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Forest News Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1877, Page 1

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Forest News (Newspaper) - November 29, 1877, Forest, IndianaIvoald ratbar b* a rhymeatac, i. :.: HsUiiajxcnfeaauch u thoaa,- If.thaAea-BattsiBoUiachiM .: With my UaarutriujatUaJaaaaj =. F»*Doh»r<J bai-tiatalBjamj, - I • m n«llb«r ball nor gear, ..JSutl uko »4t*Urf.cwo?ort — — - . lu my. bo.awlr. dwertu^ way. ; " Yt% \'4 r»ti« tw ncribNtr, . - Rucking bealibr, boom trail, - Tbantbaraltal boll in Wall 8U»e*^ •'. W ItbOlaWelu and hondai* boat • - MrapaxlmaaUarairotapaclMU, J But l*»» roiwa diouga to «06««;- ABdcaualaepiipoctM utile,. .•-' ' Orlbedowmat, ti IptoMfc^ I'te so' luxurtoua-t—. humLl» floor, -__ bhuiwi • kcd wjr-eaitiju •'Ij UrnVtin) up »if t ujr-eaiHW »"«l jrdtbw nrif nor eoatlybronsp ^naftifir* ,^-, Yci I'm fiTlI«i well cont«nl*d ' AiljrouUba,HIhad ' ;., ! •' ; Stomal priceloM, g»udy KalclBMlu, " SacfcaaniakaamuapaopUfladx-'i , . : With mr nwencbaom maKtog Iratiiooa,- - Jn mr leaikar cuiihiouod chair,.: I would not tbanlMb'o CorWa Foj OM crown <rf Sp»lj»itj) wear.-.. for tbalaet-U,;l'M a&hapM; —--- •'- Aaaman-tanhoMtabe, ' - . ' » . . - - And the rim. or fat!, oLp*i\£m Kakei BO ibadcw wiaa to iuK lTUToiadiDT-mliKBdftewkfc «-!•;- : T . IntliU*»WoJ car*aaiauifc; . ^ BatPT« fouaa lb<w»'» tala la Qusid • :, Forthe Uhoi nwumfe. . . , ' - - No.Idonotriahfoi'TkrhM, -r . — " " » T..>,—1JHW. ) — f a , . . M ; : .Jut* {0*7 UtU« hontiuu^. r Betttrl«r.thinraui.t«l4r^- = -rwonWHInrm+riaMiQTr "--About big eooish-tbr tw :f. - -v is- -" - - ior.Un my ptain wajr i _ . . _. ,__ "TiroambabetU:rthaii«tta»B»t ,~ --• Amia aof Mjji-d jrifeisjore aw, —-—: . V Thar jallltle girl-sad boy.. •..? -^ - • Jartto miko Iho *iol» 1 bfifcTtadlW ,- : —-- Aadto ftlf ray cup of }oyi . _ liuamorleeiliejF bringl I tea) again b1«ki«M. ' -2rlH*r once more rb* aotart-llltla taeir -.-. ~-: ; - -And merry ta'ugtter riag V „• :Tbrou|h ttftrillll ro&m>iiut'u1l did at iU. - "~~ ... UptuT*li^o>»f«BSy I bcbcil i -v> » . - Uim Juit about to iprliii . To my tmbrace.fSfijeitRjg, In my>}oyj——z Ojujtol bojuiow.doth ring. , 77^ , ... -._.- -'• Ha»T«a'a«>*<ra kit tiring—y«t nn M TaqCnt Cttair • WhcOfttr I lookitod at* he U not-tbere, ' Uyiad heart wltl riBel. ~ ' • »K, Falhetl with t:qrpcac«myrpIrttWJl^^ ' • *•' R »«b ntetoUwiubaiU^lToto.lhy^wUl, .-,-. Xhou doeat alj.'l b lnj» «elt. * . •--,.• of yoii," was the comforting reply. " I'want to," was jerked out between the! paroxysms of pain, even...more spitefuHy than the popr.-j«Qaian.,K»j» ac- w t o m e d to speak;, :," There's-60 usef- ul my4iTinjj:aiiy'tongei| ilt I'te got to be a b^tdenj I—"and liere she shut hef -teeth harder together—"I waiii te KO4'.'. . Lily thought it wis a dreadful thing to want to die, And wondered—she couldn't help jt—what'so/t of an angel ^unt Joanna would make/ ' "^ - T h e days sped on vory^ , rapidly s&ad- I Lily was so interested in taking care o£: -Aiint Joanna thai she was' In danger of forgetting all atwutChrUttmassnd^anta Xr«P|rker Exterainate* tAe M«*qitl« . . / ,-~-.;~_-=v toea, •'. - •"-. »•;:. • JferParkcir, besides being a philan- thropist, U a seientjst. He is interested injiuthe discoveries of the nJederrT'phfl-; /osqphers, from rcrlycarp' Y. Pillycamp "down t^those lately assembled at Nash*., — ville. Mf.^«jlwr:yeadfraft4hetraBr«^{-M.-riUt tibnsof_ the 'societies-^rjirthe Proma'ta^ tioffprrhis, That spd the Other, and dis- coursee learnedly .thereon. Becently. Ifii, Parker read tha^.si lady, liad 'pre- -seated a paper before the. Science A.wo-1 joiation inrKaslryinfe, in whicb,amon,- totherTBluable thiijgK, she had snggeate ^ a.mcth'od for the extermiffstion OTJOUB-* Glaus. . . . . - "It's real siuold of you,"- said one q£ her school friends, "to shotryqujsself BP as you do with sttdi a erowgrnfed old woais**" »^ . "'-•-' > . "She is*Tery sick,'' said Lily, "and there is tad'OUAUj tike caw of her;" —r,-^ r»--,;—»OL—-T : " -J t ^ti.- 1 read* .glowine with esoHeineht, and em*' r E - ^ ^ l ^ ^ ™ * - - - - ^ ^ * . g P 7PU J W B g | ^ ^ n ^ g b ^ p p t ^ n tap of his headt E:TIofgotton ^Ul>eut±SE =• - ^ ^ ^ 1 6 ^ 6 1 ^ - . ^ 0 ^ 4 - 4 ^ ^ . - ^ 8 ¾ astontshed reply. ilAiid wer-calcuhBed onyjnnfurnlHhiDgaijerrtiMtablei" "Sheadded, thoughtfully; "last.year -we repaired the ehurch;_toe,year beforejre .Bought .a new Sundayrschool library; .and-^oh^now J knowV this, was to create a jbor fund." E ^ . „ ; . '•'-.'. -V Aunt Joatma would.haTCrcome in for ^ a share, which I propose giving s her when mhir needs' it. .(A day .after the AVIIT JOANNA'S CHBISTsTAS^ ' • ' - \ ' v t JOSBPU^rB >d!fcLAM>.'•-- . ".. Aunt-Joanna didn't-r|erjeje in holl- , days, or-anniversaries, or^aytKlng of .Hhatso.rL: Shelhought itajfoojish waste „of .tjirte and money to'get ufLentertaih- ,, menu, or "to make present*, when there r was'so mBcKreal'lharjtlSio'rk needink; to "be don*. °^And overiincesise^WAS a-httle E'glrfjgoSr Joanna had.been "^riyen to "deathf' (ft thessy'iiw'Js'.'''' •-." ^ . %erybody calledner'.^AtnitJoanna," but^ she -W»A resdly-aunt. to. nobody.