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Forest News Newspaper Archives Oct 25 1877, Page 1

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Forest News (Newspaper) - October 25, 1877, Forest, Indiana2 ^ V*?**£rr TT,S^T?f?' ww^^^^^^^s A unglpJloMoo, futt of tangled thougbtE A-notoojIsk boy: a Kolor juwnedJfad TMC . -fjpimfme elUTcfwWaiilaTaitiuifiiut t_»o iieTXb^irfci. A B A I M Th. »«•; , .80 We jjrow X wwldtax, «ni i t U i n d e r w l ^ i c a m t j ' AprittUaj batM^hDjwnnt ' i lUatoMtar -*- |»nieorjnj» unit t»«_ i s oquil jpMt j wifchtng »l ih k t e » T j -Mtrt; " It', dread ipgil knoeklof at UM g a a ; 9twiUuunwel)lddia(Km<iirw«i(f * OH her holuj , ' ^ . -• • : H - f_ttr aa<i tarn i e al art! A dwarf af «4i a. a Yjf fieart; And deal-. . * ' ' •—"*-•• • — . A a _ l l o p e a p*Io« d, . .. A q»v mule gr»M, and thes » t t m * ratuiii- T^o whwt Uto area of lUe trlujqphant hum— Sowe.jrot/. old.. •• '• AJorinBciad» geo'nni* meed of fafij; Or diorful rttlnaud a ur&Ubed uataej A dlpvlua off uf week and month u t J W , >'utwaUdfiut<frai1heidM* d » v s sear; - X grltlto^ltr,*ni with to-uiorfoW» Ujht . * A HeiwiiriM hV* utnuiarmi the" moles nftM • s \ Fnija ftiS ta*oldy ._A tbimug win l « 01 uh-liaiigLpg » 1 0 ™ , - . . -.- <,._ i«jjlngrtpte"'*.witlid»wii» andiunstu n*ftS—^ i* • •-'. Sowegrowold. • • • - - •". ^ ¾ ^ ¾ ^ 1 ^ . 1 "&••••' ,-•': • •-•• - . -IfafTbrk Xvmiifjettt.• C TKE M A T U E r t k C . Whm'ticiutumDtUihSriMdreiry1 : Andnb/. hearthit brfahtand cheerr, . Will) t l iamaji le 'rruaaj' . latt , , - - Tender uou_t>fe:of otter days .- .••' ' JJaacWIn thoJUJ.il, >*•-- ,—TB-IW" *"~ :-VC* " - i J - --^- amWro.E C«Bjgit^«o_atoih«:pe»»ioTA'alrj-, "• , Goibn guML and apaibUj- f i l jr , , . --- Tlie a to tjlrU»ILi6ra< t u t Hfitrv . Hallowed f u n ewMt and fair . . ; . - ' t o a j i g o ; . - • ._•'-y \ -•,..-;-..- ; j j fa bi waaiBg, and l i e glimmer -'-.'-X^ of tbofirefagreirinKdmJmeT, . i-- And (ir pUce of umrr.H>rlt«*. - --" "oornhil pliantomi c n w t b a Ufbt'i Bjdngglow., ^ . . . • • , . ; .-^ ihc't5jr».tbc MufcreraomheWEE. 1« a£arfe# 4£ro>a?ikft-cmbeiv—^-- _ jg Ufa cheerfuLJnJii ASge, > _.:• - ,- :e»l M d - u n i r t B a s t o o e e , - U f i f t t u i d n # - ^ ^ - \ : ' ^ t J ^ i p % ; : .-^33¾^ *a5».-ep nhut^ji in" it" that l toutd Eoot f ftout I have met wenaforonoW jusTt plo moving. Bear who. must hear iriy le nie,ior worse rather—much.worse —Tblbwa. Could. not.T.heaj1 the crating of men thatltjnade-i-gott it furious to be tied. downT to-any thing, -jfct.DO'iwft-like and contntdjiitory i j their nature* Uat: yon might lead tWw anywhere «Pj6i)gT as they did notfeet the etring. Stranger, it teke$ all aorta of. people, toraske a..| wcrid-T " lo s. l , . . iu' g i Ihechaitw", the:hh.uffljngoPfeet, the very ru&tling-of^ropoTjhflfirlhem all witliin •i^mvSKit^s^P^ief^ Wiii but. the rgurgli9g watefi^ h t^„waBlgr,dwnig hotter and hotter about WyVcxtrcmStier,- m»de f . .., - - . .... _.,_ more •floiwTrith-'ihe.atcajtting cauldroB' and wefAay have B^ Rood manV- than.disl-niy^ frenzied bSowB-ttCHinst its >u.-* / , ^ , . . _;_ u„- _ q g i d w / . ^. -. t _ . . ^ . • : v ... "Latterly I had hardly chasged^iny .posUbn; but jiowthe growing heat of f the waterj rrwdo.-rffie-praaSr-to and fror .-J. of the wflrati kind of^shite men here oat in the .West. But j hare seen foljw upon .this, riv.er^-quieffooltiug c^haps, ;toOj aa-^ you-ej'er. gee^whouvrere go ae totally, earac to van kterojta' that - they. ''ahofit -the doctor, who'd tell %em th'ey ooalda't live when ailing^ and jnake «' die out of it jiotoutof spjfe when "told. they muit get well. -:Yesl fellows!,M fond of tije*J8d things orl: earth- t»-yim or I,"yet whoidTush like mad Hcht over the • gangway pJiSk of life, if;'once,. brought to believe'that they-ttad: to stay in tb« -world" whether r'thejr "»tnted-t6 .Tea>e ox. not. Thunder and. bees! if j . snch fellows as :thct had .heard the cotek* crowjiw^.did^^^^en^joAtd-darte- cess about MTO-darJuies* tto:.thio!c Ywu^a^rbHa^eee-tlwMkJnirirrto1 -nftye uut H - ^vE'-'Atfi-ywninJSitlwtJs the Flame over j ~ the shore ?!E"*-^.^ 'r~l ".^. pPCvtitrig, jiianfiy!;? t could "tell liei- " i ac»ss4he MazonriL" . -' on, the spot asT did,.and I.ain't~ashanied. jjjjjJ^o-^rnJt 14 no.whitti' man?1'/ " tryou 'WHLovorhnwU»er? u ' ,' 11¾ werthpugh. p t ¢811,^^ g^ re^ w tnythajne is"Ben Blc it last, tar 'bar'i I'-. hove-is Ljiiiluitp•cuT7*rtfeT ,liwicT|?torkJSE"P>9*d ]»» hand oyer -bis L.WMl .uary^.:iiSXJ^iJf^.t.i HWtc l r n i l o l n a f c l i r « . a n d Mwnmeifc-Witri Iwui potfr iellow|* ^ rqw, a» h^ndw^auigi? for A^iKt: • •_; - " W n i ^ . - , - , - . . . - . „ , _ _ , ger, so" s r t t * isE loweT, . tb>it- thst last, tar ' '4 I.b in. the •lurnaebhaS.pi •Mf^^^:w!^:!^ ^^^c^^L^ie*i^ ?««^ %with less "ttmcothe" - - ^ ^ ^ - - - - - . - -= agitatipaef. manner: -*~\_:j\-^ -_•: __kingdom u,u^ .,.. . -.^Thcdeuce!".exclaimed a bystander, who,-: irftensejy interested in" thfijagei -EwasJeshjrig.rtie.wbiljB against thja.part '.li.tiohs of-the boileffopifi. _ -"TvecJweri ;-: it nieepJ4crto"see thftfiin, neaxthis-fn- >7~ierhal" Bbiler'1" ': ; '-• v- •*: , E ;.-;:'.. . "~ "Not so 'BM as If'ysu "wcr'o ih-it;'_' . ?-''fWKdFv:6B«!TycdBeh,"as the otrVer watted^ •*--•- -rapid"ly^ away.-:' ''••'•'^r"' '-:' -?/•">•. ^'-._ .J'A.8.Kf-he-wure4iM{| In-what^in Ttte - " - ' "J« * t A » *)*• ——.*• -UU1IVF' h ^ ^ ^ ^ •--<"=:•.!'Cerifnj. ;doc»mfork; ' "-iBft^rll^Wimpy?''' :*->/ ^i'slioii^Uiink'thcjre'd be ptlter^ paHs E^E^tliiTboat motc'oomfortable-."*: -, .--,:---1 JT--—^jr-y=^-r^j^- - -^--^- .-ITS'-XTS-. .•EiEvThfttVr-ictlii;- pofcHwyourTun atmeL^lJ^'-1*?"-:^*5?'..caflou»,.-«!)%• ,. :ntoftcCi.-.,Btt£;iyAitEtfflwegcMhrouahrffi*" r'"^M' , f "„,..+.1™ ^. ,»«„,., iiiriihiK^.u4i,w'ith_:lJio^d_Fla^ *nd.oi »ble to\r«!Bll "diBtlnctly, and'tjhatjnnst _x , .„, hrfve coac.wt shortly uwure Jj«cpVerc"d- • discumed..