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Forest Journal (Newspaper) - January 20, 1921, Forest, Indianagfc^sgsr^^ja-1 BB9 l JSUMBER 11 y — • » — ^ ^ ADAMS CHASING AC0TT BUYS SPE1DEX TWENTY ACRE M.OT J?OR LOUISVILfcE, CO! installed Bight: Troemm- Virgin-fa* BfeiwkaSr. S $ 2 a t f t *•ioH.whmg o*irV< *t .c.^^S^ft^ ,J^a*^»*.? t ^ * ? ^ ^ J 5 : ^ C r a * d ^ > ^ * ^ * . _« -- V i - . * M t a i a i f Mas* .^LjhaMft ^ • • f e . ^ U l k j - - • •• ' * ^ Recordist. ^ e * * * " - ^ * 1 . UieUe 3li*. Lynn Adams, representing-the v" Jlx)uiaviUe Real Estate A Development I company, of Utuisvilhv Kentucky, " purchased the Speidel twenty acre ~. - jeeented'.th* Speidel heirs. *This pro-. - Wtry i«eea Lima street on the nortfcr. ... tho Dr. Rabaerman residenejewA tjjiBti s « A from lima street £0 th# ^ahbiftilui term- This property wHT h*'. sBrveyed and. laid into bofldJne lota, and this will also mean that Dixon, and' ZimwierBian streets - wilt . be extended, bat got. at the expense - af Foreet, this; improvement will- be jBade by Mr.; Adams. This is not the Ant vi«t o/_ tblmgfmtlamau- to For" ,la«t. a»«j»jr o f j ^ bnsJa^jrnan will" • fWll lh i . trip h*™ last jjfer. .. c -•fcareat bad ;*e«'iri,W»B*d>f jw-t Igcfc^a movement'pt-'tbis ' foi' SM&e tine jSait, just ewch an idditJon.Sojre 4s—cciiljellii located "-ftar - h^ f^ ff • bunding purpoaee.,Be1n^j^fac«tt to." Gormely Park, .which wflr be baaafr •'- fled this sprhiis, many ne* homes will' be biiilfcJJid we need them, a» ragbi" nptf^fherc are at least threa families "' interest" in Forest in a bush**** *av that cannot ' lo«a«e'^'propwty.f.of rooms for rent, arid thus ire"- com- pelled, to live apart from<theuv*eh»i- Ues. Mora raodem home* for Forest >t to what w e Heed, and other improve- *• :m - * » # V •f •gm^'t* ** '• . * .»r /-ML c^ rinelttdtarV 'ISfebris^iE . ... - ^ :>«ifje«d, tije « q j » * ; d B « r x * ^ -k.adra of U t e y i l toJavrffefr. -' R< f ^ l t f ^ ^ l t a ^ f e . f ^ j P g ! wSirtii* beat atarfur' .•&ej* that they hdR rtwj want Wp. agafciet • -4mtt- stis * •eery ~-Waswr-fc^r?f««rtfav* t;C.{ DeVota, %.*<?.; *jrfereae,v Deputy asfrlftiwir; aaata*,-*Net; Wt&uV - •KTBW'* _ ^ 'f-^ ttwMM^ <Bfttiiy* i^Bg BatUa _.J^ Jfitra»-«L OWi- «tfi. ""•,'•.•." - ^ . ..,--^2^1 •"'" , Truat*a,JlTa.JUihi CUB««A ^ t «tt—»- PraaWllrtr Mpa, . Oaja • * - ' THE » -KHUGHT CLUB -i - the 8eartby*fct CM Met borne «t,Mi^. *aaak day.eraeun*. T^aj- ^ S : £ L ;l v pMtt.Tburaaaj, JirmiMyiWirUl b« .^f tsm w ODD FEttOWe oi«%t at! ^j|C apaeUl naajfega na% te precract at: the Forajpr^Gl i f ceh; that the Forest Odd<fj»P(iwii b«V| accepted a' ajKcfaf iniWifejtjlj^yaawtt at the w r w e as MgfoWi aotice te ' - * s hereby there an, aerrtee "-aerv'ice 1¾ pi act 'will The subiej tor ReiC Man." AH hall promptty Cbw'roh at GHA*i ? ^qjvery meniber^bx.bWl the' ecrvieeavx-The a t 7:15 p. m.