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Fort Pierce News Tribune Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 3

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News Tribune, The (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Fort Pierce, FloridaRussell Kirk to the Point telephones All departments Cirn latin office on until . Weekdays i.m., Sui ays published at South . 1, fort Pierce Florida this newspaper is desk led to furnishing information to our readers so that they pm better promote and preserve their own Freedom and encourage others to see its mess lbs. Only Uben Man is free to control himself and All he produces Caa be develop to his utmost capabilities. We believe that Freedom is a Gilt from god and not a political Grant irom government Freedom is neither License nor anarchy. It is self control. No More. No less. It most he consistent with the truths expressed in such great moral guides As the coveting commandment the Golden Rule and the declaration of the news Tribune sunday May 12, 1974 Page t from the upper room prayer for the Day he liveth Power to the faint and to them that have no might he increased strength. Isaia prayer 0 god we ask Liat our lives be motivated by the Power of the holy spirit. So May they serve thy will and purpose. Amen. Tempest in a Teapot St. Lucie county apparently faces the threat of punitive action by the depart ment of pollution control for the installation of a couple of pieces of Culver on the Walton Road without a permit from the department. The Walton Road cuts across the Savannas in the South end of the county and the culverts were used to replace a broken Down wooden Bridge on that Road. Excessive turbidity of the water occasioned by the installation of the culverts was the basis of complaint by the dec. It appears to the news Tribune that the ado Over the incident is a tempest in u Teapot. Even if a permit were required which according to the county at Torney appears not to be he Case under the prevailing emergency circumstances the fact remains that the Road is a county Road that the Bridge is a county maintained Structure that an emergency arose and that it was the responsibility of the county to take Quick remedial action when the emergency arose. Otherwise there would have been the necessity of waiting for a state permit meanwhile subjecting the county to the liability of an Accident occasioned by the broken Down Bridge. It appears to us that the county was fully justified in proceeding immediately to protect itself and users of the Road by making the needed repairs. It also appears that this is an example and there Are others of How the department of pollution control is attempting to establish itself As an All powerful Agency with make or break authority. We would suggest to Al Cox head of the dec in this area that he and his assistants Are firing from the hip in their Over zealousness in this respect and they re missing the Mark. Continued wild shots and inaccuracy on the part of the dec can Only result in stifling Progress and in the Case mentioned above create hazardous and costly conditions. A non legislator we be Seldom been enthusiastic about legislators but we find we must up our editorial Cap to miss Janiece Crimmins of the Indiana general Assembly. The april 26 a Lional review reports miss Crimmins now in her second term in the Indiana general Assembly is the Only member of 150 in that body who did not introduce a Bill this session. She did not introduce any legislation last session either or in the session before that. In fact she has never introduced a Bill. People kid me and say not do ing my she says. But i see no reason to dream up some new Law just to appear Busy. Most new Laws Are either going to Cost someone Money or take away someone s liberties. We re Over regulating Over protecting and Over directing the people. I think people resent being told How and when and where to do everything. Passing 300 new Laws a year is not what they want miss Crimmins says that if she Ever does introduce a Bill it might be one to limit legislators to Only one Bill per sort of reminds us of the fellow who insisted that the Only Good Law is a Repealer of previous legislation. And of the former staffers who used to say that a Good Way to Cut Down on the mass of legislation would be to require legislators to read any Bill before they vote for its passage. We think that would accomplish miss Crimmins objective. Anyway Well drink a Toast to miss Janiece Crimmins. If she s a result of women s liberation Well drink to that also. Political treasuries bulge Washington political treasuries for this fall Are already filled with at least million in Cash ready for the elec Tion campaigns of members of the House and Senate according to a study released by common cause. Of this sum million is set aside in committees formed by special in Terest groups such As labor unions medical associations business political action committees and Dairy Industry groups. The associated milk producers inc., which is under investigation for contributions in previous campaigns boasts the largest single amount million. Maritime related groups and unions. Have a million dollars United automobile workers the american medical association and related groups there Are numerous others health and professional groups education interests Rural electric cooperatives party committees and so on. And so who is really represented in Washington the people or special interest groups anyone who thinks the watergate scandals have put special interest givers out of business had better take a close look at these observed Fred Wertheimer director of the common cause Campaign monitoring project. His Impact will be Felt in the death of John e. Jack Harris fort Pierce has lost a Loyal upright and outstanding citizen. Up busted evening monday through Fri Day and sunday morning. Members of the United press International. The United pin inter Moul a entitled Odus vely to the Omlor Recob Kation of All the local new printed in to newspaper As Well at a up news do subscription rates Al mail subscript com Are payable in and Vance. 