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Forest News Newspaper Archives Dec 6 1877, Page 1

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Forest News (Newspaper) - December 6, 1877, Forest, Indiana Jt . XXYIBW\(>r pOMSST^^abt- A BEiy* man,-named'WHUanJicMahnn, wi l l* walking the rallroad'track near'War-. - saw, lad?, w u >un«rerby the feift'trndiii-} - •jBQtl? killed.;'. ' • ', '- • - ' -vE E l , A TRBKiui.p Emu tde^-is-1 reported from 'Clevelaud;.: Charli!'. McQlll, of Athens, In.'a fit ef Jealousy, killed nla ral*trei*,: firing " ' tea , ihoU. in to her body. The murders! w^s- arrested.'. ' .__ G | » m * c I f e mentwas created'at:Frank? ,41» Caunty, AFktugMj^y^ter'kttHiiy**-^ i feoJer, a protni'neht raerchaatof .tbnfr-eity, . by J, R.Patterson, ifaeaWellknown.citUen of Franklin. .'* - ''•"•"*- -.7. E E . . E "-"• - A T Colurabin, Teqn. ,« few d»T» «!>«•, « Miuobqt twenty-five handred citiieDi took • negro from A7>jalt,'-Bud banged hljn to the Court-hou*e Window.';He had made a _~brutaiwSiilt;a.ieir days pfcvioua/EonawhlfcT "woman." : -,.->•--.•-.••--• -.- =••> . ' -.-.-"•; .½½ —:--fftx Second National Banjt_«f Lafayetle,_ . .Ind. , hWEsUspeliJMii 'fhts cause? of"the suspension » the oWalMlion'efttlRHSurtlter fn the snm of-over flfty^housauadoHaj-s, TIie'-DireetoM report that the assets are* imiplejto^gj^^l^e'ggeltoftiiin'iiae.-^^—-.-••.. KflAft West AHjshy,'Athens C6u5Sy7 OBisT William lfoWhurter,and his brother,-Dr: J , U. HeWborter, got. into a quarrel,, when William procured a^guh anu_ihot'Ms brother* shrougli the breast/ killing" hi"m_ln«t»aLly. The.iuu rderer fled to -parts Hokhown. CuAfiCKT PIKE, sixteen year* old'whiie playing-with a pistol near'MarsnalL, Illinois, , Tfce yeas.aadnayt aeiaf Iftft JM«oe, Urn* « * * i hour l i e d spoof*: taal nooa, **Bpiak4r«a»»Jj and. the sewad aertgaJaTrlh* C'Minew was beg*''. I t e M t i ' iqadred-aad V»«j»ty i l l "he iMoalec Hrm ike.Pi sentony-aad-a the neaaajM was pying oae hoar ( IrV^UbBpt^ J u s t i c e , iaxlATVioder^tloiTti wmM hi: ; ^OJSEST, H^&DIN <&.^ isrfc NUMBER —:«r..ar ff*'- - " - — % - w - ferred ta (he Coauatttse «f.il th£«at*of.lhe.*rjfiea.. PACIHCATIOrV OF T H E ^ U N T I T Y . FSIAOW ClTlZEXS. pFETHB~8BHATIS AKU 1 _ o M K o r r . —-T- wu"i an;infiiiil -fry Mi jiatin j s j j a e "rn|iTtiiiI_f srratiiud* u ta^'US'WttsEBdt a f r & k r ^ E p ^ ^ j i i t b l / t o M ? j«teaWlatyyr>--retard the«t-+ls> in the pTbfreas- t fc^f^wdein'r i fond- - - - - - - Tft»tJsgu|*TKsslou... You BiidottT.wmntrjri.tai * " ' " * ' " ' bis: hsnu" ami snap ity' He did so, and the pistol WM d^eha^e^kHlidgitrlniirjittantlri - T H E tJuited- Swte-* a i i n d Jury at Stv ' Louia has found im iudiomrot sgain'it Wilabr Trithj othen;, for a,ticg6d eoaaptraey to. de- fraud tho Govetament in the comtruotion 7oi/tTjfra<»M;w«gin iioow^t. St. %a%Wf of „;y~*ihi& Walflt wasSaperia tending 'Archite«fcj ' Afi»tbdat (xint»taiDg_thLrty-colonic ^ttiei'f wttj-'to-Aarfeufefjf •wW^efMtafKfiifcJ zbi ' '"" SPECIEHEaUMPTeON. F O R E I ^ : MATTEiRS, TJBlf3ffi3ti(U»E.qV£t»ZOIi|,.\: ; UpO* 3JS*BkB*«tA5C)»ta :--WHt jrt»»-{ " theBoautttoitfiTerof ailgi>»d, j into harmony with flic «7item of eichaiigei w i i r k j j bajod upon theprecioua uctal »* tjhii i i^imic tt»n.«y of .the world, '-fy the, -public'joJgmeat.that thn m\i should be •ought' and -coinpataed ak Speedily and «e- ctrreiy hi tberreaoUrcM af'th,* people and the Trisniom-of iltetr Government eari *c- (.'oinjilUh, there it a nruch. greater degree of uuaniriiity than 1«. found .to concur i n the ^ t t h e (inforeaoej fail# otkajlyer bullion, by J July 4, lSiJS, .and the'awards of the^ Joint , paying y i e a In ji n«*-1iiu'e of silver coin j CoovraH»lon/ - . • '•- _ ,' . -. t h » t , u made ao muelt less yaluable. ^ e f , ' While I do hot anticipate the inUrruptiorf Flfower of the Unittd States to coin na>s)er, ist friendiy rejatioa* w"fth Mnic« , yet I can' | a n d J o repnlale the Tjdae thereof, -OBg-htT not Hut took wrtl^ solicituda- upon a contio- : apkeifluEi'uijmuna: whlelf w l i r E b r ^ g : ^ B r i E r ^ ^ i « r a ^ - vojintryjo tba desired end ojr the rapidity. Xational- indebt«ll?e»i. in ,a coin of less .- try to the. desired e ojr t e ragidky. of th« slepuby which .'it cam. be safely^ reached. Upon a most nnxiqus and delib- erate ewmination,Jwhich I'nOTa^feit i t a y duty to Bivc to the "subject,' I GaJbvA the /note confirmed i s the opinron trmth I ex- pressed in accepting the nomination forthe Presidency, and again, upon my inaujur*. tion,,t)mt tbe.jjolicy of f«e«nipti4n sUo.uld be ptn»#W by e'rtryVultable- means, aad that no legtsjRtlonWouid be wise l i s t should aever to -be exercised for. the purpose of enabling the Cibrernment. to pay its oulfga- tions- in a coin, of less value than tb'at f»n ; templaUd^by the parties when the bonds the ing blessed with wealth atuipeioa and abundant hasveiila; and with «DOJUr«g?bi[ prcsnectrbf a* early r^tara-of j'sasral proiperily. . . . * i^THB PACIFICATlOJf- 0» TK^ COU»*RT : _ : coBtioBess and until it la fullya^oomplisbed n t m i t m a i a to* most'iinportanPtl all toTTf" ^ - - . i — 1 1 — . - — . - - W p l " * — « I B I W ^ ^ T progrtsa ot: the natiaq . toward jbi i rliniUT e(»gdttio6 to '"• * -" J if^e^ii^iyt&smif^r^1K= ./atlrerj "^nrtntnown wan ;.frtoJ^PBiiiddojh:la,- -wcrev _". drowned. ' - E . ' • ' " * : -/"-,.'•> - "Tug onichir vote at t h e b a i c election i,n ^ c l i u s k o j i a ^ been-COBwiaied, shoeing thi't I^tkef fo*. .ChW'Ju»tk'v:>«f eived, 29,869';. Howe, 15,030." Tof'Ilegcnta: •lle'lmeii,;2'9,' • -H3&; fe'raiuger; 28,037; Crirri," ^W.'j.Cass,' ;';-.6A330. fot^r Vote, 45j8«8. "' ~£p* «ne year." „ '. J ^ '. . rCTtiK )ue»scngcr.sent to notify the crews Of. .,.-'life-aaiving stations-between Cape, Henry ' . .and-KUty llawtto-patrdl the beachha»re-:| turned, ^ind report*,;he_ ha« been-.luforrned I ^ y t h e cr.ew of Jfg, 4 Station'ttiatthecrews- • *mlcilire_ns lictween, SkatiensJNoa, A and 6. '• found and buried sixty-two bodi«^ washed n»kote>iOCB fluVwrecl of tho puron, ,~THe ,'Jbdoics' were horribly" iqultiiated7-«- m i c h r ~ »'..thatiden tification, wiiLaJirifHit.be. -ajj ini- p&ssiblllty, ^-7- EE, ^ , "!;EE'-"",E TUB lessee*-of the public ir.prks of.QJiljLJ "/hare'kbaadABed their lease tuiul ^.=._the.conals. to4he State Uovernmeftj. This :- acWofris alleged by the lessees to hase/been taken In-«i)uscijutnfe of the, Tiojativri'of ^tohtraet on. the^paTpt.of the.^tate by leaabn.. o,f (he Legislature having last winter- a.u- '. iUiorisfcd tbeubsndoEmentof HteJiiamiand JRrio.