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Fort Pierce News Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 2

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Fort Pierce News Tribune (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Fort Pierce, FloridaJ niw1triblwi Jim Day i Mary m w8 Story of torture May feature investigation of labor Union Washington Jan 25 31 a unionists torture in an elevator to oily moving up and Down May feature the Senate Racket committees investigation of the operating engineers Union its the Story of Theodore Mccarty of Clementon by who will Lell it to the special Senate group investigating evils in the labor management Field Robert f Kennedy the commit tees counsel said Mccarty has told him he was tortured for posing the operation of local 542 of the Union in Philadelphia As it was run by officials installed by Hoblitzell is new w Virginia us senator Charleston w a Jan 25 John t Hoblitzelljr chair Man of the West Virginia state Republican committee was named by gov Cecil h under Wood today to the u s Senate succeeding Matthew m Neely Democrat who died last Satur Day appointment of Hoblitzell 45 Kaven Twood banker and real estate executive by the Young re publican governor Cut the demo cratic Edge in the Senate to 4947 the new senator it a graduate of West Virginia University and on its Board of governors the unions International president William e Maloney Kennedy said he expected me Carly to testify monday when the committee resumes its Public hearings on the unions affairs with local 542 under the spot Light with the exception of four years 194852 when in had its own elected officers the local has been run since 933 by men chosen by the unions Hierarchy among its appointed Bosses has been the convicted labor extortionist and racketeer Joey Fay of new York Fay is on Call for questioning later in the week possibly tuesday or wednesday Kennedy said Mccarty a strap Ping figure of a Man broke Down and wept for shame when he had to admit to committee investigators that he had been beaten by goons hired by someone in the Union Kennedy said the Story is Mccartys to Tell in full but that the Man in an elevator by overpowering numbers and As the elevator kept going up and descending was subjected to Tor Tures some of which he termed unspeakable he declined to say where the beating occurred Kennedy displayed a coloured photograph of Mccarly his face a mass of cuts and bruises Ken Nedy said that is How the Man looked when he got away from his torturers and made his Way to the Union Hall to denounce those who did it to him before going to a Hospital Kennedy said one of the injuries May yet Cost Mccartys life Kennedy told reporters the in Quiry into local 542 is just a step the Pioneer construction co proudly presents Duhn Ehdy new 3 bedroom 1 Bath Quality Homes tops in for Beauty and Comfort 75xl3t lot and closing Cost included with our Low Price Sec them today and compare drive West on Ponce de Leon Prado off Sunrise 3 blocks South of Virginia the Pioneer construction co phone 3538 or 357 Oward the committees i Vestiga Ion of the conduct of International officials of the Union the unions president Maloney has sent word is Loo ill to testify in the com ing week but chairman Mcclellan dark said his group is pre pared to wait and that Maloney ultimately Wil be called Kennedy said that the Story of local 542 closely tics up with Maloney and Fay it ties to Maloney he said because it was Maloney who left Fay in com Mand of the Venlon in the Days Lefore Fay went to prison for sex ortion he added it also tics to a because Fay once was its Boss under mandate from a inter National Headquarters and ran in Vith an Iron band when where and How the Story f Mccarty fits into the picture s for Mccarty himself to Tell Kennedy insisted air of crisis thickens As Parley nears continued from Page 1 proach but even before the Menderes trip preliminary exchanges in the co Nolc committee of the pact Tad revealed some serious differences Between moslem members and the United states and Brit Ain these entered mainly around demands for economic and military Aid by needy moslem countries notably by Iran according to pact officials in planning future economic development projects within the pact Region British delegates first served notice Britain is in no position t o Grant any substantial new Aid beyond the estimated seven million dollars already made available the americans likewise made Plain the inability of the Washington administration to come through with enough Money to pay for the projects other problems facing Dulles and British foreign Secretary Sel Wyn Lloyd in secret sessions next week 1 turkeys demand for support in her claims that a Cyprus settlement must be based on parti six cars of 1c Seminole Are derailed Selmek Tenn Jan 25 a Chicago bound passenger train out of Florida running late after a collision with a car at birding Ham lost six cars in a derailment apparently caused by a faulty switch near Here Early today one person was killed and an other injured at Birmingham both were occupants of the ear one train crewman was killed and persons injured in the derail ment the body of the derailment fatality flagman a c White of Lior Mingham was found in a Field 100 Yards from the tracks he died in a Corinth miss Hospital 17 Miles South of lamer the tiny switch no Point where the