- - {which was arres t ^ity, for. if (die had 'had Any little nieces or nephews, to climb -- tm ker Jap and take her. heart .by storro. . she would- haye been a different and a -• hiptrler woHia'a*' Bat thd children weie afraid of iter, and even the babies-cried. and wanted to'get-away^from-ner when e»er «h.e took.them in her arras, " - soft little nartdg, werelevef clasped ingfy around htr peek, and_I dcn: ff».lr 'mts fr t^w ton lata.fnt lVer." "• i'8o j:»uch.,the:bettejrJ'. said.Laura, turning oriber heel.'?" We'd LaTd'thSt: imjch more fotsorneEone t\ae\" n L i l r ' anailed,. although she "was pr«i Toked »t= laura for being sorbesrt ft was; easy to talk:about the-poor, arid plan great works of charity, much easier'] than-'ltwa*tolobkafter, srcV-neigh.bprs, or • to', carry-' "food * to . those who were hungry.'-- . Mrs, James was -rery anxiovis about Aunt-Joanna, and Lily shared ber fears, though in 'a less' degree.^: As .for, the fTnraad herself, shestemedW;bffnffildly losing those eccentricities..that had dis- tinguished hex,. and':' growing'sentlei quiet and even tender-hearted.,-£& ftrst she had "been_t«Valj .cross, and bard to D3acage,-As ia_ frequently 4ho case;with sick people,, and. i t seemed'fo. tfiy"a' thankless-office to be a volunteer nurse,, but after a wbCojhesoftened down, arcil then Mrs.-' James' began toije seriously alar,nied, • : '—.-v;—-—' '' '•' It'was the altenldnn"before..Ch'r?stinaif,' andboth Lily And her mother had Wen wonderatalithat.Aun£Joahna_grew to be like. an.iceberg. . ."'""'" Sheriad'alwayaibftji. uaed^to dornfcJ •- rougri-wbrfc,'a)Kt had.oEsort ^.rbuarTI tlm* of it generally—except when she - •WorkedWefeMrs. James. who?ws»-»orry for Aunt. "Joanna, otrd TBlwjtys spoke kindly to her, and did hef~mahy favors. Lily Jaiue* though'theracroee-grained w - Joanna, wpo.-wa» » .jruio Letter, .auu f™1 aWft^to, fitfupoi hsrsetf if the things 3 T W within, arm's-length.- TQwards-nxus o- i ivuKHi. ' A u n n i u S i [ eTeqing • the : two Home missionariai went down the foad 0- the " little I ight •be-'sute-the' in- imfofUble for the ,1 olcTwoman; and uaually avoided crojssiBi ~~He"r TOtnTtorTcar, as she sow, it would , ,brhr| her- bad Tuck. She: had even "' helped the other girls to play.tricks on- ^tW-npoor creaturorTor children, -you know, ate Very apt to- think'thaVqueer- ptxrpieare made on purpose for- them to. torment and abuse... • But Lily outgrew her'childish days \ - Airf her foolish ways, and- began'10 be ..ihore thoughtful, and helpful than.she __jiad. eve* oecrh—Ghri^ttnaa iime WAS a-j ^nusy "bme~with'h«r, ft^Ir^-foT^rMki-.l»• EToreh»nd:she began to «>nslfftTIe3nTrip .-tines and.to plant the various JgifU-she- ... would make her friends and relsiiMs. •. Bho bad£Slr*ady supplied the majority r"of her frienda ..with tidies, baai,' wall-- . ^pockets, " receive.rsj'^of everT-=shape.Arid . for. a variety o f purposes, and wa* at a loss to know "wnat new ornaments'to exercise her ingenuity upon. J:" " . ' . • ' ' 1 " I •^ aik" y»w'd: stop' in , At - Aunt JoAnna's," said Mrs. James to Lily, one morning in "November.'" »i t e l l her^I ' shall want her the -whole of nest week, '^andaerhaps longer, for there i« almost l a^ in i - l i miiH in trift rinnaa «« t r » f " t ^ outdoors." "The melAncholy dAys hAve come," •Aid Lily, looking mornfnlly a't.the fall' . ing leAves-which were spreading A dingy- emrpetover the pretty lawn;'and'as she went on she repeated the entire poem-so Aprtropriatft to theachanging season, , :Koveniber-is the saddest monta of aU the year ;• and -it was in no phee rf ul mood Uutt even so bright a creature as Lily James- knocked at. Aunt Joanna's floor. 8uoh A miserable place as-it was,, toot Enough to give-any body the horrors! ----Swre-wAMro-response to her knock, "and LUyTTra3"nfuitesur8thelotue:wa« deserted, but ventured to try the latcb, and oh,, the chill that crept-over her hearj.1 She haW to look twice before sh'e, could realize that- any. living soul WAS in j "ffiitTljreAry place, and then she saw the outline of a Body on'the bed, and knew it could be no one else but Aunt Joanna. Wa««heaiivo? or dead? What could "be the matter^ She «ppRMHsbedTiea»er', and could hear .her moaning wi&'pAjnv knd ail "tnougnt oi rear or dislike^ fAoished from Lily's mind. ,-"*!•' " '.' She soon had a bright ftro In tije stove", and its cheerfuLxannth stole intoNsJrery nook and'conifer o l i h e small -room until tho very, walls' seemed'to settle' themselves back, into A posftian of cozy comfort, ind lose their shrunken ap- pearance.^ ••• > . • « Having done this much, *trd seen that Aunt Joanna was alive, but suffer- ing very acutely,' Lily ran for her mother WQO was an excellent nurse and would know what to do better" than she did. , lly_felt fo*JiEm6mBlQt4haf*he'fcad neglected AgTeafrduty>-And fie^rfaesTt t4irririw> p»'"fallY for-she .wag very .cagsoientiouB; and naoraever before been so publiely accused. - Thefr her fa«o brigntened; and she.inqaired the^objejfe of t h e f a k i -' "' •"_; • friend Laura feitjii,-- \vmrrtA see,-" Ar-rwy-lit^man-rsrnaller than a ^^ iSl BifMjushelraT'ni'tn hta'rr' LqjUtoes. , " ' « a i j ^ a e T , ^ d " ^ l ^ | J™' JpnW £ 5 ¾ ¾ ****%' musquitoes in the- apartment. |^ a discovery I" -said Miy Parker". :Wha£ -As he ^ ^ p g ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ E a d " e r a ) l J l M i e 5 3 g s "seff jn.