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Fort Pierce News Tribune (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, Fort Pierce, Florida Russell Kirk to the Point telephones All departments 461-2050 circulation office open until Sim . Weekdays 10 a.m., sundays published Al 1102 South . I Forl Pierce Florida this newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so Hal they can belter promote and preserve their own Freedom and encourage others to see its blessings. Only when Man is free to control himself and All he produces can he develop to his utmost capabilities. We believe that Freedom is a gift from Iod and nol a poli Lieal grand from government Krc com is neither License nor anarchy. H is self control. No More. No less la Musl he consistent with the truths expressed in such great moral guides As the coveting commandment the Golden Rule and the declaration of fort Pierce news Tribune sunday sept. 24, 1972 Page a from the upper room prayer for the Day treat other people exactly As you would like to be treated by them this is the essence of All True Matthew Phillips translation prayer heavenly father in the Millst of plenty help us to remember and feel charitable toward those who have Little. Forgive us when like children at play we forget our responsibilities toward others. Amen. Second act in election picture coming up voting in the october 3rd Runoff primary will be a sop As compared with that chore in the september 12lh first primary. Whereas there were 45 candidates in 20 races in the first primary the second will be seeing Only eight candidates in four races. All runoffs of course from the first elimination contest. Candidates who were fortunate enough to gain majorities in the first primary along with the few who had no opposition whatever and automatically won party nomination will be sitting it out come october 3. Actually democrats have Only one remaining race republicans one. And two Are non partisan judicial. The races democrats House of representatives disc 10 the Runoff candidates Are Bruce j. Scott and Bill Sikes. Republicans state senatorial District 26 John l. Grady who has petitioned Tallahassee to have his name appear on the ballot As John l. Doc and Russell e. Sykes. Judicial non partisan judge of the supreme court group 3 Rivers Buford or. And David l. Mccain. Circuit judge 19th judicial District James e. Alderman and Miles Mank. Winners of these races along with winners of opposed races in the first primary except for judicial offices will go on to the general election of november 7th. Names of candidates who Drew no opposition whatever and winners in the judicial races will nol appear on he general election ballot. Thus As we indicated it will be a Quick and easy matter to Vole in the second primary. Bul there s another Little matter for the voters of fort Pierce. That is a referendum on a proposal to make it possible to Amend the charter of the City of fort Pierce or to initiate legislation by Peti Tion of the electorate. Under the proposal an amendment or a legislative Issue could be initiated by petition of not less than 25 per cent of the Tola number of registered voters in the City. If approved by a majority vote in a special or regular election the amendment or legislative Issue would thereupon become an integral part of municipal charter or Law. Of course Only fort Pierce registrants will vote on this proposal. And so that s the election picture coming up a week from tuesday. But not All of he picture yet. There s still a month to go on the general election circuit. That s the final formal showdown Dale on both the local and National stages. And it s certain that everyone will be glad when the final curtain has been rung Down. United must the annual United fund drive is getting under Way to raise funds for financing next year s Community charitable organizations whose support is dependent in whole or in part on the Success of the of program. There Are 13 agencies and organizations like boy and girl Cross salvation Lin Coln Park child care Center the two , mental health association. St. Lucie association for retarded children visiting nurses association Indian River mental health clinic Damon Runyan cancer fund. Children s Home society. These organizations devote All or practically All locally received funds to local use and needs. The funds Are not dispatched to some National Organiza Tion to pay High salaries or to be spread Over wide and divergent areas. The United fund is a local project. It Public opinion Survey congressman Lou Frey or. Of Florida recently conducted a Survey in his District some of the results of which turned out to be quite informative and interesting. For instance on the matter of granting amnesty to draft dodgers. 69.5 per cent of the men and 62.4 per cent of the women contacted opposed any amnesty and Only 25-33 per cent amnesty conditional on some alternative ser published evenings monday through Friday and sunday moaning. of the United press International. The United press inter National is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All up1 n news dispatches. Subscription rates Al mail subscriptions Are payable in Advance. 1 month 60 3 months 6 months i year by Carrier j2.40 per month vice such As two years in the peace corps. President Nixon s decision to mine the harbours of North Vietnam Aboul which we have heard so much from politicians was supported by 93.5 per cent of the men and 92.7 per cent of the women. Do you feel that the president s trips to red China and the soviet Union were beneficial to our Drew an 88 86 yes response. On the right of Federal employees to strike the no Vole was 79-78 per cent. Perhaps surprisingly abolition of the death Penally was opposed 91-89.5 per cent. Use of lotteries As a source of Revenue for state government was favored by 69.5 per cent of the men 65 per cent of the women with 30.5-35 per cent opposing opinion was More divided on the matter of gun controls. Permit for ownership of Small Light pistols was favored by 8.7-8 per cent All hand guns 16 per cell no further controls but stricter enforcement by police and courts 51.3-45 per cent. The results h Rey says were based on responses to the 10-question Survey. Wonted intelligent impartial journalists would daily journalism be a rewarding Field of Endeavor fur Young people who wish to redeem he time 