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Forest News Newspaper Archives Nov 15 1877, Page 1

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Forest News (Newspaper) - November 15, 1877, Forest, Indiana. .^S^'TWS . - * - •• * . j j •¥ . - - • •* iSpfe^Ulal ^-^^^34463:^-3^1¾¾^1^ ^:,- - ^ S r h o m i M k a * n « W ( l * 4 « l . • I W I k i M i M r S m l a J o w a , |SS£E - t a t a r t M a i o f f a e f t w d T i l a * . Ml t e i e l l n fc Wfi . - - J^SSS.^^^ • 4 * 4 hervslet I* veadmie A j w W e t U w t o m l ifcif »r iter* 7 . - . a w H v ^ ^ •.fwtv^r*6 "•A^ft.w •»}!- "-jftfr"* **wu*tin *tee- • c^Sfc* •sst'iir** '^ •'nisSSBaKSS*':^ A t r Z t a n T ^ w u t k j g f BarketaswaV-' - •• A j h a r M . 1* »lifiEooait*. *jjm* I fti flm*r W*h*rt> -- »v';;..-.-- Q f M n n d & o d , uwcb better thwbbM,- . ' Qr*at**a4eteeeiU»i i fn . - - , . - - , - - - - H*> n*ouUa« u (elf, m t a t*ber*k*ir; Ber breed »00 (be County Pr i» i . .ArttaeeorjUtj weribe laJuesfose* - Weuetgberili e«fll»e«'»e)ree. - . A i l **eat l»La«4aa lectern — flfcexiquee'el eetate'i lew*, - T w u Kl U M U U a u a « U« iMria< ikos ta t , w j J n M T & e e W e / r S K l d f a o r ' coarse for year*. ~He swerved neither to the ri&ht-aor left, and wver halt** un-; r «l he » M wltitnRUtoJ^Jjjitoltfce crowd s the atoekade.. * •"*. .•/,'' •_ Tkesentinel had not exaggerated-in hli statementa. The color -waa aoow W »ti Ije HI ubooDet it Mea, • T!>»cWMi«r«t«rt,M<lW«n4tn^k-eBtj. Aa* tbJSfu o t f f i l l ^ n a w B p T - U**rr ieVJ9e*»4 lum — mmwip>i (h« t ebUeet i Wttailineaiol.irooltoit**I| ,.. BW-niu the torttHeout W the r a t - T B I w j v . ' .Fsr*e*f<rf.li*wii»eia«wbeeJ. . Tbeoahcweiee w*l»D7l** up.lotfcele*** .Aaewnib is** (»iiiiiitt-.:-s - ¾ . .Tbeilewooweaetietberbreaaeoftnew " Aaa lu fUn w l t a ' i breaeti . ' v . -'- > The »*d-tnau> JMublJ lu t s tMfia i t t* , - Aiia*iepeck«eem»Mt'lite*tb«ni. . V The a m y 4 * .kuUiBjjV, »UI t a n ii And look \iibuUmmx. • Ota.gcMnutl'gvwt'l^tMcioViDjlwkMt!' _ . ^ E i i i 4 i > u n l i t k « b f e » i h « r k l i » r . - - ~ I n (a t ier is running > 3al ry u n a ^ - © M k * ***ke«*-eVnu|*i ^ 5 ^ ^ | g t ^ i -;. 'Jl*^.. ' , „ . i . .-..•;,: " W i s d o m ^ J t i H t i c e , a n d M o d e r a t i o n . • • . « ; : ••• « * E . : ',- .. ••• •• r . • . • •• • . . , - ^ - J ^ _ ; . _ . , -% YOLtiMEIlL FOREST, HA^mN € ( ^ 0 ^ ^ 1S7£ — — — — - . i i r . i i 1'. .'* . i . ' - — » — e — — I — » — » - • iV i I I ' I I . . l i - ~ — i ^ - ^ ^ - . irnHB] » > m a | t M W h i . . . - . K*daaa7fam, hatthfcMaa U r M i m . i S o erilttest fewer n a U T V w c k n a a f ; v A a t n r t b M a O T l Far tjtefctrely uedWi a a j U a U t l a a e r .eeje ~ ,-,-, i M a l E .wJ«|te,and.BUch>treDgtli ana symmetry '• • no'oae had erer before seen In a hone. ""=• T B T W M were pointed; theeyeaa* bright the lastooe was reached -Whit* _t changed Ms saee.to'a JaUop/threw'EJiP. his,heehvraw headed* w*'l3ie-xai^e.- *QIL w|U noon out ofaight, and,the chase was •^ andoiJwk-—= • ••—" ••'.•< At daylight nexVroO«iog the strange' horee looted down ftuny^jtj ridge apain '^ and by\and by walked, down: to -within _ _ , , . _ _ . . pistol shot of the fort; Abandof sixtjr aastart, and the noa glbleDe<L«iEjb}#. friebdly IndianMWt «n a. hnnt, had hide as if it had he« tarniafiM;:E*oK^haRedat the fortta^aightprevioiu^and two dr three minute* not a • word 'Was spoken by any man, and the hone did -aot.»0»e a foot -Ifcen a scojit wid "lunter, woo bad cooie ^nlo the fort "ahout haltsthopjE before, s^d_tbi^« known aaione W ~T=- FortMAwb Vnin lure *U£ »co<atry-Hfci^ -,- - t l«iv UK-ett; taa. . . . -—.,_ .^^:_JL_ '. • Utoartnw, ts l l i , «ml i « r k j i - j ^ ^ s ^ i^^^^tSSSr^friSFv^ commanders Whs. that'-s tfre htxw JTIBJBW aa 'WEit*HJwi[ 4'feaeea U n four ex fire tioiee,,an4 .rVe'lustd of him atteaaV once aVweek fortii«4fNM^^ur&'^^Wf>^l|niSs%~ slyest, and: meet treacherous beast stand-! tngcra four legs." " E - / ¾ e scout mated thaL" the liorse- be- Toie'theBi^nie.tohiB notice about five _ " " er-TrKete-ihe-IndiaiiaJanHis. il^ilsevralattempte ' to capture hiia,'' av. 1»»iatHk|b»lt«. • _ —JjtfBtwig' _ . Tt7ytemtbtoiwair«r»JT»«t, — I k e « e M « f M»f»»p» §Jkd*a- tSr»to} lkj L Tlw eto>« lilMk*! »t our>etf -- : Tb«kT»wb«nf-r ia»Tw«K»»«l» *kll», ;.. ".*«« loinete thdr fMlOagortura; And todicof Ike-btrtlt iHrejcemtiBi yet. 30^tigfed-otttiB!m thi_drcTe asipux- laSFftir aeveraJ days, and in despair of jearTng hita; cine, nf the red men sought lb kill £}m, 'so ThatE?So" one else "should isttiarft-thf r"">- ^^Jiotag war only v - - '—*n^j»bWk»d«tth i |«o iOir— - . ' : . -^ .- - tb* lmi(.'.we«iieitUigtXrtrhUJMtTJIOB ^ » !MmtiTtt>a-iiIuc-ir«j(>BliniB prioMt; .^-.. For »prlns'mjrpfi» >nd »wamtr'j*«l1eat ' —^ I 6 | « k « poMoifd UM tI»M, - • -.- Af-*»rthjlkxloutta tin Jtt iw^. , * • - - , . ; , Itpotertghtpcudenttfi" • -..-. . ButVecune baek Intko «Q<mU|it,. . . Aod Hut w n w c m u c b for nw. - - - . "dKlt iTJ'Irr ied , " l i o f i j o u l * < . . , ^ . WIUyouthl»ll(eTwl»iu. . ' ,An4»oi6d yo«r i t»nf»p»aa«TMr«, i. ., -A^rK«>»Bn!Mr«0»^ . «.-ii_ *« And i t ) K » » F J » td Kltir-, - - - - - . - " I . l m v l d a U j e t i n ^ i l U :%. •<•.--:,•.; Ao4 i f I t M O ^ ^ d i S i b P w k - . . - , r •^ • hm ttawerto lafVU.' ' - - . . r-^H 1 »bou Id t«k« you »t jroijr 'w«ta>~ •' ": :WUJy«fomi«r««i»'>.";"-" " ' . " v ^ : Tour ^cuMly^ir' . »n<l •peDATonrasyt • (Tt » f « n n-i tbe BruKtywlBf J"-' - TU«k«Jlh«t(ur«a»n»»eH-'- AIKJ wk«t.