- The oj»a;bet k. special red (0^, the order. Bermon'hyth* ijas-' .wiir-he" ;'A Real' ellows meet at [,50; start; /or th" POORMAN, Noble GraflU. i^fkt t o'clack a Uitla stand waa-ptee-J krt in the atnter W the raow wUfcf hi>: bitrnins; candies to rft^retent'fhe birthday anniversary. . T h e Jtttle^ iP'^ets seated th~em!M>tves on the ftaor hu-a. srintr ii<rroundinjr- the burnina; *ancjles: • when * ildieious •' lap lunch, was served, which ' consisted ot .'icecream (cafeq, 'thinly ^»n*rdranjfea This proved t6 , be a th»; children." *** ttCWKSNEWWFlCE •v*=* Aiptr- Febraary >%>t 1&» 0 . E* Herapy aa^ate w l l l i ^ * ^ h * i j r office in A " bui^JiBe - f O i ^ W j • ajceuijieor by Harry Caftstap qpe U S « k % « t « i their prraetit lecatloh-':Pii<pa^aaons are now b e i n r JW«'de*t*-v«ei»t«lthe build* real ' icl iah^to^njj-tftjj , ho^.oecupy and they exaatt ' ;to be all set tor business in the n e y . They nU^departed for. thuii< home's ; t e c f t t ion when^theii-'Jease e: Pt. &-30' \<--i(h the_ happV.thougl i ig^f4 T h c y L bBve~a<«y to. their their .-RqmltinwK ' -, • , •_ ""//*'tc«jf- CarmednTwho hRsJjei . q * e r ^me*«Awere.present? , ,as.-fe>v e ( i w i t h t^pf e i f l - e r g^ngti sr Mabri • a«d ;Wain_ Beagle, Otta.; d a y . ^ e ^ h e ^vc-red .hfe" crman, Oerrtrjide M^Kinley, M r s . : ^ ^ s^r pf e Wer. " : J !ckee.,i»d.M».'W._.E. "Beagle, the efeth i i f e^<*»*t - i r l . baafcet h*lt cJ«^>a JMh^ va a^ejp* at Har- ^Bi fa f t i iS -Hh% de- r|»' r^nrfteta Stera* cKon serve yaw C. T. U. . ^ * < \ Early Snow* . - -Jiaii The uni aaow last Nb' large limbs . teees m Ohio. e V be w:' Frank Beach, at the Ohio" where the sod shattered;. SMVC the eottr*! 4ewr> end to 1 *e*oeh, i t to 4e«n. F.H.s:GmtSHA^ :: ^ ^Dpa^^RE ARLINGTON FIVE; ?»«* , ^ f^JpjrfilTliagton Hi bl n»,k«Mftrr TfcVpeeUminary gam* was played !<m^e a feeble attempt W e f t * r ™l^turd^'l^rht"betweeiv the F.' H. S.: ftit local H^teaavla [Girls and thfri^unkii* Fire Flies.^. ! Attho th^Forest^ager*: • The gam* epenad with some snappy.: one sidedpSegpe o»4he paseesjind'awiple baskets for Bun-'ing *6 ti».tWea.*r~a Ijirk, wFofes t ' sWa soen found'. the contest wp! theanaei^^P:evened, ap the score, [of Foresfe afleifeJtet the.ball was in motion ali| the «mcvhae» and fortli. it wen*1 acroia^rhe fleor. geitber aida saort than Forest sesrtjd again BRd-tKe^ *! endedJn ascafre'bf 6 to'g^n faffW?: Forest. . aiif early;- dbwn^nany aluahle orchard ' the etean splits J jhoWu*," says on hoitivuttnrfst nlrnalty,. "bat sdly spl^rtered 1-re* I -\--r-\ ng to the math back int» the nb>o aj C. T. V. frill meet at the B. Dubbs next Wednesday 2*ih at 2 :Q0 p. ni. The dues ised frorc 65c to $1-.00 per . Ploflfe come-prepared. Countv CojuiaeW—Js^C^ $radi«*a.^- » Chaplin MryBilsvCEager. R. S. Viet Qnuad— fcw. £.r*B#m»¥. L. &' Vice Grand—Mrs. Gara Wright. - '"" . Inside. Guardiafc—Mrs; Mary H. DieUewa*.1 " •.;'_•."