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Fort Gazette Wayne Newspaper Archives May 28 1889, Page 3

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Fort Gazette Wayne, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1889, Fort Wayne, IndianaThe for Wayne daily Gazette tuesday morning. May 28 1889. Ready Relief. Tom Una and Motl two ttys pain remedy . __1 t menu tool Man Tim Iller it to per totals. Sold by All dra Tau. . Radway s regulating pills fax orbit Gutib eeb Edt. Illy mum w dyspepsia pc do. Kadwit b pills in ----------1. To tits Itrat Nolti to Tow us Hub Keltto perform in function. A the Ini Bunij of the intern to con in info sri Ufa perfect William Kooman old three run i Lien troubled . N Erato per we. Bold by Mil in Ruuti. Fluid Attu bump tour. Radway a co., . Info Nallon ache bit Hora ebon and Cal Tuomi pm tic la White Cange it Terry Rev be a Horer lug bout Oft Tubon from Mit to to u from he now become Orer a i on Tho under of us Imti us la from five to Elf it Lutch let Ali firemen Utar pull Quarter of u Inch in a ii gtd thu Young Al it develop it us Roob an of i a Coon Eldo of Ira inf or Fai am about Tho of Tho eau age where it does Tho . When Lull grown to la Abou in Loch and a Qira tit in it feb ind am account of Iti to Tho color of the difficult to find la Tho of non Jeisy Jimr. A forgo d. Hulet of Tea new Jeruc Talion from whole a Obj on the Lubec much of to Iii formation Here Given derived there too Turca and am Timea four to Tootla a year. Caterpillar of Tho cabbage it Tel Fly h Cathy drat Toj de if Trio remedy in applied in time. proper of i Bot water from a Fine a temperature d0tbal m9orabotel90defrraea. Alan Troi formula mud Duato Oak part to Mullon twelve parts of water. A Thiril remedy recommended Ai Safe and thoroughly off Cire b or fenian in Aist powder. Port of Tho powder to at or twelve Parta of Piaster or fifteen to Twenty of Lime tji Oum to on Tho and will to All the caterpillars touched . Tho Ponder Malabo to diluted with water Ono talk spoonful to and applied with a Peri Okler. Ind cafe Ottto Troyan of Plant lice and Aro recommended As among to Hent Ina actinides f to cabbie a Plutta diff on decidedly Rimtho Rabogo Butterfly. It Baloyga to Trio Moth and a b no get flyer an for that Cogon la Weldom. Revoet Decd a Tho Parent of a Caterpillar. In Lerfold mlle Tho Caterpillar Amu what re Tom blot that of Tho cabbage Bot Torfin but on a loan to be Quito dude enl Lila of nearly the la larger and Lon per and in it set in Aizo towards Tow hinder port. It has Only tix of instead of eight pairs. It therefore in bawling Baa a looping motion manner of Tow Mca Miruis Noima and b almost or. Insect ii jct by. These Caterpillar a so Moro ten Adoui of Ufa ban Thom of Tho cabbage Butterfly but Hor Modica to those Caterpillar of other Muithi Havo Beon found to injure Canboga by eating to tit Sci but in Moet Inata Noea without Dong material injury. In nil Croce Wboro Tho Leatica they can Dei toyed by Tho re Ochiai Girra a rot try How of to boo who Haro Mova to Pool try ourm regard i very Desir Aua a neck Cuta. Southern Gul Trator Calk to nth to thu Ono shown in our Cut. I ill in neck thin House lion a floor rated hic enough Humphreys 1eieb1i1ri specifics Kalaria dual chills and wind Colic Bihong attacks. Las a act of Morallo laying Nett at act Rutilde Flat door with look Large indoor and ladder for Folk two per Cha Anil sliding window to Birds of All Ilc Rivo i change of not Only arises i the Good every animal a Well 00 Roii derives from a Coop but being preserved from Tho exhalations linux by matter and Ecay Hig Boklo f. Brow r Tomt Tho end Wati which must hear Tow Strain of stretching Tho to not with . It will Toko kit n Faw Cut a Wollt of Cement to a