- Should I drive anothithole «etaoiousuess. My-reBt»gplo^thrDggb4' ' -••• • • - - •• •"• •*- She night had ieen, as' I've-told-yo'u,- at the Jar end of the-boiler. -^Welli I.nfls?;; drtamjs^ J^ihatv^ be^ .- nwa-hple - waiJjijjtilJt Eteli^ yb-of ;rt rcglaj^ fix'th' scrape tJiatEi.1 inanr may."get intrjr-IPs trijej. jjjo, eyexj!, iiiord of ilea's surejajiEmy name li.Ben Blower, v ,r'r"'"'^ .-_E . .' ".'•'•^ ywii'adVfc'Hcen theypInme then afore;, BtsngerT Hix" yean! - agoj- .when-new. -t . .-^,. . -,. ... .- -• = jaJonWriyer, al^wasEa. •>«*! 6ii>afid-^« f ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B ^ h " ! ' . ^ 0 " 0 : ingg/'ITahcieilthat mylegs'had so stfetchi;A wjtU"tlrjripiTg- walkrhad faTteft-'ttojrvem'nft'tergrci'tKat: they. no >»-K*ch«d- Mie - en iit« "length of the-bdiler-and extended—tft'rongl'' t ^ y opening....~ .:. .'. :~•— *^r- •A% "nrttfia-niydr«n^^eflexrttpS8,it" . . ^HWrf+teH-y.e-.. f was" at.tiftt timela E»E^ "- .Mtntf-ttboaW o^f-iKir. Yosi :=1 belonged ':i-;:tob*fr»tth*tim!e ofhfrnprort-race yirih 3^ --'*'<W -(So-liar: ,^ fou'*e-h*arn; mi^ Kap^ -pf I the great-^rew lip-by w^lpLjyaiQfltit,? could now shtttup thffmafl-hofe'itlthou', awakening mei But-*x>n ii^ scemed as ^ ¢ 1 ^ ^ . 1 ^ ^ ^ . . ^ ^ ^ ^ - ^ ^ 1 ^ werfi^ Tiecoming dlncirehe<Lin;^ thSj'ftoriiiys) which Bad originally driven me. to seek7 , „.T-.. ^4Hrn«^"fti^^gs^'iwutTEbuLrtJ.tni»^^ th«:iiMWBt nitlpw-Ihmi Lwas'notlting 1)¾ a mere fizK»f-4ftit water Tifter nil.. Only the' aprfnging-itf-a fdw' Hvet«f which4pp9en«^fwW*-pJalfr-' ,two and let out A.'thin splitting upon oine .nigger* that hada't-sflttse .enough o get otrt;af'3he'wny. \VcIL the,.Gor Iiar took off our.passeirger4nnd we ran atojjnwaher-'s l«nding4o rcpairdajpuges B^T " ' ' ' n^d Duryvth'e,pooT foo"fe that were killed. •ights {-.--• . - , . wne^sgme larpontor's workret to be'done! b t^ .the- laptoiu «aia,.tl>actijat might bo.fixed, off ust.-as well when wo were under:'weigh -we had wotkedEhard and "the. Weather jSftrraiid we^cedtftrTioTny-jnorel Ifsrnow -^^ vre riright take 4he afternoon^ ourselves, bntthe next m¾rninE' he'd tup s eam bright and''earlyEauS W?M 11 c mb out n cw. Thefe-'Wss n 6 te-rhper- nce society at Smasher's Landi g, aotf wtnt ashoreEnpon-a.iark -with ono'of se.hanus. • -.. .. ; E I omit-to mention ..the worthy 'Bema^ -" lin's-adventutca upon 'land; .ind^de-, Sjring of fully- conveyingiis language In itsoriginailtork force, will-not hesi- latcto-'give thoreatof.hisBingn^rnar- rative in-my own-wprdg, save where,'in'! \ few Instances T catt.recall-hi*precise ohrweplogy, which the" reader wilf easily, fowftui'o fhe nigbTwaiFFaw a^lrd sTeety when' [.'reQognized the. deck pf our boat.- ;TBe'1 "ficers^ instead^tleavlnga watch above, idotosed^everyUrihg^mfr-Aat^hemH eltea in the cabin.: JThe 'flre-rootn.only jvaioncn. .The"board* dasbed from- the henttside by; tire explosion had jiot yet ' been^replaced. The floor of-the room - was wet and t here_wasjc»iceiy4LCorMtl which aflbrdetl a shelter from thedriving sturm. I was about leaving the room, twignedjio-sleep in the open: air, and.. fiow betft. onlvnpon getting tinder the ee of some bulkhead that would protect yme against- the wind. In passing out I Lkcpt my arms stretched forward to feel tmywayinthe dark, .but~t&Vfeet catae lln. contact-with. a_heavy iron lid; I ^tumbleirnmd-as I- feJl «truck one of my [hands into the 'man-hole' (I think this' tirougK which tho smith had entered to ptmakehis repairs. -I fe,ll with my arm thrust so far into- the -apertufe thai Ire-. ceived a pretty.gmart"bl<iw in the face as it came in cohtact with.the head of the boiler, and I did not hesitate to drag my .heitfy after it, the inoment I recovered from, this stunning effect and ascertained •'my.whcreabputs. In\ a word, I crept ..into the l»Tfer resolved: to pass the rest lof the-night there. The^place- wis dry ^^-1 sheltered." Had my""hed been spftfr Jept alL thaLjnwi_c(}niri RH it was' I slept, an'd -^slept Uy "" |;fo?e. clnsiiigttrrt^ ".eyes 1 several times p tfy^wundsjrtp^t^tcilEiSft c - it.- wSs^hiMafcr-^^etreyait 'wiiirgirny—nnA m*r&n<Vii\li\3 In fnwKlft ttvr.- ,v^**W»jtz*1=-Tmt #~krt»t , J miSflaa fflt jig^-tnmBleifoft insn-hole-—foufi d"J 'if. Eipo^Blac^, closAh^-blackaadeyen aiftej ipoh c^n^rQijndlilm^idsed" , . ^ Tlve^olcM-fet-QtMi'aEJlglit and^ir^g -4wS^fWhy>$e'd swooned right-down § KUM'BER 1¾ "ihaiddeftprUie^ boite'rV ETlieTe*were po>- lifting myself -..wholly-put of- it.. wut im- pps»iWe,.but I cou'.d nbt^ rcmnin quift. TEstumBieoSttpo'n somethingT—it -was a :M»W#Bt!-8rchanee-toel the.smith bad left there/behind him. With TvhatJsild-jpJ' did I aeiite it' with-what eager confidence j aid I now deal Ay ffrtt blows: witft it 'against the walls of iny prison! But seartB had I intermitted them for a mo- rment,-when' Hieard the'clang #1 the J ran door as.the f^lfeirian flocg it wide to-ieed thenataes that wo»e Ui'turUirB uinl. :My. knocking-TO.-! m»i*wrilj though^ could Jateh^=|»^th«>j»geiiM«»^fe-gfai,i tenstiitme, and drive.tp tho door when V ;ihe AntewatM Fiat»PJ«yer.-' r •' ' . IAppI«»o»'»Journil.T ~ .. .In 1735the famous Vaucansbu eo.nV nleted hTs_&nK«»». 4utc-pTa yer. -' 11' pro? duved.a great' teiwation wherever it was «xJ*ibitcd.. The lYchch " sa-vanU'' re- ceived this automaton with .great sus% picion, tfvldentiy fearing that a IfringJ pe.ffotmer was concealed iwfthlnrtheJuf^ u're. Vaucansod soon disabused the-mo thht nption* as he-" exhibited: and ex- plained the.wholes the^medwiUm.t© yoiS'wi'fe'fi s^'dinTon tl a Committec^of--the. Paris-Academy-of- -pbjjiibn tijat inablesTifer f6 A<tannM. . T h i n :tAflri\p,l. Ivwfw - ittwlnt. * . . '.. • i -.- . . . 