^buBinea.'"•'." Jlr8ieat" guns 1''-. con - . . "inuedlie, ,-t? what a., noble idea." "SdiiHr f *^*?!^'* le,-Bo inexpensive,.so. easily applied, jy-eL -. Who is: tSfere, cny asd ftardto please, but when mos- quitoes nip-the br$w, aflerce; destroying angel thou!" At- the- conclusionof this apostrophe to wome%,^r.-¥aTkerj-»euv' iug the shovel iu>-his right Jiaud, pointed it toward heaven,'and, nssurning the-at-- titude • of.. "Liberty-'.EnlighteTung -tha World;- shouted. Si Tableaa!"- in <uloud voice. Then, he went rat «ndvboariit Itwopoundsof powder. 'WhenMr. Rr-- ker-Wtonsed to- his, room.; heVmade egb- orato preparatibas.. He closed tire wm- \. dows care fully, ,'And^;to secure, the best results, stuffed- cotton in s!l the cracks then he slxut all the doors and locked j them." After he bad finished^these^ar- rangements ,hc glanced about the ro<3m,, .Two -fat musquitoee sajt leering at him jYro'mAhe top" ojliiisTfcook-caiei'. All was calm without/"; through Jhe closed Win. Joanna,, jrho.-WAS A Jrifle .better,, andfsniratoi!, Mr.^ark myriad activities. The waiTpf a'peri; patetic glailft-ce-SOT-be Taiitly -heanL pTCd-hispathetic "r'gla&puddin1;' sounded )ike'a prophecy. The.sun shone brightly, the.birds sang sweetly, the waters" of ttre bay danced to -&.e fluting of tHe-bree«e^ Within.aU was silence-and expectation. 4iA.ha!" said "JVfr. Parker, pourirrg.the powder into the *bnveL- and perhaps; iancyjng.'tim8elf. a modern Quy^jTawkesJ —-" S'deatn; odds bodkfns, eft^tifts, .thinef hour Usacomeli. (he was addressing tfte musquitoes); •< thy sErlft shall,be a Bhprt oqei. Marry come lip, by my ia l idomf'} By this toe the ah qvel was full of 00¾^' 3er(^nd, dropping hutnAfweier isteon^ spiratot, r.barker rubbed his hands. vsfid -WAS nistht, :.LUy was ran, tor ah< xshape of s had that she almost. surprise for Aunt •warm double. e with her own: jQAnna in th ;owri, which lands.- ' " _ - : - - ^ - : - - - - ...j She won't-thank-me-fotit," thought Lily.:" but-l'-v» had the.satisfaction of making i t ; and what is. that mother quotes so often? Ohl—' A good^actron' is its ow.n reward.'." " .-- „ _ '.'You' "must.-sit. up. to-morrow;" said pMrs. James*-to the invalid, .tlreptone of her mice being an assurance of strength. "It's Christrnas, you know, "and we roust all celebrate the day the best-we- knowhow. ' r E :L_i - A u n t JoAnnA. fAmeve:, ebe didn't believe in holidays and sucl nojsense. • And" Lily jAthet" expected: some such .retort, put trjer'e was nb4eprfr Lily had begged' her mother to net the lamp low down so that- her movements could not be seen, and then-she busjed herself- softly, hanging wroaths--about the'tooBh^AM *therwlee. adorn ing it, go eyes on Christmas.morning she woul Tia^e'a'holiday1 rooTln \mS Of nSHeTf. . The surprise was perfects and when Lily andEner mother went down .aoon after breaUast to help Aunt Joanna into th* « « y -ehair and the epmfoftable wrapper, Ui^'.too,. wtfe-rsgrprised at finding her in tears. . - .' ' ' Lily stood in dumb amazement. 'She \ would as soon have expected the clouds todroprosesl •- are none of us worthy,". . "But I've "been so hateful.ugly all my life 1 And 1 knew betterr-too I The -£ordl>le»yuul" - ' ——*».-' .- . How l i te A child she seemed! Sud- denly, while she rested onjheedgo of. the hei, supported on either sidebyLily and her mother, A strange expreMon' passed over her face, her. lips moved and she whispered," Killed with kindness)" then A sriarp sjmsin, and all wa* over, m u - disease had struck her heart , . A M that was howjChristmas came to AAnt Jwito»;' witk a liolj, j iu 1 Ifyiog TnBuence that, madetrbe? more ftt to enter heaxen. If Lily's friends are poorer for lack o f her customary holiday-gift^ she -herself is richer by tthis experienfie whiC^^tKnght her not to put off doing goo«J,-«nd never,to neglect those who through sympathy and Tcindness might •le led into, the kingdom, .' * A -CERTAXjr. London church Organist always plava his sweetest musio when under the influence of a strong Opiate. He must -have A preference for .'the Poir Aunt Joannahad been "sUl ,Wf"tof^ o W l t f r - v i c , t ~ f T ' ' ^ ' ^ L i ^ T -^ A.- _, -, iS— t _ - "•""J011.'''") titer. He is said to have composed a Te •"' V puta-theLHiore ffcel as II she must agony was so terrible. soream out, the *tt*&s of VheVma'ti"sm;Vnt this g>j>.o"f I S ^ - _ ? ! . ' . ^ l ^ T the . ^ A S r n ^ r y . r t & 3 » g $ * ^ ^ tttin. M I > going to jUaKatfalATint J n u m 1;. W * ^ it rAlns in Very hoi ^wejtther.T toMr* .J»*».«?i. . - . : . . . JTUhe»Vopen«tha>pours.of theclonda.. needejC; o^Rly" a shoy ., ^iff he that hasn't A- shoVelt: Where is there a^rt>cert jho iL-which-ssne .cannot get possk i l^ Aui He stood behia^A littfe table covered with cheap gftttirisg awetry, in -the mouth of an alley ou-¾ins-street, in all kinds of w.eathir he was. at his post durtng daylight hfurs. Wien it rained " |but!