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Fort Pierce News Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 5

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Fort Pierce News-Tribune (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Fort Pierce, FloridaWill seek action to extend wage Law to 6 million Washington Jan 25 Ovsen Kennedy mass said today he would push for action his session on his proposal to extend the a hour minimum wage Law to about six million additional per sons the senator said in an inter View he would ask that the labor committee resume its work on the legislation at an Early Date he said he would be ready to proceed with the minimum wage Bill As soon As a labor subcommittee which he Heads completes its report on a Bill to regulate welfare and pension plans Kennedy minimum wage proposal was snarled in the full com Mittee when the 1057 congressional session ended he said at the Lime that his measure was a Compromise be tween the recommendation of president Eisenhower to put an additional 2w million employees under minimum wage Protection and an aflc10 proposal to extend coverage to 10 million More workers Kennedy sale1 Loday it appeared the Only choices Are Between his Bill and the administration plan a Check of other senators on the committee showed it might be hard to break the deadlock sen Allott Colo said it seemed to him the legislation was in a mixed up status when the committee stopped wrestling with it last summer he said 11 not Clear to him whether a Bill of sen Morse d Ore following the lines of the Falcio recommendation or the Kennedy Compromise measure was technically before the com Mittee at the time consideration was broken off it was not ready for us logo ahead with at All Allott said he some of the minimum wage proposals last year on the ground they sought to stretch too far the definition of inc stale Commerce the president recommended bringing u n 1 e r the minimum wage Law about iwo million employees of Large department stores and other retail stores As Well As 500000 workers in local transit seafaring Telephone Holcli taxi cab and construction industries retail stores covered under this plan would lie those with 100 or More employees having at least one million dollars of materials and supplies coming in across slate lines in a year Kennedy said Many of these persons already arc receiving or More an hour so hint few would Benefit from the administration plan his Bill would cover Clail stores which do at least a million dollars Worth of business in a year a definition he said would hiring in Many More employees than the Eisenhower recommendation the Massachusetts senator also proposed to remove several exemptions in the present Law about 21 million workers Are covered by the Law and 20 Mil lion Are exempt drawing poor Estes Park Colo sup James Lloyd of Rocky Mountain National Park instructed his rangers his past summer to ask visitors what brought them to Colorado about 40 per cent said they had relatives in the state 30 per cent snid they had been Here before 17 per cent said they were attracted by Oil company maps the rest gave varying reasons of Vero Beach offers you the nations 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Maginot line has been secretly overhauled to serve As a Western Strong Point in the event of atomic War not since Llic tense Days before world War ii have officers in the French defense ministry been so secretive about he Concrete and steel forts emplacements and underground corridors the old line extends along the Frontier from Switzerland to Bel likes the new mati1ews a int the old customs for which j Eddie Cullis likes the new his views Are easy to under stand too one new custom was started a year ago when Callis 81 and a retired contractor was kissed 81 times by dozens of pretty girls Here this year it was 82 limes Freak collision Beaverlodge Alta my a helicopter collided with an automobile Here the copter was taking off when it developed trouble dropped bounced off the ground and dropped again on the second Bounce its rotors sliced into the Side of the car no one was Hurt cow like any cow should be contented just to be near Frances Comfort a Junior at Mississippi stale col lege but the Kosciusko miss cow Belle can even take milk Nway from the discontented critters like this Bossy that learning who Boss join the swing to Burgering where the Price is right for a real thrill try our Rich thick shakes each Only the Best beef used in the preparation of our beef burgers Burgering drive in Cor 7th Orange ample parking Weium and scattered extend Lottie Channel coast some of he fortifications arc now As closely guarded As they were in 1d39 before nazi Ger Many Panzer divisions swept around hid line at Sedan the main Concrete network of 25 big forts dug More than 200 feel deep in spots never suffered much damage French engineers started minor repair jobs after world War ii but the corridors remained mainly Dank and in Lig tiled until Western command ers began to seek Burrows suitable for nuclear command posts despite the secrecy the costly network is known nowadays to he ready again it houses spank ing new communications head quarters radar eyes command posts and arms stockpiles Public forum some atomic weapons Are stocked in the deep tunnels oth ers deny it whatever the facts prying eyes Are discouraged last St a big radar scan Ning Post was