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Forest News Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1877, Page 1

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Forest News (Newspaper) - December 20, 1877, Forest, Indianadon*'ia toe txtn tmkmol Congttm. . _ /Two bills only were passed, out of about 'eighteen hundred before-tjut important , lojtocracy. . - - . : • . •- '".-.^ - W H H * you "are sinoking your cigar - with the fine fltv»n* flavor, yon m a t to. remember that the- filling.-U ooea eighth refuse Cuba, the-other seven- e^thsbeingabase-born American weed, and the ehotnlnt adds that' delightful aroma which occasions" "this innocenfc ^amokery dreams of elyslum.- V .'.. T H E , Turk* have taken Elena, captur- ing three hundred Russian pripoiiera, eleven guns, .and twenty- ammunition wagons. Three thousand \ killed and wounded were alto added i o the Russian diaastersE r3o ruporte Sdfeiinan P*AaT and aurelyStileimfttt fiak 1» belie^edpn such a.trifle at this; in spite of thejast two .Syllables of bj» name. --._-_ •_ - ,?fpMe**6fts::. : o&nmrn mOtaiai. Urn erf tahh {sJrca ea«eT =i dest reettlta of fcet" TJrtiawic o<-rim.~ fliiattara^ rWhr,c*n»»,i «SE gentle and* defect* of ou—-.. -^-,^ .-^ --- TuJEexceaaia «4 enrTau'aNT TipoB our old afe, pmUaVwiteV 1 Meat thirty years after date. ' DBXTES SmOk'i: Wfcyka talesman like'a bet? Oaiarw his storeiwdine other, iajrttwhh) DON Cannae*, aceonUag VOLUME ii*. FORMtJUItWN CO.* OHIO. THURSDAY; DECEMBER SO, 1877. R21. there laid claim to.the jpjropesty.EFbj. suit tasted one hundred and fifty .yean), until 17»*, When William VI fit Qrfnge .declared it outlawed by-time,, and . 6 ¾ - finned the original seizure by the State. NSwEproof having rece'ntly been dis- covered.rShe Metiger heirs- have' pe- titioned tli« ^renchr Swiss, 'and1 - Ameri TSEyicoJPreaidentand the-Speattr 'canQoTernroehtoto^fthemineecur Of the-Honse baYe'tabboed the aalfi o T H w J ^ ! l 8 h - t a ot. >raj*h(**Lthe 5aWe in toxica tingjl rinks in the Capital build- Jjsg}> at&jcrrww: reign*-.--~The« will be' no ^ hance-. hereafter to dodge out dur- ••; jag_duii speeches fet'aquiet ''nip," and tbef Sergeantjt-Arins will not be kept' so Ijv'ely i n h i d i n g a quorum.*' ... IwlWiCharles"NoHhbCSrtt* Sew Yt^kJRroW, .worked in theindianapolJs Seitfintl as,proof-reader for twelve tM. l a r s a week, A • similttftiUnrwas paid "* hlm"for the"saS&e"wojit.*SoT Jonxjlftfefi „.^. , - - -. te.> , -.- . ,> W e c V A V % f a ^ _ciflMti :•.rfew; jsa T^r«d^-4rimjfty ^8ir^_ten':ttousand^}KriiE^^r. i ;:»djtori;. Lao- A y»BT«^!AK(H^Aipape< aayajSere ^"SlVliSjiSkeounty, ;in •tBaVT a^rterir fluurlnhing tiaftfw uT^Tgorunx gr6w Ui; ieayes uf ^ wliiehf^^ejfcslh^^riFE^^ family ^ living .under tEeir protection,. ^ ¾ ^ ¾ ^ ¾ ^ .WlfcK' -hlmnUk -Burl' fvtmtiniinrTiTilwrp.f i f >. - Z1-- «kje< ith -si ple and co pou d interest, i t is estimated that the estate in question equal* in value the whole amount ef. jisjihed goid in the world../ .^ ••' "KtHtn&w/ tiirei'of-their passive posttioa i* thf^ matter of Conversion, have determined to organite: a* Inhtsien. for; the;-;propagation of 'Brahtninisrn a%CT'g^UieT»nlghte^ [-Engliib1ghjpstiaas REVIEW OF. DOMESTIC NEWS. ;•••••';.?•••• r - • • - , - • • • y - ^ L C. J. Co-vxKTONi druggist,EMoaWal, a as .made an assignment,: Liabilities large; E - THB UnTveisliy fiullfllng, n«f-CTiicSgo, Vurued Satttrdtiy morning.. L<w* »80,000. . T E E well of L; A> MoClure/TciisLog neat Argos, Indiana, was poUened with strych> 'nine. , - .'.-.—.-.—--*-' ^. KJ.BBbw>^a'l)j'omlnent'etti»ea''of Vfil i-dead-on.tt«"«rieet- ^ who, while recently v I rffl rtgf .the, Aattra.» Jian-cojonie^-waagtrnckby the fearAg: prevalenee^of bVnnkeEneas amohg-thc inhaMVtnai; Betumiag rto-ihteT"' -eesrrtr^ he'calied toge_thert meeting of. -Bcab'minir :at"'BefiarcDy theholy "city iof tteHindow, ihS laid -beiufO them tie* burst forth ia-the sjpinjf, iun of a r/rigljj,^ dition of their fellow subject* br^SUatra-' "golden^wlinTatidjetalri thlscolorduriBg^ their whole- growth, and raaturity. In: theatftunai, wlien -the-coming frost* l y e ,U». other forest leaves in the *avy,r 1 "IjriHUin't hues which give such vZbn'derful ' "beauty"to the mountain?ti'dea, the leave* -on-Uiia-.Tetoaxkabl< tree begin at length to turn green, adopting as their own the -^ fresh ..fiijt that. is juji.t. ijepartiiig 'frpm Etiie-ffthers,—-^^-: • . - - T ~ . — ' - conversiotuof the .Australian,Christians to a b e t t e r a ^ purer faith. .A targe sum of .money haa bee ni subscribed, and p»yi end. Brahmins haTe placed tHemsetvarat the disposal ot SurackcJii, who is busily engaged in translating portions" of tire Yedagjnto^the English tongue,- for the ^MftolJuissloAari« . tax Sitem Qaztitef giving sketches/of^ Hamilton (Mass.) peculiarities, mentions the tvMwiSom^t^i^i- Sfaxy-i-iWgall _ Dodg^ wore familiarly known as " Gail. " H«niitoju"E^ef,h5u«e is iald.Dare to "~thfe^nlIghCandiB.iio more BttMeHmded' ••Ew^t¢V'fcWe^y^irtdV•!^j^bt•^.v6oll- . trlTances than are her writings, jwhich 'dea l with live topics in a vigorous and sloflgc hammer style.-of argumentation ' -:iiiofo "i>eculi^ r- te^meri-tban.to,women, and without any whining:about "the "cramped oppbftnnitfes of womeft.toafiad- -9he.-miBei -a-hearingor.iajjeoome'•*• ptmerirTlhe ""' IwSrld. - - ^ ^ - - - - - - ' - ' - • »••-- IT. is vflrobably" intended7 tKat the Duke o{ Connaught, the J o a n ' s third «00, shall be in 4ime to come-^ery closely identified with Ireland.