1. _ is ^rned body.,; under -Scie ces . . . . . . . . . . . >i»ose auspices the inventor published an account of his constructipn'iu.1738, b"came enthusiaiticipver theiingenuity.J displayed in this ^ mechanism, and even, wenMo far to say" that" the machinery' .employed fpr p^iiwiiig the .'Sounds of the flute performed-in the mwt exact lhaniifer flie very operation.'of ftpjnptLJ expert, ftut&'player, and that the me^ chanician -hiw' imitated ihe' effects p'ro- ^ncei_aM=*he^e«iBsreiiipiov^'^jra. e with an aceura'^'esiSwl^Afr^&'f.x Utlon.t'r The-ifedyrof'-thir^ute. - - - iT4tU*«1«ry for tk« ^ewM.E . ...•;;-••• • Lt>«ii&Brrjr*w».i . •--.•_•"•• -* Puttiog>upa stove-inot so difficult in itsMf... Ifis the"pipe that raises foor- •fi/tliis of tke .mischief and/all the-dust You may take down.'* 3feve-rii|«'»{ttl widowatwpt^ftin^b^a'ntofeat-that all the care in. the world,-and yet-that may besJ^had-taienhimforiiisnwnoj;- on't come together again is it was' r«;:- -YouflndthlB out When yon art standing on a chair with your armifnll pf. pipe and your mouth full of sop't. Efce."tbte!drOM-actiffitty itopd'"bn.ffie 1 beingboTteia aliveL Had' 1Ediscov?red u d . ' M I . V i l . ' n a . -V ,„„> ,A. -«o . . . „ , ! '«n- f » U - ^ - J S l l » . l...»-a- u|.'^.t * : & . . / , J . ' .V . f" '^ mo'metit ^ ¾ 8 recital of th^ is ^eirtlJle'fewonirf-r '^itg-sid" resort titbit'nn 1^^..1: w'hnlw vhlhn»» nfl wind-rmihwi'gp the! ^— xi-».^—J wi. . i ^ r . . . . . 1 . : . 1 , ^ . . . . , ^ , . - . : ^ ; Ethrofft>and into the m'puth,L which waa j-marJln-»pik^ii^y--WKl^;-and^-Ui-less. timcjtban'I have'taken in hintingatlhe ;cohse<iuenccs nf thus using, itf 1 had" tors have-siijbe Md'me.-.it^must-iiaveTE^u^nr^ppreiwfp'S^ on the wflsa of the^ "HPW -there sense: ,lehg".r migUtEi8» 'remained ekwltton^ knotw..' Thfcdoc- beeft a sortPf fit, more iike^nn apoplexy than'Ja swoon, for'the attack; finally- basB«d off in-sfeep. -'YeSjTSeptEI kuow thatj for I^dteamett^ drenmed. a heap df tHingsaTorfe I wijke; Thcj-pT»(aa but one". d»am„ howeVerj" thax'T- have cver-Jbeen^ tfian Tsughable, if you-tako.it .in coil ffflcttnn- w i t h , nti^r t h i ,- - . .., „ , pw»rdh.ing the soles of m yr i s strietcli^ d^n.i.th lU.u-Jjiuij|~"?r*ah1 thero":iii' a4*ioycmj_ _ I hearjliemqaHing for acToW t^ar, Tlfe bulkhead-'craclfii ft* "thbjrjtjy pS":the :p1ahkTng^ l^'hey"'-Jwve se.fjn tHp^Jcak-^ - i they, nrgtryiiig to get at-jt.' Good Godi uMnnw.'extremities.- Tlie'y greY s^older awi:Eooltler; 'and -their numbacsi grad- u^Iy-exfendei-apKard tpptlier.pacts, pf; my bodx. sIt sscemed, however,^ . tha,tjt --«m^ cUUU(i* r ™ -onlyihe-under jtidojjf mvlperson Well the,Gp7 l t l i a t w*» ^ as strangelyivjsiKd. I laid. '- ' upon my back, and.it njusf liaV-e been a species ef nightmare that afflictcsLme; for'i.knew at rlast;tliatEl was dreamlrig,| ere wo'-lald l)y fpr a"'mattMCQf ^ ^ ^ ^ ¾ ¾ . ^ ] ^ ^ purser TO, and got tilings to right ; for | vie-lenr- fit of cOu^hifigTresfcore^ at Jast, bran- TICW 'Mtart. E%6re " " "" " .dbid"'-beeri slnwly rfsirte ardund-'me [rusBed into mymowthj rawokef^-tohear- the rapid-itrpkes. pf theEpunip," wTiich" w,as.drlying.ltlhi»the;l5pilDr.^ •" '- : -i^My-w&le taa^tipjg^-ii^notTalLof- it-^not- y'et-r^ny -presefft' condition Bashed across me with newjiprror." But I aid jaf again swoon. rThe'«hofcing sensation, which made me, faint when I ffrtt'dtBeoyeredJipw-1 was: entoinboi,, -gafre^ way -t^ -»-j» valte>r4ht)Ugl^ : J essata^- poweringemotion. Ishr^pdeven asT sterW Irom idumber._ .The previous "discovery -of tfie closed apertflre,with the Instant pblivipn that followed seemed' pnly. apirt pf my'.dream, and T tiSrew myEanns »toui_andrlookcd eagerlyJor. the opening by which I had entered'the hpmd place—yw, looked ' for itj., and. felt for it, though it!"-was with', the sad r«TVv| -«^ofi th^U-WMMelc«tdr?loWyft Bec- ead time bjsmght-hdme. Co^ me,; which { prompteof 'my i reniied,\, cry. -Every sense seemed to have ten-told icutoness, L e^t: nntloik-l&_-.ac.t- in_HoiaocLiwi^ jL acether.- I . «h neked. again and agai n 1 i ai plbringlyy- deapairingiy, • savagelyr'' I -filled theTwllow chamber with jny cries till. its Iren walls seemed to. tingle laro'vndme. The dull stroke's pf the a<h. eursed-pump seemed only tojapcle**, whilg t^hey deadened.my screams., ,' '" At last I gave myself Eup. ' It is the struggle against our fate, that .frenzies t l t ctnS« mind.— We.-ceaao to fear when we • -J cease to. hope. I gave myself upland then Igrew-oalm!': • „ _ "Iwasresignwl tp. dle-rresigned even to my mode ef death. It was <npt, I thpught, so very awaken" unwonted as the name ho gave to the'ovaWTabed [ramisanda hay.e.beeAE'aurrJf toTBebot- uing Ejn .'{he^head of the vboile r) ytiaa ofth^octan shnt in holds of- vewolsj 'Hiifhrj' rpiss,iii d j . nj -thfr^ feait^ lHit X migl . rBparlp'grmyself_ *-rnjorS-fjrig|itfuV •death. - YesT .when I- ..thoughL-'of Hhat fiirnaee•withltsireslu redBaanedurl" ! - — t i l . i t . !' i . J .J."*-!. T - 1 - - . 1 I-hs*jsbut itrJljaliffe^^ioTe^^ner pjft|rpf beltawr, . - • j . -: .1. xv_i wjj,cj, wer&:madc3b blow;.ift: succcssipn by-the-rotation M - a steel axin, bfjaf—- airid sije by;»idg>with the" gnt n6w-become^ierfa||eBf ] ^fy^^ii^.^^^^^m^m^^^m ... _, , ---^,- -the boidyEpf the flgjire^ and -terminated jog.bcncsath the iron Uppn which LstoooV ^n- th'refe.BBHilUi'esorvoirsj.n .UiertruBkE- a mbre-frtghtful d«»ath eyBg tlinnAhat'nf • • . . • — . . . . . . . . . li iiuf bolt d i e [" I • dis e that rfiaTlet -bufi' shor timo .sdorier, I pc(He,ut nO*Te'ft""nift • ''It wasthiSj f remembered havloga t terminated By3wo small- lfpBi -Tn tlie boiler, .iihJ. soon-succeeded'in driving- it th romghr -. The -wate r -^ ffsh'c d "th roughT'f the aperture—wi)ul<Ltbey-see' it?. JSpl the jet doultl otilyplay ne«inst> r^oodgn, partttion,'Tvhich must hideithe steini- tr'o'in ^ cw';'it-.must trickle,:down,npbn" .the, 'decks beforo the leakage- could^r and.«c"b»to fcfe trictn thro_ughEtl»^cigrf-^ if. the moijih there was a" small viu T otile tongue. Jar pro venting and per- mitting the wind" tb pass thtojigH'the lipsE whichr had theppwer of 'opening-} Linore or le .