**nal"J>aain. Tho generat'opuiion,of —Ellie.jnj»4JJltis» JjowevtS-that the canais had . . fceconie ,unprofitable^and. that the reason" " "ixltove alleged is merrffsy)r*t*x~ito.get rid. of their iiabjlitle* UndcrtheJeaseT-'_ ~ E E Jfnjiht be sgmtj afmoit" cs widely-setered .d disuaiWd «Mht|^wwy^heB-arrgyy^la tai imentof that-result.' I have no dlspo- •ilion and certatniy no right to question the sincerity or the' intelligence of opposing 'opinions, aad_.iv.Ould neither efeueeal "nor -UuderVHtoa j.ho considerable difficulties and- evenqocasioual'ilhitresees which amy attend 44*e- perm a- f i a v i n ^ t o "the fibw«ver, adhere"- " " « O O d ^ t l i e n S a M » ) J & t O u " a l t e r ^ i r ^ ^ ^ H 2 * l S ^ p J f i ] ^ 3 I ^ ' S S 1 n S ^ „*,*„•». » _ . w . « . n u n n i ; ™ v « - » ™ i ™ \v*-T-nny,uug/-,^ - ^ * a ^ « » T O « i ^ W # ^ S § o ^ t S i o - t ^ - T O e t ; ^ ^ ^ * . ^ n v l c t r o B j W a n r d o « a r r ^ » f e # e ^ M - t K a d i r O T ^ f ^ M l d ^ ^ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ i?gg^pl^Bip8«s^i f 1 i t | a a i hia^ r-Tn adaption ttojjauUy^ wlMgti.tu^ Bg l ^ S i ^ W ' 6y-1_ A ? i t i « ^ % a T ^ a p S t h o f c a ^ ^ tioai orih»-ft»m«S polritij_l:i>artie* of" the '*s* inconvenience - ^separable, worn the. transactions of: h f e j ^ d ^ e a e - v i D g the aountry. ThareTsasvwt.l.-njvvrd ti icghtfl^ # W # ^ ^ W - ' « " ' ^ " m * ™ ™ * h * r ^ y . ^ t T - i [ ^ S ^ } ^ ^ n ^ ' g r ' f u . . ^ afon that nouisMous result iu our urSwal* ^eemasle paper currency, ^vouTa: omy^tena a Sowjtderatiarfc'-flf-the Brit.j^puttance. «?i»^o?^ .^b£ ,^ K ; ^ S l ^ l o g the. public jiebt,-** l e v rate* of inteitat and an adhercSt-Sio the wise *n_d j u s t poliuy o'f. aa exact observance of the public faith* will enable' the Qoferhiaenf liiridly to r»- diiee- the burden of the .interest pa. the National debt to an'amount e«oeedinx*-20,- [ ¢¢¢,000"jttf aiinnin, and" ejgiprt an ngCfg Gniiei;strftie« ef more" th'H«'lttHHlrul-'iuUU»m - uance of. border disorder* aa exposing two countries to jrares ef popular feeli, and the mischances of action whioh •»»-_ urally unfavorable to complete amity; -^BH_ly-<l*t«Jiii_ed that nothtag i-hall be wanting on ihy part to promote a good'ua- dersuading between the two nations, 1 ye t must ask the attention of. Congress w the actual occurrenees" on the. kqruer, thatjhav National' indebtedlaess. i coin "of (ess commercial, value thas .the money o,f the- world wJukl-iarolM-a-iiela'tionof the pub- Ho faith, and work; irreparable injury to the public credit. :"It was the great S i i J r i t ' o L . . . - » r . . r . . v . . . . . . . ^ - . ;the;a«t of March 180¾ in strengthening th<rfadji;»»t»ly protected and jfeaee preaerta*: pub(io credit, teat it reJp6vedaH-a.oubt as •' -"*"'- •-"-'-' -— •-"-"-' to the purpose of the United States .to pay thtir;bonded d e b t T « coin.' Thai-' aet Vaa -accepted a? 'arpledt* «f.pubHcfaith." The Gorernraent has derived great benefit from CQNQBESSr^JEXfZA &$SJSt02[. CreauUM im 1«* Ti jfi«clna*U *w«-»»i«t„»JikJ Yott^mu« have heard « [ * • i by Mr. ^futma Kirtefcnar, M, W » , _ Ljjr. Kirechner bc in i i n ftvac pf msiie ut diaporinf o f t k e ttfic'ally » » _ p l S o ^ - i c approved n o d e . The. t _U*e4 k i t djscttased at-oon»ider_fck n s j ^ k mi • ..-lb. tbe" Senate, Ko\cmb'cr 28, tho-.$Jc*- ' President decided tiinttl»ti»bo<ly could pro- >ceed to the resolution for tho sdmiMJonajf Mr. Kellogg as.«cii_tor from Louisiana, sua qatetioD of the hi(fKf,it prtVih-gi-, notwlth- standing the r»le-pr»viding that no reports _ __ _ _ __ of a comniltt<-e shall be proceedciL*jthio.l waTeremited « 1 « e e e « m «1 t p ^ h l Q " * * 1 •«*»* « * " • asat lt%Mm I L t * l i n LS i \ I FTI fiiLii j i h n . I «* - . _ « rl-'^ff-'lft'VM'"'^ hv-unaiiimoiHi can- fCTttu_. ; n ,-,-1^1/,-1. sent. -Jfr.-Tbaruwaappcnled from ihe-di- •v" - ."? J* ™.lt»5'**. cision, ai«MA.:jr_»:«f«t«incd by a rote of ' ' ^ " " ^ K * t h * f " ~ "2ff to 38, Mr, .Cnnover-voting with thcaB^- pubtfeefja? and Mr. Patterson contra. The q«Hrti»lH_eTt rwwrriuB to the feaelutipa, a fote'raf takan, which resultedid*5-CM,.-»^ CUBA -_KD fht Cfgtf»BJSCTIO». An other year has passed *!thoot*rtngirig J ,to K eloae the projractejl contest between the Spanish Govern meat, and'-the lns*rrec- . lion ih the Island of Coba^WhUe the Pnited f-States' have sednlonalyabttalaed frop inter- fverition in this controversy,:it is InrpoAiHe . - , - ^ . . , - . — „ . _ - - . - . - , jjot to feel that » i» attended hy incidenU ehargeaBiade by Judge fipofford agajiis.t the , affecting American citizen*. Auart /roa the E^fMnlngoftcei^ln U u i s i a _ a , x h e 4 ^ t y hefrectpffhehqltiUtiea ttpofe trade between of- th«^gis l*ture-»hic l . efrttcd ^*Hogg-, 1 the United Sfalea-and, Cuba their progress and'that; «e l logg himself,, the Opvemor, la jnevitafely accompanUd by boopUlota jolned.in l l l t o l v t s with MrcU Rpturnlng .''„*.'lf'll rlfilTT"lil Ins fij«j»stq»isfra 'fluriitri, °'"iy!?;.*!?'>Jt!}Vt?f^;--ProviaHiK for the re- .Jdenta mitteeanfriTUfggi iSftrfereiee 'wlt_;J»iue*»^g»y,*!»l8. *•_ said-1 t » * U , 29., The VieelVcslUeiitvoted in the nplirjnatSVe, and-the resolution was talcba up. After a long' debate following on the right by the Vice-President t o vqte.on the qaestion • o f*: seating a Senator, Mr. Sail lebury. submitted a substitute for the resolutibu.oK the Committee reciting at length t^ie varjoua charges srade by Judge Sponoria ag g w f f f o t h B T o W t u f t o i r w f f t j e - b p a r ^ T l b J T ^ a r r f u n d ^ u p a i n g J ^ ^ ^ . . . — — - -^aerto.ua digprderjTiJiiihojnor ^ n d disa_t*r in' thcJflujj|icialaflaira of the uovernnuot and 0 ^ ^ 0 1 6 1 ^ 6 ^ ^ ^ 1 1 0 1 1 5 ^ 6 1111^1641^)18---.^-7,--. , rri, • - t - , u l 'vv Joyal SevoUon :to\hagen«ria_wtHarrt».ighT- ^ ^ 5 ¾ ¾ ^ 1 ¾ ^ ¾ S r ^ h ' « f » w h l;J j* I («P- proMabarr.n truce, and thattha *«cti5ia ^ o l ' t " l e , d "ft"1, » ' * » f y deiHrecated.'are tt-th«cunBiry.;oace J'ngaged iri civil. strife-f*f,? f i^d t ^ o claaajfrtB*. ptogIe,->wleed, .J^LcSiowcpn stitoft*; o.ur sjweia-ctixreniy, as toajecojn*: J'ftioe TowK»*!«l), ol^ColtinsUja, B. . ^ iC'i 1^ 1*. .tendered jink-meat averse fo^a njotioa - Iriarteatof juSgiueiit in the cases of Smalls .smd. Oordsjsa) and scntepees w,fre.-J*«»rdas . . . . . _ ^ . , . . - - - (oliowsT-KranciajL Cardotai' ex-Treiaurer 1 a eonititatioaal d u t y - a n i i xrf South Cutolian, fof'consfura'iy tadefrau'd the Stat*-, ,t«o.y»nr^' imprj"soriBi"eBtiD-joi-.i ;•'• and totn^luiusand.ilQlUrs ^fihe; hnd. o/te ! yearVimpriaonnieiit added llthe-fifle i« ijoH ,., paid at Oitfexptr'ation of tiro yeari, Smalls,: | member of Congress, for fiecepting a bribe . . jof |^^00a while a member of the' State-Senr .lite, ii'ai .jenteaeed to three years'- hard 'ihemL i f seems to nig, H isofprimeirapor't-' ane'e thWtth'cirlabor shoiST-e compeniatei in money which tyltselftjicoVin exchanse- jrble vs2ue-by beingEiDtjSiwaWy mcasurfi Hy' tl ic ^abor n'eoessajy s?» Us prp4uetioK Jiis-|ieit_au.cnt"quality «4Jbo money j>(the people is.bought fori and' can oaifTje ^ t e H I 0 « ^ t i a u t B a l j M i i » e I « l ? i V Q a e ^ f t i ^ 4 ^ . i L i ^ ^ iplnioua-laT. d i f T j . ^ B t ^ . tooatta ioUeTpursaed, la my judgment the"wisest la the piesencaof-this emergency wasplsiniy inaloated'rh wy-ieaugnral :ad- tdress. It pointed' ttf the time, whiph alrour . 