««t Itodo? . ,. ^ . - .Forimtr'jyrtWouIdWfcflLKandBliCS "-- -gm bcrooli »ufWr co. -. - - — r r = F ? . II 1 « H I » T Aoielja* ^" — r An«Myl«oTnta»<lf." " - . : • • • JltitKiuy w o v M k * ) t a « w 4 g » y !•»«, - Ai )dBUkrB«»iu4nlMMd, . -' Bat Kitty U p r a u d u u M b t.wMt, . ; - A n d b«ri>ol«'*»rJly »o; ' - - - -- A B 4 II kkc M** t m)ii»tl«iy.n-f«ra«,_>. . t l « H »Mll b»»o.W no. J ^ . ' - - ¥ n « p n * l - f l M » U U t l « * s ' '' - r - If o«J*»h« «111 bejjuiw,- . . . . ,.JL A» i l M n m Oouiily da l tywm ' •-. « On-ihe bonltiotilirBrmdTwla«r •nsaxvB k l t i i o i i ' . E - raoM raxaaMAB cf awirtat:. - Otin ukl t t tn <<ral) in tb« iorwt tapft,' Tkwf occurralK.thlnii wblrh I t b c u r t H t m ti r t ta tmu itoWf.bjr.ibeUke'i fld» e k n a n i i n < I O T H M I I I * 1 rtte, - i D w r , w U W T v n u c p u t . b « i d * d h » n « « » .. .Ifci rilwd Wtt wm tor»i ingk *bot, c * a t 1 l * k U i b n bii|K a K K K I M Ma< - » « » My, | H * pab(4tr«kM n « M H a»T*' Akdu4«rerfaWtlM'*oodI>( i*u«a , ' . A M U C H H«M ret <U4 Lbrtold r A a U i f f i * WUe bott AWFWMS^J IMWBTBW-tf lWaL , - _— —_^__- Fkk <n tK< tanaet (1o« b*d ike poat, Ker(knekerJl»«-tontlacJe.eiJc, ~ -t . Ba t« Ten* (mm. aeong «> tbe vll&wood a a t , - Ko» M T . food, people, wkM coald it here A*4ee i« in( i>9i*e*udJUchUlskfaUsn ^ : . ~ (**d tki* wee tbe KrmateWritkt oT *U) •••• . Aleaa l jrkenetoaee i i i i e i tn ireds . - ^ - ^ . - - - B*«ad t s eapty boat tbe l e e k n fUfatt Jka l M (e*aie uuler>tln'«lUo# Ireee T « * w»r*-«bt«p*rin«Ibeteio tbeereolnf tcewt, . . : *I vMdenU manti u I koaMVtnl weot, If ow tell a e , food people, wktt *ottMJi k»*i atesatf HfiderBgcel 70»« private pained O'Mea- T3r£>«c«fcelj--up^ o the rejjulaRon heightr and rna down by- sitknesa--until hia, iffiTg&tdId notexceedahundredpoUndsE ^be-Wbke. Devil seized -Jiim\% .the back, nftfid-hka off bis feet by a'toss, and when the soldiers wjt- looked _ iyMeaty was being borne a#ajr jr)tE_theL swiftness of th6 w&d... The horae-bad a ffrm grip of olothing^and flesh, and keep- ing his, head well up 1ft-"sweptbyef the: :pT*lwTritfcthr%9JHer held aimWt'per-E jellSictilarlr before him. He";w'a*" out of range befoie anybodf JepuW pick. ^p. agun^. Thart'were a"aosen'-or fifteen <= WHITE DETlt. One. nigkt in June, ten years ago, the sentinel pacing-up and down before the i ofEEFortpefltnce^ up in "the north- .(•beat of a-horse, itt! Who comes'there?" fang out halienge, but tHere !wa» noEanswer, . was TtatarlightiHglj'fc'- Two o: nd'red yards away the' SentTneT ht of a white hone approaching him nvbHakwaDt. Wb.a|EliiBx*uldTee the borae hecoatd. also tee that it had-co rid*r. Drove* ofJrild horsea and.still mtuttng* we« f^f6qiJei5tlyTseen" from the fort, and the. sentinel-was rather pleased-that-one of them was be; log led by curiosity-'.to apptpacb Uft |j»te.-:E --- . , ' • .., s . ; The hory grew whiter and larger.:aa he cwn> nearer, ana when tie halted Ebe w v aotorer ten" iett-lrom- the, guaror 'Be was tall and ^ powerfully, built, mano hanging almost tq his.Jmees, and tail iwaaping fha gwiind, and he wan • white as snow. Head up, ears pointed forward, and eyes opened iff their wid- est extent,' ti*wiid 'hone stood for a long minute and looked into the soldier's this way/and that, and tftTrnasclea la hia powerful chest and-legs stood ont in - bold relief. The soldier's surprise and admiration were so gTeaLjhat he stood llkeasutue, masket onTrk-shooider, aad his mind almost doubtiiig whatsis - va)yea saw. •' v Suddenly,..and Without an instant's warning, the horse sprang forward to ';e attack. Catching the aentinei by - «e shoulder with his teeth, he htiaea- - tin clear off the ground, and shook him rfeht and left as if he was an empty grain bag, and. then hurled him am&et toe heavy-gate..wit^.41 terrible force. Tk$ yell of pain and AIM-BL. uttered by &• sentinel nad scarcely died< awslr beV fote'tiW'relief came hurrying out. Th$y foaBd him lying in a heap beside the stockade, unconscious, and his uniform in tatters. There pa« no enemy .in • aight-^not even a wolf skulked away through the darkness. - A general alarm was sounded^ ttl'e'drums bfat to arau, . and for a quarter of an hoar the excite- Jiat~a large force of Indians was on the. priaidf making an sssault. ' . ' ' . - -, - When the sentinel recovered his senses . and related his adventure, no one would , believe his story until a sergeant had examlaed the earth aodf.discqvered' the ' hoof printa of the horse. It was, how- ' eVer, such a singular adventure that no • one felt easy uhtil morning came. Then s, the tfail-of the white horse wold be fo!- • lowed far.out on the prairie; and soon after sunrise, the horse himself was .dis- covered bearing down on the fort from , D „. . the direction of the mountain -rarige. thf gr"« almoat Smoi /three mileeiawayi *- **-- — •" they were anxious to w^aiure a new. •chaie. Mora thaa.eighty welt-mounted purtuers were ready jsooa after break- fast. .Some rode far jiit pfl retreat to this iange/and others-Iklloped down-the valley/. An hour after, they were out of eight the-«Mtija body made a dash for the'horse, which natfbeeh grazing - for he drummed on .the table with die .han^ die of his knife, and picked hU. fteth .with a fork,, waiting impa.tiently for the.f thoughts, fiis feelings, there,Trba'trthe waltirto return with hu plate. •• ? awe'and yearnihs'tW came over hiih in • "I see yon spem. to kind 6' W»~%"- (hat tremenJoussolitude; wKSre ' JSature saioV the _honestol4 fsriner, shoyeii%fcU|«ts entbroned^-sereDely cslni^ :.;aiid: Ukelaat half hour. EHe took tol^ ^he^al- :¾^raaaeer. lejraa beforehand men, dropped 'qur'a't etery mileto:p"usS"hiin as-he returned, _- White Devil wa» pushed faster v than b£fore, ffut he-would neither break hia "trel.nor let a iorsemaft get within .ai^ajt, "hundrtdfeetofhim. iTheEJiidians.w'hq -had gone.caab.e»dJt«s_ wpect'DafrttW.; ttrtanLH'-the left; as: before, but :t{ie wild.hnrsa,kept' straight ahea<IEa»s '-wachJKl1^^ moutBTifEife:.