installed in an Al Sace portion of theline from there monitors count he communist planes Landing and taking off at far away Prague Czecho Slovakia other areas behind the Iron curtain Are also watched there is plenty of room in the old line for All sorts of secrets the corridors Are seven stories Down in spots railroads run underground within the forts some run for 13 Miles or More communications lines also run Here linking the operations command and radar he Frontier similar activities Are reported going on in he old Siegfried line which suffered worse damage during the War president Eisenhower paved a role in bringing the line up to its present position of readiness the French army put it up to him while he was top european pm Der of the treaty organization at that time he French wanted Money to overhaul the line and they pointed out its strategic Worth As being virtually Invulnerable to air attack and thus a Fine strategic storehouse for weapons fuel and Immi motion tie French also pointed out that reply to Houghton january 25 1958 editor new Tribune i have no desire to get into an argue Cal with or Herbert Slough Lon relative to his views on Light Industry for fool Pierce and the Tori of Forl Pierce but Sev eral of his statements should be corrected or Houghton asks what do we have other than climate to offer i siness surveys by competent research bureaus show that Cli ii ale alone is often enough Many Lig Bly desirable industries Manu alluring electronic equipment Lave moved to South Florida be cause our climate attracted trained personnel especially engineers be such Plant considered build no in the North and advertised or engineers no inquiries they ran the same and for a Florida location and were flooded with in quiries hundreds of thousands of rained personnel will produce More Al less Cost in a Florida in Dusley in Exchange for the Opportunity to live and raise heir fam Lios in Florida rent is less the Leat and clothing Bill per family s a tremendous saving he creation s close to Home and cheap distance from Home to Plant is Delosr 1 could go on indefinitely about the att Aelion to labor to work and live in Florida there Are also advantages to Industry in a Florida location in addition to those referred to above land in Quality on railroads and highways closer to desirable living areas is cheaper in Florida in Northern Industrial areas Cost of Plant heating and lighting is less the Many favourable fac lors outweigh our Lack of certain materials transportation distance is not As great Factor As might appear Rales Are often area adjusted the greater costs Are processing the raw material moving it to the Media of transportation lifting it onto and into the vehicle of transportation lift ing it off on the receiving end storage Etc a Florida location often develops Many savings that distance of material the line is still there nothing and doing the response from Eisenhower command was apparently favor Able tie French started serious work in 1954 restoring the line from Arlon on the belgian fron tier to pfc Rhine the sector from there to the Swiss Border got Les ser attention later you can still get an argument from French military tacticians and engineers about the value of the famed fortifications it Cost France about half a billion dollars to build a very big sum in pre world War ii Days the forts were carefully hidden in Hills and Woods there were hundreds of lesser positions artillery turrets Rose from conceal Mentlo fire then Sank Back into the ground one of the great weaknesses of course was that it left France Border with Belgium lightly de fended France once started to build More elaborate defences from Sedan to the Channel but Belgium protested this might be merely an invitation to Germany to violate belgian neutrality line ended near Sedan and when hitlers panzers started to move they simply swung around the end of the line above Sedan and on into France this move was aided by one of the great Allied blunders of the War Hie 9th French army of Gen Andre corp had been stationed to protect the Corner of France where he line ended but he moved North into Belgium to meet a German Force headed for Namur leaving Sedan to be covered by the belgian Chasseur Ardennis division the germans responded by throwing an entire corps at the lightly defended sector swept into Franco with Only Token opposition and in a few Days had reached the Channel at Abbeville it was a disaster which made the magi not line useless while still relatively untried finally the troops still there were ordered by the Vichy government to surrender despite the surrender however one group of frenchmen on for a month from a fort near Strasbourg in 1941 several Gor Man units did the same thing despite the fact that gun emplacements were pointed the wrong Way one nazi fort literally had to be starved into submission the germans Loo saw the value of the line for storage use and they also War manufacturing plants inside in world War if lays the two lop galleries were reserved for troops the third level for ready ammunition the fourth for com Mand services the fifth was a Hospital the sixth a railway and seventh was used for deep storage of ammunition one thing everybody concerned with the installation Hopes Locklay that the refurbished Maginot line will remain untested in the future Orl the saving of transportation osts plus Revenue will extend ears into the