<l*-^figttratively: speaking—by thrasking A rubber blanket over his treasure, and sheltering himself jn An adjacent doorway, but when the akywas clear he was as, firmly planted behind that little table as though h'ehad' been agun-oiet«4 lawn ornament, He was A very little mAti- »'rrjr|ng by have ' Some time'in' ihe sprisk of 1873 there appeared at" the court of the Queen Doi*- ag^rJosephine, of SwedenE-then sojaurn- ing-'at the suttrtner pelice at Boaendal^- fpur y»ung and beautiful girls., whose •remarkable talent" as musjoiAiisjhad At- ve seen nSblewomanj "andpliiceitln AshweijLbJm »t ai^^had ifcjic-f twen-for his nose, close a l i t te doowi^Windowrof-yeurf?*»*;.*»^ noeet /You^ouWa't ttisi:^ loom, and then explede the powder: The conclusion will exterminate all the inilaniiit/ipft A.Anflr-r. p ,-" ' -'* \VKa£ IngHAjny *n«r> t h f ' r ^ qaihlfte hriid-1 < f o ^ f f e l a * ^ & & U f t f f o r i t e * 1 » ^ couldn't do<fgitEyeTrtftT6bomito. see it,-whether jrau wisnted :to or "not.: It , W4s ft fiMethat'Uteitod lteetl. And like a [strong-minded woman insisted upon hay- ~ airitg-own nghto and As many others A-palnlef'curBe* the stupidity ^ftije-old'l jorjllpwhtg lh* art of rnixingjj colore 1»7iare-the_fate of Charley Ross, Eut"iT*'^» » nose tbAt no maneriuld look t r WpSn ' s r tb j^SSjSBeMMlAE^Mgdl !??" 8 1 1 5 ~w«-appare»»-wAjMeewwe- l-l .-.-: ' . . , • . . . . . ^T . . ^ . m v a h i m urt a n i , i , M » i u A , o n f ann n i l h i * only.^ to think that this pHilaflthropic in- Tention-shonld-haTe been-^tmelc, out,Ja a moment ot inspirahdh, byTSWOlSfib"? Oh. WumaVsaid Air.-Parker,-_.fc»tati- ^aliy, "in m a , . ia»v a i i i - W B . i w w a waiia wim • i -^ i ji. p load of misfortune- meander" albr&^rT!n»r«tte pi , our. hou«rof easernBcettaJsiT46*'" JwattT^-eUaoj-- ». . i . j-t- 1.1-L-i 1 A" i_- • .'. 1 vnmniHMl - 'Annuo lh never found-before, wondering whv hd- .4-had not Aooner febdertaken, to pair off his troubles -with" the blewingi of -We, rubbing'Eis hands-gleefuliy, aad-telling i 1 mself with; jubilance -what an ineon- sjdel-ate 614 ass he"had"t>een on'general principle*. I t was a.Hbee that triedhard. to bo sociable, 'and much: against yoVr will was botlnd-& go: Along with you- You toight put it out-and ^oubie Toe." the-doo.iY*-it wouldn't «Uy,- TJef ore you: could tike your- seat. it. was be/ore' you „. . , . „ . K _ B „ ^ „ . , agate. It popped into yotf-mihd at thV dpwseame the muff l i r fhnn^^h^a^u: -ffloef Inopportune- moments,- Hurniag ipiratorj A cheerfully together ,.:an"d began"to hunt 1 \ - * • . loaf h * #«linrl nria* .nfl" for a match^sT At last he found one; he scratched it Upqrtth'e Wail, hilt before he' applied it hir thought of a passage from Orpheus.. .'^Just the thing,", said he. "forafuneralpratio'ni I'Hgiveit'em.> Then, keeping one eye on the fat-mus- qiiitoes aad the other, on the match, he said: "XttSve-placed my hand ia l ihaj fjftenee, and wonder, and speculate,.and %uery within themselveajjrhat object ~.v». * — T » r.~.~ « . . *„.„- .„ ».MH our aunmon flidther had infiew When hamper." 'I-have tasted'tne sacred tar-4«he took gucb a wide'departure from alf ' ~* "•'"'• ••' •*••" -* ' ' precedents. And then after walking- two or three blocks that nose would go *!*:- - / — 1 . ! t - i - —. i * _ £ . — - t~ . ^ n r S & 4 f f e a t P ^ Z ^ ley."* I have beaten the drum. I have said 'konox pmpax, and it is finished.- " powder and-—111 f 111 I t was finished. A s the.policeman conducted Mr. Parker- through the Btreets_ half an hour after the explosion, the boys thought the tat- tooed man had been artestedTor getting drunk, to such.an extent had:the epider- mical administration-of powder chaoged_ -tho- philanthropic countenance, of Mr. PA?k«sr. . " What have ?ou-tb say. sir, againxtthexharfe of Attempting to brow to-like A fashionable comet trying make up-lost time, and-back the pewon. would go on a drummed up pretense or having received"top"much .change, and -W««r. th« wya^apiin unril theEfatellec'r became dated,, and stunned,. and more perplexed, ttfii a. boot-black Willi two tfie station-house/ "It was a greaTsur prise_to=-to me, sir," fcaid Mr^Parker, in a da«d manner, "and I have no doubt i r > a s , a surprise' to thtf:musuult«)es," ."What can-the man'meap l Take.him to>.the deepest-dungeon. ''neatB—•—" •"-'£trye .please,-sereeant, Lknow thiA gent. 'E^a a"-ecientinc -gent.-aa' was a- glass puddin''_' had sounded like pro- •phecy. {' SavedT,' said Mr. Pir'ker. The eripatetic glazier had^ a jpb which'too'k kn three days Wfimsh. s. ~ •i E Mra. ParUagton. Mr..B. P. Shillaber has been writing A , - » . „ > » . bright and graceful-article fcr the Pott, 'i* You are killing me with "tlndnesa-l" pi l&oston, concerning the good old lAdy • • .• --^-^ — "-". »• ' I ^ . L * H . . A , . u ' . ^ i n I , ^ - • M ^ A . A A a i . M I n tfg Bm--Kwho rjrst'm'ade her appearance i aft I columns—Mrs. Partington. Her first innocently wise saying was inspired by a remark ot one of the newspapermen, on a night when a steamer from JJnglaii.d said Aunt Joanna? extending A tre bling hAnd to her benefactor. "."'Jjjal killing me with kindness I—I dbn'ide serve i t l" . . . . ^ - : . - . - - " JTever mind, never mindj"said Mrs. J „ . w . jAmea,,soothingly. "It'sAlt rightr-WeHiad.' brought-news of an advance in .bmdstuifSjWho said ho did pot care, as he bought his -flour by the half-dollar's worth. 