derailment occurred five others were hospitalized at Corinth and three at Jackson Tenn 32 Miles North none were reported in serious condition killed at Birmingham was mrs Ruby Wilson 37 her husband Hooker Wilson was injured it was Birmingham first traffic fatality of 1958 the Illinois centrals Semi Nole out of Jacksonville Fla was moving on Gulamo Bieland Ohio tracks an 1c spokesman at the lines Chicago Headquarters says apparently there was an old break in a bar in the switch mechanism and the switch broke after the first 10 cars passed six cars left the track lion of the troubled British Island Colony 2 Pakistan claim for backing in its dispute with India Over ownership of the state of Kashmir this claim is being coupled criticism of american policy in providing financial help to the new Delhi government 3 Iran claim to ownership of the British protected Oil Rich Sheik Dom of Bahrain in the persian Gulf 4 iraqi dissatisfaction Over a project to build Oil pipelines from iranian Fields to a Mediterranean outlet on the turkish Seaboard a project that would help stabilize turkeys wobbly Economy 5 Iraq demand for British american backing in the arabis Rae i dispute this would involve pushing the israelis Back to fron Liers suggested in 1i7 the Brit ish favor a Compromise Between jews acid arabs based on some thing Between the 1917 and pres ent frontiers miserable floors cold the time to do something come to eckers for carpets your Loon cold not bet Why run the a Ltd of it Neis to cold Damp floor that chill you through and through carpets will Al Correct your difficulties and Here at eckers you will find jut the pattern ttys design Mattel Ali that will harmonize with your other furn Shingi Ako will harmonise with your individual budget Barwick Tweed Nylon and Viscose solution dyed blend stain proof 5 colors Mohawk Shangrila it All Wool it 8 decorator colors it Hilo Tweed Mohawk Pebble Point it All Wool it 11 colors it tufted textured Loop extra special it Barwick Nylon it All Nylon it 17 colors it heat set twist Cut pile solid colors Mohawk Tropicana solution dyed tweeds Beautiful modern designs Ecker per Square Yard floor coverings inc 900 s Dixie Hwy phone 799 heading Down the East coast Cambridge mass Jan 25 Ufi of americans if they ook skyward in the next few Days will be Able to see sputnik ii on to Earth girdling journey the smithsonian astrophysical Observatory said tonight speeding along at a height of about 485 Miles the rocket shaped satellite is travelling in a North Northwest to a South Southwest direction smithsonian experts said sput Nik ii is gradually appearing ear Ler each night on its u s Cross nos so by midweek it will no longer he visible due to the Bright Ness of the sky until it disappears Southern parts of the nation will have the Best visibility the first passage sunday night crosses Eastern Canada about pm est and should be visible to new eng Antlers As it sweeps Over Nova Scotia the next Cross ing starts in Northern Minnesota about pm sweeps across the Midwest the East coast of Florida six minutes later this passage should be vis Ible to virtually the entire Eastern half of the nation the next passage starts in North Ern Washington state at pm crosses the Rockies and leaves the country Over Southwest Ern new Mexico it would be visible for the Western half of the nation except for the California coast a fourth passage entirely Over the Pacific about pm would be visible in the coast slates monday night the first passage starts at pm est just West of Buffalo by and crosses the Washington Baltimore area during the next few minutes leaving the coast East of Norfolk a All the Northeast As far West As Michigan and South to South Carolina should be Able to see the sputnik the next passage starting about pm est in Northern Mon Tana crosses just East of Denver and leaves the country near hous ton Tex this would be visible except in the far West and North East the last passage monday at pm est will be entirely Over the Pacific visible through out the Western slates is comes from Arizona to visit daughter Sebastian Albert Haag former Grove and land owner in the Eastern part of Indian River county returned from Tucson Arizona yesterday for a business trip and visit with his daughter Haag at one time owned an extensive strip of Grove property along the Roseland River which is now being developed into a Multi Home subdivision he is visiting his daughter mrs Dale Campbell of Roseland while hero Haag has made his Home to Tucson for several years says u s must face up costlier assistance to nato Washington Jan 25 sen Green Diu said tonight the United slates must face up to the necessity for costlier Mili tary assistance to North Atlantic treaty organization nato countries Green chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee said natos military forces Are dangerously below desirable Levels necessary new weapons not Only Are More expensive but their complexity will require longer training periods he said and the United states in particular might Well face the fact that its military assistance pro Gram to nato countries is going to Cost More not less Green said adding h is Idle prattle to argue hat we cannot afford it we cannot afford not to do it at what Price is National Independence or human survival to be set in a report to the foreign re lations group Green also said Merit Council gives Board of