o5t, and will make it perfectly. Inn it acting Luday. set Poats fir in in Hugh that it a will of yield to Trio Strain when Trio land a Anil soft but by digging n Holo it of coarse Cement Grout around a Taro Jot it will Giro Lam enough to Tho Post to . Rum Lima a a Good . U is cd pc Holly valuable to a Micro Rogot Blei Liao been tired Ecjpe Cully Kulli Osl Avo been put in wet Seigna of decay. A Cid coat of paint will prose Xvi lit to Trio Katy Anil attract Ivon Osof Tho pc Mica Anil transform Why fowl no Worth Moro Llian Tho Ramiro of cattle fed on similar food ii that tin. Fowl Oil thu for tiling int Chiala in Soli form Villilo much in lost in liquid from cattle. Udo of Lizio lick liboro to Hill the currant a fact not to to forgotten Jit Shcop husbandry in that Liilo 0110 May Ralto Lino Wool and very poor Mutton you pc not raise Mutton will out railing Good Wool Niso. A Faros Practa Cable lao old and i Ina for Scott m. Tho most upright intelligent and experienced men am Grinj Mlo of Eck Tina will give beat no tutors. A fruit Gnu incr fall Ria that id ovation of pc Cutca table Manuro in Jooe too a melt growt i of Wood. ii Nylon in Ruml Atra Briffet a a team Rita no Hymini Toins of Ita own and May Long expat without Tho knowledge of Tho patient or practitioner and no pain will i hit in Tho or Ordinary common kidney Dii Many Amu Irh will become chronic and or Mihajo in la Riglis s organic Glimmo of Tho a Micya in Lute Tunkun in hand. Warner s Safo cure if Trio Only recognised epee ill that or Limhi Dur Vered Lort Hii do Trio late or. Dio Lew in mid Overto Alan Titian if i found inn Elf Dorious i inc station in Tho thes Tri prof Filion Hood for or. Reward of tint performs ecu before thu Quitoni at Tom and he Linen. Location trial package of Tho Arhat Cost Root and i Cru remedy in covered by Una while in Law Rocky kor Trio it is Dora. like it. It Wynn Praise Al it. At All Faux and Garden. Oter Vattos and exp Rienes of interest to Farmers. A Cut Wetah pm draw k timid Witk to a Taw of our Ore indebted to Ohio Farmer for Tho and de scrip of Tho boat Cut hero Giren. Thl of cart u Impero Wnent on Trio Muil brat which a to hard Oak team Ami will Aiu wer Many of to put Pom of a four a cooled Wagon when Tow Low b properly and juried it Axce Cunt sch lilo for drawing a log cosy to Load and unload. Itie oven Lent when grading to to in Dona Aro to he Al Ltd w Ullh Earth. No. I in unloading Earth manure Etc., Taka off tip and with Chala hitch Ilia team to one of the carry Tho Chain Load Over Tho other wheel up to tean and up Tho Load Over. The Cut ii right aide up. Put in to aids boor i hitch to the front and drive off. To cart i made Lilu on both met neocon you do not have to tip it Back. The a Leboard Are Aba alike and fit of either tide. It May. To used with or without a Tongue. If you have much backing to Tongue a Handy. With out a Tongue the train in hitched to Tho by Apo 0, Fig. 1, by a Chain or Large link. A Tobgui u attached Hook and a halt Inch Bolt i put through Tho Tongue and Tho front of Tho out at p. Thiebolt is left out when pulling in hauling voila and the Liko a Watak in cad of the tha wheels in Tho Model Aro from at Ohl now intr machine a Dittl itch. Tha maker chiselled off ibo pro Etc Tom broke of the cop and hid the Wilca reamed out to Tako in a 11-Inch Axle. Tho length of Tow Boot in 13 feet Width feet 8 Taebla Ott mde us sum. By Bottom u made of Good Oak boards Inch thick and 3 , it Hae beards Aro pit Between 3 to 4 Inch Oak cant Lungi the Shaft or Axle u perfectly bar Algut without turn ing or lathe work but simply Baa a Inch Hok through Tho. Ends for Linch pins. This Shaft a placed fett from to bind cud of the cart. A strip of band on d 0 inches wide and 10 inc Bea Lone riveted on