'T'appl* dislre w ses^rhen a |etruinBloveT)fj our wholeeouotryMtiJ ot &H-tha^ tTJUcernsH its tru'r'WcUare, ihslluupphvottbe dfitruo- , weatuies -w«ra, in my Ju'dgnicnt, soehas weretBosiioDarmyiy wi tLt ie Coqrj slltutlon, and with, the genius Q( our-psople, tnd - b«»i..sdafited, uoder all tlie. olxcuui": stasew.loattainthe'eudin-Tlaw.i"Z..'. " '"' 'The beoeUeent rftulta: alfcidy apparent prove that these'eudiarors are no(to be re- gardeda* A' niera-^xparlin^rft^ aijilEshouhjL] JusUlo *o& snoottra<«us-in our efforU.^ai^ r»dy , in the brief time' which- bas elapied, lh« JniErTdiaUefleoiiveae's, no less ttjso the justice of t t e iConne pursued,? Is. demon- itratfd/aDdX-haveaoabidiiig'falUithat time iiTErurnikh iis .ample vindiealion iu the mlnds'of tbt.g'reat^isJdriCy ol.-niy fellow;, eitlaeai. ;' --• ' . -" •• - - ' • l!Th:«diiContiaui-nceif the uteof the srmj for thepnfpose t f^pholdlog local gcveru- buts^enLto iae niosti:certainljr-to'-threaten •tha4n4n.slri6iis nmHej, whether their occu- piittb.nB.Jrc stilled-oteoinrnolv'labor,~To . . ^ . . . jteolorilrer *h* op eratirtg, the nioH%y-dcs f^rjg etaaswijBay-not- aiwayf :feeli the.mischiefs of, or/may.fittd l " — — ' variable curcmny, but of aeotlona! hostility. 6f. fered wideTy as to. the measures best csl. ^calsted to »^eui» this groatcn JL Tub/ was to bte'speoted.' The measures adopted by the AdtaiiJstiaUon have been.: subjected t'»\, lerareaad Varied crltleUms, and auy coarse ^ ¾ ] 6 ¾ ^ ¾ % ¾ ^ ¾ ¾ ¾ -Close ly^mrectedswlthHh, . gei.er.1 sub-1 thoTnisforturicV of auch a currency to thofre yu«arc jjafd'strtariea or wag**: arc ihevit? able and feraedilenjr.i oiioo^-subordiriitte, but stUJ,:of grave "im.- ;to tautitaijiiligloth In circulation. , porttnrec. I'm'ean, fheJeAajusttaeuVpf our If these condithnia can fee successfully ob= ^•iungc ayjtemijy -tho rcuioval-of the silvir'' terved'thi! issue'from'the nrintof silverdol-- -a^n „i . . - ! _ - .^ - . - _ - . . ; - . .—>- - - ] a r i Vould-aflorajnateflal-artiaafaee-tuthe community in tne transition to,a rsdeem-4 labor in the'Stefe-fWitcnltafyr ..• T U B «ix XHiifie.iecolJipaalea-atSaa-Fran"-' \ cisco hav*e addressed « communication to Secretary Kvarts. ••-th'e t e-f«6t thatsincetheadoptionjoi Ore treaty tjte minds of the.peopjehaa hfiittitT-a^d-ift the United States bat-^ceivecWrpm China, progress ioeT«ryrpart of ihat'itotipa."of nearly ¢800,000 indemnity for-outrages" on American "citizens' and property -in yeaTg"lSe"CB i n ese — I.L. j . . . . .. . . . - . , . . . .- ". .—^ T I O I I C aiHKnoieDK w iae union. -Jo.bbcd and-murdered in Califu. ma, audjiBf ^ .^-niipr*iniH6«dBiiad wilt d.ny that the • ^•^•jJSjKLjn n'ty were the perpetrators —"— " ' feoji«ht-to justice; that the pnoishrtentof the Chico murderers-** attributable, to the iafiaence and money of good oitUens ofSan i - Francisco,.the result i c ing an exception to "' the "role; recalf 9 ¾ reeent anti-Chincae-raid inTlacerCounty,andtheJnlyriota in ihJs - ~ c ^ to disprove Sargent's statement that county WHcialr"hTTB "StfiigKr tbVpshish affendeni agarnst the Chinese ahdsuccecdedr{ ••They admit the courts-are honest, but t i e officers surrounding the- judicary•---jire pledged (b prdsaoute them before they can gey'elttW They^tnte that ln^twentT-flve1 years the immigration has jtet exceeded'the emigration by four thousand majority, aaiL reitf rite their desire, cTtprciseed to- Beuator bfteri la'tal" colllsionr which, J*>r several years, have been of frequent-occurrence, | i n d . h a v e alarmed the public mind, h u e almostenflrel>.ce»»ed,-ana that a~iplrlt of mutual forbearaoce -and:, hearty national Interest has sueeetded;' There-has been a general rt.establiihment of orderiy-aduin^f fttrstton.oLjBsflO'e. . lartanAwof remaining UwUasaeis nave become of rare occurrence. Politltml tavmoll and tiuhulenca havei- disappeared. Useftlttndustries l i i v a Been resumed; p'nblto oredit in thV Southern States hara -bean greatly s:r«Dg,hened, ami the sheoaraging beuefita of^.i .reviml ,of commerce between sections b[ the. country I»«l>Nenibr6ll«d in. <;ifll war.^aie fully en- tod.-'>:•' -::--' \—-"•-- . MoKon,'iliat the immigration of Chinese should be restricted within certain liSeTT " TWS EUMOPEAN WAS, ATTACKsfare reported by theTuflcaatSirs- tenck,.Metcha'and Bustcfcakv- They wer* . cpulied in every instance, ' '• . . T H E Russians report the surrender of /our hundred Turku in SchipkaFass on the 24th" ith. ; " .;•;"' ' '•''' • " - . SKTAiuof the losses in the. fighting at Metchka the iSth in i t / show t |af the Bus- r» w * "»i'«"t-» twenty-five hundred Tttrkith _da»d. T H E Horseshoe at Niagara h now a' '- ri^ht-anglo rather than » : curve. The -.rocsTn in- the center have been eaten „ , away from year toE year, andtpow 'the s idewa l l sare crambling. A large nectipn - o f frock toward tho CanadaaBsprerlaJely. - f e l lwi that i»meniotwcjra»h ,an!r3un»ig - L i i e a i K h t s itHMariger 'areajrenltEdojig ~m-s—~¥~fj ------- —*6V* -**«l._IL^H.t-UQ3^. _af Lhe falls .riQw .wear-ft new fa& h and1 »fca« - » ^ h « s f i ^ - t o E f » > « ^ r W S f t e v v . visitors y i l l .undoubtedly be cliargetT "Belongs to the -power of Congress aod the twenty-five cent* extra next season, jurisdiction of the courts dlthe Union, they The ipllbtlc oan tca'maly B^pgPt.f^gt tffl ""i/ oonldenUy be relied nppn to provide ..ftJBtera o ^ O o a t J a l w i d T a n d S K H t u w S n . 1 ^ 1 ^ ^ ¾ ¾ ^ ¾ can afforrj^to have those rooks falTdown rmaking a penny by i t . v - "XtrciMDA's not a stylish woman,'1 Mttd Orcaglc, of Batr-strce*, aiteribing - hi*wire to a long-absent friend; "she's a« plain asthfehandle of a jug .andthere a i n t fat enough about her to -grease -a watch, but she can make biscuits t h a t , . , . . . . J , , . t - -taste likeinsr>y*t!on, ami h a s a stcamintf r f"" t ,". , purpose, and with,thetr blessings breakfast ready 'every mor i ing befori I ?" o r * d ' . . "? ? o t - o t h , " , . , , e ' \ w e r ? D » ? » f < ! ; ? she dreams of disturbiag yriy ilurnbcrB. I iell vou she's a_womAn thafknojvs how , to mako,a"7rhah happy and comfortable, if she.wouldn't look iike a Virtlt dove . i a a c h r o m o . " - - , ^ - •' . THB-Philadctphln (Jlobf has a corres- • D°nfienVcAi]ed,"Thc Man with the Iron J i " % fl^fW^'t reporters tfot thi» jf l -ay find a ' sole-leather cheek , r^pfoiicr thing. «bbut the d«r thsoiron'mstshees existing at the. time, than it Was a needed measure Jor the restor- ation; o( local sslf-fovarnmeut.anU th.