'LMis. Partington" was thea rihade. to say, in the little pazagumLthat Mr. Shillaber wrote,' that it made " no diflbrence to.her whether flour was dear or cheap,asjsh$alway»received «0 much for half-dollar's worth."" Thisw$s cop-. ied'the next" day, and_tho inducement was, thus oflBrea £to tuj again. . This The I meeting with like sucross. they were kept.-on, until Mrs.°P., as.she expressed it,*adattain«d»"memento" she could jjfltoheok. Mr. Shillaber addsV " Mrsr ^ tioir,-fo^I .'had never seeh'.The Rivals' acted, nor read it, and though I kneW. from extracts in comic compilations, of Mrs, Mala'prop's existence and charac- ter, it moved, no pulse of my ambition. The reaVinspiration'which prompted the effort to continue the Partington say- ings, when'the"toe* took positive forrn, wa»ltk^£QnstAnt.hearing of expreesions,- by very excellent people, that seemed tooiunny to be allowed to -pass into for- getfulness—queer errorsr-inadvertently made, and otherwise." : CuARtiKY Ross's father, In his search ^(ir'thistolfia-bpy, hasgpent 180,000, his : entire.t|rtune) t m f ^ nowra- tpiveling salesmafvior an Eastern house. Be has made three hutdrcd^joume^-irraeareh of hla lost child, And say* he shall persevere. • B^ o l i t would fill the organ of life to over- flowing ^th^rAtltude tirttrheA^-h^dl tiadmoreofa grudge agaLcetsomWne •cTse.TTJBtAnyone ;b<iw5g"»Iewn.'with a TnweJtote b*iere a lHtisief. Oratec -^-: [Cla*lan««l ^ rfaUaW. *abta.V •' :-' : They• were sittin g- on • the • ide of an unased dray in the edge of. flupktownj Iver^ ponderoMB; brogana iw*yingr.abottt; in miiiion with tlie movements of her JAWS upon the heel of ah old -rubber im^^iii^~^T-~'l-^=^:^-':tl^-^.z:'-~'-i*hoerthe l*stsubstituteihe-had struck TtlCted the:«Ueiiti6Hof musicaleennoiA-lfTr^'^: " • ' • •--**?.••—- - : , . , - .^1^- rtu.rs or Europe,- And through the ae*B« umship of Uttillie' Weigrehj-secur«i, th£xn_the friendship, as-weli"as the pa.t-.I ronsge of. royahy. - I f inayTje reaoily understood why the advent of these fair, artiitt*, wh» from childli'ood had been proteges of the.King,.«tented a geat sen- sation among the -susceptible youth at- tached to the court, apdjmssing hours of idleness Amid the beaittiful sccnefy and .-• - ' . ^ : , - - .- ^# i L - ' t - ^ - ^ i i - ' i - t n ^ v ; f Attracted by the beauty either of the'j place' Or of its fair'visitors, was a yojicg aohle whs biu siBoebeeoiDe PTOBiiDei SSI^S^WBflE^SE in European poliliw,_and who. stands next in -succession, to the throitt-ofa kingdomT_He haA^Tcrbeen fortunate Wlovfe.3fat at.la?ffJDym:pTS£BtFka' suffer^ a derert-^roiinQingtotHs pride rJut-moj^Jroundiflg-to his heart.rvJoone of this-<jtikrtette of beauties he-became deeplXi'And; devotedly attached;" butj thuugh It vamoose^." Arnongits-other. qualities it* seemed jgndowedlmtlfethe talisinanic one of making ail other ills dwindle faster, than' Senatorial prospect*, wheuEthey came to stand up^ beside it,.. I t would 'send-'the monornaniac skipping 'Along with his he^d in an atmospheric strati j ('fused, and the lovely girl,' to all remon straaces'of'the friends at. the -extremity of^ercoldrfess,"'declared? herself "wed-. ded to her .art." -At length itt'the fall; of 1875; she, in company- wi th' three f el~ low-gradtflttes of"tfle.^Om»eryi5figLJif Music, 8tockho!ra,.ieftJiudUenly for the United States* 'Not eveBBSdieitjieareat relatives imew.df their intention to leave l^urope^ As to Prince,Paul-TC-r—-¾ h a i " waa nigh'distTactedr Csmraelled to re- nnfferin-Bi^bper- and not during.to n-_ linquish the. duties of "his hifh sta^ - thinge topsy-turvy. You might "set* down andtry to figure up how much you would make.-in-selling thirty-nine-boxes of codfhm at seventeen doilart each thatj cost you. eight; but that nose would walk in. a^fa l t . dojrn. ohTpQty:flgute ypu made, and if ever'a noeo coula wint in defhtnee -and ridicule,, .that - particular •6h«Ss"ucify.;didyEIt.,was a nose", to be proud; of, for in. six thousand years of: trUlnature had sever.produced another like iVand never .Will again..,It *wa» a mine of wealth in itself, for A bigger id- .vertisement couldn't be crowded into a band--wsgon . with banners - aj>4 - white hortesr—Tije*e%as A sort of-fascination about it. that would'pull people up to that-Httle bench AS irresietiblj^-as-a wihdlas with" a rope arountTtheir-aecks-, and when they got there they would buy some gew-gaw 4Jiat- went down Uie first dispatches (rom~New Y-tfrkT*" 5'fter p y Mng OTticerte^in connection with tn'e.weH Bull.-and- Thomas oreheftra.-the quar- teitelast spring stfeured the services of JolSr D. -Mislrler, And. {ernmehced. what is to be a muBical tourof.the United fitatos» '.to be rcompJ t^ed- at 8an Fran- cisco.--liuring their vacation Jbia sum- mer tiiey we«B ebntinually-fa^Jwed 60. various. waterirjg-p!aces,.hyji tall, dark.' forgigntlookirtg'gentleman, who seem^L [lo^ beThtereated in t^eir every move- ment^ _ ., to a quiet "Be^ ka county .ftm!