alld o hitch to Tow Ruaplo work loosely through Tia Iron to admit of hitching o either Side. The Ruaplo ii Mado of Nult round Iron 3 Long Natl 4 inches Between Tho nuts on Tho ends. A strip of Iron if by i Inch a slipped Quinla Mill Nita put on. I Staples 8 Aro Mado of if Inch no Cut 17 leeches Long to ends drawn it and turmoil Are Faro Edge wow Ono end one Way and. One Tho other Aai Bown in if 8. Bend it Anniao to Fonn the Staple. Tils motes the Staple Holowa 9irj no the cart. Tho end prove Otious com pm Tho upper and lower cont Ull to ictus Oul a Throe eighth Inch Bolt a Houkal to put through Tho cant unit to won Tiro Rupla and Ono dose to the Axle. Nails or spikes can to Nat to Othor places. Tho front ends of Tho Aldo Omine neing Back about fifteen inches rom to hounds. Then put on Tho run outs which Al Huhl Hauf Tow in duo length Tho Bor Clyl ends of Tho Acao ulna. You con Iron umm with Bond ran if Joii Phis Unher putting on from him Lindof Ono runner Clear found to Hind end of the other Aldo. Ono of Tho in Bown in Fig. 2. I Tardun a Good Strong Clay Loam is Ottnat Iii by film nil nut win cd. Wood uni and Good Trio Curculio can generally to do nil Tho thinning that is needed. I cum Trocca in poultry Turda Aro Utu Allf exempt from Curculio. Should a nauga to keep Tho Breeds Down. The Moro food you Giro to Tho Trees Tho bet Tor will to Tho fruit and Tho mow there will to of it Tho Lombard Connof Harket of All goad plums often oct Well for Twenty Firo while Tho trod Rar Rhino cd nolo la Urdl Ever Kuta More than Flat can or Twenty years most. Tolt w Tath. Cd lakh it of. Pro Cmor Tho Nii Noii Cuto in is Crew litre with luring mid e Liao no personal experience with Tho n of Salt As a Check upon chinch Bug or can but from Liat i know of to Tubita of slut insect and Tho effect of other for Liliian i Ali Ould not not Post any Mikh Lant a act it in Soili where last will at Mulato Tho growth of Tho Grain. Sovino Experiment Ith Dot Mado within my knowledge by Intel Lient Farmers of Southern Zuj Oil Wero a now York Brower of Long expert-1 Maya that Lui fowls it heat to a elect Rood clean Cut Iowa with plenty of Bono and Poniti Turon. Anin Iila Aro but Tel than photo in Waluch Tho Bono u too do bred. Creed Tho Iowa to finely bred Erk Thiro Esix or Yorkie pro Ozara. Thu pin will ruin Briw the Ilia new of Tho it with Kwa or. Electro rum. . Bite s worn urea impotency and nervous debility. Cd Trio Belt. Itlen by from ill Oiler a. It ii worn different it fits diff rent it Tiu different Ite an if front Ita cure perfect. Henri cd York nays nou Iino known to Modt and coca Thea in Spennato Rhom. To top vital lower at once. Cirralw3 or glee a co. Cleveland Ohio jihad an Nelling for ji3 Hundred Down you hardly Ruff Limo that it is a Medl no. A Fin taking or tar a utile liver Lime very big fall no bad Octal Allt Honura from torpid liver Aro relieved by their Mac. Chug to route. Trio Wab Ailt railway is about to make clinic of i Buffalo in lift opera on of in through deeping Cora from so 4iiin to new York. Trio through new Ork Reuper. Kaput St. Louii Al comp. Nung Over Tho Waba Elt to _ _ to Gutco Over Michigan Central Detroit and King tar to Duff Ali. From tint Point an Ami alter not by tray 12 bit., it will run via Uio nor York Central and. Hudson River Al Road to the Brand Central a quod the mauet8. To mock if kit la i Witk in Mem other by porn. Roarke Mejiaa the new week with Neww bar Odd tone which Ehan Kerin throughout the last week Tow broadening of speculation we very marked and the volume of Buai Nei still latter than any Day last week with the a cult of leaving the entire Btl on at inlay. London we the Aeller Tow War extra orc Staci Igli Slown by meveral and Low Pricell Sharei. The per cent above