-valley. -EHe. rani' ovctoa the prairie for :twettty ' milaj. tiring-out.every -horse"iji "purSUtty.and . .. . . _ .. than *h™l*dmfrrataniadoTer1li8 route vW«n«*M byT®jBOeT thitT»aa meaar "bTWe-previous day. l^enEwefe*wflOng ^ A_L- x,,.. Y... _*»« -* *" fe«^»pbj^fa'..aca»»Iy»pea«ad be- fore he waa put of sight,. Be was. paS ipgaijd trotting by Surn<!,"and'-iiotiuhtil JtosaiA^4theaaio£i.thaiey{hty_Biile. en»fchaseyid Be"rireIk.iflto:aERUi. "WbeB hialifer-'Be" »t-oi "himself from the drove and foilowedhis former pu'rslww-like IT shaaows-^e -j»«hpH.fpft».tKfjr_ ^MM«jTj-ittr-ji| iacked'thiiir ponies- whe*fce-feuni grazing, andhad-onseveral-occasimis at- tacked tone Indiana and quickly killed er disabled them. ^IllgivrtwohoUdred.dollars :<p^ he man who captures that horse for me I" said the commander, as. be noted every flne'pajntobont the-mafestitv animal. - ._*>.xou «iight just jyr well offer." ten -thousand,1." .replied the- scout. - V That 'ere bos* caiLpace, trot, .and thar isn't a wolf in tbe hall Bierra r»nge whteli^aflr^self of hi?:J>?el«- 'I'd "'•». juick take the }ob of cleaning out a)l the reds in Ariiwna as-of catchm* ~We hite'jJevi)., See that fort foot gft up). gajatB lay"1 Uaukl-^Hetl' charge h'e'iruirferoWd'Sn le«rfi'a*inutet" E Before-a^WonJvofEirarning-Cpura b^e capon in tne mountains .^ The Tndiaju, .traced him until the canerL tpiit into threc-orfourrocVy defiles, and taenlihey cainped.down with the determination.to wait till :hun«r and thirst afedpltt drive the fagitivajQit,, Pjtrktteas. ca«e, mid- night came, and the.watcheis' had heard i^aniLj^thing, -,-. ;. ;-- -EE.- E '-.'--- Witbj&e soft treadpf a jroUtalawst, Afoeetojenpon'the Indians sleeping unr derthe.iihsll* of .the fort.' Bte.pl step] itepl *nfl'a white.,objecfc• t,tbod witlan. ."Jen fwt-of the fl'rsTSlsepcr' and peered thpi. nxy aniLthut, .It wagWhite.Dcvil' "Tte'iwt- , _ — •.--.-„-, -.- t. dark'ianon, but'th'e horse tML,%Wrgcd spfitea.thp horse maite a daah upon "the feoA the range.by sofie dlfile known ' ^ b * A mm - ml*mm**£ml mm* i H l r f ^^*k^-* • & « ' ml W m*A^% M ' ^ i\1tm^ ^1- jf \ * _ - . jl_ 1 . £ _ — — * men, screa in docs but" as "'a trbop lorn aded in battle. The spHlSft rnshedlor the gate. Onjs of the- ahrilfneSgh, sawHthe. smoldering braads horses at the :poat. and tp ft re "minutes aa many men i^ad. mtfi&tcd them an3 .._._ Irefirgalloping away inpureuit." . \ j+bevil diretf them totheattBckb/prano- of the dyieg camp fltfy fttof Wgirin -thfr. air; and tbenntt moment -the \ fjtdiafts .were.-yelli'njj and gcrtatoinac ih^affrlgh'ts; •Bi^ k ahd-Toith charged tb*JjSM!e5-Titrik- ing, iickingi-and uttering^M ''aiiigha, and he-did not disappear until the roll of the drum jailed the aoldierajo-arma. .¾..The Indijms hadASuflered niich. dain- mges that they were determined to -kill the strarige tormentorasEsoouas day light carflBj though hia life . had heretofore been held sacred. . He waa. heafdtrteipt apiad down, ,wh3rsL..ajght 144184,.^3- when morning, broke ho. .waa. in^ plain sight.: The Indiap-heart.almost relented af light of the. strong:' limbs, mil" wBi(e coat, and silver eyes, But White Devil and bis victim'EhadL <iis- appeared over a swell about'amile from the fort. "As the horsemen reached.' the Ecirest they,'f6un'd;£he dead tydy of their 'companion on - the grass, bjttea and stamped and kneaded to a bloody mass, TE« iorse stood facing thenf, forty-rods awa>, as if he bad vTaTted for ;th.eoiE-tb come up. As the remains wens' being conned to the fort, 'several Jiunte** came in, and in a-short time a force o f "like a cat and Twenty inou}Ued men left, the gatss to * 5 « R f f ^ ™ ^ a 5 d t f p r l w S ^ ^ animal. The men bad lasses, hobbles and ropes,.and tb o instruction B . we re to drive the ho«e away from the-fleighbor- hood if he could not be captured. He stood ctBLlhe rigdYand lookeddown uvoa the band aa it left the fort. The four lasetf throWer* iode4irectly at him,while the rest of the men separated and. rode to cut offretreatbyway of the- moun- tafatr When the first-horseman was Within a hundred feet Winte deviL^Wha^ hai up his headland started off. at a sharp trot. Ten rode beyond the first -HdgB waa a amwl, with a little graen valley between.. JfidgeBJOJd_valleys_^ can at.raight away to the west tor twenty 'mile% and as the'hcrte^teadedJhat wayj^e of the "BUBtaw said '. "^»e beast is in" for a.long race. Be wiIl"go down to the end'' of the valley,' turn to the left, and before noon he wlLL W back here, returping on the Tort- side. . . , , u . . « ^ _ j . . . m pfnii will nnsh him along as fast as we can to the end of the'valley;. -The rt«t of you drop, odt in squads here and there and race him as he cornea back. Let th«eor"four men halt right hereto gwe him a last push." The wild horse courted pursuit Half g^e away he was racing up and dowh, throwiSs ills heels into the air, snorting, and {awing the-sodjn his impatience to be off. Wi& a whodjT^ada yell, three fa«eo throweht sUrted jn puftniL- They Were almost near enough for • a=>tJM*w when the boraeJifiad*d away at a trot "They could not -• gain an- incn-,"thou^h- they had three of the best mustangs- in the territory, and the' animals were pushed to-the top of their