* From" .the£first he was markedoutTor it, being chris- tened, '-'Patrick,'' «md when-a title was -air inE.tte^Thines.~; is' abownEEby: the jinemometer," •wnicfr'is "BhuaKil-,b61aW" efilgto the. wa^C af- being;cfrel«(s;4n to the ve^MtotifyuJJat • noWiitrhas'sbesn found poSeible, Tiy.. at;, taclung'the telephone to the anemometer below, to indicate the-ftoj? of-airiu the' minc;in. the offlfe of "the company above. It Is proposed shortly''tp%y experiments to * e whetber* the telej^iono enn Tie conferred bii-him it-was iliat of-ah-Iiri8h ' ._prDvincfisEiIe hasTiow Jbien for' many. ^ jmonthjs, rceiding -in. Irekdi'd, where his . regin»int is quartered, but.he docs not- ^ merely follow the hounds Sad stay"about in great country houses, but pays great attcntioa to the institutions and condk -- :tion of the cohntryj and mingles among all sorts : and conditions of nf?n. "One eveiiing last.month he.dined-with 4h» "Mayor_pf Cork,, and was warmly wel-^ ; -corned, and about the same date made a- . visit to the Boman Catholic Schools at e is a quiet, sensible ; -man; of excellent manners,- and witbttre reputation oY a thorough gentleman, lie may dogood 8er\4cevtoIieland, " TUE leading bankers oi .Milwaukee have Ja-the usnal way." Cdn"Bulof Apia, en route to Waghington- "ai art American ^Embassador from the Batnoan Islands- to_ the .TJnUad -States: ~Mr, Mamea r» a -fine, specimgn- ofr}-uafy. 1. the rate otiflfere^ton bahmcfioy«»- T H E \Vurt«nbergG overnmen t erected L a-few years'age, a jium&r of dwellings for-themen employed in its ironworks, . - , . , . . \ , - ^ x -.- ,|j t tjg^^-h«d»oithe-darlresthrifir,-Hfe eoffrtTWir >and lately hfts built quite a i -Sttittgar t f6rEthe"beneflt of "its em> -ptoyega^IiBT^fiailjrffld «nd Po»tnfflLi» Departments. What led to their erection '-'was the*' very rapid increase, in. "the rentals'-antf cost of living <iine of the .-- many, blessings of a united GertnanyJ^ - The Oevernment rents "ffifiS: buildings, -- which are admirably designed forxom- fort and economy, to its employees, who, . pay a, moderate rent, the course was 'pTyPahlv'fnnnir p -h» mnnK mnra »/vv nomical than' raising their salaries. . tit.'. cotrnwtion wi^'^e dweilingS: are pub-' JioJtitchens, and large baths and wash ho.use*. Whatrendersthe.bopnespecially valuable is. the fact that the site is de-" Jightful _*nd most salubrious, and that every possible sanitary precaution has been' taken: Those who benefitTortnerly had to huddle m narrow quarternmong ilWrained streets. ."-' _ •*rl^r "•^SOTHEB of those terrible and in ex cu nably bl und ering executions that have "becom* the rule in Ohio, toplr. pli^e at. 3It. Verr/on, recently in fte hanging'' of .William J. Befgfn. After t^he trap was sprung,the knot became untied, and - the "victim^of1' Ae "'Iftw'e delay " stag- _.B?rcd agarjirt^e^post,'. shocked,- but- abt un«BiK!uus. He was Itfted tft'the scaf- fold, and theiioo»e readjusted with bet- . ,ter succesfr^but jiaLmuch. The: knot slipped under his chin, and the fall not broaking-his ncck,"hc was actually stran- . gled .to death, JThiis JsaaJntfee<£as^*e- yie^im himwlf mtiH nnjgtnratng'.tn tha -scaffold for additional torture, "a bad murder." " Hundreds looked on. at this «jilhori«ed_ crime, palsied with horror^ unable to suggest relief or remedy. Ex- ecutionit.;must be. conducted* oh better principles, or the public voice will de- mand abolition of tho punishment* .» T H E most colossal inheritance sued for _ in. the cplirts is that of.' the Metagef family, in Holland. Lieutcnant-Oeneraf! ifetaget deWeibaum diedat the Hague J,=^^M>lfTsa"vtng;'a Tprt.uneJJKJJ^iai ~ ( The Holland OovernrnVn'ttook ttie estate, -to'itselfon the alleged grofind o f want of heirs. General Metsger was of Alsac*. Some of his distant relative* S.U.BixeYd Co., b!«ckiJig majiutactn'r- i^ g firm, KeurTforki have »ajp*ndeA iia> bilities, •HSjOtSrrrail.eta^ lW.OOO. -"""'•" _. BOOT AjWXAaois, colored, awaiting trial at Mur/ree»b0r6j Tennwsee, 64 the charge, of -murder, wfui 1 y i^jh edlFifilay jilght.' "'•'-,. :: 0to.UiJof'3^YeT»,»t4ladl»oiiTlB4.,I(* Vi%.jp$j£*Tsii John W. jgewelirhss reinlted in a Ve'f die t of guU ty, with iha^eath p tnalty attached.^:. k-,_^-'-" r j jyay T^ B*T' otbiji alghi, at-Qalesbnrjt.Uiiftois, was'dls- fifty j)et«at Th« capital «toickwM.»136,-' I J j n d tU« bsnk has be«n graduaily it- cj«t«)cgit« ind'ebtedaew for a year. •••: T^a p^ppntata of. jhe,deaifc penalty are preparlay ttf -make: a -aojj- iqt iU abolteh- ment^n theeoningOhinJUgislatar*.- The ttcttbst the-bloodkri murder* lath* re- cent bi»tify^th»5«*Ulis»r«^»BlttfiAli^<l0 B * « *V\*M-i on-th<reryd»y« .of prfbllc'exae^tiMn will « OswAir Fartia. ' fiirnij^a strong argument to-open with. ^•JFKcai; djipotrh -itom/f hllaaelphla says Uist theii^atK,;Piae«of liberty," so. TUKvKuwisn'ettjsial sccotrnt, ol tbe *»p- trire of Plevna confirmslbe detaiU tbresOj: Mlegrsshed.' Jt «*yV the Turk*, fpugj* Jilts liops:'. Berea ^*bas were capivred. Tbe e»»ntjng W ,tk« piH»ou«ni and trophies is aot. yet eompUtidX The Emperor was present at a thankiglvjat;. service __PTO j^.^ e to-Jnstee^potitpoiieuijnt o< l.kfLJwh'jii-Jtaiiacfc -eaiHSTTrom the fact that in 'the bnildl'ac Thojou Jtffernjn Pjaned the Declaration of I^4eperidtcce,*»s-badly scorched V"y fire getanfty ni^bt,---Xtw'ss* rcooumeot of in. jterest to thousands otXenteaaiM visitor*. A WSPATCH from Frankfort, KeoUekr, to the Associated1 Prtss .