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Forest News Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1877, Page 1

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Forest News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1877, Forest, Indiana m^^m^M^^Mt :6ai> b i l w m >o* » W t ) o :*[*WBtton, * » l ^ ^ l * .additional Hteop* » t i e Sio Grand* tomtkt. ;He •taw «tteU«Te «h*M.li*ny,,a«iit«*'pf * W wHMfcxlca^. , . " :' E^^Swrasuj, 8H*B«>AS -»y» tint ^ 'iaaVhad nothing to,dowitfrh&mlH- .Etj*r *«$«•», bufcthat 'it wu tlljjire E"mfllTtr'" Wonder, though, i l i i i i use f^ i^f the " d»ah ". usually spelled 4-~y ' hjstVti aowtWngtQdo with stirring bi» r to military aucc***, '• - T ! s-troubl* en theTexw bordM, %'fjmf man/ rnmoiaof w»r7 'Trobpi from? ^Jto.etty of Mexico and from the. United ._ JftitaiMtseoi^siratinglnUut^autw^ gj^poOiai4e» proclaim their^bject to b*'Jn '"' ,-jSrtMr orpeao^ aad the suppression..of L uprfruig by J ^ ^ ^ f i j M * , - . . ^ ^ htoCfc^rt Hon ting M«iter,h8spreti*nt*4 » o ^ Zoological Garden of :Ciwrlnuati ^ _ ^__ ^^lA-apeSSeni 6TwhSFI» known.*»t^ftr^tene^veng^VMfiSlS^rr, -AjrJ*deer—en? yonng^ inaie and two '^'-fceNssE Arrangement* are to be made ; by tW Zoological Society here"fpr the _ JtaMpd^tloir^ these rare aijimals. '=- Tax beit way to *x*^ tie the bottom : of the :*ar"H, to go up in a hallognand _Jata * brfd'JT eye view. - AyFreoshm** who aeeecdfd abont fire huadied ieet ^ahbxi:tiie:>ea;in the'ilcjjJJ'tjr.iof Cher* Ibonfg,: wasastonished to see ifceneatS" him every rock, ftjaare and deprewidB ' at the .bottom -of the^ aea, w t M haa-a •tV**-**^ yOLUME Hlr; FORJ§IaE;i^^ THURSDAY?DEGEMBEB 13,1S77E;rr^. N iME&lO; • L - •' • - " ' " '' . , - " ' , T L - - - , . . •.: • ' , ' . . ;>• ." ' . . ' • ' - - v ' • ' ' . > ' • " ' " . ' • ' ' ' . / - • > . ' - E . ' » I . : . . " * " . , : ^ X - E ; . :• .<-.•' " ; and the'jury acquitted him on this plea, thej^unier wa* proved beyond all, pocsiijfUUy of ilonbE SEhe evidence wa* to t > e f ^ i teat-Wolfe-b«i-be«a.d^luk- ing h^Tlly,for-atTe^ldayt, aW &»."t JOfii^oi-: V&u&mb^EttootjghEhi*..faiher had notifiedjaevwral saloon-' keepers not to eellhira liquor; *hatthi» exasperated yoang-—Wolfe, and' he Tax legislature* of Vtrgtnjaand 2f Tin- Twnerwe§ cafcaakebVon the «h. , .^ E? ^imc'nftpm Chili *l*i* «aa>tae we.lt. known. Thotjtt .Bank-aiEVal|iariso kai," ^1^:-1141)11141^,-13,900,000. Ex-GcvaaaoB PWCHBACK, of Louisiana ' -• depth of twbireoiired |eet.j EE El*. J*. aot geataaHy: knowiL that tEefC; ^¾ aq; e'xten'ritw waif lajqgra^jjjjjiLQi: MtboMli a i l initoa • w h e r e ^ " . f ^ t h e n i v - P a c i n o -:. croeees~ t:ia,GfiiffflfniL7 iEtt6n t^he^ I>ottoin"*>f the lake, E^^-.jfer* Jt^ea'jitlilayarjJbnBi:;,daoI tn^U Ei Tnch«« thivk, and shipped to .Saa Sran- :>-ci«CC*-• --.-:---- '.. . E '••••, v - - . E ' Air Iron mountain, ten thousand five" twtilie^Tee^iigV-riYte^^e'faBXua fron'mosnUtn ot >li8«ourr, has been di»- '• «o»ered iiTi&tfax County, JffW Mexico. ;. 31ie bite i« almost o'btlroly pjiw i«n;'and" . in centgetion with the immense quanti? Uaaef coai found in Ckilfax County,-Jthlsl L-- htme c>posr*a of iron ore must aino dls- ^ tanrAqr'beioonie ihe souree ofindus&i*L ^gr^blycifeaT^^gh.' Once smoking, iilch1 will gather &ndsupportai|i *^¾^^Bg;p¾^" "= £ " ~ - ' • : ¾ theBundayof the -murder, while Wolfe was still suaering from maafa&pgtu, hi: •walked to an outbuildjag, where.he pro- cured a heavy hickory *l.ub._ With this tlub'in hta Hand.he retimed .to-the hooMtsnd tiencediwalied out iatoth« ortiard, near the ««idenc«r whera his, father wuiittirig on a chair. Approach-' iEsg.the. gfay-halred old man, he raised l^t club,^*id -with;all. 1ie_ power be .poaieftsed brought it down on his father's head. He repeated theT)low» until'hi* fffriKfiL **yi WM w « » »Ta: hr«- »tt1Tf ;«racU^irrt«albte ioiuusei, c>o»!8|; BsachyHes^L J>Th>"#fiir iun£5^.fcr *imp*£L BXVlkW OF JtHfMJSfTK* NBWSr / - 3 ¾ ¾ EUROPEAN WJJL, Nioholl*, retlgnlni;, hf» place as United ,8(atcs Senator from ttiatttat*. : , f r !•-reported taat»large EpglUi itepmat h u been-Io«t off thi . Uihfntcoft i t of Brijtaay., Tuckagse i»W-b«»n f>l$kcdHop addressed-to the-BritUh Colonial-p.epsrt.. s e n t •> •--• -J _=,,!.''.',' KtXACSH'K-fnrnieurelieBJyrnVthireit corner ot Bnutli'«Bd-Front StieeU.-Clnbla- natj,was recently.destroyedbynre,entail- Jag a -Ion of 1106,000, with en' lntursae* only of 1 * ^ 6 0 - - - : - ~ — - E - ^ " ^ A ' nitPATOH from S a k i a a a , Paths- to ConitaneBople iiy» : * * t tn« Tualu hsre- Mptared Elens, -with elercn jnp^-tweujy . ammtuiition wtgons, sad three, lundred prisonerf.\The KoMlin loss i« e«yp»ted at thise rhontsnikllled and wounded.- :' - - ._AFTxafl?seTere eggsge'mtiit on Dteeingjr' lernaT^hmaa - P ^ ^ who war Wounded, surrendered ~ime»nditionfJty.< Thf Tarksin FlernaVere dyisf of btifig$r sad cold. The Agence Basse aokes . lhe following snneuncement: " ( S m s n P n s h s stMmpted to bresk through in the direction- of Widden ne"-wss attacked la the frpnt' TUHtTfesr, sad »4» corapellsd toisy downhls : .A Loitocjt dUpstcb ot the 7th says tluU the steamrr, Ulxpah, from JSevlllej: fir Leith tealiijtd' wjtfc an w « a n k w a » m t l gft ^3Pp^ay^SeSiaed^»cWti^_c±£i,p ^a]»r y>»»Uyaa 1^ iJli^ Meeiheap labor. . Qrrclo;D7«-£uropcan geui iuf SailroKtfbetn turning ;hit~ f^ rftntLnjEBttatBr-. llTeBtlo^f^t- a m< ronly oneBian known-to be.w«ed, TBS WsUboro'lBa^D^rBaaJk- at Cpji«ordr V - ^ TTmrrt^hfg^ JTB ' ^ < J W 11 MIIHWIII IjL i I I M l -ofijt^ hnudreil' tUjuuQiuad~i)oUara;-~'^lie -^ ¾¾- p or ted less to riepcflt^Usbqut fifteen per fcfrriateTjS: aenw to tflf^artpHon ot- a mqeiynaunr somewhatdifficult of y c e a s . b t i t s^ l t la' ^ l p e ^ l e f f j r t l l Ailor heantifullT In Ifcrit than Are minntee, and' cost only fire cents.; -This is awful but weVdo '^t sea hpF.'lt S*ffbe help*4.B0,f.. **; Gisc,ion manufseturee' a pipe of porous,clay, molded to-arl.T desirable^orni. Thisris the cheapest of^pipes. Then he soaks thilpipe•';•'in .K mixtureLoLether-and- ., A YOPXtTmsntroqi Bo«tbn7nsmtd W. W.