As the most visible and immediate tribute to soviet science and Industry but socialism and communism were everywhere in Retreat at least in terms of intellectual excitement and ability to win the allegiance of idealists. This is not to say that communism does no to still represent a dangerous Force in the world. The soviet Union and its allies Are armed and dangerous and May become even More dangerous in the medium term As they begin to feel cornered in View of the evident failures of their regimes. Communist regimes still repress millions of citizens under their control and still work actively to stir up trouble in other parts of the world. But if trends in ideas mean anything communism is on the decline. A generation ago hordes of intellectuals in France for example eagerly embraced some variant of marxism. Today such ideas Are widely scorned Many prominent leftists have rethought their positions and intellectual ferment is most visible among those who hold some respect for the rights and liberties of the individuals against the prerogatives of the state or the collective. Socialism with its Promise of Prosperity and equal distribution quips by de Scott at 46, All time soccer great Pele May try a comeback. Aging coaches have trouble getting kids to follow orders. Aging athletes have the same problem with their bodies. -0 March a consumer credit increase was the smallest in three years. Experts suspect we re overextended but we were simply seeing that the feds got theirs. A a theirs is a word compounded from a a the and trs. -0 april was another disappointing month for retail sales. But autos sold Well and Homes moved briskly. After making a new House and a new car payment even a Blue Light special can put one into the red. -0 Christopher Columbus died penniless in Spain on May 20, 1506. Columbus mistake was departing before his discovery developed foreign Aid. Ferdinand Marcos May die Rich in Hawaii of the Usel contends that the nil violated antitrust Laws with a pro football monopoly. The younger league Hopes a judge will Tell it to pass a a go and collect $1.32 billion. -0 by one Point Center Kareem Abdul Jabbar squeezed past Akeem Olajuwon for the All Aba team. Ifs an interesting matchup basketball a most experienced player challenged by its least experienced one. And if Olajuwon keeps accosting referees the Gap wont narrow. �?o0�?o Hank Williams or. Got his first recording contract at age 14. Executives figured head fit into his dads Blue genes. -0 Joan Rivers cancelled an appearance with David Letterman. She so not feeling funny these Rivers is to launch a show on a new network next fall. Fox broadcasting co. Could become the Only to web to be told a not tonight. I have a headache a -0 olympic Gold medallist Mark Gorski indicates that there Are far riskier ventures these Days than travelling to Europe and Russia for cycling events. That a a Man who a driven the interstates Baker May take a shot at a retail politics of goods and services among the people has instead brought poverty and a new elite wherever it has been tried. In the soviet Union for example areas that had been Rich food producers and even exporters have experienced after collectivization decades of a bad weather crop failures forcing Grain imports from the evil and inefficient capitalist regimes. The few private plots permitted 3 percent of the cropland area bolster the system by providing 27 percent of the total agricultural output. In other countries that have tried some variation of socialism or collectivism the Story has been depressingly similar economic decline and loss of political Liberty. A Book published in 1984, a pattern for failure by swedish economist Sven Ryd Enfelt chronicles the cases of the soviet Union Poland Romania Czechoslovakia Yugoslavia Hungary Portugal China India Vietnam sri Lanka Ghana Tanzania Cuba demonstrating economic decline under collectivist policies and in some cases economic development under policies that recognized and encouraged individual incentives. Ideas Are considered and understood by individuals of course but it is possible to detect trends among the millions of individuals around the world who take the trouble to think such issues through and act on their understanding. The trend today seems to be away from socialist and collectivist ideas and toward a renewed appreciation of individualism and entrepreneurialism. That might have made this May Day somewhat Bleak for socialists. For most of us however it is an encouraging sign. By George f. Will Washington different vocations have distinctive vocabularies. Dan Quisenberry Kansas City royals Relief Pitcher and linguist once said of a former teammate a the did no to sound like a baseball player. He said things like a nevertheless and a if in Howard Baker former senator and future presidential candidate talks like a politician. For example of he says that because he carried so much water for president Reagan As majority Leader throughout the first term he Baker has got Well after a political illness concerning will the canal and now he just has to a get out amongst the people and get it antecedent less pronouns and other mysterious references Are Apt to be a part of a politicians patois. The a a it Baker intends to get done is the capture of the Republican nomination. The canal. Well you remember the unpleasantness concerning the recently Baker spent several Days among Southern republicans and was gratified to put it mildly that no one not even some fellow in a flannel shirt and a cat Cap mentioned the Panama canal. You May think a gosh at our House we go for Days without mentioning but not Long ago absolutes Are perishable these Day sit was All conservatives talked about. In 1976 Reagan campaigning against president Ford for the Republican nomination mentioned the canal negotiations and got a throaty Roar from a crowd. Soon opposition to the canal treaties became a test of conservative purity. Never mind that some conspicuous conservatives such As Bill Buckley supported the treaties Baker supported the treaties. In the late 1970s, before conservatism came of age Many conservatives defined themselves by their animosities. In 1980 that Petty habit acquired in Long years in the political wilderness made Baker its victim. He even More than George Bush was the a a moderate that some conservatives loved to hate. In addition to the canal treaties his sins were general he was a Washington a a insider and particular he supported establishment of the education