^tnt afclrttkyUle, says is. H.TsyJ8r,tho great dlstOfcr l^faa' been acquitted, of. charges brought again t him of attemptingfrsod, Tsyloirit will U "reidetol>er«dr faijed -lor something like a iiiinB lssi s^ 'QP1 jeared, •TH« fit,, boa is- Clear iBjfhoAi 66 aggrtganfClearlnB', bMWrJlifle'.«1«^.' 5fl2^thiEr®diEIttg wlfli:a**ifc. =Af£erJ8E that city lor the y ear :*ndi4ig #oyerober $0 - aw«i%Jwh^n onestioued abwtihe^Satter," to hava;b«B*yK)l^aiaaii. - '• MlWigigB-WEtfjCafrir^d itt'lriiniicaiOn TBe 12th, andjiMkjjqejval by~Mr,.£ierrfr paatrtKcMjriflS^'^^rUte l ~~ legation andafew-Aioericshs. E-TkE-irhiskyfcoBsa^of Cochrtm^riFuBonE lis. It.w*s.^ unanimously agreed that the" btfry lasting, remedy woul4 be th* HanJaVrlfe, was damaged by'fireafeirnigbts '" "' ' " ' "" »£0, to-the. ex te tit ©f.'HijOrhutfiired and seventytfiirerhouund dollars; Two fam«ts "living near. KirkRntHe,\ stroyed. A' x iw use has been found' frft the teli^honer rknciftVMintroducedirrtcT ^ v c r . t •ifnf.-frtir-'^Wff p V r j »^> fyt i -om. -munication betweej} • the^jnen at worjt below the «urfacerasd^esrffl.cers of "ttar, companies above ground, it ha« occurred iosomebody coftnectiftwith «ne of tthe mides thaflt coul d_hansed to advantage in "indicating .-/the • ventilation Of 'tfio- uiijT,ea. thejijeelte'it. .Tfhe •chuulaUou uf Ohio, namwlKrani andCooJton.ietUedan old feud Friday. 'The Utter. 'kiHed " former with •'wooden'sledij'hoe. •'.'-..' '- Ji«"Ee;Mc^^Nboi»,-c"oIbre_dJ wis hsnged! at JBsstbrop, "'touislario,. on -Friday,. lfi,the' _' preience of tw^ thoa«SMa'P«r»oMT-for 'the ', i^ iirder ofC.; II. £vaB»j"a?fe»r. sgo.'.ilLjr. v..' '-Hkjir?V QBoqil, a negro, Jhfew.a eoabotl iamp ailin mletrEBi, Emms (Jhisn, laXooi*.. ^iih), the ether, night. 'Bejaitj, Honiode- •" stroyeu'. and i^ mina fjutnejTtodeath.-?- v m»d| aVailaWeTn~drfvcrs, operations. It .11Jbelleyed that the"Iratfujnent~ioay. be attacri^ dto thearirJorof drivers, .ind be made a perfeet means of communication, between themahd:tiieir tosistante.-- - - : '- A TATTOOES, P~RINCET~'. ^ Tire. Sari. Fran Cisco CAroftWethuB.de- scribeiM, Mamea, Secretary-of State ot Samoa, who has reached that city'--in company, j r i t b j . . G.EColmesnK, Vice sania Lcglilstors,hos been" eonviotcdof. tm- ieVrjD«.^Jc2.00from!tUoO(UreHojra'todge, Vrilkesbarye, Pa... Koens-has applied fojr a ney trial --%. :. - BAHRAH^ VtiKJtLKB, wife^ atJaJBeS-Wirik- Ter,of 'ifsniftngiiocV,-.Ohio,.jcas burnedso, 'bjrfljt-by-.'lJie- suddesi expio«ion of a iahip, oa Saturd »y fflo TOlngf that the died in abtru t fourhouflu- . E "'' -: '-•.•.--..•*.'"—•; _A-i)WEU4KSonthafarmofW.W..Tuek<rf n ear -De up*grtfty- In' NorfolfcCouu^, Vs.," "bur'n«a.Frkli>y nigbt, aod a ftnaie jsembVr of the family) 'nam*d Arra-'Atkineo*, per. i«hed iujb*,aapier. "_i:-_ ~ '•' f --..---.: V-A won InESt. Clair TConBty, IHsso'iiri, op'' pnned: to-'the_.'coUeeliaa -of rritlwartaXton"" -Frijfsy.nigtt tod% fdreibTe posstwioa of »11 tie county reeen|s, and defied thelswfully comLitiittiiofBcerr.' - TJJE ifarsK n«rve«tcr.Conipany tia» "madT an -SMi,{iiment to fir. Stkrke, of Sycamore, IlllDoii.. C.TV. Marsh is President, and J. -B. Easter, of Chicago,: owns holf.the capital stocic, "which i» $200,000 -^,-K»iMn=ti«nla»- physteal manhood, straight-aa on 'arrow, and about six feet-six inch'ea in height. A massive.teadjuKTQurided by a shock of wooHy haifr'sitagracefirflyon-a pair of broad shonlders. He has" a pleasant Snilingface, beaming with intelligent:^ an<T adorned with,a small, coarse njus- two thdnsand dollurs willbe rednoed to.tyo: par oeatr-_--- - - . ""'_.. '. E—-^ MSilver Springs, "Wynm'iag,- finfridayj a,"aoiaie>' named Keanedx-KiUed SeTgeani Schafierj of the.Thiifl Cavalry. Keane'dy was drn'nkatthe time. TEe •ame-aightbii comrades took hljn from the gnard-hoase and lynched him. fluently in English, and has a thorough knowledge of the events of the day.E On -~A BA&x near Hackecsjok,-New"JerKy, owned byFettrB. Ackermtn, was deitrbyed by fire. Moentiy. The itallicn Pyperion, that sets off his stalwart frame, and is in fine contrast with his bronze counte- nance. His body, from the waist to the" -ineeSr-ia a gem of tattooing art I t is completely covered with (he distinctive signs and figures common to the chiefs and members of the royal family ia the Navigator Islands.. He is- a„.devout Christian, being a convert, and.a. Bible is, his constant-,companion. He will re- IffiaWi he're:unfil irtxt Keek, when ho wTii leave Tor "Washington, where he, hopes to effect some jped,- and bring the islands under the protection of the United States. It rs,-ho—Bays,;•- the unairinious wish of the natives thaT this country-shall guarantee some protection to them, BO . that the increasing and jaofitable"- trade hotwi Europe may be turned this way. . TBE^'Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Mail says: ' A' most extraordinary sfeyics .of :ayjBf l ta^k .^^rf i i^nt l>^L^. jy*fe ^ r n EPoHw Statioh, A fittie boy Kad been run uvet by the strwt 6usand killed, but the face arid-head fefrwholly unininred. -He lay perfectly placid in death, and one w&dld thinkrecbgnixablo. Yet no less than fourteen different parties identtfied him erroneously. A mother wept'over him for her son, and oh examination of his- clothing found her mistake. A father -wept over Tritti, and afterward' found his own boy safe tod well. Brothers, sisters and relatives of ali kinds were deceived as to the identity of the boy, ao'd. the. true identity was only ascertained at last by a playmate of the little fellow and' corrpisrated Jjy Tetattves'wriu were searching for their lost boy. - ' . y . • ' THS most dangerous of all flattery is the very common klhdjthat ve-bestow upo9-<W*tlv«e. : AS-^tScun'AiHTatopk'driwr, •jtrohrTn BP^nin)certinoco> -^kiUtd"a-crogy be,»aid he kiHed-iJjOri; l'-o»ly far-foaliih- ness.'rr It is'.coigidareotTt eohl-bl"^*-J - - 1 uuprovoked.mftrderr' (Galveston AtorJBan Autouiuaps^ju reports -efigsgesienls,: in :.