- tesrned, committed saicide1 recently in J t room of t i e Qibeon House, Cineinasti;:H« was tnfferlngat the time with atipondency alcohol, to which a Kttie rose essence is' ^Jae4, and ia-whioh is dissoWed ten per cent., by weight of camphor-, and tea per cent, of borax, and a trace of nitrate of silver. Thfo'^tTea'the pipe a *ne p l n i Ifti^f nearaehanm, and p e j f p m e s It I»^»tomak swfi^TiiDri^err 1 ¾ ¾ ^ 0f »eertchauJpfaiy. be m d^ej • a oomnlracv to murder the President ' ^ . i . . . ^ . ^ . ^ - ^ . i-TZ.1 _ ' _ . _ - t . 1 •'. o f c nspi y T?ir«*i4e l -'-ot tbe State and 1 -^ i - - j jd l i»Mp*ft fc i f t . .evisrtlyQw the gnverJim'ent,'.T»iTe be«en / e a « u t e o * Major- K^t^peky, Ja^charge Of tho military -.barracks; - .Gagtain^ D e - L e o n I$pdas, second, in command, and. - Gabriel-Agnilar, a w e a l t h y a n d influen- tial priest were ahiong the ~ numtier. They don't permit conspirators to " big sohaum cbcxerrr T h e long established T»rid deeply rooted-dist inctions are in danger of' being" -wiped xvA by « i e a p science^.'"" - ' ' ^ ^uperfltious oft ' the stage,"' i a - f l i a t ; ; a f o a r & a 'GtfRDpir introducea/ in ^ the V Senate, rec*ntiy,ttresohrtforftha"Tichime " » f jye ih , iatended^fQfJhe1 Bt. ^fiehatjrt r { ^ n r c h Y i u ^ T r l e s t O n f S E C i j b « ^ m i t t e d - to this cquntry duty. freeE^Thia chime. 'of bells was presented-to'the o ld colony -of South Carolina by the English crown, ' d u r i n g / the irevolutronary war thoy wertf. captured and s f n y t o England, where they .have remained ever since. A n English merchant - Whose'name is—not gi-rea, BOW proposes to . send the. bells back to South Carolina.. _••'•' . '- T B E X E are some things about this to- bacco question that wotfld; pus i l e a '' -Philadelphia' lawyer. TYe' give a pair of items, ' 1 s t A young man in Wiscon- sin, aged sixteen, dropped , suddenly I condition, thirty'^ dead n i t h ,paraJjEsis): a JfB* dayf :a^rer|-trlWp5he T3reek»,-Cher?kee», f^rcks - eaueed by excessive use of tobacco 2d. A ease isaaentioned in-nSfew Jersey o f the death"ot an old pioneer, at the age e-f one hundred and eight , who had been •an habitualTtser,of tobacco for seventy . year*.- The, moral suggested' b y these conflicting stat«ment»seeSrto-be,—that M _ i^~_ • - — 1 T • •-•— » - ^L- *lynttoo census H U C U av m e cio a man^Bsinruso 7to*«cwr Jor seventjr v.i* »«7.~]T ".«^1.«.IfiS^Smni" ~ . - it \,d -k.-M i.« te". „-~. „14 -..1 »"*. 7«*T' » »PP«» ttatt^ralfee yeara f he would J ve to..- a ripe old age — jtutwa* aewspaperaare cpnducted-w : an economicalbarie -^and the publishers tell no lie*. -The Moscow Teatnaltwar OoMefa recently incurred the displeasure. of the. government, and an officer of the press bursalWa» sent to. tbejofiee t* arrest the proprietors. The only persen 'Ifi theestabHihmeoLwasthe publisher, aad he wasraterniy summoned .to fetch: the editor. Thepnbltsher'went upstairs and returned spe&dly with a large pair ef •ciaeors, 'saying* " Here, sir, is the editor." The oficer>anath«r discon- certed, btrt aeon recovered himself, and •ielaiming more sternly than ever: ""No J sE fetch me the *ub«iitoK^ Aghin the publisher departed-, and again returned,-this time with and a' brash. "These "are,the sub-editoh." IT will interest all who lost friends in tbe.Asktabula horror (as^winter to know - that during the springano) summer large •aantities of-relics have been found,and ^M» ia the Co^ tnerV care in- that city. ""TTwo^'liittreitlheni.morAi^'ani^j intenet every one to kaowcthat, though tome of them have been in the hands of . jbe county ojB.ciale but ..two or • three months, they propose to sell these relics -' atpcblic auction in Januafy-nextrThV laajt themr bee>we-orie'i year wlU have elapsed since the accident, and that ta the length of -time the law obliges ft> hold such artieie* ToyaTmoT little wraps, bunied trinkets and.gar^ •f alii kinds, are not of much money valnerw«t would be priceless to •Morning friends, many of whom havo raajwtabeolutely no record* of the lo«t It is to be hoped that this word jj^wiH circulate all over^e country, that ^WsiTivws may write for a delay of pro- eeelings, or visit Ashtabula before the •ale.. ,. - • AT New', AJbany, Indiana, Welfe has been found not guiity of murdering his fatherVveral months ago. fhe ground of the defease was insanity, two. • the pip*' in the sunlight, tehSmely ia-a minute Of With eeletSed "jpipe-claj'* a jgodd AO that-the.'raoreat.-tramp mayBmokea- pipe.%p|^ntly of aamach-value, and eleganeji - a the.most.ariitocraticnear- INDIANS DYINQ OVT. • :En»e -theory, ihat the Didiiws. are "-dying out V by contactvifith the Whites; has reeeiVed several "setback*" .within a short time. 'One dtth^exomes'fro'm the censuses of the IsteHor Department, which showif an increase fn their'nuro- ber». _ -. Another^ was btPughtEout T6y]!a paper, read? before the • American., Mis-' skmary AssocjiationatltoTecent Meeting. -The conclusion of the discouipn- ac* companyingthe paper Was tha^a! though many Indians had perished] tywar and disease, and some.tribes, bad been ex- tinguished^ yet the.nu mbe rs of the abo- rij^ new were grsrt|y exaggerated, and the increase -in the remaining tribe* has made partially g*ed at least the-other losses. Another p|ece of evidence i* furnished by, an' Englishman who has lately been visiting the Indian terri- tories and. made a compa_rison .with thfeir the resolution suimiiled by him last week; calllor ' " . . . . . . . . Vhs oath oLofS<i-.administered.