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Fort Pierce News Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 4

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Fort Pierce News Tribune (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Fort Pierce, Florida Of. I 1171 plot top tics for army editors associated press re Porter brie Josiah of the 1c Ami Boreau attended secret is getting apis Rora close who already Lave and an All out Effort to achieve to Nieset jigs last weekend to Dayto Litolf Power a Beach where Blacks from Florida militant organizations plotted tactics Tor liberation soldiers Are to be recited from Caro uses with arms to those who already have Josiah wrote plus reveal no View of the by Harijs Josiah associated wer j5aytona Beach Fla. A 40 Young Black revolt closeted themselves in2 i Church basement last and out secret strategy for their newly topped Black liberation talk focused on Urban Ger tactics and on plans to in More moderate negro organizations by the leaders of some 17 militant organizations Florida. Collectively the militant Lead cafe themselves the super la a newsman allowed to at tend the sessions if no i Dendel cations were used discussion of specified action very serious. The Tea frs gave firm indications they plan overt action possibly Scon one Leader we Are the super niggers. We have Dis covered Fie White Man s intentions we have accepted the role of leading the revolution to liberate Blacic name of the is sur Sci earned militant. The Revol Tim is com ing and we must be prepared As the White the Wjite Man is afraid to die just As thettace added a Bushy haired youth la a sleeveless to shirt a a Chain around his neck with a near life site wooden Black fist suspended from it. We will put an end to White domination. Have to confront the Man and show him Black people Are determined to run their own he added. The stained Glass Waldo is Anc by Tonroos Bible quotations thai dotted Church did not the angry and bit Ter mood of the room inhabitants. Among Lite groups a presented the underground meeting were the Black afro militant movement in Miami United Black front in Jacksonville j Jomo in St. Petersburg Mai Colm x United front in Talla Passco Black youth Lor peace and Power in Larripa and Brown berets in Immokalee. Leaders from militant Organ Zaions in Belle glides and per Rine a few avowedly mod. Erate organizations also took part to the two Day conference hosted by a Black group Day Tona Beach. The militants say some of the organizations have abandoned official Headquarters and ducked underground to prepare for the while otters have changed to More respectable names in an Effort to Whitewash their intentions and win the of Uncle Toms in the die Macb said. The struggle involves every Black Man in rid a Petite Yewing wound in a afro Hairdo. She we one of five woman revolutionaries present their plan massive in College Campus from now on negro men will join no other army but the Black liberation a in Clad and rugged looking Black said private inter View in Miami before the meet Ings. He described he Ngeu As one of the army s leading strategists. Guerrilla leaders from across the state meet for Leigh by at Dif Ferent he said. Our goal is to unite Black people in an Effort to overcome ads of some of de Blacks study Spe Cial literature on the life style and team mugs of brazilian revolutionary Carlos Mari Liela de scribed by some As the architect of modern Urban guerrilla War fare. Manual published in Cuba mar Ghela described tie Urban guerrilla As a implacable enemy of the government that systematically inflicts dam age on the authorities and the men who dominate foe country and exercise the Urban said mar Ghela has to capture or divert arms torn tie enemy to be Able to film. Re must be a Good tact Dan and a Good the brazilian revolutionary was gunned Down by govern ment forces in his country in no. Vember last year. He had spent 40 years As a guerrilla ring Leader. In Iii writings he declared Molotov cocktails gasoline smoke bombs mines conventional explosives such As Dyna mite and potassium Chloride plastic explosives ammunition of every kind Are indispensable to the Urban guerrillas he said each firing group of Urban guerrillas must have a machine gun managed by a Good Marksman. Experience has Sowu that the Basic Arm of the Urban guerrilla is the Light machine each member of the libera Tion currently estimated at More than 200 is required to study a copy of the 55-Page mar Ghela manual part of the indoctrination proc Ess. The new liberation Ermy is Well equipped and fully pre pared to defend its cause the Leader said. Over a three Day period a month ago two a Mories were raided in Jacksonville and More refused to be Ridenti than 200 Many still untre were stolen along with a Quantity of ammunition. Tjie Leader refused comment on the robberies. He fied but claims he is a Veteran of guerrilla warfare i fought in latin America and he boasted. He did not name the countries nor say which forces he ought with. The Young revolutionaries also have shed conspicuous Blue Denim uniforms because mar Ghela said a guerrilla should not Wear clothes that Are different from those that other people at the meeting most members wore Ashikis an african style popular among Blacks and chains with tiie Black wooden fists to symbolize Black Power. The weekend conference was held mainly la the Church Bui some meetings were in a school Library apparently Permis Sion and at the Headquarters of the Host group he s been running his store for 51 years by Toby Massey associated press Lisbon Fla. Apr tile big close out Sale Lor the Day was on a pair of work shoes size unknown. Liere were also Good buys on Satin to line a casket Butler holds and leed bags. Despite the bargains business sort of slow. But then George Gast Leld the sales pm Type anyway. And while the big Oaks and Spanish Moss setting is picturesque Goat Fields general store is a Little off the path. It s Smach in the Middle o Lisbon a farm Patch on Banks of Haines Creek with a population of about 900. Lis Bon used to be a port of sorts when there tra Flo on tha Central Florida Lake chains Gast Leld 70, started his Busi Ness 51 years ago and to keep going tout m Lone is i m and be Wya takes care d Haku that should to for time he usually Dpi