«.pro- mottono! jaitoaaTharmony. ....- Tbe-wi(hd|»wal of the troops fromjiuch tmplpymenr.wis. effected- diligently,,and wits"fon4notu,cs"rt for the peace, and good order of society aod the protection: oLtba. prosperily asd » n j y righv-ot persons of all classas of citlserrs. The result* that have Jollowidarc indeed significant aad encour- apptehenilon of danger, from.,remit-, ting thoeeStates to local self-government is uuvers llje- tth'ole faftKc"~oT~rathorTIyniT>. ^ilieableto. the m e t a l l i c rated :valua-aui- the "legal teuilcr.^'UiiHty which "shaU. be" adopted '-for th« cojoage, the considerations Whicri*«1imird; induce or discourage a par- ticularjuc'asureJ:6i)iicet«d with fhexoiugeT Jbelbu^clearly t.o the,p.rojtiuce, oflcgislatlve jliacretigii and of public expediency, .Wlthr cfuft infi-adlng upon the province of legl tlon liiIrVcleast, HHlveTCtthoUirhtthes j£ctof suelHtritical importancedkUie actual "ition"-of^our-arSt;rs, ni^Jto present-.an tton lii Ir c least, r^ l've yct'tho'Hyh t the sufr- ileiwritical i portant "-of^ourarSt;rs, «s,J. . flceasjori fojr t^lie exercise oLtheduty imposed by the .Conslltutioriv.oir;tfie PrestdeiU,. of. reccuumendiugtb the consideration of CSrF. gress "euch moaturcs.as he-shall-judge ncc- erthTyTtitd expedients'-Holding.the'bpinion — t .do j Oint sSTther the interests of the. States wouhl.. bo promoted, by disparaging silver as o n e of the two'pr/eious ifieta)* which furnish the intrinsic iTioney of the wbrid,'aud trTatll-BIiflatlon which shall loofc' country, once the theater of -nnhappy oivil strife, suhftittttisg for snibicion, dbtratt " ayersioa, ooatordtfrlwiwhlpr-^"' riotic attachment to the Union. jay. Saoh are some of. the results sl/^ady at- tained, .upon which the oountry is to be con-, gratafatan. Thsy are of inch imphrtanre tb-maintoining theYoJsmo of that In'tnrislc Taoilcjrto (urrfirll a meii6u"re'6f both metala as llteir relalive^cemmerbial-vohieswillper-. jnit would be neither uujust nor expedient. "1 must ask your-iu'rlulgenee to a brief arid indefinite statement of certain essential features "iu"»hy such Icgislatjvc nieMures which I feel it my duty to reMmmmij. - I-do not prop««irt?rBintr"the debate, rep- rreaented on-JjqthJides'by si|ch table dispn- itantsliFfVngreBs andhetorejjthe people-and in t p pre*?, as Hrthe "eSterrf'to which thej legislation of any one nation can control] L thist.(jueation, eVen withiuJta own borders, "against the unwritten laws bLtrade.or the pchtitiye-Iaws of otttir Governments. The wisdom -of -Confess in ^ hlipTOg any particu- lar law that: may be presented f°r my'sp- proval, may.Wholly Hiipersedc the neces- ally.-of-my eritering into thcs"B_eobs!derTt Hionff,"ahdl^iJHrrghrayoid eitberTagne'or intricftteiriqUiriCT-Itria only-certain, plain, and practical traits ot' sucn legislation that I desire to recommend to your attention. ". In auv lcglllillluu piuvidtog Tors silver o6inage,*regnlatnrg its value, and imparting to I t tMr I ' l r l l ' y »*-l"g«l tan A . . , It nn.nj. tn it te* . pe t i iie , ajecomr •fHih-ttllt. llKifrgrl'^nrt »«f mainLining the circulation ot. the.twom-etallio curreneie*, and ke'epliig up the- volume"of t h f t w o arrests, emhargoee,_atfd; oppreiajvis r^ pffi"th« fj/aptrty-ot Aimiieauitest eat* mdpX-unprevoked nftrferer~"'—"*- '' L ifatE-SBsaeis^-ftai-^satjaerce. _ . _ . tite^i t w e « a * e t of .Spain <A »«y, thatZwaaj the past /year i t h a M r o m p t l y dtssiwwj "it b - e t a » - W | - ^ y Jj-"r«art*i-.*B.W--«hBTgi*- Pendinxr^ dlfeuMion, Conkling moved-t he Senate take precibuf-.uie^als'us.eut-iotrfnoic uioncy. It Is a mixed question^ (or solenUfle reason- jne . and: historical etperfeaee to . deter.', mine how .fae^andELy._*hat. tnethgdi .apractica"blee<)ttillbrum e a n i e malntelaed which, will- keep both' metals in-circuialion in their appropriate spheres of common, use.. An absolute eqnalHy of-commercial value, free frpm^istiirbliig fluctuafiou»,.is hardly .^attaiasble, and Mithout it, an uifliDiitcd pegil-tentler for private "traniacjion»,"as- sjghed to boft metals, wonid tend to drive out of <<ircuktion' the • dearait^o6insg*V oxi disappoint the priaeipal object jpro- 'poa»4bytfielegUTa'tiou-in-»U.w. . . • •• I sipprehiiioythereforci that the two corf- diifona oi. a near approach toan equality'of commercial value Jletwefn ^oV-alail.stlver colaage'of the «ame^ienomiD«tion,.*ndof a limitation. of ampunts-lor whieh the silver .coinage1 is to-healegal tcrider, are essential t i e limited amounta /e«eived from Yen-- * rewHrnqit tlip..whxafc.siibject to. the/J ^esuelaTuBder'thflffeaWEof.April 25, i8«6i "C?"Wnittte ,c*-Pnvjleges ^nd ; Elections, applicable to the aw»ziliInLtl^joait*enp--***". wstrticllgns to take testimony upon mission create^ by thaTfcreatyTE :..,f c o m p l i c i t y ^ tiftTfrnpr :.. au'.iorig 4aTheSe roatterfrare.pending in F^WS:"'™ / h e netormn^ .Board Jrr , Congress" the Executive csn. not assume f S u , ^ 2 ^ ^ ^ ^ . ' B f i V - , 0 l i i L n l M I t Leith-frto-pMaupon'the questleTrTjrWnted e ^ e * J « t e ^ « ^ ^ M c j i f » t b w ^ o W > w e d . \ qr to distribute"Ue fu;nd/.received. . K l s ; n T h ^ I ^ C c t t t e d s r P ^ " t ^ > ' * , d - ? l t n ^ e M - - - - - 1 ready-to prove ejondusivclv tMt Gov. hel- hjgg-wa».in. complicity with^the JJeturnlng Board frauds-to elect himself to the Senate. » c ( . ai a [alio -3ollar ur an clement'!»-our apecie^urrency, -endowed by legislation *ith.the fiualKy of . . . ._ ^cgtttrtcndcrtoygrewttt xu-Jees extenk^JLa- .|rtfle papex. ffiottey/acd would .faclli.tajpthe tliore Tu nodoutivrtrtlie powcrof-Congresa rcsfimpllonqf %j>ecie payra umfefthi-eiJnstitutions to1 cotii ;«oucy aud maneut-establishmcnt- WL 'fegtit&t* thEVnllie thereof, aud*a_this;p(>wer ^ditlohs-I -fea^ thntt only mischief hnd mis:- IIJIL^IB LtlU l'Sl..ttS W . l i . r . - ' - . t - ^ i H i ^ . U l i MP.'- "i-i-» - , . . . 1 J J - l l - h . , . — - -^, - f ' -Jl '"^"•r "'tf1? f l^ f* f ' jm I -ftoinaire o -«il. TPtrilnllsfs^.with the quality.of unlimited, j legal tencLer. _Kven iu private'transactions any expectation bf temporary lots fronf an fuue of silver cdfnsge, lo pass <*-_BEleg»l 4ve:.lt«<om- mereial-vwrueis, I am.persuade?, a detuaiont^ Jfo'r w»n 1 thltik. that thero-ik'^oy sub- atahtial distinction" between an original isslie of- silver' dollars at a ttwBlnsk-ralnC'' matefHl abov* thely commercial value, snrJ tho restoration .of the silver doWar at.a/ato whtch-onOcwjisjhtut'hai-ceaAed tp.be, its eora- meroisj, value. Certainly.the issue of our eminently desirable.that deiiniteieyislative action should be taken, either deciding the aneardj! to-be final, or providingsome method for arc-ejiuiilflatien'of the^claion; ... . BOPTg AMEBia»iS,kBFEBii.CSi . •• ...Our relations jr7Trr~the" -Republicans of ^Central and Sooth America,--and with tfie Empire oi graail, have'coiittnneft-'.without aerlou?