-to.: binir *•'' :• A n Ohl lg inr Customer. The special oWeroLtbe day, being a bill to - •-" I'XHW Ti ,* w«kit -^ - ' enabl i jndians to-become c l t iwnsof . .the' :• ,-,^,-= - V ^ - J - " ^ * . * f ' " ^ - ''' r * -.United Stife«rwS"prM.ejited, «Dd,;j>ii no - ., ; ^ The; b w t customer J e v e r t M moet;"- f}on, was made-tte special: order for"the -said thebciok agent, l ean ing .up against 15th of .Jaauaiy next.' Mr. Teller_«alkd up the countet ana he lp ing himself.- t o in- The-time will be." V' Whea'-f reads them." ' Nvw Y o n JftpiOf-.- Bve»r whe autrriet afcptgd have aasM ooekerr, but the truth b OuA w e ttlSS£&^3^^ seriously wounded jjraissfcU eoaduol.".„• _ A.'. BwMiiir4>«oial' dlspsteh admitT-tho oap'tSSe of EleSV, sad 'Tflfys*. that Prince -AU^thisejWics , . jdde*«i;-h»'all i»rti'e# sn sble defenre of tbe. measare.. .Ha*ns>' Uorriil, CoakjiBj £ r ^ ^ * * W . ^ . ^ * ^ thi ty ioossfld-TurlH, Was feompelled, after ituhhciiLJrittiauiir and^Mvy nmi.-fcgg iaekrffrst from - aminatlon of ih¥jkpogts^Ui*jm_dgnt.QF %itXf a i - t i e head of- the'mnuntai t gorge. L , !J* iFT«d^. tatwedJJi la t i*OkjBa ' -day p»rniBSLbat^aai»ding te^JbarjateaV',^..^.-,^-^, , adsleei/whtch-rerrto-iatfliastfffe d ^ j o c k ^ ^ ¾ ^ ¾ ¾ ¾ <icnt' eonsequent upon -an Intemperate «se oi. I fo^er . ] . , • ' • ' • " - ' ' ' - ' • • - • • - . E " •;•".:'.-.:';• ' • BBTUBKS '_. from. differenTieetlons Hof the Bute of Georgia iadiesteythst tbe^iewjjon- stilntionand'the.honnitead law of 1677.are adopted b j 15,000 to mfiO^'tu)tltf:' Ati TinU.la to be the CspiOLby the nune ni*-- Jp'rlty.•;-'"• '> ' ' •;.-' -' -*** *:. .' * E _..E T H K ichqaaer: Two .Bisters, from Mer- mentau for Qalrestop,, loaded"With ooftoUj lumbEr, and oraDgeijWii'Wrecked:-off the fort of Gaivestba.- Three l i iesVere lost,rA- portion of -the cargo was washed ashore and saved. '--•• ; '.' E E ' *. . . . - E E . - - E 7 ; A -pUPATCU^from-Coqulmbo,. Chili, i»y"i the TfcclnoJBYeam.eV Navigatlbh'Compsny's Steamship Atacsnjs...-has'- bjiea Jsat. The.. crew ffumb"Otd^ foHyT and"pv»fnger« probe, ably abont"ifty . -Qnljr eighteen persons were.savedE-' THK •Qertnan .steamer Amerie*. frpm-Brt-: metLfor New .York,jretarned tnEportJa »' damaged condition. *Bha.wasin ooUUion with the Italian: b»rk-UtHey-which"sank, Jj taking d o y n t h e captain, mate,-and two u t n n . E^E-^ E '..•."" 'E..--;-_ E-^ L-J . '"- . A aUBoi^a .entered the" residence of W a T. Finney tllviijg two mljei louti^of Mans- field, a few nlghU since,- aadrwitb an old} mjuket^killed Mr. Finney and hi* wife in their bed»,.«BdjieT«rely injured Iter. James the rescue ?f the father a'arfEmoiher pB».- Jo*w H.'JIAHLA«,. thtjuewly SJK pointed.-Atsociate J'uitioe <)fc.the. ...United g f e ^hjjd was faUily JBJn'rtd. saws and T$octaws—show a large and Steady increase E n .population, and-an unexpected . advance; in agricultural, wealthy good order, education and relig- ion. • *ii • "•" -." , TMM FXSNGBVEmU&r^^ PjHJmitt^ cen«u*„ts*enjrt-t^ e_clo8eEof divided in 1870into -three, hundred and rix'ty-two 'arrondisscments,"' 2,863 can- tons, and 867066 commune*; wuET^of populatlon of 86,900,786. This popula-r Samuel Green, Ons, Caslihe,Tttenry Weston, Gas, Bell,.B«nj*rd Uarehall, CtoOle* Thorn- _ , , „ J . k » „ " o a n s w i • - _ „ „ „ . . ton, and LewU Themasratts'bipted: to cross ^ , 1 ^ - ¾ - ? " - E T S ' *'•«*"' « t h a t l * i « t in an om skiff. When tion was made up as follows: 18,373,689 tied, ,.^ .687,259 married me^ 980,619 widowers; If,688,149 females, of whom 0t811|88t were. namawied, 7,187,688- married women, and 2,020,688. widow*. The-^ lepartmenta-in which; the increase of population ha* been greatest are the Seine (Paris), l$0,7QQ„the Nord {JAlleV 81,800; the Loimi(fet. Etienne)t-40,000-, thaJfenrthe-et-Moselle (Nancy )t 80,000; the Gironde (Bordeaux),, 80,000; the Finistere, 28,000; and-tb.e Maine, 21,« 000.' In,twenty department*, among Which may be mentioned, .the. Galvadoe, a pot of paste - m c B ™"'• ?S. "eaMoneu, , » P - "-.aivaaoe, rir y! BJtl<j*E5*: -the-ManciIet and ne0rm^4sfMi&giwrt ' ' ^ of^theancientt^irovince of Normandy, there has.been n nrritiTfr rifirrntny-inri | ^ 1 ° *' thia isattributedin the official report to.1 n e , r i p j r the decline in the number of marriage*, to thej65ce**ive death rate*, and to the piigraUon of the viUagaLinhahitant* to the large industrial center*. With the exception of Montpellier, Avignon, and Angers, all the large tovAs in France have gained in numbers, the increase"!' for Paris, MarseDle*, fyons, Bordeaux, Toulouse, 'St. ^tiinief' Eoubaix and Beater* being no leas than 219,½¾ or. more than a fourth of the total inSSaae' thrownhont Fraaoe *w Senator. ..., ,, OJ Morgan, Payne, Bishop, are names that are in all mo»ths,-anoEthe--^'dark Hors*""pr*nee* noiseleedy toward the front •-, • • : , ' -• • ^ > ™ " 8II.IKCB in the court!" .thundered a Kentucky judge the other morning. " Half a dozen men have been convicted already without the Court's having able to hear a word of testimony." ytttt;'^0***? Pi*M*?l»»" .presented the M l * "Palvarittyof <?ta*Ta**tia collection of thne ttpSeand *pecie« of fine- and rare Uad, fa*x«..wajbir and marine' shells-^* Iiisin ;»*»•• aaewptaMwdosattea. V "'•U ' ' _ — ; ' - * 1 8uw% Saprttt*: Court, metahe other Jus- tices in 'the robibg room on the 10th and had-a cordial w«lcome.. l i e jubttrlbed to thejronclad oath,- Judge Harlan then,Tafter the usual fomahtiet , .took his »e»t op the bench.. CONSIBEBJIBLB excitement was caused re-; eently at^ort Wayne, Ind,, by thelreak* of asnmnamed Frederick Jiheerer, who sud-- >W«dne»d»y ev.ep.lqg.'the.iiHanh-W eeasedr -*^^^Sas« ias - -«T«aforemrfKs^wm m-.