speed. Head it p, mane rolling,back over.his shoulders like a wave of foam, and his massive tail streaming out Tike a /fag, the White Devil lifted his feet and put them down aa sfeadily as.'cteck-w.ork.: "While they were doing their* .best, they could see. that-he #a« qpt: using all rhis power. quancr 01 an nour we excite--] kept njp a notttinual yelling fn- InJenseTfrery; dne-^lfivi^flTrinnw, hopinrto/Wak-his pacerbut As .wie~woiel went round, *>ery man turned out to catch a'>ght of the aHiiaal about which so much .had i^en said. He came, forward atistniight ahead at his * dweepinj titjt, head »p, tail s^eswing " i ., aeMLbai kaM-actioa aa per- fect as tf be had W«| 4raiMd• j p )£ j nun. treated ih was the fir^t squad ofmen.'Tbejukhted him a mile away, and wereaTirewy for pursuit, Coming straight ahead, with * . . - 1 - . - .mnjer.jiig.fje^ -thewild iihargei passer! them not more- thana/hundred feet away. He laid backyftis ears at their- yell, but- went thundering pace. In tan minotea th»wsa could- hardly him. A second and a third ^ sage"manner, and i E •'••, He F M M litwy Uta Tlaie. E '• ••' ICInciiieeti Saadtr BnaMtet Tetter.}" -. ••>.'• '£'}'£Hltle morenah,.if.y6uplease,"said a red-whiskered patent medicine peddler at tbe Indiana House, the other day, to thrwaiter, and then tuning to an hon- est old farnier.'-be said: - • "Tbatkamifbty-prijae articlio'.diet, and they know how to «ook it here to. E _ $h ,tkeT»p if Irarat. ' The London SpttAator, speaking of the recent suceesefur a«censiOB of Mount. Ararat' by Mr.. Bryee, say *: , ' "'Mr. Brycehaa gtyen to the world a- wonderf ul word -pTtture of that atoaiing and Jtwfiil_apKlaclej:uI-.thsi.l*ndii^p£ whjch is now what .it waa before- man . £«pt forth off the~earth, the mountains shit^ myHaato a Mwlt better -thanth^- ^ i c h stand nbont the valleys, as; they dp atiyifhsre-elee in town.'.'. And then J ' " ' - • • - • - > • • • - « • E Ctee>«'raVHee*Uea« , — .: '~,l»*»T»it-Wesi4.lVv"'-:- -Npw. that, three-quarters of a ceofawr after it wa* ftm orfered to her. EagaW finally seesCleppatra'sENetylte on Its way to her *hore«, the new ooestiois ha* ari sen, What i« she to do with it f Tbe matter wan left in the hands of this Loo- doli Metropolitan Board of Works, and the Chief Commissioner ha« already sub- mitted two or three sites, oh any of whicli , stood when the.votejtcic fires that piled' rtted two or three sit»t on any of which ' • tlwn up were longL»go'**.ttnguUVed j rkf-tlijllk* UUH.OIB MIUJUIWI uilght lwi • but he oould"hbi^ teWuTvftat wep8 hi* pl«*d to,advantage. But. t&e London J moath-fall-«f-k washing them down witkt Yes,T aAvery^^foiwornali, 'apiprfally fried," eontinoed--the patent medicine man,.with.a nervous eye-an_the kitchen deos, as-be>olte<i the half.of a cold bfe. «uit.' 'VXi; you ever know,!-' he re- *umed. "that. fish wa* good JOT .the frMft&r^". ,••••"••: - . . ^ • - ^ • j l ^ g ^ , E-';.''LarV'-Bttl^ lreplied tbo-ootmlryg"- ' .'•You-aorft-telHn^t; ^ tew-^yoTTl that out f - :-..:• .~ ,•_, - . " n t TVeVfaoTO.if'a Ip^g while. I pause within whose boondssire the chain of the Caucasus, dimly mad* out, but ..Kaxbek, Elbrus, and tlfe mountains <if Daghestan Tisibte,^ wKhv the line, of the read j tin aji almantc," •laJbyttM " P e l l p j i o f j p^tcne?xraT67£I^pnHSt^-bfa5fi:y®r| with thesilver river winding thronghjt; we8twsLrf,^je^nna^^fi^.afiij|^>ort.E: westrtBe uppeivaTIey^pf «oe, fii^J^^^Tr^TtJ'^sS«d-afr tal of Utie ArineijiaB kingdom:,jt£a"jjreat. farmer,--sendiag-dqwp ah enarmuiis^ B'uiwian f^ortresa -^of^ lexatiaroporEEaBd chunk-qi rbaat &ef .tor^esHsOtenotatoes: 4he hilt *here„KaM stands—pnrcef nl near th« forttecrossedthexklge, shook off the laift-pursuerj "ande rite red a- anduaeil- Thn" wo' before. .-*,. entlnel' at ^ 1 tbeE'^ gato heard --a: ing.upawfedown and ftftgfng his' Keels about. .••'.'"; "."• ": rE-- Separatihg i'ntoEsquadsiif len, the" red men rodeE out roa * the p»airie.; WMto- Devil stoo -^>tiU, ears fiat to his.head^ip- down, and oh* fafifoot raised a little.' IVhen three "of the- gqua3 were within piitol shot they halted) an4 "thirty riflea covered ffie bravr lofle: horse.. While they were .thus hreld.hej^thered bis feet as much'interest _ r !M)id-you say ytrti, ha*beea eatin1 .fish- pur^Ecpiisrder^Ble. for about five' years'!"'' ' ""'. I 's'" ''.'•-•'- • f< "Yf8.siTt''.. ,E ^:--^ - i E ' . And did i upderstand- you to say :yoO'lle>«4it'^ai!.:good far-brains!"' ' T J,lYes,'«i>, TbiitS exactly, what l t h i B k ^ ' - '••% : ^ ^ - ^ = - - * ± r - y i ""WelK^fhatTmake* vofl .tbiak -so?', .asked thejfiirmer, as he shcweled in-more potatoesj^d sftuash, threw.^ 4n.the, belt,, and set the mill^o grinding again. • • The confident fiah-eflnanxrwr j^ve hiirj jutch-aninlpred look.as ooe man'seldom be»tow^ on anatherr dropped, his. knife- aii'd: fork as* though they.had ssmidenly ;become,-red hot, and hojted from the 500m.' . - . ,v . . . . - - . • : . ; . :•• E . . ^ - " - ; — JEhe farmer watcjicd_tiim disapjear, and ihen turping-to ailroversaid: . - . ..'"That" feller might Iceep on .eating fishtail} the .bones come put:thr6'dgh his skin as JhickEas his.Wril. ar>' have all his chawin'tfor'npthW. I never waatt' manure, on-a yaller clay site _that won't raise blue-betas"-L~'-' " ','".. E = at the .nearest horsemen. A roar of-rifles and a volley he halted, reared up,shook his beawifut head in agony of pain, and. fe!l_and di^ d without a groan7__The;^ dians gathered around, but they did.not r'tnlt ' i^ n thny'itmkin his gloe«5r/neck E. Jlarylaad, utd Other Cookeryt fW. M. L»8»Bi It Scrttner Tor Soteoibfr(J - : lle-G%egapeakp.has conferred upon Baltimore the title of the "gastronomic .capital".of theuacovui'tryv The fish, the^ ^ame^andr the" rtptilis *M»=S«JtRftia and sleek sides they said to one another • "He was brave!' We-.wfll naint his picture on our war ahielda, and.the.body. shall be buried fiom the wolves I" " . T Fietnretque Scene In CenstaBttaople. '^Trilwee'lrftief.l been standing likea block of stooe^rea?