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Fort Pierce News Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 5

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Fort Pierce News Tribune (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Fort Pierce, Florida A depot meat m1-2ui circus Tina open us Tel pan. 10 sundays published at Soott 1, fort fierce Florida this is dedicated to Turatti ing information to our readers m that they can better promote and preserve their in Freedom and Epco Unge obets to see Ita Only when Man is tree to control himself and All be can he develop to Bis utmost capabilities. We believe Fiat Freedom is a gift from god and not a political Grant from government. Freedom la neither License nor is self control. No mom. No less. It must be consistent with the truths expressed in such Jeraj moral guides As the coveting commandment the Golden Bale and Ufa declaration o Independence. On the religious scene Neh s Tai Bike fort Heroe ffc., sun., of. I 1870 prayer for today from upper room god has do Favori ties but in every nation who is go fearing and does what is right is acceptable to acts 10is4, neb prayer teach us 0 god to look upon All person with the eyes of Christ and to Welcome them in the brotherhood of Christ. Amen. Government Florida is a minority governed state. So Are most of the others and so is the nation. Public officers almost invariably Are elected by the minority the majority of citizens eligible to vote do not always do so and vast numbers of others eligible to qualify and vote Don t even bother to Register. The two groups comprise a big majority of the adult citizenship. In the local Runoff primary Juat held the voter turnout was Only about 4s per cent of the voters registered. It was Light All Over the slate. Two years ago in the presidential general election the local turn out of registered voters was participating citizens to qualify o vote and then to turn out on Lection Day poses a problem that no one has been Able to solve. It seems to be a problem of getting people to realize their world Council of churches pc about 78 per cent which was right that is Noa existent very Good As compared with the some countries turnout in other elections. Account Tor the thousands of residents who Don t even bother Moc racy by to Register. And thus even with intelligently a High percentage voter turnout it s still a minority Deal. How to reverse the situation majority ruled business in other words How to induce non by George w. Cornell of religion writer new York a in Back ing the upward struggle of the Black poor churches often meet stiff opposition from some White . Members. Now however such Church action on an embattled global front has collided Lead on with White governments in Africa. Says South Afri Ca s prime minister b. J. Vor Ster of what he called Aid to other critics have accused the churches of abet Ting a new holy ver it is the first time in modern history that Christian organizational funds have been officially allocated to rebel guerrilla at its out set christianity itself wag an illegal movement under the an Mienl roman Empire. In making the giants a new game individual responsibility for the sort of government the sort of Community and the sort of coun Rry that we have. Too Many of us figure our Little vote does t matter any Way. All politicians Are no Good so what difference does to make whom we so we just Don t bother to exercise the right of the ballot a right that is at the very base of democratic in but it does matter. It mailers but that of course does t in a big Way to do our duty As citizens of a de scrupulous to and exercising the right of the Baliol every Chance we get. Let s change our minority if red that the Money be used Only for welfare educational needs and the recipients agreed. But some of them Are committed to armed resistance to ruling White regimes. In South Africa Vorster has threatened that action would taken against denominations unless they divorced them selves from the. Cooperative Council and its work. Some have refused to do so. Protesting the Premier s threat against the Christian the Assembly of the presbyterian Church of South Ern Africa said its Only lord and master is Jesus Christ and and make our government a election decisions into majority choices "01 to people by the garbage Gress for More make the recommendations of the led eral commission on obscenity and pornography made Public wednesday Are As predicted Lor the most part a Bunch of garbage. The 17-Man panel was created by Congress in 1967 and was appointed by president Johnson. President Nixon Tad disavowed its report As had several of its own members. Heart of the report was that All Laws against the distribution of explicit sexual Matri