1 month 3 months 6 months by Carrier per month Mitsui dynasty the House of Mitsui is an asian business dynasty in 1683, a decade before inc Bank of England was founded the Mitsui opened a Bank that still operates from the same location in Tokyo. A Silver lining for republicans nearly All my columnar colleagues have been predicting the Grimm est of futures for Republican politicians. Quite possibly the Republican Patty will lose a number of Senate seats next autumn a larger number of House seats and several governorships and state Legislatures. Yet his does t that the Long run prospects for Republican candidates Are horrid. Like a tide american Public opinion moves in great Waves. Just now it is ebb tide for republicans. But conceivably their tide May be at the full two years from now. One reason Why my journalistic colleagues take so dim a View of republicans prospects is the Assumption that Many Nixon associates will be convicted of unlawful actions in connection with Money raising for the 1972 Campaign or in connection with watergate. Recent events nevertheless May compel my colleagues to sing another tune. Messes. Mitchell and stans have been found not guilty on All counts of having illicit dealings with the elusive Vesco. The evidence against them was shaky and after All they returned Vesco s proffered contribution. Evidence against other indicted eminent republicans is no better though some of my colleagues write like hanging judges. If Many of the Nixon people Are acquitted during the next few Paul Harvey. And the news four billion people coming to dinner however you doubt the veracity of a bomb threat you dare not ignore it in Case you re wrong. You and i have stopped worry ing about the a bomb the baby bomb the impending Chain reaction population explosion. But we May be wrong. The bomb May be real and the fuse May be burning Short. How Short for two years in a Row the Cen sus Bureau has said that the birthrate in the United states is below replacement yet immigration Legal and illegal continues to swell our nation s population. The recent meeting of the american Assn. Or the Advance Ray Cromley ment of science heard expert after expert state that Chain reaction population increase is the cancer which will consume us All. At this moment planet Earth is supporting 3.919 billion people. In one month there will be 7 million More. By next year this time. 4 billion. While it is True the population of the United states shorn some Promise of stabilizing the poorer nations least Able to afford More Mouths to feed continue to propagate at an increasing rate. This is Why these scientists heretofore most anxious about a worldwide conflagration resulting from their a harnessed atom Are now More anxious about our a harnessed Fertility. The United nations has designated this year world population in August each nation will Send representation to the world s first global conference on the population situation. They la try to find ways and Means of stabilizing the Quantity of life on our planet thus to enhance the Quality of life because As is the poor nations Are growing poorer and the Rich nations have less to spare to share. Prof. Garrett Hardin University of California says it s no longer possible to share the wealth Only poverty can be As is 2 billion wretched people times our own nation s population Are moving toward us like an irresistible tide. He says we must adept the Lifeboat concept allowing no More to scramble aboard lest we capsize. Two factors will contribute to retarding the population in crease. The first is starvation. Presently in undeveloped Africa 1 in 7 babies Dies the first year due to Mother and child malnutrition however in those countries where 94 per cent of the world s people live there is now available at least some family planning service. The . Has in this a worthy Opportunity to justify its own existence. Re introducing the elite to reality or. Harris was Active in business civic and religious circles until declining years took their toll. He was a frequent contributor to the news Tribune s voice of the people column and his contributions were always of Public interest Many of them with a deeply moral tone. His Impact will Long be Felt by those who knew him and what he stood for. Here and there Washington Nea almost three decades ago at the height of the War with Japan we hair Chuan. Then chief of intelligence for All the chinese communist armies begged out of an important conference. He said he had to spend the Day working As a labourer moving rocks by hand on a local Airstrip the communists were building. There was no urgency in the project. It was just that we like All other officials High and Low at the Lime was required by Mao tse Tung edict to put in so Many hours a month on labor at prescribed times. In the years since Mao came to Power he has persisted in sen Ding intellectuals to the Countryside to work with and to learn from the Farmers despite storms of criticism from the country Folk who resented these people with their Superior airs their Dis Dain for hard manual work and their Lack of practical knowledge. Mao nevertheless was con Vinced thai the educated too often build their theories on thin air and need to be brought Down to reality. In this Mao is in agreement with a Good Many conservatives in the United slates and with such american intellectuals As Secretary of defense James Schlesinger. A Friend in the government with two doctoral degrees and other scholarly achievements to his credit regularly consults for hours on end with a local Union nun who came up from the Bot Tom the hard Way working with his hands. My intellectual Friend says his Union Friend makes More sense than anyone else he knows and that he is in close grips with reality. Now comes a College president who took a year s sabbatical and worked As a labourer on a sewer pipe laying Job in Atlanta As a garbage Man in