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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 2

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Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Page 2a, playground daily news thursday morning May 15, 1986 . Warship comes to Aid of merchants Washington a a . Navy warship intercepted an iranian frigate earlier this week and convinced it to cease apparent efforts to interrupt a . Cargo ships passage in the Gulf of Oman the Pentagon said wednesday. A late monday night Washington time 10 50 . Edythe american merchant ship is president Mckinley while transiting in International Waters was hailed by radio by an iranian frigate on patrol in the Gulf of Oman a a the Pentagon said in a prepared statement. A a . Navy destroyer the David r. Ray which was operating in the area was within a mile of the president Mckinley when the iranian ship came into View. A the . Destroyer identified itself to the iranian frigate and requested the iranians to stand Clear to ensure Freedom of navigation of the . Merchant ship. The iranian unit honoured the . Units the Pentagon declined to provide additional details. But administration officials who agreed to discuss the matter Only if not identified said the iranians were thought to have been planning to Board the is president Mckinley to search it for War Materiel that might be bound for Iraq. Iran which has been fighting Iraq for More than five years stopped and searched the is president Taylor last january in the Gulf of Oman. During that incident no . Navy ships were close enough to intercede. Both the president Taylor and the president Mckinley Are owned by american president lines ltd., headquartered in Oakland Calif. A spokesman Steve Potash said wednesday there was no harm to the Mckinley or its Crew and that the ship Quot did not even deviate her course or Potash said the Mckinley was carrying a routine commercial cargo and was bound for Fujara in the United Arab emirates at the time of the incident. Potash also disclosed that a at some Point upon entering the Gulf of Oman the Mckinley came under the escort of a Navy a the Navy handled this incident As they indicated they would a Potash said. A after the Taylor incident the Navy had indicated it would be As helpful As it refused to elaborate when asked whether the lines vessels had been routinely been receiving such Navy escorts. Defense department and Navy officials likewise declined to discuss the extent of escort service being provided in the Gulf or to describe the standing orders or a rules of engagement a followed by the american destroyer in interceding on the cargo ships behalf. The state department grudgingly conceded after the january incident that Iran had the right to conduct reasonable searches of Neutral ships for War goods that might be bound for Iraq. At the time however administration sources maintained the United states also had the right to offer assurances to Iran that american vessels were not carrying War goods and thus to object to any searches. That area of International maritime Law is a a fuzzy one a one official said wednesday. This source refused to say whether the administration had decided since the january incident that it was your Fri Dom new spat published doily by the playground Daut news division of Florida Freedom newspapers inc 200 Racetrack re new fort Walton Bench Florida p o to. 2949 32549 second class postage paid at feb i uses 435 680 main office. 863-1111 circulation 863-1212 Crestview news .682 5608 circulation 682 9471 Destin main office 837 9179 subscription rates by Carrier daily and sunday 1 month s7, daily Only $6, sunday Only $2 50 single copy daily 25c. Sunday 50c by mail payable in Advance daily and sunday 1 year s115, 6 months $58, 3 months $29 50. 1 month $10 daily Only 1 year $85, 6 months $43, 3 months $22, 1 month $7 50 sunday Only 1 year $30, 6 months $15, 3 months $7 50, 1 month $3 copyright notice the entire contents of the playground daily news including its Logotype Are fully protected by copyright and registry and cannot be reproduced in any form for any purpose without the expressed permission of the playground daily news member of the audit Bureau of circulation prepared to risk a military confrontation on the High seas Over such searches. A this one never came to that a the source said. A there were no threats by either Side with although the United states protested the january search the state department later acknowledged Iran had the right As a a belligerent to ascertain whether Neutral shipping is being used to provide contraband to an opposing the sources refused to say wednesday whether the Ray eventually would have acceded to a Brief search of the president Mckinley if the iranians had insisted. Iran began stopping and searching merchant ships in the Region last summer in retaliation for iraqis bombing of tankers and other ships taking on Oil and carrying supplies to Iran. It was not until Jan. 12, however when the president Taylor was boarded and searched for two hours that an american vessel was stopped by Iran on the High seas. Meanwhile the official iranian news Agency quoted the iranian foreign minister As saying wednesday that Iran would not tolerate any . Intervention in the persian Gulf. A the islamic Republic of Iran As the strongest Power in the persian Gulf will not allow any foreign country american or non american to intervene in the Region a foreign minister a Akbar Velamati was quoted As saying. Vela Yatin a statement followed remarks on monday by capt. Mohammed Hussein male Azadegan commander of the iranian Navy who said his forces would counter