- riVipgp ' - - ^ • '•-" - - ^ . - ~ -? ' - • • - ' ;E -- wmREmoi&i£^---rf I upon the SecreUry of the interior far informality i s regard to lancbreedrd to ;the United States by. the coaf«lsrate_h " 4jLUta7jndiani In .Colorado; and wbei .^ payirtwteareihade- to. *uctrla'dftuTs in pur- suanee J>f agreement made wHb them. v\greed &. :*tr. lI«lth«'w*,.(rf--.Ohio, then called up from the table the concurrent. « 1 , olutiou submitted- by him -Thursday last, •EdmSnoT-aiiafeorfean' took part .in" ... debate. Pending-th« 'discussion, Sennteait iourned-.. liu ihe- House, '.ieverai_b>«s jatlcw-psoppsis^tt-aiBeBdiiieaJt^u-tne-^i-'"*y.a , __. »tltirtlon,-pro-Yiulng-thjtfc.ihejg^m- o f o a c e •e Mshren to El^na, and tbgh of th« Prfaiidenl he six years. A resolution from -JUne to a foBlned posittok a t toko- l<" <5"trWution-;of the^residepfeMessage. among virions committees. Va» adopted.'. The aaBJecta~refeffa^«y-tiie ComipiUea on ^Swg^^traiTQjT^lha-»M^:!g£t*eeri RujUia a w I u r k e y V thj J i f l eya l of the _teaty be- . 6 e * j » ^ l t a i y i -.0,1115-- the.- Ittonse," Oecejaber i. ieTeT«li'ltt*S-' were^iatredaced and. referred.'.'Ur.Ffye, fro'm the Judiciary -Committee, reported badP-the-bilF preaeribi ng an oat* i f office,- which-tliniinates from the statittes-the law which prescribes the taking of the ironclad oath. Passed; Alio the tion' eight iundred •n. of--Presia6nt"Diai,,i>f'_J{ixico, S i d the difficulties, pn the Kt6 Grahdobor- derj the insnfre.cUon:itf;Gnbs and interfere epce therein wrtfr-«M i-igliu of American, t r a m i , and- other unsettled question! with Spain;'the nnsettieoT claloui of_Amerieiif; eithens againit Yeo«iiela; • relations wit' TO* _ . . and twenty of the vised BtatuteSjjrhleh provides for "fSe dls^ •qualiac*tion«rffiy Juror who has.w'ithoift .dure** br .eowipnjaken upauaaJn4efense of any jusarftcUon or rebellion against the : Cnit^dfltaSIEbr wBoThaggen"afdSr "com= / o r t thereto., psssed. HSr. flchJeicher,. Chairman 'of' the~Confmi(tee" on' 'Kailways and Canals, reported a resoiutioa directing that aU. matters relating to . the improve-, ment-of aavinUes^of river* -whioh hav£ beep referred to the Committee' on Com- merce be committed -to the* Committee, on Railway* and-. Canals as fee committee-to which such matters- belong. -Tk* Speaker ruled, that'the sabje«t matter of the resolu- tion never having-been referred to the Coiii'- mittee on. Railways • and Canals, that 'com- njuteehau v n» authority to reporVsuch a retojotion. A long :discn'Hloa ensued, but -^tF*etloa»waa:takeni- 4 E " ' ' •'- • - -in the Hbiis*', IHcember -6YMr. WiilUms offered a.resolution for adjournment frbm the 16th of December to the 10th" of January. Referred. The qfcepion "whether btilineis referring to IntertsHmprdveiaentshonld be: Considered by the-CommiUee oh Gomtiicrce or Committee on BailwayaandXaoalSjaftcr further discussionrws*. referred, tp the Com- mute e on Rules. Ur, Towushend frem the -Committee on-Patenti, reported a bill to,re- peal existing atatatea-for the renewal of favoring peaceable tfetture*,..wer« adopUal. "• '••""--•J-r-, ' ". A , E " ' " ; * ? : E . .- .-E • The^JExeeutlon. a t Jgt.-.Y«rnQii"t...-7 . William fi^EerginEscbo murderedThoma* J. Hclietde, (he keeper of.the HetginH«ise, at Mi .Verptft, .Olua. on the.iath day^of iMtJune, was pxecuted-on a .scaffold in. the. jail yard atOIt.-- Vernon, on December 7. -Ureafegbrts-hsd been -mad«._by; friends of: BergTnJTrta.. obtain ..a; commutation ' of the" ciflbri'ts'- senteocc, bat GovernCr Young ' wai _ inexorable,~ s"ceinT':. "ho reason. -why -"Tihe.. . l a w -should.' not,' paMnta^snd deelaring it unlawful hereafter, for th« Comthlsf foneps nf Pateata u i M f w presented apetition of oltite&s ofJfichigaa dsnly l e s thU reason, aad.UW>w^i*4Bt4-!D ^ . T o r °,f ?•• Pf"***6 of. ^ bUl^oaathor. •.1.11J »-•-_-»u. . ^ - J - J .s t - j - i T ~ J I ise the coinage of a standard .silver. child from -the,second-story whsdoAand drove his family out of the h o u s s j S d de- molished his 'fnrartnre. - He"''fBP'finsJl^ captured by'a squad of afl^erKwho plac him.i'n rce l i -a t the GoontyN^ljluoi. ^aKomttViLv cvs, a- pro Mali t "ratlfoCT; man of Illinois, wa* found dead lately in hi* private- office, at -Aurora, -lUinsis, with a fearful wonnd- in the left temple, Hir death i s ' wrapped fn iafstery, and it is generally supposed that h f was a victim t t foul play, as there oould not be found in the room anything resemblinga weapos^which ciased .the .wonmi, theAsaase. betogiinart* | j j f aEp^^eht 4 1 with a"revolver, thus, denying the thtory * " that he committed suicide* .^ • .'»• -__ " AT_Myrtle"" Grove yiantatiog,%e'.ow"yew . m i l Orreaa's/'weeirtiy",' siujU^aMatt.tfcs, ualJig'-TS Continue-ft from "• day to dajt-antil disposed of.. After a long discussion, - Mr. Allison changed his motion so as totake -the bill npTuesday next, instead of Monday, Mr. Morrill -moved an. amendment so as to i a r d to the Union Paciae Bail road Com- g ? ' ° E ^ " ? n " p ? n d ? ? E pany and it* branches,- and modified .