*_ -took.boa.rd at.the village hotel, an cigar stumps And no matches.. It.was a good nose totalk through, and~<xfeupled . . . » . » » . . , , . . „ « a good deal;ottimeJn that way. Itnad waedthestern sergeant-in i-tifr riiP.rY>yJrhate"Yer-npnrra pocket-hand-!: — 'kerchief, And had long- since turned it- self into a regular Merchant's Exchange "forboiht and their, kindred.. It'waa not Sars&»aSXSrSasSBSj5 i^ man, aad we-fcave saidtiisit-'-ha.wiar not gigantic, but it west a nose that no man Of. amthfttie temperament would undertake to wring-^wlthou't gloves. To sum" up, arid boiFdownrJt was- a nose-tftait;-couru-' ;not be described, pictured or imagined.: With all MlgMAa. lor-ilng rgtlflts \V the sovereigns of: e before it and ":ow. photographT frt»p» t e earth,Tandy would pal of papgr under e;tch ^nrf, and a gross of steel-pens-in every! pocket, with no bet- ter-result, and old John Willet, with ail his imagination might sit-down on a log apd.gness himself hlind-.wjthdut getting hearer to.it than first base. So you see, posterity, will Have to try and get-along somehovr"' "withtfut knowing ranything aboutifc. • • - • ' , " ' ' "'" ~~~8 : Pleasant.for Hard Drinkers. . The Louisville CW*tw is published 1h a 'SSte / ought to be good if the statement thatprqj and ninety-nine thousand that are, inado fronr-A awill,—.^ dtatlll Abominat 1B the SOk give hJBLBO encouragement, an'da(l,.Hhv advances wefe met with.tb*coldest'»«K" 3ffference.,whenr, t h j ^ u l i ^ p t . fee, ^ ^ ~ lT«id'" avofded alfoigtheL.. The-.tal.ent,'ol \ h i s r ! ^ ; ° r °ft yJ~Hr. _.r the soothing chewing guui, which the hard times had driven up the Wabash: Xn his hand rested a bun oh o f meat and bones that, could mako" a., mule driver lose his complexion, while, the mate to the" hsm-sised fist, was idly pounding the cobble-atones with a dray-pin'. .Ttrey were talking of Ipve and sausage me«i jamboreesi-atRat Row",- work-house'diet, seven-up And jnatrimonv. At times •thcir'ihoughti clurtered fondly' around hog and hejnlny, hiltroost* ai^^urple "I HAVE," said Dr, Gntkr'^' reaaow for being a» sbstaiieV;: . i»clearer",, my bealih U bif' hea rtU lighter, and my | u n e h I S A W Yotx'Oommerdmi: jKirabiped in. Uu interior of - says an exchAnge.1" Tna^*. . . Here in America people'Woniiip ia i too. ••!• , _ "" . ". ' \Z..JiKW YO*K rf«rW.- Mr. Poonee* Obadiih Jiasodemua P« -Edward.ClArtwaa a btoeder i ,. Lonyatoit,' but (rest Mi name!) dead. "*" ,-":"- :c~ .. Roctt, A*D "E CbtirKr . ' I t ITIAB'S confidence in the dinaer «t>E home and findhis wife dobbtogae dog put. of. the yard with the masher. * :— —: •' " G I V K us good pAvenRBrt*."—JCsai^ - York llvrold'. '" Be patient Hid fPK'': shairsome day have t&m—aU f*iltt <£' good iateatioj^, totf." T --•—•** journal, ••"••'.' witoess swear that he will tell thei ~»o help hTm. and then .ft I raimerrpto ber-iupphuried: by-3»K!^L^KW.YP«K-japw«KTk« greto thst.there were dnlv foAr aces f- ~* "--* *•- -'"-* jeck And that^the; spote. didn't runt w twenty. They commpaeoEof - melons seen, h,card of"'ahd cbawedl rivers of molasses and shoe-greaso ' ' la'tmh-rtg Tfe.fiilrl tftra. r withjrhuakHhAT^tild-ii/j: —.«-ecs that had taton More hacoi. both of them together, banjoe that < l*Jk, and heels thst made: Tcrpsicl i i ^ w i t V c n ^ - a h i - d i ^ b t o j <"••-• opeaedr'ner;' eye* iiae «Har-t wonderrAlaabed the-rrmains of the ; coeia over to the other sideloih.e.r.itiq quickened up-the-motion.oiTer, g juaed tneiirto-be oj^Aricoo find th rough Austria^ Ruauai Hoi f and the" Rhineland, the devotedPrincer] followed,.the object of his heart's afleo- tiOn*„-.Pre»ent« of imine^ise value, and letters borneEby the handtol effltiassBt dOre, were-sTHIrqmeuy, but flrltrtf**- (jnain, right square undex that very dray garments . ,th€^jiekcd jrour verses ajjd found out for yoaiaN£ E E S id sluiik; down we'hHL •-"••':0551(111.^...-^i™» ; '•'.'.. -::'3 W i t h clingingEgar .. e' d e ttemselyeaap.And iS theTi l ,by diflerent "routes, parting ar.strAngers,' for each one blatoea the other for all the; .trouble.-'" '•"• - ' '-._^™-.-'^ Kerw»yTTe»ei an< ireMiagsv The women 6nxholidays turn out i h l , , ^ - . - , . ^ . . , ^ , , ^ - ^ . , . . , r— . the'old Norse,costume,:the chief^-feature the object ftf_his adoratfoh infof which is the. hod fee," which i i of tep j«*jnri<e-'-hiit''*r'usty messerigeisBT made~ of sogiE brighl- 'dbldired .«eTvet]r ""' "' -turned jiown, in front with wBitesilfcj -and laced before and behind, according to" our;authorr-"*ith'-iever|dy»w}A*f tionr he, etas forded Jo: abandon trie pur-' suit >of . ftf_his" * propmpertQnric?£\>nl 't wete sent"jB,eyery direction'to'discoyer-.l ionieihiiJg'of he.r whertabouts, when all doubt* werrsct at restby the arrival of^ When they tstxivi far-A-raonth ] Joae'n'MeAjLfahe^Tatieijs'Bttea r s wi ul .. muth^tug, he|"ately_jtjajuO^^_iM'r^tHl u. observed' to wjsjtch them atevery oprior- tuhiiy. Wheri thcy^started"~on their concert tour,, he wasan. attendant. At ably stopped at the same hotel. W they did.. His conduct *as atjast.ei'plained, and the whole siqrV came ou,t by His ac- tion " afthe Tifft House, where he-seised the. with the Prince. 