saturday a doling curly fractional and Vacca i made. Ski Althei Early came to it White in the Active lilt Lou Lnell Nashville and Misouri fld la i Peckally prominent for attn Goth Thoro waa a blight it Back toward 11 o clock Thia we upward movement throughout the Day hot the Imp eation made at anyone time waa . Taminen Ottocka were one after another taken in hand and advanced which with re quent gave the at a Onellia Veri hand irregular appearance bal closed Active ind Strong tithe rally Al the beat Price. Important Lake Erie Neatem preferred cheap peaked Ohio first preferred 2j Kaa Hville and a Beaune last Erie preferred 1 per cent men banned Bonds Only fairly attire government Bobeda doll and weak. State Bonds Dull and Arcady. Money Euy at per cent closed at 2 per cent prime mercantile Piper i per cent. Sterling Exchange Dull ande Teady h881 in demand. Salen of Stock in True. S new York bin aka own la Eric Chicago a Northwest Reading to non a Adfle Cikic Quiatt May demand ight family wheat. In o. T red. Corn Zanei no. 2 35c, onto plenty and lower no. 2 mixed Rye Euter to. 2, hot quiet and inn 12.23. Lard moderate demand bulk meats Gnu Short firm abort Clear Vii any steady Baku 737 barrel on of butter quit fancy Creamery Choice Jna eed Oil in Good demand and firm and Tuet bad re ined new Orleans to Good demand and firm com Light mixed h.50 packing and a int Chee Choice t lower Corn steady Mac. Data Ull no. 2 White St. Negly cd. Woo May Ritea Dimil of handed. Wheat to. 2 Spring to. 3 Spring nominal to. Cum no. 2, 33 Barley no. Criminal. Flu Taei 1, tl.52. Prime Timothy w a pork no barrel 9i1j71 .jj6.w. 6.2i of int Clear 16.12 Vav Taky 11.02. Zugaib Cut a inn muted. Buttor firm Choi pm Sulc to Fine in Emzic Chiuzo Cait let. Chicago May 27.-Oaule, tronic kwr., stockers an Isadora w.7u mixed. Som cattle hop Active of. Lower -------.00 Light Kipa by rep Nitvini Watera Aii Orn Texas atom 27.-c.tlle Liamor May id unchanged. One a. To new York. Hot All Stradea Hod 75. Fifteen cars shipped to new Yor Troug and uni unfed. v Harryl. Wii at so. 2 red 80e. Conn meal Kough 1uu ten. Cynta. Cento. Centa. Corn 35 Cento. Clover Eoanu. Washed Ocneta. Siuea Green 1uo foe. Cured t 100 ten. B 100 Cento. Cento. Cento v feathers Uva of Csc Attlee so Cento a Baliel. Ton. 115.00 v ton. The management of dogs. Editor attic Ricaut sportsman i was much pleased and greatly interested in the article on the dog and their management that appeared in the sportsman from the pen of or. Hugh to Advance the growth and beautify the coat he advises the use of Coconut Oil. Right. I it do your Many readers and lovers of die dog that there is within their reach a More simple and easier obtained article and at far less expense that answers the same purpose of the Oil. This is nothing Riore nor less than Ivory soap manufactured by Procter Gamble of Cincinnati. I have used it for Many years and find it for nil practical purposes far Superior to anything i have Ever used in my Kennel. For Wash ing setters i have never found its equal. Its Healing properties Are wonderful and for sores and eruptions of any invaluable. It leaves the ahm soft and Clear furnishes life to the coat produces a Beautiful growt i of Feather and leaves it smooth and Glossy and free from harshness. I use it with lukewarm rain water which i find is the Best. This forms a Rich oily lather and helps loosen a stubborn Scales and blotches of tin a Iii. To those putting dogs in condition for show purposes it is first class my docs away with the use of oils eggs Etc. I have no purpose in advising the use of the soap Only for the Good of the dog. I have no interest directly or indirectly have never Mel nor do i knot any of the manufacturers. But i must give them credit