-llcxic'o betweia Colopei ^utig's*command 'and;». psity of -Meiwie'o Indians] in'-whieh twoindiaod were killed^.and ; three wbinded,.;"fl^«li- camp-ind ,prqperty were",capture4 Sndde- erally strewn" witk~tSqu»an3s"o"nieaoF anoT dying:* ftimaa-Paafet^Jtiiselfaras aeTefeiy'i woimded Jsefore ho would COD teat tosur .readtT. HiS valor^.which is described •»« de«perat«,is everyirhe" the "theme of coa- _ 'n^ E The saierrnga of the Turits in the town were actually awfui. Cold.diteue, and faainie.fdec~inateef fSe "rSfiksTaad .re-: duce'd trie soldie'rsto Hying skeletons^ To aggravate their': sufferings. • there was-no- d o ctor,»«4 "a ormed i ow • coald beobtaiued. | f^*?rW8|_tdpreVii "A"cro&jgytodfficUl"retu>ni7thThnMJiir in all H* aop.rtiseiila'ikotid, in goci fMt\h, Un* all iU. watrwu tad SHICTIIMH «iiei*~1aM wiuT l i»o»»dti i«n»." ' • At the expiration of the morning flour, consfdertion was. resumed of ths rese l l *r**^£'..- igaWi>kj->|D^fi: uTEli&'• stf^libitta mettle. -.- - • cT'i^ R^ Hxyl- the courage to apeak V»*fiJkM in a " seedy -"eat, even tiunpfrnm^ in company with a tics/one* aa4 M a w . attired. ' E "' •• - ; ..-'' "** THE manner of a vnlMr a>aa IMJK .tloa 9f Mr! M a t t h e w . ~ » . > ^ ^ " b o ' ' a d ^ . L f e ! ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ 1 ^ 5 ^ ^ silver, and Mr. Baysrd, MrVfliiiTof Clponris, T 5 L S 5 & « « ? ^ « « * « « ^ f " ' • • M ' , : and ,Br.JJawes spoke in--oppoiition, s a d ' ~ f ' ^ r t i e r - u u .1. -, . >v , t J i Mr.-Allison.in faior, Mr. Spoflbrd took, heWoBth«sne;ef.thetormer he»dq,nart«rJTBi-ar. toVapealt' upon Mr'Matthews'" Teielutiion, but yj elded lor a motiSa'Ter Sraciai. advices'lrom Bucharest put. the number of Turkish jtrb^ners taken at Flevaa at 40,000, sod the number of guns captaredjt. four hundred. "The'ground «WUi„wsFW Kens of the sortie. waaJii-. ezecative session, aa4-4he.JSeoate, at four b'eldek, preteeeed :to fvatidtt ozeeatlTe. baslncM-,-and when the'"doors Dpened at *6 :SO, adjourned aafniiJ- " ^^^W^H— Q^cw1 »»tfoa, tne^uwiaa ferrad. i*^sfca s>niratioa of the 'mornlnc-..-.i - • >^-v*^..*»> .iwtv. .v. I I I I H M -- ^ ^ 3w^a.iii-Jthfc iJghtiiiep.reeedii^afcsfl^:: '-ti^^-^S^^^'-^mi^rmKcd •'iJ^^^^^f'i^^^^c^^J^^'^ & 3 W T * l k e H o w t i , a ^ S S R C n y * i * P « . - V » ^ ! ^ ^ w " ' ^ ' , ^ I or jy:tMfSfT<sfficer» . ana-one. thousand ^wir -iuindrcd-aud seven''' iflen we**did. .The. TS^EEiosSLlonrE'tliouiaiid killfa and- trr7^^C t^Ue;j>w»oncr» luefiide. .ten ^ijas , QBo-Baiftea-yd tweu«y>«ight-«tafr a^nd^ -- legslative ifilcws, two thouMnd-officerv-JUuify tho5" § x 4t05"the doon land, rnfknttv »n* <S»H IhouitfrfftWQ-t.tut ParK'Bt, froatfae-. :". -Sis -steamers left Ne^ York'forJEurppe, 8aturday, Bewiulj^j^ir^o-Bfrart>Blhsr- of.grBla in- tln^r-'Ck^oesT'^'yesh.beefN and oyjtera were thsE..targest .items «»• portedT.'"- " ' „-_E ' " « ' I E '• .- B^ D.^CcK»>ilr«r.mprilhl.r7<Tfli"e ftnniyk. Foo» yewig lsds, -while "skating on ths the f river, st£lyria,"0hio., wir^preeipiutedinto <h£:wat«r;':by' ttt^eakiasf-ot' th»"?lce. Tfitte- bf" them succeeded in:reaching the -iKcrife, h t^, the other oloe, Ned Topliff, s: son of John ,X: TopUff, of TapliffA £iy, car,- ri«getriniming^nur»etnrex»»'wa*drowneai_. .'QMrtJOHN ill, HkfeLAM, th'e newly, sp- paibte^" Auoeiste Jostles7 of the United States' 8apreme" Court, met" the othcr Jus^ tioes.'in the robing, room" oa the IOthias'd "had;-«(Sordial welcome.- "JIa"_s5b»crlbed" to -thai rontJad-'oaai.--J udge Harlan t hej^ «rt*f ttft - -usual TormalH>«; took, hla'seat on ths b e n d i . - , '-•"*''','. ' , " "• " united in a circular ..to -their country cor- re»pon<}<n"'«, notify lag them thafafter Jaa" hablJEof riding Amerine's thought to thus intimdate him-in the future, A BOILKB exploded »• few Hays-sjate, at the fonndry of Clark A Back, in Vmeennes, Ind., lhaking ths- whole—city~ as' by. an earthquake, -Two men were killedoutrightT th^Isabel,-up to the time fff his landing--wtth a record of 2:2f, Valued stTwenty —Jonn Miuer, ooilee maker, "afiaT Tames on our shores, he clung t»-the" native "" J ''" ~* -!-Li-*"- «—«-«- "-» - -«* ->- » aH3 primitive garb of :hia island home. A.toterlew shirt descending to tHe; waist, with » primitive cloth' attachment, vrere. the only articles of dress, save"anT ex^ ra< breastpin or two, with.i^bich "he clothed his c6l6^trf6TO""."wBileTattQ^ying across the ocean. This garb,-however, nas been aucaraea tora oroaaciotn suit, thousand dollars, and eight other valuable horses, were burned.- ."' ' A-"VASBIKOTOI-dispatch Says; There is a goodTdeaTortun'and feathers concerning ror relations with itexico, but no- real *p- prehention of in ontbteakU entertained by General Ord or any of the officers BOW here from the Department of Texas. ' THE workmen employed in the ^overnr went buildings in the %WslHpt 61 Columbia, have pasied resolutions thanking Sunset Cox for his efforts in their behalfj-and con- demning other Congressmen who have been antagonistic to-the laboring men.; - Iv'Scioto County, Ohle, one Hunt, in- furiated by the testimony of otte CuUip be- fore a Grand Jury, attacked htm- with a olab, frseturlng his ikull. "Cutlip died in twenty-four hours thereafter. Hunt has Bed. Cutlip was a peaceable yonngrman. _ TBS witcoLCanierShopbell, a hjgbly ei teemed oitiien of Ashland, Ohio, was found, jnbabitauts of Sieniea. drowned Saturday morning about seven •o'utunk.