- , ^ . ^- aboutmidwaythe planks in the skiff parted and she soak, resulting in the-drownitfg of UIL 4isrH»al.irai»*i<. -The two sarvivori, Charles Green and L^wis Thomas,'saved; themselves %j clinging to the skiff until picked up. by a boat sent to" their relief. As the train due at Columbus, Ohloy at ten p. m., over the Short Line, was Hearing Irfity Chapel a few evenings »gi5,-two shots -were fired at the train, though no serious damage resulted.. The first shot passed oyer the-eaginter's shoulder and out at the npphrit/. window «f flia passedJthrough th'e wi outsat.the opposite side, narrowly missing the head of a pssKngor. The-train waj in attacked by a cowardly gang when Brjfe**ijle,"and numerous stones h'uHed"through- the windows, though no passenger* Were injured. It been an organUed-afiair along the Mne, T H » following fre among the. spproprla^ tions asked* for by the Secretary *f the Treaauryjn the book of eatlmates submitted to Congress u Continuation ;Custom-hon»e cSuilding'at Cincinnati, ¢500,000; Custom- house atParkersbnrg, W.-Va, »10,000: im- provement of Great Katfawha Stvcr t 1600,.• 000; Little Kanawha, «5,000; ToledoEHar- •bnrjirtAiOOOvMissisitppi River at month -aLjn!poJJLJ»id_ Oliu^irejSj^JWpO^OOj Wabash Rlver.lni^ana, »108,000; Michigan. Harbor, Indiana, 4100,000-,,Harbor at Port Ch'ri*tiaB^-€ftf8>tH);C0*); 8*ndn»ky City. ' «»,000; Huron, n.OeOiAVerttimon, Ohio, »9,900; breakwateraf Cleveland, »200,000; .Eairport,at .mdnth of G^*nd River, fepOOi harbor at Ashtabula, 15,000. The amount asked for. salaries of employees in the Treasury office at Cincinnati is the same aa last y*art being; Cashier, »2,000; Sstok- keeper*, »1,800; Assistant Cashier, .»1,500; Interest-Clerk, »1,?00; Fractional Currency •Clerk, »1,CCC, > t w s . « t » , » « » ; - Night Watchman, »730! two Watchmen at »{2« each;* . . '- - • : « . • • . - TUK more has* man can buy for#2 the let* bonnet a woman. can buy for 920, and yet some iollt*, say til* world wa* slang together in a perfect msuaer. or -extend.any patent- for any design what- eVer^ He; stated that the object ofEthe bill wa*. to take away from the statute- book a law .which Was dead and inoperative, the Cemmissioner nf. Patents nSt aaving now -the right, to makf renewals,.. After ic^ne .discussion^ the bin passed.^Resolutionr allowing clerks U>-certain committees, and for_extra payment of disshsrged'cjnrloraes wno -had o**n borne «g^-tbsa6Tdier'( rail, were adopted.- . •.. j, s In theBenatjt.^ December, 4, JJr,- J e r r y . . . . . . . dollar. .Several bills were introduced" and referred. .Mr. Allison,who har charge of-the Boos*, bill toauthorite the-fwr coinage «f the stan- dard silver dollar, and to re iters it* legal tender character,, moved to make it the. ;uft iau»r, - UIUT*y bv EBaso Ifc UK. special order for Monday-next, after the ex-. ptration i u'-V^Ji* morniny—hour;—and^ of> /the me " i l n S j f W ^ I ^ ^ ^ ^ J T A 1 . • . o m ^ h i n ' ^ o X ^ . o ^ r but1 m^n"B «i S r T f T S S i llSShJ&A S ! s o n «rlied;tlmWe haerc railing the St yeas,4I-; nay 18.. Mr. Matthews submitt«,4 a concurrent resolution in regard, to . . ef the-bends in—silver, and. "at . his--request it was ordered that it l ie on the table and be printed.. Mr. Chaffee called np the resolution j u b - " ' "' o n t h a " - - e tions-as.WiatUfSltsaroaan^coSnmer'de „ -twtea. the.. Uiiited-JStatctL.-Mld Tt«nnanx:._ 3^nch^Expwtj0n; ;'e*tr*dItroH Articles 6i~ ^e~»*Sty !TT8WK»?Brr fc 'L^i i t e*m ~ ia<*Ht treaty- with Oreat" "Britain ^oFtireT^wSoa^.-tradenjsj-'kjiT recogaitlon. ft '* •'— " and cheese, iseippi" got the button r '•^Wnxrit th i r ttmUmg, * i eaainesa^thi* haunt ing so*»*< restlessly pervades, m y breast"? other round of crackere '•f was ''a gent leman . ^ i..„',i I was canvaasing down there m'66 ,*n<l . . ^ . , ^ , ,„ „ . „ - — » ftjngs^wye^mir* y o u l M ^ J ; ^ 1 1 ¾ ¾ ^ ¾ *** ^bout?a d o r ^ i ^ k s T w a . tak ing o r y W ^ S W g i - - g * Tor at the timeyand^I dropped.ttuon. him one' affcroopstJte-- inquire .if he didn't want *4sub«cribc t o one . -• •<,• -.- - ' '"Will,- we: talked about the crops and "arid- and nuteS £ h a d hU ordeiifor tvro Btipk*, and cash down." . . •.": -" - - . .- .---- he askedt " G o L a n y more?'-', ; •' ' E "''''Aiftw,'':! anawered. The thing m t really .commencing- to .pan J>itt bahu"-- *omely,Tshow:ea'hiBL.two or tbi-fa; other sample^^and hi bought t s e m T o o . . -foft. h«re r " -«ud H . "vou^anpear^no lea should be e o o k e d v i * t eta on or e f t . - . W o a n s e m Prm: -Wgssjan thirty-six buttons on b e t 1 kjd gloves; whereas nuu> suspender with'*'*tngW- fo i ia witl a s k / ' B o t t o a , heroine. We, know what i t fc; d vupcpsla, say*, the. N e w York; AdvertUer. ' vv Mia p i r m j t f c z . . A luckJw wiakt, fro« *aa«HS>stata . - - ' v ' . PeseffiirSElUijslMsTsBlisasavIsM^^ .He^ah^aMranerwrVmeai i taa , T^S'. -, fcarSa/'IftfcstostrfbNa*." --¾¾ A wealthy jaaa went ri^tal by. - - With wctaaaa, fcgrtSss* aad | isHsssa . , . AawrylxhUlsiahiseya. ^ ^ «;* ^aiia^iouia^"! MeUawnliisi" , - "~—£.es*NttKjr. KHMr ~ have a-fondhets.for Jiterata**. - C a n t I close oufcthewltol* lot to-youbbA UberaJ d i * e w n t ? , ? "J,tfidn^tEwutt- ' 'to sell, ^ F n a m e d a : Sgurejwj'je," wha4they%>jA wnrttT . . -^:'- -,.•"Lcj's-^av.e .'ejn,",TOidi1he 'obliging. i l ( J l c l m ^ , ^ . . „ „ , , m ^ t i o i a t & f t o u ^ h c ^ e « ^ c k a o n : t i j L - w e w - ^ T a b o r than" by aoi table. .--.::•-. , :.. T ~ p , r . " '. -n . . . t . - . ." * " There wije. no be l^for Jt ,*o I paoed over- the articles, and -put;.^hc_ m o n e j T n ;Uty .potiket rt itli 'the Tj?»t. - ^ ": - . '""Holdup!?'.he'eaid", as I" wui:getting M M i c « . . b i f d T r E t ^ u b l e s E ^ . O I i t ^ ^ length,; and. resolutions; a q j . amendnJenU ^ a t ^ ^ ° ^f,^ ' * £ * ° , u r ¥ l " &** nPrlrttWJtratw. and: :the proposed.retfognitioa of the^vernment bf tSa(iatn«m.Islsnds._ The question of the have -Its ctfUTle.