for giving us the Best soap for Kennel purposes i have Ever used. John , Kilbuck kennels Wooster Ohio. A word of warning. Then Are Many wite leapt each regret cited to be just at Good at the they Are not but like ill counterfeits Lack the Peculiar ind remarkable Quall Lei of the a Quint. Art for soap and inti upon getting it. b. F. Allen co., sole agents Fob Vav item Stateh m9 wit caj1al Ivow Ohk. Who if your druggist docs not keep them will mail Beecham s Pulli on receipt of fat quart first please mention this paper n the maoeonly8y of a Malm in of l of ail i Una of to to nah in a Tor no Tut o eur Iii at Gnu. Tow oct of est or bottle u Only the Bent. Gottlieb Haller m i 111 a Luce store Getty Brothers Fine trunks no. 63. East main St. J. E. Waugh dentist h w. Berry Benet. But room of Willtry. Prof. U. Wahh1miton by Ufa scientific optician from Chi id. O., Bai id fort w few Row c. Wpm will stat Lilc or lir Imu of comm of atut o Joseph Cillotte steel pens Husdal Faus lot. Tob wot Halford i i uni get bros., n to St James Madden plumber steam Hafl Gas filter 101 Calhoun Street. M.f.j., fort Wayne Indiana. . Bergk her tax i Lysicki am Jaccoi Scheub. Itonya 3 s. To. To Ca Boun sir Oil Tih Irr Alm i it ill Ruotol i a mild frock in. Dull can. Hull re tue. Encin Timon scout lip. Vat Gulf Wmk of different or guru p. J. . Grain contractor i Mill right. Grain and Litty Scalea furnished and so up to order. Pm. 2j on w colomb to ital fort Wask Indira for first class work and cheap prices Call and seb if All us in 101 Road Najr. To Alt work vol sure tits of lewd it Don t pay to co Arr Ahn mule Down to the to Potof Santa Claus soap. If Jour grocer Hun i Sita dim ult ship hell k you. N. K. Fairbank it 111. T Hill of capillaries Loos of druggists throughout the City will re fund Money to Al Parsons not a trifled after 19 Days trial that it will cure. Pal lid hair Dandres Babye Mort a Bow. Chapped bands by lab and of Powin Oak Yeb ail annoying scaly Scalp and Ukia mob of 1 to so j ears standing oct Bema try Pumm 4w., Alto chronic Catarrh diphtheria ulcerated tort mob pimple and Ernst Odb on fact living skin Clear soft and he Dutiful. A haib dressing having no equal the hair and Scalp in a parfait of health which loan abundance of rofl luxuriant hair color unchanged. Dry Rodasta. Goc 6oo by mail. Pomade form Only. Hoapil Lariel r q co., new Tork. Ottok Estorg a Nett orca Abd c. Gar Field ick l of sch Illus. To Laiful add Monit Nulod s is from Ibe ird Cui valid Doug Raitor. Oakfield the a in inc Owoola my Oslo . Arm to ofic Rinji Imatt Lldon a Lelch Thor Ink link Tor it genuine Mil to not a wit n St Fly Street Tetrola mith., Lor Davisio. . Lambert John 4 cd far Kalb. Williaji3 in co., t. Ii. A sons. Detroit Michigan use the Erer a clue time Ubois Fiel us Wear us of clothing. Bruks witty Kendera w eur us jut f1u the Hurt great other Klch Emmet Boas Rood u tic it is they tru not. Globe soap to be left for c rents per bar. Ask grit for for Iota so Akes Rotker. Quaker City Lawn mowers ice my freezers 7 East Colum beast Robert Ogden. Plumber staff a and the filter. I in Blant Book manufacturers Prat a Bow ind. 1. W. Fla Mingli prep ref Tor. Junco Icli Don t Ocler turn rim ilex r Uli Alil Nulu Tobl Lati Curant too i Uii Flat c i Orch. I , on he will cd Micat Al Juan to nip r a lilt led. Add Tom or to Ulic of Jnue a. Miller. Anita a. l9a nil Lio i Olumba Usu Mower. Ril Iii Onri Lra Tonti. Mil Pfeiffe Schlatter. I. Hattee Lei Sou Gas fixtures flan Lireet gut civil of brass fort Lead Iron rps John Lillie Surner to Ummi la f Dite line Smiht pipe Una ilium ing Mir real in really. Calhoun Street. To a Chri a Amnier Reward i Mommer Ogle Nunu 8 us 9, Tor 1 uhf it
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