1 indeed it would supposing thai the Pur pose of such Young journalists is to improve Public understanding a Many subjects and nol to embark upon special pleading to a captive audience. There Wriles to me miss Sara i Elerson. Aged 18. Of Covina. California she is a student at pc lands University and a regular Reader of this column. She seeks my advice As o who Lei she ought to go into journalism professionally and it so. How she ought to prepare herself. My personal interests lie in such areas As positive minded she remarks any sort of progressive Reform whether Community political. Religious. Or psychology of individuals and general culture. The arts and a Nevsimal Hobby of cartooning. And a variety of thai is a Good background of interests for diligent journalism. I have offered miss Peti Idun was formed some years Igo to replace the numerous individual fund drives to support local causes and administer to local Community needs. In that respect it has proven highly successful and workable. Many of the activities resulting from its program could not possibly have survived had it nol been for its help. Its overhead expense is extremely Low the lowest perhaps of any such organisation. That is in contrast with the National funds raising and spending organizations that employ All sorts of gimmicks to Rake in the Money and for which too Many of As the United fund is a Home organization operated by Home people or Home people. It deserves in support of every individual business and let s nol let it Down. Paul the news some things that you la not find in either party s platform unfortunately our country is nol so altogether Well off As the republicans profess it to he. Fortunately in s not nearly so had off As the democratic say Bui it is imperfect. And some essentials vital to improvement Are not included in the of either party. Why do you suppose Are going to scan the platforms of both political Par lies for comparison purposes but mostly to show that four planks which Are important to our future Well being and May he essential to our survival As a nation Are Nul to he found in either platform. Voters have some choices democrats propose More Money or he poor a guaranteed door under even family s in come. Republicans oppose any guaranteed income urge work incentives instead. Democrats say Huising of schoolchildren must continue republicans say it Musl be stopped if necessary by amen Ding the Constitution democrats Call for immediate withdrawal from Indochina subject Only to the release of prisoners. Republicans Call for a Vietnam settlement which will ensure for All Viet namese the right to choose their leaders. Republicans oppose legalizing marijuana and the democrats say nothing about Hal. Do it corals urge Federal health insurance and republicans Are opposed. Democrats want Federal control of guns republicans prefer to leave Hal Issue to the states. Those it the apparent differences the less conspicuous differences Are delectable in he records. The statements and the lives of the candidates themselves. But four important planks ire not to be found in either plat form. I believe ,1 confidential conversation with either nominee would reveal each to have Strong views on All but consider them Loo hot to handle publicly. Consider them continuing and increasing immigration Legal and illegal compounds our chronic problems of congested cities unemployment and welfare. But with so Many americans having family roots overseas no Politi Cian dares resist that Onrush King tide. Population control. The consensus of sociologists economists and history is that our nation cannot support a pyramiding population even for two More generations but no political party dares object. Income tax Laws which require taxpayers to employ tax com Putenis Are asinine. Every sex commissioner of the internal Revenue service concedes the Absurdity of his indefensible complexity yet never while in and what party what National office seeker dares object to the government s continuing practice of spending millions of he taxpayers dollars to crusade against smoking while spending millions More of the taxpayers dollars to subsidize the growing of More tobacco As the cynics say. In professional polities a Man must Rise above it s called political ambivalence or never Hul never Virginia Payette time to Send old dad to Washington looks like maybe it s Lime to Send old dad to Washington for a Man to Man talk with president Nixon on his secret formula Foi paying the family Bills. You la notice i did t say that conjures up ail kinds of embarrassing zeros a ii red. It s what hey Call deficit financing and in or. Nixon s Case it s a Ilion headache on a National basis. Bui to head old dad Tell in that is something Hal happens at our House around the first of every month. What with the Cost of ground round and hog meal and mortgage rates and All. And Ilia s Why he need his top level conference Sec. As one husband to Mollier. Drause when in comes to the household accounts or. Nixon is a Whiz. Here is a Man who. If i rend his financial statement correctly is not Only paying off on three different Homes and two vacant lots from Florida to California Hul still has Money left Over. It s even Heller than thai. In the past four years when most american budgets have suffered body blows Householder Nixon has managed to increase his net Worth by without any help from his Friendly finance company either i bet. Wilh a nest egg like Hal. He probably never gets thai sinking feeling when i Host envelopes with the windows begin to pile up. And after he deals with them to might even have enough left to make a mod Cal contribution to Lite re Clcil Lac pc Sidcot Campaign fund. So it might save a Loi of monthly arguments around our House if we could find out Bow he docs in. Any Man who can juggle a dutch of mortgages and still have left in the Bank can Only lie an inject of Awe o a family that has trouble coming out even on just one. As for any extra savings dream or. Nixon s annual paycheck has something to do will in. And the fad that he lives in a pretty Nice place a Cal free. But. Don t forget he turned Pat Loose to buy furniture for those three houses and she is no More Conlen Wilh Tisi any old sofa and chair Ihan the Resl of us. And while she May be a Genius at finding generous people to fool the Bills for redecorating the while House As is