—Ifcr body was lying with her face doWn in a small stream of water near her. home, the waUr-beisfonly five inches deep. THKBccsiver Of -"""'"'" ^_ janyjNew York,'posted a notice, Saturday,- •tating that'the. dsjiositors, be /clt'iure, would-soon be paid in full, and may safely ntopradivtd<md-of at lesstgfty per cent, 8« sooins with. - C. D.-'EVAKS, residing-near Pstask'als, Ohio, died at ten o'clock, Friday night, -from theeffects of a blow on the head dealt with legal forms f*n be .complied aheavy clnb in the hands of Kwtog' Coulter, 1 ^ s seighhovfat halt-past'seven^o'clnek thn , m m « " ef^ ffi ay on which bis h a n g / e d a f ^ V, «or4& J J i morning of the sam< deatlFQccurred.-'- Jor^g, JOXM, colored,. was Maris**; Arkansas, op-Friday, .^ . ,„„ murder of Joseph Colwelt, coioredT one ye'nr ago,' at'BHHiiey's-landing.., jho rilps' broke when the drop fell, and he-was taken up InKensihle and bnnged until hewss dead. As James Caldwell and Qaincy Parker were goingjo the lstter's home, In nn open buggy, In Cbnnersville, Indiana, the horse took fright nrnl ran awsy. Caldwell was thrown agslnat » tjec and aMolVitistaatly killed.' Parker was'severely, thoughprob- ably ffbt fatally injured. TBR Directors of the GermaK Amffgan B«k at Chicago have tuspended payment. inrthtblliticBtodepo*itariareffl^^)00;sneU VlMjOOO. Stociholders w'ill, l^ sa about " 'l3tTBxdiap»tch«»..report. further trouble , on the Texas,border." Btate'.troops" and iicxieaas nw^ngnt^atiilesariD-onJ'rlday, . , "MH . . . ill whn.'h.flve TekSs ESSgera and jimerchsnt namedNKUls"were killed by Mexican".' ipov- crnor'flubb'ard hiaEtelegrMhed tbeTre'si-. dent ft-r a*siBtan<!e;, :The 'mafteru not seri- bualy regaried »t Wsshin);toi).-' A'COHFriEKijR betweep the tease'ea of the. -In tba;8ehate, Deeembe: whole mowlpKhour wfta < . . Xpresentation-or-petitipn« from all. parts ._, T _ . .^ , .^. the country in favor of the amcri^m'ettifo' oahkls,and^Board",bf"?ublio "ft'orki of 6'Bfo" ThTTronititntipo; «0 aslb^jirohibtt the States has rCTHllefip'an'sgreemeht that 'applica- tion shall be jtnade-for the-lappeiatment of Tepelvert; • representing" both intertsti,' to. Wke cbarge of the cnuals'-onliliitigailon or regTsIstion is.had^dccidlng upon {he'reipect- fve^rlghEitrf the; partietrr^fir:"lyfe^ftat* ch'cr.ls recommenrlrn1 t^-thcBoofd tor-re- ceiv^ er, and Col. Farrotifby this lessees, . T" Coti_WDiB4**1¾ stir was. jcreatedin polit- cal eifclei at Wuhidgton qn tat 14th the fact that Senator Conkling," of New! ^ork^atid Senator. GorionLqLyeoii!is, had, a personal spat in Uft secret^^culon of the' Senate.J-Conkling having charged Gordon With uttering aa=«ntriMh, Gordoh 'resented; it, and,used sack'Isagusge as to, induoe lia- tenera-to'bcHeTe UiaPit "would be settled -A.colorfcd.manwu shot and killed iitMad-. .County, Ky.,^ ^ bn.Fridayi by*.white- mau-by the nameof"Amerjne. A muaket loaded wltha wad of"Brown paper prepSri for-the pnrposa of-jcaring him, was-.nted. It was; found upon exam in ation-Uhat the wad had penetrated the hearfc-^eath.was instant, The colored maniaadJrecn in the horse,. anji^ hT Coleman, a cittjen who was not employed about the'works, but-bad-eaUed therein buainess^ Miller was blown against the aids of Mr. Bock'aJio.Bae,: io-the«djoiniDg yard;-nesilyjill kls -clothing >«raa lorn from his body, and the (op of his head torn off. Coleman was terribly entto pieces.-.:_;' TBE EUROPEAN WA& TBI Servians crossed the frontier at Pirot, andare.marekingon Kassova. . . ' Tni Turkish Chamber of Deputies has elected a Christain President. . THB Turks burned and evacuated £ieua on Friday, aid the RoMiana reoccupy it. Is the bsl^le at.Metchka the Turks lost about one thouasnd men, and were driven aoP«Ui«aiv«vI>Ha,-. E E ' . . " " THBRX'WSS a diitarbaace snd-fl girting on the 5th between the Serviaaand Koasulman sa - infa tty a d- o»«) t o sand;two~%\xic ^ed^cavidry^^venty^eveajrannoB" were also- captured.1 The ff^f.'riitflli^ aa*. yi is oners, np'tabeting teirthtfuaaiid, have started jorBnchlyeaV - • E • E " . *THE news; ijf thatiBcrviahas actual.ly de- olared war, and that Greece will soon do, tie sotne. The battle at M.etcbka, On Wedoe»- day the 12th, leemsto have b^en-a serio,us^ AjiXleavor by Suleiman. Pasha to defeat the Ciarewitch before ihe transfer, to-the latter of large relnforeements from Plevna,^ The attpek-.jras directed at the new bridge aoross the Dagjabe at Batin, by way of- the Metchka Valley. Jn>out-iixty'battalions charged up thevslley at: dayJarealg/whUe a, feint was maBeun UieJJuiiuu-right. Ail day the fiiv log- w*a.i!qntinued:tat^tlH«r)^fife,'inipple' yentcd r^i^aaionfffi^tBST^Wges^elte- !fr ,**[j^*fli~ i regular order of huainesa, the ooaaidM'a- ti.oa.pfJhg_Colwado contested eiectton.case, mtt resumed. The disCuuionof the case consumed a«ve;aIhoiur«^aadxadeaUxiavdte declaring-Patteraoa-^tntitled to. the* sest— yea*,. 116; nays, 110, Patterson waa then swora in.M Bepresentativs from tbefitatvof Colorado. . . . ~ ~—• la the Senate DecemberI4,l(V..Cameroa<~ of Wisconsin, called up the H«use joint ri-av Jutfea relating to reacrrtura, to promote the OSTigatfoJFOfthe Missiailppi KiT'er. Pissed, Mr. £— J - >-:" to ^atemHte OBtratfoia. ...In the Howe the""*«nee in man's UK ia whea Ke •oertsiaisaWway aaaepsaiea for one yeai* lie- Matthewa'a reiolutlep declsi'injj ittfiirTigbt «oL the Govei-ffment -=to_B*y_the bonds. In S4^ Vsr,-• and Mr. Ilerefora spoke.in - fav w ther<soL-. At -the conclusion of-Mr Here- foTeysrc rgasrks.