Dryden md., and As a Sandwich and salad Man in Boston. He says he gained in knowledge in perspective and in respect for men he had not known before. None of this downgrades the importance of learning. Without scholarship research and development and ail that these terms imply this nation and the world would come a Cropper. Learning requires no apologist despite the anti intellectualism so popular today. But what we must have and what we must find is a Way to somehow belter relate learning to reality. Perhaps the method of the physical sciences is a logical approach. No physical experiments Are developed and the theory tested independently by others and found to match what their Laboratory work shows. It can be argued that intellectual approaches to Domestic government defense economics National and International politics and welfare do not lend themselves easily to physical experiments. Possibly not but More certainly Rould be done. But. In fact it May be that some other approach to reality is in order. Conceivably a College president who spends a year in common labor in business on a farm or in some other such Trade thereupon becomes More conscious of the real world. It is possible his approach to teaming then is inevitably changed. We can remember that bins Icin developed some of his theories while working As a clerk. Or perhaps intellectuals should spend half their time working in the world in which they wish to theorize. A life Long banker with the learning to develop mathematical theories on Bank ing would be More credible than an economic theorist who spends his whole time in College and government libraries coming out into the open Only to present esoteric papers at some academic forum. Perhaps this divorce of so Many intellectuals from reality is Al the base of same of our most serious problems inflation unemployment the Energy Shor Tage welfare and our failure to develop a world at peace. 1974 Bynea. Will not get the electric knife for you you re slip Ping Back into your old Energy months much of the voting Public May wonder whether there has not been a partisan conspiracy to pull Down the Nixon administration. Such a reaction might not occur in time to make much difference in this autumn s elections but it certainly would be Felt by 1976. As for the movement to impeach president Nixon the House judiciary committee s staff already has dropped 15 of the charges against him. U or. Nixon is to be impeached at All it can be Only on the ground that he allegedly participated in the attempt to cover up the watergate burglary. Now suppose that the rest of those White House tapes do not contain any substantial evidence incriminating the president that they merely contain language which was not intended to be leaked to or. Jack Anderson s column or that they touch upon diplomatic and military secrets. In that conceivable event the impeachment cause would virtually collapse for the Only real evidence against or. Nixon then would be the testimony of John Dean a doubtful witness if set against the sworn testimony of the president because or. Dean has confessed to his own guilt and has everything to gain through plea bargaining by incriminating the president. In such circumstances a considerable Public reaction in favor of the Nixon administration might occur. And this would have its effect at the polls in 1976, if not later this year. More important than such contingencies however is the fact that the democratic party is virtually leaderless while the Republican party is Rich in potential presidential candidates. Gov. Ronald Reagan vice presi Dent Gerald Ford or. Elliot Richardson mayor Richard Lugar and perhaps even or. Nelson Rockefeller would give their party Strong leadership in 1976. But who can Lead the democrats sen. Edward Kennedy Only 38 per cent of democratic state chairmen and National com Mittee Nien now consider him the leading candidate for the democratic nomination a terrible decline since november 1973, when 77 per cent of those gentlemen voted for him. The hero of Squaw Island is hardly Hie Ideal candidate to nominate in a Campaign which May Center upon purity and rectitude in politics. Sen. Henry Jackson his name still wakes Little More Public response than it did in 1972, when he lost every primary ruinous by. And sen. Jackson s re cent antics in proposing a heavy Federal regulation of the Oil Industry seem suspiciously demagogic and inconsistent with earlier attitudes of his. Sen. Walter Mondale the child care enthusiast senator the Public responds. The senator from Minnesota is a kind of feebler George Mcgovern. A second Mcgovern would be More than the democratic party could endure. There remains gov. George Wallace. In 1976, he should be far stronger in organization and funds than he was in 1972. It is hard for rivals to attack him ferociously considering what or. Wallace has suffered. Remembering what gov. Wallace accomplished almost without trying in the 1972 primaries his populism might sweep everything before it in 1976. Yet or. Wallace receives not a single vote from democratic state chairmen and National committeemen. This Means that he would have great trouble carry ing the democratic National convention even should he sweep nearly All the primaries. But if the convention should reject him after he had enjoyed huge popular successes Why what Chance would any democratic presidential nominee of 1976 have against any Strong Republican candidate it would be 1972 again or even worse for the democrats. I take gov. Wallace seriously. In his own state opposition to him has almost faded away the Only big newspaper whih still sets its editorial face against him is the Alabama journal in Montgomery. He is obtaining significant support even among the Blacks. If busing inflation and political turpitude remain big in 1976, he will do even better in such Northern primaries As those of Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania and in Diana than he did in 1972

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