_j^5«e^tffiM^WTCe-temjJ»r tp-me>,on> EM aa.,, -Comai Klectjons.-.wl littje^to tate It kill.- tcsti- a recess ruptit Sight^l0c!f.*E^tfr.3?aHcrs<iu:. rnovet? t h e Senate adjourn.. _ Agreed to, Tea»~S)t>iI nayo^ 3^}—tlavi-" PatteHcvavot'iBgwjt'li trrg-t)en>ocratam' the atteat iom^Xew^'rieaaE j iafcSaSBtriaf iSsd^ can nbtl>ut't«n*tp excite v i e e l t o g o f an-- 3weIve:oVlock.w-mofto.vg . . - . _ ! _ • - ...- noyaaee,_susp!eion and resentment, whrtBli- .. In the Senate, November..¾¾ immediately «r#-jr*st)y to he depr/eated- h^tween tbX j f ter the >eadiug. of the journal, objection respective subject* and citizens t>i two oeingoffered to any new business, consitUr- friendly_pow*rs. ._' " i i ^ J ' • .^.-^atjoji.waajgnmed of.the r«*oIutioiS ?6"r" the" . JTHJt VMTW'ttBtAw CIAIMS. _ : . JJmiseioh'bT.'Wm.fBitt Kellogg, aTflenator h the «ecoi*~ ^ S ^ 1 ^ 1 - 1 * ? * ' ? " * ? y«qJrom>IsrcU_4, aw*rds has 18771 Tliei leadDtg question. Hbrting*on oceurrei in. respect to the aVfrihutlon of | amtndmeat of Mr. JtoJabiw^DeBi.'JofBeL, the. neigh bora of Mr. K-, — i i a s f l fleet*» be shocked at w%«* < ceffjfactiiegt. A. atory t f c | t • » ! dewed by tbeEfamily, in an intervi**^ says t£** %$* : was desirous of h a v i n g . t h * fe mated", a l t h o u g h l t w a » * * i n ^ j to p u t . t h e body in the L a t h m ttfry. Sir. K i r i * « r , the tUttmri child, u a Germany aboBtftfty-i**;J of 'age, amiable . In . (.genial socially,, stad country about s ix year*. H e - k A « ;st by piotemioo; *BA caAaed.4 tioirot bis child in his own ] r by ;hi8 workmen. He is the imam mx xAtfmical- works for the minnffirt»«»J «sT , ultraniarine blue, and tliecelbr* t t** t« t , , com ma nd ft furnace at w h [ f t i s » t r t f c . ' rih'tnblo r»tH», • * ' lx>8tftftr-t *>M|' ••Itf&fLS' u i He-k4<iiMk' ••y-iwHnt-nf .thfl rr jsas-*tielo»ed iri-HB-tnift;»Btos%.pt^ a^TT. quickly l i i i o t h f t ' n a m r i ^ j a i ^ U t - y * f c £ jfeeawb-WM r*$<¥*d "•- —*~*—J *~— to of A. beautiful white «oior, with<»tU_ tion of tlie combustion, says tkat - ,T) i e .fiepubffes n s aHegcir thi s" del ay, to take teMtimony, is *«ketHo«v aaupl^iflLgfiJ-ether" interruption of the diplomatic course wi Venezuela and with Guatemala. 'Ansicable -relations -have, -already, been fully restored with VenCTnefir;anJ.it Is"netiloubted.iKat oli-grounds Tdf.'" UillunderstandlBg^-^tlri GuftJeiaafa will splidily*e removed^ .-.:•- . *- r£ftini<."altt.three"- eooutries there "are 7arorab"Ie Indications of o disposition on the port ot thUr Uuummenis and peonlo™ t i 1 t : . « - . . i - j r - . . . , i _ ^ * 5 . - ' ' > i « . - « f ^ . . - j wneaahead'otrhc Hellogg ease.-'Ibe rules |-»f the Senate, and Oen. u. <T. Butler, were prominent Bubjectain the dihuiisaiou. Witli- oHt.oction uponTIie a.metidni*nt, theSebnt'e f entTnio exee'ilti^ sfsalon, niul whin the. doors wereTcopeaeff, adjourned. -..-. '-.», - , " In {!ll"^-S«oate, November .30^the J)em- Locratajuflfcred fr.rttfjthe partial "deserUoi i t>f4fe~TJ^3is» - ^ Z l l ^ F^attenMrT/nahis.tojtal (fescriion ao iar t h e ! p S ^ w a t e n e o ^ n i u c u ^ i H 1 vote ooEEKelWg waa-eoncerned/' After ' Wran niimhi>r -< i f -« i« ia three hours' -afbaftj.th'e-moti.ontO'rccom-. mit K^llogg's *a»e was roiit->ijy a tie^ vote;- The ieiiaatwft;. of'+BWuy «e«sron -Wat.riU.-: jejsbn.'s speech.'--yje; begin by aahosn'cing, tltkthe shochld vote /or^Kel'iogg and Butler. From this,i.he nsssed" at once to^*n"- itn») passioned attack op" the President and Mi reciprocate our efforts iiTTlia <ti recti on of incrisUeU-cogjmeroial intereburfer* - . - " - " • -;.. BAM.OA.- _J. ;.">-...-.' The Govcrinneiif"of.the-8amoatr-ls}andaTpoliCT,-aftd'8eVeral tliroesdurfiigfiis.'Speecti' — - ^ . — - • » . . . . . . - - - , , . . i ^ . . . . - ' . i , . . , . , . , i . . « . 1 - - . . 1 . 1 - . i , - ji gold coinage, reducettiB-weigCt-'malertaUy. l i e low- . lU Iega^: feiaef vatuc, would not b«- any the less a present debasement e l the: coinage by reason of itaequaling dsj«ven>'ex yjavprninent.nor of the people ot th^Unitei+cecdliig in weight"!, good coinagevwhieh. at some past tioie_liad been commercially equal to. the legal tender value assigned to the new Issue. - that we may, with eeafidence, patiently a»ait the desifed consummation.that will anralv aema with the natnral prrff » a n( •rents. It may not be improper here to 'say that it should be our fixed aad unalterable detar- mlnatlpn to protect, by all ivaflabie aad proper means under the Constitution and the laws, ths lateir'emanctpated race in the experiment of their rights aad privileges; "and I urge, upon thoss to whom heretofore the eolorad people bare sustained the rsTatioi of bonrti**), the wisdom and Jus" tie* of hunaoe and iibsral local lerislation with respect to thtir educational and ganersl welfare. A firm adherence to the laws, both National and"Bt»te»_a*.to the civil asd political rights of the colored people nowj adtaaeed to full aad:.equal elt'sinsbin; the immediate re'pretaron and sure pnnishmeST by th« National and local auttrarlttes, wlthiir, taeir..respective jurisdictions, of every ia^; stance of lawlewaess^and violence toward:] thtm, it.-rtqntn'd'fer-the security alike of bata-jages, a h d l s j u s i l y >lem»o<ied by the public optntph of theirbunUy and the age. In this Way the'reftoratioa of harm any asd .goodwill, and the prauxnlon of « v « y citi- sen in the fall snjoyBent of every'BODitiiu- lional right, will surety b« -attained; What- r.l, ^nthndty rests w.t^j°j_^tqjMi^«ndjl_ . teEjhss.icilsJata.res,; the several,States I^earnestlT appeal to «ecur>,' by adequate, appropriate, and reasonable is««aaawuWo ti.-eir borders, t h s x common asrl uniform rights of a. united people Which iorts liberty, abhors oppression, aud reveres jostles. These obi tern are very deir to my hea.Ve+d {-shall most earnestly strive for tbelraiMoment. The cordial co- operation of.alLclasaes, of all sections of ihe country, and, of both rac«r,ls required hope to'hand down our free institutions o'f .governmeDrualmpared, to the generations that will follow us.~ TltB'KINAIfCIAr, ijCHJTtaf.. , . . Among the. subjects of the greatest and moil general IniporOtnoe to t h e people of this country 1 cannot bemi»1«leeirp}-Hiink-r| la regarding ss pre-eminent the policy and meassrt* which are deigned to secure the : Testoration ottht currency lo that normsl and kealthfu) condition in which, hy the rr savftpHosv^i... In. recommending that.