^jt'n'd- of advancing or re- cedTng from tho$&rel'of the Bute.;' The mptionEaf4h£.f " J '"*" -the figure-Were . revplvihgEcylini _ and twenty^pne inches in^iamefer. ^^htoitUmCti&peotfoneverhavl .erfns.pf pegs, and-staples, fixed-in flf-j any4.tr0uMelBEp;at^g%asfeve, ET>*n to^ tnake.thfe -leakage-greaterte^rWhy the~ Ewater wi thin already secmedjo .hsjiensL:. blyiJinikiislied'jWJt hat had 1>ecamet!iat .. . ..through, the bod* and-idirected by paP. ^ypiccslJeys to the -shpuldjfjrj, elbow>a«d^rigenti: -- ^ 11 Other th'ree .oLihoJeviBj-gommuuicarl .tiBg_witnIBe Valves of-Hlle• three reser-f] ; yoirs regulated.the iugress pfEthc air, 'tqA an to prPduce at stronger: pf"'a Weaker toiie;. ArtptTier -lever opened the, lips; s<r "a3'<P"give d free*pa*sage to th"e"air, 'and another contracted-* them' for theJp why-' don't theyuiampen tiie-nfe-? ' Why {• do thByc-jlHor the^thc4^--"E; "EJ" -+ -^ystranger^ot^rrnt-.that fipgerl It __.T.k . - - . J - . - J , can never -remain: its natujrjilEwiej^i'it^Fte pun>p^ ' A-thi'fd "lev^ r'dreXJfliiTO]' ^sTilreriflv-done-alHlie-'service4that ' " '"*" mdii cmr"&l cx'iwct from stk.hiimble, a mom^ot. ^Srfjlieliolc vvoMrd-havebeian j.weBed.-uiy finger tfirmigh it! • -^ ^ -'.' J "heard the cry of horror fcs tlvsy saw 1 ^the. fifttEstroke ofEtlitf eold..:water p'ump 1 - llhey- **y> •tcoEthnt.XWas sensi- ble wnclttlicjr-.topk.mc,ou.ti-butl-1-! re- member nothing japre."j__ ._• _____ Wo Wnnfcd i'Cpal 86irit;tle. .Ho h,ad^si_ycd tlieE?rf.u?phy\"p)*%6 my powers of volilipnr f i e water whiciriijev^n '.riHes.^ but ^roiiidn'yijriakV^t Btay—ij got"iway Irom_MmLeveryi time.:, *, Then" his wife, would talk to h im with T his- self.appointed "task in'despair, tears, in her eyes n;h.cn he.beeaine sober ' '• : - ^--- -"-'— -- :~i~- and iiiTiis senses, and.he "would pronilsc reformalidnnnUgo-aliid take a. new;grip on ill lit" pKchwran d then -tp ~con gffttulate himself Twrroi\hln,t-l3elp"taking a drink. to- Wnd^ tlie. bargain; aird,in two houts "' ' ' " ! » way-jra afterward'every lamp-post- o&. hdme knew he ' was drunk/ The lost . ti me he-swore off -he, struck a brand of biyers^tfiat put an insano^ hleartntP his' head Utnt ho coiildni*-be happy withauit a coal scuttle,- and so ho -staggered int£ everyliotion^tdrehe" camo to and 'tried to buy a^ilver-mounw} one. with'aUtO' matie to'ngs attached. Inmost cases-he was simply taken by the -oar. and lead to j Lthe door, but in one imtanceJtui-Ciicqufc tered a merchant-who had just- received, a ptoaannt little note.from his wife to to the. effect that -the baby had got- scalded—the youngcBt bpy had tumbled down stairs and!spilled four teetJi—this dag had hod loco curtains for - d in th?pld.cst Txfy had. been disputing __^ th/t little whelp of MilbyVagain, aU' hfi If lid to have the doctor toHs!w-up his*lip. Besides this-tire' hired girl b«d ygmdowid: with- part, -of' "tlVf aiL} ver; aia"ir«ilk fegss, arid the waierhrf been turned off through mistake forEthe house.nextdoor. The tend eCcypfthejiQto: was to give the .merchant an overwhelm- ing "desire- fpr something: to kick, and when the coal-scuttle-man tumbled-iri and- filled, the the .sftrre^with scrambled worfs and aHimelL-pr-pdoi coming was' more, welcome now, .^^-^-(8^¾^^^^ hnrrpr Ha a manE| chaat: set: aside his"domestic "cares and tettall-liis^tner customers to give him ^ ^ . ^ ^ ^ T ^ ^ ^ ^ i t i u m v ^ ' i h ^ a ^ i ^ ^ ^ r a r i n ^ .ajeanr-fiveaBg oniaa lyM: -^^- «n;t 3_________t_______k____E£nHw l^feolhasbeen iwjxing it. she standssaie!jE; Tjffijtitt*B^m*m&- Ihoir I f J ^ . ^ J ^ ' - ^ r^iv'pirs-bftPime'united so. tfiat: fte". i diffirenf dtvisionstt its- circu'mfer- ^^fif^-rtiflerjnFteyCTa, ^ W ^ ^ w b c r ^ ^ 7 t ^ ^ : j n t i > : tno$pe,- ^. i . t l^^fAg? g A n '^ . e . ta?i^&\m?S the rmantgl, :,^d,dp^"ftejtove_, depressed.' - Beven^pf these ^ rcgnjateo.-nrid offtot^ie fl3prE_E___jur'.Wife Wa.fjphes you, and -is finally'thoughtful enough «$ inquire wh«ynu are looking after; and, oh learning, ptillifthe" article frefh her J-^rpivtaCTjident, and th* doc l^ pockEet.- TJien j,w, fe^T*%yau".'couW "' ' - ' ""' eSouT'doift* and swear--a hole HweJvi ieet'square" through 'a -block ofrJjrlck buiUlingfl; Ebiit'ifie merely observes: " Why^ on earth don't -jou. spealTwIien birdkwiiirdEfrpm the .orifice pf the-flwte,-] and -ft^ fpurth" piWied'. .them fofyartl. Tho rcmainiflg.lever enabled the"tongue tn • atop •lipElhf^nrtfl^gT-tjiB-.-^Ute. tn • al/ip 'up tlif.nrinr<r:n[-tKB -flute. Yaucnnson ici'irfti.'itiB-pl^ rcrcoTistructed , . a machine, tuat could play e^errairraift as itwithout^-the«houfr to'drowii. tho£I&|J_FC11 as.- ia lining i>srfe'rihcr -'?h- tiie PHM?and-tofer-player," .-oonstructed' a few .years later*- the.autom.atoir" not bnly performed complete juT"3"E_iut,' in render jjOg t^hem"picatly'^ excelhsl.the nfost-es- teejned lU-iius.'perfori^ crs.'pn 1^1686 111+ struments. . The great mcclmhician be^ ' ganifeconstruction with bnta diinpetr teption. .of ..the .difficulties which he would-haveriorsutmount in achieving success, and was-of ten" about in abandon " ' _ " . _ ' ' " „ " ' " " • But perseverance y.tlirs ease, a? itrso manyl pthern. had its^due reward,, Thefigart of "tho,"pipfr-and-ta^r-pliiyer""stands ^ 0 , on_. !>Eped@tai,' and dahckig-.-shephewf. 'is r^e^ scd: like a " Hff-hol<ls in one Kind a fTagcoict, ^ capable ofpcf^orining bout^ 'Uvent^ airs, and," in the* T. the^ a stjck with which to T^ttW-tambourihe as an accompnTlimor*•'•' T*be—fjageolct harpnly;three 6olesr«n(l:ttarvaTlety pf its-tones dcj^dWprinc.pallyon.a proper variation "et4l»e loree of .tuit wind and.