-'—UfeV SewrTe- werit i»W yvgarBve^ssion,".with--«he aBUtfatsnding flwt^Biti ,d"oors sAourdT)*- reop*ne(r»o«ri hl tive" -pffain'tsa coiffiaiiedi; were reopened, and Mr. the conference comiflif'jjs, ineiJcnciencTJtppropnationO)llr»«Duiitteil !a-teportrantt iu. ctpimtieu'tautup'sstii -tbatrredncUonS-hailJoeen madabytbe^rom-' W H Y should weiive in luxoiy w|m«at JT a%e to many poor fa«iH«»s aro*^«B(s»ta» are »tr««;fing to get through the i With Only one dogt PaoBiBLYone.Jof the -duces hiaaeoond wife—sttvesrieais ' o l d - to his eldest daughter,-who i i 1*i~^y twenty. . , - . ' . , . . . . ' - \ ,^-* PHItAPELKHIA r-f'fl'll Til II iTlM^S : wail« that 'vYeOitj bank nntwsMt kass,- -been hung.!' B« c^afetteo.oaf hwisWf?; For fUready, i^aay a.swiadtorjbaajt JMjfc^ been suspebdael. ._ .- *;~ ~-j? —^haqrm wojttaiB Uoroto ;to the drfp E, and. ..caJis after her huabsaKx;' tJjntrodueedB billj " Hen-EE-E i'J-rfinishiBgthe last sylia-. of thtact pf Fithru- hie ip capi.ts)l 'iettfft—lou a t y , ' a-a'fetthmtatwith tiiatsSf - ' - - ^ =- ^ - = - ^ ^ - - - - - -t she i a not in a espi -JiBM-TScof- lort ImtBor. o' aiaisti* - ^ ^ w . e e L h e ' s no mtulkre worth. -¾¾. jialdofogcTfrglint o' hiih^ Sax- days. «">-T~! th' we»?L-;fiBV enTertibfiaf--and. oa ---1 sev eiWRc 'seuay&ge^eJjessiblB J l l - ^ ' - -T11&' SfcACtlFl-ri ; 6 i f * t ~~ Tttaa.ftlrjajjtVyi. " " Thit l t t tw.- fj^p^jj^jj— With graftiul-reajnUof.\X&lowljr" -ntrjrrfcjtsif OlMiUjaii »lnftwllfc frail .PitrgejiTiltftiuiib)«^»»nuaiu the hmt pii . i f i i i ir i?ii i i i jw't i- ' - -,iiua am j tjmr Xbe gotden ell y of Jeru«al*a&.;.., -.^ --.. " '*lfE:.took t*p -drops of "thwi44t a to"the']t>"nriaif:of tfflcers and otEefC;of the JneaWtheih into a "bushel of bubWea," United; Stales Navy who-perished by the wrtefcjjf.the V. S, steamer Huron........: In the House, Mr.'Smglston' presented a re-f port of the .Con fere nee CoinniU{ea;.jin. the- Deflefency!.. Appropriation—t*i)i. -M^~w weakly sustained By evtningthe Russians' .took.the^ "oflqnaive. and1 tnrnect-tbs Turkish right rfank, and drove them as far ns Knftnbe.. and aero ss tile river Lom."" ' 7BES810NAL,:f Exposition Bill, with the.'BeUlitc "ainem . menu, aras • passed. Mr. Wood, - from the committee of TVayiand-Heaiyf presea&dT resoltttioa,.which, after a9Be parliamentary dirpiitatfon, .the Bneajty jirected to be -read.. It Instructs *th» aertrat coramitte.ca bavro -^lio-crttrge matters 'relating-' to Indian fr'om -disfranchising citizens oh account of ss-i, asking l|ieapp«ntuienJofa commission to inquire, into- the: alcolioUe.liquor traffic, and urging Cbngrcsa.riot.to Ukt iny action aff*irs,-naT«J«Sairs, military affairs,.'Post- I ' :"..-' offisga, pubiic-latode,' etc.; t« inquire into any er'-lCrieHfcjthe tr0"!*?™***1 *£****•*• ,h,f ^ 0 1 ¾ ^ oceuoied mShe *!5" "' 'I10 '•'W. affeoting,snch branchea of f i l nartsS"-rirejiublioiervice,j£ith_powfr-;tojrfndfor jcrsohf" Bh<t-. -papers/-to-^it *9ring;stiie- receis, etc. "Much- filibustering took {>l»ce, .'„ on - .tbti _-parf of . the; ttpflbiioaus, toptetentavote on the reao- liitiou;..without effect. -The. Jtcpiiblicaua, u'ridcr the lead of.'Mr. Ruiler, a>cliiicd vol-- -«n«M&tirf7evW^oLUie-toifl'un^TL | J°^ «° • f c i 0 , ! S w ^ ¾ ¾ ¾ 1 ¾ ahoH haveEascertained by^nqnirrthe-c^^ f*>*"> vf" * • - rule, arthmg "in order, tionof . a u U l a J . of file Souu^.ad the ^ ^ . ^ ± ^ ^ M ^ ^ ^ . -iegialatronibesuchusjii-tale opiaionof prac. ticalbasiness men will prttmote the buaineft j>rosp,eTity*of the country. Allwefc referred^ Mr. eorikjing-sabmitted" a reaolutfcn pro-" -rilling foT the-sppaintw«nt of a commute* f seven" ^ nators_.to.J«auir.e; and report ^gaE^rtymfgBSt meaacres can-be-de- vlaitd; to promote • commercial intercourse with. Mexico,""and to establish a just and peaceful coftdltion of-affairs- on the border" between this country and- Mexico? It al -aa'thorixed the committee to send- for pt ao per- sons end-papers, and jo-vlsH-snch Jilocus as it may think proper in inaklng ths inquiry. Agreed to.- Beyernl billa. wlre.introtmeed- snd referred. "Consideration was then-re^'ground.that the resolution was in-violatwa-^a: Suiriea^Bf.th'e_resolution "of_Mr^ Matthews leelsrfns' the right of the govemmeh«^to'• pay the BonJa in silver.^.Wkile th?;bill was andi , Hisoa-niaved,' ss this- day had b'een'assigaed lor the cctnsiderstion ^* the BiasV-SftwM^bilLaalay -Sajue" Mr. Uattheifs^ resolution, and take up the silver, bill. Ktje'cted-^reas, IS ; pays* ^3. The Senate therl went into-,executive" siihrandsoon after, a<ljoumea:....^ou«-^ itr. Durhnni, frorfrtiie'Appropriation Com- mittee, reported b*ck .th^ Defioiericy Ap- propriation^Bllt-wtth a recommendation that the House concur-in leertainof the Senate araeDrtments,-, and -nan-coaour Jn others,. M*. Purham explained when the hill psissod the lioma it appropriated <1 £43,(100. the bill. werenoncurred in, and the bill goes back to thatbody. ' , '----In"the Senate,'December t?, Mr—Sargent from the Committee on Naval Affairs, re- ported f asorably on thc'Senate bill to regu- late expendittfreain the navy. Passed". Adso, tha-Senate bI2"authorising a general ac> eotint of advances for naraTappropTiatioiis. Passed, A res\>lutionsf MrJJjtvia. of Vf£fr •Viry ln i . , in H . p r H i ^ , to ' o i ^ r i e t n j . -fle militia of the several States wss ordered ' T H « portion of the Servian tr oentrated near the (ronlier-haxa drawn, and the other] thelrhotnes. Sallys loss between Kqti] Total loss war,«,( . 