'What passed At that inter- view can ofily_ be surmised; but cerisf"" s watchfuL-emiswry had] """ toEo It "is that _ _ been sending regnlar rcp6rt«--to KUP to his royal master, and that he had 0 -tained an" interview under, his instruc- tions. Whatever his instructions may havft l w n , it >g pertlrin t h a ^ n result of the intotview was most unsatisfactory,' for%e immediately after left for New York. There ean be no doubt that he. was deputed tq offer the brilliant song-; stresarfteTshare -of -g th roneTtodtherft run be no doubt tha^fslre t£f.qs< will notLbe vf very astonishihg-rsinML - - . - . - . . . : ^ - . v . . i r- Yj-.ii; : r . i i _ - - . _ princes -arc.but men—if "the.roya.1 lover Nor. will it be Astonishing—since "this j eold 'beauty Is, aftej-'alt/'n' woniaife-if tile persistence of sr priace""should at last Th^Beamty of the Biraiareks. There is a pretty legend ill connection with the Bismarck family which goes^ffj ^.^JSIff i^ff lS"* ' h o w ' f e e j ^ ' l e i v ^ d o r n f n g th Bismarck shield were "added to" the clover and the nettle leaves. I t runs as follows: -MaBy''yeaTs ago there waa a lovely maiden, Gertude Von Bisniarck. Numbers-of noble knights And courtiers sought het hand And-Jrt'art, but she was. z*Am dat. so,J3awg«r The in(>men& chased swiftly, bv . it llejed fioin:the contented twgfn. night previous'hjHTbeen very--darfcf _were>,jiot:Jiungry,' Jnd_„au)*equi _ happy.-: But human" bliss j l -fieeting. -T f a*?a"u l a°"' : A I W W roas-TAwtin. hand throo^Tfthe #UuiIugEjiuiurji>"" of imagination. No. A discontetoi water to'geton a-nveetscandalous? .throwAdamper'threel foetEtHc! the fond interview of the' dusky and 1 over lp^ers. CftrfWion Advota r<jha«of"..._WeEh"ATr*' n o ebjecUo* ail Jpng^ae%he dbesn'tEcomc squirting Jkia jitobooeojufcearoyndptiroffice. , >' lioCKnAffD pourier) A persoa. njm poem 'ejtltied -^ WhatT»v deatlif ' r Jio"ineed.of asking us the 00*^0».":?«^ .-''**|H should have hired somebody to read ftm . ^'* .fine silver chain; each chain cnding'in sUverhodkin, in order that tfacyinaybe, the better threaded through double *yes 'Cin themselves strikingly-pretty' articles ol. silver), that run in.four lines_up the back Ana front oltbisshowy piece,©! Scandinavia haberdashery." Bothjiien. and women are-fond of large bright-but; I tons and'of silver or ptsted ornamentA A Nqjfse wedclirrg.tejriways: pj-eceded by li.lSrjes of presents from the Dridegroom' to the brider' Plrst^there Are about.two f v rious'sites, elabor- ^ ^ ^ ^ niwamg f lory* ot tne ttouAseau, there is a won-erful: cloffies-prea. Inside, "a's-f*r-aav regards drawert large and small, Arid' brass pecfrApQriAckB.for crockery. It is'sr marvel of ingenaity; while outsicTeit is' BAKn'MOR E Bulletin ••"'Hie clerk of tJi-r^ : steameir Magg}e/;5fTlieliurte>n Shore - steamboat company, brought to the <atjr ' yetttetday.'a=-femA.rkAbleoy*ter that had ' been caught in the Chesapeake.' The ~ oystcris, appareitly, two; oysters faafeeoed' [-together, as is.'dften the.case. * The pe- [ cuiiarity,"however,- is that, while there ' were two disfinct'Oystenrtbey were faav iTr,ofi ^^tt, f l T - by., a^Ji^iture ranniag ' ^from heArtMb* heart,-' ~fte shell that divided theto-beingvery thirri.a»j«bow- ing that there'was really but g w oyster: contained l i t h e three shells. ^He 1 a perfect triumph of - (trt The ground tint is a warm bright vermilion, painted alrover" with-green and yellow scrolls, enlivened with wreaths of gorgeous Lflowerr and "piles of brilliantly hiied fruit, pleasingly interspersed with quaintl lovew-knots and bleeding hearts trans-' fixed upon <7wpid!i darta, in the midst of which -are the names and birth-date* of ttellberal doiK*Atto?blissful"Teeipient of- this. magnificent wedding-gift.. 'A Norwegian maiden, who is-generaJly as' sober as a' linnet in her ordinary attire, appears on hef bridal day glittering in i all the colors lof the 'rainbow.-On-her long fair h^ir is set an**antique crow) of silver gilt; and her bodice, stiff as a cui> rase, is thickly studded with: beads,- sil- "ver-gilt—brorwiesrand-1 small -mirrors.- iridaladorrimentis' too .valuable to } be -the' individual property-of j a y Norse belle^iut belongs'to trj|^&istrict, 'aad is hiredouf for the day;' Tw»'Pa»»pB» Wills. "E ^ ^ M L t p j ^ i a i j ^ u p o ^ QKllUUsdjf o< jilewara.. Tttrneom* the night si pals', - ... W 1MB e*«rjlblttg »e lrta»of» ,"•-' '• Tain UJI aitdrtValB. . J" ' • i, . -Oiiliulaboistof tTsdaoM,--- •'-•"'•• Tbco.romcataenall asAglooBi- ^~4»4-»w*an»y» .<*- aadtttaa Aigatttr.'rauad a:lo»b;'•- -. Oai b«aat«(>(»ao« oJ- npian " - *hWi aietiaaWwConi . . But wa aball aooo ncasture • * . All (bannraagUrUwatup*. • ,. _ I N ;rjnfcr..to save-time And, troubta youiig men should,. remember that it if plowing sand'and sowing s«H to at tespt to talk poetry fa a gir l who- has been eat- ing on ions.