[ on the different -.dcgrec*=-rn.which- the"'" orifi^! are-covered, Tliese—variations in.the fotte of the windhad-tbbe^iven-U wiUi a rapidity which . the ear cap ' scarcely folIow,an<Lthe articulation of the tongue wasTrequlred for the quickest BDteaKOtfierwlse the eiiect was iar from' agreeable. As the hemail ujununis net capable: df givingjhe"reqnisvte.aTticnla- tipnto a, rapidEsucceaBien- pf ijptes, and ""' ' onS^ KalCof'-thrai," the automaton was'thus able to excel Lthe,best performers, a* it played, com- 1 . fei'^;.._.^_^ — i . i . . - _•_ . . _ _ _ . > . . . r * i l _ _ _ "_# __.-_ pfetirl s' ijith the articulations of th~e " —'"«'at eyer?not..'1' >"o' description mcnt*-'of -by-wfhrolt. the movc»: "" pyie-and-.tabor-player gen; skunk and mink teem both in these hilbj^ and Wbcd Mountain, an<Li~i<isk- pr im m meui^-^- ^-^--, -— . , , rats are very 3b undant ir^ theswampsand f- r whisky, bit] arrtigned^'before^Iiisace- d8flBy^ 3i__khfe _t_g»ta^p«M^pMtfie-^the iiifit gofer I tHan appear- iTombsPoliceUourVcharged with thrcfw* "prgroundiwrrel'awtmole.aw*««nd ip_| t-mii «ASI .Kni^-. \tna utraipn ntmivu>ra-hv. The vmithftili Donulaus• colonies.- "Piatri NEW YOKK Herald: A. little boy of |jtwelye yiftWi. nanwd Henry i"ord wis .*StS». C7iTiiri__l!T?R3T) beating themselves against the' battened hatches—dragged down from the upper .world shriekinJ5,„not for lif(fijutrror: f deathv only teheaththe eye and amid the breath of Heaven I - Thousands have endured such appaHing kind of suRbca- tion. T would die only M manya bet-, ter matt had died before;. I could meet such a death;. T said so, I- thoughi so, I felt ao—felt so, I mean, for "a minute or m'art^ten niiauus it may have been, o'r but M instant of time'; I gno'w.nSt,Jnor matter, if 1.could compute it. | There Wasatime, then, when 1 was re- sig^ eo*-t<j my f ato. < Bet, good God I was should mention,- though, that be4^ rMf'P'ed to ^ 'n ^ 6 "haperin isiieh it • - - • - • - - - • ' • •• 'next cahiBtto.*ppal me? Stranger? I felt-the water growing hotter about my., _. __ linlbs^ though-it was yei^ -only mid-lei4:&Cflfl'>':Sa the. state of Jhe^cpal-Scuifle \ deep.1, -J f.^Lit, npd at tfte; ^ - - ^ - •••- 1.-1^1.-..-3^8...^- . ^ „ ed-my position"; I had gonts first of- lalLtdEthe.furfher-end of the boiler; then '•againIliadEcrawled back to the man-, . - , c • hoje, to put..my hand out to feel-th*t4t4-«e«theard the roi ;wa»-i«eaUF!«p>m.-^ Tlie warmest-place1' --•-*•--*•"»-•"•* .^was-atthc further endj whe,re I finally :~'e^tabll*e<lE;myself, arid that I knew ••. Jrein the first. ;It lyw fppllsh i^n mo to "think that the opening through Which -—I- had fust entered could be closed with- '-- but my*hearing i.t,. and that", toorwhen f "-no\-o'nd wa&"nstir but'myJielf: bwldes^I -, never c'opld bo/ir \6 bju'Hhu^up in any placc-Mt always givcs_fi wild-Jilke fec1!- »v.i'ig about the Tjead. i!ou may -laugh, 4 previous efforts; to.cry out more. -'Atnoigcr, but I bellevo I sfiouldliuffbcate. '"" '"* '' " fn an empty church. i£'{J9Bet-f«lt th**.? fl Mja.same mtf-' of the furnace that Was to'turh itinJ_>«Cteam before it coiild get deejt-eiwwglfunlrpwn me.. " You-shUdder. —It waa.hideous.' 'Bujt. Hi I -shriek, and shrivel, and. crumble down-upojj tli0 iron floor, and! l.oae'my a" fitting- reception. : H»-manner was#L ,^5f.I1^P'|0P^i to. say_running over with suavity, and -SrH** '^ -^0¾ hollow profeiions^huk iLwas'-warm a^nd- ^f f '? demonstrative—stirring and " earnest. ' -*" Volumes jnjienvj- display, type couldn't have expressed ohei-half as clSarl^how- miich- the meeting pleaseti hiuv as did the first seven' kicks( for there ^/&s an unmlstakabio 8ineeTity.pf feeling about them that cold print'can, never cohvej Everybody Tn"the storo could see w' put spectacles that his manner ;thc. 1_ppzy- plertgc-bteaker , was and open as the Arcade, "ifo f g stones at: passe rs-by." The, you th ful — T - . . . _ „ . _. . . . . . - . „ : . « * * » - j . . _ _ _ » _ _. owmti courL' r^Oh^J] nMtic arifl T .m 11 the-magistrate Me-'. cnt to foujr school, know-fVasked tlrt pipe and .the chair, and she gives utter- ance to-those remarks that'a re calcula- te p to hapten a man" into the extremes of Insanity.' • iKr dress is pinn«d over her waist, and. }Ter hands. ie»t oh he( hips. She has,got one Of "your hat* oriher' head, and your linen coat on her back) sad a pair of rubbers on ber^tot. There 1» about S^e.*nt'*w.orth'bf pot-black bri Jier rfose, and a lot of flpiir on.-her chin, "aiid VltogelBelTESiiftEis a .spec taoleE that ,1ft;^ "-ar .^.up"t}SeM tl^ ffi - -. '•,.' '»m(ial OmiijM*.'"' EEv"-X Mr, Thorpe-is aimddlesaged widower, and wme time ago'h'e- paid his addresses to Hit,' Bott*;' a widow on the, shady aide, Of -forty. Thorfje is rich, jind af»«i; the and ao he concluded to test berto-ascor' tain if sher realb/loved hEiin^ fOr himVLf lUone.E !3p ona eveningEwhen. they Were, sitting together in the parlor lie said it^ i he floor in..* 1 •__»"[.. Tsee you, the] " Hannah, I've wmething unpleasant --* " to.fclfy^u, but lamgoiiig.todo it be-' cause I consider it, right that you should kntfwifc Hannah, what Would yfltiJiay if I informed yo«'that one-Of "i»y knee nans is gone, and-tB»t 1 have a patent hinge bri. that **gP'_ :,'"''• :"'- •* ' I should say that Irare nothi.ng^or that.my dear; I hare only one toe on my left foot. The others were frortbitteh tn..^__ljhe ankle^isill. twi»t*d around cfookcil*" »'--""-.! _.. E~ i^^ ftju itonTtejl me?"' aahi Thoipe^ 40.}.'.'.Well;. EuFErw" aoi&til^irowe- t&a4 that --• T miglrbas wrell eonleas nd«r- that aom^LlEij. T.alrl,p.»3fr-on tofrof my Lead is not oB-^ JTS. floor iiidbo.tnbards you wiittsuct d^estic-jnottoesas, ."""Sfhatk theuse.Ct sweafrmr sof" '-YOU know no one hif ain't " 4-real l*ha [thaita-childJ she gpes-and"- reap] •irtoTrof pipe," and-' up pfeqcsareaHTe.' irs with .an armful store you are aware .' ..EE '^ewiMy does -seem "n»" two own on toy mtWrij '.'