- 'BtjaSTl who has never ceased iter et ioor old mother, brtato save her aon, went.to tjyjumbusonthe mo>niitg'.be: for* 'th"e execution toEmake the"l»"st appeaL to the Governor for commutation o r ^ i i - tence. BKc'wtn.Ob thC-Xfovernor's omee, and Tsat-there :Ontil.-tbe dread n i v M f ' h w . 'ion's-deafj* we* announced by Sheriff Gsy"s dispnlch. .Berlin d i c i ''game," although he-sirifer'eg"grcatly.hy.tho*«.bUrii'drf* In ^ h"e .tsxecution.tliat hswheconiesbcftmrnon aad- inexcusable in-44iesa melaiitliuli »m»y»of late. When ;tho--8licriuL sprang the fatal., trap, th<T r-ope"«trctchedv. the knot slipped- and the ponrjoftn fell to .the ground adu -bs'ekward, striking KU back shqlieaaagslait the-sharp-corlifr-of oge CI tfte sttpportaot the-scailoM,-and-ma»iniftff in a reclining pokltionrwlth hi* hc*d-doirbfti-^oWB-np^ his breast. He.'wa* stunned,'andhis neek iMerated wJth the ..tenk.tWroTrtre; ropeie^ fore, the knot gave Kay,':but..«aid hot a--.»nnLl_and_'did * att«t»j»t to moyej, There';-.W{ur an- exclamation - - of horror through out "the large,' body- of spectators. Everybody aeetscd unnerved, and one man, ~I. H. linker,a.real estate agent of Coiuni- Uai,f*lnted. There w u a quick movement upon the scaffold.. Sheriff Guy wasOhcLfirst to reacfi the-pro-atrate man, and'had raised him to-* stsodfnMjoiition. Sheriff Bctbe,- who had taken the .precaution to have an extra rope on the scaffold,' mounted the ergw ".earns, and, a-Hh the- assistance of the" C'our£-hou*;jTinItur, soon had it in position 3ergin-wj bie-trap, tKe trap cioscdj-and ajtii npon it -wjthont sapport. and --wtthout "- " 1 dp.n.fTtnowiBut.'yiou- eae^ViieHHK a w* red? l-taiame-yeuft-fiffiflMhE-l—=^=== E .T (iid: y»; thftyfrf y ^ o ^ f p ? - -1^¾ 1'*' l ^ i d jnro fce i -f ie c a w i a -toll. j T b e a we_hadaoma^aapt3SaakyE — - ' E ^ - - - - ^ W i ^ g t l t y o u wte-foryo«CTv.ateh;End d ia i i i ?" heinqUiirejd- i a an' amiable;6>pcE as-f w»3 about leavipg.. . . — •_• : >-•' ' h "'^W^-V'.?-nrli-^rr-rbr-- r h i m ^ ) a n t a l o w a > ^ - E 3 S B - , J t ^ F i • ! *ajsji bnmor. . : -E^-' •• '-••-• ^-.' • • _..i. K •'• you *230-for it. . . _ ..Jt..•*>*_:worth-.Jiftitihalf•• that a n d - 1 (totfToTi't resist' the offer, The amount Qf i t aft was that T-Vfcht "oTnf i f that m a t f s !'j)lace and .Eniounted . iny ' horse mlfrirrBoeki^. watch, diamond, but -with $660 of his nJoneyin riy-br"(»st>poc.kDt." - T h e narratorhe ieato iped , as if inferf- 'rupted by-some pow^riulemotioi^-ajod then . reached ."for "eonie More .«rackers> and cheese.. ' —-^-*—E™-'- - * — ^ - ' 4 * ----- ' ' W c l l ^ M i d the-bar-keeper, who had bacu, listening smjB.rlyE'-lnLwas.'a gmjil. custpmer, sa fe ; Enough,,-, d 'd .ypu.^vei ' . seoj i im aS8]n?!E-- •'. E " - • . E--~.-_. -. * 'flee. h ini I'.' ^replied the : bpof-ageafe: E I guese I did. _ A b o u t an hour lafer,'as L w n s r H i n g ' o u t o M o w n , I *?&$ double-" bflrreljeighot-gun-pointing at;me from'a tree aiong-'thS;rroatl8fde,->Via,'tie'' was at . 4 h o further jend .-of *il.."v H e ' femarked that upon"Jriath're1 deliberation the bnf-. chaacs-didn'tnnit b\fli,.and'I mustgiyb': Wirt hisrmoucy b«Av<jr 4i4.'- 'lrreferrin^-' t K c i o r i n e r --alternative, "Lah.cHed .out -promptly, and theri he gaveThe teu-mtri- utes in whUili-to-*iakein>-*slf fcaftre. -I did m; mej«Egl and_ ever- -since thnt—-well, no figmg customera'-fdr me.!T firntiTpf^yerty-Cnfsed Belles;'"" n J i S e o t h e r d a y a groceryniaa at Vullejo, Califoenia,-gave ajarge party,. a>,which the .daughter 0 f the carriage painter.'who )ived n e x t do^r-orcated a d e c i d e d - - - ~' Ma*. WA-tyirpH^Wi a l l y : * / A Western J, tift Indian.name for iter i* Wo taf,he-rish-Jii-h»rfiftn, whlnh 1 MaiftWho-Wear»Oui-the-~ lils-Pantaloons.1- Then -*&» editor's wife, mqst be, OM-Wi . CaofS::the edtteatio'n of the heart with the. cu&ijattoa >f ?ob!e JB»I tiesT^ut wil*' the tufting away of ihafe»auudL.-L When one* the WU are. withered and-rooted oat, the more- noble; plants, atroar in 1 -wives,-will shoot upward. The TiflMsV like tbe body, becoma strong aadl»e»dttj~ -m I T vtas. Betrjainin :Franklin who.'saV marked; H A void all argu s e n t * at hotML"1 AVTjen'#ra, f r a n k l i n a s k e d BenjaajU fa g o o u y n the yard -and spl i t an a r a t M of kindling wood, inxtead o f entorivg h*- toa controy«r»y over the matterbewowid - '" put: oivj i is hat and go down town ts>aa«,^. *)maii . . TTiotwands ~of h"uRb*nd*--of"-te- ' ~ day avoi(fargum«nts rat"homeby ade fV ;-. . ing the w n e raethodv . .-E jj: — -- '.'• A ^ w t t ^ ^ ^ t ^ n y . s t - l f a B c h e e e e r , : — Uape Ann, while" on the way to ehncck ; Aui Siinday^^waj past ing • through •*.'•- • piece-of woods, when a' t ramp c u t ff -- ' mill in i inji. In'i ilni II In i In Min inisMsi. ---" J'wiien she-struck h im over the head-wife a Bible, she held in Iter hand, with i effect that b'&wju.glad to let h e n - f t a E v r a j u a tisc naf the T<A, p t a M i . « » . i d S B j e o t , -whiclr ho quo bt(t a tramp WOUH .-^ .- I'aSSYBOYAI-,. Ty »T<hc»^aQ-wJnBO»ln#; basCesoli wUX, " . IWftiia wtro^aaeTCT W »s UH, . " ?SrHio ft-l*l»bil lhrou»h the -roods-f-sb»tfcsl, J'ullAwlrs with restlaa foptBUp-bM taeUtl Of the still August mora, so I aifSnaUT 1)i»«!clieryj>tair thoughts,'-sad gild ttetrtM , iiooojonqu. fd^cawllk a lltfet leas eok* I (uund the SRuaUe herb, wMMswili I I 1 1' -T .1 I -i .'