Ais to consenting adults be repealed and that the commission found no evidence that pornography was a significant cause of crime sexual deviancy or severe emotional disturbance in adults or Congress it appeals probably will ignore the report insofar As legislation is concerned. The recently enacted postal reorganization act outlaws the mailing of unsolicited advertise ments of a sexually explicit nature to those who object to receiving them. Fires can be prevented the House next door burned Down a family across town lost two children to raging flames. But if Woumn t happen to and it is usually the helpless that Are struck the and is that what you re thinking 14. Fire prevention week oct. 4 10 Furset aside to encourage people to reflect on the fact that everyone is exposed to the mans negligence is the most common cause of building fires. Bad habits such As smoking in bed Are often responsible. Dangers of lire and that could happen to you. Every Day Over 2.000 build tags Are struck by fire. This amounts to 52.4 billion in prop erty loss every year. Anyone who has seen workers jobless because a factory was burned Down or has seen people deprived of their Home because of knows that the greatest Cost of fires is in human misery. Death in the . Every Day. It May not serve other Mas its task is not necessarily to support the government in Power but to be faithful to the gos the Church said in defying the Premier s order to quit the world Council. But it did Regis Ter dissent about the Grants. So did the South african coun cil of churches including 14 other denominations belonging to the Council but they said they would not withdraw declaring he Grants were in response to an unjust racial the Grants totalling and ranging from to each went to 19 organizations working against racism in great Britain the nether lands Japan Australia Colum Bia and in seven african coun tries. These include rebel organizations lighting while in the portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique and in White ruled Rhodesia and South Afri Ca where predominantly Black populations Are under racial be Paul Harvey. Antl the news prospects for the soaring seventies space officials asking con seven years the men Well beget Back to the spaceflight Busi less and lots of president Nixon officially an personally is fascinated b any government Ici als appearing decade. Have quit that there s we still lots because e Money into space will be most As if the from other professions Doc without Industrial engineers Sci ant Agency s technicians. No before 1976 and 1978 we Are allocation to put together a huge rna lives space station in the name of semipermanent orbit around Earth and will shuttle nos Are Back and Forth Between space and there almost As Cas to resign As we now july from new what s left to London. The space shut buy a lot of ship will be launched like a sky during and landed like an air u and i live for the soaring Are so exciting that e landed on Slack in our Economy five about by a phaseout of signed spending Mil be More lore future compensated for by a re space Boom and its now be 49 by products. Flight status what those apparently that space pilots Are Emfs Call for on by slaying on. Deke and skylab says they la not be do missions will the kind of work they d like than 21 space be doing for the next co uple within five years but we Are going to Jav the very Young. One fourth of Parathion apartheid Laws those who die in fires Are under it most importantly people jail to practice simple fire prevention. Do you overload your electric school menus lunchrooms of St. L u c i e county Public schools will have Oie following menus this week monday oct. 5 meat loaf fire prevention potatoes sliced peaches Cal circuits do you let your children play with matches if your answer is yes you Are creating conditions that can Lead to fires. The time to remind ourselves that fires Hurt both physically and financially. Re three people Are burned to member fire safety is your responsibility. Population shifts however accurate the specific figures May be the preliminary report of the 1970 census is consistent with population Yiove nems Fiat have Long been apparent. These Are to the West to Flo Rida and from the cities to the suburbs. And those who have been writing Oil the Northeast should note state growths from Delaware to new Hampshire Are among the largest. The Are some 10 or 15 seats in House of represent Anives expo led to a Iange stale the Ouk of them going Westward but the majority in the House will remain East of the missis Sippi. As great a juggling if not greater May come within states As suburban areas gain representatives and cities lose them. Monroe la morning world grins grits we re All for the women s lib movement keeps the girls too Busy to poke noses into our business. Dear the Birds their after averaging out the local weather reports there s just one thing o conclude most at Uick Boll Down to Snail Crafty warn Ings. Getting up with them is for no Gwendolyn a scholarship does t ferry students to school. An old timer is a Gal who re Callas when the stores Iliad White sales Only in january. 