•lat ^J^mjs^I^ara'chad- . jo f'GiiclousTl never siionld You join ti.eendi_mdj4ive'«xpec.ted it.. Butypu.W.Hi bc«i»t> prised to -learn that none of my teeffi are natural. >. All false, "and_ besiidea that!; have to wear an India-rubber'thingaaa- gigonmy palate to keep__t:from drojK wdrVtiiem to frftand to-and fro again, and then you, take theml apui.and look •at tiiem. --The|i-you spread one out__r_d jam the other together, awlffiounwi pnee-jaure.--; Rut It isno-go. Youbeginl to think the pieces are inspired with" life, t^1 dow. • But she doesn't lose her patience. Shtfgpea. around, with^tinjt' awful e*»*- -- ' "'—'--; oh, jsith si tengthof sxm, sJ3da.loDg4iaBdled . hand^and says she-don't anr '- 1 ypu-ffi-Lsith&haipiiier. :You aEp'nH seeElt A PHII.ADE£I*HIA dancing master if _ _ saf(TtoEbc about fttrodjuciag a new dine* |-tni'r*«at77 I'm sBBiectiO^tsrtoo." ['expressly for fat people?1 All theperr" I "Th[sisBe"frible,'rsaidThorpe. \Mrs'. |iormcrs' Iiave-to do is to,sit and Rick; ' |-Sott8,_ HbiDlryott ^uightri you wint'any'thtng, and'jiirtytiwarpuii.l like" a" dummy.?"' _when. Uvatiiort of the.. you are making, the stares 0:¾"witn., intensity connection, and: i . that'jsen-. tirel^ 'i3h"cal)cid-fbr. All the whileE/your position,.is-s*comfn"g-^ moro-. and; more' •mtorfisUng. .The^pipe d"phJt, gbto_|;ethe"r^ |: ofcouwe.-. ;iriie- «oot"stia.k«!:down,:"lnto |f_fe.?B%?;wiEjno4_|_i.'.:.'tho sweat rolls qt!Wn"ymir fac6 and tickles ypuf-cfiin as it-drdps-offv-and-it-scems. aa-though-your. atms we're slowly but wftily drawing out of their sockets. . Here" your^^ereoTiBBT to the rescue byitiquirlng if you are go-"] itigEto be vajLdB7~noirigC *othfng, iandif'1 yiju" thinEEher-arms'vBr«inBdo : of cast- iron ; and then tlie broom slips off the pipe, and Jn^her endeavor to recover her hold jhe jabs ybii: u«der~t*e~chhrwitl)r the handle, n^d the pipie comes down on yo.UrhenoTwith its loacdf fried soot, and then th?>chair tilt*.forward enough to. 'aisdiaigeyoiirlf eeti.andrTou .come_doj_B: on the wrong'end of that chair, .with a iorce that-would bankrupt'a pile-driver. You don'LtoUch that stove again. You. Je&Ve. yqur,wif*«aamining!the chair and. bemoaning its-injuries, ami go into the .kitchen awl^wash your/ skinned, and bleeding hands witlLycllp^ soap. Then you go down ihe. street after a man to doJthe bustiiess, a.nd_j_our'wife;goesnver~ tqa |ieigh )^f-*B 'w^"hIer;chalr5Ta»_Hiells; j£envjiDout the injuries, and drains the "ncigliboi^ iood iff- Witli 'ItaE syinpaiBy 'oug-before you get Home, ." • - - ^ - - ^ Sitting Bull's Quarter*. - t t j l l i i w M1H 1.UM1M0 .It*' t o r t World.J ETlie" region "in whichrSHtagBuJUa-teitc^ combinktioh uses. ^^IS^V^^^SSS^S^^^^ P«ra o n "Autumn," «uyr»j"ffifc » klbd of-skylight, lift it up and see down on thi EYou fan i ihside-"of ^UCT - AV9 MfVTfT nfltPZW jCWM. MKy - And g o « u tktmwUh * t h e n i Tb . » _ n y ara_r.~»jr_ <«t Am% . Th« pool old i l i l w u y ' _Ud,-» Sumsaeet p*>,' t t smi o a n j i ,- iuama't tout, a_U I, S I B U n 1 ! p » « ! - - "th* tnUm mat t X biAaWsto • " - A ? W " ^ " * * T A . * * * ' . . '••'•• . BatiauwmonuiHBiJtiBjroukMr The+rrM\ect, H»M_CT.qg l>y 1 And to SorrmiT'i »»«7i __ . f l . . . Auom«r'i»wiy.l . -^ ' A ^ « * J t t f _ j i > » y . « i i t b * _ 4 r , E .. *»d bit uTte fat i t U tkc'wig: •'- . - A lorisgkjuid for ttuw^thinfmn esrtk IV n n w l o t brmutj h u ^m»4 .- But & all l h A KuwDtr'i (tow, aa_l X, > • ';li«iaiBWffi.doiwl -^-;~ .-.——--— ^ iVEEY-BAY KPICEBlfif. » . . AVHAT ovexy husband aluHdaV mar r ied"< life "alth T A. 'good . exca stayingWut-alHught that.itill nudnUtr- breakfa*t a bapyy- meajk^ -» E E'. .FctTow inna: It is geUbg so «U_>f ' T"-,-' that ict-t-ream dealers hive to set Artr freewn'-beMB'tfTtta.'atove at night ' " EVEBV clou(T'ha». a -sirv«f tiMJagJ* and iiiiinj i-imTnii_ii'r< TmEjiirrnriiH. -*•- was *£mt\+\red healthy cloud. .-A- Max fooled intaiuyiagapinchbeck - 7 - 1 ¾ wa?cfc«_lt_d: it, Faith, bwause.li^-^ijj^ -=.--^ = withpat wprksj and therefore"ifc«ri. ' ES^Lotn*'journal i- Many '• thank» for batn_- "oiir type. • f)tnwm.Frti:J>reti:~QTtFOt the half dollars of'our fathers was dugjip Vyrtb«" vers her.e yesterday. Jt<wts»»ce of "Vtfi $*A- yeu-jnentioned t^Ede^ B>' y ld tho wjdow,;;^r;j£gTOg me wurajBg to,teU voT^-aa. I - ^ v ^ l a hair^f m^Tttuik .fiat-tiie-IaieEMr,;XitH 'ing-dpw'n.'Ji 5 *5-V?rryj??-'*J'. 'fa!*e:too."antI ttotTam perfcidv blind, in imy right e'yefi.itrlookirlike-a, good ewi • but' it" *b«lut«lf: aiiri't -worth ' • "IF • • - - mpney," Or. ifjio-iaidfWH "^MEdfEiK-^r^pE - - - -:-". ,.,-• 'EWRW^R'sTAUa Reporter: I(you. •TiQt want to t'e. robbwSpf -your giJod' .'Dune..da not.have-it. psiiited.oh your" "uuibrtllu-. -• - '**"•-• *••"• ."'.. -' , •-.." THE-'lConiimr.f £/ugglo'.' % the jimi dt ~a WeeSTyEjounial to-beTSa»a 1» ..-,- . . Philadelphia next month." ~A ywj.ip-- Jpttej- oirt^ Lgropriittf title; ^"-"'^ _ \ v W^h^Tol^lls¾wN_¾r^rf^C¾n'l1del^U^•* •r, Mf weftaVchad ndciTcus'tlnVyaar, t-B-pro-" I tu'sioitT>f-r?iin in this viciniiy\tsro_safr _ '^countable. *"•:•-.':'• --— --^-. r '-G«at Heavens! ^^dWn'tyouJelTr, me of this • befbrffLwclatmed Thorpe..I 'Ulut'whi'e-We are on the subject, L-Will^ say further ihat;lhavec"hrol)ic torpidity of the 1tver.; How _fbeifth*-t strike ydui" .'.. ^hv-idon't'mintftt^siadwA^fi*; Ebecause I Have been^ TOliQUsland. dy»- pfptie for .twenty years lE'andjiesIifes J a in one rib ihort. It was broken.'in ai ' - " - " - ' - h:adT* BbsTox 'tilobei .Whole fields in Hjehi- an are dcvotetTfb the culture of mint' itliapii-thftt; is Why they discover _o"' many now plhnetsHhere. - - . « - - .Niw YOB'K•Hbxdd': "VVhi'ttrlies roH' f^ ihcnisc^ YCB up^nto -cocodn*,' arkl fi»*t earltltcy c*me btit- handsome,' fhll edged.'jyingj'old^whoppwi.--- •• ;•".:. Su tioncd these, things to -me when- posed, to you.. 1 lmagtued lha' addressing a Vomsh, a complete . . . . . . _ vcwature. liutWha't «je you, MytBottsJ •pipe' which gocsthroftghE the Wall is^ AIP, tMre. BptU-^ vou appear toETffe to .be. a nho.kfcps: it \u£,withEihe teonm'.