— yewij^Ban-iirtflHiar WBWJ. ii-S- gentleman' has also an old bottle, ..into' which an oyster had ^ become imbedded,- remaining until, it .was .too huge to get . out . - — " ' . ' : •- .' - - . . - ; — 3 r ~ - — ' — : : — • MHS. pRTj2iia,Ei)t. York-street, vrill agree with you that "his'tofy repeats. itself." She'asysier.man.hii off" as regular as VuckwEeat •Went- cakes every year since their married uaughtot was a . baby, and "evfery time with the' iiarae old result.. It wasn't-two months before "he'd- cqme, scatterisg"along over the sidewalk"iusrrjefore dayhreaAVwith. a voice thick enough for car-springs, and a breath. strong enough to shovel coal; and declarer "-Pawn; saker'on—hie: —erhadfour—splen'1—-hie-^nish—hie— ishuns^-te—hjc—night—Meliar." -<^hia lodge-riusinessE-SheEeeys, iaa _fajriil- played hob with her conjugal felicity, ana so m'ctimesv she almost wishes JKbtg Solomon had never-had any temple. oaewonld' took for• facts in 'writing up the history -of -theJBonaparte family, and ^ e t in "the village^of Mount Holly mar e found information "which can be had nowhere" else in,America. The wtrHjf ^oseph'Bdrigparte, Coanf fle 8urv brother, of the great Napoleon,,is ?p] at length in the record-books ot the Sufrocate-of-Burlington Cotmty.. The recerd coven, the will ' in-English, French and Italian, an official copy hav-i in f >een seat from Floreicenn 1846.' THE decora'tfonrrrf'^ie- table vary At ffifierent seasons'. The vase of flowert - of daily .use is qn occasions replaced by plants in f ulLbloom, or by mnalltnut trees laduu wi]h their rich burden;—fot-- eartv spring strawberry plants in- fatt • flower.->hou).4_icace the .center j t ta« table; cherry,treea_succeed, and are fc4-. [lowed by_SppTe,"peach, pear, aprieot, and plum trees in succession by her own. consent and her father*»+Joseph "Bonaparte left a portion of Wish, betrothed to a cousin, a noble and his New Jersey estate to LewisMaillard, princely youth: O n e day there came-to who had chnrge of his anainCand hence he castle wherfrthe beautiful Gertude J the,-necessity -of havingytlre";wilT--r£ •tUX 'wfefe : "S5^aS iii^ i^=*^j|E. , -^E • r '. v '. : .', • .. i ' •-/>• I'J 11 imii.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmldimmTlmVmmmmlll. wines drunk* any rate, Nearly 0; retailed poison, simply * suicide, -am (-carefully about eat: A, princeof-the Wenden, withoii*' hurHje'd, h'orsemeir, to try and win'her. . ^ lusly, put firmly, refilled im. The -prince "was groarfjreriragedi. , incitedJiy her great loveliness, de-' mined to gain her;-so he called his rriors arid said he would break the ver ieAf . (Gertude) with hia own On tbesatee" day he assailed the tie; which was but w.eshljulefcnded. e. castellan was soon jovercome, and Wenden entered thefcatle, and then" maiden's chamber." ''i come to break you golden clover-tealft You n'tstinglike stinging nettles. 'Clover c* irut sting," he said, aud with thst j~put"hlB arm around her, A moment .tore and he withdrew.it, crying out, 'Mercyt" ;-Gertude held* degger over Him, then stuck it in his' heart, saying. "Tho nettle stings hard whoever wilt or touch Bismarck'sgolden clqver." nee then the Bismarck; shield wears. oak leaves, as a. (dgn-of-erown of vie- A MruTAjiY officer, who mosf cordially -tested the halberds, -used as..^ i substi- te for flogging to expose delinquents ' parade with a large iron bomb-shell hed to ehe of their legs. .One day, several., men were undergoing this Bent, i sailor, who.by cSanoe had near, called out to his .compan- 'My eyes* shipmatee, only :00k I I'm blest if here isn't a sooger at ort"- -,--:> '.- . S'rded in New JetsejEJ&ere,isalsoat ^ oijnt Holly A certificate ?cmy fromThcr' lips, he says, London of the will"""of Ma*y-Penn,; pf I "»<»!«' -.' the family-of William Pens, whiehcov- en nine sheets of parchment, each 2f by-8-feet square. - - . EDWiy ADAMS, whodiedreceritljrat the home of his wife's-jincle in Phila- delphiaj. was a native of Med .^r'ay. Mass. He-haa bee'n'an-Actor- for twenty-five years, and for a large portion of that timeji very prominent one. He will be best remembered for his impersonation o f " Eaoch Arieii,". a -role-he- fairl created, And In' W'BichTie^ acrTiev] hrated as lagoE tudin'^Th* M Heart." NoE member of. the drai profession was so unLvereally belovi Mr. Adam>,?the esteem in which h'< held, taking shape in benbflU in~al principAlcities of the United Sta' proceeds of which will "place'his hcomfortableeirtnmstancee, Thtd: from which Mr. Adamp died inaction, developed from a cold tracted three yekrs Ago in Hew/York. ' - Wo*T«*fM frm: A ritt»burg| tor has been tried for libel, found g senteneed to pay a thousand dollan put in' pri*on for a'yesrVand th« griA qowStoTTof ^rm h e w* through A hard winter is happily • ^farrows and editors are watE ' :•- r; Ssd . twined V1JJCB at7arfa^na lf*W*>- ) « M i u %>• — — p - adom thejnidvrinter -mahogany. Theae trees are very pretty^and faehioaAUex and should be placed in elegant pots, of which tlie Pornpeian patterns And Mton Should tie selected, as relieving the •©-. notohous brilliaacy «f the white taMe- cleth. " • ^ ... BCTORE she ewild iuttet the " When have you been till this hourof the mors- ing, anyhow?" which-WAA-trembiiflir oa e li , , "Bin fther athssi- 1^^10^.bet you seven dollars I «M read your mind this very minmit.'' " Well, vouold fool, what am I thtakiag"" of now f '-she said, in a tone of sadnesr." Thinkin'.- of! Why, I can'read yer mind like ther open pages of 'er -beak;' yer thinkin' I'm drunken'r.a kUedewi, but yer; never was worse feoledia Mr-7/ '/•' life." She only-said-that there MisrfWr^ i : * something in mind-reading, after all, fee he had hit the nail square on the head. . P*6i. COPZ is constructing, 1
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