60 years ago Walter Vanlandingham and is brother Louis returned to Kort Pierce wednesday night Valter coming from Oklahoma City where he went in the Early Spring with the intention of locating. A Large crowd of Seminole indians irom the Everglades were in fort Pierce fhe latter Art last week and attended he baseball games Between Miami and fort Pierce on the local Diamond and seemed to enjoy the Victory 61 the Home team As much As any of the fans. Cheese bread with butter and milk. Tuesday oct. 6 Ham and Beans Cole Slaw beets grapes Cornbread with butter and milk wednesday of. 7 Shep Herd s pie carrots peas Tomato wedge cookie biscuits Cults with butter and Mik. Thursday oct. 8 sub Marine Sandwich sliced Toma to with lettuce Green Beans Cantaloupe and milk. Friday oct. 0 salad mixed greens baked potato Rolls with butter ice Cream and milk. Published evenings Monda How ugh Friday and sunday morn entered As class mall by Florida Freedom newspapers. Inc. At 1102 s. 4ih Street fort Pierce Florida 3m50. My Behs Assoc ated press. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this news paper As Well As nil a new dispatches subscription hates All Rall Are pay Able in Advance. 1 month 3 Mogul s7.55 8 Tonttu 1 year t29.0 by Canter we per week j2.m per month remember when yesteryear in the Indian River area prospects for our space pro ram. Nasa preoccupied with log sties has neglected properly 1 showcase the Bountiful Fri which have poured Forth from he wide Earth end of the spa inquest Cornue opis but the resident has an awareness i an enthusiastic appreciation pc his phenomenal fallout. Already you and i Hai shared hundreds of thou Sam direct and indirect Benefi of space exploration in med Cine and communication an communication and compute nation and agriculture. Who knows what it will Mea to you and me when we have skylab orbiting 250 Miles Ove head with a dozen occupant exploring dimensions beyond o present comprehension when Michae Faraday ii produced electricity from a 1 tie Black Box they asked Hir what s it Good he is said to have said Vvhs Good is any Newborn irk to Point Russia America and the Ilburn of Africa by re ssh Offik next Region of con St Between tie United states Ixo soviet Russia be the Horn Africa in that direction e russians Are pushing to a. Already Uliey have a Rud Centary Indian Ocean base they Are dab ing deeply in the affairs of Amalia the Sudan Egypt and her lands of Eastern Africa let the present Salt talks ise no of general a cold Between America and e user. Both the United ates and the soviets May Lin something from a Salt Greemen but soviet Ambi on Are rising not diminish g. Russia has Mutoli More gain in the Indian Ocean lie arabian Peninsula an Orde Stem Africa than even he had in Southeastern Asia. At the Eastern end of the Mediterranean it appears quit possible now Chat Israel and he Arab states May be used into some sort of Toler he agreement by pressure rom both the United sates an Lussia neither great Powe desires a fierce confrontation Here. In Indochina the russians May have begun t do receive that their game i of Worth the Candle sout will not be conquer y the communists of Hano and cambodian resistance a Illg Ted Hanoi s prospects Gen rally. The United Stales an Lussia will continue to suppl munitions and other support t tie opposing forces in Bot hese quarters of the world in effect the two Grea Lowers will Settle Lorth yet the lands that Borde n the Indian Ocean including he Horn of Africa Are another matter. If the Suez canal Ca be reopened within two year he russians will be Able enlarge and Supply their India Ocean Fleet. Already Russia influence through technic and armaments dominates Egypt t Sudan Somalia and Sou Yemen russian support Verilo rebels agans the e abolished order in Arabia British influence in that a Region has shrivelled America influence has not replaced b Tish. Americ s Only firm ally hat part of the world is t ancient kingdom of Ethiopia virtually beleaguered by in Mies now. The heroic lieu of old Haile Selassie Negi Ever. The emperor of eth iop has outlasted Many enemy and allies during his to reign Mussolini Huer room velt Churchill and Many oth men of might have come a gone. But no Monarch Liv forever and civil War or to eign invasion might follow up Haile Selassie s death. World War d realty began the Oradea through Nick e Between Harp la and