<- • 1 , -f 1 ' 11 •• Ut* ld,. is "- AWifflailoni tyfg-mc ttr away CrvJVcHlrtnTr* •ToJKijlKPOd, wheabeniattrao oak HketMa 1 calful ihe fraft.nl .keare*. Wtaj Wu la the aunt; buthrigh Kar mnm r^las ariT s-rfrrtun Alt' t Him til teurx lUtkrlghUtinpt • pn l.si m*h«i :h*/seansne-r Me4V»*»7- -s r i i i l . Bsotrol; -.' -Gf.frim* satipD. It;Wns not that she. was more l iandsomdy attired thart the othcriadies present, but that'jvhen.she.gyratedin the. u 3 a n p e o t_death" . she was observed ti> display the pnly pair of ;pmk- silk stock- i n g ; i i theifoom. fShelof t i n e house for flinching, until the.. noose,w*s readjusted. -Once"fie-endeavored-to ruiie hia'haads high ehongh-to-Hft therbta'ok c»p,:.~bulrfruding heconld noCdo so, desisted. While Mr. what upon legal-Impediments, if any, eiiit," which lthim fro {£ d i i same so as to allege that the branohe* of the' Union Pacific aze_the Kanwsr Pacific, the Denver Pacific, the Central Px-lfln, nf fkUtoata , th* Bnrliag- tcra-* Mis*««rt BiveK aaoTttgareiSx-eity •Branch, instead of decbtn^Hpoaitlvely that they are the branch**,' ^sgSresointion was agTeedTo., In the gJsWi^-ttm only bill passed- was of a privetF'Sstnrt, ap- propriating. $5,000 for the benefit of two girls captured by the Cheyenne Indians.. ' lathe-Senste, December 8, Mr. Sargent, from the Committee on Naval Affairs, re- ported with amendments the House bill for. ,-,- the relief of the sufferers by the wreck--*!- J r o n t , , **•— —» » - • ' — m i i r » ^ M M < . » m - - Tj[£ motlicr,-sittin; •f-4*. cab, and the KCQag ^£Ssntt~9tm im&it, g i i t tB. ' ndow of tfaeeaeaaeV amendment provide* for the payme u- . . » » - > . - . 1 . . 1 - - the heir* »f tfa* hurt twelve months^ sei at to s a'pay, to the heir* of Capt. Guthrie, of tbe Life Sav- ing Service.on* year'spay; and to the h e E of ihote belonging to the wrecking *f ' B. and J. Baker, lost in attemptinr ' those ou thJ Huron, $160 dment wa* agreed to paued, Mr. Conkling' presei of Austin Packard and othj•-' in favor of app< communicate, view a f Continent] thews gai on Monda; mi tied yesl the prlncij meat bond* bills wee*. AtheBdatOj TexM Pad l ftsTJie-ffltM Gay was adlTfttinp-thft nonse'Sheri'fl Beebe appoaled to,.Sir. Thompson to- say IT. Thomp- _mbre to say. S w iim Btiuined: man- through the trap* sqme one remarked f " This istoo bad!'' .'/Oh, I can stand that,:1 ,rfcah"»tand;ihat" .repeated .BsrgTnT-Th*^ nopsi! being drawn a little"tight on the lacerated neck, Bersin said in a-K^w-toneto Sh'erfflgay: -^eholce mc off quick',', this Is WflHe'than nmrdw!" ID ' three mtnuTw from the time the.kn.ot slipped for the 'first attemptj the trapEjraa ajain sprung, and ~ " "" between.heaven friend* beheld thewrliupplemontod b y further hose of delicate chocola'te shade. And so i t . went 'on, until her miser- able rivals determined to* follow-her the nejtt t imi she disappeared. They traced h e r t o her •fathei'e-paint ahojilnr-therba'ck.. -yird-v where she was discovered, brush in na'nd,andab6utorn.amen'ttng her nether extremities with a final artistic cbaLof Tight salmon. The eiultTrij^pies ijushed back with the damaging newn, b a t it.was too late, - f h e men were all too t iehTtd " a&--goae-aome » ^ • .. .-^ --. - AswtasiwiUdn, ,. •',—.." • John Goodrichrl'viag in a small- hamlet called Franoisvlll*. ia Rcone^onnty, K«n. and the i ichts werebeing put. o u t Thus ft'is that fraud-and duplic i ty , tr iumph, while honetfjrimpiicty walks around witF n-danLon'its calf and a hole* its heel horribly—assassinated—wfciie-(ucky, was sitting by hi» fireside. The Cincinnati Enquirer report says" that Goodrich had only just entered his home,' He. had been hard at.work'alldsy alth'Vteam, aTtiwasr exceptionally tired. AV'itb'out removing- cither-hut or overcoat he had fiung himself in a c h i i r l o the left of h large open fire- place, in which wa* blazing a couple of logs, His step-daughter sat directly in of the are,, conversing, with her settler* on eel .tofore eras ted t* resolution in 1 and file*: *f the" •gainst /fire? wa amendment to the J »ufferers of.thel In the Senate, 1 t i o i - o f ' the n o * Chairman of thl and Elections, ported fromvthitl elaring J. B. East Senator from 'Looktaa^ 18*0, for tb« term After a brief Mr. WKoleighs 8. Tho*« lls*n, . flew**-? * « « . Oa~ Mr. Ea*tU wa*i YtW^velawXft ihnnd, his elbow resting on his knee. He ssi lentasasphinx, and was probably yed in thought. Suddenly, with no, ft warning, and whilesll without was' |8 a tomb, acrash as-heavy as thun- )te in upon them. The window ned'tofill the"airtsmokewas dense [tion, snd before the report! had i John-Qoodrich, withMit uttering Ffelt headlong from his chair a |nd bisvbVainsi ooted. out oa^thc T o shotahiid J K H L fired so. • near' that they sonnded-an one.. Both- frely erased Miss KUey. Onetbarge en effect in a door . between which r assassin Goodrich sat. The- other dl entered the vio'tlm. One shot oil p/nt clear through the victim's neck,- Pndfulpl.owed a ljole into his .skull gh to almost insert thejjst. BRODERICK, of -i*itt«b|trg, an experiment-in kil l ing [ w i n g out.upon tbe water a nvtn fce-fuic. l i e took the package nand, and, l ighting the end of t h e |Uej l . to the bank, but held the " 0 0 long in h i s hand and it ex-- k t h a detonation that shook tlie (inn; .buildings. "Strange-_to_ re- Jcriclt •was not kjllcd, but his .1 was almost annihilate!!, and. kcouWnot be found. vAmpu^a 1 arm was neccesei a i e w . momeiflgat. the expTratJon of. the lance^ and:t8 iheriextTVoltz exhibited a litft of light b l u e dittoes. ' An hour' later Ward through"the « i « ] ^ 3 a f ( ^ a n 4 ^ t a ~ f t e n e x f ^ t e " W gl . er oruiflied and: ^"cxasgcrated-'^enTgtF - A ceMMfiTEBKaabeen formetTin H o J - ' land to s e n d out in May of next year a- smali- btr fs trbng sail ing vessel to: the west coast ef Bpi tzbenen, with the view of reaching the mouth of the YeniaaeL T l t e objeeta qf the expedition are to exp- lore trie-nea-commerciai route to the, c iber iaa -ViVer^ .to -trtia sailor* who might ultimately, be intruatecLwith the formation of a scientific station, and to. ' .erect a few monument- t e the metoory - of the early Dutch Arct ic uavigatonv. , —ArB<JT"AHD A.BtOW.