1 ^Mb** iS i iC aafthsU^ am ' ~ ' " - - ' ^ - - • « ' • • • • Mini" -'" Jiiii printed. Mr.-, Davit '.gave .notice'that he would call it up-at an early day. Upon mo- tion of Mr. Allison, the Senate insisted upon its amendments to ths deficiency appropria- lioniill, and a committee of"confereinhr*8*' brdejed. MetSTs. Bargent, Dorsey, and Beck were appointed members of ther cem>. mitteeon the part of the Senate. -A^-tbeex- prratiop Of the morning.honr consideration w«- resumed of anfiniabed bttrto the . resolution ~Tst~Mr. Matthews decisrin^ the righfE of ' the" 'gov- ernment to pay .the :bonds in silver. Mr. Chaffee, of Colorado, aubmitted the fol- . Chaffee, of Colorailo, aubmitted t ring as a substitute: "That all-be United States Issaed or aathorlxed to be •d under said acta of Congress here.tfc. recitcd, srd payable,principal and in. ^at the option of the government, in t gold or silver Of ataa.daRl value the bonds-wer6 issued; and that,to to ooipage auoh silver coin.aaa legal , co-equal with gstd coin,- ia noj^in on of the public faith, nor in deroca- ' ths rights,nf pnhlic ciedUora." Or- printed. Pending the discussion of Mrs ews'a rosolniioa, a motion to proceed siderationof executive business to, by a vote of 44 to-20 In the LMr. Hnrria, Chairman of the Election :ee, oalled up the Colorado election, .majority .report, repnrled-by- th*. tic members, declaring Patterson to sscat, and the minority report, - Hiscock, Wait,- and Tttornbury,. Belford duly elected. Mr. Cox, of bmitted anothcr'report, declaring "been wo valid election, Thepre-- on of arttumenta in support of the ty jH»d"mmority reports occupied the. day. Senate, December IS, Mr. Csrheron onsin^ presented the petition.of Corbin, of South Carolina, asking claim to a seat from that State may ircd into, nod decided upon its He'moved the petitioa lie upon the' the pre»en,t, and gave notice that ' call it up hereafter and move Its to the Committee on Privileges itions. 8o ordered. Mr.'Voorbees the following, , resolution and that he Wnuli] call It up Tues- ,usry lfi, l*f*ifot_the purpose ot some rem A'kst hereon: That it Is ot the ktskeat tMportSbee Mtal cndiM UwreTsnarait b«™»ln- tatfMtw do fQUMattreraaMBft ftaetf, ji ••, Approurial plained that the dintret jiotLscs war Jl't.OOO. an'i: e hce betweejithe two uiHucBi.Mfi11.vw.U4l 'th^ Cumnittee of Conference of theTloase had yielded \\tSf' 000 t»*t±re demands of the Senate committee. After som.s discussion the r'Port Coaooiittee Was'soeepted'; 4t.now goes gas thedetsriptioti- givfen.of a.speaskw f whope rhetoric ran ahead of his le«Je. RowLnMlllill said of some in hjs $rr .-• .j^E ihat " they had a 'Aver of werdn' wlt%-, .: V' ; - -•- - • > •• .uj.i* . ^ E - ^ - x - 4 « i«r t sJTst adjpurn; After' several \>otes wero'tiikcn by aiyea and nbSfthe JFooif, at /:20, adjOnrried." . " Th the Senate December 15;* during the reading of the journsi -a fiiesssge wss re- ceived from the House »jinoucciB»;:tha't the Speaker had received a number of bUJaE. among.them the Deficiency- Appropriation Bill—allot which were immediately signed "by-the' Vlj-e-President. Mr.vButier -a»if mitted a resolution for the investigation of- the discharge- of the Committee on Pi5v. ileces sod Eleetiona from the consideration ofcbla crtden^ala at tBi extra aewton.but Mr. CameronEof Wlaconain, objecteoj on the' Wbo«; wfttfJujita^^M «ilH«l, >aaU tisitaaraiag) liH/ Buy hnrte^ wlMn WurSen tbost ^s4*Bii«jr f«i,_who* sMprwerttarart SjTljsr ^ edncUona-had been^ s i e -' AiHtee iu. the amount- provided for jaMia sgr«d upon la|2,64o,e73.. JEhc report of the- JSTnt* fnuad Bipe, n&wmitSSr, MdV™, XJonlerenea CnmmlttKn was agreed fn, a rill. ShllfcwekxHi* cbe^ witWa the gaua uf Vila - th* bill passed. The FiSst Jto'ate'UIlrwjtb. ""•-—*-• ' * .-amendments, was passed, and a bill relative. ooly:"ji spoonful of th^ujrht. A.BQCilEgTOH'tailkmau" loet two custo ^ ners be cauafravnewspaper ^ ' t h e l ^ 1 - J ^ P " t t . i ' a •!'>",'>'"* >•••»,,, . oca to" xhey*aid they Bad Allthey oduM do t t jtoftd.ijjh^waterji^'put in, ba>v now thai he Jfiia" g|iifBht.arliliiig:.tuat hasty' dr they"wanted no More of hi j milk theirsr rArthe cloac of tSe-jiiUJBitsrn laeBsV-" niolBUbjlid 6f-Rcpresentatives,tft.e «aet€E" read the following:.-*'I am^tequertsiJ s%tT : anrmiifce~"tb.at tl^-Rev. doctor MeFae--.. •lainl'wiU dflfver a lecturetb'is. erfwia*—- ii»=flic liail on thn^iMlucfttioa of Idiots? . Ifcniliers -ot- tW. LegislattiTe invited -it> altcnd." •• - - - - - ^ - ^ - ^ . : 1:^ v _ -rATKji»«-^3&intsrdid youiiear-tlia-^.=½^¾ iinittder in .tjto nieht," DennTfr-^''Ifi^' •, >EiifcS rat;.dKV.rt,jeallythuwHrr Patriclr,—: -,^. ^ ''- i'ev,.,!*'..'Uiun'dered. as if hivejv,ai»d, ^ ¾ 'tii'rtli wuuldcane together.". B^MSIS—>_ -" -1* •". Wliv tfac-tlpuccf-ihen. didn't ye .wake .- riK^irTyeZEwWlcatft skjae-vrSiLU: - thuii3ejrs." ~'. '_--"'.'' . ..," ""• CoLoirEi EDMUND iiuiE," the. iiiMttw -; of :the trowei bayirnctE-nas been -fiviaia- sodleTIluetratidhsof the- cffi'cacy""of has.' ^ v. j inyentio'n boforejthc KuSifah office'ri th '"" E t ^ QBl^ria. ^.IfeEcoDstrneted In ihne «pi»- utes a'rffle pit large .epojugh lo shelter OBC man, trod several staff- officers uae4 trie weapon: wi th«<^ual ly satis factory etv suits. This invention has for some" tune been trted in thir United.; State* anny im the Indian campaips. 