-.thc regulation-of any silver coinage which may he auf horiied by Congress'^ sbould-'dbacrvc these condi- tions of commercial value and limited legal, (ender, I am governed hy the feeliag that every possible-increase should be given to the value of metallic rhoaey which eaa be kept in circulation, and thereby everypos- j-sible aid afforded to the psbple in the pro.. these* isfsuds hiving * made' considerable, -progress jn.-ehristw'i'xifiitiatfdli and U i e l iJevelopmeiit of trade, are doubtful p.f their J pability to maihlainjieaeo andjflifependen.ee wttWout-. the" aid^rf some stronger power.' .The sdbiect:is"'deemcd worthy of l-espeelfuL attentlotipaiid the cialros-gpon onr assist-, ance by.. this-.distant community wiu" be carefully.-considered. -. . ' • _ - . - _,.... \ _ ' FOIIEWK.TEADE.' E .Tlf«:-C|-TIL'-«s»YICR -ma-of great importance that Congress-should not'loie sight oj its action as operating-i» a 'two-felti caifacitv, and in- two distinct di; re'etloin, If the UiiUiid Btute's-Omeiuiueut were freeTfbm a unblic debt, its legislative:, , , - . - , t . . , . . dcallni"with the question of silver .c»inag«*tof t h e fact that .his vieys on the qfifHttoo u ^ l , - • --' - ] - 1 »M ff»ti*i,Ailv irnnwn c K# ni% ttvttiPaiiw- er no restraints but thoseof con» iStitutidrml powef and this1 p'nbrrc good as. affected by the propospd legislation, but in [ the nctpal circumstances of {he nation, with a vast public debt distributed vei*^ widely among our own citizens, and held ih great amounts nlro abroad,-the nature 'of tflesilver coinage measure as affecting this relatioa 6f theGov*ruwient-to the hofdersof the pub- lic debt, becomes an element injinypro^J posed Kgislatiotr.of the highest concern.-1 i he obligatiottof thcpubliofiith ttiilliueudl alj ...luestiofts of profit or publlc'advantage: otherwise, and its untjuestioaabie mslnten- ance wUl ever be carefully guarded byCon- grsts and^people alike. It-canaot'even add JE i-our people''* sonse of.tliis obligation.to Lkriow, aa they dc>,.that-such maintensiiee Is "the dictate aswcll.^f the highest ixpxiitaoy- as of-the most necessary chrtyTBnd will be carcfvtJiy guarded by Congress and the pec> pie-alike. The public debt o r t h e United SQifes, .W. the amouh{ of.*72p,QOO,000 bears interest at the rate"o( six per' cent.-, and" $708,000,000 at the rate or five per cent.; and- tHc pnly way Ih which'the "eountry «»n be re- lieved from-the.payment of Ui'cse high rates of interest is by advantajrcously refunding J the indebtedness. WhcUier tlic debt Is ultimately pariH iri gold or4n. silver coin is of .but little'moment compared with the possible reduction Of inteifestoae-thfra, by xefnmLaaj: ft nt such : reduccdrntes,- if •ttiA Tlljj^Al Blhtm lin^ thp »ni)ii«lininh], right.to poy its bonds in silver ooin, the liitie be'nefft from <liaf process-wonTd be' greatly overbalanced by ^he jnjhripus efeet of such payfnent, if iffadc - or 'proposed.! against the honest convictions of-the public j cr.cdit. - , ' , ' . . . . All the bnpds that have been issued since Fcjiniary 12, 1((7.1. when gold, became the only rtnlimitedlegal tender metalllcourrcncy of tiro cou'iitry, arc justly pay'ablo in gold coin, orin cAin of nn eqi*!value. During the time.of these issues the only dollar that could be, or wa«, received by'tho Qovern- mcrft in exchange for hon<ln, run the gold dollar. To .require'the public creditors to take in repayment any dollar of lefs"com- mercial VRbie would bs regarded by them su a rcptrdistion s< the full obligation as- s»»«i,—The. bonds insued prior t> 1S"3 we're issue,! ut the time when (he gold dol- lar wrt the only coin in circulation, or con- tw.npiatrtl by either the Oovemaieat »r the holrters of the bonds aa the cftln whlcaJhey . - - . - 1 - . . :.1 T * , _ j - _ ! . _ . . . _ . . , _* L^> ~ygjl^y&ggg 'ie paymea^s onr inters si \ were to be paid. It is far bruerto ~-^'—" 'bebreoght] bonds la that coka,thsa to taka : v , ^ j ^ S ' '•tmy^Hf^*^J^-Zi: .'^^S t h e ceM_of.-resumlng specie piaynientau. - It i»E.be-1 "Ins' cause of my.convict.ipn that a disregard" of these conditions, would frustrate .thEe good resaltB which are.desired from the proposed-, eoinayr, and embarrass.with new elements of-conftuion and uncertainty the.business of the couptry, that rurgeyour. atteation. tu these consiaerations. ~~^~ ~.. m.lKKJiX.O.'iHK PUBLIC DEBT. • I respectfully, reeomraphd to- Congress" that, in ' any legislation prodding" for %-_ _jiIver_Jcoinage, and imparting T o i l " the; Tjuintyof legaLtender,fl)ere-Tre"~tmpre«8eTi "oh the meaaure~a:flrm"provlsluu exeiuutluti the_publtc debt, heretofore jssucd and njow' onlsJandingj TrBm payEentJreltii«T of prirt^ clpal or i n t e r e s t in any coinage of less- varoe than the present gold cdinsge of'the -eojuntry.- -rr . Upon the civil service question^ the Presi- dstft agiin states. In si)hstart(f -«--'—'-•-•-- relw. In -., he has evidently thongbt it unnecessary to discuss the sub- ject at length. Ko allusion is made directly to the differences which .have existed be- tween . the Senate and the Executive with respeet to-appointments, nor is.there any- thing in the messagewhich.shows.the dis- position on the- part 0f-the--presTdeiU to quarrel wlthTne Senate, or encroach,in.any way upon the prerogatives of that body. " . . . . " ' • W*lffo«f' ". E> i •The, P/esi'ient favors the accepfanee o l the jnvitiition oi-Frsnce to attend the Exposi- tion next year, bcHevhjg-tnat a well selected" exhibition of the product .of ^American industry on that' occasion, will tend -to sHmulaW-intemttionsl commerce and im- migration, ' as .welt as to.promote thetradi- tional friendship between the two coun''- ,-- -HVsays the question of E « t r J ' ' ' — the United States and G been happily settled question he says that' recently occurred by the accession power and the ' «ral, Porfirio 1^ It hi* been f 'when s i" heret' and fa, peepl fias icirt an-envoyi iit-the person of 4t» Secretary 4'f^tute, t o invite the-floi-ernment of the L'nitcd States-advise and protect, their '•yfcp^nrtoiK-f, toestablisri eomaer'clari relations iWitli'their peopIeEiuid to assist them"- in their steps"Ww«rdTespons1b!e"shd -regularofiovcrnment. A c inhsbiUnts of-Lfalseriooii to be started, and hud aided in - . TheUong':commercial depression in the t'nited States lias directed attention to the subject of-the possible Increase of our for-, cign trads,U,nd the method's for its deyelupv ment, not-only in EHrope,"but wkn other countries, especially with -the-States and1 Snv»T»ign*tl'eBJ nf the 'Western Heraisnhi Iuslruetigns fioin the Department ot-Si . tate were ijsued to the Varioua diplomatic arid cAntulsT officers of the Government, asking thcrnEfcdevote attention to,the questions of the methods by which a closer relationship between the' respective cbun*$£*apf t h W offtcial resfdenees and the "United States could be most judiciously founded,- In obe- dience to -these instructions, examinations- -and reports upon this subjectbavc been .made bymany of these officers, and trans-. mitt«4.to the departmenttand the same suS- jhittedtolhtconsHcr»lioBof Congress. - ~ - , SecTetary Sherman, in his report, <f ill not aisk foj- any additional legislation to enable rhinito execttto»thexei»Hmption'=afct, and the . President in his message agree* with the | Secretary.. If Cungrtss was rliipeied to favor resumption, some additional laws might bo asked jfor, but, under the:.cvrctnn?' stances, the President and Secretary both oonsideration N w a * none should be* and they nlll slaad - " l "bytherfcLof.J»duar7lrt87?.