-.---Sunfcay, shortly after midnight,.I was „•_ i,- L-.j- __J - ^ . . J -*. .^ . _i.. aavakened bya strange noise, which was u"5t quite,a din, and yet which-dom- Ina'Wd all other sounds,"' this WM th& dTums beaten with might and main in thejtreets of allCon atanti nople, in -honor at the'raf iTlafrif thTfrtTtniairatwiy froW-: Etataav—Sbe myriads-ef 4amps hung dn the minarets by reaMrrof-Ramaant bad been allowed to burn out, but were new restored to their pristine brilliance; the. s t r e e t s , Uie mrnBresi" t l i e , ctfffee-ghonay were fulLof people who were diseuesutg with the utmost enthusiasm the bulletins just published by the War Office. On every lip was the word: "It is God's judgment on tbe proud I" and in fact f k a ' r < l * V i » i i n t i k l i n WON a a V I A * * - K o i n n - :e«,hopinfto . neither shouts nor the reports of- rifles losfhtm a step. -^ . '"". . 1» seventy minutes the White Devil was at the end of the valley, freeli aa a daisy, .while the mustangs, half a, mile behind, were reeking and blown, - He waited forthemto come jif^ahd then turned to the left, struck a. pace and sweptaway at such a gait that he was soon ntrrnfTrtght.' Tcnmilea to-theeaat; mngnifiosnca-tbnlled tha hearta of the greatly-excited as possible. The night was dark, and as I looked off from my hill upon the-great city, partly bidden by a white mist which filled the harbor and covcred-tfeejvalIeys,I*cbtild see none of the- deeper shadows, but only the. lights on the mjnareti, which seemed to teat in-mid-air-abovs the s«a of—mist- Betwee5~the-minareta lamps were so hung that they formed wards in Arabic. Just abote-the horixon,'on'the left blared tne words, "Bbtaillah irrahman ifrehim"-^ -tho invocation of the name of the Merciful. Over the mosque of Noori Osmaniye. waa "Oh, Oracleus One!!'- High-over, the dome- of the-mosque of Sureimkn"tEe3Iaghince'nt you could read 1n letters of tremulous light, "Mahomet, sent of. God,"^wd fw- around to the right was wrtrfciroTl the -Ay, in letters ofVld'-'Allali E6ber7' the oIoTwar^y of the armies of tbe Prophet. Thewhde arch of. heaven *a» transformed inlo^ne, ddme of a vast cathedral, to the minds of the great surging crowd" of Moslems, which'nlled the streets; its base ,was in- scribed in letters of fire with the phrases dear to the hearts ofcthc faithful. AM. one could not daubt that this cathedral « . * * * joyaua-multitude below as they gaaed uporj-ttie.widei«r6t the glory of Islam in Uie legend's written on the sky. H9t> WalWaaidi. * like a fish-heok." • Probably'an'*!lnsa»n to the "bated breatk"— Graph*. Wrong a«ain, Graphic! -The old fellow meant that when you get it la1 your awutn, it.aaenM as if it ought to *tay l^n.-r'pM, * * « * . ; .; -'•-;- vE- --•*Vs enouj oa; Ihdeed-tn magnificence w.ere6omfortabl.eE , .,. /•ISdTewtfeit-ti-iJSsateieia^man! my,M«ad-aayJhad'E- Why, doyorf j05?Lknow/sir, Pve ha* fieMxwesaround my _dark< piate at IcwLtwo meals-otft ofThree for "* the.hist five years!" he replied, as?he|istisried"'. with selttd with avidity'the heaping plate' juat returned to: him>-,-^T" •-"-.;• -: -Tne old-fitTmer laid down'his knife, ;an.d fork nt once and stoppedEhis' -,-jawh^ Then ;' he'-Jeihurely. .• pulled: from his; TOat-JaiLpnpkn^agf;rman-«iiverjpectacl e case, whfch htf opened and tooL«ut a -pair of Tr<?n-bawed-.glassesr -r«icbf!d- oreund and hauted-aredailkJiaadker-. chief.ont of his hat under^ -thp chair,: deliberately «4ped the-spectael^!, placed ^ them <m.lug.:nose7*and then proceeded -7-.Z..-C-.-- •>;,, ; . S T : ---; - . , Jo cye'that medicinernian closely wd "^V^?-1:?."'11 ;^*i^^8rf?, ^d^tteBtively fqi abouT^&TBtaries, when hc;,r«nK)ve4 the ^ssees/and "retSnia them" to .their case; "as ^he 'aaked .>itk- cbiMrea only in the'storm tod earthquake that leveled their dwell- ' ' — ' • ' - "rhidjuiL" public seem unable to decide upon "the Yxacfr place in'.whieh-to put it. Mr. Noel set up a' wooden model of it near fit.-.Margaret' e^Wnt nil Titter, jp the im- mediate'neighborhood pf. Westminster Abbey,' but no sooner had he" done so -thaiijevit1 w'aa predicted. The foosda- ^HiTvision ranged ofei tifciiii^&i &*.«t.Kpmv^mt' so ritnatad wtwUd nu.ithin.h/^Knnn^eViothnptiain be immediately over the Metropolitan CwpiaB .^--Bpo^iheEhpriaonSuriS^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ¾ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ir-volean».. of AJ^ ther'lTfifve dijfiber looked •tl^wonderfurspeetacle.- . hiie'it was'growirig upon him, hot ' • - "*" wp puMp fompre; jiehsibiiity^"'while the -eye wEa« stftf un gazin|-,' the mufrcurfcain District Railway, and so heavy a mane as_jClwjpafi,aL^Jfeedle__mght - bi*ak through into tha. tunnel. Beaidea this, HBfrCT h a d s w f S T d fSye fcTEe rempyft YtfUKERB <l«*ti<c: has ttua sign is hi? wSwtow: "1 ieau orders taJteawft&Mt. a> Above a bar in OthSujwi No trust for alteced w e n . " . ' ••: - j . The BriakfaMl Tabic im. tt*-._ ior humorobe tenefs JM nati. It is fnll^ of wft,«*tt, now claims that she has a wit that'is not excelled by any of . A . D e ^ i r . i a 3 r i £ * ^ T h i f daughter at tome from sdsoai -day MI account of a stonn, aetd fBttCLiemale teacher *e«t jrirl, a P»piV witSwii : through t&e driving rain-atolW t» tain the-.cause of 'the abaeaee. " BceTO!? Pott.