- while ]T_ind. pf a -dffltpjdoted 'plir wreck) with !n halfpf the «wa,l machlbcry ii. ft*s a wonder .you doa't faUL: fiotmorel about yoEu to pieces..".. ^ -"--1 am tsa .worse_thaa ypu;arc.--. rYou said yourself: that yoili _|ave a/tirap^ Jciogn in. the top'Of your head,' and -a :gum etaatio'palate," them to. tee if yourtally lbyeoVnifr.E I'm as sound asifuaTuir."; no inactiycTiveJr," or si Ever plated-skulf, or; anything.- -"But yoa•^ «M'nJ, to 1* kind . of strung .to-. gether, so's rf. you sliould knock against anything^ypu'd scatter alUapouncf over. the carpet" «1-think "ybit*;OUght tpTef' m e off."1"--^-—^--:' ••••-.•' ~ - - - j , -. " Very well, sir, so I Will. But Jet me te'll you that I've got "nothing the matterE with me either. -lonly invented tho«e- stories. to-, try-^ you, pfcaiiMiJEJtacteyou.). were?'playing a Lgame over ui.e. Kow i»f know you don'tEIo've me. EYoucangoj sir.?'--- - j . •' . . . ' : • • • • -s -"- Hannah, I take Italf back., I d o .1 l o v * ^ : ' . E * ' . • -..« ,.1'-' • •-•• . 1-'! • f d o you, really? Then I. love you -more tftap-r-'i.^ J '< v^E ; .,-.^..^.. •".'.-tiut ho; the curtain iad bettcr-^ b«; drawn rightf here." Tlie cold-^ nd selfish worid has no busineaa with tuch scenes" as this.^ They, are,: to h* Sonso.idated early next month..'. .'\"~ E : . - - - rETke''"fiukloiit.;-;~ w ''".:' M n ^ » i l l Kg; wnni ffff ffijii-T' full __l__k_ cad' encamped-is fufcwf^leasant places, j - -¾ fr*ih design in ladies' riding Jiato Not many yearsagp the'country be- is a'black silk hat with a'lowEjoilhd twsen' VJ»qd Mognt»iiU.MHUeytowa. ewww ^ - - ^ ^ ^ - ^ - ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 1 1 ^ 1 ^ . ^ 1 ^ " V ""JP^'" ' .^ - ,^ - Hills "swarmed. with "BuffahWs. Sow '.'*himney-pot" " - "is-denied well, directed labpr, tlreif atulls" whitening on tie plain-^ud -/ Conch shell remains 'in favor7 ahd I nojthing; ^ .to^ho attaipod withoitt i t the'dtcp worn tracks which traverse tie here aft foundnot onl*4iet»v brooch and. prairie in »very direction-are .the only earrings, but pretty additions to floral evidences of their former Existence. For pattern-for the-hair. • ..--'-" '- two ortHrec days past, howdver, vast] . A favorite eombinatton of colors' is herds from the n'ortfi; have been passing were produced wSa .published 'at' the i -,--—; .—.-—„—-•- --«••. , - >--—• .--. .- . . , - . . - tim>, but there-i»-littleH^ettkm^at-tt4^gT^Md'-^f^.^g-^toUX « e j ^ i ^ i L __jLjthla- it roae-fflraL.aliatlj--^dulIani was similar to thafotthe flute-players . Ubundaut ratipna»--F-oxes^wolvte, bad- yelbwish, Jiut it will be onc.-pf-th '* » . I _ l _ . . _ l _ ^ _. J __ ___(!__ _ . _ . _ . « k A * f c ••• *•*- - - - _ _ , ^^-im**^.^ ^^-tl_____ • " .popul us-.colonies.- I*.*auie -chiekens," prisoner wos-very pomtettt'an&won3«W4^u'^^^^^ ^1***™* neveY again b handle cyen a ^sbble.. By ' — J—""" ""'" "•*-**"* ~~'Ayp- now-we hffiTafstilLunall voioer- saying J- ='• Tlio party -moths have "just ruined iny- fursE' -^ Arry yseasible man: - wHIEknow-w-bitisexpected of hfm. '*•••£ • " -EABTOS Fref.-i'ntl/-rHvi'b)\itgh theory,. 1ms vanislwi.- Vf'e rid*- so hard TO . this country-thiiV;th&*tout4s»t hebbv ., -cannot stand' the excrciso-long; . -. Bet'>uaT___VDtvior.rat.- What the m4k- ijlan snirl when they, foiind a fish -ii\ the, - lacleal.fluld,-i"Ooo'd hcaS-ens-l thebrilldk.- eow"hfl8 benfrn-r».'imu.ing again." ,-, - ."dA'SBvHy AVIM.'TO be kicked in, jb»:. stomach "by ^ ;co,wiWtfrth*22i000 »p»t ff'' 'Yejt^ btit .'these-thiA'm ain't true."",.; - . » , , - »• .- . , . WdTEorpe. "I On"^ told• you 'abb"utvTb?*ceoB,,!)nnieclby'»**"&?<*• «nnobli»r sensations..Notcyerymarfcatfaflbrdit? • "-'P\iel&: Ann* thus 'did^hi apoetrophiae • hisjo've: " Oh,' Hefiifiett»r BreadHtlilfi-•«•' SlinerE-of- 'hungry "cbiirlhbbd4rcanvas». ' tiack-jluct of .satiated manhood!" But • shrjinldn'tjiay.e liim, anyho*. ' •*_;"- / E- A B^VTHRBslwbk-keeper visiting the .North P'n his "vacation" walked to tha top of Bunker Hw-JlbnujiiefttEEHe said.'••_'. that it was the hardest column to foot 7" up he hajCsee^ ^ ince heleTt hom-eT-. 7~ i'B itA6ELPHIX UuVetip ',> BeaLestit* "" busihpsa is not w^p'tofitablir-1 j list, now.- ThEe Jcnant is wafting for the landlord to, tlower- the'rent; -while the landlord isx-- Waiting fpr' the tenant o "raise It. -. 4h't< end that-crawlpd. intoEourm'ucilaee- bottle, did so with the expectaiftn'_of "oetteriMf hiR condition,\yetiiSlftear th»tfrn »•• iangtisgo of the poet, "he got'stuck.'.r . - Hani Wotlu"'- E 1: " What is your secret?" asked-aTd^ t n i . w . . . n^-Trnni i n , m i . , "f T " E P . t r i " d i s t J M n i i J l B d - p a J H < « . dresatoileto. and will'also enter largely. He ret)!^''.!. have n0 secret, madam, — • ! J-'- ~ - •------•- ° "M-Kn» kwp^ l wnrV." Savr Dr.. Arnold. but liaxd .work. ' Sayr ;VT,\, difference- between one man TEe" another is not_jw niueh in talent a» In . "'•--*: Xrithinf.". says Reyno da olive,-=withi-ill shades of pink. Apropos poparar "whiter colors. . Cuban c!6th jastylish material in pure! WooLrin shades of.-robin's-c'gff blue-attd warm-i** color, the figure BeiQg an.ex- Ceedingly fine check. This is twenty font inches wide.and sixty .cents a yard. ,.. . -_ , _. ^^^^JBomeJafEtlifi fall- Walking-aTefcwsare|7w_ e T*y r t e r^*iS^5^ti .plover,' sand-pipeis, snipe,, and.othei. gn,ort, demi-traln, but these tretho.-ex-. .w_den .^aa^weH;aa-^_gepJiia4J)l^ Mr.di_ c^ pUon rather- than the rule. The-aiM. and latks,._ar6 fotfnu everywhere, and now, even fpr street costumes, seems to sorvo to keep-"thfiwolf from the door of Tl»"fcward""enoiWdeHrsSinRlri" the back Sitting Bull's IwfgeE Wooded belts are I grammar .^'nthe-f ansv?ered .qie s^d.- parse-ftif/scntettcc ] oy,'-twill let |fly accepted the \irreetly. parsing itogly the'coart| Mountiiin the'Great. Salt Plain, that be-jrins just 4l*t of .'Epuchivcod Hills, seems too rtnew itself.'