- The :Sec'retary- BISO maintains the re- sumj'itlUu act does aet require »^- ««""»1rBr tion orthe $M07000;000 United States holes whiclrremain after jhe" greenback currency has: been reduced to thst-maximumrand i t \ may be left in circulation, atways changea- ble at the Sub-Treasuries "lor. gold eorn. "»-•, - "Afialrs of t h e Warplfayy and.Postoffice pdepjfrtmentsreccive'-brief mention. The. recommendations of the .Chiefs_of depart- ments arigenera'ly appioyed. ~* ' . ISPtAS QUESTION. •' i n treating of the subject*, which eeme under the Interior. Department, special prominence ia given to the Indian question. The PreaMontTniist* thsvgoed faith should "be preserved with thelndlaas; H e . i s v p f y errtphatic upon this point. The first step" toward civilixihg the Indians recommended is hy the-discouragement of hunting, al- lowing . them only * ' small supply , of iims and ammunition) and persuading hern to exchange their- ponies - f o r ltle. This, the KesiaehT thinks will troy or; keep in check their warlike it. As fsst as the Indians abandpn hunt* ig. the President T»'J8eveif. they: ebould be ons hdfi „ . ^ . . natural .tastes should be considered, and- ' ":o»e who preferred catUc-raising to farm- Jt^shoula be permitted to choose their :enp»tion. . • » It is-rccornmendcd that the-j.urisdiction of lu^cruatc case su-. deferred.' Grande b l already of CongresL resolutlonsj been rccey seat nf tn the diup Sunish i atlflns.' events m l well founa eonntries reql pesce on the bor of commerc* I t i s grainy interrnr ve* of th -batioa^ g b l a , l p a y i w o j j »• * t j »opliicaadimpertttrb*'Iae< |4» t , .w^ waterj carbeific. acid,'«s4pbi))MSi' acid- aji<t - a" little- "anlBoni*, O S I ^ A L combuatiofi' Was a iaoat itisUirtiutsMMft.^ A m o n g tho arguments set fortS"by/Hfc K; f a v o r i n g Ins-plan ol dtspoasJ i t tim Jieadj*were-theBe: H ' a l i t i t stilt Ami t t < d u s t l w e are but returning to-tb* pCMtioa^ of tiif Oree ls ; and the Bomaoa; i t Jsj ftcttfcf .to prtser.vjt#BLa«be« of. the; dMsd ' i n »u urn tWan to givo t h e n r u p totba • rrorJnst%f-the grave; ••."-, ..„.; '•-. TOS ^¾½¾¾ 0T:danfMpbx • E*- m tit lew, the undertakers h l i l w j s t l d ^ b e j i f t y . rlolfarsE-atid the bill for wpjfcsV:^ tian.ynly t^t^^iatrow.isreu^ni^iMiJe".' .- ' aiipptioiv.of^eremationiDyttepoor. ' f t l ' Z , sUDjept was investigated by t i e aatfcOT*.; fticaraiid. j inal ly repotted on by Albisi'.-. McLnne Hftmilt<)s,"Sani.tai^ iDspeeAar,. f"who;traustnitlcd an sccount of the cam to '•• tii'c" Saiiitirry Sujierintenden't, wftbbsit t»ic«ent.pTo"^r"(xai. "Sir: KinehBafkaV preserved the -ashes'-of h is cbUd"««el: "inlebds taking them h o » e . — ' '• Thet-isubject gt crematttm -i»<nw tlutt^, i5^avra3t£ned?niuch inteTist t o o n " * " Isrjre u ber -of--oit«ens roM*ew Vortf. •Cihy, specially tbatclasa, who are ia f a r w oL-rcform m every denartmaat *f -soeial* i'stJc, scicntiic,rclipoii.»arid poiiticai cusv retnmed to this brnnch^f Jh? .sjibjecL. l ie accused" the 'Ercsident .pf deserting 'those whoclected him, ami turning tlfetS-nvcr to. their"enemies; l ie cfanncd that Butler-had no put-' in the Hamburg mftssacre, and lihurged that Chahibcrlajir hd,-i catwedtbis # - i i - t — i *-- ,— „ . _ _ * . . . , i - i . « , i _ : , i A , i ! „ • f-XJf- J igivifig it ciirre'ncyTJld securing belief for it, to-refalliitft upon Butler for preventing the Conservative Democrats' from -supporting rin'uibertMiii f Of the Deirrocntffcn om in ation^' Soon after Mr. Patterson closed a vote wis • ieaehcd.ou SKUlsbnry's motioii-to recemmit 1 Kci loggraniit was (pst by one vote, Patter- • son;giving.it no help;""The'result was a (ft,'] ania/ideeidjd-bjL the Vice-Presfdent, the vote maal ordered . upp'A-tfie_lJ motteti' to swesr"Kellogg, ini,'-Mr, Bavard- obtained the iflqj)j^.jiMn gave way fSt a Horns, jtnd tlfc prococdings.ol Mr. K./-1 many. jdafgnder*-.- ^-.The^dauigbter.'. « f Mr K. Iras ..expftseed Ibejr j d « s f » . p^Jk-TliBBolved-- to^.uatural elusri—% - pin an bvcn.n.tfcr doatliEand Mr. K . - b t e - Beir.jf h i r wiTT'Ta, earned ««t;. w l f f W ' treated iu -th.e same manner alter hi* ' «piyif has deserte'd'its" temporary - I IingplaeCi ' JJr. K. i s a L u t h e n u t a x ) iw wife- i a -o i the"-jesyish r*UtkmsWsx- - 7 :>-..-•• - ' * » - • • » ;- •• i. ---A ...curious c a s e , i s 'reported-irom the.. .western, end o f : our. cojunjc, Says tba . -LancasterEfPa.) ^omi'rier; "Sad we 1U»T» - up"reason to doubt its authenticity,., W« withheld the afflicted party's najne bev cause.be Joeaj io t wish-to gain notoriety..' Our informant descfibes. tbia, pbeao- " . . . . . ~ ~ _ „ . mtnon'" as - fo l lows: ji-'youisg mail o l ^lio^J."-VL'^SfV!!^^^f7^Srf^P9^}iyi^B'.1,eI7 cl(m to fi^-J°y«*« ^°^Jsr: i executi lost Then to acRher- or recess, till seve* and a haW<-l&-theEevening session speeches were made By Messrs.- Ilayerd, Hoar, Jlill, ThnnnaB/and othersVbrcblnsted till 1 «5, vote and ing invariable ijnd8 hirnseltturned i pletely around ir**Ae-bedVwttlt bhi fcentl pointing noxlhwafd. He ha«"'al«frr"t«: all sofbi of position's, but when i n . tbe - arms of Sfcrrpheus the change of pWsP^ tion a lways occurs, and when h> awake*' Jiislitiudis seeking north'polarity. A » - othef'-.ctirioUs pfajfuiologjcai-^reaik-xfttfc whicb thisperaorijs affcertad, is tfiat im- mediately- preceding a t t a i n or . M W ghnrige in the westherhe experieBCwajt- ,«JJE&mDeili-H'T;" ^ • a d l c i ^ ^ t r e m f p a . i n i n T u s ' T g e t ^ ^ t o b a ; I t e r : lA...^l"Vifc.V^r----v.. v„.R. r y r t a i b l y . is aft accotopliahad y ^ f g - -a'nd -he .