- It ia stated on Bfthority that.une of Anna frTfrnT"f ff«"-t«E* *!**& *^* •^ dulc-the'JtBtweg^of eminent_men nelf i ^f^fcrmiflWhy f^ Bi^ al••'""' t h e TToma bF" y t t H i a m e n F - w o n T d bet Tnrai ,T , M-r*j»mtimtti' t»H, dwarfed lnto^pjamifli by-tita-eeleeBat =6hltiej^ BBaerndfUie^ndt meniimeut f n w ^ i n y > ^ 6 1 > ^ . t r u * - ' ^ ^ ^ n g j ^ i A tipa/boo* _ccuid -toferate. Sir C*)trle« 'a enonnous eight-<Uy tower clockt Jtetry' rm ht-wr d wbieirruies.-to-atieient-of SZOjeet aDove tiifBouBe of"ConraionB, would, inita^ turn, dwarf theNeetHe.-sXMahy should it be-placedtfier8? : Sir.Charlea Barry se« thiiy*a<I loudly"protestft-sgainst the site at.WafitniiiAter. =^ .e deaircaEtoplaefethe mopolith-at1jgepet-''wBif)te] uafrieBded, melanchqiyjalow,'".near the topof i^ prt- -landplat^'pthenjuggoitTthatitsho'Bld ' ' ^ r * ^ ^ '» ^,K*m^. <<,4.-.?-.-\*i...„..., ..5Si „« .t.. 1,.:.:.1. which is neither eoat nor'cloak, awefa- JingereU long1 in assort of dream,- had not -.' tbe piercing cold - that" thrilled %ougli'is.very..l.imb.a -.. .-__.. .,^ - . « • . . « . , . , _ . . ..^. ii»^l»¾^the,«*lta-deIayJWg¾t:inTafvfi^ :¾.¾ wberpn ntound wo^djhare: to be Only fourlituus uf .da'fligllt.i'ciiiatneSr . --. .- 'ru "'-.!'' the thick mist was.jtn Aaded (jangty, the ke-«x marks were Jiiaonly vuSe^fyt,the., compass i» usplesa onn volcanic moiin.-. tti'itlike Ararat; wjth'irtmEin therofekt. The descent waa made in #»fe&^ But~By thijtlriie Hi. Bryce.caro&ln sight'of. the, •... . . - ., ^,., . . . ^ . , . - . • • •ihpotr yet faroff,*here; hisIri4diad-Hr>'«t«>. bu^of fhlghlypraetiealnat^e, ' .a^vaj •/*-*• a**1" v n y TTiaj^av ,«*o | i w-srnM.+*.**}*. halKdEtlie sun had got behind the soutifc western ridge of the mbuuETrr, and his gigantic shadow had fallen across the grea^ Arax'es plain bdow; whiie.thc ted 'mountains of. Mcdia,-far to' thesduth- Cajt,.still g|gW4jt|^ aetja«i«f ithyceyeiy^lien- turned swiftly to a- splendid 'purple, in :t}!e^yingiUght.' "v - , - --..' •- "At six- o'clock lie-reached the bivauae- andrejoiued his- friend, who muBtliav.i looked, wiiii strange feelings vttp- the eyes »i)ich had looted trpon sttchE K«n- dtoiis sights nitiie sunrise? ^^rec days laterj.lir. Brjr.ce/was at the ^riaenian , mehastery-of Etch m fad tin, near the northern foot, of ,AraraL,ajid was jirp- sented.to -the AtciiiaiamirHfi who' rules -the-houne. 'ThisJ3tiglishrfian.,'Sifil the ,Armenian gentleman .who was acting as. iflterpreteri':* says he has aweoded.Jo. the top of Masgig'.jAraratV The..v.crij *~ man jsmiled sweetly,- i«i<f-rcpliecj ••-—.., gentle. deciiiVepess,-. 'That'cannoltrbeT No:one has irver been itberej. It is im- waters, and,,the .traditions of the Mary-" land kitchen, have'made Baltimore, a M^tt~^"WSrd~wbich the eyes of all American, bon «'«»»<« are turned -withEa veneration"-thj|t dyspepsia cannot im- .__._ _^ . ._ __... pair. Places have their dishes -and ex- halt^.llnes. were formed witSEtrj^ 'prjg ultlnthem. New England poinU.with" pride toannnsullied record of-pumpkin- ywr---jffifw .f^^ani Bai-JUi- pempiaO,' afyL boasts it much as Greenwich does iU white-bait. Iii'San TVanciS<» you win the confidence of the Californian by praialntthis little oopperyr oysters aplaayingttoittneyfemindyouof "Q&- t n t t i ) Ena•ftT1,rtT>i•1•,' rn* sT\n\\\t**4« TtM^rtW. iS!r,M^i *3Ti « ' hSnHiSE Ir w-fiiiiiiir^-aMihlijiffaS^ the true taste ters where, there is an excess nf copper in'sOspanaiotu- At NcjgolkJhe_iacred ifiah"that la-'oflered oepitalitr refc York Is the b thenatar or -The JBodea,t acerbity of the nvz er,, in .the , „ ._- lehten season, asks his foreign friend if he ever saw anything like "our/shad." In • Albany you_ pai-take of " beef " - .7°* sliced from< a Hudson river sturgeon; a fish'of *hich cutletsirom the snottl- defs are served in San Francisco to ex- cellent purpo«e-a« filed (te tote, - Chicago 'n.„Tr,„vi.i, m u ; ; « i . . ° « ^ . Mi**- ,nas been heard to' speak of white-fish, tbe Turkish public was. as near being- - f c c , i c u t u o nVjn w t^ly consnines with sea-swallow, is the dish of honor at Shang- hai. Hiit Baltimore rests not its repu- tation upon the precarious- tenure of •» single dish; it sits in complacent con- templation of the unrivaled variety of Its lacal market andTadmly-fi " * rparison While the Chi tfnaes to give ito- backs, its nyatera bo done v pleasantest i may have slj kitchen is the and th| 4h n o t i pack? centl; and upon 61 *£ poHiblel"'. " " _ A teiaon om Wsefpline. 'Daredevil Shobeleff,''who blames no* body, but "accepts defeats-as the.'.'wilL of God," ia the .most nopolarEa Kuss)an_her6e8...EHis fotce.was on the axtrenie left of Schakoffski's division in thnTtrsT^Sastrtius attack'on* Plevjjfc When; the, battalion. of—infantry ' was might almost is-wcll be placed on Salis- burfPlain;. It.-will be seen that there is" a great variety in" tM»'view's of the En -^ lish^ubllcEai to where tieEgyptiah elipof thetinieaof ThothnYesTIfshould -SHd,' the subject hsvin .^beeh taken Up withrtjie livelie'st.and keenest-iaterestby the tendon people ."oi.all classes, from the seholars and divines- <JoWn_JXi- the: e'diaTrest "sHfopkeepers, who • iare qukk- "wlttcd enough to see'bow much new grist will be nrought-t«-th«r mills by this new and unprecedented addition to •j. tbe attractions of-the gr«tt metropolis. .ai thfr: _.