department. Talk about perishable absolutes today the Secretary of education William Bennett is the conservatives pinup among Cabinet members. But the canal was the sin that mattered most. Baker remembers Missouri sen. Jack Danforth a dry wit telling him after a weekend Back Home a Howard Missouri is a state of nearly six million souls of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds United by a burning Devotion to the Panama but now says Baker the a canal decade is Over and in 1988 everyone seeking the Republican nomination will be a Reagan Ite. During a recent checkup a doctor told Baker he was overweight. Baker cheerfully replied. A yes and you re he gets away with such bad Inage because he has a manner As soft As Hominy. Another senator once described Baker As a a political Neutron bomb he destroys an opponent without destroying that opponents ego. But bakery a ego has absorbed some bruises. Before winning the position of Republican Leader in the Senate he twice lost contests for that Job. In 1976 he was encouraged to Hope that he would be Fords running mate. When Bob Dole was chosen Baker said in a steely voice that next time his Fate would be in his own hands. But in 1980 he withdrew after finishing a Distant third in new Hampshire Reagan 49.6 percent Bush 22.7, Baker 9.8. Bakery a Placid informality today masks a determination to do it right this time around. The conventional Wisdom is that he can not that he is a born legislator unable to make people think of him As president. A legislative career with its focus on this Bill then that one then another unrelated one produces in the enchanting jargon of one Republican professional a tree politicians rather than Forest that is legislators do not master the Art of speaking thematically and expressing a Broad vision. The Republican professional just cited assesses bakery a chances by quoting the baseball Man in the novel a bang the drum slowly who says of weak pitchers that they could win a few games a if god drops everything Baker is going to put lots of eggs in the conventional Basket new Hampshire where his Campaign is being sponsored by sen. Warren Rudman who is co author of the Gramm Rudman Law but is otherwise a Good citizen. Baker is unemployed like the Winner of the 1976 democratic and 1980 Republican and 1984 democratic nomination so he will be Able to do the a retail politics which new Hampshire expects. If he runs Well there and then runs off straight into a Southern regional primary he could quickly become in the argot of his vocation a a stranger things have happened. Stranger but not More pleasing of the author is a syndicated Down on elevators up on escalators by Anoy Rooney a elevators Are a pain in the neck. If i weren to so Lazy id never take an elevator again. A my office now is on the seventh floor. I suppose i go up and Down something like 30 times a week. Except that elevators lift you quickly to where you re goings with no Effort on your part there a almost nothing Good to be said about them. A there is no regular occasion in which time passes so slowly As when you re waiting for an elevator. A two minute wait for an elevator is worse than a five minute wait for a bus. Someone ought to invent a game could play. A elevators Are bad for morale. If you re headed for the seventh floor and frequently get in a car with a person who always gets off at the third floor you develop a dislike for this person. It does no to make sense but he or she is always taking your time by stopping the elevator on a floor that does no to interest you. A elevator conversations Are among the most inane of any that take place in the civilized world. There you Are trapped in a confined space with one or More strangers. You Are standing closer to them than would Rooney elevator waiters be polite to stand under other circumstances. You have nothing whatsoever to say but you Are vaguely uneasy about the proximity of your body to theirs so you find yourself talking to relieve the tension. A hot enough for you a you say. A if you re waiting for an elevator and a second person comes along that person invariably pauses for a second and then Steps Forward and pushes the Button. Does this person think you re so stupid that you were standing there waiting for the elevator without pushing the Button yourself a there Are some elevator riders who think the car comes quicker if they push the Button harder or More than once. This did no to even work when there were elevator operators. A there Are also people who stand on say the fifth floor who want to go Down. They push both the a a up and the a a Down Button thinking this gets them an elevator faster. All it does is Stop the elevator on the Way up and waste everyone a time because it will Stop at that same floor again on the Way Down. A the fastest elevators in the world Are you know it in a 60-Story building in Tokyo. They travel at about 22 Miles an hour. The average elevator travels at less than five. Elevator engineers say that in a tall building anything faster than to Miles an hour causes the riders ears to pop. A one of the most persistent nightmares i have during my waking hours is being caught in a crowded elevator that Breaks Down. Several years ago Dan rather got caught for 45 minutes in the very elevator i ride. It was lunch hour and there were nine other people on Board just about capacity. Dan is gracious and polite almost to a fault but people on Board with him that Day say he did make a few unkind remarks about the building management. A i like escalators As much As i dislike elevators. There a something magical about a moving stairway. Its fascinating to be lifted gently to another floor on Steps that fold up and disappear at the top. You can look around at the floor you re leaving As the Steps Start up and As they near the top you can see what son that floor. I remember being taken to Macy a when i was about 8. I hated to go shopping but being allowed to ride up and Down the escalators alone made it All worthwhile. Some people Are very tentative about getting on an escalator. They done to quite dare step on. These Are the same people who never take the first available opening in a revolving door. The Only place i might really like an elevator is in my own House. I hate it when i get Down in the basement to do some work and realize in be left my glasses two floors up on the Dresser in my bedroom. -0 the author is a syndicated s ruminations Theo Hmai and Hes it Zyl

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