'h •""'• : ' of, an agreement not. to-transact new business; and-after-an-asimatciLdiscuMion the resolution went over......In the House, the Democratic side nndcr_the lead f^e-Mr-. Wooi} haa been endeavoring all dsjr'toTorce: a" vote on the resolution for a wholesale invejiigation,^wbil«>^e_Regtfbn,csa aide yea -sift* to iweak M e»> •unta "Hje lOtn . of ca"wied. r your- hours of reading, y_ourself,or any one else; . , oathem, yb'ur-daygXwill slip.thwtagB . Toirflianrft uriprcAtable and frivaloaa. Mill* mOfed to pOTtponel^d re^)|y4lne^6ye(i by yourself.'" Itka shown an equal sfnonnt of determina- tion pot-to allow a vote. After considerable bh buttering. Mr, Januaryj which-waa Turkey — Her . Population J a i ^^-. ' ''•--. soBrces.- • Jtohdoa Tinws.l 5L The?enatel^adaed>l,l3!W»0^,o---E-Thefi'nit question which presents i f Several amehdmenis of the-Sentte "gelf is fltat of population and area./Of i „».. v. .v ln ftu •, T e ? y j ^ j acC0UJ1t ha* latej/been given by ifr...-B*vensten iaa^jiaperroa; _A MAN.irptf Boston wouW-not ooofeaiv , : .«£ astoniBhinent at anything he saw I* -'--' ' Kevada^yM he'was passiny '•*• hotel la Virginia City the cap brew Trom one of th '^chimTieyR. It wastaeitcular^ieoe^f •Micct Iron, jiainted black, 'alighty-eem^; aiitltlie four sup^erta weie like Isga. the population of Russia «£d iurkey read before the 'Statistical Society. Though difcring i a some detail, he see* reason to adopt generally 4he ewUiiales "of Messrs. Behn)>and ^Yagner, in their annual volume on the^popuUttion of the. imrtli ^2}~^-r^^'*" ~i°-f-K* t*±6n « . theresi men of a~eaTeftd-s»aly»is of atate- adeby travelers,and inouumn. sular reports, and of such official sta< istics for particular provipces as are accessible. _ We condense "it *s follows: 'JP&li&Ct 9f Itnlgaris., KoseoTSw.. Monies^. YaoiDA.KM Albania-.. . jx. .rtJEOPB.. Arc6 BfHOTt ; - b o n d s d BcrJsgo»tna Bdsnta..« Crete. .~ A n a y s n d nar ConiutiUtwpIe . 81,110 . »,030 »..- 12,47* „.„ 2(-,4¾ „._. H.SM 35,710 . .„. 13.SB0 - , . . 1 ^ 7 0 „ . . 8,820 ijw,; -.ii»,o» -_1K ASIA. . fclanAramtflamoi.....; a s i g '" * AMA MI!tOB. —w|w .PtsixtoW*. I ,«16,000 - i,«w,a» . 9!ff,000 1,W2,00U -1,430,000 WOfiOO . 104,000 ? « • 103,000 " «»>,000 - «t,ooo ~- 63 796,000 1,090,000.: Simtawu^-.-.... •'•— 2 8 ^ K « « « n u n i . . ^ - . . 10,770 Angora -~ "-.;....«--.• 49,790 KooU. AdSUn. Treblaondi eiVSSMMfeHi Tarowws'AS^A'raTsiaA.--- T- - - Era-room and.Van,.» 4»;7» • i,?W,000 : 'n P l i r t w k r . , . . - . . , - ^ - » , 8 1 l,l*i,ar> 281 .,»,1» ,.T«,7.W . 14,S70 ,.36,240 1,041,000 772.0W- v«4^00 769,006 855,000 918,000 ..812,000 1!6 m. walls of ~your' chamber, 'If riie early, you canjuaaa jn-nnyrhlTig: - if ynudo l y t apart The wind carried it down street,- *JMT1* wehtv it/addling along' "iTke""* JL^.V&JT" thingE^TheT Boston inan aste3. what ft was. " Asbedbug from the> hoteL" waa. ,the" reply. \ By GcgrgeV. I yever saw ^aiiyllMn^ likeragt^-" he begaioVsWd the** idded,' lntaidcrof Boston, - r iWHO are bleased l sThe ;man wjyi aiinds-his own bvuntfess; ^ e Wpian why never saysfo hef~husbapdj K I tdWTP" so;" tijc man.who can sew on his battoaa. "when the baby is crying; the mrtheM*- law who never reminds you thatyou mar- ried above your station; the. obi men that don't hate old pedple and children; tfc* old bachelor'that don't hate cats aa«t pincushions; the. married pe$ple_Jka* , don't wish t&ey were single; taw aiaft* people-that arricontetit fo'ipemaia K*t tb^u«bah,d wlio never saysiiilf mother'a pies were better than his wife's.'•- E ARCHBISHOP CITI.UJIV was making hist periodical tour of inspection in tks> Dublin Sunday schools/" Kate Mokey " said-lie, to an inteljigept>loefci«g-^BL^ At. Hejsa and Yemea.. _ArmrapdnaTj,M_ Tuul.^... .: T ™ ..SS •880,000 '• 2,250,000 %pt»,000 Ttia.ro) ],tw,soo explain the meaning- of-itit of. holy matrimony?E^A pause 1wrt Kate rcpTted, " Pleaaey-yvw-k 1¾¾ the«tate of existence before enter- ing purgatory.1'—'-'Go to the bottom ot the -class, you ignorant girl.f' cried —* •the local clergyman, very much of his noviii. :Buthis grace stapled "Not so fast, Father. Patrick—*ot-«»- fast. The lara might be right alter afl. Wh atdovouorlJtbowaboutT' . . J L » — i ^a • rr^UreirTlaTies <» • Wteeyta» Car; — A slecjiing-car incident more. a»av mtioTiai lhaa of whieh Theaduse.TiWei 10,^JV«»' 2» »,«1,000 ^ THB Britisli ter - is, as a • rule, a staunch supporter of the established church, and ha.« a -lofty contempt for.- dl6wntera, which occasionally s h o ^ iteelf in rather an amusing way. For example.-ou baardofte-of the "flrtpa o f i i the Channel fleet, not long, since, one of | the'slApingcar conductwWW^e w«5 the hero, occurred near New Orleans a few days ago. Amanita! -==--- 'came.frantically ieaVous becanae hia wtfc Innocently • asked the . conductor of tbt car for n-glara uf water, Ktrnck heV in the faec, tlircittc*fd to choot her and Ustsi started after the unlucky conductor, wfca had gone "into a forward car, with tkal avowed intentiou oi killing htm at sigh*. As SOON - as lie got nutsidc tba^door to . turned and fired three shots through.t window dowtt the sWe, ooe bnlM ing through a-wonan's dress, b«th one. Before he coald the wUy.. officers waa , telling off the men forchfurch, on Sunday, and this is the way he .gave the mol fordrt: " Keg'lara, stand vfhm" you har; fancy. KligtoiMs fall hout." .- — S ^fi. ., cepted by the train conductor, wfco, wit*.', the assistance, of a j»mmmr,..lim*l powered tba i»fnriate dbkwJkQalWtWlCE' tareaelhiss over tothepetiosw iww>, ,—T^r-^rr^f ^ i f i i t £lSii daUaU
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