.'Hundreds of small lakes- of-saline or brackish-crater, with- out any visible outlet are to be found, — . . •* - — - — • •—/-1 _ J — . . . . « _ « himsdlf in a manner that conl^ misunderstood,L:4n ^ * * y _ . ' . » I I P V V H i y I " - ' • , - 7 V . 1,. , • , ^ ti™ 0 ^ 1 ^ ^SmTthese ,are fxequerrted by (oracred to "parscJ'. ,ift-.-eoALntl£sj?J___skjBf_ K'"'»» H « « K n i < i ^ i n i i 4 - n / i l 1 l i n settle dd's'n' intq hjs. tiob^ and i gpton-^ speaking/ terms with thS.inai gave him _mq.ro, iiifprmafion in fifteen marKfthnt^ a half-hour's parley with some otlicr-dealers'had done. • The next time ho wants anything in that Jirie he will„8cek-5t of~a man wlioweam aflppcrs. » THOMAS .TEFPiytsoK i^-home is in- a ruined condition, and'a' long lawsuit urevohts any-improvemcht. -The far: " w worn oMt, and tbcho.user^yeocrfbeji 'jthat .irfsf^ clouB conception .of .It diiring the lia movement here Tlie cause gotnti old- take kindly to the fe rind began dc- ncftts the negro'' tting, and among hat there the ne-|ptk; nature had senses in tmrt*orrid agonyoTfenrf No though my bram.swam, and thtr Fite- bloodcuroicd at my heart, seemed abnut toalxgnatd'thcrfc forever,-still I knew I J-ftrth's, nut into brick, mo'rtnr, and wi was too hoarpe, too. helpless, frorn, my with funny little TOP+HS, novel-sh j^ . . . ry i>" .."But J latge rooms, hails th*t go nawncrc I struck, fteblyjit first, then strongly,-!rotR.\dM__»>Hfc9ttV'^ urpoM''—____ fnitiwrtlyt-with ny cleachod gstagitinst.i ciipicd ' r,and bread and forest and 'ban- plea, lemolfs, and gr«*.a« plentiful scattered tieoughbut the .'country.. Th__ herbage; Is c l a m j s i weil-sfiaveii.Mifo, \ 'ahor'cltimrw of aspen and poplar,abound- 3"towarr e i e xaih lri "the' c " ^ytton.Esud not found that e**h d nunarkable short, even to tRe'ankle.r - £ « * mcnJ^fcj^ent you hare i « fjnnt: _£__- . ! : .. knew sometntsg you did not" 1 Excellence, in any de artment,", aa-ya^l-. Johnson, "can now be attained by top. labor-pf a lifetime, biit-it,JsJP__^ purchased at a lesser-price.-11-v •• Theiw «a" ±..^ . ^._»l—A II —.IA « » ' -tut one method," -said. Sydney Smitlh-; and that is hard 1 abor;. and a man who EnTriot payTsfiaEpn.ee for distftfcttoaE had'betterat once'dedicate himself to-the pursuit of the fox." " Step by step," . raads 'the French proverb, "one goes'' veiy far." ""Nothing," lays Mirabeau, -" is impossible to a man who can will. This is'the enly law.pf fliccees." "___aye> ' in^ a coach, ever talked "With a"peas*uUi the field, or Toite-fed with a mechanic I the^ loom^'-aaked^rBiwaT^gtrhrw:^ "LyLion,Eaud nptTuuBd that e*«h Ot~" f-T^^rioes ot-*ilkft: are." r»aaonahle/l "*»*:^'w» - ^ 1 ^ - t l l , t *!** there. Kaving. been m a^dvancer.in.blaij.k ' •** * " ^ "' ^ ^ m ~ " n n d " BetweenEERe'ECa'cius. P l a r a - a n ^ - ^ ^ o r W h i i sliade^Eand^rgrow'li-g|ex-f?f p A 1 ' ^ ^ " "b„ tf^J^Z^"- *i-^\- a-ii««.._.. «... u«_ I .-I.-_>-_ •/_t _(.-_>..',: ..*Ji,»..«^"w .^ I intellect What men want w,.*ot taJeM., hlsTftavcs being-wonderfully'expert in -atallting the cabri<l^ prairie deen— v SHB stood on the ' 'corne '^ smiling sweetly as'he passed over ttje crossing. He «ydirit know her, butshq was very pretty, -3i<F%mpnHing shc^ THOst be a lady to — .^^-^^-1^=—.--,— „ made in Napleis silk, in,distinct shades nnmiwTfitinri-*'tiinngh _^ |f<rp i«l« Mmp. # blaeE ^iiA and fiiautc, *;ifth aw s«|rH4«l with the Iu"xu*isia'of the ae*e«_ • tHfluned.wlth torchon or Valenciennes ^ . - ^ j . . * . . - , , „..„ - j ^ They *r«r beautiful and can. bo - " « s w » *i__ « n . " _ A - L 1 L ~ will'doubtlcss (.known, 1»r bri StTyin vogue", wherf {3ay. seta. . ; \- at aclub,or idled in rags urnier Ac cellehce of domestic manufacturcs*Veri^ ; . --.-. ,, ....,. _ .»- . . . ders it pto'bable 'that silks* can Ife. bu.t,jurpo«; -in other worda, Mrjfcfe". obtained ill1 through the coming winter. 1»w*'.*<» «ohleve, but the w»U to Ubof. ^ at favorable.oriMs.. " " - ' • . - • ^ - ' .Newsetainwlk underwear consist, of '^X lifOCHAyr-bR' Notre Dam I drawers and corset covert-•'Hii^ftiSim.^innt^aal.Jiaa.cqn^iicuQuaar : his show ,Window a note 'for a cru'nt, witb'-> doatt yeas* added, which Is^ ajTered "to the IrlglMM Jiidder. The note *•*-given for good* laundried perfectly. They also'come ill*"Sought, and the sign'eE.wlw.Bioveii >• [ivory white, and arc jav pretty. «*($- gtstia societyEpauses th?—'-J window every ' or his _ cpmfortj-|bOTr i^i grace" and -courtesy. In .retnra -«V- ehc raised her lip with a look of scorn- ful contempt atul-lookingback^ie saw to his cljagfin that hersrpile had'beefc jnan- __ I ufactured expressly for a lady friend a Dftt's no.ugh of Lfew step* bah«d-him, and When they __rky,.!'dat.a.n't.!r kissed and giggled, and peered after him inridicttlo he felt about.asegrnfottable-i OIT. C t n V^O: as a man does-w*o«Ue ^k m9«th.'wttir>ia«tcr. than _« (Uy ^tmihjJenfr.r«ufK. * ., -t jaojjmi tadfes, rwoUld a ffiie treat (he [»(h tint i!r*lh hwnwrpt - S o oft » l lh »c>-th^ hl«U,rtc: DVr (hon took on t mi l l r took u> i a m n « l t « r r * A i But, »l»i«hB»out ihrjmrr**)' P o m n r d oltl\ir: MHtrn, . B ^S25K^SZS." f^- jier^wiwnu rap^wet, r BtTRWSOTOV /Jairk-Eyr: The man whose heart" stood- still if I ««.« »»..j«„.„« Ww , -— — - .—,.- _ THI?? is the l a k e r s Qaieftf* imHa* whom he* had at some time had «-pftaB-t,6ij 0f ^fr. George Wanhington Childs'sTthrough the long summer he ingiptrod&ction he raised his hat wltha poetic style- ' ' * *•*"*' •»•«••-* -i ice creaai at rifti6ii,eetiti . rasdy .to lie -doVrb EradoTe aVL, oysfcn at fifty ce>tt adij* ___Jt_tH alstattoe. '> -.>'E i- ? ^*%i^*f A ClIKUOe Jttrnai: K « * B W koam ^aeh, - i f atn heitV—tof cork, tee expre— traia k h«v» loatcd abeot i». **«_ buUt exiv't; M-iiaT *tm tesmm* hi I ? E : :i~J :.j£ __________ •y- *#%
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