... " Outside Guardian—Mis* Clinger -^ *•._-' Acting Uast Noblie Granii—Mrs Nina Devore. -i--" .Refreshment^ were" served by Troemmler anrl Mrs, Devote.. the* ae*t weettar wffl b t ' hotBeof flira,Liah»-^ye... ^ - ProtectM* Af«Mt AMHMI SkocUft «f Ibtor Car. M-rx. r«si(le«%wU] b e there. .MRS. FOX, Stci-efAry. CARD OF THANKS To&ndusky * 1^ Father's Death F._BartaUlt. and to Sandusky, "de»tfc of Mr. Bart kimi sym- *hk^oeeulr»eTat that Burl^r^|>BuaJ$!0 1 \vL-li to sincerrlj thank niy friend* and neighbors for their pathy dniV fLssjstajice durmK the illne>« and <le^h of my beloved^husbarid, also .'pevje-mi- to. Mr: Harris for hffe'eSeient serviBes: tn4.m a'ftd tfi-frteuthTfor"^ bea)u*^jL|y)r«i^*ev tributes andja) Messrj -^- - - - im-1* -. . • V-"-"'.,e« —. t • XHfisnafeNiltX. was rWa^tSrJsZTak-• " Wednesday by Dr, Mn»day TO f W i PrmtM MeetSfif eration. > ~ - > - UA\ fold the Rfl friTA .b^hrhj^ai^af ^ ough the '" Jtit At £ meeting of the Fonst In the sewn*half the play was very jT*mple As'soeiatio6 heh^t the even neither side scoring until the. last! rooro-the following. 4i^etoes two. mtetr^l i f jSay *nd • Denkirkjelected: iohs Baker,, W. Rv iwtwofisMgeais. The game ende<l; Geo. "ForneyVB. L. Cook, E. 3. eifcqrf *f 10'to 8 in favor of Dun- !C. T.IAllfty/Monie': "WHt.^;"^..'„ •-' "- r '••'" !**"j l t tg . The lesday momng. -MrVBarteldt alvie^im of cancer of the'throat. wds- ageft 66 yeaoa. Funeral and were held at Sandusky to* •J?' . MB8.4ri iHirtory is. repeating itself HI , the Blanche ..automobile buBiwess,11 says' the O. E. •Hcmpy Estate.loeal dealer itt^Chevri- let passenger and commereisl^cars. . "Kverv. sfiriup there^-is increased demand foi motor cart. A sh«r^8fi«, results. !Tsiuilly there are hot eaoup^i to irr> iiiiiund. The :)urcha>e>" wh>- plans to l>uy onr ty^ K' -of cai- mu>i often chance his ?hoic.v nr •irffv ;t loner wait i'or delivprf.' ~' . ' "Thi^. panie. co!\diti<»n v. ;; l<e _tru.- this ytiir. And thiw; wj'tii. cummnii. -ensc-Jiic "j>rnfitin«F-bv pri.-iiojjs e.\- to :_ivont iiicMn't-nic-nck *.o ;thcm;=elves. \ n mattei wiici' they pv- fee'delivery of ihfii' »^r>. ncnriier- now ^o as t" t they want when they .m m %•- JOLEDO F6H numufactvH'er.' "cannnt tell t kind of car yovi w:mt and n y m will decide, l ie cannm complete, intellitient' I service until you teil him. Ire produces a cons^r/a'tiV.' of cars and then bupcr'fui- '•" ' ther manufacture on orders that h*:"' * ixin to_come in: Whether vow get vow*—f- ^m- .£'-• iWTICE : mean? of Greeting a ^dn tfte tot £t»reha»i«d |T^>gr. S T R A > 1 g » y R STfn .KM^-One pet Orrtle ^nawern %o the m i m e ^ o * Jesanderr;liberal" reward to th^~pafty returning s»me; ftiBMfcV.^ ; f'^c: * ' - ' - * - : ' .WwUvfcj :^- eT than eyer W o r e * ' Every farm sttouW 1 chickens and hatch them - •hi*. •tone ways from times of remote anr tt4U<*7- ?<*• centuries games e l ban enough ^i«iTe .tieen kno«».PiiAplaye4 ^ : ¾ ¾ ¾ ' - J T > - f p r tn uriiir> «iUi balls ployed insnyj c « i n i - 1 - ' - • ••• ~ break serf with *o*r*ptJt» e&< bette sr« ptaoed W 'the\jttf oi . t te bt«k. I M ^ b»»wjO»V. », \ , Mfa rep*Hngali»bwt!Ahac;i»«tl heavy-wisher on' each end .ate-tteed.f B^aring'lhe botta ud-Ipoger:' than; ^ f t a f ^ a w S S ^ "^ " ^ OVcr '' ^•WmiPtoff the Ifmbe back ^ {t<, be e^tkaged for^Supoa femda. \ *ire wwaldj«»e a gtrdle that wottW T H J ^ A R D I N cOUWTV AA'lSeiifc 1 m time we^eav«r *H he «»b u ! ^ i ^ F l R S T NATIONAL^ BANK. " ^ ' * '^It is net iteWjiaJury