attempts by . Warships to prevent it from searching vessels that might be bound for Iraq. Several administration sources termed this weeks incident a a confrontation a although the stressed there were never any threats to use weapons. A it was a confrontation a said one source. A we had to Tell them a couple times to move on. There was weather the forecast for 8 . Edt thu., May 15 High 90 temperatures National weather forecast showers Are predicted in an area extending from Minnesota and Wisconsin South to Arkansas and Tennessee. Temperatures Fairbanks 58 36 00 san Antonio 74 of Fargo 75 53 00 san Diego 67 59 of wednesday Flagstaff 70 35 of san Francisco 68 52 of temperatures i indicate grand rapids 70 58 20 san Juan p r 83 69 of previous Day s High Ond Over great Falls 49 33 of St Ste Marie 66 44 .15 night Low to 8 Edt Greensboro no. 57 51 of Seattle 59 41 of Hilo pre Hartford 75 35 of Shreveport 86 65 of Albany n y. 78 48 of Helena 50 31 of Sioux foils 80 50 of Albuquerque by 53 of Honolulu 84 71 of Spokane 57 30 of Amarillo 84 56 05 Houston 80 68 of Syracuse 75 51 of Anchorage 49 36 of Indianapolis 75 60 77 Topeka 77 56 of Asheville 70 56 03 Jackson miss 89 68 of Tucson 92 53 of Atlanta 81 62 02 Juneau 52 42 of Tulsa 80 63 la Atlantic City 58 50 00 Kansas City 77 53 of Washington do 59 51 20 Austin 78 72 of Las vegas 93 64 of Wichita 78 51 08 Baltimore 60 52 02 Little Rock 87 67 of Wilkes Barre 67 46 of Billings 57 40 of los Angeles 70 59 of Wilmington Del 63 49 of Birmingham 89 59 of Louisville 75 64 19 National temperature sex Bismarck 64 52 of Lubbock 94 64 of tremes for wednesday Boise 59 28 of Memphis 89 70 of Low 21 degrees at Mccall Boston 62 47 of Midland Odessa 94 67 of Idaho Brownsville 66 75 of Milwaukee 68 50 of High a too degrees at Buffalo 68 48 of mils St Paul 73 42 of Bullhead City and Lake Hatasu Burlington it 77 43 of Nashville 88 65 of City Ari Casper 61 38 of new Orleans 87 69 04 Florida temperatures Charleston s c. 75 69 of new York City 69 52 of la i pre Christen w a 74 58 34 Norfolk a 57 54 14 Apalachicola 61 blog Charlotte n c. 64 55 03 North plotted 78 44 of Daytona Beach 60 82 of Cheyenne 66 44 02 Oklahoma City 77 59 2 07 fort Laud Bench 74 is go Chicago 67 55 13 Moho 79 55 00 fort Myers 65 89 16 Cincinnati 75 59 33 Philadelphia 64 51 00 Gainesville 59 85 of Cleveland 77 57 02 Phoenix 95 67 00 Homestead 72 82 of 83 63 of Pittsburgh 74 53 02 Jacksonville 58 82 of 78 61 of Portland Maine 63 35 00 key West 73 83 of Concord . 75 32 of Portland Ore 62 37 of Lakeland 63 87 of Dallas it Worth 79 69 of Providence 64 39 of Miami 67 83 of Dayton 77 59 la Raleigh 64 56 of Orlando 62 84 to Denver 74 44 of rapid City 58 46 of Pensacola 66 82 of Des Moines 77 47 of Reno 71 39 of Sarasota 66 86 of Detroit 76 58 05 Richmond 57 51 83 Tallahassee 54 87 13 Duluth 59 48 02 Sacramento 83 53 of Tampa 66 86 Joel paso 86 62 of St Louis 82 53 01 Vero Beach 62 is of Evansville 83 63 03 Salt Ike City 58 46 00 w Palm Bench 69 82 52 Florida zone casts by the associated press i 3 a today partly sunny High in Tho mid-80s South wind to Mph. Tonight fair with a Low 60 to 65. Tuesday sunny. High in upper 80s zones 2 4 a today partly sunny. High 80 to 85 South wind to to 15 Mph. Tonight fair with a Low in the mid-60s tuesday sunny. High 85 to 90. Zones 5 6 7 a today variable cloudiness with showers and thunderstorms Likely High near 80 Light wind. Rain Chance 70 percent. Tonight becoming partly Cloudy with a 20 percent Chance of showers. Low near 60 tuesday portly Cloudy with High in upper 80s zones 8 9 a today variable cloudiness with showers and thunderstorms Likely High in the Low 80s wind Light and variable rain Chance 60 per cent. Tonight decreasing cloudiness with a 30 percent Chance of showers Low near 60. Tuesday partly Cloudy with a 20 percent Chance of showers High in the mid-80s zones Roll 13 14 15 16 today variable cloudiness with a Good Chance of showers and thunderstorms High in lower 80s wind East near to Mph. Rain Chance 50 percent. Tonight decreasing cloudiness with a 30 percent Chance of showers. Low in mid 60s tuesday partly Cloudy with a 20 percent Chance of showers. High in the mid sos zones 12 17 today variable cloudiness with o Good Chance of showers or thunderstorms High in the lower 80s wind East 5 to to Mph rain Chance 50 percent tonight partly Cloudy with a River stages. Tides 30 percent Chance of showers Low in the m,d-60s. Tuesday partly Cloudy with a 20 percent Chance of showers High in the lower 80s zones 18 19 21 today partly Cloudy with a Good Chance of showers or thunderstorms High in the mid 80s wind variable mostly West 5 to to Mph rain Chance so percent tonight portly Cloudy with a Chance of showers or thunderstorms. Low in the mid 60s rain Chance 30 percent tuesday partly Cloudy with a 20 percent Chance of showers High in the upper 80s Gulf at Okaloosa Island ppr Gulf at Destin East pass High tide 12 24 High tide 1 57 Low tide 11 57 Low tide 2 43 a in Clouds wednesday s satellite photo shows Clouds Curling around a Low pressure Center Over Lake Michigan a band of Clouds and showers accompanies a cold front through lower Michigan Western Ohio and Southern Indiana thick layered Clouds Over the mid Atlantic states lie North and East of a warm front local forecast partly Cloudy today with a High in the Low 80s. Southwest to South winds 5-15 Mph. Continuing partly Cloudy tonight with a slight Chance of thunderstorms. Low in the mid-60s. Chance of rain 20 percent. Marine forecast Southeast winds 10-15 knots through tonight. Seas offshore 1-3 feet and a Light chop in protected Waters. Isolated thunderstorms. 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