-Ewas"" "se i t t* ' . -"^ a of 30 yeas, 28 , nays, Patterson Conover vo t ing inba iavor . TJr,-ThUrfh*n their-moved . that 'vaf . -C. Butler • bej sworn in as Senator from. South Carol'ma,' which^was agreed to^r-28._niiys; 30 .yeas— Kellogg and Riitler were then escortedTo- Vice President's desk and the oath of offiec adminisftfed w them, the latter taking the' modified' oath. -THFSenate then, at-2:)0, wcat-fnto_.executive-s*8si'(Jn, and when the doors reopened'aajourned until twoo'cleck Saturdays —la-the- r presenter! 8T«solutibtr.declaring Mr. Kustis" enthled to-*..teat in the Senate from Lou- isiana. Placedin~thTe^t!irieBilaa—-Mr. Sar. -gent called, up the House h*rll' to .provide " • <hj:.i)**"iTi,r,r** '"" t*-" "rr^r 1 "'^*^! 7^ . . . service of the government" for -the fiscal year ending Joae-30,-18"8, and for ysiar vears. l i e said the bi^l as it cams from 'the—lluuse appi'opiiated.¢80^^(88^ / e - . . . . - • and reappropriatcd unexpended balances amounting to *6St,68?; tf he-Senate Com- » t * m — . A A i A - ^ » matt^rs.'amountinif-to. <1,034,342, but |fl(K),000 was 4OT the Stajr: mail" service *- The various airieniira'gnta reported -_..by_..the committee " were agreed t o - , without any--discussion. AbilJ for^tfie'relief of.Truflercoi by the wreck of the United States. Steamer Huron .was refcrjed....ln_'thcHonre, a resolution of Mr. ..Baker instructing the Committee on.| Patentsto reports bill which shall prohibit the bringing r maintaining gf'sBit for damages for.any infringirient of j»ateiit against any peison who,'3uircha«i» own use, an4 not for-salc. or barter, mi'y article er implement in morket, unless n't the time *hp . purchased ire Kftew it infringed. aoHie existfuK Tnttent,— wns odopt«J—yeas * 113, ' nays;. 43.- Mr. Knott, moved to: snsjlendEthe ruks- and K ^ ^ ? ^ ^ e ! r s ^ ^ ^ ^ s i ^ ' >^ orW.Bfll.ty.rfi one thousand dollars, to eachlsuwiviftgsea^ man—«•«— hnndfed dollars, nfid t* tne widows and children of tlie lost "an allow- ance e^aTTo~a:7»^*:-pay-.-atjli«ir respccE t ive . relativcSr The bill -was unanimously .passed, with an amendment making a pro- vision'for Captain Stoddard,, o l - thc l i te saving service, and the-crew ottl ie steamer ITiker, lost making the attempt to save lives from th» Huron. ;In the Senate, December 3, at nonii the rcguU'r session was begun, and Mcssm. Anthony and Whyte were appointed n com- M R S . H O P P E R says that M a n s W M M - ' E ' Mahon looks very old, and thatwMffeslH; look tlidt he has always worn M M ts> ' :>4 AI is- e ni e uciiMiav unr-iMti»iiivviu^ w* i - - : - - — - - . -._ii-- . -* . . . v ^ .t. i have become intensified. - Tlta d v M s I s i •>.« re railed-atatesCo^rt be crtCTdrftrrH.roU^iUe^ tO-jpin-a similar eQiimimerAitt the 1 ¾ ^ ^ a r T s 1 ^ a t T e T o o k T n r ^ i i S 5 - - ^ TiT-nttrTHrfi.^ u».l iliaLa,, Tmlla',.-m^Li-PluLoLtltS.gonsc, to wait op the President, p r o c n g is arKtoeratl^lOOKmg, « » » • » » ^ , ^ , . . jhTTadmtai' and that an Indlsti petteei r ftr ,: Jmpeflsed' of Iudianaf.be established. Com- . "miso'ry education is reeomraen(fe4 for In- I'Sian children, the farms supported hy the ] Cifivernmcnt to be used foT the Instruction I ef youth in the schools, and the fanners i themselves, and gjvo necessary advice on she reservation. Indian labor slbhe is (Commended. 'ThePresidentrcfets to Sec- tary SchunC» S-mlwMv.investigations, and. esks nf thcir.goed results. Lcgislstionis ked providing for the more certain dfs- overy and prevention of abrisea in the ndian service. E fThemessaue contains.psragraphs on the 'strict of ColBmbia^Agricnltural Depart- nt, Washington Monument, reeommAd- ; Its completion, and onseveral ether sub-' i of mtnor importance.^ A Hagsetle Taansr Maaw in himse lf a «ort of human compaas. A t his borne h.B slecpa on a . b ^ t e * d E s h o a t L _ . TiesdboarcT? is due. south; he retire* andt— arises/ at-'early hours, but in"the BMOI* s an. mfln^rhighly'gi.ffcd witb'tke.oosnl conveniences of. a Compaaii and ometeFi-- —~-T;-~-.-r -.- b*r- » * » H o w difficirft i t ' i s for-a wop*s- .t(r be really well-dressed, under the exfasV ' i n g prejudice tb»t everybody Dtoat-ke- TtFiswd'^like i iyetybodyriagr ..TW» ac - tion -of a requisite livery is painty -anything llkfrdewtopment o t t w taste, and simply springs from the isv capacity '_of' the many to . originate, wnerefore they arc glad to copy o t h e n T but this majority have succeeded in eaaV focating the trothetic minority, a iaay et.-.. whom are now forced to ^upprWismMy good taste- for fear of be inf enaaw^ "'affected;" - * « shall never h a v e aagt school of art ih Engiand, erlhei ha rTreaV '. or deeoration of any kind.Ttotil the fctt- daincntnl principle of good art to n e a c - nized, that people may do M they t i n iri the'fnatter,~and until women eeaae ts> be afraid of being laughed at fordeiasr what; they f e c i , t o be wise and r i g h t iuitrf individual taste is admit free, nnd howenri there be ladiwidatti l . while alt a ie tompletely mbaenriant V». taw, tfiat.law usually deterfcloed b y foak who have neither natural >«eli»g fc?^^ beauty nor education?—Jfra. JL. Hamit, inAerArt-tf-Beamty. igkrinane face.' M t d e i e x t x t Oofitrast, a round ball rkarhaid.a> thick black beard, a phytfogtMaa* ***»£ gctlicr co'tr.xcf and an. expitarioat a a s l . t e e \ » o n n J i Scbatand fo- ' -"" (•basil «n unispiup^louaand daring achiaWT. . '—*^ — » * ' — r • — . - * , Jfi:>- and brethren, will y o u f i r e S wit l iouta fu»s all lln l n s l i a h s i a la ja j j and I n f o m E h i m T h s l a quorum of both homes wercrcady to. reeeive any coinmiTnt- ration Tie- , might he pleased to-.make. The ' Senate then "took "recess. Upon rtossepbling, thw-Viee-Presidcnt presented the annual report of tile Scr'rotaty of AVar, also the annual report oTthe S'cei-clary of, the Senate and Se'rgcant-u't-AriPH. Ordered printed. Soon thereafter, Mr. Kogers, Pri- vate Secretary or the President, appeared | , . ._,.• u . . , , ^ . ^ . , i r . i i wHh the meiiage, ahd it wos imnieuiatriv <°T w . ' ' , c h 7*"r torejatben aU aaal h M t read and ordered printed. The depart- Or.will y,iu gee the d a u g h t e f f e t ! meh£ and other reports were then pre-1 array thcmwlves with rriat t l f l h i sented. and ths Scnste ^.rijonrncd nil ; witliout-rtwithoub—w*YL'- BMaHf^-l Thursday next.. In the Howe Mr. | thing ought to be ckne aaajpTltf ,"* -Xnspn asoyod <o su/ipeml the . miss »i»rl •. :. , i r . .t.1- . . . - . . - ^ - . adopt a resolatio^dcckriag that thePre . i - ! 1 S «««-»««»•,'»"'••rf .. j i ^ . - ^ d*»t, by refusing ihe us*of the army in > —r1— • '•"'• sapport of the pteietrfM^ gnvetnnwati in ' ^ tiidlana edftee aaa*!-Soash Carolina Mdr-ljoaU^aaa, » t thereby ' ooain waroiina anaMJOwawsta, mw wiereuy i ti , _ j _ _., . .•>• ' , FXZ^SSZ^^ • : - - . ' ^ - - t^a i^Sf t j .^ ; ,
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