to ptw»e back , • •• the down limb" after hotting; Usually. proper bolting makes thillmb strorw- ^ ^ 5 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ , • ' - fh« OUneHbatejjilajcd ball in va- that purpose. K :.,> n of eerteervflSf • The'Woman's Mtasiooary society of Hifair* T c t t l T© FiaW .in the first or the sepond £lans.u. up . the FteabyUrhta chareh will hold ito ^ y j j t a a x Infns—a^asiii t 0 ^ 0 , ' " annual ftaJaVlfeeting aext ilueway . rwKm9itmmm*nmu. . ^ j , Kek l ion . s nw^^ ^^ n o w w ; n evening, Mattary 2«rd. .^ _ , "i --. • ' , --;>«taMfshed. Their qoartties have becv. Dr. Worth Brown, of Toledo, who. Information regarding the fertiM-. U s t e < 1 •„ s e n , ; c e . y o u h l l v e hf t iVl, spent a ixyeate in China and waathere » t i o n of pastures i» Being sought by ; w n a t y e u n e i ghbor* bav v to ^v . - . doing Medical work at the time of The ft* Oh.p Experitnent Station in tests j^bout thenj . There will be no ch.ngv* - er uprising wfll be the - prindpaT ° » th* *r*mbul! County, esperrment. !n ^. M > ; f f e w raonth,. iker of ti»e evening . Hi* subject '•""' Cortland. •, "There i? time to -insp^.^t them M B be "China from within." and as A number t f ^lots-have been tsmr- o o w a n d t a c h ^ a t ^ore. And ^ B r e w a comes well recommended ' •»• i n a ntrmnnent p«««ure which arc y o u r ^ ^ ^ nOW w i l l p r o t e c t y c l I . t>fability and his experiences' fertilised and treated m various ways f r o m ^ e f f e c t ! ! o f ^ a n n u a , ^,p j n i { been so broad, that It should be T h t ! t e W s - e o w the itse o f . m a u u i c ,h o , . t - n f automobiles." the while «f everyone .to ^imestone-and a d d phosphate in van- ous amounts. -j-n-,,-! ,|. I So many acre's ot* Ohio land are - ~ T~ -devoted to pasture and tht rnpid^y ; diminiahing returns from Ihese la:.:i.' HXHUT •xJk^" ' MT. VICTORY LEGION TO HOLD BANQUET The FojfeSt Journal, ^ | , E o r § 8 ^ W o . .---^- •"• Pftase find enclosed $2.66*iOi; Subscription to the Forrest Journal for one year. ••. • Niime •.-;.:,;:.....'.' ,-..1 .i-:. • R, F. D . -Town ''-lr'*' &/.U .^ '.s'.ftC- . ^ *i- jhave made iit necessary, it i? stated, j t o work out an accurate ay sic a. >.•: ; fcrtilteatfon and rejuvenation. In southern Ohio, on hilly land, ;. has bepn fourxl satiM'actory to fer- ti l ise pastures heavily with phosphate and the£ ti, 'r'.vs^ed. elimfnate? plowinir rh'-_ land ir feet ions. L. a- •'•' T ' I ' . K Th<- Mt." Victory Ariieriran I.e;;icn members jvil] i-ive a hinquet to thea- members and fiiendx. ' Wedniwlay. "'irht. February 'i, at that place, nnrl ihr Brattain Trio, i,f Fort-si. wii! fui-- pish the jnu«ical nroorvam, ATJEND TOLEDO * "•". AUTO SHOW An evh^jayoicfarm home -)rthor-*ay- - —^ing devicesTwfll be one of th, tures of Farmers' Week at thv State University from .fnflnai-y pv^^^"iw^ A I'. Oh i - :n t i- Mrs. Munis Meyer and.«o.n..Ms.,'UB" tin;,M<riei' li'n<! .Mi-. :in<l Mrs. W. B . Price rnotdi-iii i'> Tnlrdo We<lneKr(|iy t«v attend ilie .Vulo Show.- .'

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