with he feet propped High on a Rotkop desk. Keeps the a a Catmint Shafron Miller or Vilie fail could show custom irs around. Pail says he s 74 and Miller claims i just Don t both men have been around he store As Long As Gasfield. Neither works a steady Job Uliey just hang out in the store my talk some and sit some.1 Gastfield says he does t like o Deal in perishables but the store offers Dairy cheese steer liver and Georgia style sausage the bulk of his Good display is canned goods. Hell even loan you his can opener Lor a service fee of two cents. Gasfield believes in Advertis ing and the general store is plastered inside and out with signs. He has signs hawking a used Bath tub and another pointing direction to the nearest Tele of a mile Down the Road. If he g in the Middle of a considering the trouble some big City electric utilities Havo been having in supplying the juice there s a now meaning for do phrase generation monday Only shop am to 9pm watch to Eon monday space every monday for extra special buys u repeat of a sellout women s half slips regular to save up to mini and regular styles. Made of Nylon Tricot. Some tailored lace trimmed and Shadow panelled. Black White and few beige. 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For Haw Long Len Nurnbe Fantt Arda or def Ccu in vat How Taa foe Ufa t 8un will do a for Tea the a cum it what Sean will do in a Hano for the tire replace it of Tion c Rcpt Canu Luck. Nail punctures at to cow inc car rent Ehu Itol met for Prozor is. 3. Erciso tax Loa us it Erie Talon Nice pm Nan 6.00x13 Tubeless Blackwall retreads guaranteed for 18 months plus 29c Federal excise tax Anil old tire soars Tubeless Blackwall Price with old Price will Gui Federal Koise tax shop at sirs and save or your Money bid a Only add More per tire for while Wall in other lubrication special regular route 1, South at Virginia phone 401-3300 parking Catalon sales Stork hours mon., thuw., and t i. 9ijo am -9 i m wed., sat. Am i m moving Day for a killer whale who outgrew these quarters and had to be transported to a new Pool at Miami s be aquarium it took nine men to position the mammal in a Sling which was then hoisted on a truck for he drive of Hugo a new name. Mideast troubleshooter i works Best in crises and enjoys shopping by John m. Hightower special correspondent i Vasington a Al Ost any saturday around 9 m. Joe Sisco can be Lound by Een Hie Frozen foods and the Esh vegetables in a bup Ermar t. It s not the usual place to look lop mid ast expert but Joe Sisco s imagination Energy and ill offer be to formality frequently him do non unusual aisles. Last april in an Effort to save Imei icing from tie collapse of Virlier Middle East Peaceman g attempts Sisco made an sex a Ordinary tour of the hostile capitals As assistant Secretary state for near East and South affairs lie a chewed High Evel . Con act in Cairo with Call on president carnal Abel Nasser. Yawn Nasser Lold him the United slates was so pro Israel could t possibly be fair to Egypt in any kind of go Between Ile Sisco said test Nasser evidently was in and Sisco s Undi Plom in lest us undoubtedly Elped produce Cairo s augus a Celance of a , plan for Egypt and Israel of Slop p g and Start talking. When asked recently whether e is the Sale department s ast Sisco waved Oft the in lied compliment. Lie planning of a different kind. Anyway in s something i started doing when my wife and i Ivere in graduate school at the University o Chicago and my wife says i m a better shopper Ilian she when the latest Middle but crisis slackened Issaco still coking a Little tight eyed from ask of sleep was asked it he till likes his Job. I lava he said. Ast West struggle Over Congo and the intervention in Lebanon in 1958. Like Many officials Sisco kinds. The Energy for dealing Rith crisis in the Challenge and of the situations . In a crisis he explained you build up a plateau Olex Cit ement and maintain it. You eat More and sleep less but Ycu Burn up More Energy so you Don t gain weight. You exercise As you he enjoys Gole but has played very Little in recent years. Ten Nis is his More frequent game and he was a varsity player in College. He also played big ten basketball at the University of Chicago. Of m responsible in Pait for he death Knell of big ten basketball in he said our record is 0-12." a Mere regular activity has been Sisco s shopping expeditions. Carried out quietly for years they wore discovered mainly because an acquaint Ance saw him loading a Market cart with groceries. I slain every saturday morn ing around 9 to cd Pia Jned. It takes me just an hour and i still have time to get into my office about i enjoy the shopping and i la Tell you Why. It s relaxing it s Aid it s not that Way. What i now is Tho policy. I probably More abot that than any be else . I9ve been in olved in it forc20 Only a senior diplomats re asked to serve presidents of iffy rent Pai ties in lie Hiigli poll positions Sisco has held. Sisco who will be 5l next month joined the state depart ment in 1951 and almost immediately began working on Liddle Eastern problems. Four years later tie joined the Orelyn service and in 1965 was amed Assis ant Secretary for Etc National organization of irs. When William Rogers sue. Ceded Dean Rusk of Secretary t slate he knew the Abb is conflict would be a major concern and he wanted an experienced Man on the Job. Still Sisco was caught by Surprise when asked to stay on. Expecting Normal acceptance his resignation by the Incorv no president Sisco had decided o go into pome other activity was ably politics. However lie had known hog ers liked him and he divided to stay on when the new Secretary offered him his present position. The Middle East appealed to Sisco recalls he know what he was getting into in assuming responsibility or operations and the develop ment of policy Lor Ono of lie great crisis Ragins of Tho world. But Sisco has been through Many intern Ottona crunches. During the 1962 cuban mls Sili crisis to helped prepare Many of the state pc Artmont which went to president Ken Nedy. In or Viola crises he s work i on he Slit jul in Neon 1966 Suez and hungarian Jet Milins v transmission problem moved. Myrsky win Slot arty Gay Anuw a Zewri m Misiun Tower More Teliin five Tow Vcra Gunj

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