Somaliland Bow Mussolini demanded at Halle Selassie surrender e Ogaden to him the Emper Allan invasion the ineffectual action a by the league of talons against Italy the Coll use of the league and the Kennan italian Alliance which emboldened Hitler to str let against Poland. Those events 1936 might be repeated h variations in 1976, not sooner now russian Power is enact cling Ethiopia. In the North ast Ethiopia s Walt la pro Rince of Eritrea is harassed moslem guerrillas supplied y Arab zealots and indirect by Russia. In the South the moslem of Somalia demand is Ogaden As Mussolini did Here Are raids along the and the Somalia gov moment is virtually a puppet f Russia nowadays. To tie Vest tile Radical military gov rement of the Sudan is sup ported by Russia that mos pm slate could cause much rouble along the frontiers of Christian Ethiopia. Ethiopia or Abyssinia to use the old name is la no immediate peril the Emper r s hold remains Strong the Irmy is relatively Large and efficient Lor Africa trained in israeli and american mall Ary missions there exists also a paramilitary police on the frontiers Ethiopia still in Sev ral ways a Feudal land could regular troops. At Asmara Eritrea the big american air base which the russians would like to abolish or possess deters direct soviet intervene Ion. But what of the future while the russians have been intriguing successfully All round fringes of Ethiopia the americans has been doing next o nothing. Haile Selassie be Ives that he is neglected by ills american allies he would ilke More military and economic Aid from Washington. A serious Barracks insurrection abetted by the Little class of ethiopian intellectuals was put Down by the emperor a jew years ago. The time must come when he no longer can sit on the top of chaos. However that May be look for increasing american concern about the com of Africa. In All the dark continent Only Ethiopia the re Public of South Africa Morocco and Tunisia offer effective opposition to russian ambitions. No american infantry will be stationed in Africa i Trust yet by other Means bulwarks against soviet designs must shored up. 35 years ago mrs. William 0. Whyte who her recent marriage was Dorothy Robb will be acted t several social functions Dur no the next two weeks. Mrs. Whyte plans to leave shortly to oin her husband in Pittsburgh a., where they will make their Home. Thursday afternoon a group of friends have planned a miscellaneous Shower Lor the Bride h affair to take place at the Home of mrs. G. Ringdahl in White City. The residence of mrs. E. R. Raulerson is in Tho hands of Scammel and House painters and is showing a splendid improvement. 50 years ago women Are reminded that the registration books for for Pierce Are to to found in the Barber shop of Edge and Gray on Pine Street and that registry lion closes oct. 0. Only Abou fifty women so far have Regis to Rcd to vote in the fort Pierce precinct. Although an est Mali of 300 women now enfranchise in the City has been made. C. Leon Faber who has jus returned irom a business am pleasure trip to Jacksonville says he is More than Ever Satis fled with fort Pierce and St Tia c county. He says that the county is in the grip of Prosperity compar ing favourably with All the coun tics to the North of it and lha fhe county roads arc the Best or found. The w. H. Harris residence and office 4s nearing comply Nylon on Pine Street. Miss Josephone Mack who eaves next week to take up nurses training at the Riverside general Hospital in Jacksonville Vas the guest of Honor for an Normal Beach supper thurs Day evening. Others were the misses Evelyn Stodard Ernes Tine Alderman and Frances bag Gett. 25 years ago Genera Macarthur today stripped Japan s army and Navy of All equipment ordering tha their stocks of food and clothing be turned Over to the Lamina threatened civilian population under strict accounting. Cpl. Leslie r. Swain who has been on duty in Belgium with e Crew of the oth . Air Force is now on Roule Home according to a cablegram received by i wife mrs. Lillian Swain. Cpl Swain has been overseas for past 20 months last being Home for a few hours on Christina Day of 19j3. Another fort Pierce boy to re Lurn to civilian life after Loui years of army service is Pic Harold d. Long. He took part in three major engagements and received the purple heart lot wounds received in Okinawa. Dear someone ready for a new 1971 need a Little help from a Friend wed like to help sincerely friends at St. Lucie county Bank 85 to be exact . Even if we Don t know you we d like to get acquainted. Call 4648000 for the Correct time St. Lucie county Bank with Trust Powers unfailing service since 1908 member Federal Deposit insurance corporation c

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