future it is not possible to make an economic study of the port of fort in this letter i refer or Loughton to such a study competed in december 1950 by the internationally known firm of Tippetts Abbell Mccarthy Strat on new York n y this study and Survey Cost and is Complete and thorough i will be pleased to hand or Houghton a copy of this study if he really wishes to know what the port has meant to the Economy of this area and what it will mean in the Turc table 4 of the tippelts1 re Ort shows that when adequate Ort facilities Are made available piers warehouses transit Sheds they estimate a total of 420 too tons of cargo will move through he port at a transportation saving of Over a million of ars per year this estimate is on he basis of present Depths and Channel dimensions is based on a 956 study and does not include a built in additional saving on the transportation of Citrus fruit to Northern markets in 1934 when the or Cooling Plant was opened a he Coastwise shipment of fruit Vas started the Cost of transport no a 90lb Box of fruit to the Northern Market was reduced by about 80c per Standard Box the Mere fact that he porn and pre Cooling Plant Are in existence holds his saving Down to about 50c per Box multiply this by the volume of fresh fruit shipped from St Ucie county and realize what the port Means in the Economy of this one commodity other commodities also came Down in freight rate when a general cargo serv be was inaugurated in the 1930s Between Forl Pierce and Northern ports the port holds these Rales Down i would be interested in having or Houghton name As he says in can do the towns with much better ports than fort Pierce thai Are dying on the Vine i have been in the business Twenty five years and i cant name one transporting the raw in refutation of or Hough tons views about Light Industry in Flor Ida i refer him to the Palm Beach county development com Mission and its Success in drawing desirable Light Industry to that area clean Light Industry properly located is an asset to and Community and in no Way makes a Community a less desirable place in which to live St Petersburg has proven this and a committee of local business men have constituted themselves into an aggressive group to go after desirable Light Industry or Houghton should acquaint himself with their Suc Cess i can Only say to or Houghton that his statements about the port of fort Pierce simply Are not Correct the Early pioneers did not As stated by or Houghlon mortgage the towns future to create a port at fort Pierce they were reputable and competent business men and their foresight has saved the tax payers of St Lutele county millions of dollars Many times the Cost of creating the your local tuberculosis health Assn still far Short of is anticipated budget requirements for the fiscal year please help the fight against tuberculosis Send in your Seal Sale contribution today Pas 5 new Tribune Forf fit sunday jury Itab school lunch room managers at meet St Ucie county school lunch managers Cooks and helpers at tended a meeting in Vero Beach at the elementary school auditorium to hear mrs Thelma Flanagan stale school lunch supervisor mrs Flanagan discussed the serious financial situation which the school lunch program in he state faces a part of this problem is due to the increase in the num Ber of schools in the program she pointed on that the More schools participating the less Cash is Avail Able for reimbursement from the Federal government at the same time the increase in the schools on the program reduces the amount of commodities available added to the difficulty in trying to keep a balance in the books of each school much department is the increasing demand for free lunches mrs Flanagan also discussed the planning in regard to the future summer training programs for school lunch employees Over he state there Are so Many workers Palm Beach and the port of Palm a each Are bursting at the seams so is Froward county and port Everglades so is Tampa and Many others sorry i can comment on or Hough tons advice about Oyster farming in the Indian River As set Forth in the last paragraph of his letter to the editor i have Alwa tried to avoid and making dogmatic statements about subjects upon which i am not in formed very truly yours m a Ramsey who take advantage of this pro Gram that they have outgrown Iho colleges where the courses have been held in previous years As Junior colleges arc started in local areas she Hopes that they can help relieve this situation local classes taught by tie county school lunch supervisor can also be approved by the state school lunch department for credit this meeting was the third class in an approved 30 hour course on nutrition it is being conducted As a part of he adult education pro Gram in Indian River county ten members of the class Are from St Lucie county the class is being taught by mrs Ada Stanich St Lucie county school lunch in per voter dilemma zanesv1lle Ohio have approved a 40hour work week for policemen but at he same time they rejected a two Mill tax intended to finance Nice hiring of seven additional police men needed to keep the depart ment up to present strength under a 40hour week policemen offered to continue working 48 hours week mean while accumulating extra Vaca Tion time at Hie rate of one Day a week City officials said this May not be Good in the 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