health greater leeway in the fixing of health officer pay Tallahassee Jan 25 the Florida Merit system coun cil today gave the state Board of health greater leeway in fix ing salaries for health officers it relaxed its rules to permit the Board of health to Grant Mari to a i Sesan Dutli o Tzc Dif greater Range of starting salaries at the discretion of the Board stale health officer or Wilson Sowder said the two actions would do much to relieve urgent prob lems in the state health office he said the Merit raises would help keep health officers now on the staff while the More Liberal hiring rules will help cure the problem of finding new ones to hire he said the Board of health has been losing health officers faster than we Are gaining them and if we cant do something about it we will have to resign ourselves to not carrying out some health functions Peter Bluesten exclusive Gal Max restaurant on North u s i flyway near Cham Bertaln blvd Beer License l fully equipped on lot with 172 feet frontage can get f liquor License by enlarging bldg we have the key for v this real buy Best of terms beautifully furnished 3bedr Home like new Alt Large rooms living room 13 x 14 Terranio floors Cypress ceilings close in on 75 x 150 lot owner must at Price with Good terms Eisenhower hails work on bomb Washington Jan 25 my British american Progress toward harnessing the bomb for peace Ful uses was hailed by president Eisenhower today As opening up unbelievable vistas for the future this is Only a first step Eisenhower said but it does bring within the realm of possibility a limitless Supply of atomic Power and Energy for All the world for Many thousands of years to come the president issued a state ment congratulating american and British scientists for the contribution they Are making toward peaceful uses of the atom As Dis closed in Laboratory experiments announced yesterday All americans sincerely Hope that other scientists in other coun ties will be encouraged by their governments to do similar re search Eisenhower said adding As these and other scientific experiments continue the adoption of a worldwide atoms for peace program becomes More inevitable o permit All scientists to devote their skills Anri energies to the Benefit of to its destruction the British and american atomic Energy agencies yesterday re ported experiments indicating some Progress had been achieved inward controlled fusion of Hydro Gen atoms to produce electric Power Haw material for this Power abounds in Oconn water but prac tical application of the process is still considered years away North u s in Hwy 110 of u s is frontage with a 1bedr Home enclosed garage 59500 with terms can also be rented acreage buy 200 acres in county Low Price of 225 per acre 29 Down Peter Bluesten real estate ims s Federal Hwy shopping 3730 one of the Foremost real estate organizations in Florida under the new Rule a Merit raise could be granted by advancing a health officer from one salary step to the next usually about live per cent of a health officers salary the pay plan was worked put after questions were raised Fol lowing a previous Merit system Council action last november it voted in a plan which would have Given 39 health officers at the Bottom of the pay scale health salary increases some would have Heen As High As per year and would have Given them salaries ranging from about 000 to More than but the raises were not put into effect after Merit system director Angus Laird questioned whether some of those on the list were disqualified on a technicality tie Council scrapped the plan and came up with the new one proposed by or Sowder nato partners Are looking to the United states for leadership to a degree that is at once both astonishing and sobering both flattering and humbling with natos shield forces an indispensable instrument of Western s it r v i v a 1 he added few americans seem to fully re Alize the awful responsibility their country carries in the world today Green attributed failure of nato countries to reach agreed upon Levels of strength to a Lack of leadership at Home and abroad to overcome widespread Public reluctance to accept the greater burdens which would be entailed by higher defense expenditures reporting formally on a per Sonal two month Survey last fall in which he visited All nato coun tries Green declared it is ironic and it could be fatal that some of the people of the nato countries including the United states give some evidence of wearying of the Effort Neces sary for their own survival at i etame they ire enjoying More of the creature com forts than Ever before budgetary pressure combined with the development of increasingly complicated powerful and expensive weapons both strategic and tactical he said have produced in these countries a search for ways to become stronger and to save Money at the same time Cypress gardens of any fiume regular 4995 the outstanding buy of the year Spring air famous mattress or Spring no 70 any size regular 6950 now 4495 Golden glitter foam rubber top and Bottom Over inner Springs mattress or Box Spring now 3750 also Odd Box Springs mattresses each 19 so buy with Confidence deferred payments arranged Phillips furniture company plenty of off Street parking 2410 Orange ave fort Pierce phone 2124 Start planning now for the Best years of your life the Best is yet to 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