-lTieae obelisks poasese a very-^ reathi<- rTSrtc Talue asidl fro«That sentimental w^timptA w h i r h A n l i ^ l ^ t t f d - B a t i n a a c U c c - - B l t y hpon all monuments of antiquity. When> and" "under-fireof the twelve guns defending that.portion of the Turkish, line, the, soldiers "shouted ". phargei^ anfiegan rushing' forward. SkobeJeff ordered" a cision.of a dr'cw-parade, aud the com- mand was . given, -"Carry arms"1 l i iAUU rrno . « j i r v i i | v t * u j sttu>o>< "Prtaeat.afmU'J':Jthtuf-ilMi-Jliit? wmr at a "Present," the shell began to fail amongtbem.-Skqbeleffth«n.askedthem if they 3id «ot tiiinlr/ -'Mitey presented a ridieulousspectacle inttStpositioniinder fire." TbeyjepWedthattbeydid. Then he tfnd _p«nh'nrths" nr^ublin^-rlwTten^-iftsured^HHnthat he would keep thern-Yiul I>arni'iw II Thfl <-"•*»' tne^rip- there* until th6 -'WOct mbThing' ttnTgjs they proiT(ised to keep~order in the fanks and await the command of their officers, instead of yelling and charging on their o*fi-f«ja)UuL "tte uieHTisniml - Wa tbat thejrsatr the force ef his -reaarfes. They were-, ihen.sledrforward and be- haved" splendidly through tbe whole acti&n; Theincident bringsto-mind tbe iron-handed discipline of Catharine1* terrible Marshals,' whtr. "opened their batferies upon their ovn aoldiertj when they were wavering in the charge, arid drummed:their Generals 'out of camp When they ventured toauggest a retreat. curry; BiriVnest sc^made from the; - ^ j kindness of>afttif the late E. gelatinous and mripfiLsocretlon^ of the' ^^Davenport, fg-'^ :Wen-known totbe ..DavenpoL- ^ ._ ...-.. -dramatic profession that the following letter, written to John McCollqugh in 1862, when that irowpotrtilar actor was first rising into noti«s,-:wflI be-read With interest! "My Dear_McCujl6u^h—I re<-joice iW your good fortune. Tt is a posi- tion-which any manshbuldbeproud of, phtying^ second to the. greatest 6t all "American-actors', Edwin Forest, I know yon are very poor, and maynotha've the' costunics for the parts that you' willEbe called upon to-play'with him. Should you require dreseesduring.your engage- ment here which you are not able" to pur- chase, remember 1 place "any drcss.in.my wardrobaat your entire disposal,' Wish- tha-Jxyt of l.act, I am your r„6t ' people ffiSst. that the only proper.'place far) t'Jajjrthiii'the railings ol Sk James^- Tal-i^d frtr i f a f t a r tt] declared, that" be ami.' N^ lDow Ebiaodyjin'Awutw togetiiw'-OB.B- steamer. When' be was oonfroatast the wrathful apostle of temperance) tUt^ fellow expiaiaed. Uiat i * drank *t»».E brandy andEDow the'water.— - — -; D«rDoras i» a e^maJe pbyatcia* Mfh|ar practice In 6tV Louis. She trpusers.ciin^n^L'at,'Ore bottoa iottse. . ,TH*-Ru»sians are evidently atiftdaa; -severelyfromsickneasintbeDobniiliraM " —Phil Prr0r. \We"yfr M pain* l*<mx __r^ i&iner of'that'l bead, pains la -car stomach; and - whereon the statue of Achilles in Hyde rrcrywhereelscrtave in out Dobrodaet* Park is mounted, for which.some entho= Thank heavenwo'.re' all right there ye*. siostic ladies gavtTa commission thafrlt. When:: tt man's "Dobrudscha give* o^t, " "at commemorate forever the battle he'd bcttw measure his length on tlw ' 'and ttnrvjctor of Waterloo." Asno SV ground taud send for an undertaker. •James'* Park,' pomt objections nAt of an He's^onej Sure.-^ -iVfttw* Courier. .. ". : ^rtJetie, butof tfHIghly prietieal nature; ' Vk^tov journal: An exquisite-lei***; a^txeLlThAKrounc! there«aaOrigin-: ;a d o , - ty Jt"aSBgr'Ioutiged,iup to-*r nlly swampy, and iti*th«»ghW»fee«ttlI ltrCket^nis^wi«*nrof^ railway snttai; ireacberouH, so tbat it is within'the lim- its of posai&HityEthat, s)»uld the Needle >be-plfc*d= there,,-London-might awake :sotue.finena^iiBft-asdrfind .fe-like. the Anuaterdam. jitadt^Huya, sunken' and gonj,.;. Similar doubts exist wayuregard ^,,,,, . . to t h e s i t e « n . w h i c h , the. Woodeft m o d e l - TirHinerv n e « * n i f e r - " staneSinPMUahient'souare. Not oivJ^ o^rainary passenger. , aoeVfb"e'"Vetr l^ltanE''di«tTJct Bailway^ runAificler it/but beneath- this_ spbf of old.'the Ewater Sowed "tfronhd Tborty Island and Weetminsler'Abbfiy,: An-" T5iher site whTcli .bjir been apokenof H Greenwich Hospital^ - but the obelisk ll ts f ti it , the" one now on.ite.way to .England waa unearthed SnthTpoirads of M. Dimitri, ihe.Oreek merchant already-apoken_bfr itwa»«>vered,.with. three-fat of and, and was found to be juat sixty-eightjeet long. Tfre'luisroglyphica which cSver all. of its four si(restwere*pi*pared for de-. ciphering by. washing the sto.ne froia the" i - t o r . . j r m n f i L w a t e r i c r f r r i e r . . - r n e y w e r e then* studied'by Brugsch; Bey, the emi- neat German Egyptologist,.who visited. thi8"co.untry at the time of the Centen- nial. He found that they referred to" the liviM of two. kings, Thothme* HI E Bo*E (N.' Y.l e^wfraW: /Tbe ..Jlflk Ward gentlajnan who left chore* a* suddenly last Sunday was not sick, aa bis-ffieeds "feared at the time. Tha* forenoon, jusr-befoitservice, be visttea) his barn to see that hislvne had been pnrierly tared for, and 'finding-a- new hncfegg beEputit in hia eoat tail poclaet - The recollection thrt-the egf waa stiH. In his pocket prompted hi*, to ataai away from" the jcongregatlon-to-BMtk»4» -^ vestigatkms, and we regret to say tbat hia worst fears were realised. • DAKBBBY A'oc*: The ibmate is" what be calle4 a .self-made vegetaMa, t\n-nm-r»onnnt^ l h f i d > * d s of T h o t h m e B and the others those of Bainese*^ The weight of the whole blockjvaa two hun- Ired ton*. So far as is known tbe hiero- glyphjca on!he^obelisaf whlclt rematraT "The "Herald has pfjatttve" starjdjng at Alexandria, and wlitefr'aa'"7^^- "" -^ " "* - -"' weelsewhere sliow may o*e day be trans- ferred toi£ew_York,have not been de- ciphered, but as they'are of the.same •ftw& HBB and came origi' .._., city and'temple, "if is not nulikiely that crockery not washed, • and >ei y*ar oht help in her bed-nXw dream-book, three freah bowjwela, i the pictures pf two" nice yostag I hanging on tbe walls—one ol whbml jttst gotont of the'Seform BekooL " lho_other uot qnifenW eawajtr'^ e-1 to the PenitcntiaitjC- yon frlerffdrEr-r* they refer to the' similar ibjecte. • r- . , i_„ , _^. i_^_i. . ^ ^_; The temple at Heitopofjs, wheft the ^ & " 2 S £ - ™ L # J ? S , mondttthsfirst stood, is of Intense inter- P^it*LtWBL e " ' i * * _ T t est toTfibiical .student*, as being sup- posed to be the one in which Moses, the: Hebrew lawgiver, became learned in all the .wisdom of the Egyptians.-. Thothmes UI-WM oneof the greatest of Uie Egyp- tian kings, and1 in his day the power of Egypt was extended, over Abysainia, Nut>ia, Arabin, 8yria, Mesopotamia, Kurdistan and Armenia. Notfhthstaod-. ing Ih8 t^aditlowrHiatrcd of tbe Egyp- tians for'tbe.sca, fie had-avowerftil fleet on the Mediterranean wili which -be conqneWtrCyprtirand Crete-and the islands of the Archipelago, the southern coasts of Oreece,Trad perhaps even tbe south of Italy. All of Northern Africa where his aomtreentsira found waaccr?- lnva\y brought into subjectitm—by^ liim". Rameses IL whose njime is recorded on tbVEnglish Cleopatra's Nxdle, Was tha aud -^ttMiairedr. "Must I—aw— take-a a-'ticket'for a piippyft Hewa*-»at»>. rallyboth-surprised and.annoyed-wb«r the-ticket-seller answered, in_aj.»llgbtt«.>- • bewildered-lone, a&d.'after- a nwaaeattV -.j reflection: "No, you -can: travel aa. a s ; T w i n e * t i i » , t » € 0 chlidhooj1 . ttai*, ; iWeeeco mj- toodni h&peedepyf*. . I-ee'ti mat in eUtl)» rhyme": . - . / - ' - • ' -3ut W b H i t w t t R t u n x d peat i^r . I Berer. oj&rwi eHn e rerit; ~ k poenj, Hlled, or e eoeoei, - But>Utt-<ixU4t«-i"i ttMiuwed c a n s , — The editor let downsptm-rt.— - - • - - . . - . " ' —•- - . ^ - ^ . - y . - • < : ! in "trrS" ^tticulaF^eaerwa, »ar-T -**a bapaE a higher. degree of respect» «an be accorded to- any plant. It i .. to this country in the hpmblart ancmm- •••• stances,' beiiig Jjrgngto: jwre as foodloa-- ewine, but'through pure'merit"tt-taa—•• risen from a*»bsenre origin to tbe frost rank in the vegetable kingdaaj..; , It merely-shows us_ what true wortS wfll . accomplish in .the moat advene dtc«ev,-i»" -¾5¾ stances.--" '-','" • A lAmr reader of the S«ffe<m aaya: "Were you not mistaken when yoa>,i»-.'»^ lomtel"the' public,:through your papjaag" that' Abraham was the first anctiBMf when he put Jwaae up for a «aert<ea4 -^ Tf-T r e m a m r i M - r i g h t - g o m e tWO " years previous to tbat occurrence Ojshi' jiaed the-wfe-of- auctioneer wbeo- lit ocked down AbeL"—Bottom. anctjonest' that Eye was-the" find she put up Adam and abid hi appfe.-'y. Y. Herald. ' TE.—,.1^.1-¾^ I "This iftls to be rich, enovgh w* im, ad-on one's self to do do w t a W i - ; exclaimed a Chicago lady, theotfcarV - T H X . o ^ m e n w^,w«rVrtarf**E moat'girls to the Giand 3» waa to be awar*)ed a sort o ^EdwaTdJDox took abity-tre 'won the suit." We ptaaaat 1 ing item the other day, and MOW another young Mirhajgaairiar aayj t«*-only^»e<ir4f aid-woava «H4y BEMAWjaD a^ veteran.Ih'diaka hotel- IteepeT: .^-Stenlf Why, yt*f*w6uld-be astonished to And how large a proportion he tab TKE-Vermd cided that Jimbsof'a ti.. maiT,.while- fjte,-' " anothef, rsoti Ovti ject, may,J eveni of th^traveling-public are infernal " I ,T " , ,„„ ^ ^ , 5 , ^ / wi,VrlZl thieveit. , They steal the bed-clothing", pillows,. :boot-jacks, aoap, soapJishes— everytliing, in fact, which they tarry off. Everybody steals'soap. Wc expect that, and don t kick. You'd be sur- prised to hear that—{a noted Indiana politician) makes a practice of putting the soap into his v«{i% every time, he hill. . 1¾ jioaEt jetflbito T— ihiicli nf it himself, but I think he'tatot it b*«»e te^htsphitdrsB*!' - •• ;••-" attest buiWea^f-nil ihe.Pharaoha. g«£*man pTanoOier, * Snyof the magnificent temple* at Kafc -fSftaintaace. ** Wall, p k and L*xor are his work, as are also '*», replied the otb«r; the iwn subterranean templen at Ipeani- bul. in Nubia, and the Bameseum at Thebes. He also was a great warrior, paigns and those of Set! avtid Thofhmea that the Greeks .built" up their legends of Pcsos'tri*'. When the hieroglyphic* upon the second obelisk shall have neen deciphered—though many of them mast have, been nearly effaced bjniTiW Eand weather—further light may Wcaat upon the hiKtory of^tlie^einote p*wtlti Egypt, A wttb la MB a good Aom/if i o i my exferisflcngoea, if I.: mit, anS thwe*wa*L war, I should like tokavei of the eoetay't wounded." .., , - - i Boea TwweiJ, uSder oath, aayi that of all the nttUtan he.jmca had, taMTEan |M,000<renaiiitokiBV. whifk in w> plofaauUlj oonueulwl the whole ri* and progress of the r*1 ligiofa, the p*11**pphie»«Dd the aft* of E race 'and « v own Utaea.- GSSEKA.1' SHEKVAK retnra* 1 ington bearing upon hi* aunh/1 kisses of a waote towafnilai - 'grli^.ThU, as the rrea«fcat*l nre Crhtna, ht v war.—CMfago 7»ma.. some famUiea.—CUeofC IHisw, jowo; r CtmrJoorai i*--s*x feet high and 1 tldrty-nri y«u4 old. ' ' ME^»^*ia Waacpma /Vast.- has « tlbT ainrie-Kax etas*. TV beauty •< tbe 1 «ar te extWr* fcaj* k%%^i V ; * - - ^ 2 ^ :&23. aQfti ^ &&s-te ;~*£.+tr* —•
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