—A curiosM CM* •. of manslaughter has occurred a t Baa- goon. ' A locomotive engineer, ia 0 0 « * - Sany w i t h two friends, was nested at. inner,' Hi« senrantEoy. who wa* wais»— ing upon the party, oifended him for^ some reason or other, and wa* struck by him. EThe J>oy_immediately.Tan" out of doors.- W h a t was the , surprise of the engince/ on be ing arretted a few min- utes afterward for t h a t mnrcier r A.pott ^ mortem^examination showed that the' ooy's (ienth. was caused by rapture of the "spleen. His body-was found in the s tree t about f i f ty :yarts from- the buslki, ' The local msgiitrate admitted the ptifc. oner.to-biiil in one thousand repee*. - - N BW~ySK,flra^A*ci 'iRecfce^- t h a t EUterar3r>'0t»«. " l|g.-W«^M''"taameJMils new book "Old T Story Tellers.1 Gail Hamilton is- writing on astronomy, Seen some stars? London, »George"Eliof*' short- stories.ore to be- >ubliihed- bv the HaJperaJn their " Half Sour Series.'! - ..• 'The collection of the Bev. Joseph Cook's yitaj^a^y-nn'-'her-rrgh^^^ TMfttflmwMii-avtiiath* euttaini were" Yc5,?dei'!|c Un^ 5<?Ai^?i ^ c ^ - - ' — up. Goodrich W with liis cbjn bnried in , The CaWy, with Its December issue, com- - r - - • — pletes ils.twcnty-fourth volunie,and closes the twelfth year-of its publication. Mr. Swinburne's forthcomingvolnmc will contain "el selection from his translations of frsneois Villon's poems, and also some*>i- SWinbufBe'Sljitln verses. "' Mark'Twjin's "• Rambling Notes of an Idle Excursion,"- now amusing readers of the Atlantic XnntMy, are also appearing-in iWoTarfa-, the London rosgnsjne. .The Rev. E. -P. Boe's novels have been issued in translation in France and Ger- many; his latest story is well along in l i s sixteenth thonssnd in this country. - Mr. Swinburne, according to the Whitehall Her ev, admire* Gcorge.EHot. . Mr. Carlyle "does not. He. says: "She is neither amusing or instructive, but jusfdool, dool, dooit" • - . - . - • -•--=- . ' Err scales qf yourn i s an Ambvah 1 ain't, i t f ' said ' a countryman to h i t grocer as Tie took the sugar and handed over the moneys- " Ambush scale*, w h i t ' - do you--mean-rfertptied"-the' merchant; - '^-wib'*. _ Ambush T'f " Ambush—why. , ^ 'know—rqg'lar Ambtuh—y'nnrferetewelJ l i s t 'Amuugii1 "meana, drwH j a f - ^ " Well, i Bhould hope so, Mr. W o o o r r f — A m b u s h means hid—-means concealed—means—wait, here's-the 4**> .-^iMirthf-^-dited- by. J... IT, Byron^A-v-tJortary; I ' l l - just read 4» y e r - e n e t i T 'author of " Our Boys,", has appeareoV in _ h a t [• ' - - - * « " ^ what i t means, so'e't you needn't: use- i t wrong after this-—here ' * » : A — am^Hmburir—to l ie in wait- for-5-" ",Yw, that's it, squire; dpn't go mt^'^- thcr—tp lie.in srelght for two.ce-ater*. "EPKBHAfS' one "of" the mett -cwrtoji.;-'-': wager* op. record is one that was nusie'^ bv two sporting men in January, 1817. . O n e o f theabove be t £ 2 0 to f l O thatn*, ,. the first thi t ty men who should pa** a " shfjp in which they were , te sHs(****)ti. .^ : tltcmsc-lvcs, twenty would hare at l eMt .— one band in the breecbeaer coat po<4e*i" s and that fifteen would have bosh hao*> '" «0 placed. - Now street, Ckivent Qaideat. . London, was .selected for the pteea ef- scrutiny, as from i t ehav ing a n e a t i t t a r i y ; ^ narrow footpath and being a very pnbt t t - thoroughfare; it wguld aifcrd the be** -- exampie of the inconvenience Of *h*sE prevalent custom. The result o t 4 n r . ' examination was that of the flnrt thirfir:* •?-._ men who passed, e ighteen had . h o w - " hands in their pocket*, and five o f t e n . - had one hand 10 situated, the peope*m " Hit wager thus winning i f e a e i l y . — * * — --¾¾ *>A seary. ~~—'Y-I S T A T K S Minister f^oye* has ^'tevbeation of A e order of at Bedel, who used language to.the Government j l u r i n g ia, aad informed him that he F to Fraaoe, T?orld, says Malhe'rbe, "women p d roses."' Le*sing gsc la img, '"Wom«t i i». tcrniece6f tneUni^ den says, '' The pearl is the image of purity, but women arc pwt than the pear l ." - Thackeray writes, "A- good woman, is the- loveliest flower that blooms under heaven." Ba1r.sc nay's, " E v e n - t h e errors of -women' spring frpm.hcr faith in the good." Voltaire declares, •" Al l the reasoning of men are j io t worth one sentiment- of woman." ! fruit, w'Mle other l ie Lamartine acserti - that " woman. ha»J shadow and perish witit hunger more heart and imagination than man." jin life'* ladder, .whereby *o^p Otway exclaiin*, " O h ! woman, lovely rthemselve* . u p ' to honor aad * woman! Nature made thee to temper j and g lory; and some, le t '" n u n . " W e had been brute* wtthoat f d o w w irtttr t h e "dean of you." To which l o V k Twain' adds , aominy. Thn* wfil he « • * *' But . forypu we rikc^reTbe nothing, for enr nee «»•«**"""" we *hoB«fnot be here.''' ,1 fMi taMs/*-*, ild-wrher-'**.•* :-:"Tlts* HWlt" freightage, wherewith some men tnstW f and m a t e a fortune. And other* * u - v for- i t all to moldet away, or waits) i s extravagance. Time is life's book, * * t «. of which , some extract vrondrout wh>-' d o n } white ether* let i t l ie" »n*M>»>-r covered, and die fools. Time I* lifsf* tree, from which some gather hil l i down ' -. •' if.' •>.-. i?- ri fE-- Ei '^r?^.-' - ') '-'V ';*&
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