the custom. The ones for key Biscayne and san Clemelle wound up on Hub by s desk. And they ran Well into five figures easy. Compare that to the Cost of fixing up one Lillie old Skinny town House nol counting the hand me Downs from All the other houses Over the years and anyone see old is Oul of line when he objects to the Cost of one 1 antique French armoire. Tile should look upon it As an investment Don t you and we won t even go into the difference in clothing Bills. We All know it lakes fancier duds to Hobnob Wilh Kings and Queens and proletarian dictators. Out i la bet or. Nixon picks up lie lab without even flinching with that much Cash in the Bank to cover it. Land there s old dad. Wearing narrow lapels until they re about to come Hack in style so forget for a minute All that flak Aboul whether the president Ever had a secret plan for ending the War. What folks would rather Bear is How to keep the family budget in the Black and make it look so easy. And. As Long As we re being so Nosy maybe or. Nixon would let Congress in on the secret Loo Wilh a note to give it a try on the National budget. There will be tomorrow we have heard the cynical remark that because of a Lack of interest tomorrow will be but the Good lord does t work that Way. He continues to Send Sun and rain in the right amounts to keep the crops and Flowers coming. A Clergyman in Spokane Washington named Erwin Toner expressed this Well for us in verse. He Calls it generosity. God might have Given sparingly of morning Light god might have made be very few the blossoms Bright he might have pinned just one night Star up in the sky but since he gave so lavishly Why should t educational woes a University fails As an educational institution whenever i Host in charge Duck their responsibilities in the face of phony scouts about academic Freedom of anything else. If the Trust pcs and presidents arc muddled loaded about that what can you expect of lie slut Cal bodies you can expect what we re widely getting. Tragically. The students themselves will suffer the most in later life Lull in the current mess in is hard to Lei who is More to blame the students or lie buddy buddy faculty Cabal thai is failing to Leach them to think Jonty j. Taylor mime advice which May apply Well enough to others interested in this realm Competition in journalism is nol intense most of the people Wilh whom one associates Are amiable enough and the Chance to redeem the Lime through honest and courageous reporting and editorial work is limitless. Ivou will understand that 1 distinguish Here Helweck candid and impartial journalism on the one hand and advocate or activist journalism to promote special ideological causes on the other the latter is both naive and dishonest i As Lur formal study the Best policy for those who think of becoming journalists is to obtain a lit ii Ial education Lor possibly a schooling in the natural lather than entering a school of journalism. The need Lor disciplined intelligence and informed imagination is greater than the need for technical acquirement which can be tanned on the Job. To major in history or literature is probably the Best preparation for a Broad and deep fund of general knowledge and understanding is required Lor serious journalism. In College or University such students should take the serious and exacting courses in Liti . History philosophy and related sound disciplines. They should avoid Early specialization and soft Survey courses in such subjects As sociology. They should i Fonn themselves Aboul our present discontents and possibilities by private observation and Reading rather than enrolling in courses allegedly to the concerns of the moment which will be irrelevant tomorrow. They should pay considerable attention to the quarterlies in the Fields of history politics literature foreign affairs and the like. They should look frequently us some of our better newspapers and consult occasionally two or three of the serious a relish newspapers. They should practice writing regularly one Good Way is to keep an intelligent daily journal of observations. And they should cultivate a philosophical habit of mind. I mean that they should be temperate in their thought refraining from infatuation with ideological slogans and self righteous poses. They should cultivate their intellects but not convert themselves into abstract presumptuous and precocious intellectuals. Self proclaimed have done mis chief to the Media of communication in recent years. So says or. Peter Bclark publisher of the Detroit news in an essay written recently for the Public affairs conference censer of Kenyon College the disproportionate influence of a very few Media organizations and the effects of thai influence have so far been mostly or. Clark argues. The penetration of the Media by abstract and prejudiced intellectuals and the attempt of certain Media to Vul Arize intellectuals doctrines have diminished Public Confidence not merely in governmental policies but in the veracity of he Media themselves. The Media Lilc the new York times the Washington Post. Lbs and Abc television news. Newsweek and time have often distorted the Liberal intellectual s Complex and sometimes Subtle policy or. Clark continues. They have conveyed to the Public an Over simplified version of his policy preferences without Iran milling his framework of theory his factual assumptions his professional standards of evidence or his criteria of judg ment. If anything this kind of journalism has increased the popular Appeal of his policy preferences. It has conveyed his idealistic intentions to a portion of the Public which has been very receptive o them. Hul abandoned the complicated Burden of scholarly considerations which Are the basis for the intellectual s conclusions bul which of course could impede popular acceptance of amen to thai. When i recommend a Ihn rough Liberal education in Young men and women who think of careers in journalism i do mean thorough nol superficial acquisition of progressive attitudes. And when i say Hal such Young peo ple Wight to Multi Vilic heir intellectual faculties i mean that Dicy ought be Able to criticize Leas which emerge Riim the Academy of we need More journalists like Daniel inc or William we need More journalists who merely Vul Arize the abstract Dorl rings of dryas dust pm

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